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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 21, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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nowhere near that. mainly in the mid '50s and mid-60s. our warmest spot right now as antioch at 65. santa rosa
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is coming in at 50. there is fogged out there, it is providing relief for the coast. that is the only place around the van that will be steered. this is some belief that everyone will enjoy, we see it on the satellite and it is coming our way of bringing us cooler temperatures and possibly a sprinkle or two. we are still watching for that. cooler temperatures saturday and sunday. that is the light at the end of the tunnel. >> we have been watching the bay bridge. we just got word of an accident reported on the incline. it was reported as a hit and run. traffic is
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still moving very well up the incline sections of the cantilever. we have not seen any increase in the back up yet. this is not a problem blocking lanes for the westbound ride. good news for the bay bridge. the drive times and running about 12 minutes for the rest bound commuters. the san mateo bridge an easy trip all week long. 13 minutes for the trip heading over from hayward of foster city blvd.. the golden gate bridge ride is very foggy this morning. here is a look at your no. 8 right. in pretty breezy right for the commute. let's jump over
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traffic slowing as you had your chance to out and pittsburgh through the willow pass. we are still lower than usual here. 880 is already getting heavier around the 92 interchange. we will take a break on the kron 4 morning news and the back right after this. hot
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for pion
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>> live in a new york city and the united nations, president obama addressing the general assembly. >> it is an honor to be here today. i would like to talk to you about a subject that is at the heart of the united nations, the pursuit of peace in an imperfect world. war and conflict have been with us since good beginning of civilization. in the first part of the twentieth century the advance of modern weaponry lead to death on a staggering scale and was this killing that compelled the founders of this body to build an institution that was focused not just on and one award but on others. a union of sovereign and procedure prevents conflict while also addressing its
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causes. no american it did more to pursue this objective then president franklin roosevelt. he knew that a victory in a war was not enough. as he said at one of the very first meetings during the founding of the united nations, we have got to make not nearly piece, but a piece that will last. the men and women who build this institution understood that peace is more than the absence of war. a lasting peace for nations and individuals. it depends on a sense of justice and opportunity. dignity and freedom. it depends on struggle and sacrifice, on a compromise
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and on a sense of common humanity. one delegate to the san francisco conference that led to the creation of the united nations put it well. many people, she said, have talked as if all that has to be done to get peace was to say loudly and frequently that we love peace and heat wore. now, we have learned that no matter how much we love peace and heat wore we cannot avoid having war brought upon us if there are compulsions and other parts of the world. the fact is, peace is hard. our people demand it. over nearly seven decades the united nations have helped divert a third world war. we still live in a world
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scarred by conflict. it is plagued by poverty. even as we proclaim our love for peace and hatred of war, there are still convulsions in our world that in dangerous all. i took office at a time when there were two wars in the united states. war over the violent extremists bedrooms into the war in the first place. osama bin laden's, his al-qaeda organization remains at large. today, we set a new direction. at the end of this year america's military operation in a rock will be over. we'll have a normal relationship with a sovereign nation that is a member of the community of nations. as we end of the
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war in iraq the united states and our coalition partners have begun a transition in afghanistan. we are drawing down our own forces while building and enduring partnership with the afghan people. but there be no doubt, the tide of war is receding. moreover we are
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poised to end of these wars from a position of strength. 10 years ago there was an open wound and twisted steel, a broken heart and the center of this city. today, as a new tower is rising at ground zero, it symbolizes a new york's renewal even as al-qaeda is under more pressure than ever before. his leadership has been degraded. osama has been a lot of, a man that murdered out thousands of people from dozens of countries will never in danger the piece of the world again. today we stand at a crossroads with a
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chance to move decisively in the direction of peace. to do so, we must return to the wisdom of those who created this institution. the united nations' founding charter calls upon us to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security. the universal declaration of human rights reminds us that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and human rights. believes in the responsibility of states and the rights of men and women. in that effort, we have reason to hope. this is but a time of extraordinary transformation. more
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individuals are claiming the universal right to live in freedom and dignity. the prospect of a successful referendum in south sudan was in doubt that the international community under k those positions to negotiate an agreement and give south sudan determination. last summer, as a new flag went ups po, former soldiers laid down their arms, men and women wept with joy and children finally to the promise of looking for a future that they will shake. one year ago, the people of approached a landmark election. when the incumbent lost in refused to accept the results the world refused to look the other way. u.n. peacekeepers were
