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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>darya: our top story, occupy protesters on the uc- berkeley campus. police came to blows with protesters, they had to put on right here for a second time. administration told the occupy movement that they could not set up tents. they did say that they could protests for around the clock for a week if they did not set up tents. once the tents were up, police moved in. this is what happened. >>james: there is more video on the tube. you can see police in their right gear
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using their batons to jab at protesters. all of this taking place on the front steps of the it ministration building. this as the crowd was chanting we are divided 9%. the message was clear, you can protest and take it but you cannot detect. will tran and is live at the location where the video was shot. >>will: according to the uc- berkeley police department, what you are witnessing right now on live television is a crime taking place.
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altogether yesterday, once the sun came down, 37 arrests. here is one student reaction. >> this is a public university. we are paying a private school prices with fees and tuition. what is the incentive to come here? no one is listening. there is no transparency and how the budget is allocated and how the school system is being rammed. >>will: you can see police officers out there in their right here. so far it has been very peaceful. students are upset of course because and to which it continues to increase. they say they will
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be here ended a will continue to break the law. i had a chance to speak with the berkeley police department has said this is a crime. i asked them why they did not move in and break things up. they say that right now they're waiting on the command. eventually they probably will. this is a potentially explosive situation. once they make the call it should happen very fast. >>james: the university is trying to avoid what is happening right now with occupy oakland. >>darya: with occupy oakland, we saw a shouting match when city council members held a news conference. they were saying that the occupy protestors need to be evicted from the frank ogawa plaza. there is concern about sapping the city's resources and hurting
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business. protesters got up said it tried to shout them down. [shouting] >>darya: at last check there were four oakland city council members that were calling for the immediate eviction of occupy demonstrators. stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the occupy protests. if we are asking you to share your photographs, videos and your opinions with us on our facebook fan page it twitter. >>james: we do have a rain on the way although maybe not as much as we thought. >>erica: there are a lot of
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changes in the forecast. as we shift gears into tomorrow we have the potential for wet weather. as we focus on what is happening right now, we are dealing with a pretty cool temperatures. thirties in the north bay. in addition we have a dense fog building in the north bay and the east bay. as we head into the overnight hours, that is a win the changes start taking place and we introduced showers into the forecast. temperatures outside have been pretty slow. santa rosa is now at 34. 39 for those of you in fairfield. downtown san francisco is coming in at 50 degrees. as we see where temperatures go up the rest of the day,
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future cast 4 shows as we will hold on to some of the upper 30's through portions of the north bay. for the most part will warm into the '40's and 50's. clearing and
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sunshine as we headed to the beginning of next week. >>george: there are no
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delays in either direction of 101. some slowing on the east bay freeways. not so much for 680 to the san ramon valley or 480 leading for hercules to berkeley, but 580 westbound, heavy traffic through the also want, livermore into the dublin interchange. off south bay freeways are delayed free and problem free. 6:08 a.m., let's go to the kron4 news room with the latest on employment benefits. >>justine: applications fell to 390,000. the department says that the applications are at the lowest levels since mid april. applications still need to be consistently below three of its 75,000 to signal sustained job gains. they have not been at that level since february. we will have the latest out of penn state
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won the kron4 morning news comes back.
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>>james: a developing story this morning, this time the campus of penn state, students stormed the university overnight. this is video capturing the right and progress and the damage that was done. students and police clash after word that the president and head football coach joe paterno would be fired immediately. a news van had been a turnover by writing students.
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>>darya: gov. rick perry ran recall the third agency that he wanted to cut from his budget, let's listen. >> i will tell you, there are three agencies of government that are gone, commerce, education and and what is the third one?
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commerce, education entity epaand the... >> epa? >> the epa needs to be rebuilt. >> you cannot name the third one? >> education, commerce and i cannot name the third one, i am sorry. >>darya: that is why they make a sharp beak.-- sharpie. the department of energy was the third one. >>james: awkward! we will see if he recovers from that. >>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions on the bay bridge toll plaza.
