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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 4, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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mayor jean quan was not available today. what is interesting is that the mayor, at some point issued a statement. saying " if they abide by not camping at night and can control the violence they need to work to move the camp to replace that with less disruptive. >> it does not look like they are going to go anywhere in we past the protesters. >> we are going to be in this plaza we're not going anywhere. >> this is not a pajama party. >> we are going to be here city hall to make sure that we are helping the children, helping the homeless, helping
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the vets. the people that have been homeless and slimmisleeping outside for years have now have blankets. instead of concrete. >>reporter: it sounded more like putting these people on notice if this camping continues the city could decide to move them again. as you can see, everything is looking decent at occupy oakland. at this point, no steps from the city to change anything. >>catherine: with strikes reporting live, of dan kerman,-- kron 4 news. >>catherine: 32 people live in oakland 68 of their arrests were non-oakland residents from the vandal evening.
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>> what you can see here is a large group of individuals that are dressed in black. these individuals have masks, concealing their faces. the are also carrying the long sticks. some of these mistakes are made of metal and some of the sticks are made of wood. some of these sticks are camouflaged with flags to maybe look like they are part of a march movement. they also can be used as weapons. what these individuals will do is kconceal themselves in large crowds. and then there will make their move as a group what we saw the of the night such as attacking and creating acts of vandalism to these businesses, such as wholefoods cured once they're targeted their area they will de cloth
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and try to blend in and make it difficult for the law enforcement to track them because they blend in and move on to their next location. >>catherine: coming to the 6:00 p.m. who is using those particular tactics. also toured the wind-wednesday night violenn a clash with police. a veteran suffered a lacerated spleen. he was booked for are resisting arrest and has said the surgery and now is and i see you. he is from oakland and co-owns a brewery and else garrido. perhaps remember scott olson? the chios last wednesday night in oakland. hinef--chaos from last wednesday with his head suffering damage from a tear- gas canister hit his head.
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>>catherine: no kitchen allowed! but people are not heeding the warnings. there are asking people for donations for batteries, utensils indicating they do not plan to leave any time soon. as teresa estacio reports one small business owners as of the encampment is wiping him out. >>reporter: in the french ogawa plaza there are several small businesses next to city hall. near the franco of plaza. this gentleman runs the shoe shining business every sense oakland has moved in that business has been down. wednesday added to the chaos forcing him to shut down. >> tell me about the general strike. >> was forced to shut down because i was in fear that there
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were going to come by. and they did. they tore up downtown and i deduct want them to common-i did not want them to come and take my business. i do not have insurance. i am a small business owner. >>reporter: has the encampment hurt your business? >> yes. people are scared to come in here because of the encampment. i do not know, this is crazy. >>reporter: frustrating? >> most definitely. >>reporter: in oakland, teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >> also people that are fed up with corporate america facebook degree spoke grassroots effort --now the consumers are getting out after the banks have been bailed out. this bank transfer
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date is a culmination effort to punish large banks. account holders are to occlong-- being encouraged to move their money into smaller credit unions from large banks. 650,000 people have deposited $4.5 billion into smaller credit unions since the end of september. marches, rallies, protests are supporting this movement on saturday. it is still happening despite banks like wells fargo, chase, bank of america even preserved reversed their action of monthly debit fees. coming up, if this will even make an impact on these banks? with the movement of
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650,000 people. >>catherine: the latest information on the " occupy " movement can be found kron 4 facebook fan page and our twitter feed. >> we have another round of cold wet weather. starting with the cold with nfrost advisory. with freezing temperatures expected in the area highlighted by the pink. now, the wet weather we will see the showers move into the north bay. by 5:00 p.m., widespread through the north bay. by 7:00 p.m. it will increase in intensity. the yellow is indicating a moderate downpour. by 8:00 p.m., widespread heavy rainfall indicated by the orange. that will be pushed into the entire bay area by 9:08 p.m. saturday. the rest of the aerial could it
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stay dry. tomorrow could be chilly. the rest of the-area could stay dry. 50s expected through the immediate north bay. 60s expected bay-area wide your full forecast coming up. >>catherine: more jobs. why it is seemingly good news. will it put a dent in the economic crisis? >> more arrrests the growing friction between police and now, police in oklahoma. and also in taxes their baby was taken by child services. >> snowfall and the mountains through this year is where it is already looking like winter. >> the fate of dr. conrad murray and the hands of the jurors. what legal experts think this jury will decide?
