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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 21, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>james: could morning is 4:00 on a friday. now last night in magnitude to 0.9 earthquake struck the bay area. he created a large jolt in san francisco. the
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category of this thing was strong enough that a lot of people started looking a round and tried to see if there with anything bigger coming. >> the scary thing is to see all of your stuff shake. >>james: and the whole house was moving that is the supposed to happen. >> we have team coverage of yesterday's request they struck just hours from each other we will start with dan kerman who was right there at the uc-berkeley campus and he talked with student to see with the data after a quake. >> at wholefoods in berkeley some cereal boxes fell off the shelf but that was the extent of the damage in most places shattered. >> it was so scary.
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>> the ground shook and everything in the store moved. >> here at the flower shop nothing fell off. >> there with the big bang, and i walked in here and this thing was shaking. i was shaking. >> near the uc-berkeley campus this was a frightening reminder of the past. >> i was lifted out of my chair and i was traumatized in the last earthquake had jumped out of my room and i was halfway down the stairs to stop ipod would continue the last one began with the same sort of jolt and a justin a stop it for about 10 to 15 seconds but this one did stop. >> the whole building
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shook, everyone was screaming in phreaking held, people were expecting the panel from the ceiling to fall. >> i am from the east coast and i have never felt an earthquake before and i did like it. it was cool. >>james: as the person in the interview said it moved him out of his comfort zone the earthquake itself with muscari but the fact that it could promised a bigger one to come. there was good timing for this of a quick happened on the same with the bay area got hit by two earthquakes we had a statewide earthquake drill that was held that very morning taken listen. >> 3, 2, 1, go. >>james: you can feed children that william cobb elementary getting an important reminder on how to drop, cover, and hold. the
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police chief of joy and the kids cried to a good the desk. the mayor said it is good to practice things like this to the they will be less frightened when the big one hits. like we said this was that a good timing because i know my kids actually had to do that when the earthquake struck in the afternoon. stay with us as we continue to cover yesterdays and quaking will be on the lookout for anything else that will happen this morning. follow ups on facebook and twitter as well if anything happens we will let you know as fast as we can. >> it is time to check out our weather forecast. cooler weather has been in store for the past couple of days and what about the weekend? you know who knows, lisa. >> temperatures are considering--continuing to
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warm up. you'll see a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday there is patchy fog and the warming tray and kicks into high gear. the ellis taking a look right now homicide at your three day forecast right through the weekend. it looks like today we will see some coastal fault. the temperatures are running to about 83 degrees. it looks like to bracket to the 80's in continue warming up. there may be a little bit of fog for your saturday morning but the temperatures will start to want to the mid '80s. by sunday it looked like we would pack got into the upper 80s a run the inland spots upper '70's around the bay your son the could be a beach day with temperatures far degrees to 10 degrees above what we typically see. we are off to a chilly start up in santa rosa starting out at about 48 degrees. has the take it
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through the afternoon who will continue to see the temperatures rise. it looked at the satellite pictures showing some patchy fog of the north bay and the east bay. there is certainly nothing to widespread at this, it looks like the one to about 80 the los gatos and morgan hill. we are in the mid '70s for san jose, redwood city and melody. 71 degrees is expected in san francisco and about 80 degrees is expected in fairfield. al we continue to see the warming trend through the weekend in terms of next week it looked like we will cool down but we will stay sunny and mild for a good portion of the week. now let us chicken with james for a traffic report. >>james: i am just looking
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at the chp law, no hot spots right now. here is a quick bridge check the west bound 80 is looking good to send the table is moving well. we have more weather and traffic in a moment have back to the news. >> and other big story that we are following this morning police administrators in concord are on high alert after a serious threat was made. here is concord high school in that is where someone is threatened to shoot student this morning. the principal recently some audio recording to increase to the home explaining the threat and the plan.
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>>justine: school will be in session today the concord high school has postponed class picture that was scheduled for today, friday while the story coming up so stay with us. >>james: police in san leandro have good news to report if a suspect the killer is behind bars. we have the photograph of the suspect paul arthur stevens the third. they believe they should look at a tattoo party and opened fire killing three people and to to to kill four others.
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>> it even though we have arrested one person there is one suspect that is still outstanding. >>james: we also met with the mothers of one of those victims and you'll hear what she has to say about the loss of her 19 year old daughter. >>justine: we will take a quick break ticket cannot live camera in albany tgif.
