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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 21, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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[music] >> mark: been warning that if a blood was on friday october 21st. all eyes on the seismograph. and here's the seismograph of the second quake that happen last night. there was no major damage, but a lot him shaking and things falling from shelves. kron4 viewer sent indian pictures of items fall and broken pots. mel was felt from san francisco down to palo alto and san jose.
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>> on numerous heat at a restaurant not just one block away and i thought that someone had just bought passed us behind us and that is all wrapped. and then i heard someone else say again to fill that earthquake recently? and i guess that is what it was. >> we were heading--hanging out in my apartment and then i noticed a slightjolt-what was that? and it turned out to be an earthquake. >> i will then music practice and then everything have was thinking wow! >> i was recording music have my house i have to deal like and they almost fell over. >>reporter: that was the second one to they are you nervous?
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>> may be a battle in california this kind of stuff happens. >> we will working hand and--and saw the and shaking. i was thinking i need to london's where, i need to [laughter] dowel i was shocked.-- >> i was shocked. >> my roommate and i looking each other and try to remember the steps when you are in an earthquake and we cannot. the streets were full of people and all went outside >> mark: yesterday was the day of the great california chef that we have the state by an earthquake drill at
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10:20 a.m. and then we had those earthquake and a few aftershocks. >> i will to push an issue in the area where this earthquake occurred. this is actually a fourth earthquake, there were four of them and two of them were so small that many people did not feel. there was one a short time later and then there was another one at that with a 1.8. and give people the last relief feel that one. they felt this one at 8:16 p.m. mrs. heath hit --half yesterday evening. wheel to the violence and no reports of any serious bends or injury.--serious damage or an injury
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>> darya: people want to know what about and no one can and will happen soon? with: expert about possibility. >> there is a possibility of there being any other perceivable felt shock at the same location most likely if there were an american at this location it most likely be a smaller and lower magnitude perhaps 83. >> darya: we always cities of wake-up call don't if, they have a great california shakeout, the to do about this this in a statewide earthquake started at 10:20 a.m. est and one in canada so they want to know what happened he is today? go to our fifth fan page is a great place to join the
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discussion. >> mark: we expect an conditions in the bay area but not in texas. there was one that calls and live shaking in san antonio. i checked with the usgs and the upgraded it last night to a 4.8. he did not cause any major damage or injuries but it did force the evacuation had in san antonio it was the largest on record >> darya: now we wanted it to george because to have a hot spot in the east bay. >> george: we have an accident in the show the on the dublin and change. look what it has done to this commute is not often that if he thought inland from the doubling in claims all the way that livermore and all the way into all to my
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past.--the altamont pss. the traffic is below 25 enough power. james is trying to bring up the camera so we can show and how slow the traffic is. in the meantime let us show you the ride on a west bound. premiering like to activate at 6148 in the liner back up and looked this, the backup and no delay. a great ride to the bay bridge. your client has been pretty good so far no delay if he is in overall volume in the westbound direction. in the kit your ride for the golden gate and no delays for this trip. it isn't easy ride--it is an
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easy ride. now here is the james fletcher. >>james: the have had to cloud coverage of the supportive head if all we want to get up for federal the and the satellite view in the case fifth best. the consumer the cloud coverage in the north bay and in front of have a full half of the day from oakland down to san jose. the fish then half the length of the overcast conditions of henhouse--that will allow us to burn off a little more we're looking forward to that this afternoon we are in the '50s and '60s. it is critical and settle rosa, 52 in oakland, and has a simple the self that you will see 56 degrees in san jose had
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54 in los gatos. this afternoon you'll like it hit a great way to end weeks. los gatos at 80 degrees, livermore is at 80 degrees and a good bit of the federal--a good bit of the san ramon valley. san francisco will be a low '70s downtown and across the north bay we are looking into the upper '70's. now want to give you a quick look at a seven day around the bay. it looks good as we head into the weekend temperatures are on the rise with in the temperatures getting into the mid to upper 80s. enjoy it, we should not be seeing those temperatures at this time but we will take them. >> mark: we have a live
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look dull side right now showing the clouds breaking up over san francisco. [music]
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>> mark: we are following the latest measures trying to be put in place in greece. they became violent yes today one day after parliament improved new cutbacks--parliament approved a new cutbacks. many people took to the streets of athens during the two day general strike against the cutbacks. there is one man dead and nearly 200 injured.
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>> darya: the income gap between rich and poor is growing social security said that 50 percent of u.s. workers are less than $26,364 last year while the number of americans making more than $1 million soared by more than 18%. this report shows that over all pain is trending downward except for the wealthiest americans. the numbers also show that there were 5.2 million fewer jobs for in the u.s. in 2010 then there was in 2007. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. we have a live look from the golden gate bridge as the fun starts to come up over the bay.
