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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>catherine: police opened computer lab on a college campus. >>catherine: occupy cal protesters are welcome members of occupy oakland. announcer: this is the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>catherine: the occupy movement is still going strong in berkeley and. roughly 1000 people are out there. a campus strike was called for today by student groups and employees. they are upset about education cuts as well as other things. j.r stone has been
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watching all of this and is joining us live with the latest. >>j.r.: it is really out in the year whether or not protesters will the occupy overnight. the crowd started in the hundreds and is well over 2000 at this point. you can see the people in the distance. right now, we are waiting. it is called a proposal number 3. i have spoken with a number of protesters and the people who have been out here today and last week, to get their thoughts on why they are here. >> there were hitting students in a rib cages. it is despicable. it is completely despicable. that is why the turnout is so extreme today. it will be tomorrow as well. it is more
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than just raising tuition. it is a combination of offense that has been accumulating. >> police brutality, we are fighting injustice. i do not only think about myself, i think about my friends, my brother, my sister, will they be able to afford education? this is supposed to be a public school, i am paying the price for a place like columbia university. >>j.r.: there is a large crowd. we are waiting for the results of the vote and we're waiting to hear from the former u.s. labor secretary who is also a uc- berkeley professor. he will be speaking tonight. he has some crowd. j.r stone, kron4 news. >>catherine: the uc-berkeley group got a big show of support from occupy
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oakland. jeff bush walked with the oakland groove during their march on campus. frank ogawa plaza to uc- berkeley down telegraph ave. [chanting] >> oakland police escorted the group. officers were stopping traffic along the way for safety reasons. the protesters carrying signs and singing along with speakers that played music along the way. the clear weather was encouraging. >>catherine: said was kron4 as we continue to cover the
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oakland--the occupy protests. how much is the movement costing the city of oakland? also, what some people say away oakland's mayor is handling the situation. >>catherine: trouble was brewing on another part of campus today. a man was shot after walking into a computer lab with a gun. that happened this afternoon. dan kerman is live on the scene. >>dan: the cause school of business is back open after being shut down for several hours this afternoon. police are still trying to confirm the identity of the suspect to determine whether he has any links to this university. tuesday evening, the third floor hallway to the computer center remained closed off a crime scene taped. it is inside the computer center where police confronted a man on tuesday afternoon after a faculty members spotted a gun in the suspect's back pack. >> as we approach, the
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person pulled out a firearm and displayed it. the officers asked the individual to drop the firearm, he did not. they feared for their lives and fired at the individual. one officer fired, striking the suspect. >> there were about 4-5 shots. a bunch of kids dropped to the floor. >>dan: that was said to 3:00 p.m.. police shut down access to the building and students and faculty began heading to the exits. >> we started running out and i followed everyone else. >> it is definitely a scary situation.
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it was scary because we got no direction. >>dan: people were not notified in a timely manner its. the earliest notification came 45 minutes after the shooting. the suspect was taken to highland hospital. the investigation is still underway and authorities are trying to understand what the suspect's motive might have been and what his intentions were for bringing a gun on campus. dan kerman, kron4 news. >>jaqueline: temperatures in the upper 60s. 66 in oakland, 66 in san jose and 67 and concord. 70 in santa rosa. temperatures were up today several degrees over yesterday. five degrees
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warmer in antioch. a couple of degrees warmer and san rafael and we will see areas of fall overnight, especially for the delta. temperatures will be chilly. low 40's in a number of spots, upper 30s in the north bay. tomorrow afternoon, colder than today. sunny skies and temperatures in the '60s. miles through thursday but changes later this week. details coming up. >>catherine: the news is just getting started. >> i have done some of those things. i have forced around with kids, i have a shower after workouts. >>catherine: for the first time we hear from the man at the center of the penn state sex abuse scandal as he answers questions about what happened. >>reporter: security is increase at three different schools after gold necklaces were stolen from kids as young as five years old.
