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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> >> lee is still causing problems in is been downgraded to a tropical depression is pershing further inland this is from louisiana up to 15 in. of rain has already fallen in that area you conceive than neighborhood and swamps whe. this is on saturday when winds were going this is evident on oil rig other guy was holding on looks like he
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is taking a picture he is holding onto the railing in in see how windy it is and the whitecaps out there as they are fighting the wind on net oil rig also damage in southern alabama m dave fink a tornado-down the national weather service was after survey all the damage and see how the trees snapped that will determine if it was a tornado much of the gulf coast is under severe threat of flooding >> more damage from this tropical storm look at this trailer it was turned over on its side from the tornadoes this is a dirty foot trailer in mississippi
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. and when this picture out of alabama a guy walking between that of the beach highs as the water should be in front of and not under them. and this a little girl walking through the water and the stop sign in the back room and how high the water is. it is going to take a long time for these areas to dry out >> out of san francisco although today is a and not a lot of traffic on bart we are expecting another protest two separate probes no justice no bart and anonymous these of the times for no justice no bart press
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conference at 4:30 p.m. maand that hacker group anonymous has announced a protest at 5:00 p.m. today him it will be the fourth in a row with an officer involved shooting and cell phone service being shut off will be following this story as it evolves over the past couple of weeks and the latest planned demonstration hmm >> the bottom line is there will be to protest this week the first one happening at 5:00 a.m. there are not taking any days off
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anonymous will hold a protest. this is video from last week's protest they never got in the way of the bart trains the bart trains ran just fine this is response to public outcry for blaming them to shut down the trains the bart trains will just pop however we have a second party entering the pitcher the group noted justice now bart will hold a news conference at 431 the public to know that they are held a protest this thursday at the power station they said we are doing it outside the fair great and if you move us
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than we are moving down to the platform and if you shut down the trains it will be your fault not our fault. >> and eight george and the the key transit most tragic agencies are on holidays with their service starts and a a.m. now traffic in no hotspots and nice and easy ride your commute a ride
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from the toll plaza east and west bound no delays out to the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound a pretty smooth ride. what is interesting is what is going on underneath the the golden gate bridge and we have jackie sissel to tell you about >> good morning all lot of people do not realize there is a bundle under the toll plaza the clearance is 10 ft. 11 in. unfortunately a truck that was about 13 ft. he did not make it you can see the damage done to the truck the cargo inside the truck there was minor damage to the tunnel only a water
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pipe and a plumber is on his way out to fix if you're driving under the tunnel it is dark early in the morning may sherry and unattached clearance. >> that track is going have to be offloaded and transferred to another refrigerated units that towel will remain open while unless when the plumber rig or rise on scene then they may have to close mcconnell who for a while. and now the weather >> this is a shot of the bay bridge approach we're still
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dealing with that low cloud cover. mostly sunny in terms of your labor day forecast we're got a warm up into the upper 80s as we head into the afternoon at the fog was taken out of bed with it is moving into the san bruno cap a highs will be in the '80s. this is a look of your
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seven day forecast temperatures will rise starting tomorrow to the upper 90s we will be right back with the kron 4 morning
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the time now is 612 and we will be right back after this short break.
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>> >> wild fires in texas you are seeing firefighters putting out a blaze in a neighborhood outside of boston that is a video of a train trestle outside a dallas that is on fire at least two people are dead as a result of these fires it
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is the worst fire season ever with over 3 million a. burned >> in california people had to get out after a small plane burst into flames when it crashed this is near bakersfield when it was a single engine cessna that went down it grew to five and a half square miles may for bad conditions. >> time now 6:17 a.m. and if you have outdoor barbecue plans you will have a great weather >> this is a shot as the sun starts to rise we were socked in this morning it is not affecting visibility we
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have a heat wave taking into tomorrow. you can see all the fog coming in from santa rosa. a current look of temperatures right now upper 50s and 60s afternoon highs will provide us with '70s and '80s. we're going to steer clear of the '90s. we
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could hit the '80s into sonoma fairfield is one of lot warmer locations that temperatures will soar by tomorrow into the '90s and upper 90s for tomorrow and wednesday. as we head towards friday we will start a cooling trend once again time right now is 6:19 a.m. >> we're not looking at any traffic our hot spots. because it is a holiday you can get a break on parking meters in sampras's killed
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but that is not the case here is a list parking meters are in force in san francisco wanted to time all our are in force also street sweeping is being enforced. and a of the bay bridges and an easy ride. san mateo bridge 92 in light and easy ride and the golden gate bridge no traffic problems north or south bound.
