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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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> >> stoit recalling -- stoit recalling four -- toyota is recalling 420 vehicles in the united states because of a problem with the power steering. the cars were involved, made mostly between 2004 and 2005, although there are some lexus
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models involved from 2006. no accidents or injuries have been reported. owners will be contacted by toyota if their vehicle needs a free repair. the contents of michael jackson's final home are up for sale. all of the items inside will be auctioned off next week, including this bed where the king of pop died. the mansion that jackson rented and lived in with his three children from december of 2008 until his death in june of 2009 is also up for sale. that's separate, though. it's currently listed as $23.5 million. >> big change s coming to the forecast. the storm is brewing off shore. i'll tell you when it's going to bring rain. and coming up after the forecast, forget flying first class. we'll show you how you can cash in on your own private jet. big! big. big, big. big big big big?
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new tonight at 11:00. everybody knows that coupons can save you money at the store. but some people are taking it to the extreme, and buying humans of dollars -- hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. >> there's a little strategy to it. you have to be smart, dedicated >> reporter: when tiffany goes grocery shopping, there's all a clean-up on aisle three, and all of them. she cleans up using coupons >> i'm going to get really almost anything here free or nearly free. this pays me about 75 to $100 an hour to coupon because i save that much money for my family. >> reporter: she even teaches classes on extreme coupon. she buys a razor which costs $6.95. she pays only a dollar 97. she
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buys two cans of coup, they're on -- soup, they're on sale for 84 centeds, knocking the doetle -- cents, knocking the total down to 1.68. a trickier lesson, something called overages. buy something that costs $3, but your coupon is worth $5, some stores will give you a $2 credit, an overage that will help pay for things that rarely have coupons like meat and produce >> at walmart, they have a great overage policy. if i only spent $two and my coupon was eight, they would give me $6 cash back. >> reporter: stores are glad extreme couponers are in the minority. >> retailer margins are not that big to begin with. if every single one of their customers was an extreme couponer, they would make no money >> reporter: even if you don't have the savvy to end up witha i
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cart full of greeshrys -- groceries for practically nothing, there are simple things you can do to lower your bill. at checkout, ivanovenski's total, when all is scanned and done -- >> 27 dollars$27.72 is your total. >> reporter: at home, she turned her dining room into a pantry. she says her family will eat most of this in just three months. she and her husband have seven children. arth great day for -- another great day for tomorrow on the chillier side. these temperatures in the 40s. but in the forth day, it'll be -- in the north bay, it'll be in the 30s. afternoon, upper 60s and low 70s. low 70s in the southbay also for the bay shore
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and the inland valleys. 72 in mountain view, 71 in fremont. 70 in livermore. we will be in the upper 60s in the the north bay. 56 in san francisco. 69 in concord . >> a system spinning off shore is almost stationary. you can see it here in the tail end of the system. computer models have pushed off of moving this in on thursday night. you'll see at 3:00 in the morning on friday, it's well off-shore. and notice how it's diving down to the southwest. it's not going to affect the north bay too much. our inland valleys could stay dry through most of this. the 10:00-hour, you see moderate rainfall along the coastline, then a pocket of heavy rain over the peninsula at noon. and a bit of a break before we get some wrap-around showers as the system dies. further southwest toward the central valley. this is the 3:00-hour, the 5:00-hour.
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lingering rain in the north bay, then in the evening, things are going to dry out. tomorrow a very nice day. friday, much cooler . and rain early in the morning. it looks like it's gonna largely miss the north bay and the inland valleys. lippingering -- lippingers showers -- lingering showers in saturday. think private planes are only for the rich? think again. some firms are lowering their prices to lure in new business through flight sharing deals and social networking campaigns on facebook which offer last-minute deals. it all stems from the commercial air lines hiking their fees, cutting routes, and the long security lines and lengthy delays which frustrate fliers coming up, gary has more on the firing of joe paterno. hear what he had to say tonight after being forced out after 46 years at the helm. ♪
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good evening, everybody. the winningest college football coach of all time fired tonight over the telephone. >> they called -- to put me out of it. [ crowd noise ] >> we love you, joe! thank you for everything! [ crowd noise ] >> thanks, and pray for those victims. [ crowd noise ] >> we love you, joe! >> the 84-year-old paterno and his wife came out will to greet some of the students. paterno had hoped to coach the team's
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final three games and then retire. but there was too much surrounding the story, again, for those of you who may be catching onto this late, jerry sandusky, a long time paterno assistant is accused of abusing -- now the number has reached 20 young men. all this came during joe paterno watch at penn state. and the board of trustees felt he had to go. >> we thought that because of the difficulties that have engulfed our university, and they are grave as you all have documented, that it wases in for us to -- it was necessary for us to make a change in the leadership and set a course for a new direction. and i'm not about to try to attach that to specific reasons, issues. that's the board's collective judgment, and that's what we did. and there's nothing more i can tell you. >> we
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want joe! we want joe! >> we hov joe pa -- love joe pa. thousands of penn state students gathered on campus tonight. things turned ugly. a local news van flipped over. about 1 hundred 00 police in riot gear had to resort to teargas to disperse the crowd. no word on how many arrests as the rally continues around 2:30 am. the great executer rudy galindo, art lambert, pan postorini. and christi yamaguchi, we spoke with christi earlier tonight about this
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honor. >> it's pretty special tonight, being it's right in the backyard of my home town. for it to come full circle, and some amazing -- going in tonight as well. >> who got you started? who put you on skates for the first time? >> you know, i begged my parents to take me to the rifrpg. i think -- rink. i think i was about 5, 6 years old, i saw a local ice show and that inspired me. and after the first time, it was love at first skate. ever since then, too bad for my parents, but i was hooked. >> congratulations, of course, to christie. we have a double eagle. australian open. adam scott, second shot, par five. oh, my gosh . and ending the day with a double eagle. by the way, woods shot at 68 today. playing in australia. he is trailing the leader by three
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strokes. that paterno stuff is so sad. almost drains you. we've been talking about it all day. >> it issed very sad. goodnight everybody. very sad. goodnight everybody.
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