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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> thank you for joining back on this friday, october 14th. a big warmup kicked it into a. james fletcher adds details. >>james: clear skies on this friday morning. let's walk through the headlines for
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today. clear and mild. you'll see how warm is in some spots. if you enjoy thursday, friday apple be fantastic. inland hotspots will range from the upper 80s to the low 90s. san francisco has been coming in at about 67. 65 in oakland. let's walk you through how tantra's will develop throughout the day. by 9:00 p.m., '60s and '70s indicated by the green and yellow to orange comes in once the new. that represents a degree weather.
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santa rosa could approach 90 as well as a livermore. everyone else is solidly in the mid-upper 80s. east and valleys in the mid-upper 80s with livermore approaching it 90 degrees. clouds are rolling in. there is some cloud cover in the pacific.
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70's by sunday and will keep things cool as we had towards next week. >>george: there are no delays on high-rise getting out to or across the span. same is true for the golden gate bridge. they're right on 101 southbound is an easy trip through an from marin county heading towards the toll plaza. in the east bay, the 680 ride, there has been no increase in congested or
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delays for that portion of the trip even for 580 westbound there is slowing through livermore and a good ride for the sunol grade. the south bay freeways look trouble-free. >>darya: take a look. in just a couple of hours, you could have your hands on one of the new iphone. if stores are selling the new apple iphone 4s in a couple of hours.
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>>darya: coming up in a few minutes, a live look at the line and what everyone is doing and a live interview with bosnia. >>mark: around the united states and around the world is happening. check out this video from atlanta, georgia. customers are waiting for the apple store to open. from 1 million of the iphone 4s or sold in the first hour of 3 orders. this is in japan. the fog is also released today and australia, canada, france, germany and the united kingdom. we are keeping our eyes on wall street. the big news for wall street is the dow is on the rise. dow futures are currently up 79 points ahead of the opening bell after a slight drop
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when the dow was down 40 yesterday. a late rally in tech stocks. google announced their quarterly earnings after the bell. 9 billion in sales, 2 billion in earnings for the quarter. right now in pre-market trading, google is trading up 7% and trading $600 a share. now, to the occupy movement. there were going to have a clean up in new york that it has been postponed. basically protesters say they will not wait. they are saying, clean up for some other time. they're continuing to protests. they are protesting unfair wealth distribution and corporate greed. they have inspired similar protests across the globe and across the
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country, all the way here to the bay area. take a look, this is the state capital and colorado. denver has an occupy protests going on. police have warned demonstrators said they would start clearing out the part where the protesters are. they told them to get out last night and they did not. we are monitoring this situation to see if there is some sort of confrontation a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. >>mark: if we are waiting for the sun to come out. sunrise around 7:00 a.m..
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>>james: here is a look at the data bridge approach. we have temperatures inland, the san ramon valley, delta and livermore valley, people in the south bay as well, you will get close to the upper 80s. livermore and santa rosa are the two best candidates for c 90 degrees. >>darya: we have the new details as police have identified the victims in wednesday's deadly salon shooting in orange county. the ex-wife of the shooter is among those that was killed. 300 people gathered for a prayer service and a vigil in memory of the eight people that were killed in that rampage earlier this
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week. they were all from seal beach. decry opened fire killing his ex-wife and other people as well. one woman is still in critical condition. >>mark: little be right back. in early backup forming on the bay bridge.
