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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 14, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>darya: today is the day that occupy protesters are being told to vacate frank ogawa plaza. there are no more protesters inside of that tense city but there are still plenty of protesters on the street. >>james: we have been talking all morning with jackie sissel who has had an eye on the ground view from inside the plaza as police are going through ended dismantling those tense. we are seeing a live shot, a convoy of police vans. >> the bands have been here for the last 45 minutes or so. we are looking down 14th of from clayton. you can see
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that one of those bands francise department van. the mutual aid that is going on includes san francisco. i saw santa clara county, out of the death as well as oakland beat the and other agencies. hayward police are also involved. at about 615 a m, phillies gave warning to protesters inside of frank ogawa plaza that if they did not leave the philosophy were subject to arrest. around 6:15 a.m., starting from the south end of a frank ogawa plaza, about two dozen oakland police department officers in full riot gear started to walk through the plaza with instructions to make sure that nobody was inside. once they determined that no one was inside, you can see what they did. they tore the test down and moved on to the next one. they tore off the
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charts and ford down the tents. as far as i know only one protester remained inside and that protester was arrested. if we are being told that 30 yen on have been arrested. for the most part, no one was inside the closet. you can call it eight he's full hot region and would guess that it probably took them about 15-25 minutes to go through the plaza and tear down somewhere between 35-50 of these remaining 10 experience when the demand your attendance. >>darya: we want to mention what is being affected. as perhaps that concede is a big health and on. fechner
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they are allowing protesters to at the grill cooks call >>george: city workers have been asked to delay their start time until 10:00 a.m.. there are also 80 transit and bart closures. the 12th
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street station, not just the stairway, but the station itself is completely closed. passengers will have to get off either at lake merritt or 19th street and then walk the distance from there. here is a quick check on traffic looking first at the bay bridge westbound, it is backed up midway towards grand avenue westbound. the drive time is 16-18 minutes. there are some eastbound problems on the bridge and nothing was found. your ride on the golden gate is trouble-free. no problems have been reported. we did have a hot spot in the last hour, it was on 101 southbound at grand ave. it is now completely cleared from the roadway. here is erica with a check on the weather periods >>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions from the roof camera in downtown san francisco. the big story
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is the widespread fog. it is equally poor visibility in the north bay and east bay. we do have another chance of a wet weather as we head into the latter part of the week. as we take in look at the visibility chart, the orange and yellow indicates less than 1 mi. visibility for the entire stretch of 101 into the no. 8. as a result, a dense fog advisory has been issued. as we take a look at temperatures for the most part we're sitting in the '60s. cooler at the coastline. in the north bay we will see 60s. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a string of partly cloudy conditions until
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wednesday. that will be the last nice day on tap. >>darya: at 7 05 a.m., we want to take a peek at the area near frank ogawa plaza which has been very quiet and peaceful despite the fact that there are hundreds of protesters and police still out there this morning. the police are in there right here. the police have not had to use any of that right here or equipment. they showed up ready for a clash that has not happened. one officer seems to be looking at his own. their helmets are off. people are being able to protest this morning as long as they are not inside the plaza inside of the tent city. >>james: we will take a quick break, much more straight ahead as continuing coverage says of occupy oakland get their eviction
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it omni's than ours maung aha the >>james: here you concede video on the right, that is of the police moving methodically through the plaza basically tearing down every tents insight into it the or arresting anyone who chose to stay
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>>darya: there are been no widespread clashes. police, there they are taking away a barricade. they are acting as if they are standing down. we have also heard that the mayor has come out this morning. >>james: jean quan has been criticized for not doing enough to read the downtown area of these occupy oakland protesters. this will trend is standing by. he is joining us with another perspective. you can actually see into the park.
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>>will: about one minute ago, i saw many dignitaries walking through occupy oakland. i did see cheap howard jordan from the oakland police department and mayor quan is reportedly among the group of people walking around for. safe it seems like darn it is right, there is standing down, so to speak. among the media there are some protesters were people who support them. maybe 10 minutes ago, out of the blue, i saw some people pop up in the encampment. i thought they were gone, so did police
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officers. then, you heard during coming from the crowd. i do not know the efforts and was or what they're doing but that person seems to be gone at this time. i can confirm that the chief has walked through. mayor quan is reportedly here, i did see someone who looked like her but it seems like the storm is over for now and no confrontations. many officers are already standing down. >>darya: >>james: we will be right back with more in a moment. saw thi just seen
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>> breaking news. we have watched police arrest occupy oakland protesters as well as take down their encampment at frank ogawa plaza. we are looking at video right now. right now i want to give you the latest information that has come to us from oakland city hall. if you work for the city, employees are being asked to report to work starting at 10:00 a.m.. if you need to do any business at city
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hall, they are going to be providing reduced services. they want you only to come if what you're trying to do is time sensitive and absolutely essential. if you have to do anything at city hall, to date may not be the day to do it. this city is saying that all operations will be fully opened for business on november 15th. if you have a business downtown, we want to know what you are feeling in talking. if the city was supposed to let you know by 6:00 a.m. how to handle your operations. we are hearing that the city of oakland has opened the winter shelter at the army base of one day earlier, the city is now encouraging the homeless population to utilize that service. they want people who need somewhere to stay to head to the winter shelter as opposed to camping out at frank ogawa plaza. the also know that there will be a media
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briefing from the mayor jean quan ended the interim police chief. that is supposed to be coming up at 8:15 a.m.. we do plan to have freight crew inside to get us the latest information because we do want to hear from the mayor and police and how they think things when this morning and why they went about things the way they did. we are also hearing that there is going to be a group of occupy protesters who will be gathering in front of the library like they did back on october 25th, that is coming up at 4:00 p.m.. protesters have announced that if the camp is evicted it will reconvene at the oakland public library on 14. that is not until 4:00 this afternoon. it does seem that these protesters plan to gather again.