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harassed but they did not leave their posts. the security council led by the united states, nigeria and france came together to support the will of the people and called the war is now governed by the man who was elected to lead. one year ago the hopes of the people of to the show were repressed but they chose the dignity of peaceful protest over the role of an iron fist. a vendor to lead a spark that took his own life. in the face of a crackdown students spelled out the word freedom, the balance of fear shifted from the ruler to those that he ruled. one step closer to
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the democracy that they deserve. one year ago egypt had known one president for nearly 30 years but for 18 days the eyes of the world were glued to egypt were egyptians were all walks of life, men and women, young and old, muslim and christian demanded the universal rights we saw in those protesters the moral force of nonviolence that has with the world from deli to warsaw and south africa. we knew that change had come to egypt and to the arab world one year ago, the people of libya were ruled by the world's longest serving dictator. day after
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day, and the face of bullets and bombs the libyan people refuse to give back freedom. when they were threatened with the kind of mass atrocity that often went unchallenged in the last century, the united nations lived up to its charter. the security council authorized all necessary measures to prevent. the arab league called for this effort. the arab nation joined a nato led coalition halted gaddafi forces in their tracks. in the month that followed, the will of the coalition proved impregnable. the will of the libyan people could not be
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delighted. 42 years of tyranny was ended in six months. from tripoli to misrata to been ghazi to date, libya is free. yesterday the leaders of the new libya took their rightful place beside us and this week united states is reopening its embassy in tripoli. this is how the international community is supposed to work. the debt
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off the regime is over. holly and will bar are no longer in power. osama bin laden is gone. the idea that change can only be gone through violence has been buried with him. something is happening in our world. the way things have been is not the way that they will be. the humiliating grip of corruption is being pried open. dictators are unnoticed. technology's cutting power into the hands of the people. these are delivering a powerful rebuke to dictatorship in rejecting the life that some races, some people, some religions or ethnicities did not desire democracy. the promised written down on paper, all human beings are
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born free and equal in dignity and rights is closer at hand. let us remember that peace is hard progress can be reversed, prosperity comes slowly societies can split apart the measure of our success must be with people can live in a sustained freedom, dignity and security. the united nations and its members of state must do their part to support those basic aspirations and we have more work to do. in a run we have seen the government refuses to recognize the rights of its own people. as we meet here today men, women and
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children are being tortured, detained and murder. thousands have been killed, many during the holy time of ramadan. thousands more have poured across the borders of syria. the syrian people have shown dignity and courage in their pursuit of justice processing peacefully, standing silently in the street and dying for the same values that this institution is supposed to stand for. the question for us is clear we stand with the syrian people or with their oppressors? already the united states has imposed strong sanctions on syria's leaders, we supported a transfer of power in response to the syrian people. perhaps many of our allies have joined in this effort. for the sake of syria, the peace and security of the world we
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must speak with one voice there is no excuse for inaction. now is the time the united nations security council to sanction the syrian regime and to stand with the syrian people. throughout the region we will have to respond to the calls for change in yemen, men and women and children gathered by the thousands in towns and cities squares with the hope that their determination and spill the blood will prevail over a corrupt system. america supports those aspirations. we must work with yemen's neighbors and our partners around world to seek a pact that allows for a peaceful transition of power from president solomon and and a movement to fair and free elections as soon as possible. america is a close
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friend of bahrain. we want a peaceful change. we believe the patriotism that binds by iranians will meet more powerful than the forces that tear apart. it will be hard but it is possible each nation must are its own course of the fill the aspirations of its people. america will always stand up for the universal rights that were embraced by this assembly. those rights depends on elections that are free and fair, on governments that are transparent and accountable, respect for the rights of women and minorities.
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justice that is equal and fair that is what our people deserve. those are the elements of peace that can last. more over the united states will continue to support the nations that transition into democracy with greater trade and investments of that freedom is followed by opportunity we will pursue a deeper engagement with governments and also civil society, students, entrepreneur wars, political parties and the press we have banned the those who abuse human rights from travelling to our calf. we have sanctioned to those that trample on human rights abroad and we will always serve as a voice for those who have been silenced. i know that this week, for many of us there is one
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issue that stands as a test for these principles, a test for american foreign policy, that is the conflict between the israelis and palestinians one year ago i stood at this podium and i called for an independent palestine i believed then and i believed now that the palestinian people deserve a state of their own but what i also said is that a genuine peace can only be realized between the israelis and palestinians themselves one year later despite extensive efforts by america and others the parties have not reached their differences. faced with this stalemate i put forward a new basis for negotiations in may of this