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>>stanley: coming up with the 1% is not responsible for the vandalism. coming up. and people be having badly ♪
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>>catherine: the corporate bail out has not brought down the unemployment rate. the new jobless rate only dropped by 0.1%. >> the feeling of powerlessness could approach to the demonstrators out. the reality of joblessness gives them a time to stay. >> it is so hard to find a job. >> it is clearly impossible. >>catherine: the unemployment rate is 9%, that is down one- tenth of 1%. however, it is a long way from the 4.8% before the wall street collapse. the net gain of jobs last month won not put a dent on the huge army of 14 million people unemployed. the jobs outlook is just one of the danger signs for the road to
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recovery. another is the congressional panel on deficit- reduction is. if the so-called " super committee ". they have less than three weeks to come up with a plan after that, a drastic budget cuts, automatically. congress has also not decided weather to extend payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits after january 1st. a 2012. >> 70% is the common number for most of the year that is the highest--17% seems to be the unemployed number for ages 16- 24. >>catherine: on violators of the city curfew is the third night in a row were there were these type of arrrests. protesters have not been able to get permits. they have been trying to get a curfew waiver and that has also been denied. >>catherine: and occupied
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dallas is experiencing therapy being taken away from truck protective services. this case it dates back to september and this visit was prompted by a call from inside the encampment. parents insist they have not done anything wrong. >> this point is about a child in the encampment screaming and screaming and crying all night. >> my wife and baby get closed and fed every day. >> we're not breaking any laws. >> my deepest-dress clothing every day-- >>catherine: they're hoping that the local movement will be not involved with homeless people. >> the claims of cancer sources could to be these impacts of body scanners. if the pre-board
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procedure is claiming that the agency has not conducted research on these scanners that could possibly cause cancer. ♪ janu: we are expecting a dry start to the work week. the frosted vice rico's into effect 1:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. for the areas and paint. the satellite and radar choice this system bringing what weather. frost advisory--indicated by t one ptomorrow, 8:00 p.m. will see widespread/moderate
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downpour. the pink earlier was indicating that frost advisory overnight. tomorrow, we could still see wet weather in the south bay but parts of a drying out into the north bay tapering off overnight. tomorrow, temperatures are going to be cool. only 59 degrees in santa rosa. low 60s along the peninsula with 58 degrees expected in fremont. a look at your 7 day around the bay the wet weather in store for tomorrow. we have a dry start to the work week and another chance for rainfall by mid-week. temperatures will be staying inland 60s. low 60s will be for the coast. >> i am kimberly sakamoto of this week's edition of take a look at this. great video. a fight broke out of the pennsylvania mcdonald's all caught on video. this scuffle started in a drive through that one driver was complaining that the other driver was taking too
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long. this a beer garden girl costume was charged with assault. she triggered a seizure from a woman after striking her with a high-heeled boot. alcohol was involved. more charges expected to follow. >> this is surveillance capturing a day care center intruder. officials arrested this 43 year-old registered sex offender with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest. he changed into a pink bikini at a child to take care. >> this black bear just moseying through this driveway. it was just in time. it made it to the parking lot of an elementary school. that black bear is going to be fine he fell asleep after getting tranquilized. take a
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look at this! this 23 year-old with cars jumping a 20-30 m.p.h. with the fastest jumping over a three-moving vehicles. he says that he was inspired as a kid by watching bruce lee. >>catherine: new details about a condominium fire with a body recovered. this was on knowlwood drive. the coroner is working on a body identification. they are right 11:30 wednesday night. nine hours later, that to they are ripe, they found that woman. another woman and-a-day i arrived on 1130 at wednesday night. banff after receiving one half of dollars in federal backing the have turned over
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85,000 pages of documents. republicans have been impactin- showing this as a failure of the obama administration during his reelection campaign. taking a look of the 101. the james lick not to bad. traffic going south slowing but mostly moving decent. the lower deck of the bay bridge is also as always at this point, slow. stay with us. more news, after the break.
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>>catherine: a fire captain has pleaded " not guilty " from stealing from the firefighters association. this man, wyckoff bechtoldi, embezzled $63,000 by forging checks. he spent money on a trip to disneyland, the san
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limbus >>catherine: coming up in 5:30 winter weather in the sierras. also, the fate of dr. conrad murray in the hands of the jury. a look back at expert legal analysis. >> an international crew is back after a simulated trip to the planet of ours that is next.