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>>james: jackie sissel is live with us this morning. >>jackie: we are at the corner of 14th and clay right behind city hall. frank ogawa plaza is to the south of where i am at. and but to look kind. this is the moment when officers from the oakland police department moved in from the south side area and went through, as you described earlier in the half of it leaked made sure that no one was inside of the tense. they are in full right
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year. police from all different agencies from around the san francisco, oakland, the alameda county sheriff's, santa clara, they all heard it came about 4:00 a.m. to let protesters know that if they desire to leave the plaza that they were subject to arrest. they waited until about 615 or so this morning and that is when they started to move in. they went from 10th to pass and toward the tent down gerhard between 35-505 hancock area the officers were making sure that no one was inside. we know that at least one person was arrested. about 30 people in all have been arrested for
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various counts. i am here at 14th and clay. this is the processing center where they brought the protesters. that is where the processing table was set up. james
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>> we are at at 7:24 a.m.. breaking news this morning is the police raid on the occupy oakland encampment. video on the right is of the police walking through tents by tents and dismantling them, arresting anyone who was still inside the camp itself. most protesters were out in the street at that point. safe >>darya: police are still holding a line outside of the closet. craig skalar has been there since early this morning. what are the changes you have seen. what is going on right now as compared to earlier? >>craig: there is one big standoff holding these people at bay. early this morning people marching in the intersection and police were beginning to show up,
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they're wondering whether or not they would have the same wife--the same riding like what happened on october 25th. old and control was the tactic. police have taken down their shields the. cause you can see that they have these twist ties ready to arrest people. put so far, of people kharkov caught very calm greenhouse of our seen things to police constantly over and over again. police are just having to take their verbal abuse. they are holding at eight. kirk--they are holding at bay. it seems like the police have kept everything at arm's-length and it did not antagonize even though they were being antagonized. >>darya: the last time, they put up a chain-link fence to
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keep protesters from setting up the tents again. this time, what does that look like they are doing? >>craig: this time they have the barricade. the line of police goes all the way around the intersection as well as blocking of every a go, every street that can be blocked around frank ogawa plaza. there is no barbwire or chain-link. they have taken their shields down. it is a matter of standing by in the block it off. earth's we will be visiting-staffe och >>james: we're back with more in a minute. your time right now is 7:27 a.m..
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>>darya: our team coverage continues, occupy oakland in
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the police action that brought down the intensity of frenkel all wanted. on the right-hand side cameras were rolling when police mobilized at 2:00 a.m.. the massive descended upon frank ogawa plaza and tore down the tents. people were warned that it would get arrested if they stayed in the plaza. there have been about 30 arrests. people were taken away in plastic handcuffs. protesters were about to protests in the streets but not to camp overnight. on the left-hand side people are still out on the streets as a part of the occupied the hemophilia >>james: we have also been following this story of mind. justine waldman is following the latest of the tooth, using, facebook and the like. >>justine: this video from using is from a protester who was inside occupy oakland is showing us what the camp looks like clotright now. this is video from
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someone that is there. people are back in the encampment possibly collecting their belongings and assessing the damage. many of the tents have been taken down and police are in as the outlaw and confiscating whenever they can find. maybe there are drugs, weapons or things that are considered hazardous. that is what the smaller video is showing us. that is live at video from what is inside what was occupy oakland. police have dismantled the encampment just seen that but we were asked this morning on our facebook page, what do you think about the difference between what the city is saying, not only are they trying to protect free speech but also protect
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public safety and health. that question and got a lot of comments. some people are also concerned, they did not like that protesters are planning to rally at 4:00 p.m. at the oakland public library. savir is one comment from sharon who says the city of oakland failed to protect public health and safety. occupiers are not exercising first amendment rights, their squatters at this point. one person says jean quan needs to be recalled. we will move on to more comments throughout the morning. what are you thinking and feeling? what are you experiencing from occupy oakland? we encourage you to visit our facebook fan page. both if you work for the city of oakland you are being advised to come to work at 10:00 a.m.. if you
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run a business in the area, you are being asked to assess we you think is safe or not safe to run your business this morning. cough if you need to use any cities to assist, they're asking you to do so only if it is time sensitive or super orton because they are running at a reduced service level today. ron >>justine: i encourage you to join our discussion on the basis of. >>darya: here is a look at a live shot on the left-hand side. in the background you can see the 12th street bart station, it has been close all morning. >>da: there are many stories that have been affected. >>george: broadway is essentially shut down between 11th and 17th. right
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in the center of the map is frank ogawa plaza. also, the perimeter cerise which are franklin and clay st., this is broadway running down middle. the area between franklin and clay, between 11 and 17 who feel definitely the area to avoid. for my money would be better off avoiding anything between webster and jefferson. >>george: the bart station is still closed. there is no indication from are about when they will reopen its wall street station. it was closed this morning at the request of the oakland police department. a quick check on bridges shows the bay bridge, it is about an 18 minute drive time. at the golden gate bridge, 101, it is a problem free on the stand. the commute is getting heavier through marin county. the time is now 7:34 a.m., let's get a check on whether.
