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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 2, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> , a deadly explosion. >> won the firefighters are ride on the scene it they found that there were two different individuals down on the warehouse. they extracted both individuals and attempted cpr on both. >> of tonight kron 4 is alive on
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the same as investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> one employee that was inside the building among the explosion. >> dust rattling from the ceiling, the ceiling tiles and immediately myself and my people near me when to go up nearest exit and went outside. >> live, at 8:00 p.m. a developing story. >> a were developing story at 8:00 p.m. tonight one person is dead at the menlo park m membrane research and development facility. >> reporter: firefighters thought that this would be contained by now but they found a cylinder that was leaking methane. right now and haz mat is working on that leaking a
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cylinder. let me tell you what happened. according to the memo fire chief a scientist was working inside the laboratory mixing gases. he had three cylinders with the three gases. let us pretend that these plastic bottles are cylinders. methane, helium, nitrogen and that scientists was transferring those three gases into an empty cylinders something went wrong. kaelin that scientist. killing that a scientist-- >> also a female scientist was injured. a powerful blast. >> the female that was near the doorway. has the explosion occurred she was blown out of the room itself. >> she has yea--ear injuries ans expected to survive. many heard
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the blast and brushed. >> it is for real work to go in and try and-some of the wherewithal, to go to the laboratory. and they also address the other individual. it was very brave for them to do and obviously they care about each other enough to do that. >> reporter: firefighters say despite those other victim's 23 of the membrane technology were evacuated, safely. you can see firefighters working right outside the building. inside that building there is a haz mat team to focus secure that leaking cylinder. it is still leaking methane. according to the fire chief's office have not release the name of the scientist that was killed. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: menlo is home to members
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and technologies. it is a very close-knit family. >> membrane technology. >> we have been th.. it feels le a concussion. and i got out site and the look of the roof of the building to see if there was any smoke. i did not see any. from the outside of the building. i did not officially know that anybody was killed. yes. i did know him. i know the ins, the outs so i cannot think of what could've gone wrong at this point. >>pam: the stay with us and our website is we continue to follow the latest a list of a chemical explosion. we will bring you any new details as we get them. >> a student shot outside of the
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east bay school. in front of the north campus high in the san pablo contra costa county responded to reports of four different shots fired. no gunman, no people of the scene but a high school person shot until local emergency room with a gunshot wound. he is expected to survive with no arrests. >> the lead singer of " green day " kicked off of a southwest airlines flight because of what he was wearing. j.r. stone is live in oakland airport details? j.r.? >> reporter: this was over 24 hours ago. however, we have learned from eight twitter account. he is an actor, and babilly joe armstrong is known s
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the sacking pants. >> i am 9 years old! >> this youngster but a very opinionated. she is heard about this twitter from last night that this is what he released. >> i think people should pull their pants when people ask them to pull up their pants because it is really rude, you know? >> reporter: according to reports who was asked twice to pull this pants and not so he was kicked off. our little friend is not upset with the airlines in the least. >> he is a singer! a lead singer and takes responsibility. he should take responsibility for that, too. >> reporter: many have been upset for this discriminating against somebody's out for it. southwest airlines say that as soon as we understood what was
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happening we reached out to apologize. and.... we understand it was resolved to his satisfaction. do not tell it to to this girl she does not like anything that is a sagging. >> hello? we are here is not only you it is not all about you. >> keep in mind this is the second time that this is happened at a airport in the last four months. last time it was that san francisco international airport with a new mexico football player. reporting live in oakland, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. if ♪ >>jacqueline: the break from the fog to not last long this afternoon. we found much warmer conditions along the south bay and the peninsula. the fog
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surging up from the south bay keeping temperatures in check. 65 degrees in half moon bay 78 in oakland. temperatures up for the most part from what we saw, yesterday. five degrees warmer in livermore, four degrees warmer in concord but cooler in san francisco thank you to that search of cool air and fog. let me show you how these temperatures stacked up. 69 degrees in san francisco this only were missed the mark we forecasted 77 degrees but again that fog is why we did not quite warm up that much. just one degree away and the san jose but right on the market hayward and fairfield. cool temperatures and store details coming up. >>pam: kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started shocking new unemployment for the bay area. giving you the latest numbers and expert that picks explaining when relief is in
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sight. an expert-explains-- >> sapg&e is investigating a cupertino gas line explosion. >> a major artery from las vegas to los angeles efforts to contain the please. >> dinosaurs invaded! giant, robotic. that is coming up in my report
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>> the oakland police department is working on three different murders. this was during a robbery outside of this market place on august 28th. both investigators are received several temperatures from the community. no arrests have been made. >> to of the suspects are in custody for the august 8th drive-by shooting of three year- old carlos. they said that this high profile murder of an innocent child sparked outrage from the community that led to tips. to these arrests. one is facing murder charges that allegedly fired the murder weapon. with five months, no witnesses identified on this owner of this restaurant. he was
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gunned down on april 8th. the son says that he is growing impatient with the investigation. >> very frustrated i want more answers, quicker. but i do not know what is going on. >> reporter: although several months since he was called the compost murder investigation is far from being cold. the compos--campos case is far from being closed. reporting live, haazig madyun kron 4. >> all suspects are african- americans. and all victims were latin. >> i do not think that it was racially motivated. as opposed to more of an understanding that people committing these crimes have a knowledge that asians, hispanics have more money on their person. there will target
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them because they think they will have cash on them. as opposed to them because they're targeting them because these are hispanic or asian. in the past kick criminal set of talked to their crimes that is the chest. if they carry more cash, more money. that is the-ches >> neither murder scene to be a racially motivated. we will be back.