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year that basis is clear, it is well known to all of us here, israelis must know that any agreement provides assurances for their security, palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis of their states i know that many are frustrated by the lack of progress and i assure you, so am i. hot of the question is not a goal that we seek, the question is how do we reach that goal i am convinced that there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. it is not easy, if it was that easy would have been accomplished by
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now. ultimately it is the israelis and palestinians who must live side-by-side. ultimately it is the israelis and palestinians who must reach an agreement on the issues that divide them on borders and security, refugees and jerusalem. ultimately peace depends upon a compromise among people who must live together long after our speeches are over long after our boats have been tallied, that is the lesson of northern ireland's. that is the lesson into don for a negotiated settlement led to an independent state that is and will be the parent of a palestinian state. we seek a future where palestinians live in a sovereign state of
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their own with no limit to what they can achieve there is no question that palestinians have seen that vision delayed for too long it is precisely because we believe so slot america has invested so much time and effort in the building of a palestinian state and the negotiations that can deliver a palestinian state understand this as well america's commitment to israel's security is unshakable our friendship with israel is deep and enduring and so we believe that any lasting peace must knowledge of the real security concerns that israel faces every day. let us be honest, israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars
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against them. israeli citizens have been killed by rockets fired at their houses and a suicide bombs on their buses. israel's children, aged knowing that your of the region of our children are taught to hate them israel as a small country of 8 million people. they look out at the world where leaders of much larger nations threatened to wipe off the map. the jewish people carry the burden of centuries of exile and persecution and fresh memories of knowing that 6 million people were killed simply because of who they work. those are facts. they cannot be denied. the jewish people have forced a successful state in their historic homeland. israel deserves recognition. in deserts normal relations with its neighbors. friends
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of the palestinians do them no favors by ignoring this true just as friends of israel must recognize the need to pursue a to state resolution, israel next to an independent palestine. >> we are following the president's speech at the united nations general assembly. the president blasting ron and syria on human rights violations talking about the role of the u.s. and iraq and afghanistan and now talking about israel and palestine and pushing for peace as the palestinian president is trying to push the u.n. security council to recognize palestinian statehood. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> called the cloud cover and a fall. along the coast are not singing in land. as a result hot temperatures this afternoon. livermore
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will probably reach 100. redwood 100. all of these cities have, the possibility about triple digits. all and all once again a hot day. by noon and 90 degree weather. by 3:00 p.m. look at the purple coming in for the delta and livermore. those locations are expecting triple digits. the only place we get relief is along the coastline. the rest of the bay will be in 70's, 80's, 90's and near 100. here is a look at the 7 day forecast. we expect the hot weather to continue for the next couple of days and gradually cool as we approach the weekend.
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>> new information on a developing story. shane bower and josh fatel are now free. they have been flown out of iran. and this is heated press reporter actually saw a convoy of vehicles with a swiss diplomat weaving the prison this morning with those freed americans inside. they are now headed to the airport. they have been flown out of the country. we believe that they are going to oman's. other reports that i am hearing are that their parents are waiting
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for them. we are hopefully going to hear from them shortly. it is a two-hour flight from the country to the jail and to lemond. that is the very latest on our developing story. stay right here on kron 4.
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>> here is a love at the cases. what will the new iphone look like? apple will show the world on october 4th. that is the date. that
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is one of all will come out with a new iphone 5. you can get your hands on the phone a few weeks after that announcement on october 4th. the iphone has a new design that is thinner and lighter than the current model. we will get to see what that looks like pretty soon. an abbreviated gary radnich in a minute. if crop
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>> here we are. saree gary. >>
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>> last time you help acne talkfests >> that was last time. i have matured since then. i watched this game like a mother >> did you watch any of the game? if >> i did not. [laughter] >> i watched his face and i felt for him. >> if you are making $12 million a year do not feel sorry for him. he is doing what he loves. last year they won the world series. this year there will, a little short. you are not alone. a lot of people are saying if i was once a come
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i will think about being on another team that gives me more runs. he is still pitching well. the winds are not there. >> i put this on my face the page. a great idea to get rid of violence in this country of sporting events. that is all i am going to say. >> it has been a real pleasure. have a nice day. one more time, i cannot thank you enough for your exposure this morning. >> we will be right back.
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>> paul pym and any state valleys will be even hotter with 100 expected in danville, 98 in antioch, 99 in san ramon, 99 walnut creek. you get the idea. it will be toasted. keep cool if you can. 85 in oakland.