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>>erica: temperatures right now are on a mild side. forties and fifties around the bay area. 54 for those of you and have fun bay. as we take temperatures into the accident, widespread '50s and '60s. maybe 63 for redwood city. right now we have a sense of south but as we head into the afternoon will see a lot of 60s. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows partly cloudy conditions for the next couple of days. thursday we introduce a chance for rain fall. that chance only increases as we head towards friday. >>darya: it the story, a team coverage continues of the occupy oakland movement this morning. there are no clashes with all these riot police who are geared up get ready for the worst. everything went pretty smoothly as they went in and
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cleared out his city. as they are still keeping protesters back and we are live with continuing coverage in a couple of minutes. and
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>>darya: and this morning that tense city of frank ogawa plaza was torn down early this morning by police in riot gear. gillian see that happening from the video we saw earlier period, left, a live shot shows there is still a large number of police in a vase of and an outside parameter is set up. >>james: jackie sissel is joining us. he was there as police began methodically moving through the park dismantling the tents that easy. jackie, i have asked you, one of the big concerns on the part of the city of oakland's was the health and sanitary conditions. what was your take?
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>>darya: we just lost the audio coverage. the police moved in and tore down the tents. they did make a handful of arrests. jackie, go ahead. >>jackie: i was only inside the closet for a little bit. it is difficult to comment on the sanitary conditions but i am at 14th and clay outside of frank ogawa plaza. there are small groups of protesters on the outskirts of this parameter. they are somewhat confronting the police officers. that is something we have seen happening around frank ogawa plaza since it clear. let's start from the beginning. >>darya: we are having a little bit of trouble with jackie's audio, we'll take a
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quick break as we continue our team coverage of the occupy oakland movement. we will be right back. hall is
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>>james: our breaking news story, an early-morning raid on the occupy oakland encampment. police moved through and started dismantling the tents. they instructed all of those inside the park to exit unless they wanted to be arrested. most of them did. they congregated in the various intersections near frank ogawa plaza. xi
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>>jackie: there was a tense period of time but then it became a standoff. police had their shields, they never advanced beyond the intersection. the police is definitely take a different strategy this time hall. >>james: if you can panier
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camera to the right, candy show was the diminished crowds? in that intersection was fairly gm earlier this morning. >>craig: there is a lot of news media. >>james: it is one of those situations when you know you are done. >>darya: not only is it happening where people are trying to get around oakland in to get to work, this city has delayed business until 10:00 a.m. call and then we're talking about activities that at the library at 4:00 p.m.. that will be during the commute home. let's talk about the effect on traffic right now. >>george: we still have
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street closure is in effect. we have heard reports that from as far south as 11th street which would be down here, with the perimeter of franklin street here, just east of broadway and clay street right here, for my money or better off avoiding the area from 11 since
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>>george: you will see that there are no problems on the golden gate span. traffic does have a few spots of slow and go traffic but it is not that bad. earlier this morning a hot spot on 101 and south san francisco at grand ave. traffic is still sluggish coming from the candlestick causally in the sierra point headed south in the direction of sfo. let's get a check on whether america. >>erica: it is still a bit foggy for locations in the north and east a valleys. temperatures are running on the lawn outside. how are google and '50s seem to be the case. and down into the north bay we are dealing with low 40's. 51 in downtown san francisco. as we check out where the numbers go into the afternoon, we are sitting in the '50s and '60s. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. one of our cool spots is in half moon bay. into the north
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bay, once the fog drifted south we will see 60s. 61 is the expected high for downtown san francisco. your 7 day around the day forecast shows partly cloudy conditions for the next couple of days. thursday, a slight chance of rain overnight stretching towards friday. >>justine: what we are watching right now is what people are saying and thinking as we continue to monitor these live pictures into our police are set up with barricades and into the video you are watching is of police as they move into the occupy oakland encampment. we posted a question on our face the page asking this, the city of oakland says, this city remains committed to respecting free speech and protect public health and safety curate we wanted to know we think. do you
7:50 am
think that this was done and what would you do? this comment is from claudia. >>justine: we will take a quick break and be right back. but her cool to worry a in in the
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>>darya: mine seemed are continuing tom brady is in oakland, police in riot gear are still on the scene at frank ogawa plaza after clearing out the tent city with the occupy movement on
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the right, that is video from earlier. one person was arrested. some about 30 people were arrested this morning. it was a peaceful confrontation. if there were no clashes between protesters and police. >>jackie: there is a line at 14th and clay and another line set up here.
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>>james: protesters planned to convene this morning-- this afternoon at 4:00 p.m.. tough >>darya: think about the huge difference on this morning to october 25th.
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now, the police have handled things differently. they still had a great number of officers and all of their right gear, but he did not materialize. they did not have any clashes. they moved in and were able to start taking down the tents. >>james: things were more subdued. we do all this is still have roads closed. it will take a while to get this area around frank ogawa plaza cleared. we are still so more on room disease can thaws us italy and therefore it's armonk out on the
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meeting gigawatt who did an aide to many rain yesterday when tough ha i want it to
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what he will >> offshore to refit the and the sirens. this time involved in slowly and methodically kif they moved closer and closer but never engaged with protesters. at hochheimer hanging than and
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and 1/2 as access >>dan: haaziq madyun if he is often the ahead at earn earn with byzantium's seen
8:06 am
that will be one of the big questions posed to her, is there anything that she regrets from the first attempt and how did she plan on moving forward. these kinds of questions the mayor will be facing. it was a fairly non-violence evacuation from the camp site and then, hours and later protesters gathered again and then, they marched from city library to frank ogawa plaza for abandoned and violence erupted later in the evening. the question is, is the oakland police department ready for something like that to
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occur? have they learned anything since then customer is there anything that they can do differently? there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. it has been a fairly uneventful, non-violence eviction. this city is not out of the woods yet to. >>darya: not at all. sacks for the ems, so testers plans to the axle library. we will be standing by with less coverage for that. as we are just about five minutes away from a press conference. will take a break in food--we will be back with more extended team coverage. in
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>>james: breaking news, the eviction of occupy oakland. >>darya: on the right, you can see them taking down the tents. on the left is a live shot. it appears that there is still one a lone protester up there in a tree. will tran has more on what is happening with demonstrators. >>will: and you are absolutely right. that is the lone occupier at this time. he is still in a tree and no stranger to
8:11 am
authorities. he became known to many of us from the berkeley protest. he is not going anywhere. >>will: the protesters are gone. for all intents and purposes a lot around 3:30 a.m., they moved from the encampment to 14th in the broadway. we used to see the officers may be five deep. now, there is a big, wide gap in between officers. many of them are standing down at this conference it, i am standing behind another verite.