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>>mark: and a few hours, apple stores will open and selling in the new iphone 4s. 1 million sold out in a pre orders. apple co-founder
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steve was that also was camping out for his phone. good morning. >> good morning. when did you decide you are going to camp out? >> i was not sure until last minute. i had a couple of order but i thought, i could get one for my wife. i like doing >>mark: did you ever imagined when he started apple, they do it be sitting outside and out all start? >> the world has come so far in technology. our lives have changed so much. >>mark: if you are still in apple employee, correct? >> i am the only person that has been on the apple
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employee computer every day and every week since day one. >>mark: have you had a chance to play with syria, the new voice control? >> i have been using it for a easier than tapping i loved siri. now, it is so improved. >>mark: when apple announced that siri will be on the 4s, it disappeared from the app store. >> yes. but i still have it on my son. a few of the things that i came to love, it does not necessarily do as well as it used to. i want to see the new one. this is the wave of the
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future of global computing for the next 10 years. this is it today. a lot of the news have not even recognized this as being as revolutionary as it is. >>mark: are the large number of sales for the 4s contributed to the death of steve jobs. >> yes. mchugh with every product, you knew the credibility was there. it would be a great, world changing products. this is one more of those. >>mark: are you there for the fund itself or part of the community every time a new apple products comes out? if >> is a mixture. i am always comparing the latest gadgets and talking about them. i want to be here over night. the sacrifices you make it tells you internally it is important. it is like a
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space shuttle launch. different reasons for being here. some people might be here because they want to get it early. new apple products are always scarce. maybe they can select from more and make more money. >> my wife and i just came back from germany. >>mark: have you ever consider going back to work full-time at apple? >> i have such a busy, if complicated, satisfying, happy life right now. if someone would have to do a lot of work to convince me that i could do something for apple. it they really felt that there was something i could do to help them, i would do that instantly. >>mark: think you for joining us this morning, steve. steve was the act, a
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co-founder of apple is camped outside of the apple store in los angeles. >>darya: everyone is going to get in on the funds as soon as the doors open. 8:00 a.m. is when the early opening is for apple, best buy, verizon, at&t and sprint as they get a jump on the iphone 4s. >>darya: to date is a date of remembrance in honoring steve jobs. 11:30 a.m. in the parking lot of hurricanes electric.
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>>mark: we want to know who you think is the best carrier for the iphone. visit us on our facebook fan page. >>james: here is a look from the james lick freeway. looking back at san francisco, it is a cool, clear morning. i want to focus in on the east bay before we get into the forecast to point out what we will see in some of the area's temperature wise. oakland is 80 and sunday. it will be another set the pace. livermore, a free spirit and another lost a house staff. theories support to test a theory here thought thought lower eighth half of if if who
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>>george: traffic can change in a snap. so far it has been a great writer around the bay area. we have had no hot spots to track. on the debris toll plaza, the metering lights have not yet been activated. there are gaps in the back up. these are cash lane. fastrak the san mateo bridge, volume is up westbound. there are still problems 80 westbound
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highway 85 there still no delays. the north wilber
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>>mark: the u.s. geological survey said it was a magnitude 6.7 62 mi. east of pot and a giddy. there are no reports of any damage or injuries. the tsunami warning center did not issue a tsunami alert. there was also a plane crash in a remote forest in a pot of new guinea. this is all that is less of the airplane. the
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20 propeller plane went down 12 mi. south. investigators are traveling there, we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react
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but the opening bell on wall street. dow futures are rising sharply on better than expected retail sales for the month of september. sales are up. a strong selling their as far as economic growth for the united states. dow futures are up 144, we are expecting a large rise in early trading. google reported over 2 billion in profit for the quarter. that was a jump in revenue, close to $50 a share, trading just over the 600 marks. it looks to be a good friday weather wise. let's get a check on the forecast.
