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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 20, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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searching for the husband of a woman that was shot. they
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have been separated for about one year. we do not know the condition of the victims. but the woman and her 10 year-old daughter hospitals. we will keep you posted as more information comes into the newsroom. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. a beautiful start to tuesday. a great looking view of the oakland hills and san francisco. his her
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>> jackie sissel is live in the oakland hills for this bear the aired tape.--spare the air day.
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>> the oakland hills looking back toward san francisco. what does spare the airdate mean? they're hoping that people will get out of their cars and take mass transit or car pool, like norwalk, telecommute, do anything but drive. they are hoping the people did not use gas powered automobiles. the other thing is, as i am here in the oakland hills there is a sign that says of the fire danger is high. this is the heart of the fire season for us. the oakland hills fire started in october. right now it is really a critical time. there are dry, hot,
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lead summer days. it makes it dangerous for these fire conditions. >> 716 a m. let's get a look at whether and traffic. it heated up quickly yesterday. >> expect the same thing. we have a lack of fall to block the sun. this is the reverse in view looking back across the bay bridge. a general hays in the year but blue skies up above. we are looking for another warm day to day. should warm-up rapidly once the sun has been of for a little bit longer. let's take a look at temperatures right now. we are still on a cooling trend this morning. antioch is at 65 matching san jose which has been holding steady. 58 in san francisco, 65 in oakland. we are in the upper 50s and the
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low 60s right now. that will all change come this afternoon. by 3:00 p.m. we will see temperatures more like this. in touch cooler than yesterday. we are expecting 81 in sunnyvale. inland valleys will be the warmest locations. mid-upper 90s and antioch and burn wood. from concord down 680 to pleasanton you'll be in the low-mid-90s. along the east bay's shoreline, not bad. a warming as you head south on 101. your 7 day
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forecast coming up in my next update. >> things are doing pretty well in the tropics center. we still are not tracking and the hot spots or unusual slowdowns or delays. heavy
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volume and no delays on a southbound ride. we're starting to pick up some salon on ones are oneself found in front of and behind a highway 92 interchange. public transit has been a problem free all morning long. no delays reported. >> new details as a residence in north beach are dealing with an officer involved shooting that happened over the weekend around 2:00 a.m. on saturday. it happened at broadway and montgomery. the man in the photo was selling drugs and when police
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approached him, he pulled a technion automatic pistol on the officers. that is when one officer fired at him but the shot missed and instead, two bystanders were hit. there were treated and released from hospital. the san francisco police chief is standing by his officers' actions. >> it is absolutely unfortunate anytime anyone else is injured, especially someone who is they're trying to enjoy the evening, but the alternative of having a suspect out there with an offensive weapon like this assault pistol, i will take that every time vs. having up to as many 22 rounds sprayed along of the broadway corridor. >> this suspect has multiple felony charges against him. the business owners in north beach are saying that more should be done to keep their areas safe. >> in the mission district a man is being treated for gunshot wounds after a shooting incidents as of last night.
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>> check out the sun rise and san francisco. the city warm up quickly yesterday and everyone will see 90s again around the bay today inland. we will be right back. some
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>> dollar was trading with an almost three-year dollars a share back in july. the dow is now at 133. netflix stop losing more than half of its body in the last two months. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look as we take a look at the golden gate. a beautiful looking start today.
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>> the big story this hour, a coroner's office is confirming the human remains found over the weekend near the sun all great art that of michelle le, the missing
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bay area nursing student last seen taking a break at kaiser permanente in hamburg. a former high- school friend has been charged with the murder. the law banning gays from openly serving in the military has been formally repealed. there is no more of don't ask don't tell. the policy allowing gays to serve only if they did not only a knowledge their sexual orientation. the bailiff to hikers and jailed and ron has been postponed. >> another hot day expected around the bay. james fletcher has latest on the forecast for your neighborhood. >> this was the scene earlier. a beautiful day in san francisco just before sunrise. weather is mostly clear and mild. temperatures
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are ranging between the '50s and '60s. sunny and hot again today, a lot like just it. a few degrees cooler but still comfortable. 70's and 90's is the temperature range. another cool evening, a nice relief for some of the inland valleys. this evening you will be able to open your windows and let in some of that cool air. here is where we see temperatures at the moment. mid-60's across the bay. 65 and antioch. the colts got on the map continues to be half moon bay. cuff 93 is expected highs and lows goddess. a lot of coastal communities will be in the 60s today as opposed to low
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70's. around the immediate bay low 80s. in oakland a little bit cooler and of course warm and hot in the east bay. antioch and livermore mid-upper 90s once again. across the north bay, 864 navato, 86 for napa, 88 and santa rosa. downtown san francisco should be around 71-75 degrees. a mild day with plenty of sunshine. here is your 7 day forecast. the hot weather will stay with us each and every day it right through friday. saturday and sunday we will shift gears a little bit bringing temperatures down enjoying a very mild weekend. the weather will stay with us into the beginning of next week. let's get an update on the morning ride. >> traffic is building on the bay bridge toll plaza.
