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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 10, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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demonstration. announcer: this is the kron4 news at 5:00 p.m. with a developing story. >>pam: we're taking you now to this live picture in oakland. there are reports that shots were fired at the occupy oakland location. the details are still sketchy. our reporter on the scene is gathering information. this is a life picture. we will bring you additional information on the developments in oakland in just a moment. first, in berkeley, as this is a live picture on the campus of uc- berkeley. protesting students are still occupying the grounds of their feet after a night of clashes with police. this is video for what happened last night curious police in riot gear use their batons in the battle with demonstrators over the issue of tents on the campus. 39 people were arrested. charles clifford
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is live at the university right now with the latest. >>charles: we are live on the uc campus. as you can see, things are pretty calm at the moment. the protesters have been meeting in small groups. you'll notice that there are no tents set up right now. this morning, protesters did attempt to put up ne tent hulks.--did attempt to put up one tent. >>maureen: this demonstrator was the last holdout, trying to keep his grip of the tent which was 70's and left standing only as a symbol. here is what it looked like moments before police came in. at around 10:30 a.m.,
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campus police tolerated sayings no longer. it typically is less than one minute to subdue the protester. he was booked on one misdemeanor count of obstructing a peace officer, he was cited and released and ordered to stay off of campus for one week. others say that the officers' actions were uncalled for. >> it is ridiculous. no one was being violent. >>maureen: police say that they want students six times before they move did. >>reporter: essex pm, occupy cal is set to hold a meeting.-- >>charles: at 6:00 p.m. tonight, occupy cal is set to hold a meeting. right now, one of the main points
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of contest is whether or not camping will be held on grounds. university rules state that it is not permitted but occupy cal organizers said it camping is a form of free speech and he is confident the topic will come up tonight. >> i can only speak for myself, what i have heard, the mood and atmosphere around here is that we are here to preserve and protect. that means that we will continue to be out here with more tense. we will stay here all night, every night, until our demands are met. >>charles: that leads to the question, what does occupy cal what? >> our demands will be listed at the general assembly today, in a more concrete sense. >>charles: i want to show you one more thing, the occupy cal people have been putting up fliers this afternoon saying that they're going to hold a
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tuesday november 69.-- november 15th. >>pam: there were unconfirmed reports of gunshots at frank ogawa plaza in the occupy oakland to encampment. we do have a reporter in that area tried to gather additional information. we will bring you that information as soon as we get it. right now, let's check in with jacqueline. >>jaqueline: we have big weather changes in store. right now, we are in the clear, temperatures are pretty nice this afternoon. there is a band of clouds off shore. asked if his party stationery right now. we have scattered showers activity near the core of the storm. this will affect
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us tomorrow afternoon. i mentioned the temperatures, they're really nice out there today. take a look at current conditions. upper 60s in a number of places. 70's in a few spots like san jose. taking a look at whether headlines, increasing cloud cover over night. the rain will hit in the mid-late morning. it looks like the rain will start at about 10:00 a.m.. possible afternoon showers. this weekend, a mix of clouds. if let's take a look at our satellite rate are showing a wider view. the storm is stationary. it is just turning off shore. the main band will be approaching for the overnight hours. much of the rain looks like it will miss
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us. an increase in cloud cover beginning around 3:00 a.m. as. cox at 6:00 a.m., or esop starting along the coastline. more moderate rain off shore. care coursby 9 , light showers.
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conditions as we head into tomorrow. decrease in showers saturday afternoon and mild temperatures in the weekend. mild ended mostly sunny to next week. >>pam: as we mentioned, there are unconfirmed reports that shots were fired at struggle all plaza. of course that is the location of the occupy oakland encampment. on the phone with us is an j.r stone who is in the area trying to bring us up-to- date on what is going on. >>j.r.: just before 5:00 p.m., as i am talking, i
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just want to say i saw a structure go by, there is someone lane on the ground. we heard a half-dozen gunshots aloft. we were on 14th street near city hall. those shots came on the other side of the frank ogawa plaza. for 10 minutes, he did not know what was going on. police did not arrive for six-seven minutes. we are finally seeing an ambulance. sphere
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a cameraman was attacked by an angry mob. for a long time, no one could get any pictures. it's sphere people have told me there were a few scuffles this afternoon. there were no cops nearby. it is not common to see police around here because of what has happened in the past few >>pam: and j. r., are you now seeing an influx of police coming into the area? >>j.r.: yes. i am looking at five police cars in front of me. i'm also looking at an ambulance. there are 7-8 police trying to rope off the area into trying to get
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the occupy people back. oxfam they are having problems trying to rope off the i am looking at a person on the ground now, people are performing cpr on a person as we speak. i do not know if or where he was shot or who the person is. >>pam: how large is the crowd of protesters at this point? j.r.? thank thij.r stones reporting live on 14 near city hall. gunshots were
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fired. if someone is being treated by emergency officials right now off. someone is being given cpr. saw someone is on the ground getting emergency care. we do not know who fired the shots for wide. apparently, the house decides protesters are still in the area causing problems as police tried to get order and find out why shots were fired. the photographer was attacked in the area. police are beginning to converge on the area of frank ogawa plaza. of course, this has been a concern expressed by business leaders and city council members who wanted to the encampment shut down immediately. they're always concerned about sanitation and safety issues. now, more than 150 tents have been set up. we are hearing reports of gunfire in the area of frank ogawa plaza of e.f. our reporter on the scene is
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now gathering additional information. we will take a quick break in to bring you more news right after this
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>>pam: breaking news in oakland apple golf laws of. thrifts shots were earth and all--third >>pam: breaking news in oakland at frank ogawa plaza. shots were heard of. one person is under emergency care. our reporters are on the scene. kahan >>craig: we are getting ready to do a live broadcast in we heard six shots in rapid succession. there were
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not firecrackers. there were definitely gunshots. when we came around the corner, there was a man lying on the ground. there were angry people who saw the media showing up and one of the cameraman was beaten up when he showed up to videotape the scene. right now, there are helicopters overhead and police are scrambling around 14th street. 14 is closed off from broadway to the street on the other side. right now, it is a chaotic scene. >>pam: jeff, are you able to move the camera to give us a better view of exactly what is going on in the area? we can see the fire truck into the emergency van, jeff >> this is what it looks like from a wide shot. here
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is the encampment. the emergency vehicles are right there at broadway. cortines is closed. police officers are telling people that they cannot come down here right now. right now, they're trying to figure out what is going on. right now, the police are investigating the scene. >>pam: are you in a position where you feel safe? jeff >> yes. right now this is a fairly safe location. whenever you hear gunshots it is always on nerving. but it is safe over here where we are.