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>>will: the heavy lifting is over, many officers are now just taking a breath. >>james: we are not too far away from the press conference, we are expecting to hear from the mayor and the oakland police department. >>darya: visit us on facebook and you can ask questions. will be right back.
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>>darya: 814 hand. we are waiting to hear what the office of emergency services has to say about this morning's raid on the occupy oakland protesters. on the last you can see where x riot police moved in and took down the 10 city and that path again. police are maintaining a presence. there have been about 30 arrests, but those were peaceful. >>james: this situation has declined intensely. we are waiting for the next wave. protests are set for 4:00
8:16 am
p.m. to reassemble at the library. let's get the latest from testing. >>justine: what question would you ask oakland mayor jean quan or interim police chief howard jordan? we have gotten a lot of responses this morning. this one is coming to us from josh. he wants to know the cost per hour to have police presence in the area and how much overtime and what are the fuel costs and what the loss of revenue is for local businesses. he wants to know what the impact on local commuters will be. he wants to know what type of taxpayer burden have these protests cost. another question for the mayor is asking what is taking so long the press conference has now started. we will
8:17 am
turn our attention to the mayor and police chief. >>james: right now they're taking care of some technical things. we expect officials to step to the podium momentarily and all eyes will be on the oakland mayor. she has come under considerable pressure over the last few weeks since the first grade. many people are calling for her recall. what can she say to appease people are really upset with her? >>george: the area to avoid
8:18 am
is a five block radius around frank ogawa plaza. franklin street, webster street and jefferson street. that would include 10th and 17th. this is broadway and these are the parameters streets. this is the area to avoid it right here. if you stay out of that area you are likely to avoid any traffic delays. the 12th streets and bart station remains closed. there is no indication on when the 12th street station will be reopened. you'll have to use lake merritt or 19th. we havbeen hot spot free for some time. on the bay bridge the backup is between the 880 and west grand ave. on the golden
8:19 am
gate bridge we are problem free for 101 southbound although there is heavy traffic in northern iran. >>erica: we are contending with a dense fog in the no. 8 and the state. as for temperatures they're running on the mild side with everyone is sitting in the 40's and 50's. as we check our temperatures go in the afternoon, for the most part '50s and '60s. half moon bay is one of our coolest spot coming in at 59 degrees. once we rid ourselves of the morning's fall we will see 60s in the north bay. in one degree cooler and san rafael. your 7 day around the forecast shows partly cloudy conditions for the next couple of days but thursday night we do introduce a slight chance of rain into the forecast. that
8:20 am
chance only increases as we head towards friday. >>darya: we are back with more of our team coverage of occupy oakland to. we are waiting for a press conference to start. in
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>>darya: the mayor is speaking right now, let's take a listen. >> in addition to the violence, this city cannot afford the violence whether it is downtown were in the neighborhoods, we have had many small businesses, restaurants and even hotels lose hundreds of patrons and potentially hundreds of jobs. for weeks we have been trying to meet with organizers. i probably am the only mayor that did not
8:24 am
have a group of people from the encampment to speak to. our community has already had strained resources. we laid off hundreds of this year. these resources have hurt the quality of life in every part of the city. today, we take every step that we could. sometimes under criticism, but we carefully planned the removal. we will try to carefully follow the plan for the next few days. we metalist multiple groups in the encampment and ask them to leave. many of them have. i want to thank them for that. we are grateful that many to the advantage of these last few days to leave peacefully. i also want to thank many churches and community groups that stepped up to talk to people in the encampment. last night three different churches offer alternative housing and helped us to close the camp peacefully
8:25 am
curious this has a difficult situation. i have tried to do what is right for the city in what would keep the most people safe. i am asking everyone around the bay area, because i know that the reach of the demonstrations is beyond my city, we're asking everyone to respect my city's decision to close the encampment, even if we support the movement. i am asking you to not engage in destructive acts. i am asking you to respect what now has become an overwhelming sentiment in this city, that the movement can be divided from the encampment and that we start to run together on issues a nice as curious i want to thank the alameda county, the public agencies, the county, the probation department, my own city
8:26 am
staff that will be working hard to clean up, clear and reopen the plaza. >> good morning. as i have stated in the past, this city has focused on three clear goals. the first was to facilitate their right to free speech and ensure public safety and health. the third was a crowd control. despite these communications, the city received calls of service and that substantiated dates for the public's safety existed. fiers, assaults and beatings. this was further underscored by the homicide occurred on november 10th. the chief and i decided that it was necessary to clear frank ogawa plaza. as soon as a mutual aid resources could be made available, the plan was coordinated with
8:27 am
the mayor. i want to thank the mutual aid partners the support of the city of oakland today. as is already known, for the past three days the city has issued a notice of a violation serious and during those times there were some of voluntary recalls. fees our police car was able to cut in place a plan to clear the plaza switch is now in the clean-up phase. i would also like to thank the oakland police the apartment for their hard work and commitment. our goal today
8:28 am
is to clean of the plaza so that we can open the streets by 6:00 p.m.. going for the plaza will be open for demonstrations and peaceful assembly. it will absolutely not be open for lodging. this city remains committed to facilitating peaceful expression. >> this morning i directed okies staff and allied agencies to disassemble the camp that was established at the frank ogawa plaza. during the operation 32 people were arrested. nine of them are from oakland. i am happy to report their run of injuries to officers or
8:29 am
citizens. there was no recorded use of force or incidents of resistance. as mentioned earlier i am proud of the wave that officers acted today and similar to the other a events that took place over the last few months, our goal has been to resolve the incidents peacefully and allowing people to exercise first amendment rights. you saw today how that can happen. i want to personally think the law enforcement agencies they came here to help us. the alameda county sheriff's, the san francisco police department, the san leandro police department, hayward police department, santa clara county sheriff's department, san mateo county sheriff's department, fremont police department and last but certainly not least, the oakland and police department. >> before i opened things up
8:30 am