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your ride is backing up past the easy approach. the drive time is 16-18 minutes as things continue to build. the san mateo bridge ride has been easy all morning long. on the golden gate bridge is this a pretty easy ride, from marin county things are heating up. the drive time is still about 33 minutes southbound from nevada to the toll plaza. in east a check as we look at freeways, interstate 680 to sell out drive heading out of pleasant hill into walnut creek is doing pretty well. so is the opinion as you head westbound on interstate 580. the moves are a little sluggish heading through livermore and coming out of the altemont pass. the westbound ride for 92 starts right after some slow traffic leading from san leandro and hayward. again
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these are pretty normal delays we're looking at some sluggish traffic around the 17 interchange for 85 and 280. the 101 northbound right continues to be really good. >> we are following the latest in the disappearance of michelle le. remains found in the week and have been confirmed as hers. will tran is at the hayward police department on what is next in this case. >> what is next is that they will have to determine how she died. joining me now is unmanned when the hayward of lieutenant. it has been quite some time since you've spoken with the media. now that it has been identified that the remains are michelle, where to go from
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here? >> the greatest thing that has happened is a level of closure for the family. that has always been a part we were waiting on. knowing that our investigation was not over until this was done. it happened because the family was so dedicated to michele. >> are they going to find out the cause of death now that the prosecutors do not have to present a case without a body? >> what happens now is, the answer to the question of how michelle died rests with the coroner's office and of alameda county crime lab. they have done extensive work with us. as to the prosecution's case, i cannot answer that for certain because i am not a prosecutor but i can tell you that having a show here not only brings closure to the family but i also will assist the prosecution. >> by no means are you
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feeling good about this, obviously wanted michelle back home safe and sound, what it told you that this was no longer a missing persons case, that it was a murder? >> we are not happy that we were correct. this is a tragedy across the board, mostly for the family but the painstaking work of the investigators and outside agencies. the reality is, when new evidence up front that we could not put out and cannot put out for fear of compromising the prosecution but we did know things. some things we shared with the family and some things we have to keep to ourselves. we knew there reasonably early on there was a great likelihood that machel met a demise. >> giselle esteban is the suspect in this case. she was three months pregnant when she allegedly committed the murder. any reaction to what is going on with her?
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people are saying, how could she do this by herself? >> it is our belief, from our perspective that she did act by herself. we have no evidence that indicates that she acted in concert with anyone else. >> lt. roger keith baird. >> just an update quickly for you now, a preschool shooting that happens near atlanta this morning. we are hearing that the suspect has been arrested and that person is the husband of the woman and a father of the daughter that was shot. you are watching the kron 4 morning news, we will be right back. for when and and
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>> will mark the dawn of the head of his regime is still alive in and libya. he is calling its opponents takeover of the country asia
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rate. he said the uprising was opposed because of nato air strike and will not last forever. the battle continues between revolutionary forces and the adachi loyalists. leaders around the globe are in new york right now for the annual u.n. general assembly. president obama is there and is expected to meet with the chairman of libya's national transitional council this morning. it will discuss the next phase of bolivia's transition. the president will be urging remaining willis to join the nubia. he is also expected to mention that the u.s. will be sending its representative back to tripoli.
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>> pass, i will never watch
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a game however i do watch money ball, i will watch a movie. >> i think will go see it. at the very least i am curious to see how you can make a team that was pretty good one year, how you can make it into something where the ending is not the one a championship. >> ddc the premiere last night? a big star-studded event. >> dan kerman was doing interviews. >> he spoke with billy and brad pitt. here is what brad had to say. >> he is not a boring individual. very charismatic, witty and sharp. there was a lot to play with. being here is really special to us because the fans are great. they came out and stayed with us all night for weeks on end as a created these games. this is a special time as
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well for the city that the film portrays. i hope that people will be pleased. >> brad pitt comes off well. >> so does dan kerman. he stood in the spoke with stan, our reporter. eyecua fabulous reporter. >> everything i know about sports i further month from you, dan and war movies. any given sunday is what i know about football. major league or any of those baseball movies, kevin costner and tom about baseball. i learn about sabermetrics. is that i will learn? >> if you do not have the finances to go out and buy the big stars, go for these statistical edge. it is fun for us who know billy b, but i am curious about someone in the middle of the country, how many sports
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movies, especially ones that are telling pretty much a true story have ever really made it? the ollie movie with will smith was so-so. in terms of the box office. >> wasn't there a big football one with the kid? the blind side. >> that was more of a human story. >> brad does seem to love billy as a character. >> i would imagine that at a premier. [laughter] >> people always want to know if we love each other or hate each other.
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>> people think i am drinking because i have too much fun. i am one of the few guys at kron that does not drink. >> i do not know how you do it. [laughter] >> my question today is 1/2 of a tony roma all better than a full alex smith? now, we find out it was not just a cracked rib, it was a collapsed lung that rommel was playing on. >> they do not believe that alex smith goes out to win games, they just not want him to lose. >> now, we know why his eyes
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are glued to the playbook. there is this playboy model. is that what that is for? to keep his head in the game? >> is that an actual actors or if she had a strip club in dallas? >> this is his playbook and he has a picture of her. she has on a bikini top and little undies. she is a playboy model. she is a model and actress. now i know why he had his eyes on the playbook. >> how did you find that? >> i never noticed that. >> i guess some people
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noticed on the sideline, they took a picture and send it to a dead skin. dead's been focused in and on and on. >> when you win the game they say, that guy is really colorful. if you lose bebel's a look at that baum and his naked pictures. >> it is a boys' club. it >> it is football. >> if the man in the church reading the sermon has that on there, it might be a little rough, but it is football. >> lebron james, we talk about this one has data filed his lawsuit. the judge threw out the lawsuit. the judge said, you have not identified damages. the father said, i could have made money just because i was lebron stat.
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>> this guy figure, lebron does not want this in the paper, he does not want to go to court, he will give me $50,000 and i will go away. >> did not happen. >> they finally determined that this guy was not it. >> they say the dna shoat i am not his father. >> he wanted another test. they argued. they said, you are not his dad. you are no one to us. that is the end. he is still appeal of the judge said, forget it. >> it is hard to feel sorry for a guy worth 100 million, but if you are lebron, i guess the story is he does not know who his father is. for any human being that is a sensitive subject. to fight with a guy like that (...) >> yes. that is to bed now.
