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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 3, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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instead of the banks. businesses we can stop the banks. we want to get the longshoremen not to import or export for one day that is a great message. were stopped in their tracks they could not into the port or leave the port. protesters continue filling the street and some of them even climbed on top of the
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big rig. >> we have been waiting here for about three hours. they are paying me for the waiting and everything to that is no problem for me. >>james: to--2 protesters were injured last night after being hit by a car. the wells fargo bank in downtown san francisco was vandalized. some people took aim at a whole food store at harrison and 27. we have more on this story. >>reporter: in this video posted on flicker, you concede to people in black painting the word strike on the side of the whole food building. one of them is tackled by a man wearing a bike helmet apparently
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trying to detain the person. the scene becomes a little chaotic. you can see people swarming around the two of them try to figure out what is going on. i will slow this meal down now watch as the person that had been detained wearing the black over their face was able to break out of the crowd and run away. now the other person running away was the person scraping the building in both of them were able to get away. the demonstrations have been largely peaceful. earlier today the acting police chief howard jordan said a small group of anarchists were responsible for the damage in problem that businesses in the city.
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>>james: the merci mostly pleased about how the day unfolded. >> this is a good day for the demonstrators and the 99% movement. we will try to focus on moving ahead tomorrow for everybody. >>james: the mayor commended the oakland police for their work after the police officers association released a letter that criticized her handling of the occupy protesters. >>justine: will take a break a kron4 morning news and be back with much more. this is a live look outside at our
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very shaky and mount tancam. it is very cold out there today we will talk more about that we come right back.
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. >>james: on to some national news we are following this morning. one of the vocal command from the protesters both here and across the world in relation to the occupy movement is the call for more jobs. the word from the federal chairman ben bernanke is do not hold
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your breath. >>catherine: the national and a foot race stand at 9.1 percent the fed predicts it will not drop much just 8.5% by the end of 2012. two years from now it will be down 7.7%. compare that to the 4.9% in april 2008 for the wall street collapse. the fed said it may be years before we read to that level again. >>justine: we will take a break on the kron4 morning news with a live look outside at our camera or the san mateo bridge. a lot of people are starting their commute this morning. we will check in with erica to see what is happening on the road when we come right back.
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>>erica: these are your temperatures right outside the door, significantly cooler than we were 24 hours ago. one of our warmer spots right now is downtown san francisco coming in at 54 degrees. we will continue to see cooler temperatures as we head to the rest of the day. the cooler temperatures are not the only thing people are worried about. as i fast for the clock to 12:00 p.m. lunch time you can see the ban a wet weather would not only light rainfall moderate cells as well. as we events the clock closer to 2:00 p.m., you can see that system is moving its way south towards the place of like antioch, concord, redwood city, they will all be impacted by wet
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weather. and by 6:00 p.m. it looks like for the most part we will see dry conditions around the bay area but another system is approaching from the north and advancing the clock closer to 9:00 p.m. you can see a little bit of what weather lingering down into the south bay with more wet weather approaching from the coastline. we also have a winter weather advisory in effect, it is going in effect until 5:00 a.m. on friday. that means we will see light to moderate snow, 2 in. to 4 in. are expected. we have windy gusty conditions gusting up to about 50 mph. everywhere highlighted in gray will be impacted. this does equal hazardous driving conditions so changes may be necessary if you are driving up through the sierra today. i want to show you the seven day around the bay forecast to show all of the weather patterns taking place in the span of just seven days we
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will have a lot of rainfall stretching into friday morning. by saturday and sunday your weekend showers are still possible the temperatures are dipping into the upper fifties and low 60s the only for your inland and bay locations before the coastline as well. by the start of the work week it looks like we will see dreier but cloudy conditions around the bay. --we will see dry air but cloudy conditions around the bay. the san mateo bridge ride is building a little bit in the westbound direction. the taillights are out towards foster city and no delays towards the toll plaza. there are no problems getting to the bridge in either direction. this drive time is is 14 minutes from into in. the golden gate bridge south bound 101 is moving smoothly out of the north bay we are