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>> we are fighting out honda is recalling a million chlorals our world wide 2006 see rv models honda said this is a voluntary recall to replace power window switches. also i malfunctioning computer. it will let affected customers know about these recalls later on this month >> 621 other national lose president barack obama is celebrating the labor day in detroit he will be addressing union members to
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create jobs his speech will take less it will be held at the afl-cio in detroit the president's appearance follows the reports that no jobs were added last month this is the first time since 1945 >> the u.s. postal service may be in default they are struggling to pay bills and they may not be able to make a five and a half billion dollar payment later due later on this month without the help they may have to shut down this winter >> interesting pictures of people landing in ottawa hall this plane is not
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sitting properly on the ground it was the united airlines of flight the that skidded off the runway coming in from chicago fire occurs scramble at this scene to stop the fuel leak will cause was reported all 44 passengers were safely taken off the plane >> place for waking up with the kron 4 morning news and we'll take a look outside from our roof camera we have this major heat up coming to will tell you more about this major heat up coming to will tell you more about that in a few minutes how. so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small.
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it was star wars day at at&t park the giants could not hold on to lead day lost 4-1 the giants are now seven days be behind in n.l. west the a's are still hot they completed a sweep of the mariners. a player got hit on his left a riswrist. he set a team record the a's have won
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four games in a row pit. >> 6:27 a.m. on a look at mt. tam camera and the latest from bart we have another protest scheduled for did day we will have to our live shot and an explanation on the protest. lots of damage from a tropical storm lee all that coming up an adjustment
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two separate protests will happen to day one is by no
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justice no bart in the other one is by anonymous >> you can expect to protest that happened this week the first one at 5:00 tonight by an anonymous we're wondering if there were going to have a protest since it is labor day. yes the protest is on at the civic center there will be a new conference at node justice no bar to they're going to be protesting and they hoped that it is the fall this is video from the last protest. this is the fourth week in a row that anonymous will be protesting no justice now
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barred a are angry because of the officer involved shooting and the shutdown of cell phone service they will be out see the file derogates at house station then they will move down the platform in if they plan on shutting down the bart trains they are telling people already if our shuts down the trains is not on iras they have been watching all this golan for the last month for some now it is time for them to set upper lots of people are angry. if anything happens don't blame must blame parwithb bart.
