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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 9, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> it would be ideal for their raiders and the 49ers to build that stadium. >>vicki: da lin join raider nation to help local team home.
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gathered in front of raider headquarters to welcome the team back from houston after a big win and show support for the players after team owner al davis died on saturday. >> just to basically say thank you. we are not just fans, with our family. >>da: members of the raider nation were out in force. >> i want to give my support to them. they give their hearts out there, they never gave up. >>da: they believe that al davis had a hand in the last play. >> it was an unbelievable victory on an unbelievable weekend. >>da: some fans came from as far away as modesto. those players are expected to reminarrive any time.
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>>vicki: the team more decals on their helmets in honor of davis. and the finest defensive play secured victory, an interception in the end zone. the coach says, despite the passing of al davis, his presence lives on i. >> we honestly believe the cause was with us today. i believe that wholeheartedly. he would be happy that we won the game. >>vicki: fans were gathered at the headquarters to pay tribute, once the game started, many of the silver and black were at ricky's
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sports bar in san leandro. >>nichole: nearly 300 fans rallied at ricky's sports bar to watch the raiders beat the houston texas and to pay tribute fee to the team's late owner, al davis. >> this is a good time for raider nation to get together and hub, and try, do whatever we have to do. --this is a good time for their raider nation to get together and hug or cry, do whatever we have to do. >> generations of raiders fans were here, is decked out in silver and black. one moves remains empty, to honor davis. >> he is gone. al davis and remembereare presented everythii
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believe it. >> he is going to be extremely mess. all i can say is out davis is the mahomet all the of football. i will miss him immensely. >> these fans cheered 132 victory. >>vicki: maureen kelly spoke with people about what their raiders would look like after davis. >>maureen: this man says there are no more almost like al davis. >> i do not know any other owner who is involved in
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making football decisions. he was not only making player decisions, allowed to draft, he was also telling the coach that and pretty much run the systems he wanted. >>maureen: he thinks that the son of davis will take over. he believes the team will hire a gm that will affect what happens on the field. >> marked does not know about football, he will not begin to try run the team. a drastic is good in her position, but she is not a football person. >>maureen: he wonders how long their raiders will remain a family dynasty. >> the question for me and everyone is how this will affect them financially.
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green he thinks that the passing of a date this opens new opportunities for their raiders to share a stadium with 49ers. >> the nfl wants teams to share stadiums, especially in california where it is almost impossible to get public money for them. it would be ideal for their raiders and 49ers to build a stadium in santa clara. it would not be tied to either sit francisco or oakland. the jets and giants play in new jersey for heaven sakes. >>vicki: the 49ers also had a victory today. they've dominated tampa bay buccaneers from start to finish. quarterback alex
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smith through three tyco' touchdowns. >> rainy weather headed towards the bay area for tonight. there is a storm just offshore. rain is just off shore for the evening. the entire system is moving south. here is your future cast at 3:00 a.m.. some rain on the north coast. it continues to push south bound into tomorrow morning. feet by 10:00 a.m. the rain is to the north of the bay area. i was looking at another forecast model that is it will get faster, it is a possibility of rain in north bay earlier than 10:00 a.m.. sat through the course of the day, the wet weather moves to the south. we will see rain headed towards san francisco by the early afternoon and he eventually defeat this will make up for somewhat weather during the evening to meet.
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like and scattered showers continuing to monday night and into tuesday morning. not a huge storm syria. i will t you know more about the system end a look at the forecasts in a few minutes. >>vicki: here are more aerial acrobatics in the skies above san francisco during the week. the fog cut the blue angels show short. people from all over team to see the spectacle. there were crowds of people walking along the embarcadero. >>vicki: still ahead on the kron4 news, we find out how close libyan rebels are taking over the hometown of
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muammar gaddafi. >>vicki: we talk about the iphone for and we see how many seasonal employees companies plan to hire this holiday season. >>vicki: we are taking you to the michael jackson to the concert in britain. when
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we were the >>vicki: occupy wall street protests are now in their 25th date. it cities from boston to chicago and san diego. the demonstrations are not only about corporate greed,, they are about unemployment, the afghan war and unemployment. >> and less than one month, occupy wall street protests have spread across the country. as the movement spreads, the target more than just greed and social inequality. if some
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demonstrations now include outcries against the war in the afghanistan and what is happening to the environment. in washington d.c., some anti-war protesters marched to the museum, but they did not make it inside. >> security bomb rushed us like a line of football players, date pepper sprayed as perry did not have >> politicians have had occupy wall street movement if with some republicans suggested that protesters zero in on the obama administration. >> i do not know how spontaneous protest work, but there and there should be directed at the white house. the policies of brock obama have does in one of the war's tailspins. maybe that is why the protest that i saw was within shouting distance of the white house. >>vicki:
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>> were in