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problem free and delay free. i do want to show you the east bay conditions on our traffic maps once again to remind you that we have some over my construction between albany and upper powell st exits. you can see the green on your screen indicates speeds over 50 mi. per hour. >>james: we will continue our coverage on the general strike that shut down the port of oakland yesterday. last night, you can see that large crowd in the intersection our crews were on the ground capturing what happened during the moments the port would shut down. >> we are prepared to respect their rights of free speech and public space. >> it is fantastic i'm here because i'm one of the 99 percent of people who feels like the government and the
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banks are in conclusion--are in cahoots, and they're taking advantage of us. >> it is all some--also in, we are being heard in that is what is most important. >>justine: this 15 year old when a missing on
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halloween. they say she may be would gavin mcfate it is unknown if harris is with him willingly or against her will. and the conjoined twins that had surgery on tuesday are expected to make a healthy recovery. according to a spokesperson, the twins could be coming home within two to three weeks. >> the twins are progressing very well according to the medical team. the family is thrilled that they're doing as well as they are and that the surgery was a success. they are in separate beds, they slept on their back last night for the first time. the doctors expect the growth we've reading on their own and off of a ventilator over the next few
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days. the prognosis is that they will recover well. they are resilient girls and they will bounce back and they will be to help the independent girls running around the house together. >>justine: the two of them were joined at the chest and abdomen, the odds of twins occurring like this is one and 100,000. this surgery happens with in the united states only about six times per year. >>james: the 90 a. fire that was first reported tuesday evening is now contained. it destroyed one home, it arrived in several shades. several homes were evacuated. no injuries were reported and people were allowed to return to their homes yesterday. firefighters are still trying to figure out what started the fire. the u.s. coast guard is warning kayakers and boaters to stay away from wells off the
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coast of moderate. they have settled unusually close to shore and they can be dangerous to kayakers and boats, so far they still will have already been damaged. and the public attention can be dangerous to the wells because there he can basically be disrupted and that does not give them enough energy to migrate up to alaska. anyone who gets close to the wells will be fined. >>justine: much more ahead on kron4 news, is 4:22 a.m. we see a lot of people already starting their morning commute on the james lick. we definitely want to talk about the cooler weather when we come back and it looks like we will see who had been behaving badly.
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the >>james: a quick look at your forecast we are back at 4:25 a.m. we have another round of showers expected saturday night into sunday. >>stanley: hey, this man attacked me in his pajamas and a muni station. then there was a verbal assault from a man who was caught on a cellphone over in emeryville.
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>> i will tell you this, * * * you i ask you not to fill me in you will pay for this. >>stanley: i was attacked by a man with ski poles. >> you are not suppose you're courting me while i am high doing illegal * * *. >>stanley: he ended up spending the night in jail. i was attacked by a lady as well. but i have to admit, having a briers of insults' from eight men in an elmo shirt was crazy. but nothing stood out more than being attacked by a but naked man in broad daylight. i guess i can take that off my bucket
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list. >> you know what if you do not turn the camera off i will take it. please turn it off. >>stanley: to tell you the truth i love what i do. all i can say is thank you bay area. in san francisco stanley roberts with kron4 news. >>justine: if you know of anyone who happens to be behaving badly you can e- mail him at people behaving badly at >>james: we will take a break right now i want to give you a quick look outside, there was a fire overnight condo building in will have more on this and your live report coming up you can see a firefighter truck in the background of a spotlight on top lending the scene. firefighters are trying to put out hot spots this morning.
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>>james: dozens of protesters were arrested in the early morning hours this is after a splinter group of antagonizes tried to confront the police. that was after thousands of people can't yesterday in support of a general strike in oakland. this all part the occupy oakland movement. this is the video that you see on the right- hand side, the trucks were trying to get into the port parking lot. reggie kumar has more. >>reporter: the occupy processors have now stopped all trucks coming in and
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out of the port but the truck drivers tell me that they are support appeared-- they are in support of this movement. >> i do not know will happen now. i will not be getting home until very late i am sure. i cannot get back into the port to get my next load. >>reporter: are you in support of this? >> yes. >>reporter: the truck drivers tell me that they will not be able to move the big leagues until the protesters moved out. >>justine: oakland mayor jean quan and other city leaders spoke out about yesterday's general strike. the police were on standby yesterday. for the most part they did not intervene during the march through the port of oakland. the mayor seemed mostly pleased with how the day unfolded.
