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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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taste for joining us the latest on our story of the missing nursing student michele lee perez today's woman that may have killed machel.
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>> she will be in court as early as 9:00 a.m. for her raiment she has not talked to investigators all the evidence they have collected leads to do withesteban. there was speculation that someone else was involved and will investigators say
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this is the only one on their radar meanwhile machel's family is making a plea to help some during this difficult time. >> this whole ordeal has made an of turmoil and our family should not drag this out any longer than a master of >> a very difficult time for the lee family ca. they are
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planning the eighth search on december 16th it is not over until the merc capri machel's by all. >> in san francisco bar riders are bracing for a another demonstration this evening it is to stabilize at 5:00 p.m. at paul st. station the protest is being organized by the group no justice no part they one of force apart to open the emergency exits to let commuters ride for free they stem from a july 3rd shooting of a transient and parked shutting down cell phone service in what is so far all protest have cost
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par-3 hundred miles and dollars in staff overtime. >> we continue to monitor a quiet commute to nell accidents to report and when we're not seeing much in the way of heavy traffic we have been hotspot free of back up starting in the cash lane swerve. semitrailer bridgeo delays where golden gate bridge plenty of traffic in the southbound direction and no problems when this is a look a very east bay ride at highway 4 and alameda,
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while it's still looks good . at 6 04 now check of the weather >> we're starting off with coastal fog this is a shot from our mt. tam camera. we're going to cool down little bit compared to yesterday and we had the weekend we are keeping an
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eye on the chance of a problem an thunderstorms with wh. as we go to the 9:00 hr new-paragraph '60s and '70s me whe. this is a look of your right temperatures throughout the bay area. this is a look of your seven day forecasting will will start cooling off for the weekend and late friday night we're putting in a slight chance of late of
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thunderstorms and storms heading into the weekend. >> live in the kron 4 news room, a plate is on unemployment numbers people seeking unemployment and benefice has gone upper the labor department put out its latest report there are 414,000 people unemployed men and little hiring is taking place and i bet president barack obama will be talking about tonight >> he will be addressing a congress to night and his plan for creating jobs in he is likely to offer a package
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of ideas tax relief unemployment insurance and spending to support construction jobs and businesses would get their own tax the republicans will have a lot to say about the speech he would like the president to take a different john boehner our plans on giving his own speech on the economy next week we will cover president obamas address right here on kron 4 starting at 4:00 p.m. and also will we will streaming it live at kron 4 dock, with >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues a live look from our mt. tam camera and fog out over the vacant
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6:11 a.m. they will take up pipeline say feebs this is after december and a blast the bill would pre habit to inspect it in highly populated areas regulators will study both issues and come back with findings in your two the bill's sponsor said it will post improved safety withdraw and help create new jobs. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues and
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we will take all look at that it moon shot coming up today and we will have a warm day around.
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from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. >> >> >> i high winds have delayed the launch from cape canaveral. they will plan on lodging tomorrow at 5 the 30 3:00 a.m. our time and there to check what is beneath the lunar surface and we will let you know what happens tomorrow >> latest on the wild fires
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in texas and look at the destruction fires continue to rage on this is in the northern portion of the state this one is in the south it is called magnolia and you conceive the diet wall of flames they have airplanes and helicopters dropping retardant on the fire at least 100 homes have burned in the town of magnolia hundreds of families happened bourse to evacuate. and another stream of the fire it and in san and sodium and has damaged in to military camps this fire is 30 percent contained the winds had eased off a bit. there has
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been hundred and 70 fires in texas two people have been killed and one plows and homes and have been torched >> awhile fire close to home with in mountain ranch community is 40 percent contained 60 a. have been part in this area near the town of mile branch we do not have word of a cause for this fire. >> why this is coty and now
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we have a new storm of montreamaria, and also we have needs out there this is video of flooding in altoona which is outside of pittsburgh. and the bay area we're talking about the heat >> this is a shot of walnut creek and as we head into aesop's temperatures are gonna climb into the '70s
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and 71 degrees and oakland when hayward 78 degrees and mostly sunny looks like the fog is starting to feel and of little when also in the portions of the golden gate bridge. visibility is down to a quarter of mile and santa rosa. when when this is a look of fear afternoon highs. this is a look of
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your seven day forecasting cooling trend by the end of the week late friday night we are keeping an eye on any stability we may see a pot of thunderstorms late friday night and then also into the weekend there is only a 20 percent chance and as we head into the next week will hold on to the 80 degree temperatures >> we're still looking at a problem free morning no hot spots or delays this is look at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights have a
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just been activated use the traffic is beginning to back up just all little bit in the cash lanes on the west bound ride and highway 925 detail when pretty light for the commute no problems to report across the span. the golden gate bridge we have higher but volume and no delays and less fog. check of the east bay traffic as the overall ride all rose look good. whelooks g a atood.
