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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 10, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> live from the bay area's justine: and thank you for joining us, i am justine waldman. >>james: i am james shot of the golden gate bridge. not too bad in the way of all. as we head to the afternoon and, increasing cloud cover and we could bring in some showers today. in the north bay is the best chance of showers. your current temperatures are 59 degrees in san francisco, " or that
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in oakland. as you hit mountain view, we will warm to about 60 degrees. 61 and conquer. and hayward, 62. 67 and antioch. the system is inching its way along the coast and clip in the northwest portion of the state. we expect to see some showers moving southward. future cast 4 gives you an idea of the time line. by 2:00 p.m. we will see showers through much of the north bay in continuing to spread south. by 5:00 p.m. we could have some moderate downpours in places like petaluma and satyr felt. if your evening to meet in north bay will be
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continued to seize what it showers we agree it's your tuesday. coming up, it looked at your 7 day around the bay. >>erica: i do not have any hot spots to tell you about. a pretty quiet monday. so we're starting off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time is calculated at about 80 minutes from the son of the maze to fremont street. on the san mateo bridge, you are good to go in all directions. there is no way to at the toll
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the delays on the golden gate bridge. in the east bay, highway 4 looks good. on the east bay freeway, traffic is moving at the limit. westbound 24 is a clear shot through the caldecott tunnel and strokes the macarthur maze. >>james: for the past several weeks, protesters on wall street have proven that they are in it for the long haul. the occupy wall street movement is in its fourth week. greg black is reporting with the latest. >> no one here is talking about demands. >>reporter: their goal is still have not been clearly defined. protesters camped out in a new york city park have taken on off political misdirection and the nation's financial system.
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>> we need to start working together instead of opposing each other. >>reporter: in front of the white house, one man was arrested for throwing a shoe that hit a secret service agent. the protests have strong craze from democrats fee and criticism from republicans. >> there and there should be directed at the white house. if the policies of barack obama has put us in one of the worst tailspin. >>reporter: not everyone has that view. >> the people know that he is not responsible for our financial dilemma and they know that if the financial community is responsible. >>reporter: many processorprotes say >> i am without a job and i am mad. >>james: some people are
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referring to the protesters as mobs. nancy pelosi said they did not refer to them as that when the tea party was rallying. on october 10th they say they plan to have on to the new york stock exchange web site. we'll let you know what happens throughout the morning. >>justine: occupy protesters in new york city are getting high profile support. al sharpton plans to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show from 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. today. organizers of the demonstrations are calling today's kids speak out today encouraging people to bring their children to their rallies. >>justine: after a big win on the road, the oakland raiders' return home to cope with a loss of al davis. da lin joined the raider nation. >>da: some fans waited up
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for five hours at their raiders headquarters in alameda to welcome the team home. they wanted to show their support after the owner, al davis, died on saturday. if they cheered as the team buses showed up. when defensive tackle was the first one to greet the fans. the quarterback also shook hands and think there raider nation. raiders ceo in the track gave a big hug to a longtime fan. where >> it was al davis to make sure we had the ball in that last play. >>da: other players also
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reflected on the emotional win. >> it is really emotional, but we have to keep going. >> is a big win at such an emotional time. we are celebrating the legacy that al davis and this entire organization is. it is only what it is because of out. >>da: of the players say without out davis and loyal fans, this organization would not be the same. some fans came from as far away as >>justine: we have much more about how did this on our website. >>james: meanwhile the team itself were decals on their helmets in honor of davis. they played well behind the arm of chase and campbell through two different touchdowns. sebastian and
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the cousy, his lead was on fire during the coro's 25-20. we will have more on their raiders the 49ers dominated the tampa bay buccaneers from start to finish. the quarterback alex smith threw three. the 49ers one and 48- 3. they are now 4-1 for the season. the best start in
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nine years. >>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning is. so we will take a quick break, here is a live look outside of the james lick 3 way. we will be right back.
