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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 20, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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day. while in and that unit, they started to lower his anti seizure medication and his last weekend she showed no signs of a seizure and they say he was able to return to the reagan rehabilitation unit last >> the bayview opera house is trying to help and five year-old girl family who was shot and the need. they arrested a 16 year-old boy are still searching for a second suspect. reggie kumar tells us that the staff at the opera house is rallying the community to stop the violence and to prevent another child from getting shot.
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>> we have students involved in our program who no longer feel comfortable walking here. her family is
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my own a car they had to rent a car and the daughter came back from the hospital the car is costing $300 per week and it has basically exhausted all their finances. they're now behind on their rent for october they have not paid their pg&e bill this is very dramatic i think this will have long-term effects and if she does not get the necessary counselling she will have to deal >> if you like to help up a little girl you can go to our web site under the news links section you can click on five year-old gunshot victim that will take you to the bayview opera house web site and as we can make a donation. >>james: today is the big day in history for the bay area back on october 20, 1991 that the oakland hills fire burn nearly 4000 homes and killed 25 people in oakland. a reception will be held today, and united policyholders hoping to help
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those affected by the fire. the this is footage of that day, it took three days to contain the fire we will have more coverage throughout the day and there is a live shot that will be set up. >> a concession is being called a hero for her courageous actions at this accident seem we watched the story unfold live this is after a cement truck overturned and was caught on fire, keena williams came across that accident and reacted quickly. >> my first response was to win over there and i put my arms under him and i grabbed him and drag him all the with my car. i was trying to keep him one and comfort him until help got there
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because he was in pain. >>jacqueline: the mayor says he would honor her for her report actions the driver of the truck was injured but is expected to survive. >>james: we are going to take a quick break but does give you a live look at interstate 80 those headlights are headed west bound downpours open we will have more news in a minute.
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>>justine: good morning in national news all but one of the animal set free in ohio have now been accounted for. deputies tried to contain this dangerous situation and greg black now explains if there are questions about why this tragedy could have been prevented. >>reporter: 56 animals and all were running loose in the ohio countryside everything from bears, and
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lions and tigers and this is how most of them ended up. their owner terry thompson is accused of freeing them before killing himself. the dickey said they had no place but to kill the animals. >> if this was an incident at 9:00, or 10:00 and the middle of the day we may have been able to surround the area and keep everything contained but our biggest problem we had was nightfall. >> when darkness then, at that point the shares had to say the ones that were getting out had to be put down. we cannot tranquilize in the dark. >>reporter: the governor is coming under fire for allowing a band of the buying and selling of exotic animals to expire. >> you now to just put something out and i have the infrastructure or deal with all the complications connected to this. >>reporter: but he says a commission is working on a new law to address the
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matter animal rights activists say the sooner the lot is in place the better. >>justine: the one animal unaccounted for is a monkey they think it was eaten by one of the big cats that was freed. >>james: more headlines coming up in a minute. now let us give you a live look at west bound 8. i want to show the scanner one more time because it is pointed in the direction of a traffic problem this morning. farther up we have a big read that was overturned it was carrying live chickens and that is scattered all over the roadway. they're letting traffic through on the center divider and at this 0.80 connected is having problems now let us let you know when they did that all cleared up but as we checked i do not think it will be until noon until they did to free we opened up again back in a moment. [music]
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>> welcome back to the kron4 morning news this is a shot of the bay bridge we see some low cloud coverage and patchy fog and that will continue for the good portion of the morning. we will see cloudy conditions for open want to about 69 degrees. about 72 degrees in livermore and it will be a cool afternoon in some of our in the spots today. in terms of the fog we see a drifting in portions of the north bay and in to the east bay as well. as we head towards the 10:00 hour we will keep the temperatures in the '50s and '60s. we are not seem to move a much in the morning hours but by noon we could notice up to 60 to 70 degree temperatures. as we head in the afternoon it looks like this is as warm as to get. here is a look at the
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numbers warrant to 78 in los gatos, and we will stay in the '70s and redwood city, the upper 60 for oakland and in downtown san francisco we are only the up to about 67 degrees. >> through the map of valley we will top out at 76 degrees and now here is a look at your seven day around the bay. we have a another cool day on tap for tomorrow. by saturday temperature starts to warm up and will be back into the 80's in the inland spots. the only continue to rise as we head into the latter part of your weekend. your high temperatures are topping out at the upper 80s. we will stay sunny and mild to a good portion of the work
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week next week. now let us get a look at traffic. >>james: west bound 80 is looking good barely any traffic isn't easy ride out there. the san mateo bridge has a little more volume the westbound traffic on your right hand side from hayward to foster city is looking so far so good. the golden gate bridge is looking pretty good as well. we do have one and edition for anyone that may be commuting up to the sacramento area. we have reports of a big rig accident on west bound 80. apparently a big rig carrying live chickens overturned. that is still out there they're trying to clean it up all lanes are blocked and they are letting the traffic by on the center divider. now on to more