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93 in castro valley, 91 in hayward. here is your 7 day forecast. things will cool down a degree or to each day as we head towards the weekend of the faithful down saturday and sunday. a good bit of energy of the pacific headed our way bringing a cool or wind. it'll 5:00 a.m. let's say hello to george. we have been tracking a pretty good commuter around the bay area. no hot spots like yesterday. when are enjoying a much better right of the bay bridge toll plaza. a 16 minute drive time with a back up between 80 and west grand. 880 rigs definitely your best access to the bay bridge this morning for the westbound ride. problem free on the upper deck. this and to bridge ride this problem free. it has been a good computer all morning long. the volume is there in the drive time is only about one minute. 14 minutes on a drive from hayward as you head west on highway 92 out
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past the high rise and over 101 at foster city blvd.. the golden gate bridge ride 101 to marin county the foggiest morning we have seen in some time. as james said that may bring in a little relief to san francisco temperatures today. let's take a look at this out there right for you this morning as we track the commute on 101 northbound a little heavier than yesterday. 26 minutes or so is the drive time headed from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. interstate 280 which was a hot spot yesterday is a much smoother ride this morning as you have towards the west valley. the west valley freeway itself is not bad at all. peninsula traffic is particularly heavy right around 92 on 101. that is in the north and southbound directions. that also means that if you get on 92 in foster city and then head west you will be in solid
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traffic to delaware and a bit beyond, the inbound eastbound wrote on 92 coming down from 280 will be sluggish as well as you get closer to the 92-101 interchange. coming up a look at traffic in the north bay and updates to ride on 1013 marin county. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look out over san francisco looking was over cathedral held. with the fall we will see a wider range of temperatures from san francisco over the coast. san francisco 55, mid-70s and low eighties for a high but that is on the bayside of the city. near the coast and oceanside of the city will see temperatures more like the mid-60s. ha when
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>> president obama addressing the united nations in new york open to convince a palestinian presence in backing out of the u.n. security council request to recognize a palestinian statehood. they're urging palestine to re-enter negotiations with state of israel. >> israel deserves recognition, it deserves a normal relations with its neighbors and friends of the palestinians do them no favors by ignoring this truth just as friends of
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israel must recognize the need to pursue a two-stage solution with a secure israel next one independent palestine. >> right now president obama is meeting with netanyahu. he says that these cannot be imposed on the palestinians and israelis. >> the dow jones was wavering briefly higher in early trading. now down 49 points. a sharp jump in the number of homes sold in other stories we're following the move puts house republicans at on with the democratically led senate. harry reid once almost double the disaster aid package for fema to $7 billion. reed will need
8:12 am
reports from republicans but it is not assured as they're fighting back and forth about how much money to fund fema. fema is just about out of money. we're back with more and a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge sunshine and cars
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>> look at how rough the waters are off of japan as they are getting hit with a title and slamming into that tsunami ravaged northeastern coast and approaching the nuclear power plant that was crippled in the disaster of the quake in tsunami the first time. this storm has already killed six people. you can hear the rain falling as this video was shot and see the wins there. at one point before the storm made landfall about 1 million residents were urged to evacuate and got out just in time. more than 1 40 million people lost power. officials say that the for pushing the nuclear power plant that was such a concern last time, they say that this type and should not impact the plant. it is
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definitely having an effect on the tokyo train service. commuters were stranded because train service was stopped all across the capital. japan is still reeling from the quake and tsunami that struck in march and killed more than 15,000. let's take a look at what is going on with china, heavy rainfall causing mudslides. roads washed away. this isn't over past james fletcher has more on the hop forecast. cooler
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temperatures but everyone else will enjoy hot weather. let's take a quick look at the headlines for today's weather. the coastal fog is out there right now. it will probably be there until about noon and then hovered around the coast for most of the day. we do have the cool down and stored for later this week. temperatures this afternoon to get into it, look how hot it will be in the delta. 100 degrees in a purple color. temperatures in the upper 90s to 100 offer of the inland and he's a valid locations. from concord to pittsburgh, antioch, brown wood, livermore and tracy you get the idea. '70s and '80s solidly throughout the bay. that is a glimpse of what we're expecting this afternoon. temperatures are slowly warming but we are not there yet. warmer in antioch. low-mid '60s is the general trend for the east
8:18 am
bay. and 9:00 a.m. hour will start to see the numbers on. by noon they will get into warm in this afternoon hot territory. we go from 186 in 81 on sunday. a pull down on the horizon. we have to get through a few hot days between now and then. more on your weather and then will fly around city by city. now on to track it with george. the traffic backed up does not reach the macarthur maze as has for the last two days. it is a
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16 or 18 minute drive time if you are coming from highway 24 and through the macarthur maze there will be pockets of slow and go traffic on the upper deck but basically a pretty good ride. your sanitation bridge ride westbound elle lighter than last time and still only a 14 minute drive time although it will be heavy winning a foster city blvd. can continue to the bayshore freeway both northbound and southbound traffic on the 101 will be slow and no reports of problems. we promised to update the north bay right. not too bad. you will hit some slow traffic. average speeds are 33-34 mi. per hour as some of that will be above 50. your drive time is 36 just 38 minutes from navato to the golden gate bridge. as we continue north looking at the right out of petaluma still a pretty good trip heading into the navato narrows. new
8:20 am
issues there. 37 coming over from 121 is a good ride coming up next we will have a look at your right in the east bay and track your ride on the east shore freeway and interstate 680. >> right now pg&e is purging a gas line. preparation for pipelines hats. they are expecting the odor of gas to be in the area until about 10:00 a.m. meanwhile in san bruno a ceremony held yesterday to fill in the crater where the gas line explosions just over a year ago. one by one of residents were allowed to help fill the clear where the blast originated. the site was kept open for investigators as they looked into the cause for the explosion. the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes.
