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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 13, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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will find out the latest with louisa on traffic sununu is only about the two
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stooges than were arrested in iran could be released area soon wearied just brand and has kept pell at 500 lawson dollars each and the port: that this that the country after that they'll is paid they release their a short and upper restaurant after crossing into iran from our wrap while they were like we will keep you posted on his big story today pop were juveniles haven't paid it, they will be looking for shelter to an appellate residence to lock your doors until the four map and found >> police are searching for
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can people that were involved in a home and they'd am would neighbors or point us that they are >> at one dirty m m. emma and there was a knock on their board investigators to the door as he did was they convinced the 75 year- old man and a 72 year-old woman to open your door once they got the beat the cutlery room >> they get used acomas' to gain entry into the house they left of the female president into plant lack of and severely beat the elderly mellon wasn't they gained access to the state but is inside the walls and spends several items of value including fire on it
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sweaarms. this is the make and model of the car that was stolen from the residence neighbors are shocked that this happened in their neighborhood >> i feel really bad i am in shock >> we need dollar residence not to open doors to strangers in the middle of the night and claiming that something may or may not have occurred. >> two men were charged with a drive-by shooting of a toddler and a pledge that not guilty we have carefully about two that were arrested willie torrens was the driver the baby was
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shot by a stray bullet room bay blanket was can't relate edberg >> michelle tweet lee murder case was scheduled to being in court yesterday and why she was not >> there was another notion upper gisselle esteban she was scheduled to appear with her attorney would the representative from the district attorney's office said as the bond weighed her appearance they did not say if it was whether to kill her pregnancy it was rebuilt she was several months pregnant. the error checking
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canadian press financial status let her have a public defender personnel arraignment is september 19th via >> fighters, a party of a man and woman yesterday when they're responding to a fire in oakland and happened in a two-story building. the fire was in an apartment above an act to poke your clinic there are signs of full pleiaday. >> investigators believe and maybe this will rebuild what happened to the couple we do believe the fire was that on purpose room >> please murder crime and
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the permanent lived in that apartment >> and a forecast for or whether >> look this morning at monk can camera little haziness up their as we head into the afternoon temperatures r and the '60s we will look worth some it is currently on the coastline. nothing too wide spread were right now we are and the '50s and '60s. this
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is a look at europe and o'clock hours were going to is the '60s and '70s and then blame him and we will love '70s and '80s are locations are going to work to 85 degrees will stay in the '70s around the bay. this is a look of her seven day forecast the mild weather the next few days we will warm up a plan next week by the >> check him out conditions for your tuesday morning and nice and light traffic in the westbound direction the metering lights are cycle of nine minutes from the flood of the mesa san mateo
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bridge there was a strong wind advisory issued drive with extra caution and keep both hands on the steering well 24 minutes i navato. and to our traffic mapping of live look at sulkeand suspect no accidents to report >> time now for 08 a m wildfires continued to burn in central california greek fires covering 87 square miles and all sparked by lightning over the weekend
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dry conditions have fuelled be fire submit the fires are now 30 percent contained if you ever fly out of sacramento there will be a new terminal the new terminal is three times bigger you be able to move through security and faster and will double the number of des a lames >> we will take a quick break as we go and this is a look of monk can camera you can see the city licensed local log #blogger ipod.
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>> >> there was another demonstration was played its
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bluster by anonymous on bart stations. >> the son of a park protesters for the new bart stations were closed on monday they marched along the sidewalks in downtown san princess go and the threat of staging closers upsets commuters >> they need to go to the park headquarters in protest they're not here >> they should find a better way of doing it >> i've been taken apart since 1978 if there is an lanes will the man he is threatening maie. >> they want police
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disbanded and the police response >> which is one get people on the trains and get them number it is relatively small group of people bumblebees demonstration and can break blobthe law. come to the board meeting is their purpose dealt floodgate still not set the commuters >> those with heart there is a possibility in the future that they're repeat restraining orders against those folks that have been arrested several times at these protest. >> protest continued time now for 13 am this is a live look outside and this one is
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from our roof camera of dump john san francisco.