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headlines. >>james: the occupied protests continue, complicating matters are local businesses that occupy the plaza they have been hit hard by the protests. they say they're losing money because no one wants to get near the encampment. in oakland the occupied movement has spread to snow park. the new encampment is much smaller than the original one in city hall. meanwhile the occupied protest at a city plaza has started to dissipate. >> most of their request are kind of ridiculous because the issues have been here for a long time. >>reporter: when this
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participant heard about the requirements that the city was concerned with he was shocked. these are the following concerns as you can see. now this is a big concern, graffiti that you can see here. they say workers are working on cleaning up the area. >> i think for the most part everyone understands that if we want this to people and on we have to comply with a reasonable request. everything that the city has done so far has been reasonable. >>reporter: several even as our plan for the next several days here in the park including a wedding. the city asked the demonstrators to be respectful of the people attending these events. >>justine: it is time for
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more bay area news, bart set up a new proposal yesterday to set guidelines for when he can cancel cellphone service in bart stations. you may remember this scene when bart try to stop the anti part protest.--anti bart protest. the new law will allow bart to shut down cellphone service in extraordinary measures. >>reporter: at a recent hearing the chairman of
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dressed--the chairman addressed but the drug cartels in mexico. earlier this month a 12 year old boy was caught driving a stolen pickup truck that contained more than a hundred pounds of marijuana. the department of public safety officials says the mexican cartels of value teenagers for their ability to serve as expandable labour in many different roles and they have unlimited resources to recruit our children. >>reporter: teams are often offered as little as $50 to use them as the drivers for the cartels. they know that law is more lenient for minors. now the border patrol is putting renewed emphasis on operation detour, it is to educate high school students about the dangers of smuggling.
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officials say the drug cartel are intimidating farmers and ranchers on the u.s. outside of the border. some of them have been assaulted in chase off their own property. now testifying before congress the former u.s. and drug sgt says that the u.s. can no longer ignore this issue all over the united states. >> in more than to live in 60 cities just in portland oregon talking to the police department are elements of mexican cartels and they're moving hundreds of metric tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, ecstasy, and many of the things across the border. >>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning news we will get you updated where a big rig has
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apparently flipped over and there are chickens all of the road we'll be talking about that. an entertainment news, you will see lindsey low hands mug shot and we will talk about what happened as the conrad murray's case resumed yesterday. another to take quick look outside the james and free with looks nothing like it did yesterday. it looks like there are no traffic issues if you're headed on 101 this morning we will be right back.
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shallow we have a new news on bryan stow he was moved to a rehabilitation facility
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>>james: now this is a look at the oakland hills fire nearly 4000 homes were destroyed and dozens were killed. there is a service happening to remember those who suffered in this disaster. >>justine: now let us check out the weather out there good morning to you louisa. >> good morning justine. as the sun starts to rise you're in for a cool afternoon. we will see some clouds lift as the into the afternoon and there will be some sunshine out there but it will still stay cool and that is until the weekend and just-in-time we actually bring back warmer temperatures there may even be some beach weather to talk about but we will talk about some of that patchy fog that has started to set in. it should clear out by
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this evening. now down and now and view we are in the '50s and '60s. tifton will stay in the '70s through the afternoon. along the coast is 65 degrees at half moon bay and 69 degrees in oakland. it will warm up through the upper '70's to settle rosa not here is your seven day around the bay. as you can see this is another cool day for your friday. the sunshine will take hold as we head through the weekend it will warm up by saturday and continue to warm up into sunday. we will stay sunny and mild into next week. >>james: thank you very much louisa now the only thing that may impact you out there on the road is a big rig accident on interstate 80. chp is trying
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their best to deal with this accident all lanes are blocked except for the center divide and that is where they are filtering traffic through. they estimate possibly before they get all lanes open. in the bay area no problems on the roadway. the west bound 80 ride is light as you can see. the san mateo bridge is also moving well. the golden gate bridge is moving well, traffic out of marin county is moving smoothly. there are no reports of any problems and a reminder once again, 101 south bound is opened and moving well note issues like we had yesterday. >> and ac transit has been awarded almost $7 million
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for repairs and maintenance and the bus system. a threat from the federal transit administration states the good repair program will be used to update bus elevator up programs and other equipment. it will use a database to scheduled maintenance and other repairs officials say this will reduce the need for costly emergency repairs. >>james: close to 8 million california residents participated in the earthquake drill last year this year is to be the largest ever. bart will stop the trains at 1021 a m to participate as well. meanwhile, pg&e is calling for ratepayers to cover for
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all but a portion of the billion dollars to modernize the national gas system and to replace more than 1,200 mi. of distribution pipe. >>justine: breaking news in to the kron4 newsroom the associated press is aware of reports that moammar gadhafi has been captured in his hometown. the chief spokesman says that the reports are unconfirmed. i am reading that the u.s. state department is not confirming that moammar gadhafi has been captured either. we're working with our sources to get new information in the kron4 newsroom as there is new information out there that moammar gadhafi may have been captured will keep you posted as the developments, newsroom. much more ahead on the kron4 morning news a cooler days on the way as we take a live look outside from our roof camera and san francisco. what you think of the cooler weather? but it is warming up.
