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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> >> dia23 dozen nurses will go on strike for one day in and one hour nurses have >> 23 w walking outside
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17,000 are and network said kaiser we have video from yesterday as they were preparing their strike sounds this is edward mental-health and optical workers in when we expect to see that the people walking picket line in 45 pennants kaiser said they will have cut replacement workers in place and every lead will be business as usual elective surgery is will be rescheduled but everything will be fine. >> will be monitoring what happens at a hospital today the affect northern california children's center for a complete list on the hospitals that are affected we had that link on our facebook fan page >> the fog starting to
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rollback following an accident on the peninsula with >> we have all hotspot on 101 is out bound at holly c. street and free it lanes are blocked and with. says special traffic advisory why two of avoid the area is southbound 101 @ holly the left lanes are blocked one. pie >> and a quick check of what welfare current condition of
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57 degrees going up to 85 by noontime 92 expected high and walnut creek this a quick example of where we expect temperatures to go nud. it will be warm cannot haunt him we will have more in your forecast in your seven day forecasting and just below bed >> we're tearing off the wires fear people sought unemployment benefits last week the unexpected drop in came in under 9000 with these are figures that are coming in from the labor department a four week average rose and just
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alluded there are still 40 million americans with other job >> it will be a rough ride on wall street after a drop of 298 points right now moldov. the dow was off to mentr and 84 points which because of operation twist him the fed bought all lot more and 30 year treasury bond why would with toward the sell- off has affected overseas japan was down 1.6% south
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korea down 2.6% and hongkong and down 3.6% to and there is a taxi strike in greece all mass-transit is shut down what even air traffic controllers are walked off unions are lasting out after tax hikes and pension >> time now 6:05 a.m. pt for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. traffic is light on the out golden gate bridge it might be socked in with fog when you got the dorawill rewrite backpack
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. >> >> >> a serious injury accident with a person in trapped inside emergency crews are on scene result, 101 at the holly street lanes are blocked some way wit. >> 610 a m. we have details
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of the uc-berkeley grads that are afraid they were released at about 24 hours ago and setting their first full day in freedom in seclusion and after being mobbed by the media. they spent two years in are running at present after accused and convicted of spying they were released on $500,000 bail they were welcomed by their family and is there a short the was also afraid last year and has been living in oakland cents in this happened in july of 2009 they were hiking in the new leave it free man gave a brief statement >> we are is so happy we are free and we are so relieved we are very our deepest gratitude goes toward its majesty of all on
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what to manage are released we are sincerely grateful that the government of lon because called our families some >> two years and prison is too long we sincerely hope for freedom of other political witone wit. >> shore's 80 n dormont as several days and after her release >> the kron 4 morning news continues and traffic is starting to build a net cash and lanes oakland is cooling down a few degrees today whether why.
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>> >> a highway patrol has issued a similar on this ... at holly street you might on the use interstate 280 to get around this bois. even the north, ride is a fact
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that it really should be activated him with an the right cheers san mateo bridge still looks couldn't the changeable message signed is eliminated because of the accident it will affect the ride off the bridge when and the golden gate bridges and the fog once again mon. time now 6:17 a.m. and now whether
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>> san mateo bridge once more you can see that headlights and taillights for this part of the beg not the case in santa rosa as we have debt spot we have a wider portion than yesterday and been covered by fog why. where 55 as san francisco on 67 san jose it is cooler than what we were yesterday this is what temperatures will look like
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for later on this afternoon . them the satellite dish shows a sister living in to the northwest are bay locations will will be dropping a decent amount from was 72 i today to a high of 79 on frida.