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the giants caught a break last night. their 3.5 back in the wild card. >> think about my invitation to go to the movie. >> you talk too much. when i go to a movie i just want to sit there. >> 7:54 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> thanks for watching the kron 4 morning news. a 19
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year-old caught a 12 ft. 3 in. monster gaidar. here are some of the pictures of the massive gaiter. this happened just off of interstate 95. the teen said he enjoyed the hunts and was not afraid during the one- hour struggle. the gator is being stored in his family's freezer. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues in two minutes. and beautiful start to this tuesday. in his column to be hot today. details on the forecast after this break.
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if a bank you for waking up with the kron 4 news. a live look at the san mateo bridge. trapping is nice and
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white. plenty of sunshine. the news and weather is the heat is on. the dow is down over 200 and closed down 108. a jump in the last half-hour. choppy trading. the dow is now up 106 to 11,507. a developing story involving missing nursing student michelle lee, it is not confirmed that the human remains found in a remote area near the sunol grade are hers. le was last seen on may 27th while taking a break at kaiser permanente in hayward. >> will tran is live at the police department in hayward and has the latest on the case. >> what is next in this case is for authorities to find out exactly how michelle died. they could not answer that question without her body. now they are turning things over to the forensics
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team. the body was badly decomposed. authorities called this an archeological dig. they will not make any promises that they come back with the cause of death. as far as they were police department they say that their case is done. according to the hayward police department they never would have gone to this point without the help of the family. it refused to give up. they are not commenting on camera but they have released a statement to the public. thank you for your support, prayers and thoughts. our family has greatly appreciated and would be at a loss without the help of so many people and volunteers. they have searched for eight weekends to look for michelle and sure enough they found her body. this is with the
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hayward police department suspected she might be all along. the family goes on to say, please continue pressing for and a supporting michelle le as our family begins a journey to ensure justice in her honor. coming up at 8:30 a.m. we will have sound from the public information officer at the hayward police department and i will tell you what he has to say on why he believes giselle esteban is the only suspect in the case. a lot of people doubting, wondering how could a three months' pregnant woman have possibly done this. according to the police department, they have an answer. much more coming up in 25 minutes. traffic is starting to slow down around the bay area. let's get an update from georgia and the traffic center. >> we are looking at some slowdown hot spots. no major incidents, a lot of congestion starting to slow the right. let's start in the east bay. highway 880 for westbound, you are looking at a 44 minute drive
8:03 am
time out of antioch and to convert. there is quite a bit of slowing. this westbound ride is almost solid red out of antioch in to pittsburgh. much slower than usual for the westbound commute. 80 is still sluggish july but not a hot spot. six a. the southbound is still typically heavy bleeding and a walnut creek from pleasant hill. the 580 ride it westbound is also a little sluggish this morning and behind schedule. 49-52 minutes into dublin from the altemont carry it is about 60-7 and above normal. here is the big delay. it is out of san leandro on the 80 southbound. it is almost completely solid down a highway to 37. this area is known as the fremont and milpitas corridor. the commute is usually slow but not as bad as it is today.
8:04 am
drive time is over an hour from san leandro leading south down to milpitas. 237 westbound is not too bad. stop the traffic, no hot spots but plenty of slowing for 101 northbound. a quick bridge check at the bay bridge and you're told us our right once again back and up towards the macarthur maze like yesterday. we have been incident free but look at how slowly the traffic is moving at the heart of the toll plaza. there is the right looking westward on the san mateo bridge. you are looking at a 14 minute drive time from hayward to foster city. now, let's get a check on weather and arens and the center of. >> we cannot hear your mike.--mic. hough
8:05 am
>> here is a live look from walnut creek. warm temperatures of beginning to build in the later morning hours. not just in walnut creek but all we across and to san francisco and along the coast. fog free morning. similar temperatures but attacked cooler in some spots. inland temperatures between the '80s and '90s. let's get to the map and show you where we are tartar wise. steven san francisco, warmer in oakland. across the bay bridge 58-66. we did notice that antioch dropped to 64 but san jose is up a degree. temperatures will start to warm soon. it will look like this come 3:00 p.m.. 93 is what we're looking for a los gatos. in
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san jose, 87 today. if you are going to be around the immediate bay, redwood city, hayward, fremont, you are looking for low eighties for the most part and upper 70's for oakland. 77 your expected highs. it will be worn on the other side of the hill into the san ramon valley towards the delta and livermore valley. temperatures are raging in the low-made and potentially upper 90s for some extreme easterly locations. across the north bay it is mainly '80s. if you will be in downtown san jose or san francisco we're looking for 71-75 degrees. your 7 day forecast shows the we're going to keep things hot. wednesday, thursday, friday and as we get into the fall temperatures will drop, saturday and sunday mild with inland highs in the low-eighties. that is it for the weather. let's head down to the newsroom.
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>> here is what is just into the newsroom. live pictures of a un meeting as leaders are talking about the future of that country and how they are going to reshape the country following the fall of the muammar gaddafi regime. coming up soon president barack obama will be speaking. he will be telling the people of libya that the world will stand with them. obamas will also announce that the u.s. is sending an ambassador back to tripoli to head a reopened u.s. embassy there. we're just getting these pictures in. an interesting thing they have done is introduce the new libyan flag. when the president takes the microphone will take you there live. >> the time is 8:08 a.m.. we're back with more and a couple of minutes. a live look outside. we will be right back.
