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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> >> could morning and thank you for joining us what kron 4 morning news and where does start this hour with a nurse is an oakland back to work after being locked out of their jobs last week the nurses are expected to work this hour as the strike was held last thursday that kaiser nurses went back to work the next day the nurses at sutter's and children in this hospital were locked out because their replacement had of what the contract >> i am here with at the medical center n.y. run by his outer wall their
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expected back on the job at 7:00 a.m. what this all started last week and thursday i huge walk out and one day strike 23,000 of this dna association we walked out the biggest of the st. kaiser all went back to work the next day wit. the setter group and childrens' cost programs kind of five to a contract and they were out until today with we would like to talk to the california nurses association which hopefully will will be able to talk to them and their reaction to being back at work >> a death of a patient with while the replacement nurses were on duty now
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returning noses are expressing their concern about the walkout when she was a cancer patient would and was given at the incorrect dosage of medication and died early saturday morning they have launched an investigation both agencies can poll finds and licenses would replacement nurses on this case with a hundred percent credential to provide care for cancer patients >> a controversial pics sell at uc-berkeley campus a republican group is holding is an excel starting it and a.m. it opposes affirmative action while it structures the price of basic goods based on race and gender.
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this is a breakdown of woodward wilthe oprice list. >> and now the weather at 6 03 a.m. we're watching the golden gate bridge we are nice and clear this morning if any forfog of forms it'll be along the coast. we will have a patchy coastal fog
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and clouds warmer than yesterday and we have dropped a few degrees over the bay this is a look return temperatures right now outside door. where our mouth to start and this is where the temperatures were, expected to be later on this afternoon. me tomorrow much
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dissent and then things changed on thursday and friday we see temperatures drop and then output a dramatic drop on that private saturday and sunday with a 20 percent chance of showers. >> now on > > an easy ride around the bay area no hotspots 580 ride still
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slow and here at the bay bridge toll plaza after 6:00 a.m. we're getting some backups in the cash lanes. no delays in the other lanes just the cash lanes an easy read on of the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge no problem free no delays. and he's a paycheck and the traffic map and sensors.
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for a normal drive time. >> much more at on the kron 4 morning news as we take a quick break i'll look outside from our roof camera currently it is 57 degrees and we will have a high of 76 it'll be a warm day in the bay area tonight will go down to 68 degrees we will be right back
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because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> your honor ammon and this man >> the prosecution will try to prove otherwise opening test a miami is to begin at 8:45 a.m. conrad murray is being charged with involuntary manslaughter prosecution said he distributed a lethal dose of medication that the pans says murray was a friend and is still mourning his death the trial be getting under way in two hours from now a live look from of the bay bridge and and we have a back up in the cash lanes we are looking for sunshine and '70s high of 81 later on
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details at >> >> 615 on the clock and i'll look outside not from of mt. tam camera if we have thought it will be patties temperatures right now or in the '50s this afternoon all whole lot of sunshine in land it'll get into the '90s. let's take a quick lot of temperatures in right now. temperatures will be dropping a few degrees
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before we start warming up. whethis afternoon light was '80s by noontime plenty of sunshine mild temperatures with by creating a p.m. a will heat up even more and seymour red y or 90 degree temperatures. come this weekend and we you see moister trailing end but that's what we are expected to catch lower edge of we're calling for a 20 percent chance of us sprinkle or two for those today's. on
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saturday and sunday and won a lot of 20 percent chance of rain and temperatures in the upper '70's time now 6:17 a.m. >> we have been watching the bay bridge and see the back of warming be the metering lights have been activated moi before earnings were just back up and the cash lanes wit. now things are back up will rule all lanes when your ride to the san mateo bridge is a good one so far this morning. room that drive times with are still 13 minutes across band would and sent on 101 and
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the golden gate pigeon no problems mo. will still palfrey on our when
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>> >> serve ellis camera caught an image caught image which they believe is this man would errant basilar deputies have been searching for him for weeks they have installed cameras with the aid of their search. when >> police say a man were that one of the people found inside the burning home was op-ed affected murder at that was just released from jail in january an autopsy revealed he suffered multiple stab one officials
