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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 22, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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is a look from our roof camera >> an overwhelming agenda said at obama administration and not doing enough to create jobs next at also shows half of california residents are worried someone in their own family will be out of this just comes days before the president is visiting the bay area we will be here to go to lincoln in the on monday midwest the president needs to listen to the people and bring more jobs back to this country moi >> as silicon valley police the visit of president obama we high executive executive
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suite need a permanent job growth and would overseas profits back to the states in red because and their competitive because people in people over the world would page and urge the present a sense that we are gonna get through this at the economy is take a lot heat lately what will of her clean energy companies twitter p is referring to the bay gave five better
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debt and $20 million loan roue. during >> it is is it to the bay area there will be at all hall meeting that connolly what was the the republicans presidential candidate still in a singlto >> of thousands of nurses across california are going on a one day strike the
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nurses' strike are against kaiser the letter dealt and children's hospital >> at the california nurses association and oakland no opinion matters is and union supporters moved supplies to the moving vans nurses will carry the designed outside and 34 hospitals for one day the strike will be to separate what i'll tell on same date first 1500 mental- health providers will pick it kaiser because of cut to their health care. others are insupportable their co- workers indeed >> we want kaiser have this thing and we have and that it is fair
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>> there's a strike is on ongoing contract negotiations >> and will have a high number of quality personnel >> a new business day was coming in they have enough providers of for quality care for the patients' lobby >> we have a number of nurses that are not part of a strike and are qualified at the bedside and they will be working to take care >> bill orcutthe walkout is to t at 7:00 a.m. with >> and now we will look at the weather on is cold and thursday >> it is still gonna be warm day and especially in land
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and air and stay clear of the triple digits and. you conceive the fog at the golden gate bridge. one as we head into the afternoon we will experience cooler temperatures and but we get much cooler will cease temperatures decline is a look of your satellite picture of the fog it is bringing in through marin and downtown san francisco along the coast. in temperatures we are 55 degrees right now we will ticket to the '60s through the delta. into the afternoon your eyes wellcome down just little bit from yesterday as you head up to
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campbell pier will stay in the '80s and pretty pleasant condition and the salmon around valley nud% ramona valles is goal be back in the '60s today and in north bay will be up or 80s and with we could also see some 90 degree readings. back tamara's a carbon copy of today and this is a look of your seven day forecasting.
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>> as i drove into work this morning allot for fodder on roadways and we do have dense fog advisory and include your ride across the bay bridges the highway patrol is asking that you drive with extra caution nell accidents or hot spots to tell you about the material bridge looks good boat directions and the golden gate bridge and southbound 101 we do have some construction in the northbound direction but looked good in terms of accidents and to the traffic maps' is now traffic delays
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no problems or delays. >> crime in san francisco mission district is out there have been five homicides so far this year. we also said rory's are ups with. the stepped-up patrols are working >> it is safe in this district for anywhere to go >> a robberies and assaults are down they don't have a timeline has a long season patrols will last dog >> several areas had infected birds with the west nile virus expect the dead birds or important tool it
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can be fatal to humans >> we will take a quick break with lots more as we look outside from our mt. tam camera and cooler weather on the way for today we will be right back .