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>> this was a good day for the demonstrators and for the 99% movement. we will be trying to focus on moving ahead tomorrow for everybody. >>justine: the mayor also made a point to commend the oakland police for their work after the police officers association released a letter yesterday saying that her lack of direction in handling of the occupy protest deserve some criticism. stay with us some kron4 as we continue to cover the occupy movement in oakland and around the bay area. we have more video and information on yesterday's general strike on our web site. do not forget to share your photographs, videos and opinions with us on our facebook page in twitter feet.--feed. >>erica: good morning, the
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only change i see so far the cool temperatures. if you look at shops like this one from our roof camera in downtown san francisco when have clear conditions around the bay area all that will change as we take a look at our weather headlines. it is a chilly morning no doubt about that. high clouds will move in a have a cold front with cooler temperatures and everyone struggling to get out of the '50s and '60s. we do anticipate arraigned later this morning into the evening hours but i will show you more about that in just a little bit. your temperatures rise outside the door cooling down compared to our last report. if you take a look at places like santa rosa and a bottle, we're currently in the 30's so very cool temperatures around the bay area some of our warmer spots are places like downtown san francisco and in through oakland. even half moon bay is coming in at 43 degrees. there's a lot of variation within those
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temperatures. by 12:00 p.m., you can see a little bit of purple on your screen indicating temperatures in the '40's. we will see fifties for most of the inland areas down along the coast line even seen some '60s for places like fremont and in through san jose. by 3:00 p.m. you will see a lot of fifties on your board especially up into the north bay patches of it along the coastline and some of the in and interiors as well. then we will see the green on your screen for places like fremont, mount beach, san jose there will all be dealing with the low 60s. as the check out where the numbers will go neighborhood by neighborhood like i said, there are a lot of sixties and fifties. >>erica: everybody is looking for to the wet weather, the future pact is set up for about 6:00 p.m.. we will see why should--
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spread showers throughout the day. by 9:00 p.m., we will have a 10th of an inch of rainfall for places like san mateo. your seven day all around the bay forecast shows what whether not only for today but stretching into tomorrow and possibly into the weekend. showers are on tap for the next several days. temperatures will drop down into the low 60s and upper 50s for your inland and in locations--and bay locations. as for traffic, still hot spot so on to the grid check. your bay bridge toll plaza looks fine. no worries here, this drive time is running this 89 minutes from the foot of the maze. on the right-hand side of your screen, that is
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traffic moving towards of foster city. the golden gate bridge south bound 101 have a lot of space in between cars. a clear starts to the morning all the coal conditions for your drive. over to our traffic maps i want to show conditions down in the south bay north bound 101 looks good coming out of the coyote valley towards mt. view this morning. interstate 280 is nice and easy. the green indicate speed over 50 mi. per hour no surprise here, the only patchy slowing that we see it on the freeway eastbound and westbound. we have ongoing overnight construction in effect until 5:00 a.m.. as for public transit i just did a quick sweep and it looks like everything is checking in on time that includes a see transit, bart and caltrain. >>james: thank you very much now on to some headlines around the bay. a new development this morning were fire crews are still on the scene with a three alarm fire that sent one person to the hospital. you are
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looking at live pictures of that condo complex still smoldering this morning. they are currently searching for residents that may still be in the building. the fire was reported before 11:30 p.m. last night. fire officials say when they arrived, the condo building had flames coming through the roof. the fire was put out some time before 2:00 a.m. this morning. the fire chief describe the fire as fast moving an extremely intense. will have more and i live report from jack pieces so in just a little bit. in the meantime, dozens of pg&e customers were without power yesterday and will begin today for about two hours. the outage affected because of located on castro street. they say this will increase capacity of the power grid and they say pg&e mailed letters to customers that were affected by the power outages.
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>>justine: the man suspected of beating the giants and bryan stow out side of the dodgers stadium is expected to be in court today. these two men face felony charges of assault and made him in connection with the opening day attack. the preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. in a loss angeles courtroom. the two were arrested by lapd at their san bernardino home in july. bryan stow spent months and a hospital with a serious brain injury. closing arguments are expected to begin today against dr. conrad murray. the jury of seven men and five women will hear from prosecutors will summarize 22 days of testimony. there will try to show that dr. conrad murray was criminally negligent by giving the scene of the set of of propofol as a sleep aid without the proper a medical up equipment. the defense will try to convince them that he did not administer that field goals in that jackson's death was blamed
4:39 am
on his self. we will let you know what happens. we will take a break on the kron4 news at 4:38 a.m. this chilly thursday morning. we will be back with a live update with what is happening with occupy oakland when we come right back.
