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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 13, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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cows usually just stand around and eat grass but play some music and things really change. ♪[ music ] watch as these cows are mesmerized by a guy with a tuba playing when the saint goes marching in. and as the band grows, so does the herd. look how entranced they are. that's some betititititi live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. authorities are searching for two-man who attacked an elderly couple during a home invasion. kron 4's reggie kumar talked with neighbors. >> reporter: sunday morning an elterly police heard a knock at their door.
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when they went to see who was there two white male robbery suspects conned the man and woman into opening their front door. he won't say what they told the couple to get inside. >> we are not releasing at this point. they rapped her in saran wrap and assaulted and beat the elderly male resident. they then gained access to the safe inside the house and stole several items of value. >> reporter: they also took their gray 2008 honda accord similar to this one, 6bof304, license plate number. they live hire on this street.
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>> i am almost ready to cry. >> warn people not to open their door to strangers in the middle of the night and call the police if they are suspicious of people knocking on their do. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. two families forced from their home after a fire. a man was cooking on his stove in his apartment when something caught fire. all apartments in the building had to be evacuated. one man was injured. the lawyers representing the family of san francisco giants' fan bryan stow say they expect medical costs to top $50 million. he was beating march 31. he remains in a coma.
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a lawsuit has been filed against frank mccourt and 13 others. the two men charged with murdering a toddler pleaded not guilty. these are the suspects in the crime. police believe lawrence denard pulled the trigger and willie torrence are the driver. you are looking at the victim, carlos nava. two men were injured. the shooting was gang related. the woman accused of murdering a nursing student missed a court appearance today. it's the second court appearance giselle esteban missed. a representative excused her, did not explain with why she wasn't there. giselle esteban is suspected of killing michelle le who was last seen at kelli kaiser
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medical center in may. jr stone has details of the new protest and the response. >> reporter: the sounds of a bart protest for the fifth monday in a row. >> we were ordering you to get out of the street and on to the sidewalks. this is not -- >> reporter: no bart stations were close when protesters marched in downtown san francisco. but the very threat of rail station closures continues to anger commuters. >> i think it's inappropriate. if they have a problem with bart go to the bart headquarters and protest there. >> i understand but there is a better way of doing it. >> i have been taking bart since 1978. if there was a nice man down there he is threatening me and
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i want the police to protect me from people like charles hill. >> reporter: they want bart police disbanded and the bart response? >> no. i mean, bart and the customers are in it together. we want to get people on the trains and get them home. there are a small group of people holding these demonstrations which are spectticcals and to break the law. i think it's incumbent upon the protesters to do something in a lawful way. come to the board meetings. >> reporter: there has been talk about getting restraining orders against the protesters, those with bart say thereat is a possibility. however those restraining orders go against the folk whose have been arrested several times that protest. reporting in san francisco, jr stone, kron 4 news.
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a mild day today and we will see similar conditions tomorrow. inland valleys 80s today. 66 san francisco. 77 in san jose. again, similar temperatures tomorrow. we will continue with the threat of thunderstorms tomorrow morning. radar showing we are seeing activity to the north, also near reno and we saw it over the sierra earlier. but nothing in the bay area. we have a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow morning. after 10:00 a.m. chances start to diminish. fog hasn't returned to the bay area. mild conditions tomorrow. but we will see more fog later this week. i will have details in a bit. in california news, wildfires continue in central california. three fires in kern county. they began because of lightning
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storms and cry conditions. rain should help firefighters over the next few days. the biggest of the fires is 30% contained. if you fly out of sacramento you can expect a new terminal, it is replacing the b terminal built in 1967. the new one three times bigger. 19 gates. you will also be able to move through security faster. double the number of tsa lanes. still ahead on kron 4 news at 11:00. one store's back to school line is causing controversy. nfl football is back, which means fantasy football is back. how you can view your stats and scores on your tv screen as you watch a game live. that's coming up in tech report. and can the raiders rebound with a monday night win?
