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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 15, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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[male announcer] live from the bay area news station, this is kron 4 news. to have been on for years, five years ago, >> four years ago, five years ago, when the prices started to change, he lost his house. all of his savings, was gone. and his down payment and the bank did not care about it. they
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threw him out onto the streets. even he has a little child. >> reporter: one way or the other, activists, with declining property values, and increasing taxes. >>pam: unemployment increases yesagain. almost 430,000. that is the highest level since the month of june. economists say
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the number of initial claims indicate that hiring is too weak. to bring down the unemployment rate. >>pam: right now, it is at 9.1%. across the nation. >>pam: michele bachmann spoke
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to local tea party activists. and interested republicans. kron 4's, maureen kelly was there with the presidential hopefuls. >> get ready! we are going to take this country back. in 2012.
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michele bachmann made her pitch to a crowd. of conservatives on why she should be the next president. the republican nominee for the next president. in 2012. >> coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. on our newscast, michele bachmann visits the bay area. you will hear from people that
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come out to support her, and listen to her. ♪ >>jacqueline: good afternoon. we are seeing 60s through concord, livermore. 70's inland. so far, 71 degrees and san jose. 71 in fremont. 72 degrees in mountain view. when taking a closer look, 76 degrees in santa rosa, 64 degrees in san rafael. six degrees right now on san francisco. 62 degrees in redwood city. and half moon bay checking in at 59 degrees. 80s in antioch! in the south bay
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temperatures are also hovering right around 70 degrees. 71 degrees in san jose. >> u b s has not released details on the latest case but cnn reports says that rogue traders are not usually looking
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for personal gain. >> they usually get into hot water much deeper than they could handle and that is why things went down. >> u.s. subprimal rich bitches and the bank was forced to ask the swiss government subprimal- mortgages--for a $60 billion bailout. >>catherine: that was in 2008 and even before, this new law as it announced plans to cut 3500 jobs in the next two years. pamela? >>pam: meanwhile, and another u b s story. this one in the bay
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area a former financial adviser for the company was sentenced today. steven t kobayashi, $5 million! his final sentencing will be in the month of october. >>pam: new at 5:00 p.m. casey anthony ordered to pay up. why a judge says the acquitted mother of a cayley anthony must return to orlando florida. and forking over tons of money. to authorities. >> camera and d haiaz is going o crash your computer the new list of celebrities that could
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be part of a new virus threat. >> and bart ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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see >> in national news a florida judge is reporting that casey anthony will have to pay
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$100,000 and law-enforcement costs. in a connection to the investigation of cayley antony, her daughter. police and authorities wanted five under thousand dollars. she was acquitted of charges of murdering her daughter but she did she was--found guilty of lying to a 40's. four counts. >> teachers and washington--case antony guilty of lying to authorities. >>catherine: students and teachers picketing in washington. >> if you remember this? this and this and by standard is calling these people heroes. this was and monday. brandon right was riding his motorcycle and hit knocked unconscious. this motorcycle burst into
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flames and sweand hit the car. e is recovering. he wants to meet those civilians. >> the medal of honor met with president obama during a 6 hour ambushed a fire fight in afghanistan. dakota meyer, is credited with saving 36 people and he killed eight insurgents. the president said that this is a timely award. >> this week having just marked the 10th anniversary of the attacks that took our nation to war. sergeant, mire we see the best of a generation that is served through a decade of war. sgt meyer, >> he is struggling all of the attention. for the worst day of his life he is requesting