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>>pam: it seems a relatively calm in the area where you are. barkley's beginning to mobilize? jeff >> there are no new officers coming in right now. we have some video that we're going to get sent back to the television station. >>pam: one person has been shot in frank ogawa plaza. that is the location of the occupy encampment. if it has been there for about a month. a lot of contentiousness surrounding that in camden between business leaders and city officials as well as protesters themselves, many whom are not from the city of oakland.
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>>pam: we are trying to locate some city officials and get them on the line to give us some further explanation. as we do that, we will bring it to you immediately. >>jaqueline: our big story of the night is the weather. right now, conditions are in the upper 60s in the lower 60s depending on where you are. it is still 70 degrees down in san jose. temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday. by 7:00 a.m.,
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coastal rain. the 9:00 a.m. hour will give you a little bit of a break.
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>>pam: on the phone with us now is council president, a city council president larry reed. thank you for joining us. we understand there are some developing situations. we would like to know where you can tell us in terms of someone being shot. defense >> a person has been shot. it they are performing cpr on the person. i am on my way downtown as we speak. >>pam: this has been one of the concerns the you have expressed as well as the people who were with you yesterday. talk about your concerns now that something like this has happened. >> we had a good citizen
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call us to tell us that there were guns being passed through the encampment. we were able to arrest someone and take a gun all of their position. now, you have someone being shot today it really is becoming not only a public health issue, but a public safety issue. >>pam: yesterday, you ended number of city council members expressed frustration, who makes the call on whether or not the encampment stays or goes? >> the way our system is set up, it is administrative decision. closing the
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encampment will not be a peaceful resolution. >>pam: was there a no- confidence vote? >> there was not. >> there is a process to get that on the agenda for the council's consideration.
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>>pam: the citizens of oakland are not satisfied with these responses from you, a city council members or the mayor about the fact that this continues to go day after day. who is going to take action? the mayor is trying to negotiate with protesters, who is standing up with its citizens?
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>>pam: if the mayor allows the in camera to stay, will that be the final word? >> i do not think so. things have to be done in a way that what happens when we closed the encampment the first time does not happen again. i have not spoken to the mayor. i am not shirking
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my responsibilities as an elected official, and neither are my colleagues. the city administrator is ready to shut the in camera and down. >>pam: i am still not getting the sense of where the buck stops. are you now going to try to pressure the mayor in light of the shooting? >> i hope that the incident that occurred tonight will push the mayor to do what she needs to. the eight members of the oakland city council are ready to stand by her. close the intent and
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down and do it in a way that will minimize any harm to individuals that may attempt to stop us. >>pam: are you headed to the scene of the shooting? is the interim police chief also they're? >> i am on my way to city hall right now. we will have a discussion with the city administrator. >>pam: the cat has more than one of 50 tents set up one frank ogawa plaza outside of oakland city hall. one person shot this
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evening. we will bring you more information after the break.
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>>pam: a breaking news story at this hour, shots fired in frank ogawa plaza in oakland, a person has been hit by gunfire. emergency crews are on the scene. all of this happening at the occupy oakland in canada and which has been just outside of city hall in for a goal plaza for about a month now. this has been a point of contention for city leaders, civic leaders and city officials. there have been major protests and demonstrations.