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>>james: the weekend is going to look really nice so we will be watching for that. louisa will be up with a full look your forecast in just a minute.
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gemma and now and world news, tens of thousands of people are protesting in athens they are furious over the lack of jobs. municipal workers are now refusing to pick up trash and standoff between police and protesters are leaving many people injured. meanwhile the secretary of state history and in--hillary clinton is calling
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for the three nations to work together urging unity to end the war. >>justine: more information about the mysterious outbreak. the fda officials say that cantaloupes from the form should be thrown away immediately. refrigerating will not kill the bacteria that can grow even at low temperatures and consumers should not try to wash off the bacteria. the outbreak has been linked to 25 deaths. now update on our breaking news story to the kron4 newsroom according to several reports moammar gadhafi has now been captured. the chief spokesman for the revolutionary national transitional council says the reports are unconfirmed. the u.s. state department cannot confirm the reports although some of the reports are saying that he has been captured and is wounded in
4:41 am
both legs and he has been taken away in an ambulance. this is according to the np c we will keep you posted on the kron4 morning news as the story continues to break. now let's take a quick look outside at san mateo. the camera is situated at the toll plaza at the san until bridge in hayward. the taillights are going westbound towards 92 1/4 foster city. if that is where your commute is you should be ok on the roadways. we will be right back. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>>louisa: as we head into the afternoon we will experience some cool weather today. now let us take a look at your south bay forecast. 75 degrees in the review, partly cloudy in san jose at 76 degrees. and morgan hill warm up to about 79 degrees. now you can see the fog filling in for the
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east bay and down to san jose as well. temperatures are about 57 degrees in san francisco there is a chilly start today and said rosa had about 49 degrees. it is 49 degrees--59 degrees in the south bay. >>louisa: will stay in the '60s in downtown san francisco want to the upper '70's in santa rosa and the mid-70s in the delta. now here is your 70 around the bay. another cool day for tomorrow is not until the weekend we start to see the warming up. sunshine is moving into the forefront as we head into saturday and sunday it is warm and sunny on sunday. that could be the
4:46 am
warmest day of the week. it will clear up and cool down by monday. back to you james. >>james: now this is the albany camera pointing out the west bound 80 so far so good. now interstate 80 up near vacaville where they had live chicken scattered across the roadway due to a big rig accident. the estimate everything will be back up and running by noon. now we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. west bound 80's looking fine. now highway 92 has traffic in this area but no problems. traffic is
4:47 am
light index area at this hour.--traffic is light at this hour and no surprise as people are more able to find their way easily from marin county down to san francisco. >>justine: according to several reports moammar gadhafi has been captured, the chief spokesperson for the national revolutionary council says the these reports are unconfirmed. we are hearing that moammar gadhafi, the disposed libyan leader has been captured and wounded in both legs. we will keep you updated on this story as new developments come to the kron4 newsroom. >>gary: digital photography is changed forever. this is a new consumer digital camera that was just unveiled. it uses a completely new technology called like field to capture
4:48 am
images it will forever change the we will be right back take pictures. it led to focus the picture after you take it. you can focus the picture you just in the camera, or on your computer wants to applaud the photograph. this is the biggest thing in photography since its invention. a light field camera sucked in 11 million grave of like to capture an image this allows you to focus your shot after taking it. this makes picture-taking faster snap your shot and choose what you want in focus later. here is some side by side examples of where the focus point have been changed in the photograph this can lead to capture the action, the spirit of a moment because you do not have to waste time trying to capture a picture you just snapped. this is a complete redesign of a digital camera. it is a rectangle box shape that has been crafted to be simple to use any one from four years old to 100 years old can use this. it only has two buttons and has an on and
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off button and then the shutter button to take the picture. now under this could you can plug in your u.s. the court here to connected to your computer. >>gary: the blue model sells for $400 and it holds three of in 50 pictures the red mottled 07 on june 50 pictures and sells for $500 and a great model holds a 350 pictures and sells for $400. >>justine: let us take a break and we will be right back with more information on the capture of moammar gadhafi. but as take a look at the scene in richmond the police say that gunfire erupted between 2 security
4:50 am
guards at the crescent park apartments. one of the security guards is supposedly did this morning we will keep you updated these are live pictures in our newsroom of the developing story in richmond. we will keep you posted on what is happening we come right back.