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>> mark: we have more informational the earthquakes that hit the bay area yesterday. the morning keith. it's kind of ironic that we had these two in the day of the great earthquake drill in california. >> that is right it is a good reminder with our shakeout exercises that we practice every year. we believe that there is a 30 percent chance of an
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earthquake > a magnitude of 6.7 happening sometimes on this 31 a. it is most likely to produce larger earthquakes in the bay area. >> mark: muesli earthquakes like this do you consider the car for the course or do you study them? >> will we do a study him. there are some big was that occurred up and down the fall. these are not unusual from what i know. >> mark: is there any science or data that these smaller earthquakes put pressure on the fault, or do we just not know? >> they are so small that they do not do a lot to reduce the hazard in the area. >> mark: what are the odds about the hayward fault as compared to the san jose? >> we think that hayward
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will most likely produce a big one. san jose did not produce a big ones so far. the latest in hayward with 1858. it produced earthquake about every 160 years, so we are well the time that a live--large earthquake and not shocked us all. >> mark: not yet today we had the big earthquake in a week ago and this really seem strange. >> not so strange when you think about the timeline. the one on the east coast will attract attention and the nuclear power plant on the east coast are paying attention to that event. the one down in texas, there is some chance that that is related to induced size. it
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may be related to felt activities pumping fluids into the ground. >> mark: thank you for your time. that was keith nussan with the usgs. >> darya: we want to get a look at our traffic this morning live george. >> george: now on the web 580--west 580 there are a few breaks in the back up. speed are below 25 mph for this entire stretch. take a look at the traffic maps you will see the road sensors indicate that it is heavier now that you are out of the off my past. in the altman, the speed have picked up because it will be a lighter day. now right through
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livermore and heading out into dublin and pleasanton is jammed this morning. your drive time is running over 45 minutes from the 205 in a change to the dublin interchange. that is our hot spot with pretty good conditions almost everywhere else. here is a look at the bay bridge west bound. even though the metering lights have been on for over an hour now, this is the first back up that we have seen since the initial one that cleared out after about five minutes. your ride to the sand until bridge has been pretty good so far even though the volume is up so if the speed. now the golden gate bridge ride is still the end of an easy trip through marin county. no delays coming through sonoma county for 101 south bound. it is still a pretty easy ride headed towards the golden gate bridge. at 7:20 a.m., we want to take a look at the weather this
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morning. >>james: we have saturday and sunday on the screen as you can see our temperatures increase with each day. we have sunny skies and in the temperatures in the upper eighties around the baby have upper '70's to almost 80 degrees and its '70s for the coast. so the cloud coverage of the day has become a little more organized in the last half hour. you can see this stretching as far to the east as livermore and as far south as san jose and morgan hill. is all clumped together we have over cast over the bay. visibility is down to a quarter mile so be careful about that. it is still cool in santa rosa and everywhere else we are in the '50s and '60s. we will
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start to see someone morning but we will have to wait for the sun to come up. it broke the horizon about a few minutes ago. it will take a couple of hours to get some heating on the ground and to get our temperature to start responding. here is where we expect them to settle. oakland as 71 degrees, 73 in hayward and fremont. today we are looking for the flame forecast for the north bay, upper '70's and low 80s. downtown san francisco will probably be in the low '70s this afternoon and his you will enjoy partly to mostly sunny skies today. here is the weekend forecast that we talked about at the beginning. the seven day shows what we are expecting beyond that point in next week we are starting off at
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a cooler note. >> we want to move on to the big story developing this morning. >> darya: in oakland they were told to leave the plaza near city hall where they were told to camp out. we are keeping an eye on what happened there. the city posted the order on the web site last night saying that after 10 days the city can no longer of hold public health and safety at its occupy oakland protest. the notice did not say what would happen if all the people that were demonstrating and camping out ignored the order. but on the web site they did talk about the problems they had with public urination, fire hazards, and a growing rat problem there. we're keeping an eye on what is happening in oakland as will the san jose where they did move large protesters this morning. >>justine: at the occupy
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wall street movement we see people still camped out in new york city. people live near the protest are complaining about the noise and a mess. about 70 people showed up to a community board meeting last night voicing their concerns about the drumbeating that has been going on, about the hygiene issues and all the garbage and the disrespect for this they said that is coming from the occupied protesters. at the board meeting they came up with some resolutions including limiting the use of drums and m1 to only two hours during the day and putting a police barricade so that people that live there can get to work safely. you are watching the kron4 morning news and we will be right back.
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>>james: good morning we have an earthquake tracker up and i want to take a look at the two major earthquakes that we fell yesterday. the size of the rink indicates the magnitude the larger dilemma and the bigger the house to. that accord-- occurred at 2:41 p.m. and the other happened yesterday evening. it was a 3.8 magnitude the people said they felt that more strongly
7:33 am
than the first. notice that there's also a third set, that happened in between the other two. the not want to pull out and give a wider view of the bay i just want to inform you which one it was on, it was on the hayward, the bay area has been riddled with various quakes. and obviously we will watch this very carefully as we heard earlier, that is the fault the usgs expect a large earthquake to arrive on 30 years from now. >> darya: extra police will be on duty after another school received a death threat. this latest one is the third in the past week it was at concord high school and that is where will tran is live this morning following the latest on this investigation and who is affecting.