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as we take a look at whether headlines, it is a cold start to the morning. some locations in the 30's. for the most part we will warm into the after did. temperatures outside the door are pretty slow to budge. it looks like santa rosa is at 34 but what degree cooler since our last report. san francisco and oakland are warmer locations, '50s there. take a look at los gatos. we will be pretty quick to shake off these cool temperatures and both closer to the afternoon highs. for the most part a lot of sixties around the
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debate. a tight range of temperatures. as we take things up into the north bay, 1-2 degrees warmer than yesterday. plenty of sunshine in places like santa rosa, nevada and 65 expected for downtown san francisco. we do have some wet weather to speak out. there is a system is getting counterclockwise. that will impact the bay area and a shift southward. still
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little bit of scattered showers here or there by saturday. what weather for friday and stretching into saturday and sunday. as he move closer to the beginning of the work week, partly cloudy yet sunny conditions with temperatures in the mid-60s. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots around the bay area. conditions are pretty good. on the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have not yet been ticked off. even the 880 ramp is starting to back up a bit westbound. the dumbarton
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bridge, a report of an eastbound incident. that is in the not the new direction and should not slow your ride. the golden gate bridge is still pretty light southbound. here's a look at east bay traffic. in the north bay, a little bit of heavy traffic coming down from the nevada out narrows. >>james: a quick update of the nba lockout. the deadline for a david stern has without a deal. owners
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and players will keep talking. the commissioner warned them that if the players did not agree to the league's latest proposal that a far worse one would be put on the table. instead he said the backup offer would only going to play if the current round of bargaining for example. >>james: a major league baseball player was kidnapped from his home in bed as well. will said ramos was taken away ended as you ft. he just finished his rookie season with the washington nationals. the induction is the first case involving a major league baseball player. venezuela is home to dozens of major league players, the families of wealthy athletes are periodically targeted by kidnappers in hopes of a hefty
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>>darya: the tsa is staying at airport screeners are vying the handguns in people's luggage every day.--are finding handguns in people's luggage every day. >> our officers continue to fight for-5 guns on average each day at approximately the 4050 airports. people have a carry-on bags and are trying to get on the airplane. in the last seven days we have prevented only 30 guns from being carried into the airplane including nine justice >>darya: there is a new program, airline passengers who volunteer information about themselves will be able to skip the intensive screening. the program will
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expand to las vegas in december and the loss angeles and minneapolis in 2012. >>james: more straight ahead. here is our roof camera looking back at san francisco. clear skies. it is cold. we have the threat of rain for tomorrow.
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>>james: a 67 year-old man who spent four decades of a run as a fugitive is planning to terms of it. he opened fire on to officer's back in 1968 and his attorney says he will plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon but is fighting separate charges in another shooting. >>darya: we will take you
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live to the floor once the opening bell happens on wall street.
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>>james: there is the ringing of the opening bell. dow futures have been positive. we have some indications from europe that they will do what they can in italy. futures are up positive by more than 100 points. >>darya: the big stories we are following, tension between police and protesters coming to clashes and the blows of the berkeley campus. administrators telling students that they could not pitch tents. this is what happened. police in riot gear moved did. occupy protesters in oakland had a shouting match with protesters. the penn state
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board of trustees are voting to fire legendary head football coach and president of the university. they are out. they will play the big game this weekend without a return of. students rallied on campus and it turned into a riot. >>james: we're watching weather. we have a rain on the way for this coming weekend. >>erica: we have actually cooled down quite a bit compared to our last report. the widespread rain
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and shows temperatures warming into the '60s. upper 60s around the bay area. i do want to show you the satellite and radar view. we have a wet weather to talk about as we head into the overnight hours. the storm system is moving in a counterclockwise motion. it will impact to the bay area and a shift southward. as we head into sunday, clear, mild conditions. partly cloudy as a step outside the door. >>george: the metering lights are active on the bay bridge. that is about the only change. we are not
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tracking any hot spots. the backup reaches to the end of the east parking lot. your ride on the san mateo bridge is a problem free and the way free of the approach and the drive across the stand. there is an incident reported eastbound on the dumbarton. the commute to the golden gate bridge looks good. there are no delays across the stand.--span. the south bay freeways are showing brain. some slowing already occurring for 85. typical delays through saratoga. in the north bay, no problems or delays for the southbound commute. >>darya: there is tension between police and protesters at cal berkeley.
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the it ministrations told students that they could protests as long as they did not pitch tents, but they did. >>will: the tents are still here and considered illegal. this is a far cry from what we saw maybe 10 hours ago. we had a chance
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to speak with students this morning including what this says administrators are not listening. softs and
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>>darya: the occupy oakland protests turned into a shouting match. jackie sissel is live in frank ogawa plaza. the protest seems to be growing into going nowhere. jackie? >>jackie: you talk about the clash that happened yesterday when a five city council members went in front of the public to say it is time for the in camera to go. protesters shouted
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them down. at this point, nothing has changed. the encampment is still up. there has been no resolution as of yet. many business owners, a growing number of city council members, they all want this thing resolved. they say it is hurting businesses and they need some sort of resolution. >>james: when we come back the latest from the penn state campus. riots last
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night as a result of the firing of joe paterno.