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>>craig: the intersection of 15th and broadway has long been the scene for many of these occupy protests gatherings. 14th street is closed. >>pam: in that very area near the scene of the shooting is just bush, one of our reporters in the area. what is happening now? jeff
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>> it looks like there are probably now about a dozen police cars, maybe more. the man was shot near the bart entrance. right now, this scene is still very chaotic and confusing. 14th street is shut down and more officers keep coming to the location to assist in the investigation. >>pam: what is happening with protesters? jeff
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>> right now everyone is a bit shocked. people are standing in groups and talking amongst themselves. there is really no organization to the camp. there is no meeting or group assembly. >>pam: are police questioning the full who were at the plaza to see who might have witnessed what happened? jeff >> i am too far away to tell you one way or another. i am sure that is one of the things they do. i am not sure how cooperative people might be with police. >>pam: we have a couple other cruise on the scene gathering information and we will bring you that information as we get it. we were just hearing from our reporter grant lodes that
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there are delays connected with the emergency situation in downtown oakland. >>reporter: there were earlier delays people are probably frightened at what happened. bart police released the trains and they're trying to get back on to a regular schedule. >>pam: all the stops are running, but with a 10 minute delays? >>reporter: yes. >>pam: there are bart police
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there as well? >>reporter: the bart police are in the station. >>pam: de know whether or not a suspect has been apprehended? >>reporter: my understanding is, there is a possible suspect in custody. >>pam: as far as you know is their only one victim? >>reporter: those questions should be directed to the oakland police. >>pam: j.r stone is live on the scene. have you been able to look learn anything new? jerry? >>j.r.: you can see where
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the yellow tape is. i want to show you where this man was a when paramedics took him away. some of his items are still on the ground. that is where he was laying on the ground when i ran over there. to give you an idea of where i was, we were about to go live. all the way down there in the distance we heard gunshots go off. there's celebrating the fact that they have been here a month or so. a photographer ran up on the scene and was getting attacked by a mob of people where you are looking at right now. around a four- five minutes later is when the first officer finally got here and finally the paramedics. i saw them in the distance giving cpr to
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the man who was lying on the ground. he was taken away and has gone to the hospital. we do not know his condition. in the distance, you can see that different witnesses are being interviewed, trying to figure out what happened. larry reed has just arrived to the scene. he is getting a briefing from officers on the senior. we have not seen the mayor or police chief. larry reed is president of the city council. he is here tried to get an update as to what happened. many people have come up to me and said, was this related to the occupied encampment? at this point we do not know. officers are still trying to figure out what happened. when we were doing our live
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shot, around 10 minutes before we went live if there was a dove and his said he was just in this area and when he was in the area he almost got into a scuffle and he was worried because he said it seems like things were getting ross over the recent days. he said, i have not seen any officers. officers are here now and right now they're trying to figure out what happened. >>pam: and j r, d know whether the person was shot was an occupy protester or a passerby? >>j.r.: is hard to say. as to whether or not there were with the camp for camping, it is hard to say. many
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people will come out here during the day are out here to support the occupy movement. really we do not know who he was. as we talk with people in the occupy encampment and as i speak, you can see his belongings still laying on the ground. some of the people said they knew this individual which would make one believe that he was a part of the occupy a movement but at this point the police have not given a summary of what happened. at this point there are still trying to figure out what happened. >>pam: have you heard anything about a suspect in custody? >>j.r.: i have not. again, i have been running back and forth trying to talk with everyone and get a feel for what happened. when we did originally walk over to this area, there was a group of at least 40-50 people. many
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people with the occupy group actually surrounded the gentleman. they did not want any video to be taken of him. at this point, i do not know. i have not seen anyone taken away in a police car or anything of that nature, that is just from my perspective. >>pam: thank you, we will check back with you, j.r stone, one of our crew members on the scene as the occupy oakland encampment, one person has been shot. there is the possibility that the suspect is in custody. there has been no sign of the mayor or police chief. council president larry reid is on the scene right now speaking with police. we still alive just moments ago. we will take a quick break and come right back.
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>>pam: we're taking you live to oakland on our breaking news story. one person has
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been shot at the occupy oakland encampment. this is right outside of oakland city hall. in this light fixture you concede police and city council president trying to assess the developments. it was just yesterday that councilman read and a number of other members of the city council as well as some city leaders and civic leaders as well as members of the clergy were there holding a news conference. they were demanding that the oakland encampment be shut down immediately. larry reed told us in a phone message, in a phone call moments ago that the order must, from the mayor's office and she has not made that decision. we will show you video that was taken just before 5:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m.. police and emergency crews are on the scene trying to revive the victim. we do not know the
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person's identity nor do we know his condition at this hour. we understand that it is a male. even see the emergency crews in the video trying to revive the victim. we do not know who fired the shot or the motive for the shooting. all of this started before 5:00 p.m.. jeff pierce is there a live as all of this was unfolding. jeff >> first of all, police had to clear the scene, medics came in trying to do cpr. eventually they cleared the plaza. the eventually took the man away and worked on
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him for a long time. there was a chaotic scene. their work on him for a long time before taking him into the ambulance. it was obviously very serious injury. >>pam: jeff, did you hear the gunshots into chaos that followed? jeff >> i was not here for the gun shots. i arrived minutes afterwards a. there were crowds of protesters and around the man's body laying on the clouds of. police had to clear the plaza out. that took them a few minutes. emergency crews or on the scene treating this man but i didn't hear the shots fired. >>pam: what was happening with other protestors in the area? were they trying to hinder police activity? was this man a suspect? was a
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suspect that credit? jeff >> i do not believe a suspect has been apprehended. there were not bought many protesters out there trying to hinder police. there were a few moments of anger but they handled it pretty quickly. >>pam: jeff pierce, a figure for your observations of. again, this unfolded in the last 45-50 minutes. one person shot. we have no word at this time on who the person is. we do know that it is a man. we do not know how old or is he was one of the protesters who had been staying at the encampment at frank ogawa plaza or if he was just passing by the
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area. the j.r stone is also in the area, have you been able to gather any other information? >>j.r.: there was a shooting at the occupy encampment. >> and understand that what happened was not directly
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related to the occupy encampment. >> one person said that things have become more dangerous. >> oakland a's a violent city. we are here and have been doing this for a month. we have to deal with the same issues that happen every night. our paramedics were the first to to deal with the situation. the
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>>j.r.: de know his condition? >> i do not. we all came out on to celebrate the one month anniversary of being here. i think the police will use this as an excuse to evade this encampment even though this is something that happens every night. >>j.r.: figures the he would meet.
