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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 15, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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not allowing anyone else to go in. we can roll video and show in in in the backpack while riding the elevator. the person got off to the third floor, the person that spotted it got off at the fifth floor and contact you see police. they then confronted the suspect in the computer lab and that is when the shots were fired. >> as we approach the person who supports--who pulled out the gun, the officer challenged the individual to drop the gun and he did not. they fired at the individual it was one officer who fired striking the suspect. >>reporter: the suspect has been taken to highland hospital at this point his identity has not been revealed he is 33 years old and we cannot say if he was a student or whatever his motive was. for students and faculty in the building at
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the time this was quite a frightening experience. >> there were about four, or five shots and then a lot of the kids all dropped this floor. it did not seem real. i was told if i hear anything like that, no question just get out of there. >> it is definitely a very scary situation. >>reporter: as far as those alerts, as far as getting no information students and faculty received a text message and e-mail 1 was 45 minutes after the shooting the other was an hour and 15 minutes after the shooting. we ask the police about that and they said there was no delay in letting people know. we're not sure how those times and that answer jived. >>reporter: i want to give you a late of the land and
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why many people wondered if the shooting was related to the protest. this is upper haas school of business that is where the shooting occurred, this is where the occupy protesters set up shop. this is the plaza where the protests have been going on sort of the south end of campus. as you can see as we fly over, it is less than half a mile from where thesshooting took place. based on the proximity, you can see why people wondered, but the officials say that the shooting and the protests are unrelated. >>catherine: hundreds of students and protesters have joined in a strike date. these were scenes from last week during the occupy cal movement. this is the scene that the officers trying to clear the camp at that point. j.r. stone joins us
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live from the campus with that part of the story. >>reporter: as you can see this is a busy afternoon early estimates was that the lease 1500 as i can the camera, you can see that it is still at least that this evening. i want to walk over to the site area where there were some problems last week. there have not been any of the problems that we sought last week today. keep in mind, again right now will see today this has been a busy day for the students and many people will are with occupy oakland and they came to a rally at noon, then they went for a march earlier this afternoon and now they are back here. you can see the grass area that does not have any tents or anything of that nature. there are questions on whether or not some people will try to put those up and in the distance you can see that there is heavy police presence. they are in plain
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clothing similar to what we saw yesterday. i have been here this afternoon and others have been on that march. kron4 jeff bush was on that and has more to follow in this story. >>reporter: here on telegraph avenue near 20th street the group of protesters have been marching for about half an hour. they started at about 2:45 p.m. at frank ogawa plaza and headed up telegraph ave. they are on their way up to uc-berkeley wanted to show support for the occupy movement there. i estimate there are about 500 protesters may be a little more or a little less walking through the street. what is different about this is that the police are escorting the protesters. there are motorcycle officers in the front and in the back. when the motorcycle officers come to an intersection they stop the traffic so that those marching can move on. >>catherine: people packed into sproul plaza supporting
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the strike. maureen kelly talk with students at skipped class to show their support. >> this is what it should look like every day on this campus. is this not beautiful? >>reporter: more than 1000 people most appearing to be cal students echoed what they were protesting against. >> on police brutality, the cost of public education, the privatization of everything. >>reporter: the occupy cal organizers called on students and professors to boycott their classes on tuesday in support of the movement. some educators decided to hold their class's outside on the plaza in solidarity. many of the faces that you see are students who did not go to
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class, not to play hooky but to stand up to fight what they believe is wrong. >> when i see police officers beating my friends and colleagues i think it is important for us to come out and show that we cannot support that. >> this movement is the poor for my future, the future of my little brother and my kids. i think i deserve to have an affordable education and raise their fees it is going to hurt. >>catherine: here is what some students had to say heading to and from class. >> i am not going to miss class. i do care. >>pam: i guess the movement, it's died down a little more and then everyone is thinking let us get back to business because it is close to final. you have to do what you have to do. >>pam: i have to get good
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grades on my test. >>catherine: the university did not have numbers on how many students stayed out of class or how many classes were canceled. now oakland spend about $2.4 million stealing with the occupy oakland movement in recent weeks. the city will pay most of the cost which include police operations by monday the eviction of campers at frank ogawa plaza and the cost of removing debris. when oakland city council member told us that she is concerned about wasting taxpayer money. >>reporter: oakland city council member jane brunner says that she is concerned about how the city plans to pay for costs associated with the occupy oakland protest. >> i just read that the city says it is going to come out of our reserve in this the first time that we actually put a lot of money in the reserve, think it is
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we did that. so we would much rather see that money go towards services than paying police overtime. >>reporter: the $2.4 million estimate for the occupy oakland protest cost is not include pay for police overtime to remove the campers on two separate occasions. >> i think that there were clearly mistakes made going in letting people go back. >>reporter: she says outside of monday's planned evacuation of the plaza, dipping into the fund to cover real emergencies is why the reserve capital was there. >> it is used for a earthquakes, fires, or some unexpected expense. you do not build in massive demonstrations least time. >>catherine: the oakland mayor jean quan is facing continued criticism for her handling of occupy oakland. she has had a number of news conferences in the last month, she is accused of flip flopping on issues and stumbling through some of the question and answer
