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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 13, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>reporter: a lot of excited fans are now talking about the super bowl. fans and players are saying, let's take things one game at a time. the packed stadium at candlestick park, the fans
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screamed and cheered every time the 49ers made a big plays. >>vicki: the marine who it dared adjusted to relate to go with her to the ball, will find out how the pop star delivered on a promise. >> a storm system of moving our way to the north of us. coming up, i will let you know exactly when to expect the rain. in
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>>vicki: a turnaround in the housing market may soon be on the horizon. rob fladeboe has details. >>rob: back in 2006, they correctly predicted that housing bubble was about to burst. those same economists at ucla say a convergence of factors means that home prices are about to rise. fiord distressed properties, continued low interest rates will push prices higher over the next six years. and the ucla anderson forecast anticipates the median price tom and california is live now but will jump 11.5% next year and another 10% in 2013 with the median price of nearly four ordered $40,000 by 2017 which would
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be 52 percent increase over today's prices. if the president of the santa clara county realtors association says it is about time. the health of the the city and a community usually starts with a local real-estate environment. if the real- estate environment is healthy, everything else will come together. housing prices have come off of their high sand are reasonably priced. people can afford to buy a home of. those two things right there, the only thing indeed to have is a desire to move into the area. that is where the job market comes and. >> economists are predicting double-digit increase in home prices that they say sales will ahead your answer to the filing gaining steam in late 2013.
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>>robin: he heard of the from the golden gate bridge. clinton december spielvogel along the coastline. if over all it is going to be cold kris samara, a very similar day, it will be cooler but overall, pleasant. high temperatures will look like this. in the east bay valleys, mild conditions. in the north bay, expect low- mid-60s. we do have a system
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will be our way. by 6:00 p.m. on thursday we will see showers. the rain will stick around into friday. by saturday, but mostly clear. the lane--the rain will be heavy on saturday. we have a few more days of sunshine and mild conditions. a
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>>stanley: san francisco muni fear inspection teams from out in force on mission street in san francisco. >> i did not do anything wrong.
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>>stanley: this woman was found of a bus with no proof that she paid her fare although she insists she lost her transfer. inspectors check randomly to make sure that people pay their fair. if customers cannot prove they paid, they can be subject to a $100 fine. >>officer: can i see your transfer? >> i gave it to someone. >>officer: you gave it away, so now it is costing you? >> that is right. >>stanley: according to fair inspectors, these people try to get to the front of the bus to pay their fair when they saw the saturation team. the passengers believe the fair inspectors had another motive for killing
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them off of the bus. >> you are picking on me because i am quite. >>stanley: that was a first! this woman's right to cry her way out of a >>stanley: this guy took off running to avoid a ticket. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>vicki: if you have a comment or idea, e-mail us at people behaving badly at who is funding the occupy protests? coming up we will show you where the money is coming from and what it is paying for. we will follow the trail of the kidnapped count up the of the new notes. [yksww
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>>vicki: alejandra cerball is at frank ogawa plaza. the occupy encampment has been given a 30 eviction notice. >>alejandra: this is a copy of the eviction notice. is says that protesters are not allowed to camp at frank ogawa plaza or any nearby
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parks. they did hand out information to protesters about available all this shelter services. we spoke with some people in the area who say they are not interested in leaving the camp and there are not interested in going to homeless shelters. many of us do not want to go into a shelter. >> i did i really need to stay, but i am here. >>alejandra: behind me, you can see that there are still a number of people gathering on the steps. the city has reported that there are about 30 less tense since the first eviction
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notice was handed out. they still have not given out a time line on how exactly the rate will take place. live in oakland, alejandra cerball, kron4 is. >>vicki: >> crime has been issued. there has been an uptick. there is breaking in to for short--front doors. people are kron4 in our work to come coming back and finding that their jury is gone. >> in the days of rising crime and if you were police officers, residents in the montclair neighborhood are taking crime prevention into their own hands installing cameras like this.