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>> the most important aspect of our task over the next to any is to resolve the crisis here in europe. i agree with the presidents are cozy that--sarcozi that
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the u has made some impressive decisions. but we will have to decide how the plan will be implemented and we also discussed the situation in greece and how we can work to help resolve that situation as well. >>james: greased debt and the rural crisis talked the agenda. mr. sarcozi need to accept a package or it will be kicked out of europe. >>justine: we are getting a live in oakland or protesters are cleaning up the mess that was done yesterday. we will let you know why they're doing this in a live report right after
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>>james: are developing story continue to come out oakland. we had the occupy protesters get out of hand over 90 saw lot of damage and destruction in downtown oakland and around frank ogawa plaza. that is so will tran is live with the latest from the scene. >>reporter: a lot of busy work was going on over night because a lot of the protesters are angry at the anarchists for doing this. this is just around the corner from the plaza and you can see them cleaning up graffiti that came up during the protest. there was a lot of damage as far as great pain. as we go inside, we go up to the window and you can seen this area has been shut
4:46 am
down for days and not allowing be company to make any money. you can see the damage on the inside this will be shut down indefinitely until they get this cleaned up. i have not seen this place open all week as the occupy protesters continued to grow. one guy wants to make sure that they want the public to know that the protesters are in fact worried about this. that is why they're out here right now clean this up because they say this does not represent them. this is tully's and we will go across the street in you concede there is significantly more damage across the street as well. if you go down the street at broadway and telegraph, there is more damage. i just left the scene where they were cleaning up the city crew is out there with their shovels, and spray and water, they're just trying to pick a all of the debris and put it into a garbage truck to leave the scene. we will have, much more of and
4:47 am
we'll show you much more damage in this area as well as the reaction from people who are concerned and they want the public to know that this does not represent them and apparently the oakland police department arrested maybe 50 to 60 anarchists who did this. we have much more coming up at 5:00 p.m.. >>james: now last night was the first time that we have seen the police mobilized with a tear-gas like we saw the initial raid, the senior police present this morning? >>reporter: absolutely there is police presence down the block, there is a lot of other people out there. it seems like some people are leaving and the police officers may be standing down for right now, but there are many police officers around the scene. the have not left this area completely. back to you. >>james: we will get more from him live throughout the morning. >>justine: how did oakland it this way? hazzig manyud
4:48 am
chose the scene from yesterday's general strike in march to shut down the port of oakland. >>reporter: general strike participants and open started marching after 10:00 a.m. to shut down the first bank. this wells fargo here on broadway. when they arrived they found that it was already closed the same for comerica bank across the street the doors were locked in a bank or empty. and at the citibank was shut down for the day as well as cause for celebration for the so-called 99% in downtown oakland. the >> we closed the four largest banks. >>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions from mount tancam. as we head into the latter part of the morning wore clouds will increase. high clouds are
4:49 am
have a cold front bringing cooler temperatures as we head into the afternoon. grain is moving from north to south the temperatures are struggling to get out of the 60 this afternoon. as we head into the overnight hours we will continue to see showers as well as cooler weather. i want to show you temperatures right outside the door. we're and 30, 40 mid-50s right now. currently, santa rosa is sitting at 55 degrees. we have 54 degrees for downtown san francisco and one of our warmer spot in oakland. as we check out what will happen later this morning we are expecting some wet weather bay area wide. i said the future cast up for about 10:00 a.m. on thursday. the light green in the case showers moving east of the north bay. as we advance the clock, you can see this band of what whether not only light rain but moderate rain cells as well moving past the golden gate bridge towards the they eating places like san francisco and oakland. by
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2:00 p.m. you can see the rain has spread southward and everyone is getting impacted is testing down to the south bay and for communities along the peninsula. by 6:00 p.m. you can see the wet weather has cleared out but we do have in the the system pushing its way towards the north. by 8:00 p.m. you conceal lingering showers down into the south bay with some what weather approaching from the coastline. as we take a look at the winter weather revisory that is currently in effect until 5:00 a.m. on friday we will expect light to moderate snow falling to 4 in. are expected. this is affecting everywhere in the great on your screen mostly for the western portions of the sierra nevada we could see when the gusty conditions up to 50 mph. this does result in has is driving conditions along interstate 80. the same goes with highway 15 and 88. if you're heading up to the sierra nevada you will certainly need some change. as we head--you will
4:51 am
certainly need some chains. as we head into the weekend showers are certainly possible. we have one last bridge check of the hour. i just checked the chp traffic law and no metering lights to deal with. it is nice and easy up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge to concede traffic building among those tell like outpoured foster city. i have calculating your drive time and no change in that it is running 14 minutes from into in. over to the golden gate bridge we go, south bound 101 still has a lot of space between cars and clear conditions. those special traffic and vice read into for your ride out of the north bay and one last look at our traffic maps to focus in on peninsula conditions at the bayshore freeway. the
4:52 am
speeds are over 50 mouth hours in both directions. he saw the san mateo bridge for yourself. now if you are traveling along with the mark and was down. we have not produce anything in the way of a slowdown this yet. >>justine: we now know that the online group known as a lawless--we now know that the online group anonymous has been involved with the oakland protesters. >>gabe: several tweets have been out about people joining me occupy movement.