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honoring five americans that died during that insurgent fight. ♪ >>jacqueline: the satellite dish showing some clearing with a sliver of fog along the coast. otherwise, the satellite-image is showing some clearing-- >>jacqueline: still cooler inland with breezy conditions through parts of the bay area. 25 m.p.h. at s f o. 25 at fairfield. 16 in concord, these are sustained, gusting even stronger in the cooler conditions continuing tonight. the fog will continue with the dense fog along the coast and patchy fog away from the coast. temperatures are going to warm- up just a tad with gradually less fog to this weekend. saturday, a little bit less, sunday a little bit less. and less fog expected and warming continuing. taking the but the
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fog tracker the widespread fog to the bay area. nearly everywhere. by 8:00 a.m., peeling back to the delta, the inland valleys and the later morning hours by 11:00 a.m. still hovering all with the peninsula and to the east bay. the coast is saying that fog and clearing on the north coast. the san mateo coast still stays socked and that the better chance of fog staying intact tomorrow. temperatures are going to warm up tomorrow. 70's. 70's in mountain view, 71 in mountain bell, 72 degrees in san jose. mountain-view. 71. 80s in walnut creek. 80 in pittsburgh. upper 80s in pleasanton, livermore, and upper 70's in concord '60s and '70s for the bayshore. 66 degrees in oakland and also '60s
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and '70s for the peninsula. staying pretty cool along the coast it leased the san mateo coast because of the fog that is expected to linger. today that wind kicked it out of there. the wind. >>jacqueline: with almost 80 degrees in santa rosa. mild tomorrow. once we get through that fog it will not be too that bed. saturday, sunday, the continued warming with less fog and minimal fog continues for the rest of the week and into the work week. that means warmer conditions especially for the inland valleys. >> kimberly sakamoto >> brad pitt has a boring life before he fell in love with angelina jolie. the 47 year-old spent the '90s avoiding celebrities. he came to the realization that he was leading
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an on interesting life. his marriage to jennifer anniston was trying to pretend the marriage was something that it was not. one of the smartest, greatest things is kidding angelina jolie as his mother and happy to have her. tmz is reporting that dr. conrad murray requested lots of narcotics. he cannot be found. the hearing is set next week of prosecutors to use the word is his previous testimony from a preliminary curing from january. >> heidi can, cameron diaz and this gentleman were just listed as the most dangerous celebrities. which pop culture is often lead to viruses. if you'd like to check out the rest of celebrities? to visit our
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facebook and page. >>pam: thursday. the golden gate bridge traffic in most directions still moving well. this is the san mateo bridge, a live look headlights = east. the right side is westbound and still medium clip. we will be back. ♪ if
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[ female announcer ] get the whole family ready for school with at&t. >>pam: 5:30 a violent a spike in crime in oakland. why oakland police say the murders and shootings are increasing and what the plan on doing about it. the san francisco giants are exchanging management. details from the front of us on why bill is out to. a luxury cruise turns into a an emergency and a high seas a dramatic situation caught on tape. coming up.
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>>pam: at 5:308 dramatic increase in the east bay crime. look at these statistics. at 5:30--a dramatic increase.
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homicides up. shootings up. haazig madyun explains. >> what we have been seen lately and what has us concern is that there is a large number of guns available on the streets of oakland. illegal guns like this are responsible for a dramatic surge in oakland according to the oakland police department. the sergeant speaks. >> number one, getting these off the street and figuring how they're getting into the city. >> taking advantage of the 25 officers rehiring. the oakland police department as a specialized unit to get a handle on the illegal gun. >> a specialized unit taskforce for a 90 day task force. the specialized task force does not answer calls so the her are focused on these efforts,
5:30 pm
exclusively. if the will to probation, parole checks, and make sure that people are in compliance and the surveillance and undercover operations. >> as for tracking down house these illegal guns are entering the city federal help is on the the way. >> federal partnerships coming through tuition. we believe that is going to have a huge impact on our ability to take these kinds of the streets. in oakland, haazig madyun kron 4 >>pam: the world champions but it is not all good times of the giants' front office major changes. bill is out! larry baer on top. from the latest, vern glenn. you know that they got rid of a couple of players and now they're moving people around the front office. >> off when we broke this story yesterday the ownership group got a little bit of at odds with bill neukom. everybody in this
5:31 pm