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sears is some
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>>justine: in a developing story, the ongoing issues at penn state. here is video of students in tipping over a new stand off after hearing that joe paterno house had been fired. for the windshields is smashed. the university board of trustees made the decision to fire return of late last night. this is coming after the former assistant coach jerry sandusky is accused of raping several young boys. here is what paterno had to say about barding he was let go. >> get a good night's sleep
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ended steady.--get a good night's sleep and study did not everybody.--goodnight everybody. >>justine: the board has also voted to force out the president for not doing more to stop these alleging charges of abuse. sphere
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>>james: another deadly earthquake strikes and turkey. a magnitude 5.7. here is video of rescuers pulling victims from the rubble.
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reports of 25 the building's crumbling to the ground. there were two reporters buried underneath the rubble but twitter messages indicate they are still alive and in th. >>james: per case force winds and snow fall in alaska. this is the strongest storm to hit the state in four decades. water levels are rising. flooding reported in low lying areas. areas of the western coast of alaska are vulnerable to surges of seawater. luckily there have been no reports of injuries and damage has been limited to blown out windows and a battered roofs. >>darya: a much different picture in the bay area.
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>>erica: we have game on tap as we head--we have rain on tap as we head into tomorrow. mostly sunny conditions. it is going to be the warmest day of the week, the nicest day of the week. as we head into the overnight hours, the showers are definitely move it closer to the coastline. he will probably wake up to wet weather. temperatures outside the door are at freezing in places like santa rosa, coming in at 32. we have dropped a couple of degrees of the good news is, in the next hour or so we will be building in a more positive direction. carli 50 degrees for downtown san francisco as well as oakland. by 2:00 p.m. we will be working with a tight range of numbers. pretty much everyone in the upper 60s. for the most part it looks like 69 is the common
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no. 3 los gatos, san jose and board and help. in the north bay we are contending with morning fog. as we move towards the after did, sunshine and temperatures in the mid-upper 60s. a degree cool toward the net in downtown san francisco. as we advance closer to 9:00 a.m., downtown san francisco december fell and san bruno are getting a healthy dose of what weather. we will continue to see scattered showers throughout the day. by lunch is pretty much isolated into the north bay. the wet weather will stick with us into the evening hours. hopefully we will see clear conditions as we headed to 9:00 p.m. on friday. your 7
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day around the forecast shows rain scheduled for friday but into saturday and sunday as well. we could potentially see scattered showers. as we head into the beginning of the next work week, partly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the '60s. the time right now is 6:49 a.m.. >>george: pretty good conditions. traffic is definitely getting heavier around to the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots or major delays. in the westbound direction on the bay bridge the drive time has gone up to about 22 minutes. even though traffic is building a bit, there are no major problems or delays. 24 to the caldecott tunnel looks good. the bay bridge westbound, you will see that the commute is still a pretty good one. if
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the the backup only reaches to the end of the east parking lot. looking at your ride on the san mateo bridge, traffic looks good with no delays westbound. a little heavy at the approach, eastbound traffic is pretty light. 101 southbound is still delay free. there are no problems across the stand or across the waldegrave. yellow is showing up on the roadway sensors indicated increase in volume. the right onto 80 is great heading out toward the west valley.
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>>darya: the sexual harassment claims against herman cain were not a welcome topic at the debate in michigan. the audience booed when herman cain was asked if the american people should be cautious about electing a president with alleged character issues. >> none of that activity came from herman cain. this country is looking for leadership. this is like many people, despite what has happened over the last nine days, are still very enthusiastic behind my candidacy. hardened >>darya: herman cain is apologizing for referring to the advocacy as princess nancy during the debate. >>james: this is a sketch of a man that attempted to rob
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a man who pulled over on the interstate. the victim was not injured but the least need your help in finding the suspect. >>darya: there are two teenagers behind bars in addition to three teenagers are already arrested. they are suspected in heists in multiple robberies. >>james: the contents for michael jackson's home are said to be auctioned off. the mansion that jackson grunted and lived in with his children is up for sale separately from all the items inside. currently listed at 23.5 million.
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>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside out walnut creek traffic. 680 is looking good.
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>>james: 10 years ago today, apple changed the music industry by introducing the ipod with the slogan, 8000 songs in your pocket. of course, you can hold many more with the latest generation. the first ipod cost nearly $400. over the past 10 years apple has sold more than 320 million ipod worldwide. >>darya: and eight week-old
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puppy stolen earlier this week has been returned and going home with a newly adopted family. there is james, a light brown kid bullsnakes taken from the facility on tuesday afternoon. the puppy was returned to the shelter by a woman who said she thought the dog for $200 outside of the safeway market in the mission district. the woman's mother saw a picture of him on the news and realized that the dog was stolen so they returned james to the shelter. the san francisco animal shelter has a video of james dean as white. there is a the latino couple, accompanied by a child. there were seen driving an older white sedan. for
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