4:53 am
on the anonymous web site is the display of the movement, the call for a general strike in protest on november 2nd. in their protest the are live streaming from the occupy oakland protest. there was someone on the ground they can rain streaming live to the net. anonymous has consistently pushed out home videos that protesters have taken showing what they say is police brutality at the occupy to bits.--occupy movements. >> anonymous is sympathetic to the movement, their lending their support directly and indirectly through twitter but they are not high this they're not the ones running this or anything like that. it is
4:54 am
more than they are just a line. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news for a we are getting some news of a train derailment right near chicago. these are live pictures showing the flame and smoke happening this morning. the latest information that we have is a canadian national freight train had derailed. we're also hearing that several cars are off the tracks and on fire. we will get more information and fill you in the kron4 news comes right back.
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>>justine: we will let him
4:58 am
know why these protesters are cleaning up we come back at 5:00 a.m..
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[music] >> mark: we begin with occupy oakland tear-gas fired on dozens of protesters who are arrested at frank ogawa plaza earlier this morning. this comes as a general strike planned by occupy protesters yesterday resulting in thousands of them shutting down the port of oakland. in the big box you're looking at the protesters blocking the entrance to the port. on the right, businesses were vandalized. on the top right, the word strike written in huge letters @ wholefoods. two demonstrators were hit by a car in downtown oakland the driver became frustrated when protesters blocked the street and he drove his car into the crowd. the victims were transported to hospital and are in good condition
5:01 am
the driver is not--was not arrested. >> darya: we want to go downtown to will tran at this hour and it looks very quiet,... >>reporter: it is very quiet down here we are in clean up mode. protesters say they are very angry at what happened. they say this does not represent them. we do not know who exactly took responsibility for this, but here, the window has been broken. this is much more vandalism you may call it vandalism and others call it a necessary evil. a lot is going on. i had a chance to talk with them and they said yes, this is not the best of things and that is why they are out here cleaning it up. but to completely condemned it they said no.
5:02 am
they will not condemn this. >> everyone condemns this, is like six different people. >>reporter: there is another protester down there that said it is part of the necessary evil. >> he is one of the guys that said it was all right. >>reporter: let me just send it back to you. >> darya: soaked cleanup mold this morning after what happened last night and there were masses of people going through the street. >> mark: let me show you some of the video of the people as they arrived at the port oakland. one of the busiest ports in america was shut down and many say this was a splinter group of about 50 to 60 people who broke away and that is when some of the vandalism took place. we will see of the porch reopens this morning at 7:00 a.m. we will keep our eyes on the porch as protesters have placed
5:03 am
chains over many of the entrances. now here are some of the small groups and here are some of the broken windows right near frank ogawa plaza. some more damage at the uc school office building this between the 11th and 12th. queen cruise are cleaning up right now. >> darya: we want to get a look at the traffic and see if any hot spots are popping up this morning. actually let us take a look at some of your shots be conducted the bay bridge looks terrific. >> george: yes, and we have a look at the golden gate bridge, we want to start out with the weather. we have cold temperatures on the way and that is something that we will deal with for a could bit of the morning and rain coming through the bay area. >>james: it will start raining lightly in the north bay at first and then we
5:04 am
will see temperatures not only drop this afternoon to look at, '50s and '60s is the range. we look for some clearing tomorrow afternoon but will not be until later in the afternoon and will see that clearing. we have 43 in half moon bay, 46 in fairfield, it is quite chilly in concord. we also have 50 down in san jose. in terms of where we expect temperatures ago this afternoon it will only rise into the '60s at best. when will not see much in the '70s. at 10:00 a.m. we are expecting to see light showers in the north bay. by 2:00 p.m. the rain will be
5:05 am
over the heart of the bay continuing through the afternoon. it looks like it will be a dry when the we have more rain sitting to the north. we have more moisture hanging off into the ocean in we expect showers to continue to the overnight hours and into friday morning. so it will be on and off again went between now and tomorrow afternoon. by noon today, temperatures are still on the cool side. we have '40's and '50's with some '60s in view. it will still be a cool day and it will stay cool all weekend long. we will look at your neighborhood specifically, it is only one degree warmer in los gatos and morgan hill. we have 64 in livermore and across the north made it that we have upper 50s and downtown san
5:06 am
francisco of the the as 61 degrees. we will show you the seven day forecast in our next update. at 5 05 a.m., good morning george. >> george: good morning james. we have not yet seen any hot spots around the bay area. things look pretty quiet and take a look at our traffic cameras as we start our bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a very light right here.--ride here. looking at our camera at highway 92 west for towards the high-rise, the volume is up a little bit and the left side of your screen is the time to flow commute and that is pretty light. the golden gate bridges problem free. 101 south bound old ladies.-- no deln
5:07 am
the south bay freeway mass that indicates that this these are 50 mph or better. looking at a more rain ride, there are no delays coming down from a bottle down to central san raphael. it isn't easy ride from here to the golden gate bridge. >> darya: thanks a lot george, right now is five 07 a.m. and will get a live look outside and be back in just a couple of minutes. now one person to the hospital because of this fire, we are live on the scenes, we will be right back.