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let us take a look at the seven men around the bay. >>lousia: it looks as though the temperatures are about seven to 10 degrees above
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what they usually are for this time of year. next week we will stay sunny and mild for a good portion of the week. james >>james: alright, we will give you a good look at traffic isn't easy ride around the bay bridge is looking good and oakland traffic is moving across the span of san francisco we're having no problem to the toll gate or over the bridge itself. so far so good there are no reports of any accidents on the roadways. the golden gate bridge is moving well really no problem from a bottle down to san francisco. we will cross our fingers for friday in light traffic. >>justine: more news as the manhunt in el dorado county is over. police were looking for sf they connected to a workplace shooting that happened in richmond. he was
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50 years old he allegedly shot a co-worker had an apartment complex wednesday night this is his picture. he is accused of opening fire on his neighbor's home. we see what may have saved his neighbor's life. >> now you can see cameras will hold to route the walls and the house. all that stood between them with the stove as the family huddled on the kitchen floor while it was alleged that their next door neighbor 50 year old doran long opened fire on their house. the family did not want to appear on camera but they showed me how the bullets riddled it through their home. they say are well 9:50 p.m. wednesday
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night long will spotted backing his pickup truck out of his driveway and then drove into the middle of the streets and open fire neighbors to ascribe the sound. >> there was probably about 15 to 20 shots. >> i could hear them and i thought was gunshots. >> when it was over, these cars, multiple walls in the home even discussion machine or riddled with bullet holes but no one was injured. >> i can by the grace of god and the children anyone in the home were hit. >> he was arrested later in el dorado county in connection to a workplace shootout in richmond. >>james: we have dramatic my mom on recordings from a deadly shooting rampage that happened at the cupertino cement plant. police say the shareef allman trapped co- workers under a trailer and then opened fire with automatic weapons and handguns. the newly released tapes kept to the frantic
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moments as the victims call for help. >>james: this is a photograph of shareef allman that the police say killed three people and injured nine others. >>justine: santa clara sheriff's deputies are on the lookout for a bank robber with a fake beard. they say he brought a bank in cupertino yesterday morning. jeff bush shows us who police are looking for and why they think he has wrought other banks in the area. >> taken into the picture that was taken at the bank's security camera happened around 10:40 a.m. wednesday morning the suspect was wearing a fake beard and thick black glasses police said the robber handed the teller a note that said he
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had a gun and demanded money from the bottom and the top drawer. the teller gave the money and he left and no one saw where he went. police say they think he might be involved in to overreach in the bay area the police catch describe suspect as the eastern and the man that spoke perfect english. in cupertino i am jeff bush with kron4 news. >>james: on to politics and that decision 2012 michelle laughlin and your second visit to the area she delivered a speech that had her view of small government, private initiative and other future of conservatives. >> the passing unfortunately of steve jobs sad and everyone of us. asking employees if they had produced the best product that is will we love about steve jobs. leading the
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world and new ideas and the latest innovations because he represented the ideal. a government should not displace proprietary function that is what steve jobs practice is, it is one of the keys to his success. i quote from him, simplicity and say no to 1000 think. >>james: michelle bachman invoke the apple founders named six times in her presentation. >>justine: will take a quick break and we'll get you updated on what happened in the trial yesterday and dr. conrad murray's we will let you know an informal of where things will go today. now we take a live look outside the really is no one out there this friday morning it is 21 minutes after 48 m will be right back.
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>>james: conrad retrial resume yesterday. in a report prosecutors say that conrad murray's gave michael jackson a lethal dose of propofol. take a listen. >>james: if convicted dr. conrad murray's will face up for years by high mark--behind bars i'll have more coming up today.
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>>justine: the weldon funeral is to be held on saturday he lived in st. petersburg and florida with his wife and two young kids. he is the driver who died in the car accident at the indy 500. now we are glad that you are watching the kron4 morning news will be back with your top stories and weather.