room and that the press conference wanted to know if the release said that there is the door, go. and if you really- said we have had a world series, made more money than ever on my watch and sold of the ballpark every game and now i am out? now was he forced out? with leery of beer being the new ceo look of the body language on this question. larry-- >> and there is no mention of the general manager partner. >> bill? >> what your looking at is the v o squirming a little bit. if it
5:32 pm
almost was as if captain america was deflecting bullets. however he is assuring that it is time to move along. however we will never know what led to the exit but december 31st. he is out, larry bear is in and he is not even going to the managing general partner he is going to report to the gnawing number ownership aboard. on will of the ball club needs-the nine-member ownership board. >> was a faispeculation on how money was spent and the upper echelon of the ownership board was not notified? >> to give employees ipad and laptops i believe it was more than just that. however the corporate world that is something that we might never
5:33 pm
know. >>pam: thank you, vern. the otherfelt >> a new parking application for people that use regular cellphones. jeff bush tested it out. >> reporter: finding parking can be difficult even without the smart phone but now you can use a regular flip cellphone to see if there are any spot in the garage. the first is to tax s f o park 2877-877. texting that number from each 77-877, text that number back to the number that just sextuplet. texting and driving is illegal so you have to pull over to do this. i wanted to find out the ability. and type in the word fifth to 877-877 and hit 'send' there
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are 2000 spaces available in the garage. since parking rates are variable you can check the price. carothis service is freet you could be charged by your cellphone for the actual text. in san oroszko, jeff bush, kron 4 news. ♪ >>jacqueline: a live look with sunny skies through oakland. compared to yesterday? foggy. san francisco--with additional sunshine inland. '70s and '80s. 70's in san jose, 70 in fremont. '60s and '70s in the north bay. it is also a little bit breezy. 25 m.p.h. in san francisco. 18 in napa, 21 in fairfield. freezing conditions continuing
5:35 pm
through the evening. the wind will die down. tomorrow, the fog will return with a vengeance. temperatures are going to warm up a little bit. we will continue that warming trend with the fog dissipating as the weekend progresses'. with a warming trend will continue next week. more details on your extended forecast. >>catherine: and on board explosion caused this fire on a cruise ship off the coast of norway two different crewmembers were killed and nine people injured no passengers were hurt. it was described as an intense fire. thousands evacuated they believe that the explosion in the engine room following the ship was taking on water. >> of thailand flooding over
5:36 pm
taking several homes. dozens of people have been killed. this began in the month of july. >> britain, france, they got a big welcome in that libya. they were in tripoli to offer support to the rebels. they are the first western leaders to visit since tripoli fell trite security and law moammar gaddafi is still out on the run. >>pam: now here is a stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> it is called the t line however some have called it the free line >> please show your proof of payment. >> san francisco police and muni police check fair validation. they must present proof of payment.
5:37 pm
>> you do not have it? >> plea step of side. >> this person will check for identification given a warning or a ticket. the fine = $100. >> this man produced a transfer that would normally be okay but. >> that was from two days ago. he asked for his identification. >> i do not have my identification. >> who are you? >> since there is a question about his name, birth date. a san francisco police officer gets involved. >> you do not have any identification to give you a ticket and if you use somebody else's name they would get the ticket. >> were you ever arrested for shoplifting? stop for shoplifting? it turns out he was using his friend's name. instead, he got a police ticket. failure to pay your muni ticket
5:38 pm
could follow you for 10 years. fill yfailure to pay a police tt could fall you forever. with 965 passengers, 23 warnings and 45 tickets were issued. and only 90 minutes. and san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the backup. most of the lanes are starting to show volume increasing. the james lick 80 towards the lower deck of the bay bridge is still slow. at the bottom is going on 1 0 1 south. it looks like there is a car stalled. just before the merge. merging onto the 101 there is a problem with a stalled vehicle. we will be back.
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see >> welcome back rob black here. >> the international bank is going to help pump money back into the system which is a wonderful thing taking away? and the rest on in europe. they have a problem of demand, and liquidity issues. wheat had liquidity issues about two years ago. but this is not a fixed problem or solution. >>jacqueline >>catherine: and another loser of would-be research in motion. what is the problem. >> the problem is apple.