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>> 632 a m and trouble depression lee it did not pack the big punch it had it has been down graded to a tropical depression it's still gave the gulf coast a major soaking >> it is a scene all too familiar while louisiana swamp with water. >> it or not worried about the house floating away like we did in 2005 >> it is a much weaker lee doing the damage >> they are not concerned in pulling out if you leave before the time is necessary
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then you say i could state >> lee is causing more headaches than filing it is also exploring tornadoes they are pretty sure that the twister was responsible for this damage >> all i heard was wind. >> after leave camped out of the gulf coast over the weekend that is good news for some of the south east asia that are parched and more rain on the mid atlantic states that are still covered from i reign been >> more pictures of troubles the persian lee this is what it did in alabama this mobile home is split in half by a tree. how does not appear that anyone
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was hurt when the tree came crashing down even see their roots of a country racked up a out of the ground been. and this picture massive amounts of rain or biking through the a flooded street we will continue follow the development and see where there's a storm ahead to next >> the latest on a leave and the other storm that is out in the land >> we are starting off with a shot of the james lick freeway your waking up to some fog this labor department nice afternoon sunshine hot not much change from yesterday. this is a
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look of your paper day forecast. upper 80s as we head into the afternoon. wearily gonna want to the '60s along the coast. this is a look of current temperatures right now on we are going to warm up into the eas80's. we're warming up
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into the 80s along the warm trend will kick in tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 90s. the cooling trend kicks in by the end of the week and for the weekend >> and now on to traffic we are traffic jingle little traffic will hotspots or delays and it is light traffic no back up no delays san mateo bridge toll plaza under condyle i think it is conversation on the lens that makes it look
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easy. golden gate bridge is problem free on the span in both directions but underneath the toll plaza there is something going on and jackie sissel is there >> when a 13 ft. truck goes into a 12 what tunnel tests . this truck tried to go through her that tunnel. there is a broken play that is still spewing out water there is damage to the driver's pride they are waiting for our replacement trailer as they had off load all this frozen at material
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. >> they said that tunnel remains open but once the plumber, may have to closedown. >> we will be back with more when the kron 4 morning news continues right after this.
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will cool down for the weekend.
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>> >> * the now 645 and this is
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amateur video of a john r. it go in upstate in new york it shows the dark final cloud it knocked down trees and this is all one week after irene caused flooding in the area it touchdown near the state capital of albany m. >> i'll look of the weather nationally bomb the weather in the eastern portion of to stay active buying midweek you can still see a lot of activity into upstate new york and pennsylvania. very
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active and what they're on the eastern coast we're starting off with a blanket of fog across the bay. your temperatures right now are in the '50s and '60s afternoon highs '70s and '80s ho when.. when. warming to5 degrees in san francisco today when. we may climb
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into the low 80s in sonoma brut was sure it fairfield week warm up to the upper 80s tomorrow it is going to be hot temperatures in the upper 90s '70s for the coast mostly sunny conditions throughout the workweek time right now 6:47 a.m. >> most trances agencies are on reduced schedules and we are updating that for you bart service does not start until 8:00 a.m. muni service begins at 8:00 a.m. that
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means noah's serve as for a's train or the dumbarton express and the all made up ferried back >> light traffic in both directions and this is look of the san mateo bridge we will sell more traffic in the north impound direction >> 6 at 40 9:00 a.m. the oakland gay pride celebration had a large crowd. it is much more family oriented compared to the san for cisco pride >> 14,000 people celebrated
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the oakland pride festival combat organizers said it is different because of the crime basswood it is geared more for families >> in san francisco you does see a petting zoo or bombs in house that is what attracted them here. about 3400 households are
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headed by same sex couples whom they have the third highest rate of same sex couples after san francisco and a seattle >> it is the first diwas a fun l ages. >> a market of these last and it could be near him they are controlling one of his last cities they are hoping to resolve this and of near negotiations whereby.
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>> four policemen are taking place of for testimony against mubarak that judge has banned cameras from but court room his two sons are to make an appearance as they are charged with corruption >> a courtroom in net italy knox's is to appear questions about dna evidence could get the ruling overturned that exports are challenging that generic substance was found on the murder weapon >> the telephone poll was taken at yesterday and it
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shows that japan's support for the u.s. base grows been 50,000 troops are based in japan. >> 6:52 a.m. is the time and the late james lick it is very quiet on the a the our road . pillsbury pins her
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fire >> >> they contributed to the
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chocolate any oxidants that may improve in blood pressure. moderation is the key on this report >> this is look of your seven day forecast we have 89 for the inland areas on tuesday and wednesday things start to really heat up. then we back down by the next weekend. this is a live look outside from our roof cam arm all little bit cloudy about will be a nice day today a live report
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from bart when we return and the scheduled a protest we will have a live report dog.
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