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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> >> with the morning and thanks for joining us on wednesday morning we're
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starting off this hour with at the of fremont based company's lender >> will have more in the night was room >> a hearing is expected to take place in washington d.c. the solar panel manufacturing company are still under fbi investigation that two executives will not testified they are expected to appear next week the president of selena brought maybe their they received a loan of $520 million and then filed bankruptcy we will bring it to you live from >> new this morning an apartment fire overnight flared up or early this
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morning when. at golden gate >> and > > the morning there were two fires at the same location the first fire started at 10:30 p.m. this is video from the other side of the building it originated on the second- floor it was a kitchen fire they put it out fairly quickly an elderly man that lives there was centered on hospital for minor injuries they thought they were done and just before 4:00 a.m. they received another call to the same address some of the embers went up the flow and attached it to the insulation over several hours and caught fire again they were able to put out
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that fire quickly they have spent the last two hours getting at those two apartments it won a make sure all the insulation is pulled out three apartments have been damaged and four people have been displaced >> at a day after iran's president said the uc berkeley graduates would be released that country's seditionaries system had no right of rebel they were jailed for spying and convicted of spying even though they said they were hiking and got lost the statement that it came out today is embarrassing to the president he has no direct power over judicial rulings a defense attorneys and bill
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had already been set afire thousand dollars each now that is in question. me >> new details this morning clayton valley high school will become i charter school next fall as long as they meet certain conditions the school board approved last night they won as the assessment plan and a disciplinary action it is bringing mixed reactions >> it is disheartening to see that packet epidemic greeting fall barely viable because of community funding and building and
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grounds deteriorated charter school run by a qualified teachers will bring back the quality of teaching we won 10 >> it is a radical departure from all we're all in this together and could negatively impact the rest of the district financially and socially if other high schools follow the same planned bo. >> 6:05 a.m. me >> a live look at
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district
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to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. >> >> a new report to the worst oil spill in history in the
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gulf may bp made critical mistakes in the well and felt the tell partners and the czech government when they realize that a flammable gas could a played a role ndp failed to to divulge this until of your later >> tropical storm lee brought to our balls to the coast of louisiana. bp said that tarmac have not been tested yet bp ascending gruesome out there clean up it will work seven days away to clean up the mess >> president barack obama is
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pushing his jobs bill tax cuts and tax credits and encourage businesses to hire makes up more than half of them billion dollar plan he is proposing tax house and cool limiting a mortgage interest it does not sit well with the republicans >> quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues we're watching traffic build on the bay bridge toll plaza
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causing problems at best of all the delayed right now is to 59 minutes. and i'll look of the satellite view of the fog widespread past and 101 we are seeing a lot of cloud cover. this is a look of current temperatures around
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the bay area '50s and '60s renowned voice elected to be the pattern. at 10:00 we will still be dealing with 505 60s '70s role in around and i'm and 3:00 p.m. the '80s will build. that will be the forecast for today and now let's fly around the bay and all look at the high temperatures. when when human dotso. loss result of youn
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day forecast calling is a general thing for the rest of the week and saturday sunday all looking out the good with lots of sunshine and now let's take a morning to george where >> tracking a good commute to we are slowing at the toll plaza on the bay bridge. we are not tracking any hotspots on the san mateo bridge could traffic conditions in both directions. golden gate bridge and 101 southbound
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volume is building with an east bay ride a little slowing for the willow pas s. no delays and no problems on a planned sola we're showing an easy ride lo. >> that gas prices are up in the bay area sounds like a
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broken record we're looking at the prices these look like they're higher than molestations you were added this is one of the highest in the bay area for 13 a gallon and full service is for 63 but gas prices are up a month ago 175 more and more no. carole s. is up 935
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higher than it was a year ago it is pricing. >> new details this morning captured three of four teenagers had that escaped up detention center they were captured yesterday around noon at the antioch wal-mart a 15 year-old that has a conviction for a violent offense is still missing >> the byron boys detention center is a minimum security center by escaping this the
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three boys made it tougher on themselves instead of returning here they will we move to juvenile hall in martinez and it will be monitored like adults how they escaped is still under investigation one of the boys made a phone call to a family member they are still checking to see if that family member or someone else came and picked up the boys this area is so remote hiding would be difficult they brought out soldiers dogs and could not find >> they detonated explosives found in this man's home- they found in from not revised explosives and had 10 homes they had to a evacuate the easiest way to dispose of the explosives was to set them off com.
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>> there was a small explosion and then people smelled of chlorine odor they halted traffic in the air and one family was not able to go back to their compound >> the morning news continues and what we can expect on wall street this morning whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back!