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>> paul pastel shot and at matt filling gas at a gasoline station with his attorney believes he has mental-health issues from these two individuals of the at they helped pastel while the police were searching for him wha. why >> the business manage for a religious center is accused of stealing seven appellate dollars over seven years the d.a. is wanted on $1 million arrest warrant she will be charged with seven counts of grand theft and forging documents >> the court ordered the
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execution of anthony davis * 11:08 p.m. he was executed in georgia last 197 of the nine witnesses changed their stories about the mother of the police officer spoke out last >> i cannot believe it is over knew i had to digest all the openings that have happened it has been very hard on me when why have to realize what everything that happened and how it ended >> the supreme court dismissed his appeal
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request supporters in now say they will be against the >> general paul lozano is six scheduled to visit our eyes cool in joplin at missouri with that's because they had turned a shopping center into a school this is video of some of the damage when it level schools damaged tenenbaum and thousands of buildings government officials wanted to come by to praise the community rebuilding efforts >> time now 6:21 a.m. let the fog full u.n. it is fog by the coast and hugging the bay. we're still looking at
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a hot temperatures why a program note to tell about what we have the blue angels fleet week special coming up on saturday at the upper eight we will be right backpack [ cow mooing ]
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it's just the kind of breakfast hardworking guys like you need. ...yeah. they're here! ladies, you have the right to remain sexy... >> >> still looks like a rough ride on wall street after yesterday's big drop of 283 after it was announced the fed's weren't buying long- term federal treasury support and we did have as uprising dropped an item americans filing for unemployment and we're still waiting for the opening dollars on wall street
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futures on deadline now >> all loss this defeat came and then hands of the democrats' anti party members a pet low-cost companies that build a fuel of physically, but at the party opposed it because of the federal, is cut or what ought got money and let down on november 30th and the bill does not ask kron >> for morning news continues as we look outside from our roof cam of fog is bigger than what is yesterday and one we have a 10 degree did drop entablatures when a big drop
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expected today a sell-off globally and it is gonna get wall street once again.
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rim. you'll see that the rides pretty good 101 northbound. hardly any delays. 85 still looks greece to the west valley cans into mountain view. how of downtown towards cupertino a little bit of slowing on interstate 28 northbound. let's get a check on weather as we had to the weather center. james fletcher is here. perhaps some cooler temperatures after the hot temperatures we have been experiencing a period >> here is a look at the bay bridge. clear glaze. that is the key at least on the weather front. fairly good visibility at the bridge although that is not the case everywhere. sfo has not implemented mandalay's of arriving flights by 1 hour 5 minutes because of the low cloud cover. oakland and san jose are on time. if you look at the map you will see how extensive the fog and
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clouds cover is in comparison to yesterday. an oakland to san jose we see a good bit of fall. it is particularly heavy and a bottle past santa rosa. 2 mi. to 1/4 mile. changes as you are driving. does know that as temperatures are mild. we do expect hubbard is a drop of another couple of degrees as we head towards sunrise. of which are going to see some decent warning today. the good news is at least for people, who were too hot we will not get that high. and the south 86 is what we are expecting for san jose. the inland and east bay valley is the soft upper 90s and nearly 100 and back livermore recorded 100 degrees test it, nowhere near that today. low-mid-90s
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this afternoon. across the eastern shore of the day when oakland will come and at 72, 80 for hayward. 79 for union city. along the peninsula 80 degree weather near redwood city. as you head towards san francisco you'll notice quite a cool down. 68 is the expected highs with lower 60s along the coast. that is where the fog will be hanging out for most of the day. in the north bay we're looking for upper 80s to lower 90s. here is your 7 day forecast and click the add momentum tomorrow will be another day like today. warm, pleasant to the outside, saturday and sunday fantastic. 634 a m, that is it for us. >> are watching wall street. a big draw boundary. the dow jones is down at 319 points down to 10,805 this is on top of the 284 point drop
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that we had in the last hour of trading. stocks are down globally as well >> new this morning, 23,000 nurses are on strike today outside of 34 hospitals for a one day strike. >> at kaiser hospital, what can we expect to see as patients? >> i think that patients
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will notice a very large contingent of pickets and all of the major medical centers in the northern and southern reasons it will be hard to miss.
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>> is another walkout today. nurses at those hospitals are protesting contract concessions that management is proposing. a complete list of the hospitals are on our facebook fan page. >> the implications of deep cuts in defense spending that are approaching one trillion dollars over the next 10 years. you're
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watching the kron 4 morning news and we will be right back.