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>>james: how about that? more aerobatics in the skies above san francisco on this almost perfect day of fleetweek. if thousands or
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in a sense as is all the fault cut to show for the blue angels short. people came from all
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rain in the north bay. after that we start to warm up and dry up after tomorrow. temperatures are in the fifties from santa rosa to san francisco. in the east bay, temperatures are also into the the storm is brewing showers to the north of us. by 2:00 p.m. we will pick up a few sprinkles. the showers will reach marin by about 5:00 p.m.. your evening commute in the north bay could bring somewhat weather. by 8:00 p.m., a
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better chance of sprinkles along the peninsula and we will continue to see a pop- up showers in the overnight hours and lingering into the early morning tuesday. here is a look at temperatures as we head into the afternoon. 73 today in redwood city, a 74 for los gatos, 64 in oakland. in san francisco, 64. a few degrees warmer and san rafael and richmond. upper 60s in the santa rosa area and 70's through the delta. here is your 7 day around the bay. we are warming up as we head into the we. by thursday, and we could jump into the '90s. >>erica: the good news is, traffic is still light around the bay area. i do not have a hot spots on my radar. easy conditions or wherever you are headed, including the bay bridge. no problems at this hour. if a
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handful of cars making their way westbound towards san francisco. on the san mateo bridge, nice and easy conditions with a lot of space between cars. the taillights are making their way out towards foster city. the drive time comes in at about 24 minutes out of nevada in 25 francisco. it looks like you will deal with patchy fog as you make your way southbound toward san that everything looks good in the south bay. the only place that we seek packed he slowly is it eastbound direction of 2 per cent or overnight instruction is still taking place. >>justine: we have more of the death of al davis. before the game on sunday,
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and scattered at reader headquarters to pay tribute. once again started, many of the sow or and he black state full headed to their favorite spot. that is why nichole shanafelt is joined to the sands. >>nichole: nearly 300 fans rallied at richie's sports bar to watch the raiders beat the houston texans and to pay tribute to the team's late owner al davis. >> we want this to be a good time for the raider nation. we are born to get together and hug, cry, do whatever we have to do. >> sometimes when a person leaves, there is a loss, but not really in this situation. everyone has a story and a feeling. >>nichole: it is a bar was packed generations of raiders fans and decked out in silver and black. one both remained empty to honor davis, a man they call a
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hero and legend. >> he was a fearless leader. he is gone. al davis represented everything that i believe in. >> he has done so much for the nfl into raider nation. he will be extremely missed. all i can say is al davis is the muhammed ali of football. i will miss him immensely. >>nichole: these die-hard fans cheered the team to victory. if the raiders won 25-20 highlighting the just when attitude that davis left behind. >> it is embedded into raider fans. >>nichole: in san leandro, i nichole shanafelt, kron4 news. >>james: more on the raiders in a moment. undocumented immigrant children will soon be eligible for college financial aid, that happens under a new law signed by gov. jerry brown that allows immigrants to start receiving state-funded aid
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in the year 2013. if that new-line is a part of the california dream act legislation. last year, immigrants became eligible for a privately funded scholarships. law also bans those under the age of 18 from using tanning beds. curly children as young as 15 degrees the tanning beds with parents all goes into effect january 1st. >>james: in oakland, the city has halted some services court today, libraries, animal services and senior centers will be closed. parts will be open but the cape and bathrooms will be closed. they will still have emergency services for fire, police get flooding. this is all in an effort to help close budget gaps.
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>>justine: libyan government has been fighting around the city for several weeks. they say they have reached the final stages of the fight. it crosses in is in tripoli with more details. >>reporter: according to the national transitional council, they now control the center, university and hospital. they say these are the places that gaddafi loyalists have been holding out. they are still far from controlling the entire city. they say that these are significant gains if that will take them closer to control.
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the national transitional council biters state that they captured 17 gaddafi fighters. they say these are the fighters that have been preventing their advance. the indication here is, there is a small handful of gaddafi and willis if that have been able called the rebels back. and these were significant gains, but it is still far from over. robinson, cnn. >>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning news. here is a live look in all the at highway 80. will
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find out what the roads have in store and we'll talk about the rain that is moving
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jackson fans gathered to celebrate his life. >>reporter: a show built for a king. those are the words of michael jackson's mother. this show was not honor a man still regarded as the king of pop. according to the fans we spoke to, it lived up to royals standards. >> if we thought it was absolutely fantastic. the fact that his children were there was amazing. this was one of the best concerts' i
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have ever seen. >> it was really good! inheren >> i thought it was amazing. they blew the roof off. what a tribute to michael jackson. >>reporter: the concert was very much a family affair. all three of his children dated appearance onstage and latoya jackson performed for the first time in 20 years. >> in the beginning i immediately said, i do not know if i want to do this. then i said, i have to, it is michael, you have to do it for him. i enjoyed it. >>reporter: tonight's tribute he was an important
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counterpoint he for what was going on around the world. uphill h >> i want people to have a positive image of what is glum with michael as opposed to what is going on with the trial. >>reporter: plans to broadcast the show to pay facebook fans was canceled a date before the tribute. for the performers and tens of thousands of fans, it was all about the thrill of the [music] in the memory of the man. karen mclaughlin, cnn. james we're going to take a break. here is a live look outside so that you get an idea of what it is like. in san francisco it is cloudy and foggy. if you cannot see much of this city's skyline.