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more on this story coming up. >>catherine: as the 49ers improve their record to 8-1, a meeting tonight that could be a deciding factor in the team's new santa clara stadium deal. >>gabe: in the tablet is on the market, $300 less than the apple ipad but how does it compare? i am gabe slate and that is coming
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>>catherine: less than a half an hour ago, the santa clara city council unanimously agreed to use $10 million to prepare the site for the proposed new stadium. alejandra cerball explains where the money is coming from and what happens next. >>alejandra: the 49ers want to build a stadium on this city-owned vacant parking lot behind it the great america theme park. before any work is done,
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infrastructure must be removed to get the site ready for construction. >> $4 million is coming from the city stadium authority and the remaining is coming from a stack of. we want to per year for the 2013 groundbreaking. >>alejandra: the city would have to borrow $6 million from the team since it does not have a general tax funds. >> there is no money specified to go to this. >>alejandra: the 49ers gave us these renderings for the stadium. 68,500 seeds and twice as many stalls as candlestick. >> the fact that dollars are being given to begin the construction and for fear the site for the official groundbreaking, that is a good sign. >>alejandra: a spokesperson says, if everything goes as planned, a stadium would be opened into thousand 15. >> the next process would be finalizing the finance components. we will be
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presenting that later in the year to the city of santa clara.
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>>catherine: jerry sandusky's attempt to defend himself is being called the
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prosecutor's dream. he admitted showering with young boys and touching them, but as for sexually abusing them, he says he is innocent. >> completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> i could say that i have done some of those things. i have horse around with kids, i have showered after workouts, i have hunted them and touched their leg, without intent of sexual contact. >>catherine: as sandusky made is not quite denial, more of users are coming forward. as many as 10 additional accusers have come forward. sandusky is already facing charges of sexually abusing eight boys, some as young as 10 years old. his lawyer describes his 67 year-old client as an overgrown job. a grand jury
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indictment says sandusky came in contact with his victims through his private foundation. >> are you sexually attracted to under age boys? >> sexually attracted? i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. no, i am not sexually attracted the young boys. >>catherine: won a legal analyst says that was an unforgettable pause, he says that recording is able to be played in court. third >> when you have a witness saying there was sex in the shower and a defendant st. there was showering it with a young man and a grown man, it will be hard to display to a jury that it was just horsing around. >>catherine: sandusky also
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said that joe paterno was completely unaware of the allegations. the grand jury report says that paterno was aware and reported him to university officials but not to police. 18 states have laws requiring adults to tell police of any incidents of child abuse. the pennsylvania is not one of those states. >>grant: mccrery is now breaking his silence. >> de you have any idea on when you might be ready to talk? >> as the process plays out. i just do not have anything else to say. >> one last thing, describe your emotions right now. >> they are all over the place. it is crazy. like a snow globes, i am shaken.
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>>gabe: >>grant: mccurry told teammates it was wrong to assume he did nothing. he broke, i did the right thing, the truth is not fully out there. i did not just turn and run, i made sure it stopped. i had to make quick and tough decisions. he said that he did have discussions with police and with officials. mccrery has been placed on paid administrative leave. he was a 20 year-old graduate assistant coach at the time of the alleged our incident back in 2002. job one >> mostly clear skies did generally in the '40's. right now it is 50 and livermore. 40 degrees
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exactly, 42 in redwood city. san francisco is at 40 degrees. as for the afternoon, a tad cooler than what we saw. los '60s through most of the bay area. 62 in livermore. 62 in nevada. we have changes coming into the forecast, details coming up. >>gabe: the temple fire tablet is now on the market. it is available in best buy or on amazon. the tablet is set to shake up the market. it is only $200. that is $300 less than the ipad. here is a look at the two holiday tablets compared to one another. if you want to
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be more mobile, you might like the smaller size of the fire. if you really want to watch television shows or movies, the ipad would be better. they can always just under one, with a 7 in. screen. the ipad weighs just over a pound with 9 in.. the ipad is center. third the fire runs on the google android operating system but it cannot run ads from the android market. it runs laps from the amazon store. running applications is a factor. the ipad has a front and rear facing camera for taking pictures and video.
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eternal fire does not have a camera. that could be a deal breaker for some. the ipad offers ample storage and ranging from 60 gb-64 gb. the amazon fire only offers 8 gb of onboard storage. for some consumer, this could be the fire is a great tablets for $200 a. if he wants something to get into the tabloid world is not a bad choice. the i've had has proven to not disappoint. gabe slate, kron4 news. >>kimberlee: facebook is
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fighting a nasty spam attack which is filling news feeds with pornographic and violent images. we will tell you what the company has to say about it.