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>> a sharp drop for the dow jones after closing down 284 points yesterday. we will keep our eyes on the the numbers. a gloomy outlook from the federal reserve and week reports overseas. markets worldwide are down right now. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we are still tracking a hot spot in peninsula, once or oneself found, the chp has not yet updated us on whether or not they can get the liens clear. they hope to have at least two of the three lanes open now and possibly all lanes open southbound. traffic is backed up the highway 92. use interstate
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280 as an alternate. this is adding 12 minutes to the drive time between berlin game and redwood city and the southbound direction. tracking a new potential hot spot a 13 minute drive time. as you get off the bridge saw on 101, slow and go trafficked. looking at your right from marin county, 101, still in the fall for this outbound commute and no delays across the span. a
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look at your no. bacon new shows that we still have a pretty good ride through nevada but in the north bay there is a dense fog advisory. traffic is already slowed to petaluma in the southbound ride. one hour 5 minutes arrival delays at sfo. this is what it looks like outside at the moment. the satellite view shows us how widespread to the north bay and east bay shoreline from oakland to san jose and up the peninsula coastline.
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visibility is less than a mile. >> there is a minor chance of that northern sonoma can the county could get a sprinkler to on sunday. cooler weather and nonetheless. i can see how much the inland highs will drop come saturday. mid-90s to mid '80s on saturday. that is your weather. we
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will keep you updated throughout the morning. watching the fog and delays at sfo. more on that in a little bit. >> a man suspected of killing a woman found dead inside a richmond press what has been shot by police. craig skalar alive at the scene in san leandro with details. >> this 42 year-old man was suspected in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, a tip to the san leandro police saying that he was at this house last night and in fact he was. with the help of a richmond police he was here and there was a standoff all night until about 140 am. he is at a hospital and now facing charges. they tried everything they could to try to negotiate effective now works of finally ended in a
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violent confrontation. he was wanted in connection with a 30 year-old woman found dead tuesday evening in the bathroom of a bakery in san paolo. that was last week. now it has ended here, violently and san leandro. >> new this morning, facebook users react to another round of changes at the site, mark zuckerberg is expected to announce even more changes at this year's f8 developers' conference that takes place at 1:00 p.m.. faced with is expected to unveil a free music service potentially it levering its massive use surveys as an audience. the social networking site is partnering with services like rhapsody to allow users to share music from different services. >> i have been asking yours on our facebook fan page what they would like to see change. for the most part viewers want facebook to
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stay the way it is. take a look at some of the responses. >> in three hours of trading we're seeing the doubt down over 600 points. right now we are down 3% to 10,007 of the divide. the fed announced yesterday it the quantitative using of buying long-term bonds but it was the fed's outlook a long- term growth there really
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weighed on the markets yesterday. we saw overseas markets with a big decline and now a huge drop once again for the doubt. president >> obamas is pushing his $447 billion jobs bill on republican turf today. he will be in the home town of house speaker jon boehner. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell state of kentucky will be there as well. we will be right back >> as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look for mt. tam. hop
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>> in the buzz this morning actress halle berry broke her foot in spain yesterday. she allegedly took a wrong step down the stairs heard a crack and now her leg is
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wrapped up in a cast. arnold schwarzenegger is writing a memoir. he promises that it will not be a tell all. no word on when the book will be released but it will be titled total recall, my unbelievably true life story. >> nasa is sang a piece of the satellite will be hitting earth. the likelihood of it hitting a person is one in 300. that is better than the lottery. >> a sharp dive in the dow
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industrial average. the dow is down 351 points after being down 284 yesterday. the federal reserve put out and see me yesterday about a bleak u.s. economy. a big drop towards the close. a sharp drop overseas in europe and asia and now spreading around the globe with the dow up 369 right now down to 10,755. we are right back in 2 minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> in of a developing story we're following, a huge drop on wall street, the dow, nasdaq and s&p down over 3 percent following yesterday's big sell-off in the last hour of


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