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>> and terrace packet candlestick park this at a college football game police responded to report of a fight fans from opposite teams they found a man unconscious and bleeding they expect him to be ok this came exactly two weeks after a man was found shot in the bart iman >> we will be back in a couple of minutes and this is a look of the james lick a nice ride. the city we
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will be right back #
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>> >> we are waiting for the opening bell on wall street dow futures were up 60. it close to water down 75 points up with we had 2000 more applicants filed for unemployment compared to last week we hate to see those numbers we need a healthy job market. we will have the opening bell in just a few minutes >> a shake-up at the bank of america it is splitting itself into two units 600
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branches will shut down with this is broader and deeper layoffs the bank shares are down 44% this morning off 627 a m thanks for watching the kron 4 morning this is a look from our mt. tam camera would will be right back
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>> >> protesters said their goal and a block the gates half unless they open up the emergency gates and let the passengers ride for free and
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president barack obama will address congress this evening and he will call for pailin wrote tax cut republicans said they wanted see the president make it different approach than >> the latest developments in a michele lee case they have been investigating for three months they have arrested a woman they believe killed only one the 26 year-old missing student was last seen may 27th in hayward investigators believe the woman on the right is the one quebec killdeer she emily were onetime friends about and high-school will run and is in hayward with more. man >> she could be in court as early as 9:00 a.m. this morning should you will be charged with murder and if
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she will be arraigned this morning she is being held in dublin would she is not talking to investigators there are some questions that will not be answered until they find a show they have nobody no weapon a lot of and they're not sure how she died she did tell reporters she did not like michelle they do not know how michelle died in will they believe she was attacked in the parking garages they do not know what happened after that way they are keeping a lot of details on ramp and with how could a small one is specially a small woman drag
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which a body with as far as a measure of lee's family is concerned they're heartbroken they still have a hundred thousand dollar reward for information for the return of michele even though investigators believed that they have their person and eight that search for michelle le will be conducted on september 16th now patio not >> another developing story we're following commuters may be in for another long ride this evening the latest protest that will happen tonight a five >> i'm at the paul st. station or this demonstration is begin to to take place their plans are to block the fare gates starting of some of their
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calling it spare the fair will protest anonymous is a group that has been protesting on mondays no justice no bart was started when oscar grant was killed and one they want to dismantle the park police department they were protesting one of the cell phone service was cut off i told a spokesman wu today and will he not tell us what is going that happened during the protest tonight we did tell us how much all this protest is costing bart >> we want get them on a training get them home we already spent three at thousand dollars cost for people working overtime we would rather spend on reinvesting in the system
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which and making the system in good repair but we will do whatever it takes to get people home save and on time >> it is due to get under way at 5:00 p.m. tonight we will be here when we will give you updated information been at this particular station and any other stations. >> i've been talking god who viewers all morning long about the part protest and ask them have we simply had enough there are other matters that need to be addressed and barneys to be left alone this is a look of some of the comments on....
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if you would like to leave your own comments and add to the discussion please join us on our facebook fan page and i may read your comments on >> the > > there has been a stabbing at the balboa park station will a person was so badly shut data goethe that hospital there are no delays associated with the stabbing ritual keep our eyes and ears on this story >> 6:36 a.m. and all check of the commute with.