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sessions. here are some responses including what she told us when she was asked if she plans to apologize for open residence for how she has handled things. >> i was actually hoping it would not be until i got back, i did not know what they. i do not do the tactical plan. >>reporter: would you like to take this opportunity to apologize for oakland tax payers for having them to fit the bill twice for the encampment at frank ogawa plaza? >> i think that oakland is not the only city that has had to constantly move or continue to move the encampments. >>reporter: so no apologies to the taxpayers? >>catherine: teresa estacio reports that one city council member had some harsh words for the oakland mayor. >>reporter: this oakland council member is not holding back on his opinion of mayor jean quan. >> i think that the reality is she miss handled this
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very badly. the reality is when you are the mayor you have no excuse and no twist but to make the decisions. >>reporter: in addition he said that he has some real concerns about the city's finances especially how the mayor plans to explain to our working residence of oakland the money shelled out to pay for occupy oakland. >>reporter: 1 is the belief of speech and the right to demonstrate, but not at the expense of the people this is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. the $2.4 million is just the beginning. >>reporter: right this moment he tells us that he is not planning on putting forth to the full city council a vote of no- confidence pertaining to the mayor would that could always change. >> if any council member wishes to introduce a resolution for a no- confidence vote, it will
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come on thursday morning i just know i am not planning it. >>catherine: stay with us as we continue to cover the occupy protesters around the bay area. we have the latest video and information on our web site at new at 5:00 p.m.. >> i have horse around with kids and i have showered with them after workouts. >>catherine: out what jerry sandusky told a reporter and why the legal experts say the interview will help prosecution. >>catherine: the route the scene in the big apple coming next. and a bizarre twist in the case of a missing child in washington why investigators are in contact with an online dating web site that was used by the boys more mother.--the boy's mother.
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and new details about the solyndra shut down. >>jacqueline: the weather was pretty mild today we do have changes later this week i will have the details coming up. #k ♪
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accusers have come forward again jerry sandusky. he is facing account for abusing eight boys. his lawyer described his 67 year old clients as an overgrown jock, the grand jury indictment says that he came in contact with his victims through his private foundation second out. >> are you sexually attracted to underage boys? >> i like to be around them, but no, i am not sexually attracted to young boys. >>catherine: legal analyst jeffrey toobin calls that an unforgettable calls and he said it is not only legally
5:17 pm
admissible in court but highly incriminating. >> absolutely mean have witnesses saying that there was sex in the shower and you have a defendant admitting that there was showering together between a very much grown man and a very young child it will be hard to persuade a jury that it was just horsing around. >>catherine: sandusky also declared that his former boss joe paterno was completely unaware of the allegations. the grand jury says that he was aware and reported to the university official denied the police. 18 states are required to tell legal--now this mother has come under scrutiny for her dating habits she was asking for a sugar daddy
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would give her $3,000 to $5,000 per month. they do not have any evidence to charge the woman with the crime he was last seen in his mother's car on november 5th she said she left him alone and the car while she paid for gas. authorities near lake las angeles are looking for the owner of three pit bulls. in the dog got into a corral and killed 40 goals. it happened monday afternoon, one dog has been found is not clear if they have an owner or if they are strays. the u.s. postal service lost $5.1 billion last year which sounds bad but not as bad as the 10 billion that was predicted. there will not be able to pay $5.5 billion debt to the u.s. government that is due on friday. the postmaster general blames increase internet use and a weak economy. he says that there will be a postal shutdown next year unless congress offers a long-term solution. >>jacqueline: temperatures
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were nice and mild this afternoon in the upper 60 the number of places. it was 66 and open, 66 also in san jose, 69 in livermore, and temperatures were up one degree from several degrees. we are expecting in areas of fog overnight and chilly temperatures in some spots especially the north bay. tomorrow will be a day very similar to today the temperatures will be in the '60s but a little bit cooler mainly in the low to mid 60's. we have mild weather through thursday but the rain is returning for friday morning. let us get a look at temperatures for tomorrow afternoon it is a little bit cooler, 63 in san jose, 64 now on view, 60 in oakland and los 60 for the inland valleys. we have upper 50s along the coastline and 60 in vallejo. the storm tracker remains to the north, we are in the clear but this will start to shift down to the south as
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we head towards the end of the week and the storm dropped along the coastline. it will not be a big rainmaker on friday. it is possible we could see a few showers in the north bay. by 6:00 a.m. light showers are possible through the north bay. the light shower continues by 10:00 a.m. on friday we do not have a lot of moisture with this first round of rain. we will see much cooler conditions into friday. here's a look your extended forecast. thursday for the most part will be a nice day as well, increasing through the afternoon the showers for friday will decrease into friday afternoon look at the temperatures dropping into the 50s through the bay area for friday. cool weather on tap for the weekend and a slightly stronger system pushes in saturday night into sunday morning. we will keep you posted on both of those as they get a little bit closer and we will be back after this.
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>>catherine: the first court hearing in the state assemblywoman case was today. this is the woman, she was not in court today and she had been excused from attending another hearing next month. these they lawmakers accused of stealing about $2,500 worth of items near neiman-marcus intime--at neiman marcus near union square. her lawyer says this was all a misunderstanding. >>catherine: they say if you see two men in prison jumpsuits and in this area please give the police and called they should not be harmful but please give them a call.