5:43 pm
there're quarter would be o.k. but they have lost so much market share left and right. if it fell 12%, and now 19% at the same time apple one from 40% market share, to 80%. google is going up to 43%. google is not even make the hardware. i think this is the internet road kill. i cannot make a case for research in motion. >> netflix. a huge back last there are another loser by increasing prices. >> ultimately they are a commodity. what did they do that cbs, nbc and abc does is that they stream the content that they do not own. they do not have quite a i a flying off that
5:44 pm
is quite that good. >> some of these comments saying that they are greedy and that the point to be made is that they have to pay more. >> yes, know they have lowered the fees for streaming combination. >> netflix is paying more money. >> let me tell you a hilarious story. i was interviewing the ceo of netflix. and i said 10 years i love your service it is fantastic. but why not add some adult films? >> and i.m. pei head of the christian coalition and hangs up in the middle--he says that he was in fron-i am the head of the
5:45 pm
christian coalition! >> another loser is the $2 billion loss they might not survive this. >>catherine: thank you, rob su next week. >> this just in a major traffic issue. you can see if this crash on the east 580 between dublin and pleasanton. bart is running but just single trucks. that yellow car collided with a big rig and taking two other corners. look at the traffic backup on east 580. one lane is closed on 580. recently, they've only opened just one. these backups are going to impact the interstate-80. bart police east
5:46 pm
bound, and the interstate is a major stand still. ♪ >>jacqueline: taking a look at the current satellite but fog clinging to the coast but broken up. breaks of sunshine and ocean beach. warmer conditions along the coast. as we go towards overnight the fog is going to return. even dense fog along the coast. by noon, clinging to the coast with warmer temperatures out there tomorrow 76 degrees in livermore. 63 degrees in san jose. the fog will be widespread to the bay area and the north bay, the delta, the and and and the delta it is going to be all over but where will it clear? 11:00 a.m., the fog still over the peninsula, he worked, oakland. of course the coast of watched into the afternoon clearing not so much along the san mateo coast. that will keep
5:47 pm
temperatures on the cooler side. temperatures are going to warm up, ever were calls with 70's in mountain view, sunnyvale. widespread 70's to the south bay. 76 in los gatos. inland valleys, temperatures and low 70's for the most part. tomorrow, upper 70's, low 80s. 80 and walnut creek. 80s in antioch. the east bay shore '70s, '80s 65 degrees in berkeley. 70 in castro valley. 71 in union city. similar along the coast but the coastal state cooler think you to the fog. 59 degrees in ocean beach, pacifica. with warmer conditions no. bay area locations. nearly 80 degrees in santa rosa. taking a look it your extended forecast a mild day. have a gradually decreasing
5:48 pm
day with the fog and and with temperatures increasing. upper 80s for the bay shore and an equal rate climbing minimal fog expected. warm weather expected inland valleys which will be a return to the '90s. then been a wild ride on a getaway java a financial executive balancing work and parenthood. what is on this >> ryan gosling is in the action movie " drive " to. >> my hands are dirty. >> when this bank heist spins out of control and is a race to survive and protect the woman he loves. " drive " = are. >> david sumner and his actress wife trade los angeles for the
5:49 pm
deep south but tensions quickly turn violent and changes everything. >> there are people with guns outside. this is the 1971 remake of 'straw dogs' >> sarah jessica parker juggling corporate america with motherhood. >> i do not know how to do it. >> impressive. >> new changes asking the same question the romantic comedy showing greg kinnear and pearce brosnan....
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service is proposing. fewer offices-- >> bodies hanging from a bridge , with links to social media website. >> a war of the world's with a television personality and the federal authorities. with the accusation of apple juice contamination. now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a month for well-qualified lessees.