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temperatures very similar over the next couple of days but cooler as we head
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>> tomorrow nobody will be able to walk across the golden gate bridge. the district needs to finish seismic work, that means blocking one of the sidewalk. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: tuesday morning
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cruise will begin retrofit work here. similar work was completed last week on the western side. >> when the work starts the eastern sidewalk will be blocked here. that means anyone trying to walk across the bridge from the toll plaza will have to turn back when they reach this point. anyone trying to walk from vesta point will only be able to go 700 feet. >> reporter: no one will be allowed to crossover the bridge on the eastern side. bicyclists will be able to cross using the western sidewalk but foot traffic will not be allowed. they hope anyone who walks over the bridge will be able to find alternative ways across. >> mass transit, bus from one side of the bridge into marin county. there are other aways to get across. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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charles clifford, kron 4 news. the fog is yet to return to the bay area. tomorrow morning we will see fog, it's just not as extensive. 8:00, coastal and bay fog. fog back to the coast line by noon. mild condition at noon. san jose upper 70s. into 8:00 hour, not as extensative. still into the north bay, down in the bay shores and south bay. starting to scale back by 10:00 to oakland, hayward and the peninsula and back to san francisco and the coast line, does not look like we will see sun breaks tomorrow. similar -- excuse me, different from today. still keeping the chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. moisture still in california. this passes tomorrow afternoon. chance of thunderstorms really just for the morning hours. look at your extended forecast,
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temperatures similar to today. 60s by the coast kleinman 70s bay shores. 70s south bay and 80 inland valleys. same into wednesday, thursday into friday a cool down. thanks to dense fog. temperatures down into the 70s inland. this weekend temperatures get warmer as the fog scales back into the upper 80s. now time for the kron 4 news tech report with gabe slate. nfl football has started, that means fantasy football started. i got something great to show players. a tv lets you view in real time updated stats, points, all of your fantasy football information on your tv screen while you are watching a live game. the best of both words. no need to keep the laptop next
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to you. connected tv came out a couple years ago. now they cost no more than a regular tv. they function as a regular tv. you hit a bitten and you will see apps and you can access. very simple. they can connected to your home internet. there are many practical applications. today i am showing the yahoo fantasy football app. you can see the points. you can see in real time how you are competing. and you can access all kinds of information. one thing you can click on a player to see their stats and their picture pops up. connected tvs sell at all major retail stores. gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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developing story, four juveniles escaped. one of them considered dangerous. there is now a shelter in place for byron and discovery bay. we will have more information at 4:00 a.m. and this tuesday the parents of casey anthony will be making their first tv appearance on kron 4 news. we have a preview of their appearance on dr. phil. >> i want you to answer my questions, tell the truth and take the mystery out of this story once and for all. do you think casey was involved in caylee's death? you don't include the possibility she used a shovel to burry her dead baby? are you saying she went
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psychotic and lost contact with reality. is in the public believes you perjured yourself. >> the interview is on kron 4 tuesday at 4:00 p.m. special teams sparked the raiders tonight and it's just one game but the new head coach already getting ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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just $29 a month for 6 months.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the raiders for the fist time in nine years win their season opener. if likability means anything, the raiders will be dynamite this year. early on matt making making the play here. three turnovers, four sacks and a nfl record tying 63-yard
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field goal. that ties tom dempseys all time record. meanwhile, eric decker will go the other way. 90 yards and the raiders 16-3 lead is down to 16-10. raiders 15 penalties. 131 yards. but when it counted they caught the break. broncos driving to go ahead. the ball slipped out of his hand. had a receiver wide open. next play, darren mcfadden. 150 yards. he is going all the way. they catch him just short of the goal line. next play, punches it in. 23-20. the raiders a winner on monday night football. next up sunday they will play
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the buffalo bills. 517 yards, including this 99- yard hook up. that ties the longest pass play in nfl history. 99 yards to welker. tom brady 517 yards. fifth most all time. four touchdown passes. patriots win. tom brady, the talk will be, is he on his way to being the next montana. the giants bat got lot. carlos beltran, do you bring him back? another question. does he want to come back? when he is not hitting people like to boo him. hit a home run tonight. and cody ross, 3-4. on base four times in the leadoff role. 13th home run and pablo sandoval, man, this is out. the other way. his 19th. giants win 8-3. arizona also
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winner tonight. giants will be out of it in the next few days. every bay area team won tonight. the a's doing their business against the angels at home. josh willingham, three hits in four trips. his 25th home run of the season and gonzalez took it from there. he is 13-12 and the a's beat the angels final of 6-3. u.s. open, working on monday because of rain delays. novak djokovic now against the rafael nadal. no question. novak djokovic best player in the world. give rafael nadal credit. great athletes. long match. novak djokovic took it, wins his first u.s. open. novak djokovic wins. that's his girlfriend there.
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can we see serena serena williams get mad at somebody? >> all right. serena williams was fined $2,000. and that's really going to kill her. [ laughter ] >> she made $1.4 million at the u.s. open and
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