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>>catherine: coming up at
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5:30 p.m. will go back to the uc-berkeley campus and the new round of protests involving occupy oakland demonstrators. in new york city, police he vicki protesters and the parts and new information in the attempted kidnapping ahead.
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[music] >>catherine: @ 5:30 p.m. two big stories at the uc- berkeley campus, a shooting happened this afternoon at the campus building and students protested for a second time this week. we will get to this protest in a moment let us go first to the latest on the shooting with dan kerman. >>reporter: the evening catherine i am outside of the school of business, it was to 3:00 p.m. when the shooting occurred a suspect had a gun in his backpack police confronted the suspect they say he reached with a gun in a threatening manner and then he was shot. we are trying to find out who the suspect is, if he
5:31 pm
was tied to the campus on the faculty or students, or the occupy movement. we do not have the answers to any of those questions at this point other than to say he was 33 years old and was taken to highland hospital as a result of the shooting by the police at this location. no other students or faculty were injured at this point. that is the latest at this time we hope to have a little bit more later. reporting live at uc- berkeley and dan kerman with kron4 news. >>catherine: team coverage continues with j.r. stone is also live on campus. >>reporter: look at the general assembly going on right now i was in that crowd a little while ago. i want to step out of the way and show all the thousands of people who are out here as we speak.
5:32 pm
>>reporter: as you can see all the people in the distance to have a rally set up to date, they have one set up tomorrow and through the week, many people today not only march, but they rallied earlier this has been a full day even for many of the people who are out here and it has been a peaceful day. reporting live in berkeley i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>catherine: a new york city judge ruled that the occupy wall street protesters have to stay out of the park for now and no more overnight stays. the police cleared the space earlier this morning and put restrictions on future protest there. we have more on today's developments. >>reporter: police moved in to n.y. zoo coffee park overnight and cleared the
5:33 pm
protesters and their tents out. some protesters packed up on their own and others were not so willing. more than 100 people were arrested the mayor michael bloomberg said wants the park was clean protesters could return the they could not set up camp and there would be curfews. >> protesters have had two months to occupy the park with ents and sleeping bags and now they will have to occupy the space with a power of their arguments. >> a judge quickly issued a restraining order clearing the way for the protesters and their tents to return to the privately owned land. the city appealed and the police were ordered to continue to barricade the park. refusing to back down the protesters to their message into the streets of lower manhattan. >> this is not about physical space per say, whether or not they barricade this every day we
5:34 pm
will find a way and we will go about making affected change. >>reporter: sending a message it seems to city leaders they can shut down the park but they cannot shut down the movement. >>kimberlee: new york city police not only tossed tents, tarps and palates but thousands of books, more than 5000 books were thrown out all part of the occupy wall street library. let us take the first look of many people in the movement of fearful that the book to be thrown away perhaps even burned. occupy what tree librarians were 20 throughout the morning providing a few phone numbers asking people to call mere bloomberg and ask why he is taking the books and thrown them from the library into a dumpster. later they had this ominous message, the nypd has destroyed everything at occupy wall street and put it in dumpsters including the library. it is time to shut down new york city. i
5:35 pm
have some good news for you, later this afternoon the mayor's office released this photograph with some welcome news that all the bulls were taken but they have been safely stored and will be ready for pick up tomorrow. a book publishing blog says tonight the occupy writers plan on rebuilding the library at the park. >>catherine: this attempted kidnapping had been on lark avenue they said the girl escaped but not before dilli a few blows. >>reporter: los gatos police say a girl was walking westbound here right near the entrance to the los gatos trail. she says the man pulled up stopped the car and asked her if she needed a ride when she said no the man that out of the car and walked around the vehicle to the passenger side open the door and grabbed the girl by the arm and tried to lift her up and apparently tried to force
5:36 pm
her into the vehicle. it was then that the police said the girl fought back punching a man in the face and then kicking him in the growing. he then got back in a car and drove also eased down. he is a hispanic male in his mid-40s 5 ft. and 6 in. tall, at 150 lbs. the police say he wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans with plate--perhaps it splattered on them. anyone with information are urged to contact the los gatos police. >>catherine: new details about solyndra connection to the white house. there is a report saying that the white house acts solyndra to postpone layoffs until after last year's midterm elections. lou be released e-mails are suggesting that the white house offered to help solyndra pay its loans in november of last year if the company delayed an announcement that it would
5:37 pm
fire workers. solyndra went to inform workers on october 28th. solyndra ended up filing for bankruptcy and laying off employees of steps to rid this year. the u.s. energy secretary will appear in from a congressional committee to talk about the controversy this coming thursday. and apple has a new chairman they have just named a replacement for the apple co-founder steve jobs who died last month. he is arthur levinson who has been a director on the board since 2005. he joined in 2000 and he is also chairman of genetech. >>jacqueline: the temperature is still nice as we head into the evening hours. as we head into the
5:38 pm
overnight hours, the temperatures will drop off and it will be pretty chilly in the north bay as it out the door tomorrow morning we have the upper '30's and low '40's. as we head into the afternoon temperatures will be a little slower to warm up. the later afternoon hours bring us temperatures a couple of degrees cooler than today especially down in the south bay. we have low 60s expected there, hitting the upper 50s in oakland. i will have more on the mild weather tomorrow afternoon and changes later this week. >>catherine: brazilian authorities have gained control of key areas in the roughest slums of rio de janeiro. they said officers and troops are looking at the area in question they are setting of 19 permanent police units. the areas had been controlled by drug gangs, a lot of weapons have been removed along with some
5:39 pm
of the gang members. the police will be near the areas hosting the 2014 world cup and the 2016 olympics. in thailand, the flooding continues to be a huge problem. the water has receded some, but you can see what it looks like at the airport the planes are obviously not getting off the ground. a lot of areas are under several feet of water. at least 537 people have been killed in the flooding over the last couple of months. a new reports suggest that illegal immigration from mexico is down at least some, the l.a. times look at arrested by border patrol agents over an 11 month period. they sound 300,000 people tried to cross the border but that is a big drop from the 1.6 million tried to cross 10 years ago. right now roughly 12 1/2 million immigrants live in the united states. more than 6 million are here illegally. looking at traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza, it is moving find in both directions.