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>>pam: now at 6:00 p.m. uc students could see an increase in tuition nearly by 20 percent. >> more homes falling into foreclosure how it is leading to eyesores in the south bay that have residents expressing outrage. >> we have to put pressure on the banks to do what they are
6:00 pm
supposed to do. >> michele bachmann and marin county at the t party. >> offices in the bay area on the chopping block. [male announcer] live from the bay area news station, this is kron 4 news. at 6:00 p.m. >>pam: at decreasing funding and the state of california uc discussed increasing student fees as much as 60%, annually over the next four years. --16%. however, they thought that perhaps they could reject that idea and go back to the drawing board. dan kerman? >> reporter: it seems like they're not willing to endorse any other type of tuition hike. until other avenues expexplored. and even asking private corporations with a private
6:01 pm
funding project. what is clear is that this is not ready to raise fears. >> there is an opportunity to save this university. and save what we care about which is quality education but we can get there but not without fees. >> this is not going to work but i appreciate the efforts. >> this is a movement that we're trying to create it is not different than any of the movement. >> we cannot accept a future that is not good. >> they're going to vote on three different fee increases. that is going to happen in november and that is off the table. there will be reese teacheresearching other possibiy is to brave revenue with out
6:02 pm
having--with raising revenue without having to impose the cost on students. >> foreclosures up by 7% in august. 2000 homes impacted just last month. although the number of foreclosures is down by 33% from last year at this time. the state's most impacted, nevada, california. the fault is a precurso-a precursor to a foreclosure is an increase 25% it is a sign that lenders are moving ahead on some of the delayed foreclosures that have been piling up. one frustrated homeowner says the loan modification has been in limbo for nearly 18 months. >> it is very frustrating we are to the point where if they cannot put it into writing. then
6:03 pm
we are going to look at the shorts of just to walk away from the hattic because it has been very stressful on myself and my wife. we have done everything we can to work with the banks to provide them with documentation. it is still to is going around and around with a fancy word fair using two selected do not want to work with us. i see no way to do with it. >>pam: the bank seems to be more interested in foreclosure. they seem to be prioritizing to clear up their inventories. also in vallejo how bad is it? and how bad did the city get there. that is coming upon a 8:00 p.m. >> republican candidate michele bachmann made a stop in san rafael. with to party activists
6:04 pm
kron 4 predicted that many people will go from blue to red. >> people are watching the election is today. (cheers & applause) marin county could even go re d. >> it was standing room only we spoke to the people who attended the meet and greet and why this could gain traction. >> yes i think we are ready for a woman president and i think that should be a great woman president. >> the state of california it is even seen that the country is on the wrong track. >> it is impacting everybody and it goes beyond politics we need to get back to the core issues of our country and our leadership. >>pam: she also attended a private fund-raiser in
6:05 pm
hillsboro before jetting off to the gop fundraiser tomorrow. >> the u.s. postal service processing facilities could be closing. with 47 in the country. 254. could be shut down with 487 processing facilities currently in use, right now, 254 could be closing. one in petaluma, one in burlingame. closing these facilities and would save $3 billion per year. they need all the help they can get to. it is on pace to lose $8 million this year $8 billion-a-this year and they could even use a congressional bail out. a payment is due and that they cannot make. the postmaster is saying that the current system is not sustainable. to end the
6:06 pm
saturday service and to lay off 35,000 employees. and drastic measures to keep it and operation. >>pam: the emmerich unified school district of back into its own control the emmerich unified me--emery requested an emergency state loan and because of that became under state control. now, they are on their own control. >> you are looking at this an initial accident causing an extreme delay. this car smashed up against the bart tracks. trains are back contents. east 50 is still backed up. trends are back on time--but still a big backups through castro
6:07 pm
valley. in oakland, a 14 year- old has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. in the month of may he grabbed two bottles of vodka. from that liquor store in oakland he then attacked the owner of that was trying to stop him. died. the boise, is found to responsible for the man's death. the boy faces six years behind bars. >> in oakland gold cups. they are saying that this-cold-thef . even this was taken off of a baby. the price of gold is so high right now, that police are warning people do not wear gold.
6:08 pm
>>jacqueline: fog coming back. for this evening. currently, closer to the coast temperatures remain on the cooler side. 50s through mountain view. 70's inland, and 70 degrees on the mark in the san jose 72 degrees in los gatos 71 degrees in mountain view. gusting winds. especially in places like fairfield. 25 m.p.h.. s f o, and we are going to continue to see breezy conditions throughout 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. tomorrow dense fog returning with a rebound on temperatures. we will see less fog each day. gradually, less fog with warmer conditions for the weekend that will continue into next week. details on that coming up. we
6:09 pm
will be back, after this.