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we have the possibility of sprinkles headed our way for today. details of that with louisa hodge is just a minute. @p@po'
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the rain is expected to sag southward through the day. here are your current temperatures. by the 2:00 p.m. hour, that is what we expect a lot of the wet weather to set in, starting in the north bay. fact no. 83 is the best chance of seeing what weather today. if we could have a moderate downpour's by 5:00 p.m. ride around the petaluma
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de it will be kind of cold out there. here is a look at your expected highs for today. here is your 7 day around the bay. after a day to dato day will begin on warmig up and drying out. then, another chance of rain for saturday. worry about in the traffic center aside from lingering over by construction. most of that is in the process of getting picked up. i saw a small way at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have any stalls or accidents to report on the
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bridge. traffic is flowing freely at this hour, for all three of the approaches. the drive time is 8-9 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. at the san mateo bridge, traffic is picking up a little bit and the westbound direction towards foster city. a look at the golden gate bridge shows a little bit of morning fog to contend with as you make your way south out towards the toll plaza. on the traffic maps, a quick look at the peninsula. there are no problems to report for the bayshore freeway. 101 is looking good in both directions. 280 is a pretty good ride. this in detail bridge is currently problem free. there are no major delays along the dumbarton bridge this morning. >>justine: many bart riders to finally get their race of extended train service on friday nights. the transit agency is now looking at a new plan that would give riders 30 more minutes to take part. da lin has the
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details. >>da: this public transportation were courts could soon carry a heavier load. bart officials want to extend friday night serviced by 30 minutes instead of leaving the end of the line stations at midnight, the last trains would take off at 12:30 p.m.. >> i was dropped off at the art in union city and totally missed last trade. it was awful. i had to call and get a ride. >>da: many passengers i spoke with said they support any extension of service. >> i think it is a great there is a tax bart service it would start later on
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saturday. bart plans to offer limited bus service for those 20 minute delays on saturday to minimize any problems. bart workers will be passing out fliers like this to passengers so that they know about the plan and they want to know what passengers think. the board is set to vote on the plan in november. if agreed, a six month trial to begin as soon as february. da lin, kron4 news. >>james: more good news for commuters. gas prices are coming down. nationwide, they have dropped 135. there down 255 in the last month to an average of $3.42 a gallon. galahs prize in the nation was in albuquerque, new mexico. $3.70 a gallon. san francisco remains the
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highest. $3.89. >>justine: the passing of al davis has many raider fans speculating about the team's future. maureen kelly spoke to a veteran sportswriter about what the post davis errol will look like. >>maureen: glenn dickey has been covering the raiders since 1967. he says the nfl does not have team owners like al davis anymore. >> i do not know any owner around the nfl who is really involved in making football decisions. he was not only making clear decisions and who to draft, he was also telling the coach, they had to pretty much run the system he wanted. >>maureen: and dickey expect that market is will take over running the franchise alongside credit ceo amy trask, but he believes the team will hire a gm to make a decision on what happens on the field.
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>> >>mark: knows he cannot begin to run the team and he would not try. amy trask is good in her position, but she is not a full person either and she realizes that. >>maureen: he doesn't raiders will remain a dynasty. >> the question for me is how this will affect them financially. a lot of times teams are sold because the heirs to not want to pay the estate taxes and that type of thing. that may be the case here. >>maureen: >>vicki: discounted the rumors that the team will look back to l.a. now that al davis is dead. he does think it will open new possibilities for their raiders sharing a stadium with the 49ers. >> al davis was always a long haul. he did not want to assure that
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and we have much more on our status on our web site, post a comment on our facebook page and we might read it on the
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james someone to a hot dog at tiger runwithwoods. >>james: this free quick competitive each camp put down a2 gal. 2 gal. of chilly yesterday.