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planted of mars
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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news at 5:30 >>catherine: rainfall and snowfall in the mountains at 5: 30 just a quick look with roads looking decent. not a lot of traffic. we will talk about the forecast first, kron 4 is getting a quick look. >> gas attendance were heavy at work shoveling away snowfall. also people that were engaging in a snowball fight it looks like the winter season has started early in the sierras. this should give you an idea. this is the interstate overpass. check it out! this is brand new, fresh and it is only early november. the road way has been cleared but there is snowfall, everywhere. that is great news
5:31 pm
for people that want this for the resorts. fresh man-made snow was helped by the fresh powder. many people excited. the resort was packed with skiers and snow boarders on the resort slopes. >> it is great. a lot of fun. >> awesome! >> early!! >> some much fun it is like a powder day at so much fun-- powder in november! it never happens. >> everybody is happy about that. >>reporter: in sierras, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>catherine: amazing. janu? >> we have another system pushing our way. we are respecting more rain, tomorrow. the satellite and radar showing
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that system pushing up the coastline. that will bring a cooler system that is headed our way. let us take a look at futurecast. by 2:00 p.m., we are going to see light showers and to the north bay. by 5:00 p.m., we could see more precipitation. by 8:00 p.m., widespread. heavy downpours indicated by the orange. by 9:00 p.m., also have the inland. moderate with more in the valley. still however, dealing with heavy shower activity in the south bay. you should taper off, overnight tomorrow. with 50s expected in santa rosa. also 50s expected in the santa rosa. 61 degrees expected in san jose. a look at your 7 day around the bay we are
5:33 pm
going to be dry start to your work week. >>catherine: new details on the conrad murray trial. the jury is deciding weather dr. conrad murray is criminally responsible. sandra and g -- >> greedy and reckless bets but they want the jury to see when they look at dr. conrad murray. he is-he is being held of administering propofol, this was paia disturb-reporting-of a slud voice melof michael jackson
5:34 pm
>> they realize that dr. conrad murray realized that he was in trouble. >> did he ever p mention the ever propofol? camino. >> the defense is trying >> no. >> the theory is being argued that michael jackson and minister does himself. >> in my opinion? yes. >> the final words were left with this. >> dr. conrad murray left pillows, blankets, without a thought. they want you to convict dr. conrad murray to the actions of michael jackson. pages to not want to tell you that. >>reporter: if convicted he
5:35 pm
could get four years. in los angeles, sandra ofendo.... >>catherine: michael cardozo it joins us. >> i thought they did a wonderful job. at the d eight spent perhaps too much time in argument. it perhaps distraught some of the jurors. the d.a., the defense, and now the prosecution has to go again. the defense was not as long in their closing arguments. some people that is good for the jury. some people that is good for the defense. >>catherine: the jurors are not coming back until monday. does that mean anything? there were not in a rush? >> absolutely! it means a lot to the attorneys because of the verdict comes back to quickly? then they think that they did
5:36 pm
not listen to anything if you are on a losing side. some people say that it is a moral victory you kept them out for one day. is really not indicative of what the jury will feel. however, it also shows that they presented evidence properly. their record to go through the evidence before they reach a verdict. they are going to go to evidence before they reach a verdict. >>catherine: your going to be surprised? >> yes i'm going to be surprised. i do know that dr. conrad murray said that i am not going to testify and you cannot make me testify. you are not putting me up there. when you hear is it like that, i think they made a mistake by not putting him on at the stand. even though it was .. perhaps d. conrad murray could have scored points with the jury. saying "
5:37 pm
i love my jamichael jackson. and the make mistakes? yes. but i am not guilty of manslaughter. and right to not think that it would have hurt if he would have gotten up there. >>catherine: what do think is going to happen? with the family? >> i think that they are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. the tenure of the conversation is that they're looking at the conviction right in the face. they're certainly not hoping for that but there also realists. >>catherine: you say that one the prosecution fleshed photographs of the children did that bother you? because they've slashed photographs of the children? >> dr. conrad murray flashing photographs of the children of the wor. >> we just seem to be playing
5:38 pm