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6:12 pm
>> of house speaker john been laid out his plans. to john boehner-- >> he says the plan comes up short from the president. >> republicans are going to look for common ground. john boehner makes it clear that he does not like what the president is promoting. >> let us be honest. present proposals are a poor soaps to toot for the growth policies to require removing barriers through america and putting america back to work. >> this is setting the stage for a contentious legislative battle. his jobs plan and republicans to swallow his plan and its republ >> if they would pass that that
6:13 pm
would give me a win, and give me a win? give me a break! initial unemployment claims increasing. over 400,000. high sense the month of june. john boehner demanded that tax hikes be off the table and businesses that would like to create jobs have been hampered by too much regulation. >> those excessive regulations are making it difficult for our economy to create jobs. >> john boehner is saying that the super committee should help in all of this. it is supposed to come up with ways to cut spending and lay the groundwork for major tax reform. >>pam: the medal of honor was reported and awarded to a living
6:14 pm
maureen. sgt dakota my ear to a living marine. if he saved a total of 36 americans and afghanistan and on one day. he said he did not do any thing that any other marine would not do. casey anthony is going to have to pay! she owes authorities over 97,000 for the cost of the investigation into the disappearance of for two year-old daughter, katie anthony. they did ask for $500,000. keeley is believed to be drowned in the family swimming pool. she was convicted of lying to the police during
6:15 pm
the investigation. >> investigationoz i >> dr. ioz, is under fire. his findings are believed to be misleading. he is claiming that dangerous levels of arsenic found and apples. however, the fda says that this level is intolerable for the body to tolerate. -test this is an intolerable level for the body to digest this is a tolerable level. >>jacqueline: temperatures in the 80s in concord. temperatures right now closer to the coast are a bit cooler. with five
6:16 pm
degrees in half moon bay. temperatures are born to be warmer. like friday. they're going to be warmer. -- >>jacqueline: with less fought each and every day as we go towards warmer conditions. less fog-tr dense fog expanded to 8:0 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., just shrinking down to the san francisco coast. the san mateo coast will be a different story. and as we go out to the door mild temperatures. 50s through santa rosa, san francisco this is 7:00 a.m. by temperatures are warm and comfortable. fairfield, 74 degrees, santa rosa, 73. the afternoon highs.
6:17 pm
for tomorrow, the self a widespread 70's. 70's in mountain view. 76 in los gatos. 72 in san jose. -the selsouth widespread 70's. the east bay shores '60s and '70s for the friday morning. and afternoon. the fog is expected to last for of the afternoon of keeping temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 68 in mill valley 80s in fairfield. a look at your extended forecast. cooling with gradual clearing inland. less fog expected to out the weekend and a warm-up next week temperatures in the '90s inland valleys. from upper 70's, low 80s for the bay shore.
6:18 pm
>>jacqueline: two different bodies found from a pedestrian bridge. warnings against using social media of the victims were using the internet to speak out against drug ca cartels. >> people that social media and drug violence in mexico some bodies were found hanging from a pedestrian bridge. in a border town innuevo laredo. >> this young couple was tortured. she was tied at her wrist, ankle is the man was tied with a cable and his right arm was partially shepher severed. e were both killed for denouncing drdrug cartel. using social media network specifically naming two different blogs were
6:19 pm
a vacant post anonymous drug activity. president is saying that peace is everybody's responsibility. >> face the rigorenemy. and of y citizen should do that. everybody in their trenches, everybody doing their job. we need to build up a country that want assuming that the future of our country depends on every effort we make. >>jacqueline >>catherine: those criminal organizations could possibly be responsible by signing a 'z'.