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>>vicki: nick robertson is in chile with more details
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on the fighting going on there. >> according to the national transitional council fighters, they now control a university and hospital. these are the places where they say gaddafi loyalists have been holding out at blocking their advances. that is far from controlling the entire city, but these are significant gains. they lost 10 people saturday night, 100 wounded. significant casualties. an indication came at the hospital today the
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indication here is, if such a small group lists can haul the rebel fighters back for so long, the gaddafi loyalists are not giving up yet. the national transitional council says they will not defeat the within a couple of days. it is still far from over. >> i do not know if the blue angels canceled the show, but we certainly did not have the spectacular sights like we saw on saturday. it is pretty clear outside, we
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have some clouds approaching from a weather system that is headed our way for tomorrow. right now, '50s and '60s. the clouds are increasing on the north coast one forecast model brings in the rain for tomorrow morning. another one says tomorrow afternoon. he i think it will definitely have rain in the afternoon, with slight chance before the hour. we
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will seek showers through the early morning on tuesday. at the that it should be done by tuesday morning commute, with more sunshine late tuesday in and into the middle of this week. >> on the east shore look for periods of rain in the afternoon. for san francisco, wet weather during evening hours. low seventies in san mateo and redwood city. the north bay is where we will have the best tennis of grain
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throughout the day toman. here is >>vicki: apple released and iphone, it is not the iphone 5 like expected. is this a new i full worth the upgrade? >> the most amazing iphone never. the iphone fo4s. one person says it is a major disappointment. >> like the iphone4, i wanted to see a little bit
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better. >> there are enough improvements in the technology inside the fog that they contracted out for card users to upgrade. >> the processor inside d.c. twice as fast performance. if you are getting better battery life. those are two of the top things that people want. if you have a redesigned antenna and one of the most underrated in a popular features is the camera. you are getting and 8 mb of care and with improved visual quality and 10 adp video. those are mainstream user core features that people want improved. they did hit the mark on this. if >> on october 7th the new iphone can be pre order with delivery beginning october 14th. on october 14th, the new fund will begin showing up in stores. >> your best bet is to stay home on october 7th and 3 or it from your computer.
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>> if you decide to have your phone shipped to the hall, and there are simple on screen instructions. your kid to go. if you decide to pick up the phone in the store, what you up in writing before you leave. if dad herman, kron4 news. >>vicki: coming up we are glad to show you where the jobs are for the holiday season. will fill the shoes of steve jobs? inhere
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>>vicki: anyone homes and iphone or ipad or ipod has had their lives changed by steve jobs. here are some lessons for inspiring on drug lords. >> iphone, ipad, icon. steve
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jobs took apple to the most technologically advanced company in the world. >> he believed that was what he was meant to do.. >> what distinguishes a company like apple, facebook or google from the countless ideas that start up only to shut down? what experts said that jobs had a unique drive >> this is not about money, it is about the product. >> sometimes it takes or working at 18 al liked jobs and laws that
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>> the iphone for s was unveiled on one day before the company lost its the visionary. >>vicki: is there hope for the holidays for job- seekers? we're going to take you to a special michael jackson should be going on in great britain. we'll also talk about the big winners at the box office this weekend.
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how did it, all these raiders. is truly love their team. a bout of them are here right that is why the be houston earlier in the day. an alameda, da
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lin, kron4 his. >>vicki: fans far at headquarters all day long. craig skalar has more. greg pictures, flowers, anything on passing about it is, then coming into of the wearing to pay their respects. some were somber, or separate a popular and eccentric owner. some say, they will never see the likes of him again. >> he was a great man. one time, would lead to a game, he was coming out of the box, he stopped and said, take you for being he said. i said, barry christmas. he said, let's hope so. >> al davis was like a historian for the nfl. he is one of the great and in raleigh. unhitched i had to come by and pay my respects. craig hemphil
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>>craig: and alameda, craig skalar, kron4 says. >>vicki: we have more on our web site, >> here is a shot from mt. tam ride around sunset. notice, as we looked over the city, there is no fault. this afternoon, there was a little bit of fall early to the golden gate and in towards the marina. that spoiled things for the blue angels. tonight is clear, but later on we will see low clouds developing and building inland. cloudy skies everywhere with light rain. the rain is going to be light. it could cause has is traveling on the road as
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we stick around until early tuesday morning. the highest amounts of rain will impact the north bay. >> on tuesday morning, showers early on nsf study by the afternoon. things warm up by the middle of the week. wednesday and thursday, sunshine. '90s inland. i'll have an update on the forecast in a few minutes. >>vicki: gas prices have dropped 255 in the last month. here is a look at the
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approaching shopping holiday season. reporter matt business has been picking up. >> i think that things will continue to improve. >>reporter: she expects her clientele to triple during the holiday rush. >> lee want to make sure it that the customer service is what they expect and that they get the attention they deserve.