8:21 am
>> this man was arrested sunday night in west sacramento. the alleged crime spree that he is wanted for includes the kidnapping and murder of a vietnamese radio host and the shooting of a 40 tear your old man at a gas station. that happened on friday. yesterday detectives served a search warrant at a marijuana collective in connection with the crime spree. investigators believe at least two people associated with that house, it is the tree house marijuana collected on commercial street aided and abetted to steal. we will have more details about that surge. the city of san jose is facing painful cuts. according to a report most libraries and community centers in san jose will have to close down and firefighters and police jobs will once again be on the chopping block. officials say the solution to avoiding this is to start reining in the retirement costs and
8:22 am
consider raising taxes. >> the giants' playoff hopes to the major hit. there are 08 games left in the season. when we are back with more than a couple of minutes. thank you for waking up with the kron 4
8:23 am
morning news on this wednesday morning. we are in for a hot one. another sizzling day around the bay especially inland where they could lead to close to 100 degrees. here is a look at the golden gate bridge socked in by what fall. in marin county and beyond here retarders in the north bay. fairfield will be the hottest at 99. as a slide down closer to the bridge and by the time he gets in a bottle a high of 94. we do want to let you know that we have a special coming up on kron 4, mark your calendars for october 8th at 3:00 p.m. and watch our fleet week special. we'll be right back. if
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>> explosion happened in the detroit suburb. police believe a car exploded. there is a charred shell of a car that remains.
8:27 am
>> george of pardons board rejected a request from this condemned inmate. the state pardons and parole board said it will not review the decision to allow the execution to go forward. davis is set to die at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon the 1989 killing of this off-duty police officer who was killed while rushing to help a homeless man that was being attacked. davis's lawyers have long argued that he was a victim of mistaken identity. prosecutors say they have no doubt that they charged the right person. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. mid- upper 70's at noon and mid- 80s later today. when
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hawkins hoo
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>> and 18-90 minute drive time. not backed up into the macarthur maze. your drive town across the san mateo bridge is still running 13- 14 minutes. it is a good and easy trip in both directions as heavy as you get off the bridge leading to 101 in both directions. of course the golden gate bridge ride is buried in fall. here is the latest in the newsroom.
8:35 am
>> the two uc-berkeley graduates have been freed from an iranian prison and have been flown to oman. shane bower and josh fatel were freed after their lawyer contained furnitures on to judges. they are free after spending more than two years behind bars. they were arrested along the border in july 2009 and then sentenced to eight years in prison. appears now they're making the long journey back home. >> jackie sissel continues our team coverage with the release of the grass live at uc-berkeley campus. >> students, teachers, faculty and staff are waking up to the news that the
8:36 am
graduates have been released. we have been talking to them all morning. as you can imagine most of them are extremely happy. >> it is fantastic. insane. >> i am sure there are so many things that we do not know and that we will never know about this story. i am just really glad that the effort took place. >> as i said earlier everyone was extremely happy. still a lot of questions lingering on the campus but the overriding emotion is happiness. there are very grateful to see these graduates are coming home. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> president obama is trying to convince the palestinian president and to recognize a palestinian statehood. along with french president nicolas sarkozy are urging negotiations. >> each side has a legitimate aspirations. that is a part of what makes piece so hard. the deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in the other's shoes. this body, founded as it was out of the ashes of war and genocide dedicate as it is to the dignity of every single person must recognize the reality that is lived by both palestinians and israeli. >> obamas meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu.
8:41 am
>> the federal reserve is expected to announce a move aimed at boosting the economy called operation twist. it involves the fed's selling short-term treasurys and buying tenure notes as part of its one trillion, 1.7 trillion actually dollar for cold--portfolio. >> the time is 8:41 a.m.. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. thank you for watching the kron 4 morning news. we're looking at traffic from walnut creek. george will be back with a hot spots or delays have that you have. we're looking for a high this afternoon of the toasty 95 degrees. we will be right back.
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>> this u.s. backers held and ron are now free. the report did not say where they were headed but it is expected that they will be taken to the gulf state of iman.--oman. >> freedom for shane bower and josh fatel came after more than two years and and ronnie in prison. there were convicted of espionage and illegal entry and sentenced to eight years behind bars. the u.s. had been critical of their imprisonment since they and steer a short were seized on 2009 near the border of property or hiking. short was agreed last year for medical reasons. u.s. officials pressed for the release of the others. >> we continue to express our hope that the iranian authorities will exercise
8:46 am
the humanitarian option of releasing these two young man. >> families of the prisoners said that they were being held of diplomatic on-- diplomatic prawns. >> and the days preceding their release the ron president that hinted it may be imminent. >> think it will be freed in a couple of days. >> the country's judiciary system released a statement that contradicted that. >> has been so emasculated. he wanted to show the world that he is not a lame duck that he is still capable of delivering. >> san francisco smog siege continues. air pollution is
8:47 am
continued to be unhealthy today. officials are urging everyone if you do not have to drive to take public transit, ride your bike or car pool. we have every excuse in the book not to mow the lawn. fit they want you to cook indoors and avoid the >> grill> those great little ovens. you not have to heat up the whole house. >> blue skies, sunshine and hot weather. that is basically the forecast for today in a nutshell. here is a quick look at temperatures. antioch's approaching the 70 degree mark. that gives us a hand that the delta will see some hot weather today.