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>>j.r.: right now they're trying to figure out what happened. i do not know if you can see it from here, some of the officers saatchi's flashlights. there are going into different businesses, asking people if they saw anything before the shots rang out. officers are still on the scene, we are still on the scene. we will bring you updates all night. >>pam: j.r stone, thank you. one person has been shot at the occupy oakland encampment. we will take a break and be right back.
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>>pam: our breaking news story, this is a live picture in oakland, one person has been shot at the occupy oakland encampment outside city hall at 14th and broadway. kiberlee sakamoto has new information. >>kimberlee: i have been scouring the web trying to find videos in pictures, we have a video saw in the
5:55 pm
gunshot victim on the ground as paramedics attend to him. officers are holding the people that as cameras are trying to get pictures of the man. you can see him on the ground. paramedics are trying to do cpr to resuscitate a person who was shot. we are unsure how many times he was shot. crime scene tape is up. police are trying to keep people back. one man starts yelling at police. we have heard records that a cameraman was actually beaten up while trying to get video. we have also heard reports that this did not happen being damaged. some people are saying that it happened outside a coffee shop.
5:56 pm
anonymous has also taken to twitter saying that this was not involved with occupy protesters, this was a separate shooting not involving the occupy movement. we will keep trying to gather information about the shooting and to bring you more information right after this break.
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breaking news story one person had been shot at the occupy oakland encampment this happened just before 5:00 p.m. just about one hour ago at 1410 broadway. the occupy protesters say that their own paramedics were the first to try and give attention to the victim who was shot. there is no word on his condition at this hour. we do know that it was a man, we do not know his identity. there are
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reports that suspect may be in custody, that has not yet been confirmed. we have not seen any sign of mayor jean quan or the police chief how jordan. we talk live with this city council president who is on the scene communicant the police about the development. the occupy protesters insisted the nine--this did not happen in the area of their tent, but it did happen at frank ogawa plaza. we have j.r. stone on scene with the latest. >>reporter: you can see the yellow tape out here and officers in the distance, we were talking with a witness and he does not when his face on camera about what he saw. i will bring a microphone in as you are looking at that yellow tape, maybe we can play some of the video that you saw earlier today. kevin, just describe the scene for me earlier today.
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>>pam: we are having some problem with the j.r. stone live picture, we will talk with him and get back with him in just a moment as soon as we are able to get that picture solid. let us go to grant lodes in the news room with some additional information. grant can you hear us? >>reporter: we have video of the situation pam, i want to play this for you this was shot moments after the shooting at frank ogawa plaza. you can see the police on scene i will play this for you. look at the chest compressions, these are paramedic attending to the shooting victims and reports are that the victim has died as a result of the gunshot, or the gun shots. the police are trying to clear the scene and kron4 jeff pierce was saying how long paramedics and first responders work on that victim. they did chest compressions and cpr it seems like they gave it
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their best shot. as you can see he is on the gurney, they gave it their best shot to revive him but the reports are accurate and you can see him being wheeled out there, it looks like he is a black man, and as they are walking they are doing chest compressions on him. as j.r. said, this is a very fluid situation and we are hearing from actual occupy protesters that the occupy paramedics, or what they call occupy your medic they were first on scene to treat the victim and as you see, the officials showed up a little bit later. unfortunately if the reports are true, the victim has died. >>pam: we will continue to gather information about the victim and a motive as well as the suspect in the shooting. we have jeff bush standing by in the area, jeff, you have been years since all this started with
6:03 pm
happening now? >>reporter: right now everyone seems to be in a state of shock everyone has the same look on their face, they are kind of wandering around wondering what has happened. clearly this is a very dramatic scene out here. this is something that has everyone a little beside themselves. as i said earlier, there are some people who have gathered in groups and they are talking amongst themselves. but right now, it is almost vacant out here. there are not really too many people to be seen with in the field of view where i am right now. >>pam: what is the status of the protesters not you are not far from the camp, maybe if you can show the encampment that is not far from where the police cars are located. is there anything going on in reference to the protesters? activities that the protesters had in mind
6:04 pm