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here is a live look from our albany camera. traffic is building well on a 80. we will be right back.
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>>james: we are back at 4:42 a.m.. here is a quick look at the 7 day forecast. we have the chance of a scattered showers or to come this afternoon. stay tuned for that, a full attack in a moment. this update forecast shows that things will warm up as we head into the midweek. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news. here is a live look outside on the bay bridge toll plaza. will check in with louisa hodge to see what is
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happening with the rain and also traffic, when we come back.
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>>louisa the time is for 40 4:00 a.m.. here is a shot of the james lick incense and cisco.--here is a look at the james lick freeway in san francisco. the later part of the day will bring us a better chances. the rain is expected to spur spread south throughout the evening. it will not last very long. here is a look at train your satellite and radar shows the cloud cover started edging in. to the north of us, plenty of of what weather. the rain will
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drop southward as we head into the later part of the day. future cast 4 shows that by 2:00 p.m. hour, the rain will pick up around santa rosa and spreading south were. the yellow indicates barely moderate downpours through the north bay. it looks like we could see some of the rain spreading south or along the peninsula by 8:00 p.m.. will see some pop up showers through the overnight hours. we could continue to see a little bit of what weather into tuesday. you tried temperatures today will be cool. will warm to about 74 in los gatos, 73 in mountain view and along the coast, 65. in san francisco, 64, warming to the upper 60s percent rose and 74 through the delta. here is your 7 day around they. tomorrow, lingering cloud cover a and leftover raindrops. we will continue to warm up by the middle of the
4:47 am
we will have more rain will begin on saturday. >>erica: not a single accident or poor, but we have picked up a stall of the bay bridge near your wet island. nothing to worry about, traffic is moving pretty well although building westbound towards san francisco. if there are no major delays on the incline and across the upper deck. a buildup in traffic westbound towards foster city. the drive time is running at about 14 minutes and highly 101. at the golden gate bridge, a little bit of morning fall. conditions are light on the
4:48 am
stand. >>james: athena jones has presidential bill includes. >>reporter: for president obama, putting people back to work is high priority, is something he says his jobs bill will do. >> we can grow the economy as much as 2% and as many as 1.9 million workers. >>reporter: he has been pushing the plan everywhere. if at a press
4:49 am
conference last week, on the road, facebook, it twitter in his weekly address. >> if this is not the time for political gains or gridlock in washington. reporter matt tax cuts for raising wages, it would create jobs and provide money to keep public or of the jobs and invest in rebuilding schools and roads. it would be paid for the 5.6 percent tax on incomes over $1 million. the political stakes for obama are high. no president has been reelected to the unemployed rate above 8%. chances are slim that the entire package will pass in this political climate. even if it passes the senate, it faces a tough road in the house. >> we have a difference of opinion on how best to create jobs. if we do not think doubling down on field stimulus policies is the right way to go. reporter matt house republicans say the bill will do little to create jobs.
4:50 am
>> he is doing the same thing he has done before expecting a different outcome. >> all we want to help small businesses grow and getting certainty in our policy, regulations, taxes and debt, so that small businesses can grow. >>reporter: some state that his plan would add jobs, but how many is the question. >> there are things you could do to boost the economy and temporarily create more jobs. or order that temporarily is the keyboard.-- >>reporter: temporarily is the key word. >>james: last month the u.s. economy added 103,000 jobs leaving the unemployment rate at 9.1%. >>justine: we have much more ahead on kron4 morning news. here is a live look from the san mateo bridge. we also
4:51 am
want to talk about what is happening on the road with their tax and the rain that is building in. louisa hodge is tracking at present the weather center. try this morning, but possible trade is active in and this evening. much more kron4 stories comes right back.
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>>justine: last week apple unveiled the brand new iphone 4s. is it worth the upgrade? or quarterback the consumer reaction is lukewarm. the new iphone 4s has the same look and feel of the kind eyes on, that is
4:54 am
a major disappointment. >> i wanted a bigger screen. the perception out there is, where is the iphone >> there are some upgrades. there is now at the mega pixel cameras with improved visual quality and 10 adp video. you also have a better signal, there are some mainstream [music] features that people want improvements on and they hit the mark on those.