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>>kimberlee: facebook is announcing is >> attack was behind a flood of graphic images. according to various reports there were doctored photos of celebrities in compromising positions, pictures of dead animals and very violent images. a company spokesperson says the issue first surfaced last week and has been largely resolved. according to ham the web site installed malicious software that filled news feeds with violent or pornographic images without knowledge. facebook has issued a statement.
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>>kimberlee: the company says no user data or account of the mission was compromised. we have posted information on the kron4 fan page. you'll also find details on what to do if your page is compromised. we are back after the break.
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>>catherine: police shot in and injured a man with a gun who walked into a computer lab. the occupy cal movement was holding a general strike. it is unclear if he was related. campers are upset about cuts to education. there are voting on whether or not set up tents for an overnight stay. university officials have warned against that. half occupy tell protesters were joined by occupy oakland protesters. first they were escorted by police for safety reasons. >>grant: protesters at uc- berkeley have devoted to
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the tense up and reestablished overnight camping. last week police clashed with students. cops have to move in and take down the tents. more than 30 students were arrested then. now, it appears that the tents are going back up. we will certainly keep you posted. >>catherine: this city of oakland is figuring that the cost of dealing with the occupy movement will cause at least $2.4 million. the city will pay most of the costs. they include police operations like monday's of fiction and also the cost of removing debris and garbage. as haaziq madyun reports, one oakland city council member says that she is concerned about wasting taxpayer monday--taxpayer money. >>haaziq: this city council member says she is concerned
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about fat how the city will pay for costs associated with the occupy protests. >> i read that it is one to come out of our reserve. we would much rather see that money goes towards services than to pay police overtime. >>haaziq: the $2.4 million estimate for occupy oakland protest cost does not include paid for police overtime to remove cameras on two separate occasions. >> clearly there were mistakes made. >>haaziq: for earthquakes, fires or unexpected a sense, >>catherine: the mayor is
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facing increasing scrutiny for her handling of occupy oakland. at a number of news conferences she is accused of flip flopping on issues. here are some recent responses >> i did not know when it happened. >> do you want to apologize to oakland taxpayers for having to foot the bill twice? >> oakland is not the only city that has had to move or continue to move encampments. >> no apologies to taxpayers? >>catherine: some people are questioning the leadership of jean quan. >>maureen: a nuncio deal of
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funding is not holding back from his opinion on mayor jean quan. >> i think that's the reality is, and she handled this very badly. the reality is as the mayor you have no excuse, you have no choice but to make a decision. >>maureen: he says that he has concerns about the city's finances. >> we believe in freedom of speech and the rights of people to demonstrate. it is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, by the way. >>maureen: de la fuentes says he is not planning on putting forward a vote of no-confidence, but that could always change.
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>> a no-confidence vote could come. >>grant: occupy wall street, where the occupy movement started was broken up in the middle of the night. what followed on tuesday was a court battle on what rights protesters have. >>grant: this is across the country at to 3:00 a.m. on tuesday. that is when new york city police in riot gear moved in and kicked out occupy wall street protesters who had been camping in the park for almost two months. >> when we woke up the cops were surrounded park and barricading it. >>craig: about 200 people
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were arrested. >> the first amendment gives everyone the right to sleep out but not to sleep at a park and otherwise taking over. >>grant: a judge issued a restraining order clearing the way for protesters to go back to the park. displaced protesters took their message into the streets of lower manhattan.
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>>jaqueline: the storm is moving well to the north of us. dry conditions but it is starting to sag to the south. we're going to be a storm dropped on the coast into friday morning. light rain, the system will not have a lot of moisture. under one-quarter of an inch everywhere to the bay area. more details on your forecast coming up. >>catherine: a man in a wheelchair is suspected of stabbing a san francisco police officer. he has been acquitted. police say on january 4th randall was vandalizing parking meters, they say that dug-in then
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stabbed an officer. today, the jury was deadlocked. >>catherine: acc is stealing jewelry from kids in san jose. police believe the same woman has stolen children--stolen jewelry from children as young as
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four years old. >>reporter: someone is stealing from unsuspected kids. >> it is ridiculous. >>reporter: three times a suspect described as a hispanic woman in her 30's have stolen gold necklaces from children. in each case the woman pretends to be a friend of the child's family before removing were exchanging the necklace for another one. >> we are not sure how she identifies the child, she debt exchanges another piece of jewelry from the jewelry she takes from the child. >>reporter: some parents suggest leading jewelry at home. >> my daughter is preschool. my daughter has
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worn her necklace cents for baptism. i never taken away. >>reporter: teachers are now reminding kids about the dangers of talking to strangers. >>catherine: cal state is considering a 9% increase for all 23 state schools. that could go into effect in the fall of next year. >>catherine: a new federal judge, yvonne gonzales rogers. she will serve on the u.s. district court out of oakland. she is the first hispanic woman to fill that seat. >>stanley: coming up, i take a visit to snow park in oakland and find some very
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interesting facts in the next edition of people behaving badly. e
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>>kimberlee: starting next july you may have to pay for the bags that you are using at the core is restored. legislation is sponsored, requiring that san francisco shoppers paid 105 per bag starting july 1st. that charge will increase to 255 in two years. the money does not go to the city, the store providing the bad will pocket the fees. today, we put up a poll on our kron4 facebook page. here is a look at the polling results.
