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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 7, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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finally you may be dealing with your kids going back to school but here is an eye catching way to look ahead to 2012. >> we are the san diego charger girls. >> the san diego charger cheerleaders in bikinis and they are striking sexy poses in the stadium tunnel. only "inside edition" can take you behind the scenes of this shoot for the cover of their 2012 calendar. this is hailey's first season as a charger girl. she is stoked that she was chosen. i i i i i 9/11 security. state authorities have plans to keep the state safe during the 10-year memorial. we'll show you how they plan to secure the bay area's bridges on the historic date. back to work as congress punches the time clock again. we find out how they plan to solve the nation's jobs crisis. and what other legislation is already being worked on. nude in public.
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one san francisco lawmaker wants to restrict nudity. we'll tell you how the proposal would help hide skin. now at 11:00. live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. on sunday, the nation will mark 10 years since terrorists attacked the world trade center and the pentagon. it is a symbolic day for those remembering. however, authorities warn it could also be symbolic for those with ill intentions. kron4's reggie kumar joins us live from the golden gate bridge, one of the location where authorities have plans for entry security. >> as you well know, the golden gate bridge has been a target of possible terror attacks in the pass. that's why the chp is ramping up patrols beginning friday. >> reporter: since the terrorist attacks, the golden gate bridge district received $15 million from the government to increase security. that's pat chp will be doing more of this weekend along on
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all bridges across the state, including the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. spokesman tony tam says officers are always looking for suspicious activity on the bridges but leading up to sunday, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, they will be paying even closer attention to these structures. >> we'll have all available personnel on patrol, especially in this area with the bay bridge. you'll see additional units out there. however, you might not see all the units. we have additional resources, unmarked vehicles, aircraft, boats out there as well patrolling, ensugar that this weekend goes unscathed. this is the 10th anniversary. any time there's an anniversary involving an event like this, we're going to have extra people out there so we'll always have extra eyes and ears. it's no different. september 13th we're still out there looking for terrorist activity and always watching for suspicious activity. >> reporter: so far, it's not
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aware of a credible threat made against any bay area bridge. that includes the golden gate bridge. >> people are being asked to report anything they see happening unusual around landmarks or on roads. live near the golden gate bridge, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> it is a big controversy, but soon, shark fin soup could be banned across the state. a new bill is hitting governor jerry brown's desk which would ban the sale and possession of shark fins. to get the fins, more than 73 million sharks are killed every year. people supporting the bill say that sharks need to be protected. others think that this bill is just plain racist because shark fin soup is a staple in the chinese culture. well, it is not unusual to see a little skin in san francisco. however, one city supervisor wants to limit where that extra skin is seen and what it touches. kron4's dan kerman tells us about the proposal that would regulate nudity in the city.
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>> the days of naked people having free reign in san francisco may be over. there is legislation to regulate their behavior due to what he calls a public health issue. >> one would hope that we wouldn't need to slate this but unfortunately we've seen behavior that requires legislation. >> reporter: the proposed law would require naked people to put on clothes before entering a restaurant. >> yes, i think it's a good idea. i think there need to be limits on the way people behave in public spaces. >> reporter: those who work in restaurants support the legislation. >> i think it's a reasonable law. even before, there are a lot of waiters and a lot of people who just wouldn't allow it. >> reporter: the legislation would also require naked people to place something under their bottom when sit ogen a chair in a public area, like this san
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francisco park lift at castro and market. while there was no one naked there in the afternoon, those who were there were split on the proposal. >> i think that's fair. it's respectful to everybody around you. >> i think it's a bunch of unnecessary rules and resolution trying to regulate people. we have a city where nudity is allowed. >> reporter: and there are still some who believe the regulations should be even more forceful. >> we shouldn't be showing your private parts to children. >> reporter: it must first go to committee and then the full board of supervisors. that means even if the votes are there, this wouldn't take effect for several months. in san francisco, dan kerman, kron4 news. well, it was warmer out there today and it's going to be even warmer as we head into tomorrow. our inland valleys soaring into the 90s this afternoon, even 100 degrees in livermore. in the south bay, temperatures ran in the 80s, even low 90s in
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some spots. 70s and 80s for our bay shores. staying cool close to the coastline. only 60 in half moon bay. temperatures were up about 10 degrees this afternoon. it was 11 degrees warmer in oakland, 13 degrees warmer in livermore and 14 degrees warmer in san rafael. temperatures reaching the 90s in san jose, arena 90s in -- upper 90s in livermore. temperatures running above average for this time of year, anywhere from 6 to 9 degrees above where we should be. how long is the warming trend going to last? details, coming up in a bit. oakland is now home to the largest bronze monument in the west. the remember them monument unveiled today bears the likenesses of 25 humanitarians. oakland held a grand ceremony today. family members of some of those represented in the monument