tonight have been canceled obviously due to this. you can see that it is pretty bare and out here, i know that it is a little dark tree to see, but there really are not too many people out. the ones that are, they are walking around and it still is really confusing right now. there is not a lot of information coming out right now. >>pam: enough if we were on the scene or originally because it was above his celebration of her by the process is for the fact that they have been at the plaza for about a month now is that correct? >>reporter: that is correct, they're planning to have a birthday celebration celebrating their one month anniversary here in front of the hall. i did see people loading up their tarps and packing up to get out of here. is just one of those situations, once you have
6:05 pm
violence on this scale happened i think a lot of, a lot of suspicion will go on and people will continue to be scared. >>pam: jeff bush is on the scene were a shooting about an hour ago happened. there are reports that the victim in this incident has died. it happened at frank ogawa plaza on the plaza, not too far away from where the encampment was set up. this was a day with a protesters for occupy oakland planning on having a celebration of some sort to mark their one month at their location. of course this is all connected to the occupy wall street demonstrations started back in september. let us check in with kimberlee sakamoto she has some new information for us. >>kimberlee: for all the commuters out there, we'd just found out they said that the oakland city center station had to be open for bart. however they telecommuters that even though it is open expect
6:06 pm
major delays throughout the system. so, packed in a little bit of extra time if you are traveling on bart this evening. the 12th street station is open but there are systemwide delays expected. we are not sure for how long but for now is going to be a little bit of time. >>pam: let us break away from this breaking story and get an update on our weather. >>jacqueline: we do have quite a bit going on in the weather department right now it is in the clear but offshore. there is a band of clouds and rain associated this will affect us tomorrow morning. now here's the core of the storm, there is the tail end of it in that will affect us in the morning. they let you whether headlines, we have increasing clout for the overnight hour and rain by midnight, mid to late morning. we will have the morning rain and possible afternoon showers this
6:07 pm
weekend is mainly dry with a mixture of sun and temperatures in the low sixties for most of the bay area. here is another view of our satellite and radar picture. this is a good one, it shows how the storm is stationary and not really moving. it is spinning off shore and there is the tale in coming up towards the coastline it will move in overnight. >>jacqueline: as we move through to the 6:00 p.m. hour we will have light showers. i think to have light showers in the north bay and then over san francisco. a lot of this will miss us offshore and is down to the south. at noon, you can see that we have mainly dry conditions but then here are the wrap around showers that i mentioned. i think we will see a little bit more than what the future cast is depicting. it does look like we will see more showers
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through the rest of the bay area between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.. as for rainfall totals again, this will largely missed us down to the south. by the 3:00 hour friday morning still nothing. as we head through the afternoon and to the evening on friday the rainfall total is not picking up that much about a quarter of an inch on the peninsula and then into saturday morning. again it is not changing that much. as for the temperatures, it would be quite chilly out there tomorrow. temperatures are in the low 60s and mid- 50s up north. 59 santa rosa, 58 in san francisco, and 60 in concord. here is a mature extended forecast. tomorrow will be a rainy cool day. as we head into saturday will see some changes. when will see slightly warmer conditions and those warmer conditions will stick with us for the rest of the weekend and into next week. it looks like it
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will stay dry through the rest of the week in our extended forecast. >>pam: a shooting in frank ogawa plaza has happened, we do understand from one of our reporters the in from police chief jordan is on the scene in the area and consulting with other officers. we will touch base with one of our reporters later. we want to check in with catherine who has other information for us on this date. >>catherine: we want to let you know there has been a helicopter crash on hawaii killed tourist and the pilot. he was taking them on an excursion over the west maui. it crashed into a mountainside close to a grade school, no children have been hurt. the tourists were killed and the pilot was killed. the rescuers said that all five people were killed, the owner of the tryst company blue hawaiian says that the passengers were two men and
6:10 pm
two women from the mainland u.s.. there were on a 45 minute tour, the chopper was less than one year old. a secretary at the grade school nearby said they came disturbingly close to the school. she said the children could hear the explosion they saw the flames and smoke and no children were hurt in this. a blue hawaiian helicopter was involved in a july 2000 crash that killed seven people on maui. >>pam: thank you catherine again our breaking news story one person has been shot on frank ogawa plaza in oakland we have several cruise on the scene, we will take a break and be right back.
