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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 16, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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police raided an encampment this morning and did the bank of america on market street. officials tell us the camp was blocking the sidewalk they arrived at 1:30 a.m. to dismantle the tense and get people there.
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--and disperse the people that were there. >>reporter: the protesters out here are furious about what happened on around 1:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. this morning. as you mentioned, they took down the encampment that was right here in front of the bank of america building. officers were still lined up in front of this building and they put up barricades so that no one could get near them. it was about three or four days ago when they actually started to put up tents, there may be about 145. and they said when the police officers came in there may be about five to 10 people sleeping in the tens. those people were taken down to the police station process and release. some of them are already headed back over towards this location. they were really upset about this only because they said that it was apparently supposed to be a meeting with the city tomorrow and the
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perspective is they are saying that thises a really bad--this is a really bad action that the city has tech. they were told they were supposed to clear out a justin herman plaza. there have only been about 20 police officers around here since i've got here. i have been here for about about an hour. i have not seen an increase of police, i have seen public works driving around in the area of the other than that i do not see any further action being taken as far shrine to take down the tents. but they did take down the ones that were in front of the bank of america building. right now you can see the protesters going in and out of this area. they are very upset about what happened.
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>>justine: after police have raided the encampments we often see public works coming in to seal off the area and cleanup. >>reporter: i did see public works, there were basically sweeping this whole area. it did not seem like it was much of a mess because this in campus started about three or four days ago. so basically, what you had up there was just may be about anywhere from i guess this at about 14 to 15 tents there. it had only been 83 or 4 days so i do not think it was much accumulation of anything except that it was obstructing the sidewalk there. this is why police officers could the barricades, they remain up here and i do not know how long that will last. it is not clear if they will come back in with their tents and
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try to camp out in front of the bank of america building again. see we are reporting live in san francisco where the police and just a rated the occupy sf. this is video from the last raid at justin herman plaza in happen exactly one month ago today at on october 16th several protesters were arrested and well after the police department gave them a written notice letting them know that the park is not allowed to cancel for camping. the protesters have said that they have the right to assemble and that the park and gives them the room that they need for their growing movement. meantime thousand occupy cal protesters gathered outside of sproul hall that is where demonstrators put up their tents despite the police telling them that they can't. >>reporter: oakland
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protesters march from frank ogawa plaza to uc-berkeley tuesday afternoon. supporters yelled as oakland occupiers united with cow protesters. more than 1500 people voted where they should--united with other cal protesters. occupiers started pitching tents as soon as the vote was over while the university police looked on. last wednesday they did the same thing in a different location on campus and the police quickly moved in and removed the tents and hit those that resisted what the times. the uc-berkeley chancellor says that he will not allow an encampment on campus. >> that will be a symbol
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showing our support of the principles of the occupy walked free movement that is not acceptable. >>reporter: dr. robert reich said uc-berkeley spoke to them about the movement. >> it is definitely important that our democracy give people the opportunity to speak up about what must be done. enable our democracy to function as it should, not with money, not simply with privilege but with the ability of people to join together. >>reporter: sofar university police have taken a hands- off approach and have not moves the--have not removed the tents occupy protesters say they will be out here at 6:00 p.m. for the general assembly. >>justine: another big story has been rocking berkeley, uc police shot a man that they say had a gun in the
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computer lab. this happened on the third floor of the haas business school. it is not connected to the checkout process. police asked the man to drop his weapon when he did not listen they had to shoo him several times. one student tells us what happened. >> it was about four or five shots and a lot of the kids all drop to the floor. it did not feel real. it was weird but i was always told if i hear anything like that no question, does get out of there. >>justine: university officials are being criticized for not sending out campus wide alert until 45 minutes after the shooting occurred. going back now to the occupy protesters where the police said they were forced to release pepper spray on occupy seattle protesters. officers say they were attempting to arrest a woman that swung a stick at them when the protesters
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intervene. that is one officer said they had to starts graying. reports say that a pregnant 19 year-old and an 84 year-old activist were among those that got sprayed with pepper spray and handful of protesters had water or milk or into their eyes and noses to relieve them of the burning. at least six demonstrators were arrested there. we will take a break and the weather and traffic right after this break because there are some big changes coming our way as we take a live look outside from our roof camera here in san francisco, stay with us.