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>>kimberlee: we would like to know where you think about this the proposal. >>catherine: we have sports coming up next with gary radnich.
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>>catherine: attacked
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stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >> where are you from? >> oakland. >>stanley: before that? >> san francisco for two days. >>stanley: before that? >> east palo alto for three days. >>stanley: for out of five people at these occupy oakland events are not even from oakland. many are not even from the san francisco bay. i call them stand in protesters. >> i do not want to be on television. >>stanley: one-third persons claims to be from berlin, germany's. this guy could not be any more vague with his comments. >>stanley: where you from? >> earth. >>stanley: before earth,
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where did you come from? >> this their world. >>stanley: once person said he went home to shower and then returned to camp out. the best thing while protesting in a public park, there are no rules. you can bring your dog even if there are signs that say no dogs. you can also tosser and the beer containers on the ground and leave anything, anywhere. while many people support the occupy movement, there are a few with a rather different opinion. >> they need to go back to where they came from furious leave us alone. >>stanley: he claims the protesters are using the resources of the homeless. for the record, he claims he is not homeless. >>jaqueline: another nice stay on task. we will start today with false. temperatures in the 40's and clearing out by noon. temperatures are slower to warm. a quick look at a
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temperature is around the bay area, 63 in san jose, 62 in livermore. los '60s and most of the north bay. let's take a look at the extended forecast. we have big changes in store. until the evening, increasing cloud cover. we will see showers and cooler conditions with temperatures dropping bay area wide. we will keep things cool through the weekend. >>gary: good evening. history in new york city. mike chassis is one win away from becoming the all-time winningest coach in college history. former players liked grant hill for, they were in attendance. so was
8:49 pm
bob knight. the man that he will surpass this evening. the score was 74-69, duke beat michigan state. 903 career wins. he is 64. he has pretty good health. shensi played for night at army and then went on to surpass his record. a terrific night in college basketball. there is no big surprise. the cy young award winner is destined for a letter from the detroit tigers. 24-5, 8 24.4 era. >>gary: nba players got hit with reality, their first missed paychecks. from the top of the line, kobe bryant to the 11th-12th man, the average is $220,000. we keep saying it, we hope the
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player reps, attorneys and agents and know what they're doing. they will not get that to the $20,000 back. the lockout continues. >>gary: in international soccer, which are in sylvania. usa against slovenia. 1-0 usa. we have all kinds of action going on, but the final is a three-two, up sylvania wins the game. the u.s.a. has dropped to 34th in the world rankings. before we take a quick break, this is a reality.
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>>gary: clark is going over to channel 2, a full-time job. you are a cool guy. >> gary, it has been a pleasure! >>gary: he is a great guy. congratulations. >>gary: when we return, gary sandusky--jerry sandusky talking publicly.
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>> i could say that i did some of those days. that have forced around with kids. i have showered after workouts, i have hunted them and touch to their legs. that was without intent of sexual contact. >>gary: if you are an attorney, what is the best they you can do? >> he is going to have to
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make a plea. he is going down. >>gary: has paterno been treated fairly in the press? >> i do not think paterno did enough by just telling his bosses. he had a responsibility to the school, children, but there is no state law requiring thing people to do anything other than tell their bosses. did paterno have a boss that he could have told? he told the president, the athletic director, but the problem is in the state of pennsylvania, there is no law that says you have to call the police. 40 states have them. >>gary: i cannot say enough, this is a story that has
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touched everyone.
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