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>>pam: expectations not that high. the new jobs report indicating that hiring completely stalled in the month of august. as catherine heenan reports they are counting on the president. >>catherine: americans have been hearing a few thousand jobs better than nothing. but high- ranking to complete standstill in the month of august. the first since 1945 the economy lost or gained jobs. new pressure on the obama administration. day. >> did you see the numbers on job growth? there is 0 faith in barack obama because he created zero jobs. >> 0, to say that is where this country is we are totally stalled out.
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>>catherine: the president went to camp david. analysts say it better be good it the president knows that consumer confidence is shaken by the political standoff of the debt limit and also the downgrade of these long-term debt and the financial crisis in europe. today's jobs reported to another alarming setback. the president's labor secretary says it is time for congress to help. >> we need to have grown up set the table. >>catherine: catherine heenan, kron 4 news. ♪ >>jacqueline: labor day weekend. in >> the last weekend at summer just flew by the not know where it went. >>jacqueline: absolutely for the inland valleys but a cool down close to the coast. details! up.
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more clear as the week go towards tomorrow more coastal fog continues to linger. cooling in on the bayshore. 92 degrees inland, hot. more fog and cooler temperatures on sunday with very similar of labor day. temperatures and the bayshore will be 60s along the coast. this is what i was talking about the 60s with clear skies. however, watch this fog coming up from the south. spilling into the golden gate that cool morning air is going keep things cooler for the peninsula. what can expect tomorrow is fog pushing in. edging towards hayward by 8:00 a.m. and and the scaling back by noon. we could see breaks of sunshine into
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tomorrow afternoon but cooler temperatures on tap. taking a look at those coming up. >>pam: a massive wildfires in southern california look at these pictures. this is 80 mi. north-east of los angeles. residents and 1500 homes have been eve the actuated. this quickly covered two square miles that had been ordered-to be back to what it interstate-50 the main freeway between las vegas and lost angeles has been closed interstate-15 and los angeles. to injuries, at tutor for mobile homes. the fire is on a 20% contained with two injuries reported o. >> dinosaurs have invaded the bay area at least a giant, methodical life size. now through january the science and
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history in berkeley is showing a high-tech exhibit. offering visitors to experience the recruited world of interactive dinosaurs the recreated world. these life-size will interact with visitors and some of them kind of scary! watch as this child runs a way he is a little bit startled. you have to sue the giant t-rex. walking through the exhibit you feel like you are and in other pplace and another time. you can even press these controls to make the move is fun for children of all ages. this sand box to contend for
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dinosaur bones. also showing a 3 d movie called " dinosaurs alive " this exhibit is now through january at the university of california behind the berkeley campus. look for the big, blue whale.
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>> take a look at this this first video check this out. a tarantula terrified a news team in indianapolis. the anchor was quite comfortable and taunted the weatherman who suffers from a serious case of iraq the phobia. >> i am leaving the studio right now! iraq phobi iraq monophobiaa phobphobia of an sex-- >> this next video. this brawl in sarasota, florida. we have
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learned that the team disagreed with the call that the raft made. today the 14 year veteran referee spoke. >> unfortunately i believe that this let their emotions overcome them. many families and players were not involved and all of this to continue. >> today, charges against the coaches and 142 year-old player. -and one of the 14 year-old players. >> take a look at this shark and southern california. the photographer did not know what he captured until we got home. he is looking at this and despite the surfers nobody reported seeing a shark. stay with us, more news after this break.
