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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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extension. candidates share the stage for another debate tonight. what they had to say about jobs and your hard earned money. and in an hour, pieces of a satellite could begin falling back to earth, where people should keep an eye on the sky. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. police on the hot seat tonight. the department went before a judge to respond to mandates for reform. that lawsuit accused several police officers of misconduct. new tonight, kron 4's reggie kumar is live with what the judge had to say about changes so far. >> reporter: the judge was disappointed with the oakland police department. he said oakland is a city that hasn't complied with the reforms that were proposed by its own experts a decade ago. >> reporter: this all started
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back in 2003 when more than 100 residents alleged that four police officers known as the riders beat people up and planted false evidence. while the charges were dismissed the judge ordered the police department to make changes. all of the requirements are outlined in this report. the judge said if they failed to comply they would place the police department under federal control. a decade later they are noncompliance with 32 reforms but still need imelement 19 measures. they say the department has accomplished a lot of what the judge wants done. >> he was somewhat impress would the steps but he expects more. we have taken nine years. we still haven't hit our
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standards, although we have improved. we wants that corrected. >> some things that are slow and we are not going to deny that. i am frustrated as anyone else. >> reporter: he represented clients who filed the lawsuit against the riders in 2003. he said they made significant changes but the judge is concerned about the recent findings in the report that says officers pointed guns at someone 28% of the time and they were not a threat. >> improve and protect citizens. >> reporter: the judge stopped short of placing them under federal control and scheduled another hearing in january to see how much progress they made. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. a bomb scare closing streets and causing ten moment at a school in the east bay. new tonight, kron 4's alejandra cerball spoke with students. >> reporter: this is the school that went into lock down after
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2:00 p.m. students said teachers said not to worry. the streets in this neighborhood were blocked off and students were moved after authorities suspected there was a pipe bomb inside this home. >> when i seen them that's when i started to get really scared. >> reporter: the sheriff dep ates arrested this man after he failed to surrender fire arms. they found two pipe bombs. >> it was not a pipe bomb. it was just a pvc pipe. >> reporter: students had to stay in the cafeteria. neighbors say children were picked up. but authorities asked residents to leave their home. >> i was praying no one got hurt. a lot of people were in the
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temple and i was hoping nothing would happen. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect was violating a domestic violence restraining order. they did not release his name. alejandra cerball kron 4 news. well, there was applause but the closing bell was anyone but justify. the markets fell sharply fueled with fears the world is headed for a new recession. the dow was down 391.01 points at 10,733.83. the nasdaq composite fell 82.52 to 2,455.67. the standard & poor's 500 index fell 37.18 to 1,129.58. the state of the nation's economy a hot topic during the debate tonight between the republican candidates for president. this was the second time in less than two weeks they faced
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off. rick perry was again the target of attacks but as expected so was president obama. >> reporter: the gop hopefuls debated the economy. while taking swipes at the president. >> president obama has done everything wrong. i believe to create jobs it helps to have a job. >> reporter: mitt romney along with rick perry and michele bachmann all said the solution lies with the private sector. >> president obama embraced the view of government temporary fixes. they don't work. >> reporter: mitt romney attacked rick perry. >> we will have one plan and we will make sure it's sound and stable. >> reporter: rick perry said he only supported it for state employees. he attacked mitt romney for changing a line in his book
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that said his massachusetts healthcare problem would work for all. rick perry addressed criticism for being too soft on immigration. >> if you say we should not educate children who come into our state by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> reporter: those children would otherwise withcome a drag on society. kron 4 news. president obama was in ohio today pushing his $447 billion jobs bill. he was greeted by voters who started chanting in his favor. [ chanting ] >> he spoke in front of an aging bridge and demandded republicans, speaker of the house john boehner and mitch mcconnell support his plan to
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create jobs. john boehner is from ohio. the president is coming to the bay area on monday. we will have coverage and all -- in all of our new casts, beginning at 4:00 a.m. and we will stream his town hall meeting on and on our facebook page. we have big changes coming this weekend, thunderstorms and rain for the bay area. i will tell you where the threat is coming up in a bit. also, chunkings of space junk could reenter earth's atmosphere in less than an hour. where nasa believes the pieces could hit. we told you more changes were coming to facebook last night, tonight we know how your profile will be effected. and we are on elimination watch. day two. the giants trying to keep their playoff hope said alive.
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-- hopes alive. that's later in sports. [ cow mooing ]
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more news from around the bay. uc police and protesters clashed on campus today. this is video from earlier. it started at prowl hall. police had to use force to control the crowd. >> they were carrying shields and they pinned an officer against the wall. and grabbed a magazine from an officer's gun belt so the officers did use pepper spray to defend themselves and get the people that were pinning them back. >> the students were protesting fee and tuition hikes. hewlett-packard named meg whitman the former ebay ceo and california candidate for governor as its new ceo. the move pushes aside leo
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apotheker after 11 months on the job. the board lost confidence in his ability to lead long term. hewlett-packard stock fell while leo apotheker was that helm. a programming note, a blue angels special right here on kron. saturday october 8, 3:00 p.m., the best view of the blue angels when they fly over the bay area. that's saturday, october 8. we will be right back.