6:20 pm
ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
6:21 pm
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>>pam: a horror story for netflix. >> the ups is working to deliver your package is on the first attempt. >> and the latest from the u.s. guinness book of world records.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> and san jose activists are working to call out to the banks. this neighborhood is particularly ripe with foreclosures. using unification and pressure to put on that the banks from neighbors. the notices of default in this county was up 25% in the month of august. just from the previous month. >> in vallejo this area, with fairfield is the third in the nation for the highest foreclosure rate. the latest report is showing that 211 metro areas is right behind las vegas and modesto. one out of every one to nine housing units entered for closure last month. >> 129--of one of 129. >> this was an area where there
6:30 pm
was a lot of appreciation and initial purchasing. 2006 = thousands. in vallejo, kron 4. >> and san rafael republican candidate michele bachmann spoke with a private home crowd. they standing-room-only crowd of vowing to reform the tax code and repeal the health-care laws. if elected. the minnesota congressman attended a hillsborough fund-raiser before going to vallejo. >> and major factor in search of violent crimes is due to fire
6:31 pm
arms readily available to use. illegal gun task force has been appointed. haazig madyun kron 4 >> and san francisco use your rejects an idea for tuition hikes at 60%, annually for the next four years. 16%-- >> reporter: a lack of state funding but at the end of the day they decided to explore other opportunities to generate additional revenue. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in health news growing concern about apple juice. juice. oz, called out several companies earlier this week saying that he sent their choose to a private lab and found unsafe levels of arsenic. since then, they have fired back that their product is safe. even the fda is siding with the companies
6:32 pm
that apple juice is safe. more details on this coming up at 8: 30 reporting in the studio, j.r. stone, kron 4 >> a family is bifolbaffled-- >> this landed but did $4,000 worth of damage. this has been turned over to the police but nobody is claiming this or providing an explanation in petaluma, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> in san francisco, the new service for people that use regular phone. they can get text messages for parking updates for iraq garage. 877 877 the send you a message indicating how many spaces are available and
6:33 pm
price. these service is free. however the text itself could cost you. depending on your cellphone service. >> *onstar, has traditionally only been for gm now, with a special rear view mirror anybody can add this to their life savings features. it cost $200. only $19 per month is available. in other news i am giving away a new web camera. this is the latest with great features. $80. enter for your chance on our website. kee >> your tech talk headlines.
6:34 pm
netflix raised prices by 60 percent and now we are learning of the customer back lush is much harsher than--it is much more harsh. six and a thousand fewer users than the month of june. 600,000 fewer users. today, the company lowered its expectations for u.s. subscribers for this third quarter. the company's shares were down by 16 percent. >> " group on " it is planning on going public in october or november. this comes after other internet companies with facebook have reported to be pushed back their initial public offerings until next year. , ups is looking to be proactive on the
6:35 pm
apartment delivery times of shipments. this will be offered 3 text message, e-mail this begins october 3rd. >>jacqueline: the warm weather towards this weekend with temperatures even cooler. '60s and '70s for the inland valleys. antioch was the warmest locations with 60s through san francisco. 70's to the peninsula. temperatures were just a few degrees then we saw yesterday for the most part with the exception of coast-to-coast. we saw that sunshine ever so shortly. 70's with a gradual decrease overnight. however tomorrow, and steadily increasing towards the weekend with a 79 in santa rosa, 80 in
6:36 pm
fairfield. 76 and los gatos will continue this warming trend to this weekend. warming up a few degrees by saturday, less fog expected and warmer conditions. sunday, the warming continues with 80s. taking a look a your extended forecast. 90's inland. >>pam: stanley roberts found people behaving badly >> this driver is being pulled over by the c h p. instead of pulling over the go to the left to get out of it the way. that is because she is being pulled over by a non-traditional officer. >> this officer is driving a
6:37 pm
non-traditional vehicle. throwing drivers for a loop. ♪ [ male announcer ] some people say... good things come to those who wait. truth is... good things come to those who work. ♪ this is l.a. and this is what we do. ♪ [ male announcer ] now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a month for well-qualified lessees.
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>>pam: the latest list from guinness. this could have your tongue whacking. >> i have the longest tong. i could do different things. [laughter] i could touch my nose. the longest tongue.. and make it wide or skinny. >> (god commands) >> i will grow them until i cannot do everyday living and then i read cannot take it. if i cannot cope or drive. if it
6:41 pm
impacts my relationship with my grand children. otherwise, they are just such a part of me, now. >> of my natural afro is 5 feet, it is bigger than me. >> my motivation for piercing is that i can feel the piercing is in the like the feeling. i started it is the entire >> oh my gosh! >> gary is up next with a high- school football coach. live in
6:42 pm
the studio and the giants shake up at the top. larry in and bill out.. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
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at&t. >> offlarry bear and and bill neukom out. the world is that bill neukom did not have the right names. they did not think that there were getting beat guidance from bill. >> to you think you were forced
6:46 pm
out? >> i do not know what that is the right characterization at all. i asked myself is there a succession plan. how much longer should i want to do this job? >> bill is entitled when he turns 70 in november to have this preference. and is it unusual. 11 months after victory to step down? i do not find it unusual. i think it is more usual to go out on top. >> is clearly in there for keeps? larry recruited most of the investment team. larry found the investors. larry smoothes over the politicians and larry knows were all the bodies are buried " so to speak ". and i would say that larry is their
6:47 pm
marketing whiz but now i do not think that we're going to seek larry as much. if he is going anywhere? it is to the 10 people that the majority of the team. and again, if you have heard anything on that team? larry baer has been with the franchise since 1992. here is one perhaps you're not seeing. a foul ball sent sparks. there is. the chicago white sox. did you see those sparks? >> sparks. alex of the detroit tigers. sunday's fast approaching the 49ers hosting the dallas cowboys. >> i am pretty sure that we're going to be mad but they are a good team. and we will be ready
6:48 pm
for them. 2009, 20 08, 2010. the leaked quarterback. >> it feels like it is a monday night game everybody loves the dallas cowboys but it is going to be a good one, is going to be a good one. >> are there really going to be turned around? if they win on sunday band wagon! with a lot of people jumping. this was discussed. to overturn his five became a suspension. he was suspended at ohio state. and he was not even going to class so he dropped out however it was productive. under the terms of this current suspension he cannot play until october 16th.