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>> new decals as a law banning gays from opened serving in the military have been formally repealed. our policy was a place just after midnight washington time. the pentagon said last week at 97% of service members have been trained for the new policy. the lifting of the ban will not halt all pending investigations, discharges and administrative proceedings that started under the old law. the outgoing policy allowed gays to serve as long as they did not acknowledge their sexual orientation. the release of
8:11 am
to u.s. hiker is jailed in a run for more than two years have been delayed again even though there have to release order did not come back from vacation as expected. a lawyer for shane bower and josh fatel said that the judge's signature is still needed for the bail agreement to be finalized. the grants were detained while hiking along the iran- iraq border. they were charged with espionage and sentenced to be years in prison each. >> we are backed record and a couple of minutes will all the news whether and traffic that you need. on the bay bridge traffic is moving well. we will take a look at your commute with gerge rask in just a minute. if
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>> president obama is live in the united nations talking about a new chapter of the people of libya. we acted as united nations and we acted swiftly. we broadens sanctions and impose embargoes. the united states led the effort to pass a historic resolution as the security council authorizing all necessary measures to protect the libyan people. when the civilians of and ghazi were
8:15 am
threatened with a massacre week threatened that the 40. our international coalitions stopped the regime in its tracks and give the libyan people the time and space to prevail. important is how this effort succeeded. thanks to the leadership and contributions of many countries. the united states was proud to play a decisive role, especially in the early days and in a supporting capacity. let's remember that it was the arab league that appealed for action. it was the world's most effective alliance, nato, that led a military coalition of nearly 20 nations. it is our european allies, especially the united kingdom and france and denmark and norway that conducted the vast majority of air strikes protecting rebels on the ground. it was
8:16 am
arab states that joined the coalition as equal partners. this is how the international community should work in the twenty first century. more nation's bearing the responsibility and costs of meeting global charges. that is the purpose of this united nations. every nation represented today can take pride in the innocent lives we have saved and helping the libyans to reclaim their country. it was the right thing to do. even as we speak, remnants of the old regime continue to fight. we are listening live to president barack obama speaking at the united nations meeting in new york talking about the on limited
8:17 am
involvement that the united states will have and the next steps in the chapter of libya. >> we want to keep our eyes on wall street. the numbers have been up this morning. the dow is looking pretty good up 128 points. stocks are rising because investors are dividing their attention between europe's precarious finances and also looking at key federal reserve meeting that is happening. the numbers are looking okay on wall street. >> jackie sissel is live in the oakland hills with more.
8:18 am
>> the conditions have made it right for the spare the air day. they're hoping that people will either car pool or take mass-transit, walk or telecommute. also, no gas power tools like the leaf blower or a lawn mower. these are long, hot dry days if you can be really aware of that.
8:19 am
>> bay area weather and traffic. >> it has been so hot. >> a hot spot is anything that might account for a slower than normal commute whether it is a major incident for big congestion. that is exactly what we have on the nimitz freeway this morning. a while since we have seen traffic this lot of san leandro to milpitas. drive times are over one hour this morning. a continual building of congestion. the drive time
8:20 am
on interstate 80 westbound is not too bad. 26 minutes for the commute from hercules down to berkeley and across the bay in marin county. it is heavy traffic with the drive time of about 38-39 minutes from navato down to the golden gate bridge. here is your bridge check. the bay bridge toll plaza this morning did for a while back up into the macarthur maze. it is already starting to break up into the drive times are dropping back down to 19 minutes westbound from the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge ride has been a problem free all morning long. your ride to the golden gate bridge even though it is heavy is still delay free south found in the northbound.
8:21 am
>> looking back over san francisco a lot of sunshine. already warming up in some spots. why this afternoon will be sunny and hot. upper 60's and some spots across the east bay and south bay. it will not be long until we see 70's appear on the map. future cast 4 is set for the 9 am hour. by 3:00 p.m. 90s for
8:22 am
the east bay, los gatos and morgan hill will really get up into the '90s. very warm. hot temperatures inland all way through the week until friday and then we will cool lid off just in time for the weekend. >> 8:22 a.m.. we're back with more and a couple of minutes. a live look at some of about whether that james was talking about. written
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morning off with a kron 4 rating is. we have a big story recap. the coroner's office has confirmed that the human remains founder of the weekend in a remote area near the single grave are in fact that of michele le, the missing resistant that disappeared in may at kaiser permanente in hayward. a former friend of hers from high school is charged with her murder. there is no more law this morning that bans gays from openly serving in the military. the don't ask don't tell policy has been formally repealed as of
8:30 am
midnight eastern time. gays no longer have to hide under orientation. the release of the two u.s. hiker's jailed and ron has been delayed again. even though there bail has been paid, the judge who was supposed to sign the release order was not in court today because he is not back from vacation. the berkeley flats were charged with espionage and sentenced to eight years in prison >> . choppy trading on wall street. the dow has been floating briefly positive than negative. let's get a check on traffic. >> your ride on the 80 southbound out of san leandro into hayward, fremont, newark and union city all we to milpitas, let's take a close-up look at the map. the drive time