7:34 am
>>reporter: i spoke with a principal a few moments ago, and he said at any moment that i should be flooded with police officers canvassing the whole building. i have not seen a lot police officers i have seen parents. here is video that i shot around 7:00 a.m.. you can see the parents are arriving at school and dropping off their children. there is no doubt that the parents are afraid and worried about their child's safety. none the less they said it is probably hoax. they're keeping their fingers crossed that everything would be ok. including this one parent that i spoke with. >> i feel that it does not make a difference they say that they would do today, monday or tuesday at not think it makes a difference if we kept the home to their next week we need to keep him home for ever. >>reporter: are you concerned? >> yes i am concerned i think it is sad that someone
7:35 am
would do something like this. >>reporter: whoever fact end the threat they said that someone will be shot or people will be shot around 10:00 a.m. this morning that is why they're having extra security as well as police officers not just a compromise cool but also at the middle school that is located nearby in an elementary school. that was what elementary and el dorado--at west would elementary school and held a round of school they will have extra police. >> mark: now we have had some pretty rough commute to this week for the morning live poll over to george to see how things are for this morning. >> george: we still have one really rough commute is our high spots--hot spot. the ride coming out of the off
7:36 am
my past is back up. the dried times are running over 45 minutes with down from the 205 interchange heading out toward the dublin in a change. the earlier action get--earlier accident that caused the problems is now gone. we are heavily backed up as you can see in the westbound direction. thankfully this is our only hot spot the 580 west bound. we have hardly any back up and this is an easy trip the best one of the week on the bay bridge no problems or delays either across the span, or through san francisco. the dried thyme such as 14 minutes from hayward to foster city and you're golden gate bridge ride 101 still looks good and we have it easy ride through marin county
7:37 am
1101 in the southbound direction. the time is now 736 and him. it is time for a with a check and we have more blue sky showing up on the traffic cameras, years james fletcher. >>james: here is the roof camera looking out. clear skies and patchy coverage depending on where you are this morning. we have patchy fog this morning in this afternoon the warming trend will kick in the and the highs will be in the low 80s and funny and well--warmer weather is what we are expecting into the we can right now the satellite you indicate the patchy nature of the cloud coverage that is this morning. oakland, fremont and san jose see cloud coverage. san francisco is clear right now. san francisco was at 53 degrees, we're warming up to 59 in mountain view. this
7:38 am
afternoon we will see the temperatures rise to these levels and i think you will like them. take a look at morgan hill and livermore is 80 degrees there. we have a mixture of low to upper '70's everywhere else around the bay. even san francisco will get in on the knife whether it is everyone agrees with sunny skies. we are looking for conditions to gradually get warmer and warmer as we head into saturday and sunday. the in the highs are in the mid to upper 80s for the weekend. enjoy it because we are cooling off as we have to the first half of next week. that is your weather and thus get down to the news room with a justin. >>justine: rupert murdoch's company has now agreed to pay $2.3 million to the family of a murdered schoolgirl whose phone was hacked by the news of the world tabloid. the
7:39 am
settlement has been confirmed and they say that rupert murdoch will donate $1.6 million to charities chosen by the family. milly was a 13 year-old british girl that was reported lost in 2002--reported missing in 2002. you are watching kron4 news and will be right back. i will awaken you with a song.
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>> darya: you are so funny. >>gary: for a series that everyone is saying no one cares, last night with a compelling game. >> darya: is always good to have one, is more exciting.
7:48 am
it gives both teams a chance to go back to texas. >>gary: you are representing the young people and like i said, all of us grandfathers' the motion, the strategy the--you are ruining the game you young people. >> darya: for who ever was not watching the world series the only game in town was to watch the arizona ucla game and by all accounts i guess it would of been unwatchable with two of the most packed 12. it turns into this great story because you think he is a rough, he take off and then the giant maylay have you ever seen this many players getting involved in a brawl? >>gary: i think it was so
7:49 am
one-sided in favor of arrows on a they needed something like this. >> darya: yes but then it ought to change from 47 to 48. >>gary: -not think i have ever seen anyone go out and costumed like that on the field. >> darya: but look at what happened, look into this chaos. >>gary: that was embarrassing. i can see a quick punch or shove in the heat of the moment but this thing went 60 yds. this fight the on for 60 yds. >> darya: if we really want to see a good dent, everyone will have their eyes on what the raiders did this weekend. and then we get this word about carson palmer. i do not view it as a pay cut because he was not
7:50 am
making anything so we decided to retire rather than play with the bank's goals. >>gary: now you tell me if i am wrong, but he has taken a little less this year but it escalates. >> darya: now i think to myself this story coming out makes him look better, it makes the raiders look good i guess it is good to release this type of thing. >>gary: what did they relief? >> darya: i get to know that he makes five and $10 less. >>gary: yes but if you read this is just keeps going up and up and it is fair, if he produces he will make the money back. >> darya: we will see if they played kansas city. he was making about 7.44 million. >>gary: he is a wonderful
7:51 am
humanitarian, he is still making $7.44 million. >> darya: what ever it is is very tight. now i love this drama harrison's story.-- jerome harrison story. it was only the trade that caught the brain tumor. >>gary: i believe he was traded. >> darya: he was going to be but now he is not. >>gary: of the deal is before the trade you you have to go in and a physical and they found out that he had something very serious. >> darya: this will probably not only save his life but save his career. gary, i do not know why guys are like this.
7:52 am
>>gary: when are not the same way? >> darya: know, we are not i have a team of doctors. guys you have to push and kick to get the and the doctor. >>gary: do they know who they are working on? >> darya: depending on the type of doctor is a little embarrassing. i am just another patient in another x-ray. >>gary: you said you have a team, how many doctors? >> darya: we have a specialist, you have to have your a dermatologist, you're on colleges, you're at the colleges,--your oncologist and your others. but
7:53 am
seriously, before we go no talks. the players because of their love of the game that they would do the world tour. >>gary: i have been arguing with my friends and they said listen this is like the nba all-star game. they say no one has played decent but i want to see my guides in madison square garden. i know what to see them in secondary locations. these guys are creatures of habit. they want their regular team, everything is fine just as long as you can see the regular-season coming back to you. if they plan and canceling the whole season these guys will play a few games. >> darya: as i said it comes up to two issues and we both know what those are, money and money. [laughter]
7:54 am
>>gary: i keep saying it and it is true. they're not the nfl, people will not wait for the they will find other things to do. >> darya: 754 and in and will be right back.
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jobs saddens everyone of us, asking employees if they have produced their best product. that is what we love about steve jobs, leading the world in new ideas and latest innovations. steve jobs represented the ideal, the government should not displaced proprietary functions. that is what steve jobs practice, that is one of the keys to his success. i quoted from him, simplicity and say no to 1000 things.