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>>justine: this morning in a live witness is speaking and can e-mail released to the media. the coat michael query said he stopped an assault on a 10 year-old boy in 2002 and he adds that he went to the police about the incident. sandusky poke out saying that he did not sexually abusing children however he did admit to showering with them and touching young boys. his lawyer is describing how the 67 year-old former coaches really just an overgrown jock. >> the bottom line is jocks do that that is a far different thing than saying that he got showers with kids and then saying that he committed these other acts that the prosecution alleged he did. >>justine: sandusky is already facing charges of sexually abusing eight boys, some as young as 10 years
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old. the new york times has says many as 10 additional accusers have come forward and the police are now investigating their accounts. and yet another child sex abuse scandal is developing at the citadel in south carolina. the president of the school told cadets at the school should of dunmore after getting an initial complaint after 2002. and alumni of the citadel was also a former counselor at the school's summer camp is at the center of the charges. the local television station reports that louis neil skip ravel has admitted guilt in at least three cases. we have weather and traffic right after this break, stay with us.
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>>erica: the good morning, here's a look from the satellite radar of the storm system pushing its way close to the bay area. we will see colder temperatures as well as well weather, i have the future cassette up for about 3:00 p.m.. this on your screen indicates of -- indicates wet weather and interim the bay area. for the most part we will see light rain and we will continue to see scattered showers to the overnight and evening hours. take looks at
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saturday, there is more rain out there. and this will stick with us until about 11:00 a.m. and after that the showers will certainly increase. you will see that and more on your 70 around the bay forecasts. not only is the rain for friday mr. chen to saturday and sunday as well. the rain intensity will only build as we head closer to the weekend. take it into your temperatures compared today they slide to about 10 degrees heading towards the weekend and you're in the lows will step towards the upper 30s for the most part. as for traffic we have no hot spots to tell you about getting out the door the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good, nothing to report here, no metering lights to deal with the drive time is about 89 minutes from the foot of the maze to san mateo bridge this morning. the taillights are heading outdoors foster city and the bright lights coming towards your headed east down into hayward. i am not seen any problems getting to the bridge from any direction of the nimitz
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freeway. at the golden gate bridge south bound 101 you will see a lot of space in between cars for your ride coming out of the north bay and turning our to to to the traffic maps this morning it is all green for your arrival in the east bay. ticket highway for. there are no problems there. the shore freeway, we had some overnight construction between albany and powell st. exit but that is not producing any slowdown. >>justine: now the results are in on the partial tax, it was overwhelmingly turned down by more than two- thirds. the mayor supported the tax as a means of boosting the police department's budget. the failure of the $80 parcel tax is being seen by some not only as a referendum against taxes but also as a vote of no-confidence in
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mayor jean quan and the city's government. there are plans to build a new stadium for the 49ers and they are moving forward. when you are looking at now is a computer rendering of what the finished stadium will look like. the city council in santa clara has agreed to borrow $6 million from the team and that money would be used to protect the building site by doing such things as relocating water mains, and if all goes according to plan the $1 billion stadium will open in 2015. cal state students could soon see an increase in tuition, in state funding drops, the board is considering a 9% increase for all 23 state schools. that means an extra $490 per year, almost $500 more if the hike is approved it will go into effect in the fall of 2012. the board will vote on the tuition increase later on today, we will let you know what happens. also today, bad guys be where new
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technologies mckeon a lot easier for the police to track down criminals. here's a look at the police car of the future. [music] >>reporter: i am in the backseat of a chevrolet caprice and i'm about to talk to the chief technology officer of motorola solutions about the latest in the police car. >> tomorrow the vehicle will be a virtual partner. with this video by applying the video and a late--video analytics, you can look for things around a vehicle that may pose a threat. >>reporter: so the camera can see that someone is running down the road and then under the officer.
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>> that is right. >>reporter: so what do i do with this? >> we are looking at right now we would drive down the street and recognize license plates and then it would translate to here, this would record the information for later analysis. >>reporter: so a suspect that has multiple outstanding tickets could be found? >> exactly. now imagine your already pulled the vehicle over and we can read in the license plate and what if they match, then the officer would get out and walk up to the vehicle but in the meantime i could be fed information about the vehicle warrants anything outstanding in real time in the could be fed to meet and the individual that i am dealing with is not even know i'm getting it.