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for 30 a.m.. listed in the case and there around the bay. >>louisa: it looks like it is going to be a gorgeous weekend. we are about seven to 10 degrees higher than what we are usually at this time of year. it is corn to warm up through the weekend and next week. right now your satellite picture shows where the fog is. we have improved in terms of visibility as it compares to yesterday. the fog is
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pushing to san jose and morgan hill. it looks like we may have an abundance of '70's but it may also be a need in some places. we will stay at about 73 degrees for hayward and fremont and warm up to about 75 degrees in san jose. along the coast at half moon bay is at 67 degrees the downtown san francisco is breaking into the '70s. instead of the fiscal year about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. we will want to low '70s for san raphael. now we could creep up to about 81 degrees in seven rosa. here is a another look at your 7 they run --here is another look at your seven day around the bay. now time for traffic with james. >>james: so far so good,
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south bound 80 is moving well. the san mateo bridge on highway 92 shows traffic moving well east bound and west bound. the golden gate bridge, we always like to end with that one as we the can't traffic coming out of san francisco and as you can see it is nearly nonexistent this morning. >>justine: police in san leandro have good deals to report this morning this is the suspected suspect paul arthur stevenson the third. they believe he and two other men showed up at a tattoo party and killed three people and attempted to kill four others. the victim shanice keel was just
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19 years old. >> the last thing she said was my break is over and have to go i love you mom. i said i love you too. little did i know that last they had to talk with her. [crying] >> where you go from here? >> i just have to ticket one can time. that is all i can do. she will always been my heart i have memories and pictures and that is all i can go by. but to not talk with her in person or over the phone and not to be able to see her again, this is very hard. like i said, i hope that they have the correct person and that he did what he deserves. i hope that justice is served. the san leandro police are still looking for another suspect and they need help in locating this person. this
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was not supposed to happen and all.--happen at all. >>james: also in the news this morning they 64 sellers are being kicked out for drug use. officials say most of the steelers were caught using the designer drug known as a spice. 49 of the known to be selling it six sailors reported using cocaine and one was found to be using methamphetamines. >>james: also this morning the question--christian minister that said people will be taking up interrupter in 2007 will he also said today there will
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be another event just the same. we will keep track of this throughout the day. >>justine: i am just saying, we had earthquakes yesterday. >>james: i know, but even though his track record hasn't panned out, i am just saying. >>justine: let's take another break in will be back after this. [music]
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>>justine: good morning in least one person reported missing foley a train of the roman it in texas.--missing following a train derailment in texas. the official said
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the missing person was seen just before the accident. the yesterday aboard a u.s. airways flight a company spokesperson said there was no emergency. for flight attendants were to go to the hospital to get checked out of iraq official said everyone was just fine. an investigation is underway. >>james: president obama is a job creation bill fell to make it through the senate last night they work well into the weekend. at least 60 votes are needed to bring a proposal up for debate. this the second time in two weeks that the gop senators have killed a version of president obama as joplin. the president said the move was unacceptable. we will take a break it is 4:40 a.m. who want to take a live look at the bay bridge. it looks
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like the brightest blue. [music]
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>>james: now take a look at these waves crashing against a peer. this is a storm system that moved over lake michigan yesterday someone waves are reported at 25 ft. in height. the high wind snapped light poles and it even canceled a number of flights. >>justine: that looked like the ocean. now this winter is projected to be a rough one and some parts of u.s.. the weather phenomenon known as a lot media--la ninia means warm and dry in some
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regions and cooler and wetter and others. now look mendes no, i am glad we did not have where the like that in the bay area of the weasel. >>louisa: that is right, we're talking about a warm up to date had dropped the weekend. this weekend is going to be very nice rally above average temperatures for your saturday and sunday as well. in san francisco today we are looking at about 71 degrees, in concord it will be at 77 degrees and
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san jose is at 75 degrees. we have seen temperatures into the north bay sitting in to the upper 40's right now. his 51 degrees in san raphael and to that. as you can over to the east bay and the warmer at 52 degrees. we're sitting at about 54 degrees to the livermore valley. satellite pictures showed the fog of that is certainly not as widespread as it today. we see this situation over the east they doubt in fremont and san jose. your afternoon high temperatures are swarming into the '70s but we may see some temperatures squeezing into the low 80s. about 80 degrees and in livermore valley the fate of los gatos we will top out at about 61 degrees at half moon bay. the downtown san
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francisco will look into the low '70s the same for san raphael. as you get to places like santa rosa we will top out at 81 degrees today. here is your seven day are around the bay. and watch the warming trend through the weekend. will be in the mid a need by saturday and by sunday will be in the upper 80s for in and spots and upper '70's allow the bay. this is a warm-up to five to 10 degrees above what we could agree with the this time of year at the end of october. by monday and tuesday to cool off slightly. by most of next week to keep it sunny and mild. it looked like your temperatures will stand the 80's inland, '70s around the bay and the low 60s on the coast. ellison over to james for a traffic
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report. >>james: in hot spots out there as we check out the san mateo bridge and looked at the ride on 92 is moving well. you are traveling at the limit for hayward and foster city. and the hayward and golden bring i--golden gate bridge to heavy traffic expected. >>justine: the eye in the know how much you are paying for rent, but brent--i do not know how much you're paying for rent but let in the bay area it on the rise. according to real facts, send a clear account is out performing other markets. we break this down for you to show which areas have the highest increase. >>reporter: a new report
4:48 am
shows that it will cost more to let now than a year ago. in the san jose, sunnyvale and the santa clara area in 2010 it was burned out of $593 in 2011 is one of the $792. real facts look set all rentals and studio apartments to come up with these numbers. the owner says in japan third quarter and out of his potential largest growth is happening in santa clara county. >> of gross is 12 or 9% point which is highest year- over-year in the ranking for california.