for questions, i want to mention that we did advise, in order to minimize transportation disruptions, we did advise city employees to delay the start of the work day until 10:00 a.m.. are asking for the public's assistance to limit the visits to city offices around the clock the two- time sensitive, urgent, essential services. that will allow us the opportunity to return operations to normal.cc1: businesses and buildings will be open at 10:00 p.m.. we also sent out an e-mail this morning to local downtown businesses letting them know that we were delaying the start of hour work day and asking them to consider what would be best for the impact to their businesses, whether they want to delay the start of their workday. for the television media we would
8:31 am
love to have you scroll back. that we are advising downtown businesses to consider whether to delay the start of the workday and that city offices will be open from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. >>reporter: there were questions about whether other agencies will charge oakland for the cost rather than being reimbursed through state mutual aid. is is being put on the shoulders of oakland? the >> the cost will be covered by the city of oakland. this was a command of and. we will be under contract with the alameda county sheriff's to reimburse for those costs. the estimated costs are $300,000-$500,000.
8:32 am
>>reporter: how will enforce them be made for the plaza been open for protesting but not for camping? >> that is a question better answered by the chief. let me say that we will clear the plaza, we hope to have it available for peaceful demonstration between 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.. there is absolutely no lodging going forward. >> just to answer your question there will be a strong police presence at the plaza. we will also be
8:33 am
looking at other alternatives as things go on. obviously, this organization is very resource stand. it is likely that we will call on other private agencies to help us police the plaza beyond today. we intend to allow people to peacefully assemble and demonstrated an exercise their first amendment rights like they have been doing for the last 10-15 years. we intend to continue that process.
8:34 am
>>reporter: if there is no lodging will people be allowed to stay? >> it is a public area. if you are not breaking the laws are not concerned about your presence. we will have a very strict no lodging policy. there is no curfew it is a public place. >>reporter: i have a question for mayor quan. since
8:35 am
>> we're both going to take this question. oakland has often been a leader for foreclosures and homeless issues. we received
8:36 am
one of the largest grants to return at the community's homes back to them. we also have a foreclosure registry. we have been working close with the banks to get them free financed. we are also asking for -- refinancing for banks. we do not have a lot of reserves but we do have some. we've been trying to participate with some of the issues. the winter shelter homeless camp is bepossibly goig to be opening up early. we are going to try to work on many of these issues.
8:37 am
>> let me add that we have been providing a high level of of homeless services for the past couple of days. personally, offices has not received any information from the financial institutions. i have been receiving a number of information that the city has been treating this movement how it evolved out side of the plaza. it has been -- draining the city financially. >> what abprotesters? will they have a another area to protest? >> it is up to the police chief. over the last week i have been contacted by 9-tat and different groups. they have than -- i have been asking about
8:38 am
snow park. nine--10 different groups. at least a good portion of the group is looking for eight different private location or the aken camp. similar to wall street. were and are they able to camp. the owners are allowing them to camp and " occupier wall street ". >> let me also promote that type of activity of public
8:39 am
camping. >> in order to meet mitigate the de - campment, we've been working with people from snow park. let me reemphasize that the police department has not been involved in any negotiations with anybody. nor will we about taking over private property that is not our role. thank you. it is an operational, strategic move that i authorized. to be able to use our resources more effectively for frank ogawa plaza today. >> would you like to take this opportunity to apologize to oakland?
8:40 am
>> repeat past.repeat that. >> he wants to know if you want to apologize? the attacks playe the text as players >> i don't think oakland is the only city is continuing to move the and cabins. if you look across the country we even know that we might have to move the encampment again. this is a national/international movement. this is their tactic. we are literally try to get the -- encampment to move on. >> to follow up on that question. one person said that
8:41 am
it they did not want to be part of the process if this going to get violent. >> this is a very delicate balancing act to keep this city safe and to keep the people's rights intact. today's action, were carefully planned. we were able to get an overwhelmingly number to leave the encampment. 15 of the 33 actually came back to participate in civil disobedience. that means less than two dozen people left and those people left peacefully. 15 of the 13 that were arrested, did choose to return and
8:42 am
participate and civil disobedience. >> anything that the penal code describes as lodging. that is for any public property, day or night. >> what was that? >> what about a tree? >> we're getting clarification from a district attorney and as you know this is something that we have witnessed a few years ago and berkeley. we have some experience in dealing with the bat from berkeley. >> so, we are going to be available again we will have another media briefing at 1:00 p.m. we appreciated, thanks. >> jean, what about the neighborhood picketing? >>darya: it is opening with the occupy oakland. they are just
8:43 am
finishing up that news conference. this city is saying they're not going to allow any type of lodging or any temporary structure in frank ogawa plaza. >> as daria mentioned that they're not going to stay there overnight. we will take a quick break and come back. is is big big big. small. big big big big. [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country,
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8:45 am
>>darya: are retained coverage continues with the team coverage of what happens. our team coverage. these temporary structures are being dismantled. >> if you mens---32 arrests, no injuries, no use of force and no resistance. this has been costing the city thousands of dollars to get this removed from frank ogawa plaza. >>darya: there will be a strong
8:46 am
police presence in frank ogawa plaza. we will be out there. they should have this open by 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. >> this stipulation is that you can stand there but you cannot put a to restructure and you are not able to camp there overnight. unyou've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now, get a safeway frozen turkey up to 12 lbs, for just $5 each. cook your thanksgiving turkey perfectly with our free chef assistant app. it's foolproof. safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> this is the latest from take down oakland. mayor jean quan has addressed the media. we would like to know what you think. one person saying that they will reassemble. they think that this is not over. this person is saying that i hope they come back even stronger. and another comment " what i find funny is that the
8:53 am
protesters did not go to the 1% near beverly hills or so so little ". we will have more on this, but we will be back. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute.