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>>justine: we haven't won for travelers, they say hackers are setting up free sites hoping to cash in on your personal information experts say there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself. if you are at an airport or public spot you want to find out who the wifi provider is and make sure that you just use that service. if it does cause a little bit more experts say that you should pay it, safety first and a city should change your password every now and then and use different passwords for different accounts. and we are talking about the busy travel holiday season which means we're talking about the busy holiday shopping season. there is not a lot of back lash for stores that want to open up black friday on thursday a thanksgiving. even though more people want to be shopping, there are people that are against the new plan. will find out about that as kron4 news comes right back. you take a live
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look at in san francisco at the james lick freeway. the time right now is 4:22 a.m.
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>>justine: good morning at 4:25 a.m. on this wednesday, the biggest shopping day of the year is getting closer and closer and now some consumers are taking to social media to oppose an earlier black friday as some major retailers. a target-- >>reporter: a target a worker in omaha is opposing his company's plan to open at midnight. >> they are telling employees to come in at 11:00 p.m. still operate under the assumption that they will still be able to have a thanksgiving dinner. >>reporter: carter responded
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to his complaint saying that we have heard from our guests that they want to shop that night instead of getting up in the middle of the night to come in. macy's, best buy inco's plan to open up at midnight friday and what our plans on opening at 10:00 p.m. thanksgiving day and toys r us is opening at 9:00 p.m.. some college students say it is working for them. >> we can go, we are getting out late, but it is hard for us to get up early. >>reporter: some people say that the worker should be happy they have a job. >>justine: the national retail federation says the number of you that shop online and in stores is up to 22.3 million people for last year. that is double the amount is five years before. let us take a look now at the seven day around the bay as we are watching
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showers and rain moves in just in time for the weekend. today looks to be one of the last nice days but since we are in mid november i can't complain too much. erica is going to track the timing of are we can forecaster ahead on the kron4 morning news. will take a live look outside at market street in san francisco where a small encampment has been taken down by the police this happen overnight. we will have all the details right after this.
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as hot
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>>justine: and encampment this happened right before 2:00 a.m. and occupy text message alerted all of the followers about a surprise
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raid. police have raided an encampment nearby writing from a market street. >>reporter: the morning justine, you can see that the police officers are still standing out there. and they just when a truck to wash off the streets, you can see that their kids are up in front of the market. this is the corner where the bank of america stands. that is where a lot of the tents were set up and that is where they were taken down. according to the protesters there were about 14 tents, anywhere from 5 to 10 people were sleeping at the time when the raid came, they were taken downtown and according to another protesters said that they were processed and actually let go. you can see one officer may be too standing there in front of the atm because there were about three protesters that are laying down right in front of the, right next to the
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atm and they are justly been there in their sleeping bags. nothing has happened to them yet they're just being vigil about them and aside from that, people are kind of going back to the main area over there at justin herman plaza. some people are just going back collecting their stuff but they are staying in the general area. there were told that the campbell also be cleared. there is a mixed message that they are teen --seen from the city, they say they have an meeting with the mayor tomorrow at noon so when they got a message to clean out from the camp there were really taken by surprise. it made it really upset they hear it is they had a meeting pending with the mayor and then this happened. they did get a warning ahead of time from the chief of police say that they had to clear out the tense and it will be here on market street. they did not clear out the tents
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so the police did come in around 1:30 a.m. and clear them out. >>justine: how many protesters did the police arrest? the you have a number? >>reporter: i now have an exact number but according to a protesters he witnessed that there were maybe five, or seven people they got arrested. >>justine: we saw from your shot that in front of the bank of america is clear, it looks like the protesters have left the in camera and our standing in the street which is legal correct? >>justine: to my knowledge it is legal, you just cannot be sleeping or setting upper tents but they are concerned because of a got the one about this small encampment from bankamerica they also got the one to clear out justin herman plaza. but since i've been here i have
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not seen an increase in police officers. in fact there has been a decrease in police officers so it does not look like anything is set up to happen at the justin herman plaza that could change any time. my now, you see may be a sparing of police officers around there may be a total of six or eight of them around here, you can see a group right over here there are like four in the other two are down over by the atm. other than that you do not see a big increase of any police force out here. >>justine: all right, we'll keep our eyes and ears on this. now the people for sf, the occupy movement are no strangers to controversy. this is video from the last raid that happened at justin herman plaza it happened exactly one month ago on october 16th and continued into the early morning hours of the next day. several
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protesters were arrested well after san francisco police gave them a written notice telling them that the park code does not allow tents or camping. the protesters have said that they have the right to assemble and the park and gives them the room that they need for the growing movement. in the meantime, thousands of occupy cal protesters were gathered outside of sproul hall on the campus of uc-berkeley in this happen late into the night. the protesters have again said uptentsw despite being--the protesters set up tents despite being told by the police that that is not allowed. >>reporter: more than 1500 people voted whether they should put tents up in front of the hall, and nearly
4:35 am
everyone was in favor. >>reporter: occupy protesters started pitching tents as soon as the vote was over while the university police looked on. last wednesday they did the same thing in a different location on campus and the police quickly moved in and removed the tents and hit those that resisted with batons. >> this is like a sculptor and a symbol promoting the occupy at wall street movement. >>reporter: former u.s. labor secretary now a professor at uc-berkeley said the following.