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been fading in the polls recently. she invoked the apple founder's name six times. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: thank you for joining us on this friday, october 21st. we had to earthquakes yesterday within two hours of each other. on the right, pictures of damage sent in from viewers.
8:01 am
>>darya: let's take a lesson from some people near the epicenter and what they had to say. >> i think the second earthquake was stronger. >> they were both pretty strong. >> my heart started to race. pretty strong shaking, the entire house started shaking. >>darya: james fletcher has more with the location of these earthquakes. >>james: taken ill look at our earthquake tractor.
8:02 am
there was a small earthquake that happened in between the two larger ones. let me show you the bigger view of the bay area to show you where the hayward fault runs, all on the east bay's shoreline. >>darya: coming up at 8:30 a.m., we will hear from the usgs on the likelihood that a bigger earth quake could strike in the coming days. we want to know where you work. did you feeling? go to our facebook fan page and join in on the discussion. >>mark: another earthquake in southern texas. it rattled homes and caused tremors down to san antonio. this was a 4.8 magnitude. it did not cause any major damage or injuries. the usgs
8:03 am
says it was the largest quake on record in the area. let's get you caught up on the weekend forecast. >>james: the cloud cover is broken. there is patchy cloud cover at best. will get some good breaks and a decent sunshine. the son has been up for 45 minutes, roughly. we are seeing warming taking hold in the east bay. nothing dramatic just yet. the warming will slowly worked its way across the bay. cloud cover and fog is patchy at best. temperatures are in this '50s and '60s. we have not seen much of warming just yet. a mild start to the day care in many locations are slightly cooler this morning. here is what we see this afternoon. a mild forecast for people around the media bay. we will
8:04 am
expect the same temperature down and san jose. further east you go, the warmer it is going to get. monday- wednesday will call a little bit. let's get a check on
8:05 am
traffic with george. >>george: our hot spot has been cleared up. >>george: we are friday light on the bay bridge. there are no delays. from time to time, a traffic slows from the middle of the east parking lot. the san mateo bridge has been problem free as a backup free. the golden gate bridge has been problem free. 101 southbound, and there are no delays in either direction. we will look around the bay area starting with the east gate. the south bay
8:06 am
freeways, 85 and 280 heading through and towards the rest tally --west valley, drive times are well under 40 minutes. >>darya: a developing story, with our lives and concord. there are extra police officers on duty at all three schools after receiving death threats. this is the third one in the past week. this one happened at concord high school. will tran is there speaking with people about how they feel about it. people on facebook are asking, do i send my kids? many cable are worried. >>will: many people are still very much worried. people are sending them to school but telling them if anything happens, run to the
8:07 am
authorities in if call immediately. i have seen several police officers patrolling the campus at concord high school. here is video from maybe 15 minutes ago. a concord police officer was breezing through the driveway, keeping an eye on things. according to the principle, he says this place will be flooded with officers to make sure that parents, students and faculty members will feel safe. they did not expect that anything will happen. many people believe this is a hoax. nonetheless everyone is taking this seriously. not just concord high- school where the facts came into, but also to other nearby schools, eldorado models cool as well as the west would elementary school.--eldorado middle school as well as westwood elementary school. this
8:08 am
officer will be due includes all day around this area to keep a close eye on things. from microsoft and mcdonnell's this morning. the dow is currently at 11,735. linkedin at 2.7% increase. will be right back. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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>>justine: unemployment rates fell with house of u.s. states last month. that is a sign that september's pick up and hiring is felt across the country. unemployment dropped in 25 states, went up in 14 and stayed the same and 11. here is a look at the top three.
8:12 am
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the >>darya: of the morning after the earth quake, everyone feels on guard. i did not know if it makes sense or not, but you are ready for another one, right? let's find out more about this if the usgs. on the heels of those to earthquakes yesterday, people think, does that mean there will be another one today? what can you say to that? >> we had a magnitude 4.0
8:15 am
at 2:41 p.m., followed by a few aftershocks and at 8:16 p.m., a 3.8 magnitude. we have an aftershock sequence going on. we expect to have some additional small offense. most are not large enough to be felt, but we could have additional events in the 3.0 magnitude range that people would feel. >>darya: are the after stocks usually smaller? >> the probability of a larger of that is a very small, but there is a finite chance. as we go on in time, the chances of a larger event become smaller and smaller. we have not had an additional event since the 4:00 p.m.. that is another indication that the chances of a larger event become less and less as time goes on. >>darya: , we'll look at our
8:16 am
kron4 viewers, everyone likes to say where they were a and what they felt, it seems like more people felt the second earthquake even though it was not as strong as the first one. does that make sense to you? >> our actual felt reports show that the magnitude 4.0 was felled by 18,000 people responding to our server. the 3.8 we had just under 15,000 responses. in terms of the number of people actually reported it to less and filling out the survey, it is about 3000 more people from the 4.0 magnitude. we do know that from past experiences, in the evening, when there is less traffic around, people are usually at home and sitting down, not up and active or doing as much.
8:17 am
they are that more likely to feel the weaker shaking. >>darya: the timing is ironic, the day of the earthquake occurred as drills. >> it was slightly ironic and the timing. >>darya: they give for joining us. let's get a look at the weather with james.