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story a shooting on frank ogawa plaza near the encampment, there are conflicting reports. we know that one person was shot we are hearing that that person may have died. we are hearing that the person was seriously injured. we are
6:14 pm
waiting for official same time we're hearing that the oakland police chief howard jordan is on the scene. we saw larry reed trying to get an accessment of what is going on there. the occupy oakland protesters are insisting that this was not connected to their in kama. we are waiting to hear from officials to get their take on what has happened. ok, we are looking at a live picture and we can see chief jordan that is him with the glasses on in the live picture talking with officers on the scene. we have not seen mayor quan on the scene, but again city council president larry reed is there, and maureen kelly is one of our reporters on the scene. maureen, where are you and what are you seeing? >>reporter: i am right in the saddle of city hall and from a frank ogawa plaza. i just came on the scene about
6:15 pm
10 minutes ago. while sitting in my car i saw a string of people walking away with all their belongings across their back. i stop one man and ask him what he was doing and he said he is leaving because of the shooting. >> i have been an oakland resident all my life and i just wanted to bring some change to the community and oakland. right now i am this try to make sure all my stuff is safe and that i get someplace safe for today or at least a couple of days until this calms down so that i can come back and continue to do what i do every day. >>reporter: why are you leaving? >> i feel like the police may try to calm and bang it up a little bit. >>reporter: are you
6:16 pm
concerned at all about the shooting? >> i feel like it is a lot more, as this goes on in the days go by i feel like there is more altercation, this is ridiculous. i felt a lot of this could've been avoided. my name is rodrick long. >>pam: again and that is one of the people at the frank ogawa plaza speaking with our reporter maureen kelly about the developments this evening. one person has been shot and have confirmation our reporter hazzig manyud has confirmed that that person has been killed. we're waiting to get additional information as to whether a suspect is in custody we heard that that is a possibility and there might also be another person injured in all of this. we do not know the motive of the shooting but one of our other reporters on the scene is j.r. stone. j.r., we see that the oakland police chief are in your live
6:17 pm
picture off to the right. >>reporter: yes, i will move my camera to the rights of that you can see him, he got here within the 10 minutes or so, that is cheap power jordan on the cellphone talking with someone, talking with the city council president mary reed discussing something, larry reed has been here for the last 15 minutes or so i can tell you as you look at the crime scene this is one that has been roped off at frank ogawa plaza. they say the suspect came over open the gun and opened fire i heard from one of the witnesses that there was a fight. as i talk about this, i want to show you that it was right over here. where you see it those orange things on the ground, that is where the witness was shot. they say
6:18 pm
there was another fight just yesterday and this dimed off of that, the police have not confirmed that but some think that one witness has told me on the scene. and you can see the crowd that is here at 14th and broadway and in so many different areas you can see so many different candles that have been lit. i think the mood out here was hope that this gentleman would survive but obviously you said that was not the case and he is now confirmed dead. again, the police are just trying to sort through the details and figure out what happened here. >>pam: thank you j.r., and if you can get in touch with the chief or sgt covington who was also on the scene, he may be able to provide additional information for those reporters who are there. we have also seen chief jordan speaking with the council president mary reed. we have not seen or heard from the mayor's office regarding these developments today. one
6:19 pm
person was killed right outside oakland city hall on frank ogawa plaza near the occupy oakland encampment. let us go back to the newsroom where grant lodes is standing by with some new information. >>reporter: the public transit situation is not good either, there are two separate bart issues, one stemming from the fatal shooting that we have been telling about for the past hour. bart says that they are up to 30 minute delays systemwide due to the shooting that is at the 12th street city center station in oakland. so, up to 30 minute delays at the city center station at 12th street. >>reporter: the west oakland station has an equipment
6:20 pm
problem on the track. bart hill the train at the 12th street area trying to look for the suspect in the immediate minutes after the shooting and the police have held the train trying to find a suspect. as of right now, there are still delays on the 12th street city center station and there are also delays at the west oakland station unrelated because of an equipment problem on the track, back to you. >>pam: achieved jordan's on the scene in councilman harry reid is on the scene all of them try to put together the pieces to this tragedy at the occupy open in kama area at frank ogawa plaza. one person has been killed in is a man, we do not know his identity, his age or the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting that left him dead, we will take a break and be right back.
6:21 pm
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use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>pam: we have a breaking news story on this day the worst fears of city leaders in oakland has been realized. one man has been
6:24 pm
killed just outside oakland city hall at frank ogawa plaza which is right across from the tent encampment where the protesters had been situated for about one month now. we do not know the identity of the victim in that will not be released until his next of kin has been contacted about the death. we do not know the motive for the shooting. we do understand from our sources and kron4 how the mind let's been in touch with the oakland police that this was the only person injured in the incident. no suspect is apprehended at this time and we are continuing to gather information on this rocky new storage. let us take a break from this and checked in with jacqueline about what is happening in our weather. >>jacqueline: we will see big changes as a role in to tomorrow, today with a gorgeous day was sunny and temperatures were nice and mild. as we head into tomorrow, the rain will
6:25 pm
start to affect us bay area wide. let us ticket that our current conditions, temperatures will drop off quickly but flatten out overnight at does--overnight as the storm starts to approach. take a look at the positioning of the storm right now, we are in the clear. but as you can see it is heading towards the shore. you can see the main band of rain is starting to approach the northern california coastline at this hour. you will notice some spotty cloud coverage around the core of the storm, this is an unstable and will be pushing into tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow there is mainly coastal rain at the 7:00 hour. you see this pushed up on shore later in the morning but by noon mostly dry conditions in a little bit of a break from the rain. into the afternoon of the fact the showers will return but light rain expected through the afternoon. here is another view of your satellite and radar pictures. it shows the storm
6:26 pm
stationery and not really moving at this hour. there is the core of it, and is spinning around. this will move in tomorrow morning. computer models have been really an accurate about the timing and strength, some show of being called away offshore and some show what being a little bit on shore. i think it will stay on shore for the most part. and the rain is starting to approach the coastline. as we move into the 8:00 hour we will see some areas of heavy rain closer to the coastline. we will see a little the rain and lighter showers pushing into the peninsula. there could be more areas south of the golden gate or the south bay field with rain. then we start to get the wraparound showers near the core of the storm and this continues into the 7:00 hour. tomorrow evening there will be a few more areas of scattered rain. the future passes not
6:27 pm
showing that much into the evening but i think it is showing a little bit more--i think it will be a little bit more than what the radar is showing. here are the afternoon highs for friday. and take a licking your extended forecast for tomorrow. the changes with the rain and cooler temperatures about 10 degrees cooler. into saturday we have decrease in cloud coverage expected. temperatures will start to moderate in a little bit so will be a little more mild and will repeat that dry and moderate weather going all the way through next week. >>pam: are breaking story, a man has been shot and killed in the frank ogawa plaza police chief power jordan is on the scene, there is no word from the mayor's office at this hour we will be
6:28 pm
right back with more coming up at 6:30 p.m..