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>>louisa: we are waking up to some fog this morning. but in the north bay we have had problems with visibility. we also have some pretty cool temperatures in san rosa. now check out your seven day around the bay. we are expected to stay cool with the warmest in an highs' topping out in the upper '70's. we will stay cool through friday by the
4:53 am
weekend and we will shake up to be pretty nice. by sunday we will see the inland temperatures peak at about 88 degrees, 80's around the bay and los '70s for the coast. >>justine: the memphis city council is exploring the option of selling the nba for lost revenue. fedex a forum they're now playing defense in light of the nba lockout take a look at what they have to say. >> we are losing revenue as long as the fedex forum is not in use because each seedcase so much to the city of memphis if this lockout goes until december the city will have to pay $80 million. we do not want to put that on the backs of the tax payers. >>justine: so far this is the first city to consider suing the nba because of the
4:54 am
lockout. it remains to be seen if other suits will follow. now the cardinals have gained the upper hand over the texas rangers. the national league comeback player of the year, lance hit eight to run homer in the fifth and tied the game for the rangers. the score was 3 to 2 in game 2 is tonight. >> here is stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this is a political banner for a man running for mayor, in fact on his side he even has information about how to find him on twitter and facebook. maybe we should use tweeted to tell him how his signs are in violation of city law. manners are not
4:55 am
to be hung on city property and in fact any sign hung it can only be eight by 11 in. and no more. in the marina district, this person is running for mayor in fact he had his size and two separate locations both directly across from the marina safeway. they're even chained and locked to the slight cold. it wishes chairs and tables it might be ok however, there are political signs attached and that is another big no, no. now hear, this man is running for sheriff and his sons are stapled to detour signs. as the track exhumes by they may be reading the political science instead of the warning signs. at the carroll street muni station this woman is holding a sign that sense ed lee for mayor
4:56 am
for the record, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it until the final colder tosses her empty styrofoam cup on to the platform. now this is just a thought if you are running for office hear the word of advice it might be a good idea to brushup on a lot of fighting age. if you see in illegally placed sunny where in the city they want to call 311 and reported. remember that signs on private property are ok no matter how many. >>justine: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley you can e-mail him at people behaving badly at now an update of according to several reports of moammar gadhafi has been captured and is entered. the chief spokesman for the revolutionary national council says that these reports are unconfirmed the u.s. state bart cannot confirm these reports but we will update you on the breaking news
4:57 am
story as it continues to develop this morning on the kron4 morning news. here they live look outside richmond gunfire erupted between 2 security guards at the crescent park apartments. adjutancy we have a live camera showing that this is still an active police investigation this morning with officers still on the scene. we will take you live and the kron4 morning news comes back in two minutes, stay with us.