8:18 am
>>james: we are warmer today than yesterday. here are the comparisons to yesterday's temperatures. there is a lot to enjoy today and even more for the weekend. where are the temperatures are right now? the fog is patchy at best. the roof camera is
8:19 am
looking in downtown san francisco. clear skies. in the north and east, overcast. the same story down in san jose. it is clear in the east bay. right now temperatures are holding steady. the next hour we will see temperatures climb. right now we are in the upper 50s-60s in most locations. this afternoon, here is what you can expect. the weather will get
8:20 am
better and better come the weekend. by sunday, upper 80s. enjoy it. next week temperatures will drop between sunday and monday. >>george: the westbound ride is as light as it gets. the metering lights have been active for nearly two hours. there are no delays westbound. this morning, 101
8:21 am
is unusually light. >>mark: the occupy san francisco protests ended with arrests. craig skalar
8:22 am
says the police moved in fast. >>craig: police arrested a dozen people charging them with violating a city law because they were camping gear after city hours. >> they will me up at 3:15 a.m.. the first statement they said was, you are under arrest. they did not say, please leave or he will be arrested, they said, you are under arrest. it is despicable. we have a first amendment civil-rights to be here and protest. we are not camping, this is an occupied. >> this is what the camera looked like a few weeks ago.-- >>craig: this is what the encampment look like a few weeks ago. >>darya: occupy oakland
8:23 am
demonstrators are being told to leave the plaza near city hall where there camped out in oakland. this city close to the order over night saying that i the 10 days that they have been out there camping, the city cannot guarantee public health and safety. it did not say what will happen if they do not leave. they are saying that fighting, public urination, fire hazards and a growing threat problem. protesters are allowed to stay between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. but they cannot camped overnight. >>mark: the occupy protesters in cincinnati and ohio clashed with police this morning. police asked demonstrators to leave the park. people chose to move to a nearby sidewalk. 21 people refused to leave and were arrested. they are facing misdemeanor criminal trespassing charges. >>justine: they have been
8:24 am
problems with occupy wall street in new york city. people live near where we're getting these live pictures are telling us that they are still pretty active out there. they have been complaining about the noise into the mess. there was a board meeting last night were people voiced their concerns about the protesters.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>>mark: leer keeping our eyes on wall street. corporate earnings coming out for mcdonald's and microsoft, those are among the companies reporting solid earnings stiff fees the dow is at 11,007 did
8:28 am
56. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>darya: we had to earthquakes yes it did two hours of one another, both along the hayward fault. in concord, extra police officers are patrolling three different schools after one of those schools received face rack. this is the third threat in the past week. concord high-school. occupy protesters around to the bay area are being told that they cannot campout anymore. oakland demonstrators that they should leave the clause of near city hall and that they cannot sleep over there
8:31 am
anymore. we are monitoring what is happening there. in san jose, police moved in and evicted protesters early this morning. >>mark: let's get more on those earthquakes from yesterday as well as your weekend forecast. >>james: here is our earthquake tracker. you could see were the earthquakes or center, right around of the berkeley area. here is a closer look. there were several earthquakes, not just the two earthquakes that everyone felt. here are your
8:32 am
current temperatures. it is slightly cooler in san francisco, but we will start warming up once the skies cleared. let me walk you through what we are expecting this afternoon. you will like it. we are ending the week on 80 degree
8:33 am
weather in the south. mid- 70s for san as a. in the east and livermore and brentwood, 80 degrees with a good bit of the san ramon valley, that entire 680 stretched from martina's to pleasanton, upper 70's and low 80s. coming up i will show you the weather we are expecting for next week and this weekend. your 7 day around the bay coming up in a moment. >>george: unless you are a tow truck driver, you will like this commute. there are no hot spot, a major delays, accidents or problems. the
8:34 am
san mateo bridge is slow on the approach but not backed up. the golden gate bridge ride looks good. it is all free this morning and in easy trip. heavier traffic northbound, but no backups. a little bit of slowing at the toll plaza. a check on the east bay, the right looks good, much better than usual for 80, 680 and 24. the ride on the south bay freeway, good towards the mountain view. your ride in the north bay, only a few areas where traffic drops below 50 mi. per hour down to 25 thing where you see the red on the roadways of
8:35 am
this. it better than usual trip through marin county and a good drive time as well. >>darya: in a developing story out of concord, threats to the schools there. concord police have extra officers on duty patrolling the schools after concord high school received a threat. this is the third threat in the past week at a school in concord. will tran and is live with details of the strife this morning in what police are doing. >>will: darya, if this is a hoax, it is horrible. if off whoever did this comes at 10:00, they will run across a lot of manpower. there are multiple police cars patrolling the area. this is just one location. there are many police officers in the
8:36 am
back and front, going around to make sure that students, parents and faculty members feel safe about what is going on. we do not know if there has been a drop in enrollment today. i did get a chance to speak with students this morning who were dropped off by their parents. here is what they had to say. >> it is something dumb that someone did. i think it could be a distraction for them to do something somewhere else. >>will: do you have any fears for your safety or your friends? >> i was kind of skeptical about coming today. i would just watch my back and hope that nothing happens. >> i am scared, but they have to come to school. i
8:37 am
hope that nothing happens. >>will: parents have said, if something happens, get out of the school immediately. this is not the only school that is scared. there are two other nearby schools, eldorado as well as west with elementary school. they are also having extra security to make sure will ever plans to do this, in case they do, they will run across a lot of police officers who are armed and ready to go.
8:38 am
maummar gaddafi will be buried with respect according to islamic tradition. he will not have a public funeral. >>darya: the death of maummar gaddafi expands the string of security victories under the president's watch. the president said yesterday, it is the victoria state for libya, but they have a great responsibility to build a new government. >>president obama: this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow of terry has been lifted. with
8:39 am
this enormous promise, the libyans people agree responsibility to build >>darya: the president commented on the debt of gaddafi and the declining wars in iraq and afghanistan. we will go to the break and be right back in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from mt. tam. a little resurgence of summer before we head into halloween. we will be right back.