8:48 am
temperatures this afternoon will look more like this. future cast 4 is set for 3:00 p.m.. you can look at that and judging by the coloration you can see where it is going to be the hottest. antioch and brentwood and purple. the livermore valley, tracy and pleasanton, purple. '70s and '80s throughout most of the they will close to rogers along the coast. that is where the fog will be selling in and hanging out through most of the day. in
8:49 am
the heart of the afternoon will be uncomfortable particularly in land. we do have cooler weather in store for the weekend. saturday and sunday we have a system to our north that will gradually slide our way and bring cooler temperatures. saturday, sunday and into next week we will knock off a good 10 or more degrees of of the afternoon highs. >> we are starting off with a south bay hot spot mid peninsula. we will get to the average check in a moment. in the last few minutes the slowdown has cleared. to 80 which was a
8:50 am
hot spot yesterday is not this morning but it is here in the mid peninsula, it is this ride stock down from san mateo leading down to sunnyvale where we will spend so much time this morning. a 38 minute drive time. that is about 15 minutes longer than it should take you. on your bridge check as a look at the bay bridge, we are still about an 18 minute drive time. the 80 approach is about half of that. the backup did not get into the maze as has in the last couple of days. the san mateo bridge ride 13-14
8:51 am
minutes. you will be in the fog as you drive across the span on the toll plaza. a look at the no. they can you coming up and our next report. >> the new system is going to be replaced, damage to the cables and wear and tear have weakened it. the replacement project is expected to take at least four months. more birds infected with west nile virus have been found throughout contra costa county. 10 more birds tested positive for the disease.
8:52 am
the birds were connected from walnut creek, pleasant hill, concord and a brentwood. that brings the total number to 25 this year. >> >> apple will show the world the new iphone on october 1st. this will be a big deal. many need a new phone for an upgrade. they say it is a new design. maybe it will be thinner, lighter, a bigger screen, could be 4g. it is all going on rumors. you know how apple is tight-lipped.
8:53 am
>> president obama was live this morning and just in the nation. he is making his way back to the bay area in the next week on monday talking about the nation's job situation at linkedin which is headquartered in mountain view. they say that he will also answer questions about job creation and the economy. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside as we are looking at the bay bridge where we still have a pretty big back up. we're back up past the over crossing as we approach 9:00 to hayward where is 63 degrees f
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i am sure
8:57 am
the united states but made some directed changes overnight. a real time to occur on the right-hand side of your screen read conceal your friends are talking about and who they're talking to. the photos in the new sweater bigger this morning. we have received 100 comments already. so far 56 people have said that they hate the new changes and only five actually like them. here is a quick look at what people are saying this morning. if you would like to weigh in on this heated discussion leave your comments on our faith of fan page at
8:58 am
>> here is a live look at the james lick freely. traffic looks pretty good. 82 for the high-end san francisco. we will be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we are hearing that the two uc-berkeley grads freed from an iranian prison have now been flown out of the country. it is expected to go to beaumont, spend a few days there and then make their way back to the united states. shane bower and josh fatel were freed this morning after a lawyer obtain the signatures of two judges on a bill for freedom deal. they did post $1 million bail. 5 million free to them. now they are free after spending more than two years behind bars. it
9:01 am
appears now there are making the long journey back home. i am here to give you all the latest right here on kron 4. when >> your is the reaction. >> i am excited them. i'm glad they're back. i do not know anything about it other than what were the hiking and are run.
9:02 am
>> are they coming home? that is great. the noose around campuses starting to filter through to all of the students. we will be getting reaction all morning long. yesterday we climbed to the triple digits. same story for today. you can see the shop for mt. tam that shows what is going on. mostly clear conditions and low cloud cover pushing its way through the gate. as we have to the afternoon oakland is warming to the low 80s. pretty pleasant there. a lot of sunshine. hayward is starting to get pretty warm up there and livermore another very hot day. sweltering heat getting to about 100 degrees. here is a look at current temperatures. through the east bay of low 60s, same story for the south bay and
9:03 am
68 in antioch. as we take you to the afternoon notice all of the red. that shows us '90s but the purple does indicate triple digits. in this out a warming into the 90s and most spot. it looks like we will want to about 93 in santa clara. the san ramon valley is a hot spot today. temperatures will be flirting with triple digits or climbing into the century mark. it looks like will want to about 93. a mixture of '80s and '90s. downtown san francisco another gorgeous day. 82 degrees. this is the weather that people live for. down into san mateo and redwood city temperatures in the '80s. in the north bay will warm into the upper 90s for santa rosa. we're getting close to that triple digit mark through fairfield. here is your 7 day around the bay mark. the first day of fall on friday. after that a
9:04 am
cooling trend through the weekend. >> the end of the back up. it doesn't even reached the end of the over crossing. the drive times are down to about 16 minutes unless you are coming in from the nimitz freeway. there could be some sluggish traffic for the macarthur maze but only track leading to the east shore freeway not getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is good news. your ride on the san mateo bridge westbound has been very easy most of the morning. 101 is
9:05 am
low in both directions on highway 92. looking at your high it right on highway 101 for marin candy still an easy commute with no delays in the south on direction. we will track the commute for you right now picking up our traffic maps you will see that there is still some sluggish traffic in the heart of the commute as we head through marin. the drive time is still 38 minutes from navato as we head into central san rafael. the northern marin commission slows at the navato narrows. out of sonoma county it is not bad at all the petaluma traffic still looks good getting to downtown navato. >> police are looking at surveillance video in order to find two suspects in the shooting of a five-year old girl in san francisco. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon in broad daylight at 4:30 p.m. in the bayview district. the girl was walking home with her father
9:06 am
on third street when he heard gunshots and realize that his daughter was shot in the left knee. she was taken to asset general and is in stable condition. the girl was not an intended target. >> nice and sunny in san francisco. another hot one. san francisco will see 82 the inland areas will bake with close to 100 degrees. we will be right back.