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[music] >>justine: good morning we begin with breaking news that we're getting reports that moammar gadhafi has not been captured. an official in the libyan council says
5:00 am
that moammar gadhafi was caught and has been captured and shot in the leg. the u.s. state department is not confirming these results. earlier today in the last major resistance by the former regime's supporters. are breaking news on the kron4 morning news is that there are reports out there that the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi has been captured in his injured. we will keep you posted on this breaking news story right here on the kron4 morning news. >> we have a developing story that we are falling out of richmond, and manhunt is underway for a workplace shooter. this workplace shooting happened overnight at the crescent park apartments. that is just off of 580, we have a will tran live at the scene in can you tell us what happened? >>reporter: apparently there was a gun battle among three
5:01 am
co-workers the police officers are still here, this is pretty intense. you can see the tree right there, the white marks on the tree indicates that several shots were fired in that direction. apparently this happened between a supervisor and a security guard at this apartment complex. the security guard for whatever reason left the scene and came back with a gun we hear that he fired at the supervisor and the supervisor was hit in the arm but is expected to survive. when the other security guards heard about the gun battle they came over and try to protect the supervisor so this was a major scene but we are not sure of exactly what caused this. apparently there may have been a longstanding battle between the supervisor and the security guards. we are hoping to hear back from the richmond police department but i can tell you that the security guard that has initiated all this is still on the loose. we understand that his name is dorin long for now let me
5:02 am
send it back to you darya. >> so there are three guards and one on the loose now the two others were the injured or one of them and were they killed? >>reporter: one of the guards was injured that is the supervisor we were hearing that he is hit in the arm and expected to survive. the third security guard that was involved in all of this, we are hearing that the security guard came from a different part of the complex to come over and he heard the gun battle and the shots. he came over and try to assist the supervisor but he was not injured at all what we're hearing right now is only one person was injured and the gunman is still on the loose. hopefully when they wrap this scene up, there will come over and talk with us. >> i want to get you, on the bay area weather forecasts and james fletcher has some fog out there. the >>james: good morning, now
5:03 am
we do not see a lot fog on the deck is slightly warmer but still cool this afternoon. this will be one of those days we have a gradual warm up from yesterday but not much. and around the bay we are in '60s and '70s with are in the temperatures dipping into the upper '70's as opposed to the mid-70s that we had yesterday. and here's the satellites you can see we are talking about with the widespread cloud coverage in north bay. oakland heading out toward the san ramon valley in some portions of san ramon double in pleasanton and livermore we see quite a bit of cloud coverage you experience that as we head out the door. and here are temperatures on the mouse side is considerably cooler than what they were yesterday. 57 in san francisco, 63 in oakland, and it is 56 in any of. we're in the mid-50s down in san jose and the peseta rosa, 48 degrees and that is
5:04 am
where we see the fog- concentrated. that is what the cool weather is this morning. not take a look, as far as san jose not much has changed. the 675 yes today, today is that 76. around the in the day we have open coming in at 69 degrees. we will be in the upper '70's for livermore and antioch, concord and walnut creek will be in the upper '70's. we will have your seven day forecast coming up in a little bit. for now let us get an update on our traffic. that mine can were that there may be a problem i am hearing a problem in mike'--in my mic...
5:05 am
>>mark: 90 george, we are trying to get information on what is going on this morning. >> it is reported that there is a 15 minute delay there is police action at the open west station we do not know the nature of the problem but it is outside of the bart station according to the initial reports that we have. it may be affecting services both in and out of san francisco with the delay is being reported headed from downtown san francisco over towards the east bay. and then from the east bay headed back towards downtown san francisco there are more problems. we only know that there is some sort of police action occurring, police activity is outside the station and the kron4 newsroom is checking on additional details now. well let us take a look at your ride at the bay area bridges. we are not tracking any hot spots this morning for your ride around the bay. you're starting at the bay bridge and you can see
5:06 am
that this is a pretty good commute. no backups or no delays west bound. your ride pulled--toward the san mateo bridge looks good. your ride to the golden gate bridge also looks good. in a quick check as we look for your ride on highway 8680. the could you looks good into the san ramon valley with no problem for west bound highway 24 either. >>mark: 10 to george, a big day in bay area history on october 20, 1991 the oakland hills firestorm for nearly 4000 homes and killed 25 people. it took three days to contain, jackie is live this morning with the details. >> good morning you could see the fire dangers of details that was not the case 20 years ago when the
5:07 am
fire broke out. i actually where the fire started 20 years ago, some of the first house is run burned up on this hillside a lot of things have changed in 20 years obviously lessons have been learned from those almost 4000 homes that have been turned people are much more aware of their surroundings and making sure that they have cleared out the space is that started the fire. also there are changes structurally. nor do we see those houses with those roofs and that we saw back then that got the fire going. the fire department had a hard time communicating with each other 20 years ago now they all basically have the same radios and they can communicate with each other. various changes have been done to make a better system in hopes that this fire storm that happened 20 years ago can never happen again. mark, i have to tell you i'm up here in the oakland hills all the time and it is always something on the back of your mind you always think about it when
5:08 am
you are up here than a that the fire department here in oakland they will never forget this day. >>mark: will have more on the commemorations that are taking place as the kron4 news continues.