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8:58 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news 9:00 a.m. with breaking news >>darya: the mayor of oakland is evicting the protesters from the frank ogawa plaza. it is a success. on the left you can see the police are remaining a 24 hour police presence at frank
8:59 am
ogawa plaza. >> by most accounts it was a successful from a standpoint. if they have of arrested 32 people. the big difference between today and get the one on october 25th is that today, no resistance, no injuries, no resistance. >>darya: here is with jean quan said. >> i think that we worked very hard to make it this is peaceful. it is a very difficult balancing act for free speech and also to keep the city safe. he and i will to secrete and that is it. it is clear. he denied-will-will disagree. we are able to get an overwhelmingly amount of people to leave the encampment. 15 of the 33 people dead or are rested chose to return to participate in civil disobedience. 15 of the 33 people -- that were a rested chose to return. >>darya: what a big difference
9:00 am
from october 25th when it was clashes and violence. today's operations went much smoother. as mayor jean quan just mentioned to, there were peaceful people taken away. what will happen tonight? the question remains. they are going to continue to protest in the frank ogawa plaza camp, overnight. >> siegel is her legal adviser. since then, he has chosen to move on. however, we will hear from him. and his response to this latest decision from moving the encampment.
9:01 am
>> jaysonckie: if books like the will be some streets closed. it looks like this will still be closed for the next couple of days-. >>darya: jackie, as far as these barricades. is that everything or the only thing that is keeping people out? >>jackie: the police are also keeping people out. the officers are also still out here in this area. daria, they have basically finished but the police still remain. there is still a huge police presence.
9:02 am
>>darya: jackie, do you remember that large fenced that anchore the protesters. >>jackie: last time it took them a a while for them to clean up the plaza. however for this all intents and purposes, there was only one protester left. they have left the scene. it looks like a are going to try to recruit and make this protest further down near the library and march, the plaza. they will start and regroup and move and later tonight. it seems like that is the tactic. i will not be surprised if they try to do that again. that is what we will dexpected them to do. those
9:03 am
barricades will be erected around the frank ogawa plaza. >> siegel, thank you for joining us. please walk us through your decision. >> i was very unhappy to evict the camp who o december 5th -- r 25th. obviously, the decision to clean it it up is a major decision with hundreds of police officers down here. who knows how many dollars have been spent to basically just put down tents
9:04 am
that are fighting to make the world a better place. i just think that there could be a better use of the city administration. >>darya: can you see that this is their legal standpoint? they're going to still allow the protesters to assemble but just not being able to attecamp overnight. >> correct. however, the strategies and tactics implemented by the encampment movement throughout the occupy movement has been at their constant presence. i think the cd could have made a better effort i think the-city of oakland credit made a better effort to insure that the protesters were more cooperative
9:05 am
with police and vice versa. it was a tremendous mistake to make this protest has melt preoccupied everybody and oakland has-been preoccupying everybody. >> when you back on the handling of this from mayor jean quan? " would you say? >> she has been very strong and loving thmoving this camp meant, she has received a lot of
9:06 am
pressure of members of the city of counsel, the city chamber, the city business members. she has been receiving a lot of pressure. if this would that have not been removed it would have banne continued to be a soe of contention. >>darya: art it seems like things are pretty calm? >> that was how october 25th began on also. there were protests that evening. they became whiled. there were
9:07 am
accusations of misconduct of becoming-wild. and that led to the closure of the port of oakland. that also left to more property damage involvement. i am not advocating those actions but we should learn from our experience that people are not going to react in a happy manner to this sort of police activity. >>darya: so you are concerned for tonight? >> i am concern for tonight and the following night and the future of nights i do not think that this movement is going to go away. even if you have police guarding frank ogawa plaza, they will catch up
9:08 am
somewhere else. >> let me ask you they will -- camp out somewhere else. >> downtown business owners are upset that she did not clear out frank ogawa plaza earlier. perhaps that is that something that she should have done? >> i did not need that she could have done anything to keep everybody happy. we do sympathize with the business owners. perhaps it would be cheaper to just go to the business owners to give them grants or funding to get them through this difficult patch. thus far, we have hundreds of
9:09 am
thousands of police mobilized. >>darya: mr. siegel, thank you for speaking with us. because you did not agree with the mayor and how she handled this, that was your decision to resign just recently. we will continue to cover this and be right back honey...? [ mom ] yes.