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> earlier tonight some pulled out a gun and fired several rounds into the crowd... >>pam: are we back? do we have cheese jordan? we are having some problems with allied-signal chief jordan's news conference that is going on in oakland. again he is talking about the fact that one man has been killed in oakland just outside of city hall. that happened within incident, we heard him say that there was a fight between two groups of african american males, then someone pulled out a gun. we
6:31 pm
know that one person has been killed, there were no others injured. it appears at this point there is no suspect in custody. chief jordan has been on the scene for a while now and so has the city council president larry reed we are trying to get that live signal back so that we can hear directly from the chief about what happened. are we able to get that now greg? ok let us start to listen in. >> i am not aware of that yet, we are still trying to put the pieces together. >> i do not know, this happened about an hour and a half ago when you're trying to put this together. >>reporter: might there be
6:32 pm
more police presence in the park to help those who are here are those from the outside. >> obviously when things like this happen you want to find a way to best protect the public. [shouting turn the lights back on] >> the lights do need to come back on. >>reporter: you can see what happened, i do not know if you remember what happened yesterday this is happening now, yesterday with the city council the people were shouting. and now they are shouting turn the lights on
6:33 pm
! i am sorry, is a little hectic year. they are yelling turn the lights on because in the distance i want to show you that the lights are not on. the mayor's office the issue is statement about this is saying that they were sorted out and that is the reason why they are turned off right now but as you saw on the press conference, it was a press conference that had to end abruptly. the chief walk off behind yellow tape because he was shouted down and could not talk over those voices again, the same thing happen is today with the city council members and they held a press conference. in the press conference they basically talked about why they wanted and demanded for the occupy protest, the occupy camp to be taken down. you can see right now, the police are still out here on the scene. you heard the chief speaking about this basically saying that the suspect in this case is still on the loose. i know i talked with witnesses who
6:34 pm
were here, they were here in the plaza earlier this evening around 5:00 p.m. when the shots broke out. one of the witnesses told me that this man was shot in the hand, and other witnesses this stemmed from a fight that happened yesterday. now, you wonder about the police presence out here in has been very light. we have been out here all week and we have not seen any officers at any times when we were out your reporting. someone came up to me today bringing that up, one of the protesters said that they felt a little more comfortable if more officers were out here. but nevertheless, the chief has spoken and he is back on his self on right now pam, back to you. >>pam: we missed a portion of what the chief was saying, can you fill us in on the details. we did hear him say that there were a fight between two groups of men and someone pulled out a gun was their additional information? >>reporter: if there was pam
6:35 pm
i was not able to see it, i was just trying to get a spot so that you could hear back at the station. when he sent a cold a lot of what several of the witnesses have said that there was a fight, someone was upset and yelled to his friend, and his friends came over and pulled out a gun and then begin to fire. i can tell you when the shots were fired we were on the other side of the plaza that you are looking at right now. i thought it was firecrackers instantly. my photographer looked at me and said those were not firecrackers. i did not have to wait very long, only about five or six seconds before you saw people running by saying someone had been shot. >>pam: on any indication whether or not the victim and the shooters will actually among the protesters who are in camp at frank ogawa plaza? >>reporter: i have talked with a number of different witnesses and a number of people that have been out
6:36 pm
here. they tell me that the people involved in the shooting were not part of the occupy movement. they said they had nothing to do with it, but again that is coming from a lot of the people in the occupy camp. that is coming from some of the people why out here. they said that this group was a number of different young people who were hanging out in this area in the distance that you see where they often hang out and that is when the fight started. again, i also know that i spoke with an occupy protesters earlier today and they told me that they knew the man who had been shot. they said that they knew him very well. so really, we are getting conflicting reports on that right now. >>pam: thank you for your input, we did hear the chief say that they were still putting the pieces together. of course this happened just before 5:00 p.m., over an hour and a half ago. so, there are many pieces to that puzzle. the suspect is
6:37 pm
still on the loose and one man that we know of is dead in light of the shooting at frank ogawa plaza. we will be right back. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] >>pam: we are taking a look if the occupy encampment at frank ogawa plaza where a man has been shot and killed today. council member harry reid spoke with us earlier and he just spoke a few gimmicks--a few minutes ago
6:41 pm
after gathering some information on the scene, let us listen to what he had to say. >> it is bringing elements into this plaza at night, even though it did not have a direct relationship it did have a relationship with the people that are coming down into this encampment. >>pam: that is council president larry reed, we have not heard from mayor jean quan on this development today. this is exactly what civic leaders were concerned about, that violence might erupt in the area of the occupy protest. the occupy protesters said they had nothing to do with what happened. they said this happen feet away from their location nonetheless the concerns continued to mount in light of the shooting. you may recall the last night at 11:00 p.m. will tell you about developments at uc-berkeley and the occupy protesters there have continued to stay on campus, reggie kumar is
6:42 pm