4:55 am
>>reporter: on october 7th, the iphone 4s can be pre order. on october 14th, the new fall will begin showing up in stores. if >> your best bet is to stay home on october 7th and pre
4:56 am
>>reporter: , a kearney is married again in england. this is paul mccartney's third marriage. >>reporter: all user is remembering their guitarist. he was found dead in a chicago hotel room.
4:57 am
>>reporter: dolphin tail was in the top three again at the box office this weekend. >>justine: we're back with top stories, weather and traffic right after this.
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>>louisa your 7 day around the base shows that by and continue with a warming trend for wednesday and thursday. george did morning, we're starting with look at the bridges around the bay area. a quiet start to the monday to meet. we are not tracking any hot spots currently. the westbound bay bridge ride looks good. no problems or delays on the approaches. an easy ride as he had crossed 92, up and over the high rise. george
5:02 am
: the rides look good this morning, no backups or delays in to the san ramon. a 580 ride westbound is look through livermore. in the south bay, there are no real delays to speak street will get is now in its fourth week. here is a copy of the flyer that is going around for the event in oakland at 4:00 p.m.. the
5:03 am
occupy protesters plan to gather at the corner of 14th and broadway, in solidarity with the occupy wall st. group. the demonstrations are not only about corporate greed, they have also evolves into demonstrations against unemployment and the afghanistan war and the environment. there are three different locations of protests and that happened over the weekend. on the left is wall street, on the right is the movement in washington d.c. where one arrest was made after an assault on a police officer and in the right corner, and occupy protests in portland or demonstrations took place for four days. >>mark: let's talk about the market. futures are extremely positive ahead of the opening bell. stocks kicked off the fourth quarter with gains, but the week ahead could be more talented as the earnings season gets under way. the
5:04 am
debt crisis remains in the spotlight. here is a look at where stocks ended on friday. the dow is down 20 points, the s&p lost 10 points and the nasdaq slid about 27 points. the opening bell set for 6:30 a.m., we'll let you know what happens. global stock markets are higher today. france and germany provided a promise of action. nicholas are cozy said yesterday that a comprehensive response to the debt crisis would be finalized by the end of the month. that has investors in a positive mood. >>darya: some city services in oakland are halted today, not because it is a holiday, but in an effort to reduce the city's $58 million budget deficit. jackie sissel is live in oakland with the latest on the departments and what he city services are affected. >>jackie: good morning, places like the oakland
5:05 am
public library will be closed. as you said, many city offices will be closed today. the public library, public works, a senior citizen centers, they are all closed in an effort to close at $58 million budget deficit. this is one of 10 days and that is scheduled between now and the end of the fiscal year. the hope is, they can make up some of that
5:06 am
at the oakland raiders' return home after a big win all right. we caught up with a coach i reject that. we will talk at the bridge. here is a look at the james lick freeway, very quiet. we will be right back.
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a tri-tip sirloin, and endless salad bar, all for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh every day. >>darya: the oakland raiders' return home to alan it after a big win on the road. plenty of chance the
5:10 am
team still in on friday from houston. it architect into tibet longtime good earth out tickets had died at the age of 82. >>darya: oakland head coach you jackson talks about the postal win. >> there is nothing like winning after you lose someone that was this important organization. will never forget it. water had everything we do. this is truly his team. those decals on their helmets as it's the beat out davis. they played well behind the arm of jason campbell. jankowski kick in four different field goals. there was a turnover in the end zone that secured the win. what is next for the
5:11 am
raiders? a look at that in the next half hour. mark the 49ers have a fantastic game as well when the convincingly over tampa bay from start to finish, they were on all >>mark: here is a live look at the standard tale bridge. we are back with more in a moment. ]s
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>>mark: here is a live look outside for san francisco. this week, some pretty mild temperatures. louisa hodge has details. >>louisa we are
5:15 am
expecting wet weather today. be prepared for that. got not a big storm, but the to pick up light rain today. in oakland, temperatures will stay into the 60s. we could see some light sprinkles. livermore, about 75 degrees. a chance of light rain for the latter part of the day. temperatures right hour in the upper 50s for santa rosa, december fell, up to 60 degrees in redwood city. we are at 61 and mountain view, hayward, concord and fairfield. by 2:00 p.m. we will start to pick up chats is afraid into the north bay. by the 5:00 p.m. hour, widespread rains for the north bay and a moderate downpours at times.