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> at this time we're asking for assistance from the media and community. >> the father said they had a disagreement the same when she disappeared, this is not the first time the teenager left home. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> israel deserves recognition and normal relations with its neighbors. friends of palestinians do them no favors by ignoring this truth. just as friends of
9:15 am
israel must recognize the need to pursue a two-stage solution with a secure israel and independent palestine. >> right now president obama is meeting with the prime minister of israel and he says that peace cannot be imposed on the israelis and palestinians. >> in the bay area is another as their the air day. smog is building up around the bay area as air pollution is expected to approach on healthy levels. this is the third spear the air day of the week. >> today the smog is in the bay area. high temperatures. louisa hodge has your forecast. >> and linda will be hot today. a similar date to yesterday. and downtown san francisco, gorgeous weather. clear skies and a lot of
9:16 am
sunshine. temperatures in the low >> coastal fog making its way over the golden gate bridge. as we head into the afternoon another warm day and hot inland. the cool down happens as we head towards the weekend. here is a look at current temperatures. we are warming and adults up. here are your current temperatures. >> afternoon highs are bringing plenty of 90s today.
9:17 am
9:18 am
>> heavy traffic out of hayward into fremont's. that is a more typical drive in the one we had yesterday. the 880 cord or commute was backed up all the way into oakland's down to millipede is merely to san jose with an hour-and-a-half drive
9:19 am
>> the 101 marin commute we have a 37-38 minute drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. the traffic on the span is only hindered by the fog this morning. we are otherwise incident free. a check on the south bay and our next report. >> the time is 9:19 a.m.. more birds infected with the west nile virus have been found in hot spots throughout contra costa county. the mosquito control district said that 10 birds tested positive for the virus. the 10 birds were collected from walnut creek, pleasant hill, concord, lafayette and rinse with. this brings the total number of infected birds this year to 25. 4 g of
9:20 am
mosquitoes have been reported to carry the virus as well. >> a developing story would are falling, is google too big? that is the question congressmen are asking today. allegations that the company fails to service consumers properly and uses its search engine strength to bring competition. it is all a part of the broad antitrust investigation that has intensified since google has expanded into new businesses like comparison shopping, travel searches and business reviews. the allegations have been denied. >> new this morning, pg&e is purging gas from a pipeline at walton avenue near to 80 in belmont's. they are testing that pipeline. the purging began at 7:00 there is an expectation of
9:21 am
the odor of gas. in san bruno a ceremony was held to fill the crater where the gas line pipe exploded just over a year ago. this was the scene yesterday afternoon as one by one, residents were allowed to fill in the crater where the blast originated. the site had been kept open for investigators. the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> the man arrested for violent crime spree in san jose is going to court this afternoon for an expected agreement. paul castillo was arrested friday night in sacramento. the crime spree includes the kidnapping and murder of a vietnamese radio host and the shooting of a 42 year-old man at a gas station. that happens on friday. in the meantime yesterday, detectives searched a search warrant at a pot of in san jose in connection with the crime spree. police say they believe at least two people associated with the marijuana collective aided and abetted castillo.