into the emotions. it is pandering into the emotions of the jurors. that should not happen. >>catherine: i still lead to asked who knows " to you think that it could come on monday ". >> it could be monday, but not that on it. if it does not come in on monday, they're really going to realizing that they're going over this carefully or there is a problem with at least one of the jurors. >>catherine: thank you, micheal. >>catherine: spresident obama is making its clear that the european leaders need to clean up their own mess. also in addition to the domestic problems, >> make no mistake there is more difficult choices ahead of our european partners have a flood of the foundation on which to
5:39 pm
build. it has all the elements needed for are--european partners have created a foundation. strengthening european banks, and charting a sustainable path for greece and addressing the issue. >>catherine: the greek prime minister was forced to not hold a popular vote. that is dominated talks. later that day president obama and president of france sarkozi, strengthening their alliance. between france and the united states. >>catherine: parliament has been talking about this with tension with the greek by i... no
5:40 pm
confidence vote. is ending its political and economic crisis. they are refusing the bailout from the european union. this was >> >>catherine: to a story of stamina. >> 6 people after five to zero days. >> the international correctly and never left-520 days. it was sponsored by european space station testing the psychological impact of long- term space travel. >> a very beautiful experience come to and--to an end vatican used on space flights and on the
5:41 pm
earth. this space information can be used on space flights and on the earth, as well. through results will be applicable on a wide range of everyday situations. >> this was the site. china, russia, europe, had limited communication only e-mail, texting. this simulated trip replicated many trips of a real trip to march with orbiting, landing and even visiting the surface. stress and hormone levels were monitored. sleeping patterns and their mood. there was a lot of down time. some of it was spent by watching a movie. 2001, a space odyssey. >> the bay bridge toll plaza on
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now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: 99 per seat lef% of e people did not set fire to dumpsters, spray graffiti. the 99% did not have anything to do with breaking windows or destroying the inside of this building. however, because of the actions of the 1% of voice of the 99% have been drowned out. with that being said? >> oakland already has a bad
5:46 pm
situation with reputation. >>stanley: just wait! >> people were warned not to open on november 2nd. with several shops, like this one closed. does this really have an impact? >> when they see that this is hurting people financially? >>stanley: is this making a difference? >> yes. even though the people were taken surprise by surprise. >> this splinter group " blog blog " is not even from oakland. most are not even from california. that is the 1% that is part of the 99% that left with all of this violence. >> of repeating the violence is not release supporting the
5:47 pm
movement. >>stanley: from occupied petaluma the office in oakland is waiting to see what happens the truth is that i stayed away from the entire occupy movement because i think everybody has a right to protest. however, no one, and i mean no one has the right to tear up your community or drougdrown out your voice. in oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>host: some residents are thing that he should run for mayor if you remember? a building that he helped build near frank ogawa plaza. wahl fearing for the people he grabbed grabbed a loaded shotgun. took matters into its own hand wall fearing for the people. >> some people were trying to make on to their way to the 16th street entrance. i'm not then in
5:48 pm
the hallway and i asked them--i met them in the hallway and i asked them to leave. >> they left. i asked them and they left. >> the 11 million maze to study as a the courage to stand up to these vandals >> people have been really amazed that he has had the courage to stand up to be settl >> this is prompting and these comments. read the following. >> we do not have any work on whether or not he is going to run for mayor. >> temperatures are going to
5:49 pm
cool off come overnight there will be a frost advisory .. however, a dry start to the work week. we will start off by seen where that frost advisory will begin. it is indicated by the pink. it will be in the timeframe of 1:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. we will see that wet weather that has been moving down to seven california with another system bringing rainfall. it is much stronger. the futurecast sheset at 2:00 p.m. will show that the system is heavier with precipitation. we will see the increase in intensity indicated by the yellow. widespread heavy downpour indicated by the orange on the map. clearly, you are going to need your umbrella. by
5:50 pm
9:00 p.m., a bit of a dry out but still, wet weather in the south bay and even inland. it will be through out overnight that it will taper off. tomorrow, cool. 60 degrees in napa. 59 degrees in santa rosa. 58 degrees in half moon bay. your seventh date from the day showing that we do have your a look at your 7 day around the bay is showing a mild start to next week. we will be back, after this.