5:40 pm
>>catherine: this is where things a slowdown on the james lick especially moving on the lower part of the bay bridge stay with us, we have more news coming up. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>catherine: it is time to look at stocks, it was kind of an up and down day. rob blackett here to tell us why the stocks are a winner, they turned out to be kind of a winner. >> two big reason the italian prime minister's basically said we have a plan, we have it under control, trust us. we will trust them for a little bit. retail expectations be numbers. that is two months and row, this was led by a strong pickup in electronics. intel is a big
5:44 pm
winner today and i talked about warren buffett and how he said that he was picking up shares of intel. so it was a good day. >>catherine: and another winner was electronics meaning that everyone wants electronics for christmas? >> it was the launch of the iphone 4s in october. but also, numbers were pretty good all things considered, apple sold 5 million of the iphone 4s. the automotive industry makes a bit large portion of our economy from the people who finance cars, the people who sell them and build them. so it is good to see. >>catherine: there is another winner, the android by google is doing really well. >> yes, it is apple verses google. the entrance of for now runs 50% or more.
5:45 pm
again, they get this away for free eat for developers like samsung. >>catherine: but it is a little bit ahead of the iphone? >> yes, i think the iphone has slowed its growth due to the delay on the iphone 4s that came out later than expected. >>catherine: and one loser is the postal service who says things will get worse if something does happen. >> i think this is dead man walking. it is too good of a service and to cheap of a service. i believe this $14 billion loss, that is not even close. it is a business that has to shut down at least saturday service and maybe even consider raising rates because it to send mail across the country is pretty cheap. and mail volume is down 20% over the past five years due to the
5:46 pm
internet. >>catherine: thank you rob, we will see you tomorrow. >>jacqueline: tomorrow it will be chilly in the morning, the temperatures are in the 40's through the morning hours and by noon, we have sunshine and mild conditions but it will be a little bit cooler than what we saw today especially in the 3:00 hour. temperatures in the low sixties compared to the upper 60 that we saw today. the morning temperatures as you how the door we have low '40's and a few places. we have upper '30's for portions of the north bay. as for the afternoon, the temperatures are rebound nicely but again it will be a little bit cooler than what we saw today. here's a look at our
5:47 pm
satellite and radar picture. we have been in the clear with storm staying well to the north of us. that is the storm tracker you see her, it is starting to dig down and look to the south and it will continue as the storm dropped from the west coast into friday. this will not have enough moisture so we will not see a lot of ranges cooler temperatures for the most part. noticed the shading does not give any darker. we just have a very light green which means light showers that will continue through noon and the later afternoon hours. you'll see shout--shower starting to push down to the south bay. thursday we have an increasing cloud coverage and early friday morning we have cooler to rogers for friday afternoon. there are dry conditions for most of saturday but the rain will return for most of saturday
5:48 pm
into early sunday. the storm looks to below the strong current than the friday system we will see more measurable rain and cooler temperatures blasting through the weekend as well. >>kimberlee: i and kimberlee sakamoto here with today's edition of take it that this, check this out low visibility is being blamed for this crash on a highway this morning. authorities say the vehicles were slowing down because of the heavy fog and smoke from a nearby fire. the driver of the van hit the brakes causing everyone behind to run into each other, there were 17 vehicles including this fuel tanker involved. two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries and take this next revealed. that is a frightened deer standing in the middle of the road in michigan for about half an hour. apparently it was in a state of shock after an accident the sheriff's deputies came to the rescue. the dashboard camera came to captured this video. and the police
5:49 pm
officer in of picking her up and carrying the deer to the side of the road after relax and sprinted into the woods. check out these beautiful images from space. they were snatched from the international space station between august and october. a german videographer put them all together in time lapse video. some of the images you can see show the northern lights of the united states. it could be the did the official state tree that has been cut. it was donated a 40 ft. white fur that arrived today it will feature 10,000 old full low wattage elie the bulbs. the annual lighting tree ceremony is expected to take place on december 7th. >>catherine: take a look to the head like that are north bound, traffic is moving fairly well, stay with us more news after the break.