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>> >> troy davis was executed last 90 >> to i s and a davis execution has been carried out >> supporters some stood outside the prison where he was put to death by lethal injection for an off-duty policeman officer witnesses to the execution davis
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declined alas melt the declaring his in cents up to the end >> he said it is not my fault i did not have a gun and he asked about them to look deeper into the case to find the truth >> they picketed outside the supreme court hoping for at stay after a four hour delay on that request was denied >> this has been going on for 22 years and all of a sudden it's over i can relax now it is over nicole >> her family never doubted davis is guilty >> in my mind he was guilty >> others said this at dead
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is tragic >> he was a good an innocent man >> prosecutors stand by their conviction >> reporters said that it will be against the death penalty it is supposed to have died three other times and before this. >> the cultural center where its location near ground zero in new york is now opened would it is called a mark of 51 it and it stores yesterday afternoon it focuses on children living around the world and that are now living in opponents fell below islamic center is to close when and it is insensitive >> much more ahead on the
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kron 4 morning news will have weather and traffic and see if there's any not thought to be right back
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>> >> it 416 a m we have seen between 78-1150 million dollars option to open with reebok view the pension and retirement plan with the
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city could save 50 to $100 million when i hear park requires a public vote an option 3 also requires a public vote is an increase in the sales that would help the city gained a $36 million in sent as a residence are not interested in having their sales tax increase. >> how did this looming budget deficit affects people in san jose and we continue our coverage on what could be on that >> it could mean another round of pink slips at city hall in a worst-case scenario all other branch libraries when would close
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all together with and the community centers which which offers nutrition and services to the young and old would shut down a measure to rid dues retirement caught de and other sick pay restructuring >> it could be a lot unemotionally of of police and fire fighters and school crossing guards and city workers will also be out to take a pay cut when it is a process that has already begun. >> we saw all a at lose by end sunshine met see a much more that >> no drastic changes in the
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forecast we will see a lot of sunshine we're not producing much cloud cover after the morning. oakland is expected to be high at 72 and sunday hayward 83 and sending word this is a look of visibility with the fog out there right now in some areas a is less a than a quarter temperatures at 55 degrees in san francisco this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area abou. this is a look of yor high temperatures for later on this afternoon
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temperatures will not going to triple digits today. when the model bill similar day-to-day and this is a lot of your seven day forecasting you can see that, what cooling trend and
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buying next week we start a slow warming trend timing now for 20 1:00 a.m. and now traffic >> the fog is very much evident brought the bay area the highway patrol has issued out and bought what your ride on highway 111 and also on a restated 80 along the one sure. at the bay bridge addition traffic is moving good but the fog is on the upper deck why at the san mateo bridge no problems it is in very good shape and the golden gate bridge and southbound 101 we're dealing with overnight constructions with in the northbound lane suburban your ride and through marin
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county it actually looks good but nell accidents to report just be mindful of the visibility with the fog and in our traffic maps' everything looks good and all is showing green >> this search for missing nursing, nursing student michele is over and this is the person who found the do fothe body and her dog >> amber is a yellow lab and credit swarm finding the the remains of michele lee >> at one point she came running back to me at a fast pace when she reached me to jump on my chest and then
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started off in the same a flat area and waited for me to a parking and when i went to put her leash back on her eyes a lot of what could be remains and walkes. her daughter amber wa her daughter was killed several years ago and that is why the dog is named after her daughter. >> amber is going to grow rescue training and will be a cadaver dog. she now dedicate a lot of for disserting brothers lot one's
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>> much more ahead on kron 4 morning news in a program note blue angels and of the lead to week will be happening on saturday october 8th at 3 d and we will have a one iris special one why.
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>> artist painted a streetscapes wore an elementary school they all know this street artist by name in view of their playground glass month he returned to san francisco 8 wanted people once again
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>> be as a been a street artist for 25 years and has seen his come art come and go >> it is been painted over or taken down when this circled gets dry we'll put the eyes and at the days on . >> the schoolchildren see him as an artist that transformed a their playground area >> when children get to experience this at a young age they get to see it from their classroom to do why >> what this piece is being done not without compensation he has gained a worldwide recognition that have made him a successful artist his art work is
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displayed in galleries are around the world. >> why does a sensible artist spent his days pinballs some near elementary schools and would >> it is a great place for young children to enjoy warm >> and we'll take a brief time it is for 20 8:00 a.m. and this is a look of the san mateo bridge traffic.