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think the fire was started to cut out up the crime. >> and i update on the have been a giant sand alliance down he has not been able to set up on the side of this bed is a peach is limited but has not lost his sense of humor the few sentences he is unable to say has made everyone laugh papua the staff allowed him to go outside and sitting in the sun for the first time he said if felt magical run >> up public vigilante held a 4 amp nursing student michele lee it will begin at 6:00 p.m. or she was studying to be a nursing student and today she went missing four months ago when meanwhile her high
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school friend aged zell esteban is expected to enter a plea and finalize her legal representation bonds >> president barack obama is heading to denver he demolished fund-raisers along the was coats this election will not be like 2000 and eight knew this time around people are wary of the energy or what the energy is gone of room when he was an exciting new place and what he held a town hall meeting at linked in yesterday he fielded questions from the audience he said the bill will help the middle class >> and provide tax cut to small businesses and every middle-class family would
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and put more money in their pockets when then it will able to spend it on products and services highway mayor ron >> you can watch the entire town hall meeting on our website. >> much more ahead on kron 4 morning news alive look outside from our mt. tam camera and look at the current temperature is in san jose will 58 degrees in by noon at 77 and a high today of 83 your watching the kron 4 morning news will be ripon
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>> >> congress will be making of a decision on the postal service this fall there is already been a reduction of sap's repair are some rallies planned in the bay area between four and five the 30 this is a list of where those rallies will be held why. in an effort to drive ups impassioned the postal service is dropping its longstanding rule that only did people can be on postal stamps it is limiting the number of candidates when of young people that are encouraged to buy stamps their urging the public to some at the top five leading to a new stamps in the middle of next
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year's >> dow futures are up our right now on hundred and 94 points we will have the opening bell on wall street in just a few where room we are expecting a sharp bite today wit.
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>> upper 80s-low 90s. in downtown san francisco expect to be in the mid-70s with plenty of sunshine. we will enjoy that come this afternoon, even in san
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francisco. here is where we see temperatures: throughout temperatures to continue through tomorrow and then we change things up. thursday and friday we cool gradually and we really hit bottom with inland highs getting up into the mid-70s. a 20 percent chance of showers. we can see the moisture headed our way on the satellite view. for now, that is the way the weather is looking. 60 5:00 a.m.. let's see a traffic is shaping up with george. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is starting to back up. we are not tracking any hot spots around the bay area. that is why we will start you with this bridge check. the drive * 12 there's 13 minutes out of the macarthur maze into san francisco. the san mateo bridge ride is a good one. no delays were reported over the high
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rise. the golden gate bridge commuters also looks like a good one. the volume is definitely up. we are not looking at any problems for the southbound ride. it is delay free across the span. a pretty good ride through marin county. taking a look at least eight traffic, the writer alan leave and contra costa counties is still a light and easy ride through the east shore freeway. 680 and highway 4. 680 lighter than usual. 580 typically heavy already heading west it is heavy. south bay freeways, not much in the way of slowing for 101 in the northbound direction. 680 just before the 280 change starts to slow a little bit as it heads into downtown san jose coming out of milpitas. the rest of the ride for the peninsula looks good. we are a problem free from 101 and interstate 280 as you head
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up and down the peninsula. public transit this morning is doing ok. no delays for bart, a strain or caltrain. we are keeping our eyes on wall street. the dow was up to her 72, another sharp rise today. optimism about the arizona and the possibility of greece's defaulted on its debt now declining a bit as it appears greece will receive its next round of financing from the european union. the dow is at 11,252. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam showing us the sun coming up. a beautiful picture of the sunrise. a hot day expected in the bay area. we'll talk about that when we come right track.
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prepared to take over the town. they still face resistance from that of the loyalists. they are continuing to hunt for muammar gaddafi. and the much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. much more ahead looking back. and san francisco traffic is going ok. current temperature 57 degrees. a high today of 76 and cooling back down to 68 degrees. it is 6:42 a.m., you are watching the kron 4 morning news and we will be right back.