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>>gabe: the kindle fire
5:53 pm
tablet is now on the market you can find it in best buy stores or order through this is set to strike up the market, it cost only $200 that is $300 less than the apple ipad 2. how does it compare? be sure to tune in tonight and i will feature that in my tech report.
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5:56 pm
>>catherine: coming up at 6:00 p.m. a shooting on the uc-berkeley campus at occupy cal un occupy oakland joined forces for today's strike. and jerry sandusky the former penn state assistant coach speaks out about the child sex scandals corporate--scandal surrounding him. >> are you sexually attracted to underage boys? >> sexually attracted, no, i enjoy young people and i love to be around them.
5:57 pm
>>catherine: herman cain is under fire for fumbling in an answer when asked about libya. >>jacqueline: we have clear skies in downtown san francisco and big changes in the forecast later this week i will have those details coming up.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>>catherine: at 6:00 p.m. we have too big stories there was a shooting at the uc- berkeley campus we are uncovering details on what happened and who is in custody. we have team coverage on what protesters are demanding from occupied oakland and uc-berkeley protesters. and the latest effort to pull mayor jean quan out of office. [music] >>catherine: we start with our developing story a shooting at uc berkeley's haas school of business a
6:00 pm
man with a gun was on the campus today but he was captain before he could shoot anyone. >>reporter: at this point we are trying to find ouone out what his motivation was. let me row some video and show you what the school of business look like earlier when it was surrounded by police officers after the shooting. it was to 3:00 p.m. when the police officers spotted a weapon in a man's backpack they rode the elevator together when she got off the elevator she notified uc police. they came here to the computer lab and confronted the suspect at that time he eventually they shot him. >> they went into the room identify the individual and as they approach the person who pulled out the gun, the firearm and displayed it in an unfriendly manner, the chipofficers challenged the
6:01 pm
vehicle to drop the gun and he did not. one officer fired his gun striking the suspect. >> there were about four or five shots and then a bunch of the kids drop to the floor. it does not feel real. i was told if i hear anything like that no questions just get out of there. >>reporter: the school of business and out e-mail alerts for those in the school community but for some reason those of birds did not come out until about 3:27 p.m. in the afternoon the shooting took place at 2:15 p.m. at this point we are trying to determine who the suspect was we know that he is a 33 year-old man we do not know if he is and then to the university as a faculty member or student or if he lives in berkeley. we do not know what he was doing here. we're hoping to get some more information later on. at this point we do know that he was taken to highland hospital as a result of being shot by the
6:02 pm
police. >>reporter: now we want to give you a leg of the land uc-berkeley and show you why some of people wondering if the shooting was elated to the online--on campus protests. that is where the shooting occurred and of little bit away from that the occupy cal protesters have set up shop. here is the plaza and that is towards the south end of campus. the protest was happening less than 1/2 mile from the school of business right here along piedmont ave. >>catherine: the shooting happened at occupy cal and occupy oakland came together for a general campus strike today. hundreds of students cut class to attend. a lot
6:03 pm
of people who were not students were joining in. j.r. stone is live at the demonstration and has a latest. >>reporter: you heard grant talking about sproul hall you can see it right in front of me. adjutancy there is a general assembly going on right in front of me. pick one of the topics talked about for some time was will they set up camp tonight? that is one of the things that they're likely to vote on later this evening. if you look off into the grass area, there are no tents or anything of that nature set up. if they were to vote on something like that later on this evening that is something that could change. remember last week what happened when they attempted to do that. and really, from where i am
6:04 pm
standing you do not see any officers but they are out here. you can see them in the distance watching but they are plain clothing. they are in plain clothing keeping a close eye on what has been a peaceful rally in this area. catherine, back to you. >>catherine: thank you j.r. stone. our team coverage continues with more rain who showed us the stage of the protesters. >>reporter: here, you can feast to been to bring in a teepee made of branches on the plaza and that is not all. >> we pushed the boundaries of little bit they sent a letter that we can not pitched tents, we have all types of furniture structures that are art that are hard to remove. we have to p.m. off, we have couches, we have bookshelves, we have a wagon wheel. we have things hanging from the walls. our message is you cannot move
6:05 pm
us that easily. >>reporter: the demonstrators say that this is not just a way to thumb their nose up at leaders, who >> on if they see the pictures of the '60s protest may be the art will bring them in to see what we are doing. >>catherine: one group at today's strike plan to take the allegations to the court. we talk with them. >> those students press is a penny in the student strike in berkeley that caught up in last week's actions were required to join in long--were required
6:06 pm
to join in the law. >> we are taking statements from witnesses who saw students being arrested and who were hit in the stomach and legs. students were strangled and bautista--and body slammed into walls, they were treated worse than dogs. >> more and more people are coming forward every day. >>reporter: --the >> are lost to will name the chancellor and everyone responsible in the administration and the police officers who jabbed and beat people and linked them by their hair. they stomped on people but we want to make sure that everyone has to respect freedom of speech on the
6:07 pm
campus. >>catherine: and at the occupy oakland movement has been removed from frank ogawa plaza here is concerned about the second incident. >>reporter: no action taken for now against campers at snow park. that is what officials say their position is on this growing encampment at 19th and harrison. they say that lodging in the tent overnight is against the law. instead of removing the kama opd officials say they will have offices in the park like the ones you see here to constantly monitor the situation. >> there is drug use or there. >>reporter: one resident said the me action is needed to remove the occupy protesters. >>catherine: mayor jean quan is coming under attack
6:08 pm
for her handling of the occupy oakland in kama. a group has filed a petition to try and force her office. the city clerk's office is reviewing the signatures now and will make sure that certain guidelines are met. today we caught up with one of the petitioners behind the effort. hoping-- >> failed leadership seems to be the prevailing sense of people through out oakland. you can ask anyone on the street they will discuss failed leadership and her mishandling of the occupy oakland and the encampment. >>reporter: what about the expenses that the city is on appeal--on the hook for? >> you are right, that is a bad use of our resources those could have been better spent providing it for things like surveillance
6:09 pm
cameras. you are looking at an estimated $2 million and growing. >>reporter: and we have snow park over there. >> that is yet to be determined. we do not know what will go on over there. but with the kind of infrastructure we have i would consider this a fail safe structure to guarantee the necessary signatures that we need. >>catherine: the city is to issue a letter tomorrow and they would take the steps that they need to formally start the recall process. >>jacqueline: we had a very nice day today but we have changes later this week i will have details coming up. jcpenney.