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>> on torn headlines this morning was a report done up by an independent monitor the officers have drawn guns of traveling a lot of times >> this is not a safe town this is a at teachers town for police officers there in a dangerous situation and endangering areas of the town >> he is president of the police some officers association he does not want police officers and in one when reviewed in this report some the officers drew guns why 215 times when the from the january 1,
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2011 broke march 31, 2011 >> i don't want any of my officers to think they should pull their weapons out because of this report it is a company policy >> it has a much lower percentage of officers to population some call it a growing crime problem >> we have triple digit murders every weekend with we deal with our crime in cities the police officers not to protect >> > san francisco police are still looking for a suspect in the mission district robbery would a business owner was locking up when a suspect bush's way
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through the door with a semiautomatic gun war crime in the missing district is upper so far there have been five homicide's and in 2010 there were only five for the whole year officers say they have stepped up patrols and it is working >> sent his own police patrols have increased why officers from the game passport and file reduction team have helped they have stepped up patrols and it is working >> it is safe anywhere in this district for people to go >> robbery and assault are down what and robbery suspects are papua so far this year a hundred and 39 why compared to last year
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whe. they don't have a timeline on how long >> one person is dead and another injured near children's hospital in oakland at happen around 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning it is a block and a half from hospital delays are still trying to figure out what happened >> the gun battle left one person dead and another person fighting for their live both victims are male another victim was injured it is unclear if he was heard here or elsewhere this is how violent confrontation led to dozens of bullet casings a long history while it is just a short distance
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from children hospital a hospital shut down for a brief period of time for precaution police spent most of the day investigating and talking to witnesses and there are tight lipped about what they found one with why. >> this is happening every day all day and it does not make sense it's not safe for kids to go to school and does not say for adults to go to work why they didn't do this much shooting and cowboy days. >> and now a forecast several hot days in the bay why and cooler temperatures are finally here.
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>> in lands lots will beat slightly cooler today we have a deeper marine layer with fog and drizzle park have cooler temperatures of this afternoon and much cooler as we head into the weekend. this is look of your satellite picture of the fog it is in for the golden gate bridge and portions of their scene visibility drops from santa rosa to papilloma when by the 10:00 a.m. our why will hold on to the '50s and '60s noontime we're still as
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a warm into the '90s. her half result of earlier seven day forecast sunny and warm glow sit and a cooling trend
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that starting on sunday is the will be in the upper '70's macmilla. and now traffic >> el hotspots to tell you about the highway patrol has issued a a fog advisory throughout the san francisco bay area at the toll plaza of traffic is moving well and of highway patrol is asking that you drive with caution and be mindful of the carson friday alone. that there bridge no problems and not an goldeneye bridge all lanes are available in the southbound direction on
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highway 1 01. time right now for 39 and the kron 4 morning news will be right back stay with as. ]s
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>> >> 43 least with its top list of richest americans are the top 400 for. mark as upt into the top 20 men it was a and 34 fifth place last year. others made rich by
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facebook john parker and boston mobster bet she you it was the youngest a billionaire with growing fortunate catapulted them onto the less. to check out their arrest of a list go to kron 4 fan page why. >> >> which more at ahead on our kron 4 morning in a look at the james a like freeway .