5:16 am
>>louisa here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. by thursday the good war and the load '90s inland, low eighties about the bay at 70 support the coast. a slight chance of rain on saturday. george good start to the marketing it as we check traffic around the bay area.
5:17 am
chp locks are quiet and not track the much in the way of incidents, stalls or accident. no major problems or >>george: and there are no problems of any of the bridges. on the traffic maps, a look at your ride to the east bay, a south bay and peninsula. 580 westbound looks good into castro valley. there are no delays out of the coyote valley. the peninsula traffic looks good as well. redwood city, palo alto and san mateo. 101
5:18 am
and 92 is a problem free with no problems or issues. >>james: 5:70 a.m. and on a traffic related note, gas prices are coming down. nationwide they have dropped 135 and 255 in the last month making the average cost of a gallon of gas $3.42. in the bay area, we are paying slightly more. i emphasize slightly, sarcastically. san francisco is still the highest in the country at $3.81 a gallon. >>darya: a second victim in san jose from a double cd has died. a man and woman were shot in the ouon saturday morning. police are looking for witnesses to find out what happened. james a lot of new laws have been
5:19 am
signed by gov. jerry brown. undocumented immigrants can now apply for college financial aid under a new law signed by the governor. it allows immigrants to is to start receiving state- funded aid in 2013. the new law is a part of the california dream act of law also bans the use of tanning beds on those under the age of 18. >>erica: this is taking off as the most popular topic on our facebook said page. we have that asking viewers what they think of this legislation. we are getting heated response is. one
5:20 am
person says, if you pay taxes or a fight in these wars, you should be able to go to a tanning bed. here is what another person had to say. gal are back with more and a couple of minutes. here is a live look also hour rule on van ness ave.
5:21 am
fift. >>louisa looking at storm
5:22 am
5:23 am
tracker 4, you can see the clouds on the increase. to
5:24 am
the wet weather is all well to the north of us. i'll let you know when you can expect rain to set in. >>darya: and did this morning, half moon bay is famous for surfing. starting today that will not be the biggest reason for people to go there. in a few hours, the annual pumpkin wales begins. will tran is in half moon bay with the peak. will the skills are ready to go. this is going to be a heavyweight battle, literally. last year's winner had a pumpkin that way over 1,000 lbs..
5:25 am
get $1 per pound. we'll have more on this, will drama, kron4 news. >>james: look at that, aerobatics in the sky above san francisco on an almost perfect day of fleetweek activities. " here, you can see the crowds of people along the embarcadero kindling the sights and sounds. fleetweek grabs up to date. >>darya: on sunday tiger woods shot a 68 for the third straight day. it is the first time he had done that in more than a year although he still finished
5:26 am
>>darya: is chilly easier to eat and hot dogs? hour on bay area each camp wasted no time. he said the world record for chilly evening. 2 gal. of ben's chili in six
5:27 am
look at the pain of its base. >>darya: but the about chilly air, it looks the same going in assets, now. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. >>james: here is a live look for mt. tam look it over the bay. so far, so good.
5:28 am
5:29 am
bridge is a little hazy did morning. >>louisa the rain is expected to set in during the latter part of the day today. we are looking at increasing clouds and this morning. rain is spreading south border by the evening. after that, we will start to warm up. this week to bring
5:30 am
some pretty nice temperatures. >>louisa here is what we're looking at, well to the north of the bay, the rain is a really ingenious way southward. we are really starting off with cloud cover this morning. it isn't until about 2:00 p.m. that we bring in chances of rain. by 5:00 p.m., the evening commute gives the best chance of rain for the north after tuesday morning, all things will dry out and we will see sunshine again. here is a look at your expected highs for today. here is your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow, will get
5:31 am
a warming trend into the weekend. by the afternoon we will see sunshine continuing to warmer by mid-week. by thursday, we did see the highs in the inland spots a warming into the low 90s and '70s for the coast. will pull off a the weekend. saturday can actually bring another chance of rain. the time right now is 5:31 a.m., let's get a look at the commute. >>george: and easy ride around the bay area. uphill for many, this is a holiday, columbus day. on the bay bridge we are not tracking and the hot spots. on the san mateo bridge, volume is up they'll let still not that he or
5:32 am
heavy westbound or eastbound. the golden gate bridge looks good from marin county into san francisco. we will check the marin right after we have looked at some east bay freeways. we are looking at the ride on interstate 80, westbound is still light all the way down to university ave. highway 4 is still not back up heading through the bill passed, 680 looks good. we are problem free of interstate 580 with a little heavy traffic from livermore to dublin. we mentioned at the north bay ride, here is a look at 101 southbound. it is still a light and easy ride. >>james: back to the news, some city services in oakland have been shut down for today. it is not a holiday, it is in efforts to reduce the city's $58 million budget deficit.