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>> police are doing the best they can't. we want to capture perpetrators are causing the crimes. >> there was a case where some of this footage that together was actually able to catch it for tater. when they arrived at the person's home they found stolen merchandise. that was because of the cameras into the footage. >>reporter: so far more than 100 residents have signed up for the cameras and have already installed and. >>vicki: the occupy wall street movement is still going strong. the financial
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donations are being made in person hands on line. >>reporter: cents occupy wall street began its rally against corporate greed more than 50 days ago, the mood has ground and so has its needs. they feed hundreds camping out and provide sleeping bags for those who need them. what is not donated has to be to resist. the group took in nearly $455,000 and spent nearly 55,000. that is quite a balance sheets. for did thousand dollars in the black. >> my job is like having an
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office job in a mosh pit. some >> some donations are made on the spot. some people spray occupy slogans on t- shirts for a donation. cash deposits since go into the bank. >> they'd donate all profits to charity. some >> we have been on this side of right and justice, alleviating poverty.
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>>reporter: that will mesh shows no signs of dying down. will the nation's be spent and not squander? >> i am not concerned at all about money being inappropriately sent. >>reporter: what worries that is if the $10,000 a day will keep on growing as. >>robin: it is already starting to cool down. take a look at current temperatures. cold in the north bay. 56 in mountain view. 51 and low status. here is a look at what you'd expect for tomorrow morning. cloudy and cold once again. temperatures
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will be dry and mild to thursday. as you head out the door, partly cloudy conditions. not a lot of fog. here is a look at what you can expect for tonight. fog and cold temperatures, especially in the north bay. coming up we will talk more about the raid. >>vicki: a bay area family has a new member.
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>>reporter: james is fact, safe and secure at the spca. on tuesday, he had been abducted. >> he was behind here. the family coordinated an effort where one person held open the door. the other went and grabbed the puck become a wrapping him into a blanket it went down a service hallway and out to the parking lot. >>reporter: surveillance video captured the entire kidnapping. his picture was released get a reward was offered. on wednesday afternoon, about 24 hours after james was stolen, a woman brought him back to the spca. she did not want
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to go on camera but tells kron4 said she thought james at a grocery store tuesday evening from a strange man. he wanted $300 for james, she offered $200 a at he said yes. wednesday morning, the woman received a phone call from our mother telling her that james had been stolen. >> she gave me a call saying that the dog was of a news and i should return it. >>reporter: the woman says she knows firsthand what it is like to have a dog taken. >> last year, our dog was stolen. this is for about a james was scheduled to be adopted right before being captured. his family says they are thrilled he will be going home with them. >>vicki: food banks are seeing a lot more need as poverty levels increase.
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>> a lot more people are coming to us for help. some >>reporter: demand for food aid services has been steadily increasing for years. >> low income individuals which are seeing a rise of over 20 percent. with seniors specifically, about five other people came to us one month. a lot of it has to do with the recession in place. people are not able to get by on the income that is available to them. >>reporter: the food bank
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says they will be stretched to the livid. >> we will distribute much more food than we have distributed before. >> because of the support the committee provides, we think we're making a difference. >>vicki: president obama speaks live from white.
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thus >>vicki: president obama is and how white for the aged at pacific cooperation summit. today he got a boost to his ambitious agenda with reports that canada and mexico are expressing interest to that specific traits. this is the first time the u.s. is hosting the event.
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>>reporter: address for meetings, president obama admitted he felt a bit out of place. >>president obama: and all of my years visit hawaii in the living in hawaii, this is the first time i have ever won a suit. i know that my birthplace was contested for a while, but i can actually show you the hospital if you would like to go down there. >>reporter: is president obama that serve the meat course stressing increased trade with the pacific region and emphasizing that the u.s. is open for business. >>president obama: we have a bit lazy over the last couple of decades. >>reporter: business leaders
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embrace the view that asia offers big opportunities. >> increase exports to the fastest-growing parts of the world which happened to be the ship. there was a dinner and cultural program. >>vicki: a massive crackdown in rio de janeiro, we will see how thousands of troops are swooping down on rieti janeiro and wide. >>robin: a look at satellite and radar storm systems. cooler temperatures and rain.