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>> unemployment, consumer confidence, stock market, the housing market, all of those factors are continuing to affect us as the holiday season approaches. store >> stores will use promotions and keeping inventories low. neither could be plans to hire 7800 temporary workers, kohl's department stores says their holiday employees should top 40,000. best buy plans to hire to 18,000 al dale, compared to 29,000 last year. holiday sales are
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important for hiring and the overall economy. >>vicki: immigrant children in southern california could start receiving financial aid. the new law is a part of the california dream act legislation. undocumented students are able to relieve scholarship and received financial aid funds.
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california has also set in age limit for use in tanning beds at age 18. >>vicki: oakland is trying to reduce its budget deficit. the city is halting some services for the day. libraries, shelters and senior centers will be closed. parks will be open for pedestrians although if the bathrooms and gates will remain closed. this city still has emergency services. this week, a uc- berkeley professor claimed a nobel prize. this physics professor won the prize for the discovery of the acceleration in the expansion of the universe. he pioneered the matter is used to discover that the universe is expansion is accelerated.
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>> a if you have an object that unocal will always be the same brightness as another object, you can compare them. the reason what looks brighter is because it is further away. we use the brightness to tell you how far away the object is. like a vehicle in front of you, you could tell how far away books by health faint the taillights are. >>vicki: more than two years after the untimely death of the pop star, al we're going to take you to the michael jackson to the concert happening in great britain.
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>>vicki: 50 done fans of all but a jackson gathered to celebrate his life. it happened in the capital city of wales in the uk. the show was unfit for 18, so says michael jackson's mother. the family thought it was absolutely fantastic. the fact that his children were there is amazing. one of the best concerts' i have ever seen. >> it is amazing. >> what a tribute to michael jackson. >> the concert was a
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tribute to michael jackson. >> will audit family affair be without a rest? some of the jackson family opposed to the tribute concert because of the timing. dr. conrad murray is on trial for jackson's death. concert
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promoters had artists cover jackson's songs because they did not have the money to pay for the licensing. for the performers and the fans, it was all about the thrill of the [music] into the memory of the man. >>vicki: have you ever been out late and is the last a bart train? at will tell you more about the weather coming up.
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>>vicki: extended train service. the agency is looking at in the plan that will give riders an additional 30 minutes from bart. da lin has details of the proposal. >>da: public transportation were always considered heavy--could soon carry a heavy load. they want bart trains to have extended hours. >> i was drop of at bart and a totally missed the last
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train which is awful. >> many bart passengers that i spoke to said that they support an extension of service. >> i take it is a great idea. this is a lot of tourism and the like. >> a service of start at about 620 a m and to maintain. at the start time might harm other service workers to rely on the 6:45 a.m. train. >> the bart board is set to vote on the plan in november. if agreed, a six
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month trial could begin as early as february. da lin, kron4 is. >> here is a live in view of oakland and el cerrito looking on in the north. we have made the clear skies across the bay for tonight. we have had a lot of action for the blue angels and there's others that did. there is a system approaching from the north. the rain right now is around your recap. on monday the rain will slowly works its way toward our area. here is the timeline for this al weather system. on monday the rain will start in the north bay and then spreading to the south east for the afternoon and eventually across the entire bay area
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in the evening. we are looking at what weather for tomorrow. we have some rain in the north, it will slowly spread to the south. by 6:00 p.m. the rain is in and around san francisco, oakland, hayward and the south bay. the rate will stay off and on into monday night and tuesday morning.
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here are your expected highs for tomorrow. mid-upper 60s and low seventies for the east shore. low-mid-70s in redwood city and palo alto. this is where the rain will be the heaviest. here is your 7 day around the bay. on tuesday we will clear up and warm up for wednesday and thursday. highs in the '80s. 70's at the coast and '90s inland. the next chance of rain will be saturday. >>vicki: a california
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teenager is getting a head start in the business world. he runs and owns a business. he is still in high school. >> six days a week he will find ronnie murphy added geoff cooper breaking down boxes and calling them off to the recycle. >> i am 60 years old in the in shape. >> 60 years old and working for this 16 year-old. >> i am the ceo. i am the boss. >> he is a junior in high school. an administrator raved about his character and promising future. he is close to getting his pilot's license. right now he is piloting this fledgling business. >> i made a business plan. >> his mentor is a guide the young minority students.
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riverside community hospital used to develop vehicle end of this to 1 per cent a date. he hopes to build this person by taking on recycling needs for other people and hotels. he is more money for him--this 16 year old ceo already has things set up to offer scholarships. >>vicki: coming up we will tell you who was on top at the box office.
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>>vicki: the fall coming in the golden gate really affected the blue angels. if people still want to import some of the ships, you can do that tomorrow. they are not leaving until tuesday. >> it is going to be what tomorrow. we have some light rain coming in for the afternoon. highs in the '60s and '70s.
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>> we are back at 11:00 p.m., we hope to see you then.
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