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>> >> they are finally free and these printed to freedom running off to the film plane and into the arms of their loved ones in after being held captive for two years and i run there were
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escorted from the back country to all new-line and work in the arms of their loved ones and friends and and now we're waiting for them to return to the bay area. also on the tarmac was very short and and that is his fiancee she was released a year ago and more on this emotional return >> the two man that all year record deal was ended they picked at the prison and taken to the airport and spent two hours on an armani why airplane with 1230 this afternoon on the west coast >> they are safely on the ground who and they have been released from prison >> we're so happy they are free and so happy to be free >> to years in prison was
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too long me >> in 2009 we were hiking in the mountains from near the iraq iran and turkey come together they took into custody because they entered the country a later they were put into prison with in november 2009 and announced three would be charged with espionage after 10 months in captivity there were granting of is do from their mothers with >> exercise all lot and a reluctant >> a year ago sure was released for medical reasons and paying the five higher thousand dollars bail with >> please extend your purse to live with fiancee, jane and my friend josh >> it looked like the spurs would not be answered they were tried and sentenced to eight years in prison and
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then, all mine came to the restaurant witrescue and do the1 million to get the boys back why >> it went to berkeley and wheat talk to shame bowers former prof. and what they were doing in the middle east in the first place >> it is really exciting to have them free it is a long time coming why people have been praying and working very hard to make this happen we are elated >> chain is a free lancer when and why he was interested in the middle east and do different stories about different countries and elections and issues around pottery and tried to sell those stories
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when and the photographs were in the chronicle why while other organizations were using their work >> sara shark was with a two-man one taken into custody and she was least one the year ago on medical reasons and would >> i got a voicemail from sarah this morning i've been waiting for for very long time it came in the middle of the night and when i heard it needs it was they're saying it is finally happening with and the joy and herve boys i knew what she was talking about it a moment to in waiting the past two years for >> they will spend the next few days in or monde will and then make back way back to the u.s. about. >> and now look of our forecast >> it is gonna be warm on
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the inland spots some we are seeing an increase in the fog this is look of the golden gate bridge and of visibility is drawn in and will we may be getting drizzle from the stock temperatures will come down and with lots of sunshine out there. this is a map of visibility in some areas that is less than a quarter of a mile temperatures in the mid-50s in san francisco. by the afternoon we will see some 90s in be
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we will stay multan early in the '80s and wha. we're saying goodbye to the triple digits. the result of your high temperatures around the bay area. this is a look of your seven day forecasting it is a carbon copy of what you had yesterday. >> facebook is changing why there is a facebook
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conference one >> i'm standing in front of the design center will where the is book is getting ready to put on their shelves warm they're expected to make big changes to facebook pier been very tight-lipped about we do not know what changes are coming >> all the rumors is a media room they are expected to overhaul your will profile page they want you do not be watching and sharing more videos why wait six back to them to launch a built-in music service worrell with we never pays about does not want you to leave their website it makes perfect sense it would be applied
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plays aurora to keep to their reward rouen and an on-line market to buy games room on the overall and redesigns wrong lodge and and i corona out update henry and also an ipad will application the shorter " and declined more news at 5:00 p.m. and out bring you an update >> of our facebook questions you can go on to facebook and goethe our web page and like this and add
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your comments kibbutz.
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>> >> >> this matter of waiting in the water when seems to be waiting in the water in fact this matter with a large dog with is looking for the same painewebber piling a man finds exactly what he he showed it to the camera and placed it in a bucket this one has all three are inside this a plastic bag a problem it is not crab season your not allowed to get any credit
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from the beach at all and it is called poaching crabs season is between march and june 1st you need of special licenses and the measuring gauge one. and 80 taking any dundee crap out from the water is a misdemeanor in can be a thousand dollar fine with you could be hit with an additional one every crack you have problems now the good news in during crash season pick away even need to read up on the rolls on grabbed a size where we can i will add the link to my facebook fan page at ocean near a beach and this is correct stanley roberts
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kron 4 news >> if you know of anyone create it badly you can check him out on facebook or go to his e-mail at people be bay behaving badly dock calmed with one will find out if there are any hotspots on the road way and we will be right apps
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>> >> morning this is thursday park top story tens of thousands of nurses are set to go on street into a hours from now 23 mi. and nurses will carry the signed outside of 34 hospitals for one day it is to separate walkouts in one day nurses at kaiser are walking now
5:00 am
because of proposed cuts to their retirement others are is supporting their co- workers why there is newton at children's hospital is over contract negotiations. in the next half hour we'll have an update on the report >> that to use the birth plate grads that were released from a runny in prison there is spending their first day of freedom in seclusion with their you conceive how they were super rounded and when they touched down they spent two years in custody and our on when it presents to eight years in jail they were released on a one that
5:01 am
million dollar bill to deal will this is video of the arrival they were welcomed by their family and sears short who was released last year wit. they claimed they were hiking they gave a brief statement after they arrived why >> we're so happy we are now our deepest gratitude toward his majesty of our armonk why we are sincerely grateful that the government of will on rescued us and our families >> two years in prison is too long we sincerely why for the freedom of other political prisoners >> the officials met not
5:02 am
disclose the details of their plans once they are free. >> bay area weather and we have a fallback in the bay area why. >> it was as short as indian summer i experience in the fog is back it is out with a vengeance and is spread throughout the whole city all avenues in the richmond district and some pockets is bigger why visibility is not that bad man there is a cool breeze out here you will want to bundle up if you're coming to san francisco.