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>>jackie: you can still see the smoke coming out of the unit. >>darya: 5:12 a.m., we will continue team coverage and a developing story on the occupy oakland protests. last night, protesters took over the streets. a live update and a couple of minutes. the
5:13 am
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>>darya: we are hearing that occupy protesters are moving towards the port of oakland. we are keeping our eyes on the streets. craig skalar is live at third and adeline streets. it looks pretty quiet there.
5:16 am
>>craig: there are no trucks being allowed into the port of oakland. trucks are being turned around. on left they have the up dumpsters. they have made their stand to keep drugs from coming into the port of oakland. i came in through seventh and maritime. that was actually pretty easy. if the trucks are trying to get in, that is probably the way to go. over here at third and adeline, you concede that they are not getting through. and there is no law enforcement as i conceive. i think they will be trying to do something later, perhaps. right now, it is quiet. you cannot get through into the port of oakland. >>darya: are you not able to get through because of the fencing or because of the
5:17 am
guy? >>craig: it is because of the sense. the sense is keeping people from coming in. it is a completely blocked off the intersection and the main thoroughfare. >>darya: of the port is open? as the morning progresses, who erected that sense? does the city have the right to take it down?
5:18 am
>>craig: there are no police that i concede. >>mark: the dow futures are up 79 points ahead of the opening bell. investors are still taking caution as a plan for the debt crisis in europe continues. the dow is up 170, the nasdaq is up 33 into the s&p is up 20. a busy day in the world of economic reports. the weekly unemployment claims will come out in about 10 minutes. the institute of supply and management released this service indexed. retailers are also releasing monthly sales. there are a lot of reports coming out this morning.
5:19 am
>>darya: the president says the most important task for leaders at the economic summit is to resolve the european financial crisis. this was the scene as the president was greeting french president nicolas sarkozy. the president says the european union has taken important steps towards a comprehensive solution details still need to be worked out. the global economic meeting was overshadowed by europe's debt crisis and the situation in greece. the greek prime minister has called an emergency cabinet meeting for today as his governing lawmakers revolt against a referendum. this meeting comes after the finance minister broke ranks with the proposal. earlier today another socialist lawmaker said she would not support the government and fridays, the did vote. she urged the prime minister to reverse his decision on the
5:20 am
international bailout package. >>mark: it is cold out there this morning. >>james: we have 30 degree weather in the north bay right now. it is chilly. the wind is keeping things cool. clouds on the increase. we have a friend approaching the bay area that will bring cold weather and of course if the possibility of a light rain and moving from north to south.
5:21 am
>>james: as we advance the clock to noon, and that is when we expect the north bay to begin to see the rain. by 2:00 p.m. there rain will split the bay and have and continue on its way by 6:00 p.m.. your ride home will hopefully be dry. temperatures are chilly to the north. 35 degrees in santa rosa. 39 and nevada. 41 currently in napa. 46 in fairfield. a good bit of fifties and forties are the rest of the day. it is definitely cooled. in some spots, 15 degrees colder. highs this afternoon will
5:22 am
look like this. most everyone will be in the '60s. it is cooler to the north. if that is where the cold air is coming from. here is your 7 day around the bay. we will talk about where we expect the forecast to go. tomorrow after the clouds will linger in the more showers coming saturday night into said it would temperatures stain on the cool side. did not forget, sunday morning is the end of daylight savings time. roll the clocks back. >>george: it is a good time to head out the door if you're headed to work.