6:49 pm
the raiders will host cleveland. for all of the fans, no big deal but he probably will not play that much anyway. >> this 63 yd record. and the 64 yd is the all-time record. they are checking with the leak if you watch for the ball landed? it was 63 yds. 63 yds. but now, they are saying that it was 64 yds. in adenver fans want people to be their quarterback. they have gone out and rented a billboard. before get to tim t bowew this coach is quite a character he is from sacred heart. this man also played
6:50 pm
canadian league football. he is not just a guy that shows up. he did it himself. coach, are you ready? >> yes. >> what is your record? >> 2-0. >> undefeated! >> we will treat you accordingly. he is next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
he is our coach of the week. in association with the 49ers. all season long they're coming up 24-17 victory over rewritten. sacred heart of of menlo. and coach is our coach of the week to-0. winning the ccs championship and you get $1,000. two-0. >> we are going to use it that
6:54 pm
money for the headphones for the j b team it is perfect. >> have you-j v-teen. have you checked with your investors [laughter] >> the jayvee team junior varsity team. >> a little bit different but the field is different from canada? >> yes, longer. >> and warren moon. >> i do not want to get to heavy but that is when the n f l did not tell black quarterbacks. >> i am not sure about that but he felt that he had to go to canada. >> campbell was our coach. the move from washington. there are right. >> they said that warren moon is a great quarterback regardless of color and he played with us
6:55 pm
for seven years. >> what did you play? >> safety. >> because you were a professional athlete and now the coach kids do think there light goes off in the c in their head >> i think it does help, gary. but after that you have to prove what you were doing in to care about them. >> what is the most important thing to get through to a high- school student? to the ever look up from their texting? >> we do not allow cellphones on the field but that is still a difficult question. the biggest thing is that you care about them. they are important. the entire idea of investing is something that is bigger than themselves is also a important. >> you can call the play in the quarterback's helmet do you still believe in the old hand signals? >> yes. we watch them, we use them in the team uses them.
6:56 pm
>> what is this right here? >> that says score a touchdown? >> the lightning. that is something i do not want to see. allo >an elephant law >> and we do not want to know the other team to know our secrets. >> and just tell me what you are doing [laughter] >> we're not allowed to use those, microphones. that's our connected with the helmets. >> it was great to meet you. >> your daughter was able to help you locate the studio. see you next time
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
didn't wake up. >> george anthony's drug bombshell theory blindsiding his wife. >> what would be the purpose of sedating the child? >> to go out and have a good time. then -- >> i'm not saying that todd and sarah palin today abuse cocaine, but there's no question that they both did. >> the sarah tell-all author today. >> the people who know her best, like her least. the d.c. housewife abducted or running to open arms? >> she was fine. >> is she cheating with journey's lead guitarist? >> kim kardashian and kris humphries glammed up. it's "star watch" from new york city. then, the beverly hills housewife assistant. >> hearing taylor cry that day was the saddest thing that i ever heard. >> did she witness physical abuse? exclusive, inside taylor's mansion with the friend who saw it all. and --


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