standing by live to bring us the latest on what is happening at berkeley because of course there was a clash between those protesters in the police last night. >>reporter: that is absolutely right, things are lot calmer than they were last night. take a look at the scene behind me, occupy cow was holding a general assembly right now.--occupy cal is holding it general assembly right now. they are encouraging students to walk out of class next week and they're asking the professor to cancel a class that day or hold it outside in solidarity with this movement. live in berkeley i am reggie kumar with kron4 news. >>pam: we will continue to fall all the occupy protests are around the bay area. you can also get updates on our website as well as facebook and twittered. we encourage you to share your opinions,
6:43 pm
your photographs in your videos regarding any of these topics.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: good evening everyone we will not kid you, this is an unusual sports cast. i will turn to pam, had you mentioned we had a little problem? so you are okay, normally we have pictures and things like that, pam was able to make it work and i will try to make it work because we have a very special guests who will join us in the studio. his name is tony stored and he played for joe paterno at penn state once again i will tell you, you will not see pictures of joe paternal or them plane, you may think come on gary, get the camera off the but tonight is one of those nights when i am glad that my hair is combed, so this will be good. let us
6:47 pm
go to tony stewart who played for joe paterno and penn state. is the obvious first question, are you shocked about what has taken place this week? >> this is a tragic tragic situation that has gone on at penn state. more importantly the victim of the sexual abuse scandal, my heart and my prayers go out to the families and the victims. that is what i would really like to relate to those involved. >>gary: do you think that joe paternal deserve to be let go at this time rather than finish out as he has requested the final three games? >> in this situation it is hard to say what is the right thing to do. we have victims that we are really concentrating on in this situation but i think the
6:48 pm
university is doing the best that they can with this situation and it is unprecedented terms an unprecedented waters right now. >>gary: we want to make sure that again we are not being insensitive. we realize that indeed the victims are the ones who are suffering. now you play for jerry sandusky, the men at the root of the problem, the man accused of molesting those children who just your memories of sandusky as a coach? >> i did play during that time when sandusky was a coach at penn state. at no time did i see or hear about any of these allegations. my experiences with penn state, the coaching staff and mr. sandusky you know, my memories of my time there are good memories and times
6:49 pm
where i grew as a person. those are really the things that i remember. >>gary: i do not want to make a fibber out of myself, but we do have some pictures now and some video. >>gary: tony i want to ask you directly, could it be that joe paterno has become such a guide that maybe he was not paid attention to things outside of football as much as he should have question marks as >> othe only thing i know is that there's one guy. and he is an icon in college football history. but penn state is a great institution they are known
6:50 pm
for multiple sports. their volleyball team is well known. their academic programs are at the top of a lot of different areas in the educational world. >>gary: quite honestly, i know we invite you as a guest to talk about your all moderate and these are difficult questions but in hindsight, at 84 years of age did joe paternal state too long as the defense?-- at the dance? >> i think the public will be surprised at how much he really is involved at penn state. >>gary: if i said you, unfortunately when you go to and you look up joe paterno, the first thing will be this can no will you agree with that? or
6:51 pm
do you think what he has accomplished over the 46 years as head coach will be enough to somehow soften what some people see now as a man who did not do his job and was reckless? >> it you know what, it will always be a part of his legacy and i know only time will tell what exactly will stand out. but my experience with coach paternal, i had a good experience for him as a man who pushed me to be a better person, to be a better player and to be a better man and student. there were times when he actually called me out when i was feeling in my responsibilities as a student. those are the things that i will remember personally from coach joe paterno. >>gary: and another tough one, ticket yes, joe paterno was 84 years of age has been at penn state for over 60 years, will he be able to live the rest of his life
6:52 pm
with any piece?-peace? >> i guess that is a choice they he will have to make. if he wants to step penn state or where does he go from there. i guess it that will all be decided as the story unfolds. >>gary: any comments about the students last night, i always undermined this by saying that these are young people i would imagine that 19 and 20 years of age and they do not fully grasp the situation and what has gone on with the young boys molested by a penn state football coach. any comments you can say about the campus and over 2000 people turning out in support of joe paterno? >> you know what, penn state right now that is a long way away, we are right here on the west coast and the media is pretty coverage
6:53 pm
from penn state. but that is a whole different dynamic. it is important that the students, they are thinking about their coach, but it is important that they do not get out of character of what penn state represents. but that is a small minority of the people who attend and support penn state. >>gary: are you embarrassed to be a penn state alumnus? >> i will always be proud to be penn state alumni. >>gary: thank you very much tony. that was tony stewart and we will be back in just a moment.
6:54 pm
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eddie murphy. we track him down after he abruptly quit as oscars host. and ashton kutcher apologizes for his comments about the penn state sex scandal. alongside brooke anderson, who's still playing injured, i'm kevin frazier. the throat is hanging in there. "the insider" is on. what a hairy night at penn state. >> students rioting on campus. >> reporters under attack as penn state riots. why ashton originally defended the disgraced coach, after the alleged locker room rape. >> as soon as he found out about the sex scandal, ashton tweeted an apology. >> after eddie murphy's shocker, who's the front-runner to take his spot? >> hugh jackman, alec baldwin. news on jessica simpson, her


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