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you'll see the difference. met tonight big stories the lead singer of california-based-green day. was flying from oakland to burbank he was pulled off of the
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southwest flight because he was wearing sagging pants. he took two twitter. he had--she responded on twitter. they responded back southwest airlines. >> the national unemployment is 9.1%. the white house is predicting that the unemployment will remain stubborn. improvac if this is the one to be addressed on thursday by president obama. >> a deadly explosion in menlo park. we have a reporter, lifve da lin >> this happened at 4:00 p.m. at membrane technology and research. the menlo park fire chief says that a scientist was working on an experiment combining three gases. methane,
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helium, nitrogen during that process that the fire chief something went wrong causing the explosion. it killed him and injured a female scientist. firefighters fought the this was contained but the recently found a leaking methane the cylinder. they found a recently methane a cylinder. the haz mat team is still trying to contain that. reporting live, da lin. >>pam: pg&e going door-to-do fit inspecting several homes. after gas leaks. this is the northwest square complex off off de anda boulevard. in cupertino the owner was not at home she normally works from home. the dog was there rescued and taken to the veterinarian. as teresa
8:32 pm
estacio shows us pg&e has been at that scene. >> reporter: watched as pg&e inspect and the northwest square complex in cupertino. they are looking for any possible gas leaks. six have been found after fire destroyed this unit. >> six additional weeks found in a different area of a complex. that is something that concerns us with a six-leaks have been found. not only with the fireball was causing these leaks. we will take any action necessary as many residents are concerned. we will address and be available to be present for them in any way that we can. several pg&e of representatives are going door-to-door in this community. >> reporter: residents are
8:33 pm
relieved to of the screw out here but the entire incident has been quite upsetting are relieved to of this--pg&e crew. >> we had a leak here. they have to fix it. they have been checking the entire area. (ausssie accent) >> reporter: pg&e could be out. the entire holiday weekend. teresa estacio. >>pam: the first court appearance patrick d'arrigo solicited under age boys for sex from craigslist. he is in big trouble. cameras accompanying
8:34 pm
him on court on friday. >> any comment? >> nothing at this point. >> the san jose police officer had nothing to exit after. " not guilty " that he engaged in unlawful sexual activity with teenage boys. >> the defendant responded to a craigslist dating add that a teenage boy was on. the teenage boy introduced the defendant to other teenage friends. to the month of june december, january 20th 08-2009 the dependendefendd the miners at his residence in gilroy. >> the gilroy resident an officer was arrested. >> the five boys and two victim's are going to testify at the grand jury based on that evidence the grand jury returned with three indictments. there
8:35 pm
is guilt beyond reasonable evidence and it is going to take some time to get through all of the evidence, recovered. preliminary indication is showing that this crime and possibly others. >> the 15 year-old, 17 year-old among the charges. " copulation if convicted? he faces three years and eight months in jail. >> he is not happy about this ruling. he will answer this and is looking forward to his time in court. it is my expectation that he will be exonerated. grant lotus, kron 4 news. >>pam: he is on administrated leave and back in court on september 15th. he has posted one of a thousand dollars bail. >> down kasper was killed in a
8:36 pm
hit and run two weeks ago there pleading with the public to help find the persons responsible for his death. he was jogging along river road on august 14th. he was struck from behind the c h p and the family are offering it will thousand $500 reward with any information to help solve this case a 12,000-dollar reward. -- >> $12,500 record accurate better if you have any information? please, please come forward. it will lessen your burden and will help us less and hours less-hoen ours. >> they believe that this was the truck that could have been at the truck that struck down casper.
8:37 pm
>> a public defender will be appointed for a naso. in marin county judge made the decision after naso changed his mind after representing himself the judge added that he will have to pay for his attorney. the 77 year-old is charged with four murders of these women. from 1977-1994. all four victims had matching first and last name initials. this story from a kayaker that was rescued is now being questioned. police are investigating weather the woman is connecting with the trend of stolen kayaks from sausalito. her account is not add up because she was not wearing cardiac gear and was not suffering from hypothermia. she was not wearing cardia-kayak.