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one.
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all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. >>justine: more on our breaking news story we are getting reports that moammar gadhafi has been captain. there are reports that he was shot in the leg and captured. this is coming as the transitional government says that they have ceased his hometown. they're reporting that he is critically injured in the u.s. state department cannot confirm the reports where he was captured or if he was dead, or if he is dead or alive. new information is coming into our newsroom. we will keep you posted on the new information about the possible capture of moammar gadhafi. >>darya: news this morning despite fading badly in the
5:12 am
polls in recent weeks, the minnesota congresswoman michelle bachman and brings her presidential campaign to the bay area there are some visits--there is some video tour visit to the north bay last month. it has been a tough stretch for some referred keep paying--key campaign track --some of our keyn staff have quit. today she would talk about the revival of american competitiveness. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues now let us first check out the james lick freeway is open for business this morning.
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]s >>justine: good morning more breaking news we are now getting reports that moammar gadhafi is dead. they say yes died of wounds to it as
5:16 am
reported captured. this is coming from voiters which also reported that he was shot in the leg and captured and eventually died of the wounds. this comes as the government says they have see is moammar gadhafi hometown the u.s. state department has not confirm these reports. we're hearing new information coming into our newsroom the latest information is that moammar gadhafi is now dead. >>darya: we want to take a look at the weather and the traffic will warm up again and we'll get to that in a minute of first you want to see if there are any hot spots to steer clear of early this morning hello george. >> as we mentioned in our last report, we understand that all service has been suspended in and out of san francisco. police action is occurring at the oakland west station that is the last station stopped before the trends they--transbay
5:17 am
tube. now what we understand is that there was an unauthorized person discovered on the trackway and at first it account of some delays but now we understand that it may have suspended service. let us find out as we talk with the bart spokesperson jim allison i understand he is on the kron4 news line. good morning and tell us what is going on and what passengers can expect. >> right now we have substantial delays but it appears that we will be back in service a very shortly as you said there was a person on the track, there were persons off the track with love and they're trying to find him. in the meantime we are trying to make sure everything is safe and wanted is determined to be safe to get the trains running on time again.
5:18 am
>>george: this situation was here at the oakland west station. they say a person it was on the trackway, but they have not found that person. bart's police are still looking. give yourself an extra 15 minutes. on the bay bridge westbound, there are no backups, delays or metering
5:19 am
lights. your san mateo bridge ride looks good. on the left is the westbound direction. no problems as he had from the peninsula to the east bay. your ride on the golden gate bridge also looks good. 101 is fog free. let's get a check on weather as we go to the weather center.% there is a cloud cover. the fog at ground level is heavy in the north bay but everyone else is doing okay so far this morning. temperatures are 2-5 degrees cooler than it were yesterday. our cool spot is continuing to be santa rosa at 40 degrees. this afternoon will
5:20 am
be a completely different story. we have to get the fog and cloud cover to pull back. we have fog tracker 4 set for 8:00 a.m.. why is red cloud cover about by 1:00 p.m. it should pull back enough to the coast that every part of the bay will be enjoying sunny skies. we will not see that much in the way of heating. here is what we're looking at for temperatures this afternoon, a degree or two warmer than yesterday but still awfully miles here are your expected highs and throughout the day.