5:33 am
jackie sissel is live in oakland with more on what services we will have to do without. >>jackie: i am here at the public library in downtown oakland. you can see that the closed sign is out. it is all because of what you said, they want to make up that $58 million budget deficit. they will close a lot of these offices. places like the public library will be closed. public-works offices will be closed, a senior citizen centers will be closed and parks will be open, but no one will be there. the bathrooms will be closed. there are other public and city offices that will be open. emergency services will be open. the police and fire department will all be there if you're
5:34 am
coming into downtown oakland, and be aware of that. for the most part all city offices will be closed. >>james: thank you for that. street movement is now in its fourth week. here is a flyer for the occupy oakland to protest that there will be today at 14th and broadway. this is all in solidarity of what is going on wall street and around the nation. the demonstrations are aimed at corporate greed and have evolved into demonstrations against unemployment and the war in afghanistan. their reverend al sharpton is planning to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio program from new york city
5:35 am
park from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.. organizers of the demonstration are also calling to the kids speak out date fee to encourage people to bring their kids to their rallies >>james: stock futures are fairly positive. dow futures are up more than 100 points in pre-market trading. a lot of it has to do with the fact that the leaders of france and germany just yesterday about that this week they will have a comprehensive solution on the table that will help to stabilize european banks. how we are following that and watching various stocks. we are also following the latest with or coal. we want to talk a little bit about that. they are going to be paying the general service administration nearly $200 million for failing to meet
5:36 am
contractual obligations. authorities say their payment is the largest false claims act settlement ever won. oracle signed a contract back in 1998 to sell software licenses and technical support the government organizations, the settlement stems from allegations that oracle knowingly failed to disclose commercial sales practices and lied about it when asked. >>justine: this just into the kron4 news room, netflix is now abandoning its decision to separate its dvd by mail and internet streaming services. the ceo put up a block this morning saying that the scars will now be able to use both services under one account and one password. just a month ago and that books said they would split the services into a new web site called qwikster or. it seems
5:37 am
that people have spoken. in response, netflix shares have increased. >>darya: 5:37 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look in san francisco at the james lick freeway. it is nice and quiet. i am a face unclogger.
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with everything. >>maureen: the nfl does not have team owners like al davis any more. >> i do not know any owner who is involved in making football decisions. he was not only making player decisions, who to draft, he was also telling the coach, they have to pretty much run the system that he wanted. >>maureen: and dickey expect that al davis's son will take over running the franchise along ceo amy trask, but he believes he will hire a gm fact that will affect what happens on the field. >> he is not a football guy. he knows he cannot begin to run the team in he would not try. amy trask is good in her position, but she is not a football person either. she realizes that also. >>maureen: he does wonder how long the raiders will remain a family dynasty.
5:42 am
>> the question for me is how this affects them financially. bedtimes, teams are sold because the ears did not want to pay all of the green dickey's believes that the passage about davis will open the opportunity for sharing a stadium with the 49ers. >> al davis did not want to share with anyone. he was not going to share any stadium with the 49ers, never! fit the nfl once teams to share stadiums, especially in california where is almost impossible to get public money for them. if it would be ideal for their raiders and the 49ers to build a stadium in santa clara. it would not be tied to either san francisco or oakland. it would be like
5:43 am
the jets and giants, they play in new jersey, for heaven's sakes. maureen maureen kelly, kron4 news. >>james: nba players will hold last-minute talks today, commissioner david stern said today as the deadline for both sides to reach an agreement if they want to avoid cancellation of the first two weeks of the season. talks will resume again today. the season is set to begin on november 1st. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. if we have of rain on the way. leeson we are expecting rain to date. storm tracker 4 shows the wet weather will to the north of us. the storm is just starting to inch its way into the i will awaken you with a song.