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>>reporter: >>gary: i have the complete meet noo >>gabe: i have a completely unique item to show you. there are people that like to tack on tablets and those the like to type on a fiscal keyboard. before now there was no tablet oil markets that offered anything like this. this in any google enfilade tablet it features
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an big 10th-green. you can type on a screen is or what you can slide out the keyboard. it is great. this is on market now it costs $60. now i am doing and give away. you can leave a free copy of x-men destiny. to enter the gambling law, the kron4 about, and look for my tech page. >>justine: much more ahead, we'll take a break and be back with was behaving badly. we take a live look outside the james lick freeway. the volume is starting to pick up. we will have a traffic update in just 10 minutes.
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>>louisa: tell us ticket the year to enter for the afternoon. we see some place to debate today. it is about 76 degrees for an often temperatures to the east bay are warming to about 73 degrees. your temperatures along the coast are staying in the '60s the san francisco and breaking into the '70s today. we're a low '70s for san raphael. it will be nice and pleasant weather out to settle rosa and the napa valley as well woman to the upper '70's and about 80 degrees expected for fairfield. here's your
4:55 am
seven day around the bay watch the one entry into the weekend. by the beginning of next work week we will see it cool down but still pretty pleasant temperatures expected. it looks like it will stay sunny and mild through a good portion of next week. >>stanley: not check out the signs. these people are
4:56 am
running low for some kind of political office. i found several signs in the bay area that were hunted illegally. >>stanley: just a thought, if you're running for office here is a word of advice it
4:57 am
might be a good idea to brush up on local law especially the signage law if you see any illegally placed side anywhere in the city board you to call 311 and report it. but remember that signs of a c--private building are acceptable no matter how many that there are. >>justine: knelt next monday is the take a vote in san francisco. voters can cut a former at include office library or post office. the your last day to register the monday. there is much more ahead on the kron4 morning news. we want to talk about the earthquake that rattled the bay area
4:58 am
today. we will show some damage and talk about the seismograph. there is a warning in effect for people this morning it also affects local schools. we will talk about that with kron4 news comes right back.
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60 a.m. on this friday morning. you want to get a look at the earthquake from yes to they take a listen to some of the comics that people had. >> the second will was over pretty quickly but the first dramatic punch. >> i am a little scared i think i need to look over our earthquake strategies. >> i did purchase a couple of extra things that normally would. >> i am always getting scared of impending death and they're all kind of disasters going on across the world of the hope we are not next. we spoke with an expert-- >> mark: we spoke with an
5:02 am
expert to see if there could be another earthquake pretty soon. >> most likely if there were another a crack at this location it would be a smaller law were meant to perhaps 183. that is the most likely scenario. >> mark: the camel the same day as the california shakeout. the earthquake drill for the state. >> darya: now a another school has received a death threat the latest that concord high school. that is will we find will tran with details. good morning will. >>reporter: good morning
5:03 am
darya, who ever made this threat to the people will be shot a round of 11 a m. the police will be here and just to be safe there are two schools nearby there is eldorado middle school as well as west would middle school. there are security officers and police officers there. you talk about this being the third direct in just one week. there was a racist that threat that happen in walnut creek. there was also a another threat at a nearby school. but that was a hoax. but everyone is taking this so seriously. the school districts and out automated messages to the parents that they are investigating this and to be fully aware. if history is any indication there is a good chance that we'll get reaction from the police department and the parents when they arrive here this morning.