9:10 am
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9:12 am
>> we return with the latest details of the oakland encampment removal. this is a live picture. will tran is standing by. >>will: james, you are looking
9:13 am
at what used to be " occupy oakland ". there are not even anybody left inside of those tents. howard jordan, took a tour. he is the interim police chief. i have to tell you that one person is still at the scene and hihe is and the trees. he is known as a professional protester. the police say that they are in no hurry. to get him out. the police officers are standing down and relaxed. they have not left this area. you can see that most of the heavy lifting was done at 4:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m. i must tell you that
9:14 am
there are more police and even protesters. i will show you that this is a broadway/14. you can still see protesters but as far is the amount of people it has dramatically gone down since 6:00 a.m. >>darya: thank you, will tran and the big question will be what happens tonight. as protesters planned to gather at the l library this afternoon.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
a memorial we continue to fall
9:18 am
latest on the polk >>darya: we continue to follow the latest on the occupy oakland. >> 300,000-500,000 is the estimated cost for this removal. after that recent press conference to will continue to be a police presence. however, by 6:00 p.m., frank ogawa plaza will still be open to private not available for overnight camping. >>justine: let me read some of these comments from a war faced kron 4 facebook fan page first, a lot of people are saying it does not matter that these occupy protesters are going to be back. despite this new rule
9:19 am
that you are not going to be able to camp overnight been frank ogawa plaza up. these people need to get a job. another person that says that if these people come back it could get ugly and they can blame themselves. also the wish that this movement would go towards where this 1 per cent live like sausalito, or beverly hills. and when you out lot a movement it simply will just go underground. history will repeat itself. there are so many comments i appreciate your comments. another interesting fact that i just posted kron 4 facebook fan page mayor jean quan noted that 180 called to 911 had to go unanswered in response to
9:20 am
addressing the occupy movement. and >>george: we are showing that part is back in service. at the 12th street station-bart is restoring service. at the 12th street station. the bay bridge is experiencing a large back up. the west span fremont of st. accident has been cleared but things for so slow on the upper deck that they really clamp down on the metering lights. now, there is a backup that goes all the way to the macarther maze for the westbound. for your right to the golden gate is problem-free. there are no
9:21 am
delays. quickly towards downtown oakland let me remind you that broadway is still shut down between 11th-17. 14th street is still closed between frankland and clay but i would expand and include a that a round frank ogawa plaza. of for that area. >> @ ericka good morning >>george: but there is a dense fog advisory has been cancelled. still 40's and 50's but not much movement in the north bay. we have seen 41 in santa rosa, novado correctly it is 51 degrees in san francisco. 50's is common for concord, antioch. towards it this afternoon, widespread 60s will continue. 65 degrees is expected and mountain view. we will see plenty of sunshine and novado, and even
9:22 am
clear conditions through some rough idle. sunshine and-novado for the and san rafael. the norh bay continues to see a slight chance of showers later this week. we will be right back. stay with us. hey!
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9:25 am
>> early this morning i directed the oakland police stuff to do is to assemble the camp meant that was at frank ogawa plaza. there were 32 arrests, and nine people were from oakland. i am happy to report that there were no injuries to citizens or officers. no resistance, no injuries. as measured earlier, and mentioned earlier, i am
9:26 am
very content with how the officers have acted. for peaceful presentatioprotests, ae balance continues for human- rights, and public safety. >> the alameda county sheriff's department helped us, the sheriff's department from san francisco helped us, the hayward santa clara san mateo, the fremont police department and last but certainly not least the oakland police department all combined their efforts. >>darya: you can continue to find that speech in its entirety on our website they are cleaning out frank ogawa plaza up by 5:00 p.m.,
9:27 am
6:00 p.m. it will be open for of demonstrators. >> stay tuned for more continuing coverage time:26. th6
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: welcome back. we have continuing coverage from the occupy movement with removals' of tents from frank ogawa plaza. there remains a heavy police presence 24-7. they are continuing to allow protesters to protest but not any camping, overnight but. >> that a live shot is from jackie. we can get the latest. from frank ogawa plaza. >>jackie: yes. they're still a large police presence. you can see those are santa clara
9:30 am
police officers. youthwe are at 14/clay. those are police. cades. this is near broadway. for gogo what is on the left. there's still a large police presence frederick all know what is on the left
9:31 am
>> this was a planned event. we are born to be under contract to we are-going to be under contract to reimburse the area police departments and the amount of $300,000-$500,000. because we have had this as a planned event. >>will: his name is running wolfe. he has been there for the last couple of days. none the less, he knew that something was going to happen which is why he is up there. i have been speaking to officers asking them
9:32 am
what they are going to do. there are sanitation workers coming through. they are starting to clean up but as far as he is concerned the officers are in no hurry to get him down. there is no one to get any supplies to towards them. they are not worried about >> . as far as the officers? they remain. as far as the number of officers? they are taking a break. there is no rush to do anything because there are not any body behind the barricades. with a are relaxing and maybe we tee waiting for tht wave. nobody knows for sure how long this police presence will
9:33 am
remain. >>darya: thank you, will trend. we will wait and see what happens. the road will be impacted. and let us get a check on traffic that is impacted. >>george: broadway/40 continues to be closed. between 11th and 17th broadmoor/14broadway and 1n clay and franklin with a 5 block radious is a sfe bet to avoid and caltran is rerouting. bart
9:34 am
is now opened. taking you to the west bound, there was a fremont street accident that has been cleared but we're still dealing with the impact. traffic is backed up to west grand avenue almost to the macarther maze. 16 minutes, this is the biggest backup the be purchasing all morning long. >> the golden gate is problem- free. comeri the temperatures dt stilare going to move much wit's
9:35 am
in the north bay. this afternoon, we should see 60s in mountain view. we did seep visibility issues earlier this morning in the north bay. however, they are expected to reach 60s. partly cloudy conditions for most of this week but a slight chance of rain even starting on thursday. that will be prevalent on friday. 9:35. we will be right back.