6:10 pm
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>> three times in recent weeks the police say a suspect described as a hispanic woman in her '30's has stolen gold necklaces of from children and washington, candy and grant elementary schools. in each case the woman pretends to be a friend of the child's family before removing and exchanging the necklace for another one. >> we are not sure how she identifies the child made by the jury and at that point she exchanges another piece of jewelry for the jury that she takes from the child. >>reporter: some parents
6:14 pm
suggested it might be easier to be the jury at home for awhile, easier said than done says some parents to area >> i have a daughter in preschool and she wants her necklace and i never take away from her. >>reporter: teachers and parents are now reminding kids about the dangers to talking to strangers. >>catherine: and national news jerry sandusky is talking on national tv this has been described as a prosecutor's dream, he's the former penn state assistant coach accused of sexually abusing young boys. >>reporter: former penn state coach gary sandusky said that he is not a pedophile. he spoke on nbc with brian williams in a phone interview. he says that he is innocent although some details in the grand jury report against him are accurate.
6:15 pm
>> well, i could say i have done some of those things, i have coursed around with kids, i have showered after workouts. i have hug them, and i have touched their leg. this was without incident of sexual content. >>reporter: sandusky's attorney told cnn that this is not mean his client is guilty of sexual assault. >> jocks do that, they kid around and joke around that is a far different thing than saying he committed these other acts which the prosecutors say that he did. >>reporter: also the charity that sandusky founded announced that its long-term ceo resigned. but the grand jury is is that sandusky got to know his alleged victims ceo says that they work hard to get through these times.
6:16 pm
>>catherine: in the interview sandusky was asked if the then head football coach joe paterno had ever talked about the behavior or express his disapproval and sandusky simply responded no. herman cain is trying to show that he understands national security and foreign policy issues. the republicans for the into canada it was an iowa. he is trying to live down an embarrassing stubble-stumble-one asks about libya yesterday. >>catherine: it is hard to watch and hard to look away some have said that his bumbling response to the question do you agree with president obama on libya says a lot about a man that wants to be commander in chief. >> ok, libya. plaz >> president obama supported the uprising
6:17 pm
correct? president obama call for the removal of moammar gadhafi right, i did want to make sure we're talking about the same thing. >>catherine: he did, what-- up with an answer after about a minute and a half. >> i would of been a better job of determining who the opposition is and i am sure that our intelligence people at some of that information. >>catherine: the video of the meeting with a viral. by then he was explaining that his answer to a simple foreign-policy question was no big deal. >> nothing happened, they ask me a question about libya and i paused so that i could gather my thoughts. it is really complementary when people start documenting my pauses. is one thing to document every word. >>catherine: if he is distracted he is also trying to fend off accusations that
6:18 pm
he sexually harassed women that in the 1990's. [music] >>jacqueline: it was another nasty today. we had 70 degrees in santa rosa, 66 in napa, 66 in oakland and san jose and 67 in concord. to pursue all several degrees in never of spots. --temperatures were up several degrees in a number of spots. as we head into the overnight hours, clear skies will lead to chilly conditions. tomorrow afternoon we have sunny skies once again. the temperature is still mild blend a bit cooler than what we saw today. the mild conditions will last through thursday. the rain will return to the forecast on friday. take a look at those temperatures that are chilly in spots especially in the north bay. these are some of
6:19 pm
our cooler spot, but we will rebound nicely into the afternoon. we will enjoy dry weather for a couple more days. you can see the storm tracker is staying well to the north. it will stack a little bit to the south and that will continue into late thursday and friday in the rain is expected to roll in. the next system will actually not have want to, we will see light rain at 3:00 a.m. and by 6:00 a.m. we will see it light grain. --rain. it will start to decrease and move down to the south through the evening hours. here is a mature extended forecast. we will get cooler temperatures out of the system also will not bring a lot of rain. we
6:20 pm
are in the '50s for friday. saturday and sunday it stays cool and and other rain system most end. stay with us, we will be back after this. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call allstate now and you'll get a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ female announcer ] and if you call now, your first tow in good hands roadside assistance is free! simply get a quote on any allstate insurance policy. that's a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance
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>>kimberlee: facebook is announcing that a deliberate >> attack was behind the flood of some graphic images that some feeble received in their news feet.--some users receive in their news feed. they said the issue has largely been resolved by today. this lord users from copying and pasting web addresses into their browser with the promise of showing some the video or showing them who was looking into their profile with this field there facebook news feeds with violence and pornographic images without their knowledge. facebook has released a statement it
6:24 pm
reads as follows. >>kimberlee: facebook has declined to say how many users were affected they say was a small minority they say no user data or accounts have been compromised during this attack. visit our kron4 facebook fan page we have posted information and some details on what to do if your pages compromise. we will be back after this quick break. #k
6:25 pm
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>>reporter: a suspect is now at highland hospital after receiving a gunshot wound from police. at uc-berkeley i am dan curry with kron4 news. >>reporter: in berkeley is a busy ekinevening. many people