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>> >> one of the people that said they were a victim eight have pleaded no that provided a full four urged documented she will be sentenced in november >> traffic in san jose could get worse before it is better and upgrade it is getting ready to start it will be at the a intersection of highway 85 >> promises to the by all
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accounts and one of the gridlock stretches the project the to expend the lanes all markings on their rodent where are indications of work turn signals turn lanes will be installed it will be clustered around this area >> and you are shopping there will be delays and will call for lower pensions and cooperation >> with the holidays coming up they will get improvements in place before the holidays. drivers will be able to go faster in this area the speed limit will be 55 mi. an hour through this area this will be based
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donna real-time traffic conditions not just rush hour traffic. it is good to see the cronies and construction accused how dicrews. >> >> you a lot the able to walk across the golden >> lead sunrise at but tuesday morning: 300 ft. stretch of the sidewalk they just completed on the western client was the eastern tell what will block here and anchorage anybody want to walk across the break will be a gold passed both the irish and then turned back when from vista
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0.1 there will of the people to go 700 ft. for the next four months no one will be allowed to cross the the entire stretch of the bridge bicyclist can use the west side of the bridge and go from and went with people the what the bridge will have to find alternate routes would >> there are other ways of getting across have people to step plan and the >> notice durinnow the sports hd uttered it is the nurse and the coaching debut of the new coach for the raiders.
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josh willing >> it is 25, there are three games texas >> < let the giants did something since the world series they scored eight runs to beat the padres 8- rate still drilling the diamondbacks bite each and a half games >> randy romero us who was charged with battery after domestic battering added insult for a bomb he slapped her face and causing her it had to get that headboard she told police she would be operated and that it would
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escalate. >> war 20 am and no the weather did >> were started with a shot of the golden gate bridge nothing to like brad as we head into the afternoon we will have mulled whether on tap this is look of current temperatures mostly fifties and sixties. by minute and will see some 80's up their warming to the mid '80s in some locations 75 from monday until along the coast will keep it in the '60s. we
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will have the 80's in fairfield and concord. >> , flash flood has been put in place from noon until this evening there is a potential of heavy downpours there could be rock slides and mud slides. when a local adult tigers and friday and then we start eating out once again for the weekend time now for >> 22 a m and > > everything is moving around the bay area no problems whatsoever
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mm in late traffic is moving to quell the on it and am keeping my eye on is a strong wind advisory in place on december temperature perez in a drive with that caution softball 1 01 golden gate bridge and no problem of this the to our traffic maps and now another couple of our traffic maps 1 01 look botand good in both directions >> or 23 am americans are changing their ways up drinking alcohol and are more concerned about >> the beer industry has been traveling the past few years the decline in the
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best known brands is not due to the recession beer drinkers are no more health conscious they are less and less popular late an ultralight pierce of hundred calories or less have taken out pick her. but let is still the king of beers they sell 39 billion bar. a year sentence dozen fund sales of the top 20 brands and have dropped to 149 billion bar.
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the blue-collar men have been hit with unemployment that means one and interest are not doing much better. >> much more adama kron4 morning man is will take a quick break and a live look of outside at our mount tancam camera not much fog out there we will be right back.
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>> >> whole lawsuit has been filed against the an adult your honor by the still family they want to find out who is responsible for bryans' to lose expenses
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join us on our faces looked and aid and give us your responses >> i quote as we go cells above 1 01 and the golden gate bridge
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>> >> weather and traffic is almost 430 and we are hearing that the two uc- berkeley graduate may be released a defense attorneys that they have is that the pelt at 500 dozen dollars each and the car would set them free after pill has been paid. the three arrested after crossing
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into iran from iraq they were hiking the president of iran and convict good of the spine related charter that would be released in a couple of days we will keep our eyes on this big story sudden this morning president obama is pushing his job reform bill it is an uphill battle for the president. and break up the jobs of plan and the details straight and >> we want to put people back to work across the country it would cut help our economy >> into rose garden ceremony the it showed a but jobs bill >> no gains had no politics more jobs >> the time to act is the >> this bill cost passes for small businesses and small
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businesses that resell risk her current employees it up taxes on small businesses what to do something for america's chip in jobs and and we can do that by passing this bill >> the jobs plan would be paid for by eliminating tax deductions including gerbil kong attribution claim by the wealthy congress has rejected it in the past. but but that is not the way been injured done in washington and has not been poured forth with a bipartisan correcspirit.
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>> and have launched the 70 states read it and fight for rent would go the president will be taking the campaign on the road he will end of the state such as ohio an attachment to the deficit and a been harder for republicans to reject people. >> we will continue with our decision 2012 the texas governor's and last night at the party debate get met robbery and he are reading the polls they disagree on
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the future of social security and do not see eye and i to job creation listed >> does governor prairie farmer and the credit of any of those jobs whole realm of much credit >> and you are dealt a poor race doesn't necessarily make your great poker player >> 0 m contract our right to work state those >> you were dillon pretty good met until you start talking about poker the fate the state of texas has late at the nation and the white house has seen the loss of 2.5 million jobs and texas has has created over a million jobs >> does your governor deserve all that credit?