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>> there are no reports of delays no problems for train service, we're not tracking any hotspots we are starting to receive about this is a normal ride was a quick check of whether >> as the sun start to rise a beautiful shot from mt. tam camera we're still dealing with local a cover newborns in the afternoon we will have to cool down. this
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is a look of your seven day forecasting to what you can expect as we head into the weekend with we will continue with a gold tumbled >> keeping our eyes on wall street the dow is down 24 right now with we will have more when the kron 4 news continues. so...what do you think?
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continuing his report be showed last night 20 mods in
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his first two major-league games that was all for the giant highlights giants lose a three-one dome the giants are now seven games back behind arizona on to the oakland a's pitching a perfect he retired the first 17 batters game he sets a new oakland a's pitching record retiring 30 batters and around one. they a's beat the royals 7-0 >> will all be back in just a couple minutes today is
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thursday and a looks like is going to be a nice day and not as hot as yesterday this is a look for my mom tam camera.
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dell was only down nine right points right now. >> details in that shooting at the eyedrops in nevada several people called 911 during the shooting and listened as one collard describes a chaotic scene. >> it sigh, there is a shooting going on at the high-volume automatic weapons automatic weapons get their rights now there's
6:47 am
a guy going in and now is coming back out of a parking lot with a gun he should net of snow jury selection will start today for the involuntary
6:48 am
manslaughter trawl of conrad mary who was michael jackson's doctor they will have to go through at the screening process prospective jurors will be asked if a lot of dirty page questionnaire the trial is expected to last one month murray has pled not guilty >> it was all hot one yesterday and labatt's it will we have in store today >> we're still gonna be warm in some areas this morning the fog is hanging low over downtown san francisco as we head into the afternoon mountain view is expected to 77 degrees in most the signing san jose 83 and mostly sunny and more and hear slightly cooler than yesterday and today only at 91 you will see the fog clinging to the northern
6:49 am
portion. then we temperatures mostly in the '50s and '60s . by 9:00 hours we will seeing '60s and '70s and afternoon our temperatures will pay in the '80s and '90s woman with not as much 90s as we saw yesterday this is all look of the numbers around the bay area. whe been
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woundeand a result of your seven day forecasting will have changes on verizon and we are putting in a slight chance of thunderstorms starting late friday night into the weekend there could
6:51 am
be a 20 percent chance of storms why >> as reported earlier and there was as damning at the ballpark bart station earlier this morning when according to bart central why there is no impact of train service no delays reported. the police department is investigating we will have more details coming up at 7:00 a.m.. a look of your ride at the toll plaza and no hot spots to tell you about with it is only a 13 to 14 minute drive time will are bridge check with san mateo bridge looks good east and west bound with golden gate bridge coming in for our and with
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no problems wit. with >> >> 6:52 a.m. world as omar khaddafi loyalists are furriner profits from the
6:53 am
inside of one of his last strongholds they shook along the desert line with this is hours after an audio message from khaddafi on a tv station urging his followers to take up arms and announced his rumors that he had fled the country. with haywarcom >> rescue crews are at still digging up the pieces up from of this up plane crashed and russia there were 11 international players in an all lot of other players tied to the nhl the were on board with
6:54 am
today hundreds of residents and supporters are gathering at the club of where they practiced income >> a program change to tell you about this writing at 8:00 we will have back-to- back shell with a couple friends and benefits and then a two hour special of dateline and and kron 4 news at eleven [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot from an experienced professional. we've given over 5 million flu shots
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. a video of ryan gosling has been circling on the internet you can see the actors breaking he came out to mtv and responded as to what happened on the table he is embarrassed for meddling in this situation he should have minded his
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own business if you would like to watch the entire video i will paste it on our fan page >> weekly jobless kingsport's will be all later on dow is down 37 points right now >> this is all look of from our roof cam we will be right back.
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