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it feels like a short cut, even through customs. it feels like everything's gonna to be just fine. it feels like the experience of a lifetime. that's what it feels like to be a member.
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. if nasa's calculations are rights, a 6 on it dead satellite will reenter earth as early as midnight. most of it should burn up but half a ton will make it threw. tonight exadministers say it's likely to come down over the pacific ocean and it's remote that any pieces of space junk
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will hit land. >> we have a list of 26 pieces pieces. >> the satellite orbited earth for 20 years. the largest space craft to fall uncontrolled in 32 years from the sky. our weather headlines for the weekend are loaded. lots of changes going on. tomorrow cooler weather expected and a chance of afternoon thunderstorms in the south bay. saturday, continuing increasing fog and cooler temperatures. sunday a storm could clip the north bay and bring us rain. first let's talk about the storm. you see it here. tail approaching the west coast. rain starting in seattle. rain continues down the coast and into the bay area into sunday. that storm is pulling up subtropical moisture. similar to a couple weeks ago. which is why there is a fire
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weather watch in effect. it edges into san jose. edging towards san jose because of the possibility of thunderstorms, dry lightning and that could start a fire. fire danger remains high as long as this is in effect. the rain i mentioned on sunday, slight chance of rain into the north bay. this indicates light sprinkles. if we see anything it will be under a 10 of an inch of rain. tomorrow temperatures cooler. inland 90s. 94 antioch. 90s in the south bay. warm there. 70s for the bay shores. 60 half moon bay. 66 santa rosa. 84 napa. 71 san francisco and 90s inland valleys. extended forecast, staying warm tomorrow. couple degrees cooler than today. chance of thunderstorms in the south bay for tomorrow
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afternoon. tomorrow night. cooler down more into saturday and more into sunday with a chance of sprinkles in the north bay. next week weather will be calmer. tuesday and wednesday, warmer conditions. >> reporter: outrage from facebook users after we learn what to expect with the big time changes to the site. kron 4's gabe slate has the details on what your new profile will look like. [ music playing ] >> mark zuckerberg! >> reporter: i know never seen a technology address open like this. >> welcome. we will change the universe. [ laughter ] i say that every year. >> reporter: the comedian opened the key note pretending to be mark zuckerberg. >> cut and grayed abs. >> reporter: he unveiled fake new features. >> called the slow poke.
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[ laughter ] >> the only poke that takes 24 hours to reach the person you send it too. you have a full day to retrack the poke. >> a big surprise, the crowd loved it. it was really funny. >> i want to talk about the heart of your facebook experience. the profile. >> reporter: facebook completely overhauled the profile, the look of facebook and how you use it. >> we have been working on it all year and we are calling it time line. the new facebook profile we will have within a month. starts to roll out to users in a couple weeks. >> time line is the story of your life. the first thing, it's a lot more visual. great way to discover all the stuff people have done. >> reporter: time line or the new facebook will organize your memories. right now facebook is all about the present moment. older posts are hard to find. i have to scroll down.
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the new facebook will be your one stop shop for preserving your digital life. all easy to find. it is the story of your life on on one page. a time line in years to zoom through. here is what the status bar will look like. not on top. kind of floating in the middle. gabe slate, kron 4 news. up next, 49ers quarterback alex smith suffered a concussion, gary has details and the giants playoff hopes took a hit tonight against the dodgers. gary has that story and all the sports next. ( grunting )
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the giants and the post season took another step towards forget about it. inside dodger stadium tommy
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lasorda. honorary coach tonight. lives in southern california. rivera off of madison bumgarner. that was it. buy would-be and -- bruce bochy and the gang down. sandoval is team leading 23 home run. by this point it's 6-2. poor barry zito. highest played payer, second time
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>> the rangers don't come in here and celebrate. they are a day or two away from capturing the west. the a's see if they will do more than hire bob melvin. alex smith suffered a consuggestion sunday. and the 49ers announced it today. he was practicing this week.
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only a minor concussion. he feels fine. cleared to play. the other story out of 49ers headquarter. they will stay on the east coast sunday, the owners, york family are from ohio. they will stay therefore bephiladelphia -- there before philadelphia in 10 days. >> take the air travel out of it. i feel like we have a team that ins each other's company. a chance to be close to each other leading up to a big week. also families are on the mid- west, east coast, let them be a part of it. >> all right. 49er game at cincinnati, 10:00 a.m. west coast time. and doesn't happen often, watch the 49ers on the road and the raiders at home. they are sold out sunday for
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their home opener versus the jets. televised locally. something to chew on. couple years ago, 38-0 jets leading the raiders and their quarterback mark sanchez says i will eat a hot dog. if you eat a hot dog during the game, the opponents find that insulting. he got caught. >> i don't see what the insult is. >> what if i wasn't paying attention your weather -- >> you never pay attention to my weather. and on that note good night everybody. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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- all right-- we have a lot to get through today, you guys. anybody have anything on page one? i think we need to change this donald trump joke... because donald trump was eaten by a lion this morning on the international space station.


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