5:23 am
looking next at your ride to the san mateo bridge, highway 92, a good ride with no problems. there are no problems on the south bay freeways. there are no problems for the north bay, 101 southbound routes and all or marin counties. we will take a break into the kron4 morning news will be right back.
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>>justine: the white house could get served with a subpoena in regards to field solyndra. they have denied or delayed requests relating to documents for solyndra. they received a federal loan over $500 million before filing for bankruptcy month later. solyndra executives fled the fifth amendment in relation to the bigger xi filings. an energy department spokesperson says the administration has provided more than 80,000 pages of documents already. the hearing is set to begin at 6:00 a.m.. we will let you know what happens right here on the kron4 morning is. >>darya: gop lawmakers are likely to unanimously oppose the president in legislation because is financed by a tax
5:28 am
surcharge 3 last month, the president's jobs package was blocked and a subsequent act has a $35 billion piece of the plant. >>mark: more troubles for herman cain, he is facing another accusation of sexual harassment. this time a third of leaking for or showing that herman cain presented aggressive and unwanted behavior when they worked together in the '90s. a campaign manager blamed iraq. for being behind earlier accusations of sexual harassment. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes did not go away. xi
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: and good morning. it is 5:30 a.m.. we are starting this half hour with a double look fifth at video from our big story which is
5:31 am
the occupy oakland demonstration tear-ga. teargas s fired on demonstrators early in the morning. cleanup is continuing. the general strike planned by demonstrators yesterday resulted in thousands of protesters shutting down operations. you can see that we have had a lot of disrupted business because of that. kaiser permanente is totally close. several businesses or also a vandalized. there is a lot of clean up this morning. will tran is live in downtown oakland and has an update. >>will: protesters are upset that anyone would do this.
5:32 am
you concede that part of the window of this store is shattered. workers say that they need the money because for days they have been shut down because of potential situations like this. look at rite aid. there is another pharmacy across the street that is also spray- painted. we had a chance to talk to some protesters. they cannot even agree if this is a vandalism. >> we welcome anarchists in the movement. it is an important voice. i am in a full support of you guys are calling vandalism. it is small, heavy property damage. i will be out here cleaning it up but i am in support death that boys being a part of the movement. it is nothing
5:33 am
compared to the abuse that corporations and act on people throughout society. >> the majority of people are against doing any type of damage whatsoever. we condemn all of this. what are you talking about? >>will: even though they disagree, they do not step on each other's toes. they believe it is a necessary evil. did is safe to say that probably many people did not get sleek, they were probably talking about a very busy day yesterday as well as those busy trying to clean up. much more for the scene coming up at 6:00 p.m.. >>mark: we have bay area weather coming up with. >>james: in san jose it is
5:34 am
clear and cool in terms of temperatures. not nearly as cold as it is in the north bay. we are seeing temperatures in the upper thirties across a good number of the bay area communities. nevada, a santa rosa, it is pretty cold. low 40's and half moon bay. the temperature range is 30's, '40's and 50's. we are expecting a call date. we have a cold front coming through that will bring a chance of rain. we have some light shower activity this morning in the north bay. something is coming our way. we could get 60s here
5:35 am
and there.
5:36 am
>>george: starting at the bay bridge westbound, there are no delays from the macarthur maze on interstate 80 or from the nimitz freeway. it is a good ride. we have been answered every so far on the upper deck. on the san mateo bridge, a good ride. volume building a bit. third
5:37 am
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5:40 am
>>mark: a fire crews are still on the scene of this real alarm fire at a condominium complex in san rafael. jackie sissel is there monitoring this situation.
5:41 am
>>jackie: firefighters are still trying to cut out any hot spots. they received a call at 11:30 p.m.. the fire quickly went to three alarms. when they got your they say the fire was fully engulfed inanities loveys shoot this will all this described as a minor smoke inhalation. the fire quickly spread to three other of the five units. all of those people were able to get out. according to the san rafael fire department they say somewhere between 8-10 people are displaced by the fire. there was only one minor injury. there is no
5:42 am
cause on the fire yet. >>darya: we are back in a couple of minutes with the very latest in developing news. south in
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>>darya: 5:45 a.m.. the morning after the big march on oakland. today, we have our eyes on the port of oakland. they are blocking trucks from getting in. craig skalar is live on the scene taking a look at what is going on serious 66
5:46 am
>>craig: it is a bit of a mess. protesters and chain- link fences are blocking of the entire intersection, as well as dumpsters. offs frocks that are trying to get through are blocked off completely. for workers are trying to come in as a well. longshoremen are trying to get in sand is just not happening. it's on my right, you can see a truck coming from the other direction, trying to leave. if they have to turn around in this intersection and turn back. xi this chain- link fence was put up by occupy oakland protesters. smith there is not a lot of animosity so far. there is growing concern, as traffic picks up and workers tried to come in, what is this going to mean?
