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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. "occupy oakland" protesters waiting for police to move in and kick them out. we are live with conditions tonight and new information as police investigate the shooting nearby. penn state students gather to remember victims. we will tell you what they are asking. and on this veteran's day some veterans say they are getting ripped off. now they are filing a lawsuit. more on why they are the latest group to go after big banks. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight at 11:00, new
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information about two suspects wanted in the shooting near "occupy oakland." it is prompting leaders to renew their stance asking protesters to get out of frank ogawa plaza. kron 4's da lin is live from oakland with the very latest. >> reporter: it appears now there is a clear connection between yesterday's murder and "occupy oakland." one of the suspects was living here. >> reporter: the connection to the murder signal as near end for the encampment. police and one of the two suspects lived here for several days before committing the crime. witnesses said they recognized the gunman. he is a black man, 20-25 years old. 5'9", 150 pounds. he was wearing a white t-shirt. witnesses say the second suspect is a black man in his
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20s to 30s. 250 pounds. possibly with a tattoo on the back of his neck. he was wearing a black sweat shirt. even though police haven't released the identity, they say he was 22 years old. the shooting happened thursday at the plaza. >> another example of why we need to close. >> reporter: following the shooting the mayor became more outspoken that protesters must go. >> we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and leave peacefully. >> reporter: police handed eviction notices to protesters but many ignored the demand knowing the next time police return things could get violent. >> i love the people here. i love the environment that has been created and i don't want to see anyone hurt because the
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police decide to use force. >> reporter: the mayor did not say what she plans to do next. one can assume the police will move in and force these protesters out. the question is when. live in oakland, da lin, kron 4 news. the occupy encampment now has other bay area law enforcement agencies reviewing their agreements to provide support to oakland. they said since the mayor allowed the protesters back it is no long an emergency situation back. they are considering charging oakland $1,000 per police officer per day for nonemergency situation. berkeley police are also reviewing any future assistance. and he can't blame them. >> the decision was made to remove the camp and then they
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allowed it to reoccur. this is not an emergency situation if you allowed it to happen. now for the latest with the "occupy cal" movement. police are coming under fire for using excessive force while breaking up wednesday's protest. as you can see, police used batons and pepper spray to remove protesters. the students are calling for a strike this coming tuesday. things are quit with the "occupy san francisco" encampments. more and more tents are showing up and businesses continue to complain about crime. the mayor hopes to open a dialogue with the campers to find a peaceful conclusion. >> stay with kron 4 news as we continue to cover the protests. we have the latest information
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on our website, and we encourage you to share photos, videos and opinion ons facebook and twitter. storm tracker 4 got a work out today as rain fell on the bay area. this is in the east bay. there are still a few showers there. i am here to get details on that and on the weekend forecast. >> the weekend forecast is looking good. once we get through tonight there is still showers. a glitch of the radar where they fly under the radar. light showers underneath the radar. let's take a wider view picture of california. the core of the storm is off shore and we are seeing a lot of shower activity to the south. the heavy stuff, the yellow. pushing into central california, we are not going to
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see much of that overnight. but we still have shower activity. you can see it here. showers moving up towards the north and northeast. so the rainfall totals today, impressive. 3/4 of an inch. san francisco, half inch. moderate showers up to peninsula and north bay. most places saw under a 10th of an inch. showers will be tapering off. we will talk about that coming up. today's wet weather in san francisco didn't keep people away from the veteran's day parade. people from all over came out to pay tribute to the armed forces. this year's parade in san francisco was special because it marks the 70ing anniversary of world war ii and it was the same day world war i ended.
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this parade marks the 10th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. and a tribute to vietnam metrens. you are looking at a reb lucaw of the vietnam wall. -- replica of the vietnam memorial wall. >> a tremendous feeling deep in my heart about all the brothers that were lost. it's emotional and i am thankful for it. >> the wall replica will be available for viewing through the weekend. and in oakland today, some veterans had a different approach to recognizing veteran's day. a march organized to combat
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police brutality. they called on police to stop using force against demonstrators. they tried to march into police headquarters but they were turned away. new at 11:00, while the nation remembered veterans today, some are preparing for a fight, we will tell you about their lawsuit coming up. also a dead heat, which three gop presidential candidates are in a statistical three way tie. later, on the eve of the biggest football game in stanford history. we will discuss and pull out an old timer to hear what he thinks is the greatest. that in a few minutes. big! big.