5:04 am
>> darya: how are the threats being delivered? >>reporter: the latest one was sent by a fax machine. they plan on track mad cow. some of the others came by e-mail. so with the latest technology in what is going on maybe even the fbi will be called in then we would have to find her from the police department which so far has been very quiet about the investigation. >> darya: thanks a lot, will tran have been reporting on this and we will check back in with him mark. >> mark: happy friday everyone else left ticket look at your traffic. >>james: help is a cold
5:05 am
start to the day, we have five degrees cooler than intraday and we have clouds and fog and out there so drive safely. we will be in the upper '70's and low 80s today. it appears with a cloud coverage is, you could see that this is patchy. down in south bay is will we see the cloud coverage at the moment and it will continue to move around and may be taken up a little bit. i temperatures are cooler by a few degrees as we head toward sunrise this morning. the here and where the temperatures stand right now. >>james: here is what you're afternoon will look like.
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>>james: we will have your seven day forecast coming up and will focus solely the weekend. now let us get updated with your commute from george. good morning. >> george: good morning james. we're pretty quiet right now with no incidents or hot spot to start your morning commute. it is friday so we always hope for a lighter ride. knelt at the macarthur made you concede that is very light traffic right now with no delays.
5:07 am
here at the san mateo bridge, it is a pretty good commute. over to the golden gate bridge in your ride to 101 south bound coming in from iran kelly and we are delayed free. no problems are reported between san raphael and the golden gate bridge for your south bound ride. the skin a quick east bay check as we head over to the traffic maps. here you could see the ride on interstate 80, and 680 in the southbound direction and walnut creek all doing well. >> george: the time is
5:08 am
enough 507 a m. let us to take quick break in the kron4 news will be right back.
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>> mark: officials say the burial of moammar gadhafi has been delayed until his body can be exempt emanated --inseminated by the courts.--examination by the courts. there is a video surfacing chillon moammar gadhafi bloody but conscious. another photograph shows him then.-- dead. >> mark: after the killing of moammar gadhafi and would happen if today the officials say they expect the operation to be over soon, but they may want to
5:12 am
keep their flights over libya until everything subsides. >> darya: the president said u.s. accomplish exactly what we said we would do in libya, the death of the libyan dictator moammar gadhafi expands the string of security victories on president obama swatch. the president also said this is a victorious day for libya, but they have a great responsibility of building a new government. >> this is a momentous day in the history of libya, the dark shadow has been lifted and with this enormous promise the libyan people have a great responsibility, to build an inclusive and tolerant democratic libya that stands as the ultimate rebuke to moammar gadhafi dictatorship. >> darya: the president only commented on the death of moammar gadhafi but the depth of the al qaeda
5:13 am
leaders at the end of the united states. >> mark: a quick break as kron4 news continues on this friday let us take out the james lick freeway where traffic is light and moving slightly.--smoothl,. pool
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>> darya: 5:16 a.m. and occupy oakland participants are the plaza. the city center after 10 days they can no longer up hold public health and safety there. the notice did not specify what would happen if the warning was ignored but it did side fighting, a growing rat problem as well as other problems. >> another mayor said we could be here indefinitely as long as this will be a peaceful protest this will
5:17 am
always be a peaceful protest. according to the notice to vacate the plaza which the people have renamed it the oscar grant plaza, there are fire had to to the cooking area. the fire chief with ideas to then we pretty much comply. we needed fire extinguishers and that was the only case. we complied with those. they said nothing the originally about cooking with open flame and disposal of grief. nothing was said about that if there was we would have addressed it. >> darya: officials say the protesters can still gather peacefully between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.. and new details about president obama as job creation bill. the first chunk of the bill failed to make it to the senate last night set to work late into the night before deadlocking 5050 or would it be brought to the for all--brought to the floor. this portion of the