5:47 am
>>darya: fees said that the protesters into the truck rear were talking? the longshoremen and the truckers are a part of the 99%. i am wondering what that exchanges like between them. if >>craig: i saw a truck driver and protester talking deaths at length. the truck driver was waiting at them, almost like they were getting along. there is some sympathy there even of the truck drivers are inconvenienced. i do not see a lot of anger, argue or shouting. >>mark: onto bay area weather. in san francisco, clear skies. james fletcher has more on the forecast.
5:48 am
>>james: it is clear and cold. as we transition you will see how " we're talking about. temperatures are pretty chilly this morning. half monday in the list at 22 degrees cooler this morning and yesterday. we are dealing with a cold start to. it is one degree above freezing in santa rosa. in the rain is not
5:49 am
here yet. 10:00 a.m., future cast 4 has the rain north of santa rosa. the front will progress to the center of the bay by 2:00 p.m.. hopefully you'll have a dry evening commute. expect on and off again showers throughout the evening. when you with the tomorrow you could still be dealing with scattered showers. the in terms of temperatures, 60s
5:50 am
generally. 66 in san jose. chilly throughout the south bay in north bay. that is the way today is going to be. your 7 day forecast shows you what weather is like towards the weekend. " and a chance of scattered showers. the things will warm up by mid-week. >>george: did a good ride around the bay area. there are no hot spots. so far, it has been an easy commute. there are 1-2 cars backing up in the cash lane. slighter than we usually see at this hour. the san mateo bridge ride is problem free
5:51 am
for highway 92. no delays on the golden gate bridge. when last we checked, it was clear. no delays have northbound or southbound. a check in the east bay. on 680 south into the san ramon valley, there are no delays. 580 still looks good. no delays in saratoga or mountain view. the north bay ride is still the way for southbound from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >>mark: bryan stowe reached another milestone. his family announced that he was able to write his name for the first time since the attack. this is a picture that his family shared on there website. they say that this picture speaks
5:52 am
marvin norwood are the two- man connected to the attack on bryan stowe. there preliminary hearing is set for 8:00 a.m. this morning. they were arrested by lapd in their san bernardino county homes in july. >>darya: and at risk teenager is missing, last seen with a wanted felon. shelby harris was reported missing on halloween. she went to school on that day, but she never went home. pleasanton police say that teenager could be with gavin the state. they were spotted in concord and could be driving a black honda civic. if you know anything about this, that would love to hear from you. the police do not know if here is is with him voluntarily or
5:53 am
against her will. >>darya: of today is the final day in the trial for dr. conrad murray. prosecutors will try to show that he was criminally negligent by giving the singer propofol without the proper medical equipment. the defense will try to convince jurors that dr. murray did not administer the fatal dose and the michael jackson is to blame for his own death. justin >> we have new information on unemployment. fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week. this is seen as a hopeful sign that the job market is picking up. the labor department's as weekly applications dropped 9000 to a seasonally adjusted 397,000. this is the lowest level in five weeks. it is
5:54 am
the third time since april that applications have been below 400,000. we will be right back. costs
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>>erica: welcome back. a new study says the feelings of loneliness could add to the compromise a good night's sleep. 95 individuals were steady. those who receive higher loneliness course for found to be restless and woke up throughout the night. this is an ongoing study. i have the details on our face to extend a serious >>mark: apple says if there is a problem with is the operating system on a new iphone that is shortening the battery life. customers reported lower-than-expected battery life. darya is proof of that. she complains it daily. apple says they found a bug in the program, they will be releasing a software update to address them. the iphone 4s comes
5:58 am
with a new operating system and other devices are upgrading. some processes are constantly running and that is draining the battery. >>darya: i love that song!-- phone. i love siri. >>darya: at least 50 people arrested in a general strike planned by occupy protestors yesterday. thousands of protesters were marching to the port of oakland. we are live at the port this morning. businesses are still being disrupted. we will show you what is going on in a couple of minutes. with six guests southbound 4
5:59 am
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