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joined local leaders for the event. you can see the crowd which gathered. they said the monument will help future generations recognize the important contributions of those honored in bronze. >> our young people to see that there have been many, many heroes who did the right thing and because of that, this is a better world and i think it's so important for young people to recognize that violence is not an option and when there are difficulties in the world and in our communities that there are ways to work through that together to bring peace and justice. >> the monument is not quite complete just yet. in fact, a gala will raise some of the money needed to complete the monument. the finished monument will be four pieces, all bronze, weighing more than 40,000 pounds. still ahead on kron4 news, we tell you what hurdles congress faces as they return from an august break. we find out if the giants can keep their bats hot enough to make a run at the nl west lead,
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and we show
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muni has a plan in the works which would allow passengers in san francisco to board their buses through the front or the rear doors. it's all part of a new plan before the city's mta, which is aimed at speeding up service on bus routes. >> if you've ever ridden a bus, you've seen people slipping on board through the back doors. bus passengers are supposed to only enter through the front door but under a new plan presented to the mta tuesday afternoon, boarding through any door would become okay. >> i think it's a great idea. one of the things that slows down buss the most is the boarding process. people getting off and people getting on. >> reporter: if the plan is approved, card users could
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enter through the front or rear doors. supporters say it would speed up commute times and save the agency money. sceptics believe that allowing people to board through the rear doors would only encourage fare cheating. >> what we need is a good enforcement process so that people know that at any time they may be asked to establish their proof of payment. >> reporter: passengers i spoke with today generally think all- door boarding is a good idea. >> i think there's so many people that just do that now. i don't know if it would make that much of a difference. >> reporter: in san francisco, kron4 news. >> even warmer weather on tap for tomorrow. but how long is the warming trend going to last?
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the gridlock, let's get something done. >> the august unemployment report should be a wakeup call to every member of congress, democrats and republicans. we cannot lose any more time. congress must act very quickly to jump-start the economy and in doing that, it will help the recovery. >> reporter: topping the list of congressional to-dos, jobs. both sides differ on how to do it. republicans want to roll back labor and environmental regulations. they want small business tax cuts. >> we will continue to press for an entirely new approach, one that puts individuals and businesses at the center of our recovery. >> reporter: democrats, though, want to spur job creation through infrastructure spending. >> and so you've got to get the economy moving again. there's infrastructure projects putting people back to work and repairing bridges and schools and roads and all this stuff. >> reporter: at the same time,
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the so-called supercommittee is set to begin its work to find $1.5 trillion in deficit savings in the next three months. congress must also find funding for the faa to avert another government shutdown this month. one potential and rare area of agreement, pending trade deals with south korea, panama and colombia, which both sides say will boost the economy. >> the president acknowledges that these trade packs would help create tens of thousands of jobs here at home by vastly expanding the market for u.s. goods. we should send them to congress today. >> reporter: speaker john boehner and majority leader canter also asked the president for a meeting of congressional leaders ahead of his big job speech thursday. kron4 news. we're seeing a little bit of fog mainly along the coastline this evening. that's going to continue into tomorrow morning. not much of an inland push of
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the fog, sunny skies into the afternoon and temperatures even warmer tomorrow. we're going to be reaching the 90s in a number of places and even triple digits in a couple of spots. let's take a look at the fog real quick and tomorrow morning, as you can see not very extensive up and down the coastline. we should see a little bit of fog around the bay shores before it starts to push back to the coastline and then eventually back offshore into the afternoon. we should see sunshine a little bit longer than what we saw today along the coastline. that's going to leave slightly warmer temperatures. it's also going to be warmer in the south bay, a lot of 90s out there tomorrow, 91 in santa clara, 92 in san jose. and check that out, morgan hill sitting at 100 degrees tomorrow. definitely very hot. also, quite warm in our inland valleys. 98 in antioch, 96 in pleasanton, 97 in rivermore and 95 in concord. mainly in the 80s for our east bay shores, 70s in berkeley. 70s and 80s for the peninsula,
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again warming along the coast into the upper 60s tomorrow afternoon with the additional afternoon sunshine. and temperatures in the north bay into the 90s for the most part, 91 in santa rosa, 92 in napa, teetering on those triple digits in fairfield, 99 degrees there. tomorrow will be the day of peak heating. we're going to start to cool down into thursday and friday as more fog filters into the bay area. temperatures inland warm. but as we head into the weekend, more fog will and we'll see some cooler conditions. now, time for the kron4 tech report. >> i've got something really cool to show you. this is the world's first glasses-free 3d laptop. >> reporter: unfortunately, you can't see the 3d through my video camera. it looked good. there was a lot of depth to the images, it felt like i was looking through the laptop.