6:31 pm
from occupy oakland march here earlier. you can see well over 1000 people that are in attendance here. one of the proposals that they're likely to vote on this evening includes dealing with putting up an encampment. police are here in the distance, but so far this has been a peaceful rally. >>reporter: a group of protesters marched from the frank ogawa plaza to the uc- berkeley campus. the marchers were showing their support for the occupy even there. they went straight up telegraph ouave. oakland police were supporting the roof a motorcycle officers were at the front and the back of the group and stopping vehicles along the way to keep the protesters say. >>reporter: hundreds of
6:32 pm
student ofsproul plaza.-- hundreds of students gathered in sproul plaza. >>reporter: continuing our coverage in frank ogawa plaza and open one oakland city council member is expressing their concern with the estimated $2.4 million cost of the occupy oakland protest. >> oakland is that have the money we have been an aim made the crisis. i have just read that the city says this will come out of the reserve but we have much rather scene that money go toward services than paying police overtime. >>reporter: here in oakland mayor jean quan is facing increasing scrutiny as well
6:33 pm
as criticism. one city council member is blasting the mayor saying that she adds a lot of explaining to do. one city council members said that the mayor has mishandled the occupy open protests. he says the city is broke and is facing a multi million dollar deficit and it is unclear exactly how the city will pay for everything. >>kimberlee: filmmaker michael moore who has been a high-profile appearance at the protest here in oakland and also in new york is being attacked by several lagers that are calling him a hypocrite. take a look at the first video. his 10,000 square foot mansion on the lower peninsula is reported to have a taxable value of nearly $1 million and it may
6:34 pm
be worth twice that. take the next video, this conservative logger writes the following. now look at the next video. the michigan view says that his hypocrisy is a perfect fit for confuse occupy movement that supports a big labor millionaire musicians and spoiled harvard kids. and hip-hop mobile russell simmons has defended michael moore and some other celebrities as well. >>reporter: here in san jose the police are vested in the theft of gold necklaces from kids in schools. this happened three times in the recent weeks. police believe the same adult hispanic
6:35 pm
woman is responsible in each case each time the suspect approaches a child pretended to be a friend of the family and then remove the gold necklace. security has been stepped up at the schools, and the district is reminding parents to talk with their children about the dangers of talking to strangers. >>reporter: in santa clara city council members will decide if they will prove as we is and $10,000,000.20 this side of it proposed 49er stadium. the 49ers davis these rendering of the stadium. it will be built on the side of the vacant parking lot on centennial. the mayor says the money will be used to remove infrastructures. a spokesperson for the 49ers told me that they're making good progress and hope to open the $1 billion stadium in 2015. >>gabe: in tech news, the campbell fire tablet is now
6:36 pm
on the market. this tablet is set to shake up the market. it only cost $200 and that is $300 less than the apple ipad to, but how does it compare? be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will feature that in my tech report i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >>catherine: the library journal says that 82 percent of libraries are offering them, e-books could make up 8% of their budget. many public libraries have been attending these books and they are trying to move into the smart phone and have the market but not everyone is doing this. some of the largest publishers are refusing to sell to the public libraries. >>jacqueline: tonight we have nice whether to
6:37 pm
continue into tomorrow. temperatures will be chilly but in the afternoon it will be pretty mild. we have low sixties for the bayshores, we have 65 in los gatos, 63 in san jose and 62 in livermore. we have low sixties for the most part in the north bay. we do have changes coming to the forecast. on satellite and radar the storm tracker shows rain in store for early friday morning. by 3:00 a.m. we are in the clear but by 7:00 a.m., we have light showers through the north bay and possibly through the bay area. this storm is not a strong one. we do have a second system on tap for sunday excuse me, saturday to sunday. cool temperatures will last on friday of lead to the we can partially through next week. stay with us, we will be back after this.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
staff-- >>stanley: where are you from? >> oakland now. >>stanley: you may not know this before are the five people camping at the oakland evens are not even from oakland in fact many are not even from the san francisco bay. >>stanley: where are you from? >> i am from earth. >>stanley: i would like to call them and stand in protesters and many people support the movement but many people feel differently. >> go back home. >>stanley: i have is coming
6:42 pm
up in my next edition of people behaving badly. >>catherine: coming of next gary is going to discuss whether it was a good idea for jerry sandusky to talk on public television. clearly has the story and all the sports up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: of the meaning everybody, college basketball history was achieved tonight. many people were there in selena spike lee who just wanted someone to look in him. now here we go. 903 winds. this was about two minutes ago. there is a hug for the previous record holder bob knight. this is probably something that will never
6:46 pm
happen, the players surpassed his coach. he played for bob knight at army is areas, might suggest the-- mike on top in the basketball world. now the detroit tigers justin, the unanimous choice 24 and 5. when he pitches is over one of the mouth while. without question he was the boss on the hill this year. an nba players were given a douse of reality to date of the first time that they were supposed to receive their paychecks. the eric fisher and co., now this is the average kobe bryant at the top and the bottom died in a bench warmer the average check within $220,000. so, hopefully these guys are getting some decent advice.