8:31 am
is over one hour for the southbound ride. you will have to talk about this morning. it is a long line of slow and go sometimes stop and go. the average speed 15 mi. per hour. some as low as 3 mi. per hour. the south bay, we are also looking at delays on interstate 280. the drive time is about 40 minutes from the 101 interchange to cupertino. look at this low or ride on the bayshore freeway in the northbound
8:32 am
direction as you slide up towards woodside road slow traffic on 101 northbound. it is going to be heavy for you as well continuing west out past delaware. here is a bridge check for you. we did have a big back of it is already starting team, the drive time. the drive times are back down to 16-18 minutes out of the macarthur maze. on the san mateo bridge this ban and self looks good. no problems getting into foster city and the golden gate bridge ride is still an easy trip in from marin county. the north bay drive times are a little heavier. 40 minutes from the bottle as you head down towards the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. you will see that we still have a fair amount of slow traffic from hamilton field
8:33 am
south past lincoln to central san rafael. now, let's get another check on the weather. here is james fletcher. >> we have a quick look out of the east bay, walnut creek, the sun is coming down, traffic is slow but you have great whether to enjoy for your commute. this afternoon will be fantastic as well. most with clear from the coast all the way into walnut creek and farther to the east. similar temperatures yesterday. the coast and bey locations will be cooler. '60s and '70s. inland temperatures in the '80s and '90s. here is where truckers are right now. upper 50s and mid-upper 60s, almost getting into the '70s. we should break that 70 great barrier in the next hour or so. that is what we are looking forward to. low
8:34 am
90s in los gatos and morgan hill. it will get cooler as to get closer to the bay itself. in the inland valleys the air quality will probably be poor, it is a spare the your day. 95 of antioch, 96 in livermore. generally made it 90s is the general thing. as we head over to oakland's a little cooler there. a little cooler and comfortable in san francisco. low-mid-70s with cooler conditions along the coast. across the north bay we are expecting 80 degree weather. here is your 7 day forecast. we will stay in this hot trend at least
8:35 am
through the work week and then pull back on temperatures and cool off just in time for saturday and sunday. a 30 5:00 a.m., let's get a check on the news. >> we are following the latest in the case of michelle picture le, the body found in niles canyon was in fact michelle le. will tran spoke to a lieutenant at the hayward police department. giselle esteban is in custody, they believe she is the only one involved in the murder? >> yes. at this point they say that she is the only suspect in this. they say so far all of their evidence leads to her. according to the lieutenant that i spoke to f the police department, as far as he is concerned he said this case is a done deal for them. they're turning things over to the prosecutor said that they can build their case against giselle esteban. the next step in this is how did
8:36 am
she die? her body was badly decomposed. they said that there is a good chance that they could come back with a conclusion with advances in the scientific industry. here is what they were police had to say about their conclusion to this case. >> we are glad that we were able to complete the investigation, that we're able to come to this resolution. it is not just us. it is important to recognize that. it is all of law enforcement. the fbi and the alicante sheriff's department and the alameda county crime lab have helped us immensely. >> does l esteban was three months pregnant at the time and a woman. how can you be so sure that she did this alone? >> again, over the last four months we have been
8:37 am
gathering evidence. not only to show who may have done it but also to leave the questions as to who we know was not involved. to this date, we have no evidence that points to anyone else but our suspect. >> you just heard him say, as far as that are concerned that are not looking for a second suspect in this case. according to their evidence, herself phone as well as michelle's cellphone both traveled in a similar path after michele disappeared. they also, for a long time thought that the signal greater area was the place that if michelle was to be found, it would be in that area. sure enough they found that body with bare feet weekend search. coming up at 9:00 a.m. more sound from the lieutenant and what is next in this case. >> maritime is 8:38 a.m.. the law banning gays probably serving in the military is no more. it was formally repealed at
8:38 am
midnight, 9:00 a.m. our time, midnight on the east coast. the don't ask don't tell policy is gone now. the pentagon said that 97 percent of service members have been trained for the new policy and of the lifting of the band means a halt to all pending investigations, discharges and administrative proceedings that were begun under the old law. the ongoing policy and allow gays to serve as long as they did not openly acknowledge their sexual orientation. more than 14,000 service members have been discharged under don't ask, don't tell. >> the reason the two u.s. hikers that have been jailed in a run for over two years has been delayed again. there bail has already been paid but the judge that has to sign the release order was expected to return from vacation but did not appear in court today. a lawyer for shane bower and josh fatel needs his signature on a bailout deal that could free them. the uc-berkeley grads were detained while hiking along
8:39 am
the iran-iraq border in >> 2009> new this morning, we are hearing that facebook is getting a facelift. the changes will bring music services and some next generation video sharing as well as a new look for the facebook web site freebies' features are expected to be unveiled by facebook on thursday at its f8 developers' conference. you could expect to see the changes in the coming weeks. one analyst is saying these are big, sexy, splashy changes. i have posted a link to more information on my kron 4 facebook page. feel free to like me. i post updates all morning long. you are watching the kron 4 morning news in we will be right back.