5:03 am
more on the forecast >> to the east in the valley it is gonna be another record warm day will not see any 100 degree readings at deeper marine not clear with fog and a possible drizzle or have cooler temperatures this afternoon are hotspot will be out warm once again and we will have a cool down over the weekend. you can see the fog coming through on the golden gate bridge have their fog along the quirks to in santa rosa visibility is reduced. zero to one my album in santa rosa no. no delays said as have
5:04 am
alat sfo. this is a look of your eye temperatures throughout the bay area.
5:05 am
>> go morning hotspot free morning there are fog advisory is out. this is look of the bay area toll plaza where no problem are no delays where. and your san mateo bridge ride is fog free with and the golden gate bridge is foggy drawn
5:06 am
on 101 southbound. over in the east banay. there is of far reported on east bound for an to 42 why. will all have a check of the south bay and coming up in your next report >> another rat day on wall street dow futures are down 202 after yesterday's big
5:07 am
drop on wall street fed's announced operation twist toward they bought a lot more a 30 year treasury some would kawai and the last hour of trading that's when we saw the dow plant will the sell-off in the u.s. and continued in the overseas market japan was down 1.6% south korea opened time 2.6% and in hong kong but it was downed 3.6% whone wh. therea huge transportation strike in athens they walked off the job for three hours this afternoon it canceled
5:08 am
hundreds of flights with the strike comes at a day after after ups cut in pension >> hon economic calendar new there are going to give better results of the jobless claims why and they economic indicators report now not time now 5:08 a.m. and a look from our roof. one we do have fog advisory is out there a difference in the weather today.
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>> >> nato says omar kaddafi's rain is still a threat the nato missing and is not over me his supporters are well armed and the fire is raging on in three runs nine people were killed in a street battle mean this is video out of the capital city and six of those killed were government resources when they fired mortars and grenades into crowds of people they also targeted protesters.
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>> >> traffic is light year on the golden gate bridge it
5:16 am
was so foggy honest thing and i know would like the back of my hand it was so foggy >> we have fog advisory on this man is going to be patchy we are seeing it on north in santa rose umpir. to te care offered driving up their is a live look of downtown san francisco city lights are visible. the cloud cover extends through the golden gate bridge and is affecting oakland would with this morning in the marine layer is the big story it is bigger and is pushing further inland whwould would withd. this will
5:17 am
bring our temperatures down this result of temperatures at 10:00 a.m. by noontime it'll be in the '80s and 5:03 p.m. we will see of the '90s is not to be as hot as we saw yesterday. we're going to get more relief this weekend. on saturday and sunday and then upper seven days on sunday now traffic >> there had been in an
5:18 am
early morning our fog advisory the bridge is clear it is fog free right now and the fog advisory is have been removed some areas of the city near the coast and possibly highway 35 could still be under the influence it is a light and easy ride on the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge why we're not tracking any hotspots and the golden gate bridge is not foggy here for the inbound no delays in traffic when.