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gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: guy fox, day is tomorrow, he was a real person. he tried to blow up english
5:54 pm
parliament. we have seen many people including the occupy movement wearing this mask. this masked is representative of guy fox. tomorrow is a big day for them. we will have more details on the set 8:00 p.m. and this is prompting the bank movement. >> and other news, a free l fast this is great for tablets. enter,
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>> we will not forget what you did. >> occupy oakland. kron 4
5:58 pm
uncovering that this could happen, again. >>catherine: they are calling on you to put your money where the movement is. also, what you are looking for on google with facebook comments posted on google. n and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. [ male announcer ] credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity,
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use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. details about occupy protesters being forced from their camp again. we show you who was arrested and how occupy oakland is affecting small business. there's also a call to have you remove all of your money for the nation's biggest banks. if
6:01 pm
for occupy oakland? protesters are settling in again but the city is raising the possibility of moving the camped. dan kerman is live at frank ogawa plaza. what is happening? >>dan: sings are calm and peaceful. there are plenty of people and tents. people look like they are settling in for the night. what makes everything strange, people have been sending to gain their release will normally do. some local are allowed and listening to music. what is strange is that the mayor told a local radio station earlier today, she was commenting on the protesters and said, if they cannot abide by not camping at night and cannot control the violence, they need to work to move the camped will place that is less disruptive. that is the first they have talked about moving this camp. we spoke
6:02 pm
with occupy protesters about that notion and they are not buying into it at all. >> i am not going to relocate. >> we are keeping the peace, that is how we feel. >> the mayor is getting confusing and contradictory statements. >> some >> the mayor did not make herself available on the television cameras, but people within the camps have to become less disruptive. what is that there are extra costs to clean of vandalism myriad more on that coming
6:03 pm
up tonight at kron4 is adding p.m.. reporting live in oakland, dan kerman, kron4 news. >>catherine: and iraq war veteran has a in in the protests. j.r stone is following this story. he has more from highland general hospital. >>craig: protesters say that this man is in stable condition, the iraqi war veteran and afghanistan war veterans. he is staying here at highland general. according to friends he was beaten by an officer in downtown oakland. he is suffering from a lacerated spleen. i am working to get new information in this case. the
6:04 pm
>> black block is an action some individuals dressed in all black and moves through individual crowds. fizzes anarchists activity. they gather and commit activities such as of vandalism, will we saw this last week. we are learning that many of these individuals are not from the city of oakland. 68 percent are from outside the city. these are individuals that are coming into the community in creating tax of a violent behavior. vandalism, breaking windows, spray painting and defacing the city and community. it is important for everyone to be aware that individuals like this often conceal themselves within the
6:05 pm
crowds and then present themselves in a fashion that you see, dressed in black with masks and carrying anything from wooden sticks to metal pipes. fran >>catherine: of police are lookout for anyone associated with the black block for testers. there are of course looking for leads and tracking them down. >>catherine: there are several businesses that rely on people coming to the area near a terisa estacio record to 1 business has had a particularly rough rig the.
6:06 pm
>> all of these empty tables, occupy oakland has also heard regular business. >>catherine: this is near the plaza at city hall. all of the windows, at least many of them were bashed in. one worker says each plate of glass costs about
6:07 pm
$1,600. that does not include the cost of labor. >>grant: banks are losing large amounts of money. >>grant: than 99 percent are speaking but are big banks listening? yes immerse frustrated with banking fees and banking profit margins are being held told to close their accounts and move to credit unions or community banks. the credit union national association says so far more than 650,000 people have opened accounts with them and deposited $4.5 billion.
6:08 pm
it's >>catherine: >>jaqueline: mostly dry conditions today. it does not look like it will stay that way too long. satellite and radar is shown as another system coming from the pacific northwest coast line. that will bring heavier rain than what we saw yesterday. let's take a look at future cast 4. it
6:09 pm
showers will be moving into the north bay. by 5:00 p.m., a host of wales liz tells us and increase in intensity. there, you can see the yellow indicating moderate downpours increasing in intensity by 8:00 p.m.. widespread rain and drought the bay area. the in krahn have had who kohen cat ahead exhale half
6:10 pm
back how hollywood's now
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6:12 pm
6:13 pm
learn moral or bailout had not brought down the gutters and to limit rates. a new work force as the jobless rate dropped last month, but not by much. >>catherine: a feeling of powerlessness may have broad demonstrators out. the reality of joblessness. >> it is hard to find a job. cox cut
6:14 pm
>>catherine: for young people the unemployment rate has been around 17 percent for most of the year. that is the highest number since the government began collecting the information more than 50 years ago. fan >>catherine: a fire capt in sonoma county has pled not guilty to stealing from the firefighters' association. investigators say that michael beck told the fire marshal forged checks for nearly five years, embezzling $63,000. he is accused of spending the money on trips to disneyland, to see the san jose sharks, if he is convicted he can face up to four years in prison. >>catherine: mom prosecutors say former payroll manager for the doctors told more than $2 million.--former
6:15 pm
payroll manager for loss angeles dodgers still more than $2 million by diverting money into her big account. >>catherine: northbound lanes between lake street and highway 101 will be closed from 9:03 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. saturday morning. drivers will be detoured to the lombard street. >>catherine: google is making some changes. >> a global search has become a verb. google now offer users more recent and relevant results including with you might impose on facebook and twitter. other
6:16 pm
changes he might notice, gould says it is posting better results for trending topics. this is where facebook is it twitter command.--come in. also, the events that happen on a regular basis will come closer to the top. google says that it will frugally of the search results.