9:36 am
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9:38 am
the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> we are back in 9:38 the breaking news has been the police raid at the frank ogawa plaza police raid. this was earlier this morning. it was just before 5:00 a.m. one police moved in. they'd removed 32 people. there were nine people
9:39 am
from oakland. they dissembled each count. as for the protesters? they have been relocated. >>darya: hundreds have been responded to this. will tran has the latest. >>will: ? >> you can see that the officers have been high 5 i ing each other it seems like the joy on their faces and the fact that they all got up at the same time. as i mentioned, they mentione they are congratulatinh other with a sherrard georshared sense of joy among t.
9:40 am
there is already a power washer at the amphitheater. let me also show you the man and that is still up at the tree he is known as a professional protester known as running wolfe. now, you can still see police officers are yelling up at him. at one point they were trying to communicate with him. here is the protester, james. he has just gotten up. it does not look like he has any plans to leave. the police are shaking their
9:41 am
plans and not looking at very good alternatives for him. >>darya: we do see that protesters will probably return later and police will be ready tonight we will keep you posted and we will be back. that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr. i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here. [ male announcer ] aaron rodgers got his. how about you? rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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9:44 am
>>darya: time:44 our continuing coverage continues. it is 9:44 earlier, the protesters have been removed. 32 arrests. there is still a strong police presence in frank ogawa plaza. >> yes. earlier, kurt sklar was at 14/broadway craig sklar.
9:45 am
>> you mentioned 32 arrests, i do not even think that there are 32 people at the barricades at the frank ogawa plaza. there are people that are bright and the middle of the intersection. maybe there are maybe 10 people in the center of the intersection. the police ought to not seemed to be that alarmed. it is a far cry from what it was. earlier, the police were much more on their record. right now, this does not seem to be as severe as earlier when police for relief on their guard earlier the police were
9:46 am
really ready to pounce. would you think, now? >> craig? >>darya: it looks like we might have lost craig however, the protesters have continued to we gather at the library tonight. and justine is falling this online. >> siegel spoke with us earlier and that entire press conference with house order
9:47 am
jordan is on our facebook and page kron 4 facebook fan page siegel was the former legal adviser to mayor jean quan. based on her recent decisions of the occupy movement, he resigned. let me read you some quick comments. >> i have also seen that camping out of line. another comment is that the protesters are more inspirational one the cops continue to be a bully. >> the protesters continued to take up resources. and the other is that they will reassemble. the occupy oakland a scattering of the public library at 4:00 p.m. and reconvene they will not
9:48 am
be able to camp out overnight at frank ogawa plaza. >>george: good morning, justine. thank you. downtown oakland to closures 14th street is a problem between frankland, clay, broadway. 11th street, franklin street, and 16th street near frank ogawa plaza. the present service of bart has been opened after being closed for several hours. the oakland police department requested earlier that the board to be closed. if this is earlier, the westbound. the oakland police to parker requested that bart shut down temporarily. -- >> earlier there was an
9:49 am
accident that blocked lanes at the fremont exit. it is long gone about the backup remains. >>george: also, the golden gate is problem-free with no problems 101 southbound in marin county >>erica: good morning. we are looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's. it looks like half moon bay is one of the warmer spots at 54 degrees. also 40's in the north bay holding steady at 41 in santa rosa. 52 degrees in downtown oakland. this afternoon, we could see widespread 60s. 63 degrees expected in redwood city. a bit cooler through the word. with mid-60s expected in novado, and 61 degrees expected
9:50 am
in san francisco. a look at your 7 day around the bay shows partly cloudy conditions. however, everything will change as the record towards friday with thursday night as everything changes thursday night. 9:49. we will be back.
9:51 am
]s00 ñ
9:52 am
9:53 am
>>darya: the entire frank ogawa plaza has been dismantled. 32 arrests. the protesters have given up, peacefully. >> another concern is that if protesters are going to travel to snow park? that is also a
9:54 am
public park and mayor jean quan is also not endorsing that. let us get a check of snow park. >> good morning. let me tell you that this is a much more mellow scene. there are just a few dozen tents. people are just milling this is a new scene. as far as in the more activity? there is not much anticipated violence or confrontational. friday or plaza, there were reports of violence that frank ogawa plaza earlier. that was mainly because it was such a
9:55 am
small space with a lot of tents this is more, spread out. at snow park. right now, it seems to be a mild, lake vaccine.are y police out there? >> no. it is a much different seen as i mentioned, low key and mellow. >>darya: no police presence. the heavy police presence remains at frank ogawa plaza.
9:56 am
will tran? >>will: james, you can deceive the city workers busy. it they are still we can see--the city workers continuing to clear out debris from the frank ogawa plaza. broadway/14 was the scene earlier of a woman screaming and shouting. so, they had to get back into the riot gear. that is more police by of seen since 8: 830. although it is probably not related to a occupy oakland it could be non-related. the work
9:57 am
up and clean up continues at frank ogawa plaza. it should be opened later tonight. >>darya: yes, thank you, will trans. they are also planning on congregating at the public library. >> the public emergency services highlights from that press conference is that there were 32 arrests. nine of those people were from oakland. there were no resistance. there were no violent injuries. there will be a strong police presence tonight. >>darya: all of that information is kron 4 facebook fan page and
9:58 am stay tuned for that. >> we will continue to keep an eye on this and see you later this evening at 5:00 p.m. ♪ [ mom ] hey guys.
9:59 am
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