5:18 am
job plant of broad money to the table to protect the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters. republicans call this nothing more than a sugar high for the economy but the president said the move is unacceptable. >> mark: it looks like a positive ending to the week. investors still remain nervous about the crisis heading into the weekend. we have earnings coming out, ge profits met expectations for the quarter. mcdonnell's earnings were better than expected and the revenue was higher as well. verizon reported their earnings, but their subscriber base fell short. now a day after parliament approves new cutbacks, you can see the
5:19 am
clashed with police and protesters. cutbacks will include more pension and salary reductions and a reduction in the tax free threshold. more than 1000 people took to the streets of athens. the riots have one man dead and nearly 200 injured. >> darya: the time those 519 a m. we want to take a look at our weather for the weekend. >>james: good morning. and as we slide into over you will see how much warmer it will be compared to yesterday. it will be a good team degrees warmer and it would be fantastic in downtown san francisco. the heat up, the warm up is beginning in this we can
5:20 am
look even better. we would take a look of the numbers in the seven forecast. as for where we fear to return right now they're pretty cool especially in the north bay. we have several the coming in at about 78 to 49 degrees. now this morning and there are few degrees cooler than we were yesterday morning. here is the patchy fog and a cloud coverage that we have the following not as near as widespread as it is today. i temperatures this afternoon will look like this, 71 degrees in oakland, low to mid '70's around the bay and warming in the south bay. up in the north bay we have some need for navato, 79 napa and he would agree to settle rosa. here is your seven there around the bay we are looking for things to get warmer as we head into the weekend, the could the temperature is mid to upper
5:21 am
80s inland for the weekend with me to upper '70's the iraqi media bay. as a fight next week we will start on a mild note with the temperatures dropping just a little bit from monday, tuesday and wednesday. now wants to traffic with george. the friday morning. >> so far it is a good friday morning the hot spots or major or minor delays. not at the bay bridge toll plaza we have the like and easy work ride west bound. no problems reported along the entire e shore corridor. your ride along the seine the tail looks pretty good. the commute to the golden gate bridge, 101 south bound look good. there is no fog this morning. now checking the maps as we look first at your east bay writer, is a problem free
5:22 am
and the late free for interstate 8680 and highway 4. your south bay traffic looks good for 101 north bound no delays and the north bay is still a problem and the late free.--and dlay layelay free. >> mark: enough time for breaking will be back with more of your morning news.
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>> darya: santa clara county sheriff's investigators are looking into an unidentified man who you see in the surveillance pictures he entered the bank presenting a note to the tellers saying that he was armed and what money and then he got away with cash. they say the suspect is the same person involved in recent robberies in fremont as well. he is 5 ft. 5 and weighs 150 lbs. he is wearing dark glasses and
5:26 am
that is a fake glue on beard. he spoke english without any action. there has been a rash of vehicle violence. be aware of that, more than one dozen vehicles were vandalized yesterday after an the other dozen were hit on october 6th. this is what they think is happening. someone has been flashing tigers police believe whoever is doing this is a stocky white male and they describe him as 5 ft. 10 in.. he was wearing a black hooded sweat shirt with yellow an emblem or wording on the upper left- hand side and black-and- white shorts. >> mark: shame parks was of arrested for allegedly
5:27 am
inappropriately touched the five-year old boy in september after park's resident at the 300 block of what only way. in a separate related incident, paul gausi was arrested for touching a younger chow home baking. they say is highly unlikely for two incidents of the same character to come to light at the same time in one week. >> mark: there are requests for naso to be allowed to use his cell phone in his cell. he is accused of murdering lemon between 1990 and 2007. he had decided to represent himself in court. >> darya: we have one more
5:28 am
work they, one more day to get to school and this looks like is not a bad ride if you're headed to the golden gate bridge. will be right back. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs...