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8:42 am
>> new this morning, in san bruno workers will begin to fill the crater created by last year's pipeline explosion. you can see how
8:43 am
deep that crater is. city officials and residents will mark the milestone with a ceremony. a pg&e natural gas pipeline explosion in the crest or canyon neighborhood half, 38 houses were destroyed and eight people were killed. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. here's a live look outside as we're watching missions around the bay. a sunny golden gate.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> look at the numbers on wall street which had been positive. right now the dow was up 115. and stocks are rising as investors are painting their hopes on the federal reserve meeting. that could result in a decision to stimulate the economy. we are keeping our eyes on what happens. a 2
8:47 am
day policy meeting with the feds today. on wednesday that the central bank will announce new stimulus measures. >> a beautiful view of downtown oakland. jackie sissel is live with more on the heat during this bear the ear day. >> it is a beautiful day in the oakland hills looking back towards downtown oakland. this is a recipe for those spare the air days. what does that mean? that means they are encouraging people to car pool. use mass transit or take part. telecommute. anything but get in your car. they are also encouraging people not to use gas power tools like lawn mowers, leaf blowers and things like that. reduce the amount of hair spray that you are using. lighter
8:48 am
fluid on a barbecues, the other thing is, it is the heart of the fire season right now. i am here in the oakland hills. you can see that things are dried out. if you can get a defensive wall space out. make sure that you are aware of the fire issue that is out here today. >> no hair spray for you today, darya and i do not have to mow the lawn today. >> 848 a m. george, anything interesting that we need to secure around boston park >> sadly there is no great way to get around this big hot spot. it is the nimitz freeway in the east bay. rarely have we seen traffic backed up this far on the 80 hot spell unless there was a major freeway closure report incident that shut down several lands. we have average speeds of less than
8:49 am
15 mi. per hour between san leandro and 237 all the way down to millipede is in a drive * that is wandering over 1 hours for for the nimitz freeway. there are really no great alternate routes. perhaps 101, but across the bay these are near hot spot conditions for 101 near the 92 interchange. northbound and southbound are extremely cloucrowded today. interstate 280, there is a new-line southbound problem. it is right at the 80 interchange where we have word of a bus accident. motorists were concerned because a school bus rolled over. thankfully there were no children on board. the bus drove up an embankment and rolled back up on its wheels in a freeway. i am concerned about the northbound back up
8:50 am
that is already have the onto a be heading doubdowntown. 101 is definitely a slow ride want to head north out of the coyote valley and up towards santa clara continuing towards sunnyvale. the peninsula as we mentioned is still very heavy near the 10192 interchange. the marin ride is slightly better southbound. the drive times are improving a bit but a lot of slowing there was a backup in the macarthur maze that is already down to a 16 minute drive time. the san mateo bridge ride was looking much better the last time we saw it. the golden gate after some slow traffic in marin county of will be in the easy ride across the golden gate. if now they check on weather as we head to the weather center with
8:51 am
james fletcher. >> mostly clear and mild this morning. 50s and 60s are the current server to range. this afternoon sunny and hot, a lot like a city with high is getting back into the mid-90s. this evening we will keep things clear and cool things off a little bit giving some relief to the full and feast day valley. let's take a look at where the temperatures are. 10 degrees warmer in antioch flirting with that 70 degree mark. we should probably surpass that in the next 20 minutes or so. in san jose 66 degrees. that is where temperatures are now. we will walk you through where it will be at 10:00 a.m.. in adults up wheezy the red that will be the hottest part of the bey would tempters getting of
8:52 am
fords into the mid nineties. in the heart of a good mix of '70s and '80s this system will bring the school or whether but it could also bring us a slight chance of rain. >> the back up continues on the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> money ball, the new movie about the 2002 oakland a's and general manager billy been hits the movies on friday. here is what brad had to say about playing the general manager for days. >> he is not a born individual. very charismatic, witty and sharp. being here is special for us because the fans were great. they came out and stayed with us all night. i think this is a special time. i see this as a love letter to oakland.
8:57 am
>> one of the hot stories buzzing on the engine of this morning .
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> pam we are starting is 9:00 a.m. hour with gerge rask who is checking a few hot spots. >> trap that has gotten steadily worse on a number of freeways. the worst of them right now is the nimitz freeway 880 in the southbound direction. almost the entire east bay stretch. traffic is going to be jammed up to highway 237. speeds are dropping below 15 mi. per hour. much of it is stop and go traffic. here you go. the
9:01 am
south they commute on interstate 280, we have been focusing on the 40 minute drive time northbound from the 28101 interchange towards 85 and 280. in the meantime a southbound accident has now begun to back up the traffic on to the southbound. for the southbound ride 101 is definitely better than 280 this morning. 85 is heavier than usual this morning. not only into cupertino of continuing north into mountain view. bay bridge is not a hot spot this morning. the drug * r 33-35
9:02 am
minutes heading from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >> new details in a developing story we have been falling, it has now been confirmed that the human remains found in a remote area near niles canyon belong to michele lee. she was last seen on may 27th while taking a break from class's at kaiser permanent say. palin
9:03 am
>> will tran to at the hayward police to permit all in what is next. >> please of suspected all along that there is only one suspect, giselle esteban. their cell phone signals traveled in a similar path after michele disappeared and also her body, if it was to be found would be found in a single great. which it was this past saturday. what is next is that they will have to determine how she died. according to the department that will be handled by the coroner's office as well as the alameda county sheriff's department. here is what they had to say about that. >> this is a piece of the puzzle that we wanted to close out our investigation and to close out this portion at least for the
9:04 am
families that they can begin to heal. >> will we ever know how she died? i know that the remains are decomposed. d think they will come back with a conclusion >> > maybe, yes. i really do not know. not being a forensics person, that is where the answer lies right now, with the crime lab and coroner's office. >> they have said all along that they believed she was killed. they said about a week and a half after the investigation was launched they wanted to make sure that they held a lot of evidence to their chest which is why they did not reveal a lot of information.
9:05 am
>> i never heard any mention of a murder weapon. there is so much speculation going on. he said they will never truly know how she died. it is up to this deicide team to determine how she died. >> president barack obama just finishing an address to the un. he said it was clear that libya is now in the hands of the people in that the world will stand with them as they reshape their country following the fall of the muammar gaddafi
9:06 am
regime. here is more of what the president had to say. >> we acted as united nations and we acted swiftly broadening of sanctions, an arms embargo, the united states led the effort to pass a historic resolution at the security council authorizing all necessary measures to protect the libyan people. when the civilians of ben got the bird threatened with a massacre we exercise that authority. our international coalition stock the regime in its tracks and it saved countless lives giving the libyan people the time and space to prevail. >> president ramos said that it is clear that libya is now in the hands of the people in the announced that the u.s. is going to send an ambassador back to tripoli to run a newly opened embassy and later today president obama will meet with the president of afghanistan. that is the latest in to the kron 4 news room.