6:17 pm
>>catherine: there is a new study in legalizing medical marijuana.
6:18 pm
>>jaqueline: we will have a dry start to the work week. let's take a look at where the frost advisory will be issued. temperatures are dropping the low thirties tonight. the frosted buys it will be in effect from 1:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.. freezing temperatures are expected. there is another system
6:19 pm
headed our way. it is going to drop down to the bay area tomorrow bring in as heavy rain. take a look at this theory by 7:00 p.m. it will increase in intensity. the orange indicates heavy downpours. temperatures will
6:20 pm
stay cool throughout the week.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>>kimberlee: check this out. the boy scouts of america have a new advertisement featuring two young boys grinning behind facial hair promoting their new campaign slogan be one of with the wild. it falls in sync with the web sites to pitch for members diving into the rugged world of adventure.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>>catherine: and this man is held in one of kron4 is a very own. >>catherine: we will show you what is big at the box office. carnahan air hugh
6:28 pm
f. hall now holding had huss debt visit behind air
6:29 pm
and data
6:30 pm
>>caller: protesters are saying that they like it here in front of city hall and have no intention of moving. >>reporter: an iraqi war veteran has been injured in a melee with police. this young man injured his spleen. according to friends, they say he is still in the intensive care unit. >> black glop is an action pleased individual stress and all black and move through large crowds. they will gather in certain areas and create vandalism.
6:31 pm
>>maureen: businesses are saying that business is down because of the encampment. on wednesday, because of the general strike, one man said he had to shut down because it was too dangerous to stay operating making it a very tough week financially. terisa estacio, kron4 news. >> a pot of humpback whales have been feeding off shore all this week. one local man who has lived here his entire life told me today that he can only remember a handful of times where whales have come close to the shoreline.
6:32 pm
>>gabe: is there something planned for facebook? tomorrow is a big day for anonymous. you can expect that they will do something big. i am doing a giveaway. it features an adjustable tilted top for maximum new- line comfort. great for tablets, you readers or other devices. to win, log onto and look for might check page. >>reporter: it looks like
6:33 pm
winter has come early. the trees are covered and to the branches are sagging under the weight of the snow. some ski resort is open and packed with skiers and so forth. floyd hough craft
6:34 pm
for jutland >> taking a look at temperatures expected for tomorrow, it will be a pretty cool date. your 7 day around the bay is showing us that we are going to have a dry start to the work week. conditions may not last long. we have another chance of showers mid-week. aha
6:35 pm
>>stanley: it has been one week since i introduce you to decide how. she off just in case you have not been on one or watching television, let me give you an update. >> there is a reporter that does a segment of people behaving badly. he went on a ride along with california highway patrol. >>stanley: that was jimmy campbell. tonight i will show you previously on the air to video. i will study how the interaction became an internet sensation literally overnight. cut- air
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
of all zoom with all qr will rule
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>>kimberlee: here is what is coming to theaters. in a suspense thriller, channing tatum plays a hard-working cop in the movie the son of no one. the son of no one is rated r. the comedy tower highest, employees of an upscale new york highrise take matters into their own hands.