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5:30 a.m., we want to first take a listen to some peoples reaction from the earthquake yesterday. >> it felt like there was a jolt. then there was an aftershock and it felt like a basketball and the building went boom, boom, boom. i thought maybe someone was upstairs chumping button-down look at it to be one minute and i thought that was an earthquake! >> mark: we take a closer look at the locations of those earthquakes. his james with a look at that. >>james: if you take a look more closely you can notice that there were to read, not just the two that we all felt. as mark said earlier
5:32 am
there was what about 2 mi. east of berkeley and there was one shortly after that it was only a 2.2 not too many people felt that. it was located in the general area and his update evening at about a 168 m that is the one that a lot of people said they felt was stronger. it was sharper. it had more of a jolt. so far these are the only three that recorded since yesterday afternoon. we will keep a lookout for any more that make up this morning. >> darya: we spoke with and an expert about whether and how we could have a new earthquake soon. this is an expert from the usgs. >> most likely if there
5:33 am
were another earthquake at this location it will be on a smaller lower magnitude perhaps 83, that is the most likely scenario. >> darya: the earthquake came the very same day of the california shakeout. that drove that started at 1020 in. >> mark: a developing story out of concord there will be extra police officers at three schools after another school received a threat. the latest which is the third one in the past week at concord high school, will tran this land has the details. >>reporter: school is still two hours away but already the patrols are happening. here is video that we got maybe five minutes ago, he could see a police officer driving right in front of the school. and months before that he drove through the campus and started to do for weeks at this time to make sure that no one is hiding on campus. whoever made this threat, they said
5:34 am
that people would be shot starting at 10:00 a.m. and 5 then school would have already been in. so the kids would be in class but nonetheless everyone is taking this seriously which is where the school district to tell messages to the parent. at this point the police are being tight- lipped about what is going on this threat in what they plan to do. nonetheless there is extra patrols and extra police officers and security officers at two nearby schools as well as concord. one is at west with elementary school to be exact. they will have the officers out there just in case this is a hoax. but the will to make sure whoever did that may not want to attend the schools. how would you know what the police department has to say as i put a phone call into the later we would check back with you. >> darya: by 30 4:00 a.m. if
5:35 am
the wiltime right now we want to take a look at the weather. >>james: are in the temperatures are back up to the low 80s, we are looking for anyone has a high for the valleys. the bay area at 71 and the coast at 67. the increases as we had throughout the weekend. we have a lot of sunshine on tap, and these are above average temperatures for this time of year. enjoy this because we should that be seen this. that is when to be fun for all of us to experience. the temperatures look like this, 54 san francisco, 62 in oakland and 57 in concord antioch and down in the south bay we have 55 in san jose, 56 and los gatos and the cool spot on the map continues to be sent rosa.--santa rosa. from
5:36 am
rich and all the way down to fremont we see some overcast conditions. it is patchy and will burn off a little later this morning that is why the temperatures will be a touch warmer. we have 75 in redwood city, 71 in oakland, and 73 in fremont. san jose is a little bit warmer and we have 80 degree weather for los gatos and morgan hill. if you plan on being in downtown san francisco today we are at 71 degrees. now george, good morning. >> george: thank you james i
5:37 am
could not wait to get this traffic report out because it is all good news we have no hot spot and no major delays to tell you about. he should enjoy and easy ride if you're getting out of the house right now. now the west bound ride is like, problem free of all of the approaches a nine minute drive time from highway 24 in your ride to the san mateo bridge looks good. highway 92, the mid the transit is on the west bound side and no delays on the approach right now. let us hope it did not have the problems today with the closed toll lane that added back up to the west bound ride. and the golden gate bridge shows us to conditions with nofog. we have an easy ride in lighter traffic and friday but typically feel the war northbound traffic. your east bay ride looks good, no problems here and the ride
5:38 am
looks good on south bound freeways. their problem free and so is the north bay ride through marin county and sonoma county as well. no delays reported south out of navato. the time is now 5:30 a.m. and let us get more news from justine waldman. >>justine: met donald increase its net income this is the ninth straight quarter of earnings gain revenue up 14%. this beat analyst expectations. the world's largest burger chain has been performing pretty well throughout the recession will be right back.
5:39 am
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california has adopted the capt. trade plan and it will allow producers to provide permits for greenhouse emissions gases. those permits could be bought and sold in the open market. the plan to keep part of the state's 2006 global warning law that wants to reduce a glut gas emissions by 2020. >> darya: dr. stephen schaefer was questioned by prosecutors for three court sessions in the conrad murray's trowel lay out his theory why he thinks dr. murray is responsible for michael jackson's death. yesterday's dr. schaffer was on the stand and prosecutors say that murray gave jackson a legal dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol. >> in that report the doctor want to just the michael jackson have orally consumed propofol calling--
5:43 am
causing his death? >> yesterday. >> what was your reaction to that? >> i was disappointed because it is not possible. >> darya: dr. conrad murray's has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter if he is convicted he will face up to four years behind bars. >> mark: and we will have a quick break and be right back but we will first ticket that the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving very slowly.-- smoothly.