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>> not quite our taxes have doubled since they went and office word that has gone up proposed i'm bill one of fan of the governor because he might raise my taxes again >> carried up support of louisiana. >> bank of america is planning on putting 30 those in jobs it would close a budget with up branches and why the largest bank is taking such but drastic step >> the job cuts represent a% of the entire work force they will be in the consumer business sector it will be a mixed up actual job and unfilled positions earlier
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this year pick up 6000 jobs and and later run they will close anywhere from 600 to 750 branches will close since the beginning of palapyear than have lost 48% under stocks and 12.7 billion in foreclosures they call the action is a part of a bigger plan. a company also announced they were doing a sixth of three new cost-saving moves >> also this morning solar panel makers lender laid off
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of some workers and now we're nearing them >> he tried to restructure to agree a financial center meant the energy department rejected the plan and include a week later. >> look pretty good hit and mull whether pretty come to your start of your day. killing with a little patchy fog. temperatures are closing in and 70 degrees in oakland we are 69 degrees and sunny free more will be 76 degrees and sunny this is a look at your fogger it is
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catching and of on the coast. temperatures than in the '50s and '60s run now low 60s and the subsequen. is ae afternoon and i temperatures. we may some heavy downpours up to an end rampart our has the potential of blood in their
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and much less this is a low barrier seven been forecast we will keep those temperatures and more: by thursday and friday. the merger is will rebound in back up into the '90s could >> know what a psychiatrist about to let the door of mrs. bay bridge toll plaza meter and the like are still slack off fewer cars and underwent no weight at the toll plaza traffic is moving the limit would kill men and i am keeping an eye on is the wind advisory that has been issued for no major
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problems for their golden gate bridge itself, one would launch of space between card and now to the traffic map none of the lanes were. time now for 39 and we will be back stay with us @p@po'
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burge >> her is a new t-shirt on forever 21 whole forever 21 is handling this controversy. we fund
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>> the fun this one at the sharpest and stirrups ends than twice the growth and up to moutath >> other set is not a big deal >> is just a shirt >> brother shirtless and more massive >> some his one tour repelled and make a statement and that is the situation >> not long dakota j.c. penney removed this shirt their shirts that i'm too pretty to do homework to my brother had the wood forming >> and have stopped selling the shirts and online and
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are removing them from stores >> they issued this statement they would like to apologize to our customers. >> kron440 3:00 a.m. go up front at the james lick freeway.
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>> >> >> the will emeline's up barca's us shiny new domed it was in pretty bad shape the dutch style windmill has copper dome but day was paid for by private it was a
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delicate process as the massive crane hoisted the frame work into the sky and gently lowered it into place it as a much-needed space left to a decaying: mark the south when mel where the main water source to build the park. >> time now for 40 6:00 a.m. and will cut the poor catherine may stay in the bennett are we going to have a repeat to that >> mostly clear condition and patchy fog of this morning of aug. hanging along the coastline we are expecting mostly sunny conditions. monday to 75 in
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sunny san jose 81 in sunny. the fog will into its way along the coast prober. some of the fog is slowly drifting into said rosa. your afternoon highs got will be in the '70s and mid '80s. we may see more activity and the sierra with
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heavy downpours and we may see rain fall up to win and another hour it is a potential for flooding, mudslides and rock slides. we're keeping mild and are forecast for the next several days. then we get rid for warming trend heading into next week >> know how to bucs to tell you about easy conditions around the bay area. what did traffic flowing freely on the bay bridge note and the lanes or back up as an accessment panel bridge high wind advisories have been issued so drive with caution a live look at the
4:50 am
golden gate bridge up 1 01 pretty quiet conditions sluts the space between car up the rear ride out this is a camera shot from the coliseum no accident to record your >> what began as an enormous lite shown more than 50 will flourish are a lot of control and are now under control the slurs restaurant blaming >> book fire started during area said on comanche road
4:51 am
like this one the winds and shifted and flames grew and evacuated residents had. a day earlier >> we turn over sticklers on there were summoned and to what is what's it was moving faster >> they didn't waste any time gathering their possessions and the air assault overnight proved effective >> with the water drops >> where to evacuate to and
4:52 am
need to evacuate and we have been manning roadblocks suspect so they will have to wait and see what happens at >> is keeping the guard was an took and the trees >> also this morning casey anthony is current character silence as they sit down with dr. phil it is an exclusive and revealed the anthony's church dr. phil to tell their son of the story >> i and people that are frustrated by this same how can how oxygen not know from seeing the child day late and have no contact with her for 31 days to you know that she lives and you say ok i believe you she's asleep she's not there she is with businesses than in
4:53 am
been manning the you have never met you some of the father is you never matter board from% she says accius than one you verify her plan her car has been impounded and you go pick up the car and smell and what smelled like a dead body and you for breach of trump looking back you think you missed huge singles and that something was wrong before the 31st than? >> but will end of the answer to that question upon the two-part season premiere on dr. phil and he will be on at 4:00 p.m. >> much more rain than on the kron4 morning mist right after this.