8:38 pm
>> the truth is not always what you are told. sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction or the truth can be something that comes out later. >> sausalito has experienced 36 boats stolen from the sarina. most of these have been kyacks from this-marina. >> several you haul trucks- - u haul trucks with dozens he was siphoning gas from these trucks. he was caught red handed. ♪ >>jacqueline: modeled fog. golden gate bridge foggy. modelmomodmudddled with
8:39 pm
upper 90s today, lower 90s still hot. 93 antioch. and 90's in livermore. cool with 70's and 80's for the most part tomorrow. also cooler along the peninsula. with fog expected for most of the afternoon and in the north bay temperatures were in the 70's, the 80s but fairfield, 92 degrees. it's still hot. taking a look a your extended forecast cooler temperatures and this will continue towards sunday, monday. more fog returning back into the forecast less fog and starting next week tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >>pam: rescue workers have captured the last one did mallard docthe last wounded mal
8:40 pm
and even one has been killed. an animal cruelty investigation is being launched and even if i'd thousand dollar reward is bein $5,000 reward. criminals are facing federal charges for this. among this was put up as a good luck tokens. now the construction of a new bridge is something that officials will tackle later. >> coming up a crash course on what maximum enforcement means on people behaving badly
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>> you have heard about the maximum enforcement and now you can see it in action in. >> are you aware that you are not supposed to be smoking? >> during maximum enforcement there are looking for everything. >> you are not allowed to smoke with a minor in the vehicle. when i say everything, i mean everything. this bicyclist ran a red like. >> bicyclist. >> a bicyclist gets the same ticket as an automobile driver, no exceptions. >> the reason why i stopping you is that because you have just gone to that red light. may i see your license? >> it is fair game. >> this has been who are you
8:44 pm
talking to? >> this driver had tinted windows. you cannot have those tinted unless it is factory tent >this factory-issued tint. >> this means that he has expired registration. >> that is for the month of august and he did not have a license. his license was suspended five times. >> my car was just an pounded my mercedes benz was impounded and my wife just got our license suspended. and my license has been suspended so i do not know what i'm going to do. >> 80 truck as it was impounded for 30 days. -this tow truck.
8:45 pm
>> maybe you should stay home. in oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have an idea? e- mail us. the giants are taking on the first placed diamond barks. vern glenn has a update. and the heisman trophy as this san jose state spartans. burning is next vern glenn is next
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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>> baseball, with the giants. taking a look at these scores. the giants might want to stsave some of these for tomorrow. with four-2 against the diamondbacks. the giants are doing business. jumping over to the oakland a's. for-two = seattle. and in oakland team, seattle team. we will tell you more in just one second. roger clemens is going to get reacquainted with the court system. he has to face another trial of lying. the federal judge in washington d.c. has a new trial for april 17th. the mistrial was declared in july. the of appeal could be made by
8:49 pm
his legal team but it looks like he will be going to court. >> n f l friday what is going on on friday? pre-seasoned business against seattle. 10-3. in this seattle. i think those scores are switched. seattle = 10-3. the starting quarterback is going to be alex smith. not anybody surprise some smith = 8- 10. with no touchdowns, no interceptions but he did manage to manage the offense. leading 20-17 victory. alex smith is your starter for the 49ers. >> big-ticket weekend. college football is getting ready to launch. opening at candlestick park the new quarterback sack will be at the helm. still
8:50 pm
drawing a to a village on the sec mainer. san jose state on saturday. this quarterback would of been the no. 0 n f l number e pack. but he did return to college. >> i guess my first thing is that i've listened to my ipod. >> give me an artist. >> a thank the first hit in his limp biskit song >> you have the most visible was this in an audition for the n f l?
8:51 pm
>> i do not look at it like that i am still in this team, i like playing football. >> could you go down the row and go down the offensive line of the 49ers? >> i do not think so. they have offense and if there are similarities. but i think they have great quarterbacks. >> for you, this year what do you want? >> for my team to win the championship that is the cool for this team we're going to work every weekend for that. >> what did we learn? he likes limp biskit and he wants to go out and winning. >> going out with upset at the u.s. open. the italian oh my gosh! with 60 unforced errors she was told the-0. 63, 36, 64.
8:52 pm
the esurance >> no giant ticket this weekend with ringling brothers back in town at the cow palace. look at these chinese basketball acrobatic troops. they go crazy on these stilts. this is this afternoon. i checked this out before going to the ballpark. the chinese basketball acrobats. you do not want to mess that action. at the cow palace this weekend. they are going to be the oakland coliseum next weekend. how about that for entertainment? >> that is new, impressive we will be right back.
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>> and apology issued by this man to mexicans. he asked and audience member and then the joke turned into a back-and- forth profanity least argument. check it out.
8:56 pm
during this outburst he sang parts of the national anthem. he issued an apology saying that his remarks were meant to not be offensive. he appreciates his fans and never go out of its way to offend them. >>pam: jacqueline? >> it was supposed to be sunny all day today but the fog came back along the coast. we will see that again tomorrow. clearing into the 10:00 a.m. our cooler because of that fog moving again. it will return again on sunday. let us take a look at the fog for tomorrow. how far it will make its way? they in north bay, east bay, the peninsula, 8:00 a.m. you can see it is scaling back to the coast by noon. breaks along the coast
8:57 pm
tomorrow but it is going to be cool on the coast. warm, for the inland valleys. a little bit cooler press and. warmer weather will resume tuesday as the fault goes back to the coast. back into the '90s. >>pam: will there be any storms? >> no. >>pam: when will see you 11:00 p.m.
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