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>>james: here is a view from mt. tam. sunrise is in roughly 45 minutes. high clouds and mild. '50s and '60s is the temperature range. sunny and warm with inland highs getting into the 90 degree mark. this evening, and will keep things clear and cold. we have cloud cover headed our way for the weekend. as we take a look at the bay and see with tractors are doing, we are mainly in the low 60 degree range. 67 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. 60 degrees in san jose. in mid- upper 50s across the north bay. this afternoon temperatures will be on the rise fairly quickly. by 9:00 a.m., 70's entering the bay area. by noon, '80s. will hold on to the 80 degree weather throughout the afternoon. 3:00 p.m. will be the hottest time of the
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day. potentially near santa rosa, 90 degree weather. same story for livermore. most of the bay area will be in local, made or upper 80s. let's fly around the neighborhoods. 88 in los gatos, near 90 in los gatos. warmer in the inland valleys. very nice out there for you. we are looking for 85 degrees in napa and downtown san francisco will be 77. in richmond, 79 degrees. another pleasant date. a great way to end the weekend. enjoy it while it lasts. things do change as we head into the weekend. next week, a cooler trend. things will kick in sunday, inland highs dropping into
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the '70s. let's get an update on the morning to meet with george. >>george: it has been a light and easy ride. hot spot free around the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no metering lights. the only delays are in the right hand cash lane. the toll plaza looks good. we could be within a few minutes of seeing the metering lights activated. it is a great cry right now. the san mateo bridge has been problem free, no delays eastbound or westbound. your commute to the golden gate bridge has since moved from the waldegrave through the tunnel. right now are no delays along the will drive heading into san francisco and connecting with a bomb bart or marina boulevard. looking at east bay traffic, we are delayed free for the east shore freeway. also for
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highway 24 and 680 from the benicia bridge to danville. south bay, and no delays for 101 northbound. if to 80 to the west valley and 85 are delayed three. look at iran, 101 southbound, no problems. you will see that even leading to the golden gate bridge there are no delays to the waldegrave. >>mark: more on the apple iphone 4s. people have been camped in out at stores here on the west coast, around the united states and around the world. we turn now to jackie sissel. he is a live right now in san francisco if with more on people waiting in line there. >>jackie: i am at the marine apple store. this is one of 245 stores around the united states that had a similar scene to what you are seeing here. people waiting in line for the new iphone 4s. people are waiting in line
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using their ipad. this has been a long awaited release of the iphone. they sold over 1 million in a 24 hour. with reporters. these people are waiting to get there is today. over 245 apple stores around the country. there are close to 500 people in line here. the employees inside the apple store are already test running. everyone is excited about how the personal assistant or. every time a new apple products comes out, people come out. with the death of steve jobs, it is that much more of 8 must be placed today. doors open at 8:00 a.m.. people are excited to get in.
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>>mark: d.c. you could get one if he did not reorder? >>jackie: they are very tight-lipped about how many stores get what quantity. >>mark: will trend has more. >>will: i am at the apple store in union square. the line starts at the foot of market street, down the block and around the corner. the first person got here for 30 p.m. yesterday. by the time the store opens at 8:00 a.m., and that man will be the first to get his hands on the new iphone 4s. of course, he will have to pay hundreds of dollars and spent 15.5 hours in line. anyone here will tell you, a piece of cake. will tran, kron4 news. >>darya: here is a list of the store's opening early this morning at 8:00
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there are a lot of upgrades, the biggest feature people are looking forward to is be able to speak to the phone. log on to our web site, we have the side-by-side comparison of the iphone 4 ended the iphone 4s. we are also pulling everyone if to find out who is the better carrier. that way, we can
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help each other by weighing in on the pole on our facebook fan page. >>mark: tears and jubilation as protesters uphill--there is tearing in jubilation as protesters remained in wall street. we have seen occupy san francisco, occupy richmond, occupy san jose. the movement is growing. here was that you in denver where they have moved in on protesters this
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east and the department of public works are clearing out the cabinet. police are moving in to clear out some of those protesters. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. faugh we
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>>mark: president obama will be meeting with the president of south korea to highlight an automobile plant in detroit. this will highlight the new trade agreement between south korea in the united states and show off the recovery of the automobile industry after the bailout. >>darya: investigators are continuing to look into the
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half billion dollar loan to solyndra. newly released e- mail's show the treasury department was concerned that the loan restructuring could violate federal law. the deal was structured so that private investors moved ahead of tax payers for repayment on part of the loan, in case of default. the time is 6:43 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: elected a look at the weather would james. >>james: today, sunshine, warm and sunny. eighties around the bay, 74 along the coast. saturday and sunday we get some changes. cloud and fall coming in. here are
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your current temperatures. this afternoon is a different story. temperatures will be pretty much on a par with what we had yesterday. if you liked the people are getting more of it today. made '80s for san jose. warmus a city east are the delta, possibly 941 wed. the san ramon valley, the entire 680 cord or will see temperatures in the upper 80s like yesterday.