8:40 am
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8:43 am
>>justine: the u.s. coast guard is telling us that they found 4 lbs. of marijuana on a sailboat outside of the marina as they were doing a safety check. the drugs or in a plain sight. the men on board claim that they have medical tell all licenses but later fell admitted that they could not produce those licenses fury of the sheriff's office has now seized that marijuana. the kron4 morning news will be right back. saw
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>mark: waves reached 25 ft. high damaging several boats in the harbor. airports had to delay and cancel many flights. >>mark: this winter is projected to be a rough
8:47 am
one. line media is forecast to strike. is already in effect. that means a warm and dry weather in some parts of the nation and probably down here in the bay area, we could see a wetter than usual >>james: a foggy start particularly in the north
8:48 am
bay. our coastal and bay temperatures will be between 60 degrees and 70 degrees. temperatures will climb gradually as we had to the west. this afternoon, this is what we are expecting. temperatures will be 71-75 degrees around the heart of the day. in the south bay, a slightly warmer. that is the same story of the will expect in the east bay. we are looking for upper
8:49 am
seventies to 80 degrees. in the north bay, the wine country is looking pretty gift. it will be beautiful in santa rosa today. downtown san francisco will be nice as well. here is your 7 day forecast. we are calling for things to get better and better. as we head into the weekend, more sunshine and warmer temperatures. >>george: the commute is hot spot free. there are no
8:50 am
major delays. here is a look at the bay bridge there are no delays coming in from the macarthur maze or the nimitz. the san mateo bridge has been problem free 101 southbound, a little heavier northbound. a little slow as you approach to the toll plaza coming from the will drive but only on the northbound side. here is a quick east bay and south bay check. 680, there are no delays into walnut creek or the san ramon valley. the south bay freeway, for
8:51 am
almost a completely clear shot to cupertino coming out of the coyote valley. to 80, no delays from san jose to cupertino. in the north bay, the traffic is completely cleared out. >>darya: this is the bank orography fear of looking for. he presents a note to the bank teller. detectives think that this is the same person who has hit different banks and south sampras's go and fremont as well. take a look at the picture here. he is 5 ft. 5 in., he wears
8:52 am
those glasses and that is a fake beard. he speaks without an accent. rash of a vehicle vandalism s this month and also back on october 6th. in this case, tires have been slashed, someone has been spotted near these vandalism of events. let me give you a description. a white male, five attended his. he was wearing a black and white plaid shorts set that went to the knee, a black hooded sweat shirt with a yellow ambled on the upper left side. >>mark: in marin county judge will rule on a number of requests for joseph now so. for him to be allowed to use his cell phone in his cell and for a paralegal to sit at his defense table. he
8:53 am
is accused of murdering four women from the '70s to the '90s in california. he has chosen tran represent himself in court. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a live look from the james lick in san francisco, sunshine and traffic is moving smoothly.
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>>james: is shipping to the gritty night weekend. more on your forecast when we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>mark: they give for joining us. here is a look at the bay area seismograph. we had to earthquakes within six hours of one another. we
9:00 am
had a 3.8 magnitude at the 4:00 p.m. and a 4.0 @ 2:15 p.m.. >>darya: no major damage from the earthquakes. there was some minor damage. a few broken items. but large adult was felt in san francisco down to allow felt and antioch. even into santa rosa. let's listen to reaction from some people in san francisco. >> the first one, it was in my office, at the second earthquake i was at a brewery.
9:01 am
>> i was laying in bed with my dog. i was watching the world series. i felt a jolt and i thought, you go again. it is coming. >>mark: can we expect another earthquake any time soon? we spoke with an expert from the usgs. >> we think hayward is most likely to produce a large earthquake. the last time hayward produce a big earthquake was in 1868. the latest science tells us, large earthquakes occur everyone heard 60 years roughly. we're all the time that a large earthquake would not surprise us at all. there is a 30 percent chance of eighth earthquake > magnitude 6.7 occurring some time over this three-
9:02 am
year window. it is the most likely fall to produce a large earthquake. >>darya: a rare earth quake hit southern texas yes safe for causing tremors in downtown san antonio. 34.8 magnitude earthquake. it did not cause any damage but it did force the evacuation of a federal building. this was the largest earthquake on record in that area. >>louisa: as we head into the after did, some nice breaks in sunshine. the warming trend kicks into
9:03 am
gear by the weekend. the will continue to see temperatures warm into saturday and sunday. let's take a look at the weekend forecast. today, we could squeeze into the 80s. low seventies around the bay and upper 60s at the coast. by saturday, more in the way of patchy fog. by sunday, we could top out into the upper 80s and mid-70s for the coast. here is a look at your ride temperatures. 54 in san francisco. still chilly in santa rosa holding on to the '40's. 62 in oakland. in the south bay, mid-upper 50s. by the afternoon, highs in the '80s in some spots. in san francisco we will warm to
9:04 am
the '70s. 80 degrees in fairfield. 77 for concord. check out your 7 day forecast. it will be a nice weekend on tap cooling down by the beginning of next work week. a sunny and mild forecast into next week. let's get a look at your ride with george. >>george: we have had one hot spot this morning in the that is it. no backups of the bay bridge. right now we are not tracking any major problems or delays. we could call this friday light. on the san mateo bridge, the commute is over. light traffic in both directions, especially here on the westbound side. the golden gate bridge ride has been
9:05 am
problem free southbound. there are no freeway delays. 580 was hour hot spot. it is no longer. light traffic into castro valley. the south bay freeway is much better than usual, especially this to 80 ride a leading out towards cupertino. northbound 85 only has this one stretch. the north bay ride is almost completely cleared out. >>darya: will our lives in concord. there are extra police around the schools after receiving a threat. this is the third threat in the past week against a concord school. will durant is live with details about how people have been reacting.