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students at penn state held a candlelight vigil for victims of child abuse. their school is under scrutiny
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after jerry sandusky was accused of raping young boys. the students say it is important the victims are not forgotten. joe paterno and the president were both fired this week. at tomorrow's game the fans are asked to wear blue to raise awareness of sexual abuse. decision 2012, two national polls out today show newt gingrich in a three way tie at the top of the presidential field with mitt romney and herman cain. another poll has herman cain with 18%. mitt romney and newt gingrich with 15%. a poll puts mitt romney in the lead with 23%. newt gingrich 13%. and herman cain 17%. the field is still wide open. only 30% of republicans and independents are committed to
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their candidates. it was a dreary friday but the rain is starting to push out. weekend, drying conditions on tap. coming up, after the forecast a thousand dollars in bits and pieces. find out what happened and the length one couple went to get their cash back.
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new tonight, bank bail outs have been a source of anchor for the "occupy wall street" protesters. now according to two whistle blowers there is a new outrage. some of the nation's biggest banks defrauded veterans. martin savage reports. >> he spent three years in the
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army. he was shocked by a bank loan document. >> it was really apparent. >> reporter: it was clear the bank was ripping off a veteran who was trying to refinance his home. >> the veteran didn't see it, it was really slick how they did it. >> reporter: they began going through other loan paper work. >> everyone of the lenders were doing the same thing. >> reporter: this shows how it was done. the banks are to pay attorney fees for all loans. that is why the line on this document was blank. but they allow to charge for other fees. like title examination which should be $125. this shows it was $950. >> they are taking that fee they should have paid and put
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it into an allowable fee. >> reporter: how many loans are we talking? >> ova million. 1.2million of these loans, irrl loans. >> reporter: he says up to 90% of them may have had fraudulent fees. >> were you surprised by how brazen it appears this fraud was? >> yes. stunned is a better word. >> reporter: they turned whistle blowers, filed suit. charging they had been defrauded by the biggest banks and mortgages. you would think the u.s. justice department would join the case, but they didn't. city mortgage called the allegations without merit.
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bank suggested if the banks aren't in on it then the case couldn't be that strong. >> we will see them in court. cnn, atlanta. wer continuing to watch storm tracker 4 radar, storm moving down to the south beach, bringing the rain with it. you will see spotty showers over the santa cruz mountains. some of these could clip the south bay overnight. future cast, weird job of pinpointing this. north bay stays dry. you see the activity coming up from the south. this is pushed out further to the south and showers tapering off into the morning. for tomorrow it's not going to be too bad. decreasing cloud cover and cool temperatures for the afternoon. breezy conditions in some spots. sunday, fog in the morning,
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mild conditions into the afternoon. lots of places sitting in the 60s. tomorrow afternoon, for the bay area. 65 morgan hill. 60s for the bay shores. 60s in the inland valleys. delta, we will see winds pick up, the coast another. 60 san francisco. 65 in santa rosa. 62 napa. extended forecast, the weekend not too bad. sunday sunshine into the afternoon. monday, tuesday, wednesday, a similar pattern. thursday, increasing cloud cover and a chance of showers, possibly into friday morning. we will keep you posted on it. you likely heard of the dog eating the kid's homework, how about the dog eating your car
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because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> pam -- pgh [ talking at the same time ] >> it was shocking to hear your voice like that. >> we are all worried. >> both of you get over it. i only have 2:19 left of this pain. what is going on at penn state,
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put stanford and oregon on the back burner. but it will be a big deal tomorrow. the espn crew go to the big game of the week. and 7:00 tomorrow morning on the campus i will be curious to see how many kids show up. it's oregon versus stanford. they are becoming the faces of pack 12. you got to worry bout the opponent at hand. this is what you play college football for a while. >> 5:00 kickoff tomorrow at stanford. 49ers and giants have been the top fear of nfl teams. sunday they meet at candle
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stick. >> rhythm right now. real good team last week. it will be a challenge. both sides of the ball, evenly matched. we will see what we are about. >> 1:15 start sunday. basketball on an aircraft carrier in san diego. vanity fair rates that resort number 5 in america. see? i am still working hard. president obama and michelle obama showed up today. little break. $50billion to build one. 3 football fields long and north carolina won tonight over mish state 67-55. stanford's women's hoops. show me the score. we will ask anybody to say prayer for them.
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stanford wins tonight. just think of me this weekend and what i am going through and thanks for all your help. [ laughter ] good night everybody. have a good weekend.
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