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>> >> none need to keep the laptop match year and she tried it and now cost more than a regular tv the fraction a regular tv dad and the bottom of the screen shows the various types connected tvs are connected to your internet been they combine well with the this
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is one of the past ones i am seen yet you can see the point of all your players and teams and the other point by on the other teams in your leg but you can access all current information you concede this death and the picture with and that tv are sold at all an electronic. >> >> much more strident and on kron4 mourners will of traffic and weather in just a human
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the corps would set them free after that bell was paid. the three were arrested after crossing into are drawn from all rack they claim they were lost while hiking >> there is it shelter lot and place in eastern contra costa county after for juveniles and escaped from of the branch there is a
5:01 am
center that it where it is located there warning residents and the area as they try to find these boys and now they're searching years old and black six- foot 33 matter pounds the second one is 15 urals block 644 on modern 70 lbs. and then a 14 year-old hispanic boy who five of football hundred and 10 lbs. and another 14 year-old hispanic 5 ft. tall and 925 lbs. ipad >> this is the southern end of san jose state a woman
5:02 am
was sexually assaulted in this area of on campus the attack happen off-campus and little information has been released another woman was sexually assaulted and the assailant was a black late 30's with crooked front teeth >> those things should not be happening around it is a wonderful place it is a great place to come for an education and whoever's cooler around was stupid stuff like s >> and san francisco and is a possibility restraining orders will be issued for protesters at have been arrested at these events there was a smaller margin yesterday and the fifth consecutive monday during
5:03 am
rush-hour protest they did not interrupt train service and no arrests were made march the streets and some were wearing maps' they are protesting and a debit and killing of charles hill and the shutting down of cell phone service >> we are taking a live look with cloud cover no big surprise the fog along the coast clearing by noontime. temperatures will be declining. right now him because the fog is confined to the coastline not
5:04 am
impacting the north bay much at all temperatures on the mild steinbeck temperatures mostly in the '50s and '60s because mes. will be watching al those temperatures involved in over the rest of the day this is a look of high temperatures throughout the bay area appearanc. expect mid o upper 80s 85 for concord 64 for downtown san francisco is a look of your seven day
5:05 am
forecast we will slowly warm up as we head into the weekend and now i quick check on >> good morning a good ride this morning we are not tracking any hotspots a bridge check it is a light and easy ride for the west bound commute and the san mateo bridge also is looking good ... but golden gate bridge 1 01 south a good commute we may see a little more fog this morning it in the the bridge crew reconfiguring the lanes him and we lot at the sensors
5:06 am
and traffic maps' throughout the bay area no problems. depaul green on the massive bomps. >> keeping arias stock futures they were down at of 58 points before the opening bell they're worrying about the european debt crisis the dow was down iron 62 points by the afternoon and closed up to 68 points either s&p was up eight and nasdaq up
5:07 am
27 it is an below the 11,000 mark >> president barack obama is heading to john painter's home state of ohio it is a high-profile sales jobs for his passing of the jobs plan it comes a day after white house officials want to know how to pay at with higher taxes >> a bipartisan senate battle gets sobering testimony on the deficit toxic effects from the economy his message u.s. deficit are high and getting them under control will have to give up some government services or pay more in taxes or a
5:08 am
combination of both >> kron 4 morning news will continue, little bit of of embittered imbalance. ]s
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>> >> that is the matched it from the new al-qaida leader site monitoring surveys he they have monitored the speech and if u.s. intelligence say he now tops of the hit list.