9:06 am
>>will: this is the safest school in concord because of all the police around here. police are patrolling this area, we have maybe three over here parked right in front of the school. i did get a chance to speak with eight detectives who said they are not going into details. they're making sure that the school is safe. they do not want to give whoever is doing this, it is not a hoax, an upper hand. i did get a chance to speak with the superintendent. as we feared, there are a lot of people calling in sick today as far as enrollment. normally 1600's to this would be here. he is saying it is far lower than that. many parents are worried about that.
9:07 am
>>mark: out will be right back with more after the break.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>darya: protesters were arrested and eight demonstrators were arrested for violating a city ordinance that forbids camping out on city property. one person was
9:11 am
arrested for felony vandalism after scratching a patrol car. >>yoli: this is like a little village. they have a cooking area. they have a children's area
9:12 am
>>yoli: it seems that oakland has been one of the most tolerant city to the protesters. their issues are much more local there is really no one leader in the room.
9:13 am
>>darya: we are continuing to follow these movements as a branch out around the nation. >>darya: we will be right back.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>darya: , the morning after a pair of earthquakes. everyone is wondering, are we going to get more? we have someone from the usgs talking about the odds of another earthquake. what do you think? always be followed by another earthquake. these earthquakes occur along the hayward fault. it would not surprise me if there was a magnitude 7 earthquake
9:17 am
tomorrow. we calculate the highest probability of producing an earthquake. after an earthquake there are almost always aftershocks. the odds of those occurring is very high. with any earthquake there is a small probability of a larger earthquake. that is true with this event. we had a 4.0 magnitude and a 3.8
9:18 am
magnitude. citizens are able to go in and and tell us if they felt the earth quake. that provides as valuable information. >>darya: ec clusters where everyone felt the earthquake. how do you explain when you see a dot that someone felt it but not many of the people did. but
9:19 am
>>mark: more on the weekend weather forecast would release a half. >>louisa: happy friday. we had a good-looking weekend forecast. the bay ridge is dealing with patchy fog. at this point we are seeing problems with visibility into the north bay. in the east bay, partly cloudy, fremont warming into the seventies as well. i could
9:20 am
see eighties in fleeces like fairfield. here is a look at your numbers as we head into the afternoon. in san francisco, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. in livermore, four degrees warmer. temperatures are slow to warm. as we take you to the afternoon we could
9:21 am
see some 80 today. los 70's through hayward and fremont. in san francisco, 71 and warmer than that in richmond and san rafael. here is your 7 day around the bay. next week we will cool down. clear and cold but sunny and mild as for the mid portion of next work week. >>george: it is a pretty easy ride. there are no hot spots, delays or major problems. on the bay bridge we have had no backup. 880, 580, all of the approaches look good. there are no
9:22 am
traffic delays westbound. your golden gate bridge ride is heavier this friday in the northbound direction than any other day of the week. there are no problems getting on to the bridge northbound and no problems southbound. a quick check in the east bay >>mark: we will be right back after the break ,
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9:26 am
>>justine: and good morning. if unemployment rates sell and half of the u.s. states last month. the labor department has said that unemployment rates and dropped in 25 states, went up in 14 and stayed the same and 11 of them. fifth year is a look at the top three. nv reported the highest unemployment rate for the 16th straight month. california came in second. the rate here is now 11.9%. that is down from 12.1%. michigan came in third with 11.1%. >>darya: aetna this morning, the drug maker pfizer agrees to give the government 14 $25 million to settle charges of illegally marketing drugs for overactive bladder.
9:27 am
>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. one of our developing story is the threats that have been received at three different schools and concord including here at concord high school. there, you can see the police presence. we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: the big stories we are following this morning, we had those earthquakes. when will the next one hit? we had to earthquakes
9:30 am
within six hours center along the hayward fault. we are live in concord where there are extra police officers on the scene this morning after the school received threats. it is the third time a concord school has been threatened in the past week. occupy protesters around the bay are the focus this morning. they have been told that they are no longer allowed to camped in oakland or san jose. they were told that they could not camped outside of city hall. in san jose police moved in early this morning to remove protesters. >>justine: we are hearing now that president obama is going to be making a statement about the war and are rock and a deadline for withdrawing u.s. troops. sources are saying that he wants all troops to leave by the end of this year. the president will be speaking
9:31 am
at about 9:45 a.m. after completing a secure video conference with the iraqi prime minister. this announcement could close the possibility of maintaining a u.s. military presence in a rock beyond the december 31st of this year. that deadline was set back in 2008. this could also mean after eight years of war in that country, obama could be making good on his promise to wind down the conference. we are expecting an announcement from the president about level of troops and a rock. that should be coming up at about 9:45 p.m.. we are making arrangements to cover that live. stay with us on kron4 for the latest. >>louisa: have the friday. look at the sunshine making its way around the bay. the
9:32 am
warming trend will continue through the weekend. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend with highs reaching 88, upper seventies around the bay and the mid- 70s at the close on. overall, a pretty nice weekend ahead. patchy fog sitting out for the livermore valley handed down into the south bay. right now, temperatures are still chilly at about 48 degrees. we are not seeing temperatures budget much. 54 in san francisco, 52 in redwood city. mid-upper 50s into the south bay. highs in the low eighties for a los gatos and morgan hill. along the coast, 67 degrees in
9:33 am
half moon bay warming to about 71 in san francisco and a warming about 10 degrees and santa rosa. the napa valley looked pretty pleasant today. here is your 7 day around the bay showing us a nice weekend in-store. after the weekend we will cool down quite a bit. sunny and mild through the work week. let's take a look at traffic. >>george: an easy ride around most of the bay area. there are no hot spot. the bay bridge has been backed up free all morning long. let's take a closer look now. the camera at the toll plaza shows that the approaches are like. traffic is moving at the limit. the metering lights could have even been turned off a while ago serious even if they are still on it should not create any problems or delays.