5:21 am
>>mark: bryan stow has been transferred to the trauma rehab unit. his physical therapist was able to work with him and says that he responded well and was hired by the end of the day. his team began lowering his third anti seed your medication. >>darya: new details on a good samaritan who is now being called a hero for courageous actions at the scene of the big accident that we told you about live on the kron 4 morning news. yesterday, there was a cement truck that overturned and caught fire, came across the accident and acted quickly. >> i ran over there, i put
5:22 am
my arms under his arms and dragged him all the way to my car. i had my towel and coat over him because he was shaking. i was just trying to comfort him. he was in pain. >>darya: she saved that man's life with her actions. the san francisco mayor says that he will honor her for that act. the driver of the truck was injured but will survive. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a breaking international story, a live look at libyan television, libyans celebrating the overrunning of surt. they are reporting that muammar gaddafi is dead. we are waiting for confirmation. we
5:23 am
are following a breaking news story and we will bring you more information as soon as it comes into kron 4.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>justine: we are getting reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. a senior military official with the national transition council says that gaddafi has died of wounds suffered during a reported capture. the white house is monitoring reports that muammar gaddafi has been captured in libya but is unable to confirm the status of the former libyan leader. the u.s. state department has not confirmed these reports just yet, but they are coming right after secretary of state hillary clinton visited libya on tuesday. it was then that she said she hoped adachi would be captured or killed. the latest information into the newsroom is that muammar gaddafi is now dead. >>mark: a developing story out of zanes' bill ohio were
5:27 am
dozens of exotic animals were freed and wondering around, there is one of missing a monkey. that search is still active. police are beginning to think that the monkey could have been eaten by one of the big police believe that the owner opened to all of the animals' cages and then killed himself. animal rights activists say that there was little police could have done to save those animals. >>mark: this is the man that owned it and set free all of these animals. terry thompson. the sheriff says it appears that he said his 40 exotic animals free and turned the gun on himself. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes. one of the
5:28 am
developing stories we are following in richmond, there was a shooting involving security guards. we are back with ♪ one taste and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee.
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mmm! pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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>>george: we are tracking a hot spot with the bart system. they have some problems this morning with a person on the driveway. starting at 4:39 a.m. there was no service through the transbay tube. passengers in the system at the time might be delayed as much as 30 minutes. passengers entering the system now are looking at 15 minute delays. art is recovering from the problems of the delays are system wide >>justine: we're getting reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. a senior official as reporting that the former leader of libya has died
5:31 am
from wounds suffered during a reported capture by revolutionary fighters. the u.s. state department is not confirming these reports. the white house is monitoring the information in waiting for official confirmation. we're getting reports that there are many celebrations in the streets of tripoli. breaking news, there are reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. we are waiting for official confirmation. >>darya: another story out of richmond, a manhunt is underway for a security guard who opened fire on the other guards fingerboards. this is the crescent park apartments. will tran is live on the scene. >>will: this gun battle is more intense than we
5:32 am
thought. the gun battle happens between four different co-workers. here is a video that we got just moments ago. this happened with multiple gunshots. a security guard came back to this place in and got into a confrontation with a supervisor. he opened fire on his supervisor that was still inside the building. the supervisor is expected to survive his injuries. the other security guard heard the gun battle and saw what was happening. he saw that a co-worker was firing into the building. the gunmen
5:33 am
took off in his car. his name is doran long. he took off and their red toyota tacoma. they believe he was headed for tahoe, nonetheless in the belief he is headed to talk hoped and have contacted our authorities in that area. they believe he is armed and dangerous. >>darya: are they doing anything as far as neighborhoods and schools? >>will: believe he has left the area and that there should be no danger as far as this community. they believe he is long gone from this area. i asked the original police department
5:34 am
what caused all of this, they do not know. police believe he was on a rampage before even getting here, shooting into a neighbor's home. we will try to get more information on why they believe he is in tahoe. >>george: it appears that the police action is over that caused a problem, an authorized person was found on the tracks near the transbay tube. that was about 50 minutes ago. this is the oakland west station. it is the first station that you will encounter heading eastbound from the trans bay and the last one that you'll
5:35 am
encounter if you are heading toward san francisco. this service is now back in. they say that anyone entering the system will experience 10-50 minute delays. within the next half hour there should be no more delays through the system. let's get a look at the bridges as we start our bridge check. on the westbound bay bridge, a problem free. there are no delays on the approach. the san mateo bridge looks good. let's get a quick east bay and south bay check for you. here is the ride on 680 south. it looks good. south
5:36 am
bay traffic, you are looking at el camino readoul. your ride eaton is a problem free for 101 southbound. i do want to mention for people who might be heading to and from sacramento in vacaville, westbound 80, there was a truck accident in the early morning hours. a truck overturned that was carrying a load of chickens. it is not as bad as it could be westbound >>mark: here it " is a quick update on whether. >>james: westbound ab, visibility is a really good.--westbound ab, the visibility is really good. patchy fog, clear and cool.
5:37 am
a touch warmer than yesterday. still cool but sunny and warm as we head into the bay area cloud cover is affecting out to livermore. in the east bay, 57 degrees. here is your 7 day
5:38 am
around the bay. things get better tomorrow and warmer as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday, england ties getting back into the '70s and '80s. back with more in a minute. california should be proud.