9:07 am
>> now, we're going to focus on the leather. we are looking at clear skies. nice and sunny. traffic does not look too bad. george is keeping its eyes on the hot spots. now the hot spots in the weather. >> downtown san francisco is considerably cooler today. 77 and zero planned. in terms of your current temperatures we are already up into the '70s. places like fairfield, 74. in oakland right now 72 and low 70's in the south bay. and a few minutes a full look at your forecast.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> the nimitz freeway, a
9:11 am
major hot spots. over a one hour drive time to get south from san leandro and to milpitas. again this is not the result of any major freeway closures or major accident, it is just a slow and steady buildup of traffic on the nimitz freeway southbound that has backed things up from marina boulevard near the thai way to 37. there are no good alternates. this is not our only hot spot, a complete check coming up. >> we are keeping our eyes on wall street. choppy trading today. the dallas of lower at the open. now up 100 for the dow jones industrial average. the dow lost 108 yesterday in a rebound in today. new this morning a chief economist for the international monetary fund said of the world economy has entered a dangerous new phase. as a result the international lending organization is sharply downgrading its economic outlook for the united states and europe.
9:12 am
the imf is expecting the u.s. economy to grow just 1.5% this year and 1.8% next year. that is down from its forecast in june. to achieve the 1.5% for this year the u.s. economy would need to expand at a much faster rate. the imf also lowered its outlook for the 17 countries that use of the euro. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. off fife's
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> the love of people have been trying to bail off of the nimitz but it is this the southbound ride that is now backing of towards the airport terminal on a 80 southbound. it is starting to become stop and go out of poland into san leandro and
9:16 am
continuing sell all the way down to fremont, almost to highway 237 this morning where traffic has been jammed up. this is over the last hour and a half. it has been a hot spot for that long. he continues to get worse better across the bay not a very good alternate.
9:17 am
some stock and slow traffic coming out of certain good northbound approaching the 280 interchange. the delays for the south bay and east bay. the backup is a 14 minute drive time. a steady improvement. the san mateo bridge has been a problem free all morning long but there will mark the top of in both directions of the sure once you get off of the santa since you are having colossal one series of " the free ride is still heavy on the stand in getting heavy again in marin county. >> here is a check on
9:18 am
weather with louisa hodge. he town san francisco. a lot of sunshine during-- temperatures will be similar to yesterday's. then along the coast down into the '60s and '70s. inland to staying in the '80s and '90s. >> fiftto they will be another
9:19 am
hot day with a lot of sunshine. the san francisco will have a considerable cool down. here is your 7 day around the bay. a beautiful looking forecast for the rest of the week. sunshine is what interests. the first-ever all of friday. after that a cooling trend. >> with the heat, a spare the air date. jackie sissel is live in the oakland hills with an update. >> a beautiful day in the oakland hills looking back down towards downtown san francisco. this people are
9:20 am
encouraged to car pool and take mass transit. they're also asking you not use gas powered appliances. during these dry days, if an increase in fire risk. >> the don't ask, don't tell policy is no more. the ban on gays openly serving in the military has been repealed. if pentagon has said that 97 percent of service members of the drink of policy that is in effect. within the ban means a halt to all pending investigations, discharges
9:21 am
and other administrative proceedings under the old law. the outgoing policy and allow gays to serve only as long as they did not openly acknowledge their sexual orientation. over 47 service members were disturbed of during don't ask, don't tell. the two hikers still and ron have still not been released although there bail has been paid. they are indeed of the signature of the judge in order to be released. but the judge has not yet come back from vacation. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning and continues. a live look from walnut creek.
9:22 am
9:23 am
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9:25 am
>> helicopters are here dropping emergency supplies to the worst hit villages in southeast asia. the earthquake struck on the indian and chinese border. the areas are almost entirely mountainous. they have had many landslides.
9:26 am
>> a car bomb goes off your high school and the turkish capital. three people are killed. the blast was a terrorist attack. here is a new video of the scene. there was a perfect car detonated. police detained a woman at the scene who was shot and long live our struggle. a live look at the san mateo bridge. let's go to george for a look at the nimitz. this is where we are watching a slowdown. an update after the break.
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> the big stories we're following, the coroner's office has confirmed that the human remains that out saturday in a remote area and some of art that of missing the nursing student
9:29 am
michelle le last seen at kaiser permanente in hayward. former friend of hers from high school is charged with her murder. there is now no more law that bans gays from openly serving in the military. don't ask, don't tell was repealed this morning and no longer active. the lot is over, gays can serve actively and all pending investigations are now stopped. the release of to u.s. hikers and jailed in a run has been delayed again. there bail has been paid to but the judge needs to sign the release order but did not appear in court today. the grants were charged with espionage and sentenced to eight years in prison. >> we have a back up on the nimitz. george rask have an update. >> if anyone ever wondered what a hot spot is, this is a hot spot. mile after mile of slow and go traffic, mostly stop and go traffic on 880 southbound. we have watched this backup role of the last two hours. we have
9:30 am
been tracking it as a hot spot. this is now starting to slow from near the coliseum on 880 southbound. average speeds of about 15 mi. per hour perhaps 13 mi. per hour as you work your way south on 8 cd. it does not end until you get past highway or 40 mi. an hour. it is a rough ride on the nimitz freeway. 87 minutes from oakland to down to why 237 ad 80 these outbound. palin looking at the bay bridge, you can see the end of the back up. 12-13 minutes in your drive time.