9:34 am
>>george: on the san mateo bridge the right looks good westbound and eastbound. we are problem free in both directions. no delays or backups on the approach. let's get a check on the east bay. third the marin commission has no real slow traffic at all any longer. the drive times are under 30 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge. >>mark: we had to
9:35 am
earthquakes yesterday within six hours. a 4.0 at 2:40 p.m. and a 3.8 at 8:16 p.m.. both on the hayward fault. both about a mile east of berkeley, here is what some people near the epicenter had to say. >> i felt both of them. >> i heard a rumbling. that is the only way to describe it. >>darya: listen to what some people in san francisco had to say. >> it was unusual, two of
9:36 am
them in one day, that is really unusual. that was kind of scary. >> i was outside on my lunch break. thought of a sudden i was shaking. i got scared for a minute. >> i was in a buddhist meeting. we felt it strongly. it said the entire building. >> i have only been in san francisco for nine months. this is the first one that should be pretty hard. >>darya: these earthquakes came on the heels of the statewide california earthquake preparedness drills. >>mark: another school has received a threat, this is the third in the past week, this one at concord high school. that is where will
9:37 am
tran is with details. >>will: will ever fax in this and death threat said that it would be carried out fat 10:00 a.m.. >>will: the superintendent said that's enrollment is significantly down from normal days. there is concern with parents and students. many parents said they wanted to drop off children, but that did not mean they were not afraid. >> i feel that it really
9:38 am
does not make a difference. >>will: if this threat is not carried out, will the pool their resources from the separate it? adjusted
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>> we are hearing from a white house official who is saying that president obama will announce a complete troop withdrawal from a rock off the end this year. the president is ready to declare the war over. she's supposed to be making a statement at 9:45 a.m.. we will take you to the president's speech talking about the end of the rock war as soon as it starts. we will be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: officials have delayed in varying gaddafi until his death can be examined by the
9:46 am
international criminal court. the delay comes as a bloody images of gadhafi's last moments raise questions about how he died. >>mark: nato will be meeting today on how to control the air space above libya. the nato alliance could, on the recommendation of nato's commander. >>darya: we have a lot of sunshine.
9:47 am
>>louisa: we will have a warming trend today continuing through the weekend. here is a look at your weekend forecast. today we are expected to climb into the low 80s. los 70's around the bay. patchy fog and sunshine. sunday looks like it will be the warmest day of the week warming to about 88 degrees. temperatures are chilly. 50 degrees and san rafael. 54 and san francisco. by the afternoon we could squeeze out some 80 degree readings. los 70's through much of the east bay.
9:48 am
>>darya: let's go to president obama. >>president obama: for the strength of national security and leadership around the world, after taking off as i announced a new strategy that would remove our troops by the end of 2011. as commander in chief, ensuring the success of this strategy has been one of my highest priorities. last year, i announced the end of our combat mission and brought
9:49 am
into a will will where the 100,000 troops. the iraqis have taken full responsibility of their country's security. i have reaffirmed that the united states will keep its commitments. he spoke of the determination of the iraqi people to forge their own future. we are in full agreement on how to move forward. today, i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in a rock will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, the american war and a rock will be over. over the next two months the troops and a rock, tens of thousands of them will pack up their gear and board convoys for the journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border of rock with their heads held high, proud of their success in it knowing
9:50 am
that the american people stand united in support of our troops. that is how america's military efforts will and. even as we mark this important milestone, we're moving into a new phase in the relationship between the united states and the rock. as of january 1st, in keeping with our strategic framework agreement with a rock, it will be a normal relationship between sovereign nations. an equal partnership faced on mutual interests and respect. this will be a strong and enduring partnership with diplomats and assembly and advisers we will partner
9:51 am
with and a rock that contribute to regional security and peace just like we insist other nations respect iraq's sovereignty. as i told the prime minister, we will continue discussions on how we might help a rock train and equip its forces. again, just as will offer training and assistance to countries around the world.
9:52 am
>>president obama: today, i can say that our troops in a rock will definitely be home for the holidays. this will be a time that we pay tribute to the more than 1 million americans that have served in a rock. we will honor our many wounded warriors and the 4500 patriots and their iraqi and coalition partners they gave their lives to this efforts. the tide of war is receding. we are able to refocus our fight against al-qaeda and achieved major victories against the leadership of osama bin- laden.
9:53 am
>>president obama: when i took office, 180,000 troops were deployed. this year, that number will be cut in half and continue to go down. yesterday marked the definitive end of the gaddafi regime in libya. today, nato is working to bring a successful mission to a close. the united states is moving forward from a position of strength. along war and a rock will come to an end by the end of this year. the transition in afghanistan is moving forward and our troops are finally coming home. as they do, if you
9:54 am
were deployments in wartime training will help keep our military the very best in the world. as we welcome home our newest veterans we will never stop working to give them and their families that care, benefits and opportunities that they have gone to. this includes a listing of veterans in the greatest challenge that we face as a nation. creating opportunity and jobs in this country. after a decade of war, the nation that we will build is our own. an america that sees its economic strength restored just as we've restored leadership around the globe. >>darya: the president not taking any questions, only making the announcement of withdrawing troops from iraq. >>mark: we will be right back.
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>>darya: that is it for this friday. >>mark: have a great weekend. dr. phil is up next.
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