6:47 pm
8 $220,000 check and bearing those. so, the morning and hear about this they will dig in their heels, these owners and our attorneys will tell you do not try to push around the guy with the money. we will see where they are now. but catherine, $220,000 in i will say again, that is the only thing i have been a unions are for me or other people who are in disadvantaged situations when they need help but when the average salary is $5 million, making $5 million per year and a union representative said it was just sit out and hang in there. they will not get that back. >>catherine: of what could go are frustrated >>gary: will we will live, we'll go on without the in the a very small the latest is catcher and less, he has been named--the latest is
6:48 pm
catchers will this, he was put on the nfl's short list. patrick has been to the pro bowl a couple of times already and jim harbaugh loves him. >>pam: there are great players in the league.-- >> they are great players in the league. i think that patrick is the least talked about great player in the national football league and he does not get talked- about near enough. >>reporter: the 1997 49ers did not come out of nowhere, they're expected to win and they did. they have a future hall of famers and quarterback steve young who came back from a concussion and they had jerry rice. they also had a defensive
6:49 pm
back rod woodson that grabbed three of the 71 career interceptions. they had character on the team like the defense is back with his chicken dance. and they had a sinking your receiver by the name of tarot ones. all led by the rookie head coach steve mariology. the 49ers after dropping the opening game and won 11 straight. on the way, the owner resigned under a riverboat gambling investigation. this was even last 90--49ers team to play an nfc championship game a loss to the green bay packers. >>gary: when we return we have the latest on the penn state scandal that is up
6:50 pm
next. #k
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in >>gary: this was something last night out of the blue comes an interview with gary sandusky. >> i could say that i have done some of those things, i have horsed around with kids i have showered after workouts, i have loved them and i have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact. >>gary: duty in this did any good last night? >> it will be pretty hard for anyone to except his statement, since 1998 he was accused and the da dismiss the case on the basis that he does not take any children to the penn state
6:54 pm
locker room. in 1998, now in 2000 a janitress sees him with a child of using them sexually and in 2002 that is when a query start. so how else would he be able to say that he did not do any of these things. he has eye witnesses. >>gary: all we wanted you to use your legal expertise on this if he would jerk i would do allow him to do it? >> absolutely not and i did not think his attorney did any better because he was sitting there in the nile on supposedly everything he was charged with. >>gary: if you were his attorney and there will always be someone there to represent somebody was the best that you could shoot for with him? >> he will have to make a plea, because he is going down. the civil action will be brought and there is no way he can win this.
6:55 pm
>>gary: a lot of people may get edgy when i say this, but since supposedly he claims that he only knew limited doings with sandusky about this do you think that joe paterno has been treated fairly in the press? >> joe paterno was told about this thing from mc creary i did not think that joe paternal did enough to us by telling his bosses. he should have done something as a moral responsibility. he is a head coach for 45 years, come on his responsibility to the school, to children just like what happened with the priest. they protected their own, but they did not care about the children. >>gary: if you are joe paterno attorney and we imagine that people will come after him in civil court what is your defense so to speak?
6:56 pm
>> first of all it is not really relevant because it will be a civil case, but there is no state law requiring people other than to tell their bosses. now, the question is did joe paternal have a boss that he controlled? he told the president, he told the athletic director but the problem is in that state of pennsylvania there is no law that says you have to call the police. 40 states haven't and they--40 states have it, and they're screaming out to have that changed. >>gary: give me this figure, penn state is liable by the time is over to pay off some of these lawsuits, how much? >> $5 million i would guess, at least. the liability in this case would be consuming abuse. they did nothing about it even though
6:57 pm
they knew since 1998. >>gary: it was nice to have you here, >> it was nice to be here. >>gary: we will see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
my night at the "twilight" premiere. what robert pattinson told me about his relationship with kristen stewart. and could jerry sandusky's new troubling interview be used to convict him in his child sex abuse case? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. are you sexually attracted to young boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> i love to be around them. >> he repeated the questions, which most polygraph examiners would tell you, the person is being deceitful. >> outrage over jerry sandusky's tell-all interview. >> why is he still out? >> i think it's terrible. plus, a young man comes forward today with new allegations. >> his hand is on my left thigh. "the insider's" at "twilight's" wild premiere, the "breaking dawn" cast's sex co


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