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>>vicki: rio de janeiro police say they are in full control after the massive pre-dawn raids. authorities are tried to crack down on crime ahead of the 2014 world cup in the 2016 summer olympics. >>reporter: armored personnel carriers rolled in and helicopters flew overhead. an astonishing invasion of enemy territory in the heart of rio de janeiro. fill in the pre- dawn raid if hundreds of police and military took over the biggest shantytown in rio de janeiro. according to officials, there were no
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shots fired. 3000 troops including 2000 navy commandos for defeated in the operation that lasted only two hours. police twisted a flag over the hilltops to declare their in full control of the slums where 120,000 people live. swat resident says we are hopeful. we were scared that police were coming in, but now we are relaxed. no more fear. the massive operation is it part of the efforts to eliminate crime and ended the reign of drug traffickers before the 2014 world cup and olympic games in 2016. a is a historic day in brazil says the rio governor. a very emotional day for all of those that live in brazil, especially for those in rio. it is an uphill battle. 1/5 of residents live in the 1000 shantytowns on steep hills overlooking the site
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condominiums. last year, more than 30 people were killed during a similar this time, top drug traffickers were arrested days before the operation did. he was found in the trunk of a car. on sunday police captured automatic weapons, grenades and drugs. now, police have to set up a permanent presence to keep traffickers out and convince residents that they will not be abandoned after decades of neglect. >>robin: we will head outside and take a look at the roof camera. here's a look at city hall. a beautiful shot. clear conditions. it is called its orders in the '40's. over all, pretty doesn't then smiled. of course 60s for santa rosa, and that played fairfield.
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>>robin: here are your brother have liked--here are your weather headlights. partly cloudy and some are similar to what we saw today. a little bit cooler but we will have sunshine once again. expect mild conditions throughout the the areas. in the east bay, sunshine with a mild conditions. we are seeing low-did 60s throughout the bay area. overall, sunny conditions throughout the bay area. cooler that what we saw today. here is a look at satellite and radar. we have a storm system to the north that will continue to
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drop from the north to the south pretty as much cooler to the trees and debris. we will see light-moderate rainfall towards the latter part of the week. for the first few days it will be dry and nice. enjoy the sunshine while we can. we will have widespread showers that linger into the night. and the commute will be wet out there. by noon, scattered showers throughout the bay area. by noon on saturday, more rain. by 9:00 p.m., the clear conditions. >> here is your 7 day around the bay extended forecast. >>vicki: adjusted to release
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that the evening with marines and its we did that it was one of the most movie evenings. >>reporter: remember justice of the lake receded challenges from a marine? >> i am going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine ball with me on november 12th in washington d.c.. if you cannot go, crime the river. >>reporter: timber lake made good on his promise to go and attended the marine corps ball this weekend. by all accounts, he was the belle of the ball.
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>>reporter: in warbles was number one at the box office. it 3d action will be details the story of a greek hero. it reads in 32 billion domestically. right on its heels, adam sandler said jack and jill. the, the last its way to $26 million. puss in boots hung on to third. >>vicki: a new your reader is of the market. we will test out the new nec.
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>>gabe: everyone is getting into the tabloid game. there is now a net tablet. it is in your reader with all of the book features and it is fully operational. it runs the google will android system. the concerts the web. it comes build it with netflix, rhapsody and a green birds. it sells for only $250. that is half the price of a ipad and other tabloids. barnes and noble also lowered the price of the colored your reader to $200. they lower the price of their entry-level buck to $100. that means that
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now, you could get a high and the reader from amazon or barnes and noble for under $100. the tablet can be pre ordered it hits stores on november 17th. >>vicki: at night it is chilly. >>robin: yes. it has been pretty cold, especially in the north bay. temperatures in the 30's. we have cold nights and sunday afternoons. >>vicki: but that is it for us, we are back at 11:00
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p.m., we hope to see that. divide. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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