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futures are up right now we're still waiting for the opening bell >> new details on a google buyout of the motorola documents released cool one that is still so badly it offered another $3 billion to see it through the initial offer was a $30 up share and now 4350 per share the big prize for google is motorola's patents. >> a look outside and we will be ripon
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>> >> opening bell on wall street that a possible bond a buying program is talked about in your we're seen dow futures up 62 we are starting maybe a little winning streak on wall street >> the release of to uc- berkeley grad is now up in the air after the president said he would be released the digital system said they
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have not decided on a bell on non-bank the president of ron has no direct power over a their judicial system. that mirror arrested as they were hiking on the iraq iran border are ron said they were spying >> live pictures into the news room and officials at selena brought are going to be asked what went wrong they receive $530 million from the federal government they gonna hear from officials from the energy department they played a big role with in these guaranteed loans they are going to figure out that
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there were few of selling drugs and how much did these committees and know about their dire financial problems and what taxpayers are expected from this large loan. officials from coelenteron now shop until next week we will continue monitor this developing story and i will be listening ended and provide you with updates.. >> fog is that at the golden gate bridge and were and traffic is starting to build on the bay bridge when >> we're looking at back up at the bay bridge there is a stall reported on the upper
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deck it has not slowed up the ride traffic is moving through the toll plaza we could seeing no problems room at when they occurred this early hour we can recover earl. volume of fielding on right side holding a bridge you traffic is not building in volume no delays and near east bay ride on the upper east shore freeway still looks digood.
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highway 11 south bay 85 looks great. at 633 let's check the weather >> the delays are out at s f aalborg coming into the airport and the all blue sky above the we should see the fog moved away by noontime. this is where we see the fog on our satellite will giving you overcast conditions about will watch the fog thicken up. this is a look
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of current temperatures around the bay area mostly '50s and '60s this morning. this is where we expect temperatures to cope for later on this afternoon. downtown santa francisco 62 is what we are expecting.
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this is a look of your seven day forecasting cooling conditions a thursday and friday off dropping even more and then this weekend at looks pretty good nice temperatures in store for saturday and sunday and warmer as we head into next week. >> we're watching wall street this morning dow futures were up 62. and we are now up 70 >> i knew pulled deeper president obamas approval rate is falling only 49 percent said it would
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reelect obama new it also finds slid to 46 percent for his performance and we are looking at washington d.c. at and we will bring you the latest >>
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it feels like help is never far away.
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it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps. it feels like you'll make it home. that's what it feels like to be a member.
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>> >> how look of your seven day forecasting this is a glass of the '80s until we see the weekend week: down
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for the thursday and friday mobil. there on the week family when heated up once again. it is going to 95 at next week. >> they area greaseball the giants needed extra innings to get past the potter is lesseninpadres last night. the
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angels beat the a's a 6-3 angels are back regains behind texas >> will be back in a couple of minutes we are continue to listen in on the hearings with stolen from the solar plant that was spilled out by a huge up loan and then went belly up and and thousands were laid off >> is it be clear to everyone in this we're from solar energy is not a democrat or republican issue.
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>> >> that a department and of energy check the financial records of slender and because this cylinder of may back representations on its financial prospects before and after this lone a guaranteed did the government make a decision to raise the structure the loan. this program was
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designed to help u.s. companies to grow and compete at where china and others are providing wide range of saddam's even if we could load of bad judgments are made when need to continue to work hard to implement policies toward the future and protect the u.s. pact neighbortaxpayers him. i am perplexed how they could be and are in my office in july and then file
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for bankruptcy two months later >> we were listening to those a lender during in washington d.c. getting taxpayers some answers and and what happened to that half a billion dollar amount we continue to listen and we will update you. >> 6:47 a.m. and a live look at the golden gate bridge the fog is beginning to build clouds and fog it will pull back by noontime and we will have preconditions that day mostly '60s and '70s inland we will have the mid '80s the fog is a problem in
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north bend s f o x reporting and nearly an hour delay on flights. the fog will be gone by noon time nearby right now we're in of the '50s member by noon we will see some '70s when and and '80s will come into play by free p.m. with with this is a look of high temperatures throughout the bay area upo. cooler conditions
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along the coast compare. this is look of your seven day forecasting will continue to cool down and then start warming up beginning saturday and sunday one and would at 651 and checking the traffic >> a potential hotspot on highway 24 west bound direction the highway patrol are reporting a motorcycle accident there are no lanes blocked sensors are showing
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a slowing of speeds. at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic is beginning to slow. it was the traffic is moving pretty well on the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge southbound traffic is building in volume. some slowing on 101
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and 85 and the peninsula ryde note problems or delays. >> 651 right now police in mountain view have located a man that was missing since yesterday morning and 89 year-old man was found just before 3:00 a.m. in of mt. video and in good condition he is now back with his family he has several medical condition and needed his medication when he does appear when he was taking a walk
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>> other news around the bay downsizing of miracle medical marijuana it would only allow new 10 pot collectives down from the hundred and 40 dispensaries the new rules would require that collectives need to grow that pot on site and operate in commercial and industrial sounds maps' they would have to plan huge gardens and and make and hardest for federal drug raids with others would have to close their doors >> i've been asking viewers to if this they bought was fair san jose had a crackdown this is some other comments.. if you like live
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your own comments just like us on facebook and may read your comments on the air >> casey anthony's parents and are breaking their silence with dr. fell today is the second half of their >> i i think people are frustrated by this how could you not know when when you go from scene history of daily and have no contact for 31 days you know that she lies yet you say okaying she's asleep but she's this action is that the when you
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don't know who the father is you never met her boyfriend who use said she was staying when you did not verify her employment with the car has been impounded you go pick up the car and smell that smells like a dead body and you for breeze the trunk and total work in looking back did you miss a huge signals that something was wrong before the and 31st day? >> we'll be right back.
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>> >> we're listening in on what went wrong with cylindrical they received a
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whole bunch of money from the obama administration we're monitoring it for news as well >>


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