9:31 am
the san mateo bridge has been a problem free all morning. your ride on the golden gate bridge is not bad at all. >> temperatures are already
9:32 am
in the '70s in many locations this morning. blue skies around downtown san francisco. and the south bay more sunshine as well. her in the san ramon valley temperatures will warm up to the mid-90s. here is your 7
9:33 am
day around the bay. by the weekend we will start to see the temperatures drop. >> the dow jones of 118. right now making up yesterday's 108 loss. the dow's @ 11,519. i >> there was a huge welcome for the new leaders in libya at the united nations. the rubble led national transition council just took over libya's u.n. seat in the council. there were
9:34 am
congratulated against the revolution against muammar gaddafi is a regime. presidents barack obama addressed the general assembly. here is a little of what he had to say. >> every nation represented here today can take pride in the innocent lives we saved and helping the libyans reclaim their country. it was the right thing to do. even as we speak remnants of the old regime continue to fight. difficult days are still ahead but one thing is clear, the future of libya is now in the hands of the libyan people. just as it was libyans who tore down the old order it will be libyans that build the new nation. just as the world
9:35 am
stood by you and your struggle to be free we will stand by you in your struggle to realize the peace and prosperity that freedom can bring. >> president obama is one policy tour will continue later today meeting with the president of afghanistan. >> live with more on the latest information on michelle le, the remains found in niles canyon on saturday were in fact michelle le, will tran is live at the hayward police department. he spoke with a the tenant at the station. what are they saying about the suspect this morning? >> they are saying that she is the only suspect they are looking for. they are not looking for anyone else because of the evidence against giselle esteban, for a long time she was a person of interest. nonetheless, they moved in and arrested her 10-12 days ago. as far as they are concerned their
9:36 am
case is over. they understand there is a lot of speculation out there. at the time she allegedly did this she was three months pregnant. a lot of people are talking on facebook. how could a woman do this by herself? >> we are glad that we were able to complete the investigation and to come to this resolution. it is not just us, it is a very informed to recognize that. is not just they were police department, it is all of law enforcement. there were 25 different entities that helps us. the fbi and alameda county sheriff's department and crime lab specifically. >> some people are saying, she was three months pregnant, she is a woman, how can you be so sure that she did this by herself? >> again, over the last four months we have been gathering evidence, not only
9:37 am
about who has done it but to alleviate who is not involved. to this date we have zero evidence that points to anyone else except the suspect. >> they also say finding the body is a key piece of the puzzle and that will help the prosecution's case. the body is badly decomposed. as far as they are concerned are not looking for anyone else after michele disappeared they believe that the cell phone signals of giselle and michelle traveled in the same path. faugh
9:38 am
>> 9:38 a.m. with our back a few minutes with more.
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9:41 am
>> and the health of back and on more morning news. 941 a m and we continue to track major delays in this nimitz hot spot heading into a word and fremont, union city, milpitas and even into san jose. the drive time is running nearly an hour and a half for your commute which is backed up nearly to the coliseum. it remains heavy all the way through the fremont milky
9:42 am
this corridor. finally starting to see speeds improve past stevenson boulevard as you head towards dixon landing road. no good alternate route or major delays. we will have a complete check coming up. >> the new movie money ball is set to hit theaters course friday. the stars were all up in oakland for the big premiere. kron 4 caught up with brad pitt, here is what he had to say about being seen. >> he is not a boring individual. charismatic, witty and sharp. a very funny guy. being here is special to us. the fans were so great. they stayed out
9:43 am
and were with us all night. this is a special film for the city. it is a love letter to oakland. >> money ball opens on friday. meantime the east coast the texas rangers for a three game series that starts tonight. san francisco is taking on the doctors and las angeles 9. there are now 4.5 games back behind atlanta with nine games left in the season. >> we are back with more in a couple of minutes. did not go away.
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>> as you can cite land in the hayward, hayward and fremont and fremont into milpitas, a hot spot. drive times are close to 61 minutes southbound. anderson back up has actually grown in shifted farther north. it of traffic will remain intimately heavy down past week to 37. if you do not have to drive the nimitz freeway, did not. faugh your
9:49 am
commute on the san mateo bridge is easy in both directions although you may still have some sluggish traffic on the bayshore both northbound and southbound and we will update the right for you in a moment. also looking your read on the golden gate bridge, not so bad any longer. i will show you that in a moment as well. ttraffic is slow in the southbound direction. it had been sluggish in northern marin but clearing out very nicely. a pocket of slowing from smith plan to route as you head south towards lincoln. that is a rap on traffic. let's get another look at whether. the
9:50 am
red indicates 90s. through
9:51 am
the east bay temperatures cooling off a little bit today. 70's through berkeley and alameda. 71 in downtown san francisco. certainly a bit cooler today in downtown and as we had to redwood city in palo alto, '80s. in the north 80's as well, upper 80s for santa rosa. 94 degrees in fairfield. here is your 7 day around the bay. a nice looking forecast if you like sunshine and warm temperatures. the first day of fall is on friday and after that a cooling trend into the weekend. >> students at san jose state university are protesting today. they are marching through the university campus starting at 4:00 p.m.. they want to
9:52 am
protest the lack of student housing. they will start at clark called. the 245 students have been misplaced because the university over admitted freshman for the academic year. 90 of those students are currently living in a hotel. in san bruno work begins to fill in the crater left by last year's pipeline explosion. there are marking this with half of the respondents surveyed say they approve of jerry brown's performance.
9:53 am
>> 9:53 a.m.. we're back with more and a few minutes.
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>> this is the first time the drugs have killed more people in car accidents since the government has started tracking ball
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