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there is one other 3d laptop on the market but that one requires you to wear glasses. it's nice not to have to wear the glasses. it uses cutting-edge technologies. it represents a breakthrough. to minimize the dizziness from looking at 3d content at the wrong angle, it tracks and reacts to your motion and position to keep you in your 3d sweet spot. the 3d screen is the first on a laptop that can display 2d and 3d content at the same time on the same screen which means you can be watching a 3d movie in one window while getting some work done next to it. this puppy is a high-end machine, fully loaded, with 15.6-inch display. it's full hd. it has a blu-ray dvd player built in. it costs $1,700.
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i wish that price tag was a little lower. and again, with all the bells and whistles, it's upwards of 8 pounds. kron4 news. in sports, warriors legend al addle talks with gary about the historic remember them monument unveiled today in oakland and the giants do some unveiling themselves as a new face puts a charge into their playoff hopes. gary's next with all the
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all right, good evening everybody. memories of will clark front and center tonight in san diego. clark, his first at-bat as a major leaguer hit a home run. this is bret pill, first at-bat as a major leaguer. hits a home run. clark came off noland ryan in 1986. pill against the san diego padres takes the giants to an early lead. giants up a run in the eighth, cabrera's single to center and
12:55 am
carlos beltran, they may sign him. look at this slide, you don't have to blow up the catcher. just make a great slide, 6-4 giants win. and they actually gain a game on the diamondbacks. a three-run bomb. he came in tonight hitting .120 this season against arizona but he helps the giants tonight, 8- 3 rockies, giants are six back with 20 games to play. the a's hosting kansas city. they announced 12,000 and i don't know why we keep showing the outside shot of the parking lot. good producing, kevin. show the fans streaming in. perez doubling, royals beat the a's, final of 7-3. perez had three hits. last season, he was baseball's early season breakout star. he's at it again.
12:56 am
12 months after undergoing elbow surgery, strasburg just on fire tonight. five shutout innings, gave up two hits, struck out four after he left the game, though, the dodgers got to the washington bullpen and won the game 7-3 but a great start for a guy who -- hey, they had 29,000 in the rain tonight to see him pitch. if he can maintain this nice pace, watch him. al attles front and center. we'll do it one more time, the monument in oakland, 25 feet fall, 52 feet wide, 40,000 pounds of bronze, and this is a sculpture of 25 international humanitarians. al attles a great warriors coach was on hand today and al
12:57 am
gave his thoughts. >> i don't know how to receive it but to be very, very happy. >> and you were just -- whenever they have a big deal, they bring you out for it pretty much. >> when i was in college, dr. martin luther king came and that's where i got the opportunity. when you look at the 25 people, the most important thing is that eight of the people were local who did some things for us. >> people obviously come out there and take a look. >> it was just outstanding. >> but you watch pam and myself. >> absolutely, absolutely, if i watch anything else, my wife makes me turn the tv on. >> will you take a lie detecter test? >> absolutely because i tell the truth. [ laughter ] >> joining millions of other bay area viewers. we have airing this all night. pacquiao always sounds the same. ♪[ singing ]♪
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>> that's the guy named dan hill. he's an artist. he's the original guy who sang this song and again, i'll say this, what's that -- nothing, mike just saying let's go home and quit making fun of pacquiao, he'll come and beat you up. he's only 150 pounds. i could -- >> you could what? >> i go. >> i don't
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