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>>james: monday-wednesday we will be a lot cooler. inland highs will only get into the '70s for tuesday-thursday with cooler conditions around the bay. upper 60s and very low 70's. will let you know how long the cooling trend will last. keep it tend to kron4 for the latest update on your weather. let's get a look at traffic with george >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots or major problems around the bay area. the metering lights have been activated. the backup regis to the middle of the east parking lot. it is an 11 minute drive. it is still a light in the easy commute for the bay bridge even with the metering lights active. for your ride on the san mateo
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bridge will pick up our camera at the toll plaza, the volume is up but so are the speeds. no problems westbound. the southbound golden gate bridge commute, the ride from marin is problem free headed southbound. from here, a check on the east bay as we look at the right on highway 680 southbound into walnut creek. it looks good. a little slowing its leading into a tunnel. typical slowing for highway 4, even there is a little lighter than usual. the only slowing is between the freeways on gillian, 101 northbound. things will clear again before the real back upstarts. the north bay ride is still without delay for southbound highway 101 through marin county. >>mark: a replacement police chief has been named. howard and jordan. he will
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now head the oakland police department. as the interim chief, i intend to make solid decisions. i will make decisions as though i am the chief. >>mark: for now all the top priority is to abide by a federal order to make numerous reforms within the department. if it is not accomplished, the city runs the risk of giving up control of the police force to the >>darya: and arrests had been made in the shooting of a six year-old girl that happened last month. they
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looked at surveillance video and i followed dozens of leads. the suspect was 16 years old. >> we were able to identify a suspect. the officers that were on patrol yesterday, they knew they were looking for. they recognized him as part of the group that had been contained. >>darya: the police arrested a 16 year-old. he now faces several criminal weapons charges. the five year-old girl has recovered from the shooting. >>mark: 8 pilot locked away for a plane crash on thursday. it was a single engine home built aircraft that went down yesterday not far from the smith grant airport. the 65 year-old pilot says his plane experienced engine trouble right after takeoff. there is no official word on the cause of the accident. no one was injured. >>mark: several events are planned this weekend in the bay area, it is the 20th
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anniversary of the devastating east bay hills buyers. sections of oakland and berkeley were charged. more than 3300 homes were destroyed. some of the events to commemorate the anniversary are already under way. there is an exhibit at the oakland history room in the city's main library. on saturday, an exhibit featuring photos taken from inside the fire zone will be on display in the oakland a museum of california. a week from tomorrow, it reflects and outside of the rock ridge bart station. there will also be a parade of a fire
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>>mark: the dual for murder president of the hell's angels will be held this weekend. >>darya: people with old, unpaid parking tickets could be kept in the break. the state says if your ticket is more than three years old, you only have to pay half of the fine if you take care of it during the first six months of next year. this onetime discount is authorized by a new state law. it is designed to help delinquent drivers and the financially strapped state and local governments. they expect the program to generate 46 million. i guess sometimes it does pay to procrastinate. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside from our roof on van ness
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i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. >>james: a quick update on
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the weather. today is another gorgeous day. here is a live look at the bay bridge. let's run down the numbers in some of the sample cities. it will be another sunny day. warm-hot. in joliet. these will change this weekend. a full check on whether in a minute. >>mark: california was beaten for the second week in a row. here was their home game at at&t part. they were taking on a rival usc, the golden bears came away with their eight straight loss to the trojans. the loss was 30-9. this series has been very one-sided ever since the bears upset you
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see in triple overtime back in 2003. >>darya: 6:57 a.m., stick around. 7:45 a.m., will talk football with the siri. here is a live look outside at the golden gate my front tooth the other day,
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