9:22 am
>> this city of san as a is facing painful cuts. a report was released to the city council yesterday showing that most libraries and community centers could be closed in the jobs of firefighters and police on the line again. the solution to avoiding this according to officials is reining in retirement costs and consider raising taxes. >> one ran back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look outside. the fog is pushing to the golden gate. temperatures close to test it with a few degrees cooler. [ cow mooing ]
9:23 am
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>> this storm has already killed six people. before the storm made landfall about 1 million residents were urged to evacuate. many people lost power as well. quarter million people lost power but officials at the fukushima power plant say the typhoon should not impact to them. commuter train service has been effective in tokyo leaving tens of thousands of commuters stuck at stations across the capital. as you can see in this video, people cannot get to where they want to be. this comes as japan is still reeling from the quake and tsunami that struck in march and killed more than 15,000 people. >> in china, take a look at what the heavy rainfall did to the country's roads and this overpass in central china. it collapsed after the grounds were weakened by
9:27 am
the rain. luckily no one was hurt and the repair work has begun. >> a quick two-minute break as the kron 4 morning news continues. the latest on top stories, weathers and traffic after the break. a backup still on the debris. --bay bridge. hon back -- is what
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> renig starting tomorrow facebook users will be able to see what people are listening to and watching on the internet. >> a drop on wall street, the dow jones waivered throughout the morning as everyone is waiting to see what the fed will do, the federal reserve is expected to announce some long-term treasury bond that may push down long-term interest rates but. stocks have been with rain throughout the bay now down to 11,349. >> let's get a look at the weather and talk about the heat. a broken record. this entire week has been pretty hot. it depends on where you are. on the coast much cooler. inland another sweltering day with temperatures potentially in the triple digits. your is your downtown san francisco shop. blue skies and mostly clear to start your day. the
9:31 am
fog is contained to the coastline and the golden gate bridge. mountain view as we head into the afternoon to have into the '90s. a lot of sunshine all- around. temperatures starting to warm up through the delta in the '70s upper 60s for antioch and livermore. 10 degrees warmer in the east bay. in the south bay we are into the upper 60s at this current hour. we will really warm-up as we have in the afternoon. plenty of 90s. the the san ramon valley warm once again. temperature is well into the upper 90s and closing an awful digits. in the east they will stay pretty warm. 85 in alameda and 95 degrees in san leandro and hayward. san francisco it is going to be a beautiful day. you can see
9:32 am
the difference as you head to the coast. a much cooler day towards the coast. we will want to 84 in san mateo and in the north bay colony of '90s. and 99 in fairfield. here is your 7 day around the bay, a bit of a cool down come tomorrow. the first day of fall happening on friday. if after that much cooler for saturday sunday and monday. >> highway 880101 leading towards the montague expressway from the capitol expressway, the drive time should be 21 minutes by now but it is running at 33 minutes. it is going to cost an extra 10. i did not think it is worth worrying about an alternate route. if you want to you could maybe use highway 87, that could save
9:33 am
a little time. to 80 looks much better today for your west valley ride out towards cupertino heading up from downtown san jose. the peninsula ride has been a hot spot on a longer. we have sluggish traffic approaching 92. here is the bay bridge. the backup is not reaching to the first over crossing any more. the drive time is down to 12 minutes. we continue to seek steady improvements for the bay bridge back up. the santa fe bridge have been good all morning long. it is still a 30 minute drive time towards a foster city remember it is heavy getting onto 101 northbound or southbound. when a check of
9:34 am
traffic in the east bay. when >> 90 4:00 a.m.. this morning, belmonts for residents may smell gas. pg&e crews are working on a pipe line this morning. to get some more news faster yoli eceves. this started at 7:00 a.m.. do you smell gas? >> they came out on the scene at 7:00 a.m.. you can see some of the gas escaping right here. it is very loud. they turned about and all was said he started to hear this loud noise. [inaudible ]
9:35 am
>> if you could turn your body so that your microphone is facing away from the noise. >> is that better? >> yes. >> i want to know, why are they doing this? >> this is part of pg&e trying to make good with all that happens with the explosion. hydrostatic testing. instead of using the old method they will not use water to test the pipelines to see how well they hold. there is a lot of preparation that they have to do before they actually do that testing. right now have to basically drainpipes of all of the gas. that is what they're doing today. that is the most important part. >> will this be done?--when
9:36 am
will this be done? >> this is expected to go on for about eight hours. >> that was very loud. >> more on a developing story. we are hearing that the two uc-berkeley grads that have been freed from prison are being flown out of the country. we are hearing that their families are waiting for them in on along with the other freed hiker sarah shord. a reunion should be happening pretty soon. we hear that hikers are first glance to iman and spend a few days there and then make the trip back to the united >> we are still with some clarification who pay their $1 million bail. they spent two years behind bars. there were arrested in 2009 and sentenced to eight years in prison. they're making that
9:37 am
long journey back on. >> reaction to the release of the uc-berkeley grass. jackie sissel is live on the cal campus. >> i am on the cal berkeley campus. most people are waking up to the news. the good news that two of their own, the two graduates have been released from the iranian jail but they spent the last two years in. we spoke with students, faculty and staff members and got their reaction to the news. >> it is fantastic. it is insane that there were held in the first place. i am sure their families are ecstatic. >> i am sure there are so many things we do not know and will never know about this story and what happened behind the scenes into the negotiations that took place. kids have a lot of support internationally to get them out.
9:38 am
>> there are still a lot of questions about what happened and how the release worked out and how they ended up in jail for two years. for now, people on campus are extremely happy to see that they are released. >> 9:38 a.m.. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. a live look outside. there is a shot of the san mateo bridge.
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>> you have probably noticed a real time to occur on the side of your screen into your friends are talking to. the photos are definitely bigger this morning in the news the. starting tomorrow users will be able to see what people are listening to and watching on the internet. we have already
9:57 am
received 110 comments. so far 74 people have said they hate the new changes and only five act like them. here is a quick look at what people are saying. >> people did not like change. what do not want to change the weather. it is nice and warm. >> thank you for joining us. dr. phil is coming up next. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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