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i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. ione >>darya: did morning it
5:47 am
think you for waking up with the kron4 morning maze. we are getting a little bit of rain this afternoon. >>louisa we might get results from the fall this morning, but there rain is expected to move in later today. right now, low cloud cover inching its way toward the bay. increasing cloud cover. the fog is settling in on the golden gate bridge. we also have a look at the south bay for you. san jose is at about 58, warming to 68 by noon and a high of 76. it in terms of current temperatures elsewhere, all we are up to 60 degrees in san francisco and redwood city. los 60s and upper 50s for much of the south bay. by 2:00 p.m. is when we will start to notice changes, especially in the north
5:48 am
we could sleep periods of fairly moderate downpours. by 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. is what we see sprinkles along the peninsula. a few sprinkles into the overnight hours, maybe even into tuesday morning. by tuesday afternoon, the sunshine will come out again. to date temperatures are expected to stay into the '60s and '70s. not warming up much into the afternoon. more clouds into the morning hours tomorrow. we will start a little bit of a warming trend continuing through the rest of the work week. thursday looks like the warmest day of the week with highs inland. we could even be
5:49 am
into the low eighties around the bay. local of by the end of the week. by the weekend, that is the next chance of rain setting in. let's get a look at your ride with it >>george: . so far, no backups or delays westbound. if you are driving in san francisco, remember the parking meters are enforced. neighborhood parking stickers are not, but you do have defeated the meters in san francisco. here is a look at your ride on the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge ride its bawdy, but no delays. from here, we would jump to the east bay for a another look at the freeways. a ride on interstate 80 is clear. we
5:50 am
have slowed traffic through antioch on highway 4. that is to be expected. your ride through the san ramon valley is a problem free. from the central valley, 580, if you sluggish spots. definitely lighter the unusual. the south bay traffic, we are yet to see any slow traffic on any of the principal freeways. a good to be unfolding. >>james: in the national news, the senate is expected to hold a key test votes. it is a top priority for the white house. republicans say that this is the wrong plan for america. a senior jones has more. >>reporter: for president obama, putting people back to work is high priority and something he says his jobs bill will do. >> some people say we will grow the economy as much as
5:51 am
80%. as many as 1.9 million workers. >> he has been pushing the plan everywhere, at a press conference last week, on the road, facebook and it twitter and on his weekly address. >> this is not the time for usual games or political gridlock. >>reporter: the bill would extend unemployment benefits, give tax cuts for hiring out-of-work the veterans or the longtime unemployed and provide money to keep public workers on the job and invest in rebuilding schools and roads. if it would be paid for with a 5.6 percent tax on income over $1 million beginning in 2013. the political stakes are high, no president has been reelected with an unemployment rate above 8 percent since president roosevelt. chances are slim that the entire package will pass. it faces a tough road in the house, even if it survives the senate. >> we have different points
5:52 am
of view on creating jobs. >> it is doing the same thing he has done before but he is expecting a different outcome. >> and we want to work with ideas that will work. if that means helping small businesses grow and getting a certainty and policy regulations, taxes and debt so that small businesses can grow. >>reporter: some state the bill will add jobs, but how many is the question. >> it will temporarily create more jobs. >>reporter: temporarily is the keyboard. >> there is nothing on the congressional calendar that will substantially change.
5:53 am
>>james: the nation's unemployment rate is at 9.1%. >>darya: we are back in just a couple of the minutes. here is a look at the bay bridge. when here is an approach--here is the approach to the bay bridge. there is no back up at all.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
gurkha he paul mccarthy tied the knot pour the third time. the wedding was in london. unhitc-- >>erica: paul macarther maze tied the knot for the third time at a wedding in london. demi moore has
5:57 am
sought a divorce lawyer. >>darya: a real steael was no. 1 in the box office. $27.3 million. the ides of march, i am dying to see this. george clooney and directs and stars in the film. it is getting great reviews. a political thriller. 10.4 million. dolphin tail made 9.2 million. >>james: money ball and 50/50 were still in the top five. we are going to take a break, much more straight ahead. there is a chance of rain today. >>darya: there is nothing that we can do about it. we will heat up by the end of the week. city services in oakland, we will tell you which ones are closed today
5:58 am
because of budget issues. if james jackie sissel will be live reporting on that.
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