5:12 am
>> this is the scene in afghanistan insertion firing rockets at the u.s. a large group of gunmen are firing from tall office buildings in gunfire was heard throughout the area may. >> an embassy national report in said and they have committed their own crimes they issued a report on a three month investigation and in libya cram committed by khaddafi said of the rebels have condemned admited are insignificant pannel lawfully killed
5:13 am
loyalists and with to khaddafi me that that line from a dead like when a gas pipeline was in kenya they were found in a storage field or 75 bodies recovered yesterday the pipeline company said the explosion happened by and over pressurized pipeline >> will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues and we are taking a look at the san mateo bridge. will have an update of traffic and weather with
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in as we experience is cool wave >> you can see some of that fog and a is a ow on the golden gate bridge. i just checked with s f all and there are no delays today. we'll be watching for that and let you know if anything happens temperatures are on the mild side it is 58 right now and in san francisco and we are seeing a 60 degree temperatures one out to the e student this is what we expect for temperatures into the afternoon and. long wharf
5:18 am
rio new we are expecting 70 degree our whether in the north bay area. will a committee of the cool down with beginning tomorrow with will shave off a few degrees this is a look of your seven day forecast and then we start heating up again now wants we get past the weekend by and now traffic >> good ride around the bay and no hot spots to attract get an area of enters on 580
5:19 am
and the bridge check toll plaza at the bay bridge and let very light traffic no delays dog. the san mateo bridge is also a good ride whe. it is so light and easy ride heading into foster city and from multiple southbound 101 golden gate bridge very little traffic mid. lonely at the ride up of interstate 80 and light mis your ride and interstate 589 it is that
5:20 am
they all to my password a vehicle left of it road way and want up and down, an embankment it may create a visual hazard dweebs. no probles her t 80 >> ascetic roseland is still in a court room that he murdered and kidnapped a santa cruz attorney while on vacation in mali the body was found earlier this month they saw are struggling with a man when police arrived the man
5:21 am
jumped off a mountain 54 clef they recovered his bodher body later on in the day >> these are the suspect in the last month climb on international boulevard. the victim was a three year-old toddler willie torrence was they feel that it was a gang related >> the woman that has been accused of killing of nursing student did not job for her hearing yesterday a representative from the public defender's office accused as the bond and did not give an excuse why she was not there when her first
5:22 am
mr. perrin's was due during her recent pregnancy. >> the lawyers for the family of bryan stowe what i know who's going to pay the $50 million hospital bill he remains in the hospital with a serious >> now we know the cost of the medical clearance we have been asking our fans on our facebook fan page this is some of the responses .... if he would like to
5:23 am
leave your own comments i may wind up breeding them on the air just like us on our facebook fan page >> 522 a m and this is a live look from our mt. tam camera there may be a few, more clouds out there will be right back.
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>> >> with 23-20 an amazing 63 yd field goal whopper the broncos rallied and 0 came up
5:27 am
short. the loss drops the angels three games and behind the game later texas >> and last night the giants did something when they haven't done for a long time they scored eight runs they beat the padres 8-and former and bp will player many or mayor as a was our president in his cell the board of home he and his wife got in on argument he slapped her face and her head she knew it was afraid of the situation would
5:28 am
escalate and ramirez and i is getting his wife and whe. >> pannel look outside at traffic and traffic is lightbulb
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> >> the search is continuing for four teenagers that escape from this detention center is located in byron they were missing during a bed check last nine we have more details from the ranch >> there are no bar to wire fences the fence itself is
5:31 am
not very high won the boys' is considered dangerous that's what police brought up canine this area is very flat and they felt would be quick there is speculation someone drove by and pick the sun will be of some and people need to get to work. >> this is to they are looking forward there's a 15 year-old black boy 6133 on amounts another 15 year-old boy black six what forerunner of " 70 lbs. of 14 year-old asthmatic 5 ft. tall iron compounds and another 14 year-old hispanic 5 ft. tall from under 25 lbs. >> the two students from
5:32 am
berkeley may be released soon they have set the bell at $500,000 each if they pay the sale they will be set free. there are arrested after hiking in iraq and across of the iran border. >> time now 5:31 a.m. it is a cool down. a little preview for ripoyo one wind withu.