5:39 am
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>>justine: we are getting reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. the former leader of libya has died of wounds suffered during a reported capture. this information comes from a senior military official with the libyan national transitional council. muammar gaddafi was reportedly captured by revolutionary fighters. the u.s. state department has not confirmed these support. there are celebrations in the streets of tripoli this morning. that is video you are looking at now. this is a live feed from libyan
5:42 am
television showing us the latest information, people in the streets celebrating the counter and death of muammar gaddafi. we will keep you posted on this breaking news story right here on the kron 4 morning news. >>mark: more than 8 million people in california could be participating in the largest earthquake drill the world has ever seen. it is the great california shake out. in the bay area, more than 1.3 residents are expected to participate at 10:20 a.m.. that includes private businesses, school districts and board will be stopping trains for one minute, that will happen at 10:21 a.m. as a part of the drill. >>mark: jerry hill will be appearing at the california public utilities commission urged the panel to reject the pg&e proposal to have customers pay for new pipelines. their plan calls for ratepayers to cover all but a small portion of the $3 billion it would take to modernize the gas
5:43 am
transmission system and replace more than 1,200 mi. of plastic distribution pipes. he will represent san bruno with a pipeline explosion killed eight people. >>darya: protesters for occupy san francisco will have access to basic medical care starting today. they have been camping out since last month at justin herman plaza. today, nurses from the growth national nurses united will set up a first- aid station. li lin he plans to join the nurses for the launch of that first-aid >>mark: the number of people who apply for unemployment fell a little more than expected. most analysts were expecting a drop of 4000.
5:44 am
>>darya: up here is the approach to the bay bridge. it looks pretty quiet. that is some good news, we will be right back.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>>justine: we are getting reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. the former leader of libya has reportedly died from wounds after his reported capture. muammar gaddafi was reportedly captured by revolutionary fighters. the state department has not confirmed to the information. the white house is also monitoring the situation. we are getting word that there were
5:48 am
celebrations in tripoli after reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. >>mark: in the bay area, we are dealing with some pretty thick fog. james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: 56 currently in antioch, and the south bay, 55, 57 in san francisco. santa rosa continues to be our cool spot. let's track our temperatures as they progressed throughout the day. future cast 4 is set for 10:00 a.m., a mix of '50s and '60s. it will be a
5:49 am
little while before we get some warming going on. by noon, seventies start to push in. by 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m., that is when we will see '60s and '70s. slightly warmer towards the valley but at this point, upper 70's for our warmest spots around the bay. it will be a lot like yesterday, a couple of degrees warmer at most. in the south bay, 76 for san jose, oakland, 69. antioch and brentwood, mid-upper 70's. upper 70's for livermore. the same story through the san ramon valley. that is kind of what we are expecting for the north bay. if you will be in san francisco today, look for temperatures in the mid- upper 60s. here is your 7 day around the bay we have a
5:50 am
warming as we head towards saturday and sunday. inland spots will jump into the 80s by the weekend. let's get you caught up on the commute. >>george: we have problems to start the commute with. there was a major delay being reported, but up to 10 minute delays for people entering the system, this is systemwide. it is clearing out. bart is no longer reporting it as a major delay. hopper which when
5:51 am
white% >>george: in the north bay, the 101 ride southbound still looks good with no delays coming in from marin county. >>darya: 5:51 a.m., the bayview opera house is trying to help the family of a five year-old girl was shot in the knee. she was struck by a stray bullet when she was walking home from school with her father and older sister. san
5:52 am
francisco police have arrested a 16 year-old boy in the case but they are still looking for a second suspect. the opera house has seen attendance drops since this happened. >> this has impacted us in a big way in that is a lot of children who used to attend our programs are no longer feeling safe coming here because they have to walk on third street to get here. >>darya: officials added that the little girl's family has been struggling to pay their bills ever since she was hit by gunfire. if you would like to help to visit our web site. >>mark: lindsay lohan is facing a fit stinted behind bars. a judge just a revolt
5:53 am
her probation. she was led away in handcuffs she posted $100,000 bond. the judge hammered lausanne and urged her to complete a minimum of 16 hours of her community service at the county more.
5:54 am
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>>mark: the st. louis cardinals have the upper hand over the texas rangers. they are now 1-0 in the series. the second game is
5:57 am
tonight in st. louis. >>justine: breaking news, we're getting reports that muammar gaddafi is dead. the former leader of libya was captured and killed in search today. we will bring you the latest information at 6:00 a.m.. we will be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>justine: breaking news coming from a senior military official with the libyan national transitional council, muammar gaddafi is reportedly captured and


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