5:19 am
>> paul castillo is now on us so as i watch and he was arraigned on felony charges yesterday and did not enter a plea his attorney believes metal issues and toward peace to helped castillo to collude and police why would they could have hit him on called the police were searching prepared. >> a religious center is
5:20 am
accused of stealing why under thousand dollars new wind they are wanted in a $1 million warrant seven counts of grand theft and and forging business documents. >> what quarter order execution of troy anthony davis hasn't been completed he was executed >> he maintained his in it sends up until the end troy davis was executed last nine for the murder of a georgia police officer. seven of the nine witnesses changed their testimony. >> it signed off her it is relief that it is over i
5:21 am
have to digest all this it was very hard on me i have to work on that member be and realizes at all all happened and how it ended >> before davis died with 500 protesters where outside the prison and and now of i will be on that at the death penalty >> janet napolitano is to visit is goal and joplin missouri since the high school was destroyed in an ap in the tornado its damaged and schools in the arab and killed under in 60 people they govern
5:22 am
officials won a stop by to praise the community for rebuilding >> is there reign of this san francisco giants their a low-profile, the details are and at this is a look from the bay bridge toll plaza we will be right back i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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>> >> cedras is going had an 8- 5 victory over the dodgers and the goleta braves lost in why now they are three and half games behind at let us whether when the a's lost
5:26 am
again to the rangers. they a's lost to the rangers' 3-2 >> money ball opens tomorrow night. >> time now 5 for 20 6:00 a.m. and this is all look from our roof it is very fog around the bay. we're looking for a much cooler high today we will be right back
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>> >> nurses are going to be on strike at hospitals in the oakland today the dow was down 280 points yesterday and temperatures are expected to rise in land and now we'll start with a weather. >> not as hot as yesterday banks to the marine layer see how organized it is today and do it is a much bigger marine we are expecting cool conditions it
5:30 am
will be in the warm category. bomb this is allot of future past temperatures it is a solid mex him by noontimes the the '80s pushed their way and closer to the shoreline wads the fog will hang out most of the day on along the coastline. everyone will enjoy a slow step down in our temperatures. we have been watching this system of the past several days and
5:31 am
there is a possibility of buzz sprinkle or two for sunday in this extreme and northern portion why. we're going to be in the band 90s today what and then will drop even more as we headed to sunday cooler weekend ahead with and now traffic. >> we are taking a look on the nimitz freeway 880 in the southbound direction. we had a report of an accident and southbound at 23rd there were lanes blocked it was a potential hotspot mix but the road way has cleared out nicely and now appear. you can s
5:32 am
showing at all the road way as sheen meaning there's no delays. cover it the bay bridge it is this was coming it no problems at the toll plazas wit. the san mateo bridge no delays and no delays on the golden gate bridge southbound 101. >> time now 533 a m in just about an hour and a half hour from now 23 and thousand nurses were all on
5:33 am
strike at 34 hospitals for one day it is do separate walkouts and jackie sissel is live at out children's hospital in oakland and what is there be even >> i am at kaiser hospital with in oakland this is what the locations in with a strike is going to happen 23 to thousand are going to work out today when we have video from yesterday when they were preparing prison one day strike it boils down to the same issues it is about medical benefits and retirement and pension benefits and that they are understaffed all the time they won it increase the stabbing me they have been trying to negotiate and it
5:34 am
not as not unhappy more than 20,000 our ends are expected to walk out today it should not affect the hospital sincl. the walkout is to start at 7:00 a.m. >> have not have little word of from kaiser how they're going to handle the elective surgery is me what they will tell electives eight surgeries are what often >> facebook users react to another round of changes mark as secretary is expected to make more
5:35 am
changes a conference tape supplies in san francisco it rondel music service and user base as an audience there pardoning up with the rhapsody so they can share music of from other areas >> i've been asking viewers on are visible of rampage what they would like to see what type of changes this is some other responses ................. if you would e to leave around, visit our kron 4 facebook page and like us >> this just into the news
5:36 am
room viewer people sought unemployment benefits last week it was an unexpected weekly drop of 9000 applicants reward as more figures command i will get them to you >> dow futures dropped more they're down to 50 and now they're down 239 points this is after yesterday's drop of 284 stocks are down in your opinion the opening bell is less than an hour alway take a look at appear bay bridge while and we have more fog this morning why it
5:37 am
should be a beautiful afternoon. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
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blue shield.