5:44 am
5:45 am
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unbig. uncar. >>james: we are back at 5:46 a.m. focusing on the weather at this moment. we are looking at about 57 degrees and antioch. as the taking the could the peninsula, maybe 54 and 55 degrees of live. in local and federal is a is for the greek upper right there. we have seen early morning fog all morning. another satellite
5:47 am
shows it is a lot more patchy. we see this from oakland down to about fremont and san jose will see some cloudy conditions as well and will give some good sunshine. we are in the low eighties for los gatos and marked him. mid-70s in san jose and fly the cool. we have a pretty typical pattern with the inland valleys in the upper '70's and low 80s. both in the east bay and the north bay the farther north you go the war a will give for people in santa rosa. 70 for navato, 79 napa, and fairfield as we head toward sacramento along interstate 80. that is what we are looking for today in terms of where the forecast is going as we are heading into the weekend to give the a seven day around the bay. saturday and sunday is great
5:48 am
with a lot of sunshine the tinters getting into the upper 80s by sunday. if you will be a brown the bay to get in the upper '70's and near 80 degrees. shift next week and will cool off--next week it will cool off a little bit as we have to tuesday. next week will be a cool one for us, so get out and enjoy this weekend with temperatures well above average. could morning george. >> george: good morning james, let us start our bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza with them. we have light traffic coming in no problems from the macarthur maze or the east shore freeway. the 92 live looks good as well. south
5:49 am
bound arrived late for me and no problems getting into iran from the wheel drive. east bay, south bay in north bay all look good. let us take a car ride on interstate 80 west bound. the south bay freeway and looks good. we have 17 of set a cruise mountain crossing to eight the road where becomes the any 80 heading north.--where it becomes the 80 heading north. >> mark: the christian minister that talked about the raptors said that the globe will destroy it today, harold camping declined comment about his comments.
5:50 am
he plans on spreading the word is family radio web site. >> darya: in national news, tuille plant in texas search crews are looking through a call that club--crumbled. they're looking for a missing person that was seen in the area just before the accident. now the u.s. airways flight #710 had to be stopped because of a smell. the fourth one to 20 to go to the hospital to get checked out other than that officials say everyone turned out to the filing but there is still an investigation under what is that smell? >> mark: the two-time indy 500 winner was killed this
5:51 am
week. weldon was born in england but he lived in st. petersburg floor with his wife and two young sons. the fund has been established to help provide for his family. >> darya: michelle bachman delivered a speech in wanted to her audience by referring to in the area i can't. >> the passing of steve jobs release and everyone of us. he would ask each employee if they produce their best job. that is will we loved about steve jobs he led the world in the latest innovations because he represented the ideal. the government should not this place proprietary function and that is why steve jobs
5:52 am
practice is one of the keys of his success i quote from him now, for simplicity and say no to 1000 think. >> darya: if you're counting she said steve jobs and then six times in her presentation. >> mark: now we have a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. it was a rough one yesterday and fell so far this morning is moving smoothly. [ rapid footsteps ]
5:53 am
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>> darya: had the weekend to you. taking a look at the weekend weather, next week and halloween. you have to get your costume together this is a good weekend to get out and enjoy the sunshine and maybe put a little bit of something together. warming up to 81 degrees today and then 85 saturday and 88 degrees on sunday. take a look at the bay and the coast temperatures on sunday. 79
5:56 am
degrees and 75 degrees are the high at the bay area coast. and more nba games are in jeopardy as the latest round have broken down. labor talks turned nasty when three days of meetings fail to end the deal for the nba lockout. this raises the likelihood that even more games will be canceled. the first two weeks recalled off after 30 hours of negotiations they divide over two main issues, money and money. the division of revenues and the structure of the salary caps at this time. >> mark: the texas rangers crime the way back into the world series. they won two to one. it was the first time that the tying and go- ahead runs were scored on sacrifice flies. texas will
5:57 am
host game 3 on saturday night. and check out this, the cn dank, check out this guy he is not referee he is just a guy, he starts ticking off his clothes and running down the field. while the referees were distracted the players started pushing and shoving a massive brawl ensues. >> darya: where did the streaker go? >> mark: i believe he was already gone. >> darya: wow! crazy! >> mark: they never want to
5:58 am
encourage that they never want to show the streaker on tv. >> darya: exactly! we'll be back in a moment
5:59 am


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