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washington monument. it is going to be fixed after the earthquake left a lot of damage. here is a video on the inside of the monument from when the earthquake happened. some people did not know that it was an earthquake. they thought it was some sort of terrorist attack. the people get to safety and the monument has been closed ever since. as they start to fix it today, hopefully they can patch up some of those cracks and openings back up. >> the dow was up to under 72 yesterday, up 198 right now. the prime minister of
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greece spoke from germany this morning saying that greece will receive their next round of bailout loans and over to avoid a default. the dow was up for a second straight day. 11,241. >> in washington, the spending showdown is over, at least for now. a bipartisan budget deal has been reached in the senate as democrats and republicans figure out a way to keep the government operating while keeping the aid flowing to thousands of americans who have been hit by natural disasters. >> in a series of votes, the senate was able to pull off what it has not been able to do it to this point as another government shutdown looms, reach a bipartisan agreement to avert that very scenario. the deal came after fema announced that it will be able to stretch its current money in its disaster relief fund to make it for the end of the week without running dry which it had previously said was not
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likely. this is key because the end of the week is also the end of the current fiscal year, effectively making this central obstacle to reaching an agreement on how to keep the government funded in a moot point. democrats and republicans whether the additional funding for fema need to be paid for by cutting spending elsewhere. only the money they were offering for the rest of this current fiscal year ending friday. republicans said yes, it should be paid for. democrats have been saying no. now, that issue is on the table now, that issue is off the table. they have given an additional 2.6 billion to fema for the next fiscal year. the house still has to have it say on this short-term spending measure. it is 6:48 a.m. on this tuesday morning, james fletcher is here with a look at our forecast and then we
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will talk to george about the traffic. as we can see already, a warm day in the day. how hot is it going to get? inland, near 90, along the coast, still pleasant. look at the view from mt. tam. a beautiful looking sky. clear air. we are looking for temperatures to increase in the next couple of hours and now that we are near sunrise. patchy fog, if any. it will be confined along the coast. we're mostly clear this morning. sunshine is bay area out why. inland temperatures from the '80s-low-mid-90s. let's take a look at temperatures. we have a future cast 4 set for noon. a fairly decent mix. 70's and 80's. the '80s are mainly in the east but it is one to be nice. once outside
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will be pleasant no matter where you are around the bay. by 3:00 p.m., warm and the space valleys. not terrible, not hot, but warm enough that you'll definitely need short sleeve shirts and shorts. low 90s. 90-95 is what we are expecting inland. by this evening, it will call back down. in the pacific we are watching the winds of change come our way. this is moisture coming through catching the jet stream and working its way to the pacific northwest. the bottom edge may come down low enough, not only believe drop our temperatures, it may also bring the possibility of a struggle or to, not like this past sunday. for saturday and sunday 20 percent chance of inland highs will only get up into the mid '70s. that is sure whether. let's hand things over to george with the traffic.
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>> we are watching a steady buildup of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza already back beyond the 880 over crossing. we have the incident free at the bridge and we are not tracking and hot spots. the drive time is 16 minutes to the bay bridge coming from the macarthur maze for the westbound commute. the san retail bridge ride is a good one. looking westward from the toll plaza heading out towards the high rise, there are no backups or delays. 13-40 minute drive time. over to the golden gate bridge, the right for 101 southbound is all free. it is a clear morning with no >> the peninsular ride is still a problem free. a little slowing here heading
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away from 92 on both the northbound and southbound side of 101. as in the north bay is still very light coming from the navato narrows straight through to central san rafael. we will get a look at what is happening in the east bay and update any hot spots coming up in our next report emma we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. keeping our eyes on wall street as the dow jones is of 200 points for a second day in a row. more on the markets throughout the morning. here is a live look from our roof camera in san francisco. a beautiful looking morning. a slight chance of rain as we head towards next week. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> we are following some internet us this morning. in florida, a small ice-cream shop thought it was a brilliant idea to put a man as a mascot of dress as a cone and the parking lot of the plan backfired. the shop was not receiving any business. they started asking why no one was patronizing their shop. it turns out that many people walking by thought he was dressed up as a member of the kkk. this has received a lot of controversy. he is from out of the countries of he did not know what the kkk was. the news see the resemblance? what you think? we want you to weigh in on our facebook fan page. live pictures from the washington monument. how would you like this to be your job today? this guy is on top of the peak of the monument checking out cracks and chips after the coast earthquake were a magnitude of 5.8 tremor started to
6:56 am
shake and caused other damage. the monument has been close ever since. we will be monitoring this situation. these are live pictures of a guy trying to fix the washington monument. prepare >> last night protesters
6:57 am
were met by filmmaker michael more. >> we do not want to have to make another movie or write another book. when i do not have to do any of this anymore, that is my nirvana. after speaking to protesters he went on to do an interview with cnn. sam a much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we are just getting started. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look at mt. tam. top stories, whether and traffic and the most and local news right after this break as we show you a sunny shot over the east bay.
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