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>> >> there will be a televised a debate later on today perry will point out that texas created more jobs in and he romney did he was governor in massachusetts
5:41 am
for four years >> the on the economic report gop leaders lose 3.7 billion for disaster relief when after the measure fails to pass neone. the party members were against separate the amount of spending why. the federal, or run up money and on nov. 0. if the bill does on past in bill gates is on the top of the forbes list richards of americans this is his 18th year at the top the list his net worth is estimated at 159 $8 billion
5:42 am
when on. >> up programming and dealt on october 8th at 3:00 p.m. late angels and fleet week we will have a one hour special that is saturday at the
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>> >> >> where are back at 546 and there is a change in the weather that marine layer is pushing and very strong.
5:46 am
the north bay am has reduced visibility the parisian be faulty at times no delays at a mess of all as out yet temperatures still mild this is forcing our warmer tench pictures is a look of temperatures right now and around the bay area . there cooler now than they were yesterday at this time . this is what temperatures
5:47 am
will look like at penne ambaat 10am. the '90s will not be as warm as they were yesterday this is a look of your seven day forecasting why we goethe and 94 to 79 on sunday when warm we will keep it when that mao cool weather when that is your weather and now traffic >> at developing hotspot on the peninsula why holly street 101 southbound with an accident that is blocking a couple lanes there is the
5:48 am
possibility of a similar we in this location would with . men this is look of your east bay ride with everything looks good whe.
5:49 am
cemetery bridge no planned land and at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving smoothly but there are patchy areas of fog >> 16 people are dead or missing after a iphone swept the country. that's how i've found is just a hurricane by a different name dumped 17 in. of rain in some areas that typhoon could cause some problems to the already damaged power plant officials say the planned weathered the storm with no problems include >> she wants to confront dominics rock score on face- to-face she said that strauss-kahn tried to rape her her mother is a mid-
5:50 am
level socialist party member talked her out against spying charges against and have sued her for slander charges were dropped against ross gone pope benedict is returning to his homeland of germany is on a four day visit a holy mess is set for today in berlin he will address parliament and also meet with jewish leaders. >> will be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues and this is a look of the san mateo bridge we are is in traffic thick as you make your way westbound on the right-hand side a
5:51 am
word it temperature right now is 56 degrees and the expected high of 83 will be right back.
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>> >> are sending more tax and it dimas down our attention span it leads to problems at work and " romancing if you would like to read this study in the attire in a lot postal link why not of my facebook van page why >> crashed it will hit
5:55 am
either on land or in the ocean it is anyone's guess where it is going to land it is at 12,000 lb. satellite the size of a school bus it was the upper atmosphere research satellite it ran out of fuel in 2005 is expected to re-enter the atmosphere sometime tomorrow >> and this is ocean beach in it is foggy out there the hot weather at the beach brought out some people behaving badly and stanley roberts has allot attacks >> this man not waiting in the water appears to be doing just that waiting in
5:56 am
the water but he is looking for something in fact this man with a dog is looking for they exacts same thing finally the man finds a exactly what he is looking for a crab he shows to the camera and then places it in a pocket this man with the dog has three inside a plastic bag the problem is not crab season you cannot remove these crabs from the beach and all it is called poaching crabs season is between november and june you need all license and a special measuring gauge the looks like this. taking any grab off season is a
5:57 am
misdemeanor you could wind up in jail for six months and a thousand dollar fine in addition you could be hit with an $800 fine for each grab you have heard now the good news if it was crabs' season pick away my of fis is to read up on the rolls i place a link on my people behaving badly played june and added to my facebook man page. >> the bleachers are calling them the inland cities are still could be hot. tomorrow is the first day of fall will have a cool down at the beaches. but at the high on temperature in on sunday
5:58 am
will allow high of 79 to will be right back. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah.
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