5:33 am
>> we're watching the fog to see if there will i be and a delays at as at al sfo, our boar temperatures around the eastern and that will be the part of the bay that begins warming up first this is a quick fly around up of the neighborhoods with high temperatures listed. a
5:34 am
zillion other day of warmer always sunshine they will be cooler along the coast this is all look once again of your seven day forecast we gradually warm autumn as we head into next week wit. now want to traffic >> we are not tracking any problems are hotspot and all little increase in volume at the bay bridge toll plaza conditions are good and and
5:35 am
the volume has definitely changed still not a problem out cross the span and the golden gate bridge southbound 101 we do see an increase in volume. and this is a look of our maps and you can see all the maps are showing green no delays or bad, >> we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street
5:36 am
futures are down 58 points right now we want up positive for the day >> new retells this morning on solar panel will makers: grow and filed for bankruptcy last week and it was raided by the fbi all those people were laid off a memo posted on the web design cylinder at tried to restructure alone that was agreed upon in the spring when the energy department rejected that restructuring and they closed one week later. >> little fault showing up robin
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>> >> the california jumped as rolled up against toyota. i has recalled of 14 million vehicles worldwide due to the acceleration problems indeed bear blame parker driver error sticky floor >> security apartment is cracking gone on immigrants that have overstated their visa they're doing manual on the databases improve. some of s
5:41 am
september 11th hijackers were in a u.s. on expired visas highwa. one of the deeper sphere after the 911 attacks but governments spent three and have built m against food counter intelligence and new no single agency was in charge and there's no way to determine envied lots or orchards are safer >> is a look at the bay bridge if it is free and clear we will be right back
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we're seeing some thought cover mostly clear and pettifog with rb temperatures ranging in the '60s and '70s bom. a quick look of the satellite few patchy at best along the coastline loquat cover in san francisco. visibility is still on the good signed with we're looking at 60s when and '50s currently what 81 in san jose for
5:46 am
later her alter a much cooler day as we end the week >> mile ride around the bay noir allot local law spots or delays indeed this is the bay bridge toll plaza volume is very lighter than usual we did see a slight increase
5:47 am
on the san mateo bridge it is still a problem free and headlights uc are heading back towards a word and the golden gate bridge him light traffic southbound big increase in volume and your commute on highway 4 all traffic looks good they're all in the greenback man. no problems and to report. >> time now 547 a m at
5:48 am
thursday are searching for two man on of home renovation and happened early sunday morning reggie kumar talks to neighbors that are shot >> at 130 sunday morning an elderly couple harden not at their door investigators said when they went to see you was there to white male robbery suspects attacked a bus 72 and 75 year-old couple the toll the couple to get inside they did use our ruse to gain entry into the house they wrapped the female resident in saran wrap to detain our of and they physically assaulted and beat and the elderly male resident they ag gained access to the save and they took several items of value including firearms and
5:49 am
jewelry they took of homers honda accord and this is the a description and the license plate number. " neighbors >> around is believe that this happened in their neighborhood >> i'm shocked i am ready to crime i felt very bad >> warned people not to open their doors to strangers in the middle the night and call the police if there ever suspicious of somebody knocking on their door. whoa >> gabby gifford is breaking hircine on the shooting in january she was shot and then add meeting constituents and arizona this interview is can be given to diane sawyer this
5:50 am
is the night before gifford said book is published >> casey anthony's parents break their silence today they sit down with dr. felt today now that the trial on the verdict is in they have contacted dr.phil to tell their side of the story >> you heard the defense in this case say that he was involved not in causing the child's death but in the events taking place after that >> did it ever occurred to you could give he'd done it again >> george would never put us through those six months of not knowing lowercase it was i watched as heartbreak
5:51 am
every single been and as frantic as he was >> do not mess that two-part season premiere starting at 4:00 p.m. here with dr.phil >> alive look at the golden gate bridge a little fog on the bridge will be right back
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>> >> whorl entertainment tonight has a new format and it begins tonight. they serving up this early with was your show is the night
5:55 am
and what you have planned for this weekend >> one of the big items tonight new photos of our recent witherspoon whack at accident that happened about a week ago a pedestrians struck by an those voters are coming out and we see how scary that incident was we see her bandaged upper is part of what we have on the show tonight. we are unhappy she is ok and she is not pressing and the charges against the 84 year-old lynette tracker we are just glad she is on the road to recovery.
5:56 am
>> what about the emmys and i'm always looking at of us and i look turn to et for that? >> we are looking forward to that at the pre showed the will be airing an hour before the emmys you will see all the factions and the arrivals copper there are interesting category since especially in the lead actor comedy. they're both nominated in that category >> the big winners are us and we have a party at the end of the nine and everyone that shows uppe. all the
5:57 am
calves are confirmed the they're coming it is always a party that they talk about the stars let their hair down at a party you get a good fill of the celebration they let their guard down. when have never been invited. >> looking forward to entertainment tonight at 730 will would beckon: @p@po'
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