6:40 pm
>> the newly crowned and duchess of cambridge is sparking rumors that she may be pregnant. she was politely declining to sample can apace during a visit in copenhagen. experts have large lead warn pregnant women to stay with from the nets. she also gave her husband a look as he examined the pastes
6:41 pm
packaging and label. tsk
6:42 pm
>>kimberlee: justin p. burke has been sued in a paternity test. sullivan is asking for trout support. >>catherine: in math mistake is stealing thunder from the champion of the surfing competition in san francisco. gary is up next with kelly slater. hot hot pennant
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: and good evening. we have a premature serving celebration. just two days after being crowned world champions for the 11 times, kelly slater was the victim of a mathematical error. the surfing governing body said this happened during the third round at san francisco's ocean beach on wednesday. they said that they double checked, he still has a chance to win is in kron4, the red crow competition. they said with a total of the numbers, there was a problem and
6:46 pm
right now he is now world champion. >>gary: dear mcfadden from the raiders will not play against denver. meanwhile, the raiders are hosting tim tebow. there has been a backlash in his performance. here is feedback from the raiders camp. >> he is a heisman trophy winner. he is 1-1 in his start. he is coming in and i hope they continue to do whatever he has been doing it and keep it that way. >> nothing that is said in the media will affect how is it for him or prepare for him. none of that will help us win. >> they make a out whatever they want to make up. we just play football. you do not win two national titles and a heisman for nothing. >>gary: the game will be televised locally. the 49ers left for washington d.c.
6:47 pm
with one player last. defensive end at justin smith was fined by the league for this fourth quarter hit on the browns' quarterback furious he was hit in the head and neck area. that is a no-no. kos >>gary: anything near the head area, they will get a find. >>gary: costs the architect of 600 plus home runs will play with the philadelphia phillies. >>gary: seniors golf around to. this guy used to be
6:48 pm
tight friends with tiger woods. he was engaged to diane carol. in that is a little sideline to the senior golfers. but seniors event at san francisco harding park. room
6:49 pm
>>gary: a special a band set for sunday. some 300 kids have benefited from the bay area first base foundation, they provide guidance, mentoring and athletics for local use. they raise funds for college scholarships fifths dusty baker has been behind this since the start in 2003. cuban but he how
6:50 pm
>>gary: when we return, it is time females. talking about the 49ers and the usual amount of what the hell are you doing. alicea, are you ready to go? >> i am ready. >>terisa: we are back in a moment.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>>gary: it is time to have a little bit of a client. >> one person says, i cannot believe you do not think the 49ers are exciting. >>gary: my line is, when joe montana was throwing to jerry rice and there was roger craig and bill walsh,
6:54 pm
these were the biggest names in the sport. jim harbaugh has been a fantastic, but if you can tell me was more fun to watch the team now than it was having joe montana threw to jerry rice, i will admit i am strong. these guys are only seven games in. there are surprising everyone, but i am saying, when you sit on your couch, you say, i have seen the greatest quarterback, thought the greatest player, these guys are tremendous, but i do not think the level of fun is where it used to be. >> part of what makes it fun is in knowing all the guys on the team. you do not know all the guys on the team. >> why did you in vibrated crawford on your radio show if he thought it was a lousy guess? >>gary: we had this young man on, he is 24 and playing winter baseball in arizona. i think he just woke up. if
6:55 pm
you can call it insecurity on my part, but if i have guessed that does not say much, i have been doing this for years, i will say, that did not work out too well. fee if i am a guess, maybe i do not want to hear that, no one ripped anyone and if i've bomb on someone and say, i did not do a very good job with them. >> keith says, would you suggest doing of my television viewing time with no nba? phil >>gary: talk to your wife or read a book. to me, the other night, there was no nba. last night, just have some athletic noise, i watched the sharks. maybe
6:56 pm
you are not an ice hockey fans to try it. he will see some great athletes. or, you can talk your wife. >> who was better as a stanford quarterback when markets >>gary: john elway. >> i love him when he was on the broncos. >>gary: he lost to california 5-6 his final season. i think right now, it is hard to choose, certainly elway had what he did in the pros. it remains to be seen who is better.
6:57 pm
>> one person writes, how long have you been this way customer what does he mean? >>gary: my wife likes it. >> it works for me. that is all and safe.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
justin bieber's first interview since allegations that he has a love child surfaced. >> now, the mom's attorney claims they have more proof that the teen superstar is the baby's daddy. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. do you know this woman? her name is mariah yeater. >> never net woman. >> justin firing back today as girlfriend selena flees the country under siege. evidence the accuser's lawyers say that they say proves he's the baby daddy. why kim kardashian just rushed back to the u.s. her ex today out without his ring. >> could he have been silenced by kim's prenup? >> the confidentiality clause in their prenup. breaking news on denise


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