4:36 am
>> we must give people the opportunity to speak up about what must be done. enable our democracy to function as it should, not with money and not simply with the privilege but work the ability of people joined together. >>reporter: so far the university police have taken a hands-off approach and have not remove the tents from sproul plaza. >>justine: more now on the occupy protest the police said they were forced to release pepper spray on occupy protesters in seattle. officers said they were attempting to arrest a woman that swung a stick at them when the protesters intervene. what we are watching now is milk being poured on the eyes of people being sprayed with pepper spray. they say a 19 year-
4:37 am
old pregnant girl and an 84 year-old woman were among the people being sprayed. at least six demonstrators were arrested there. now we will talk to hear -- talk to erica because it looks like we have a one day left of pretty nice weather. >>erica: good morning justine, that as he take a closer look at your weather had live for today, we are dealing with some patchy fog up into the valley that should only be the case until sunrise. as we head closer to the afternoon we will see a lot of clear conditions and sunny skies with temperatures in the '60s a like already mentioned as we head towards the latter part of the week we have that strong possibility of showers lasting into the weekend as well. let us get straight into the numbers outside. forties' and '50s dominate the map. as we check out
4:38 am
what the temperatures will go into the rest of the day, i have said this for about 8:00 a.m., you can see all of the purple in your screen indicates holding on to some 40 up to the north bay but we will see fifties along the coast and for the east bay as well. all of this green on your screen indicates temperatures in the low 60s by 2:00 p.m. we squeeze out a few more degrees and still keeping it in the mid-60s and holding on to some upper 50s along the coastline. but as right down the numbers for your neighborhood by neighborhood. 60 is soon to be the case but holding on to 50 the place of like half moon bay. mountain view could be the warmest spot coming in at 67 degrees. 62 degrees of a, a number for oakland in places like hayward. as we take close to look at your satellite and
4:39 am
radar, we are all clear right now in the bay area but all that changes as the storm system pushes its way in not only bringing with the cooler temperatures but wet weather. you will see that all your seven day around the bay forecast. wet weather, the first possibility is actually thursday afternoon especially up into the north bay by the time you pick up on friday we will see widespread light showers and the rainfall increases in intensity as we get closer to the weekend. as for traffic there are no hot spots to tell you about in fact it is pretty quiet out there. when i got in at 3:00 a.m. we had a lot of accidents out there, we had a school in fremont, but fortunately that has all been--we had a spill in fremont unfortunately that has all been cleared from the freeway. the sand until bridge ride is nice and easy in both directions there are no problems getting to the bridge in fact you'll see smooth conditions past the toll plaza and for the high- rise this morning. the
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golden gate bridge ride south bound 1 01 and nt -- south bound 1 01, an empty deck always you. now we do not have any major delays to speak up for interstate 280. we have to take a quick break but we will be right back stay with us.
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>>justine: good morning in world news, president barak obama has landed down under this morning he is meeting with the australian prime minister and is announcing a new agreement to expand the u.s. military presence in australia outlining plans for up to 250 military personnel to be there by the middle of 2012. this move comes as china expands its military region to the pacific. it also allows the u.s. military to quickly respond to natural disasters
4:43 am
in the region this is his first visit to australia as commander in chief. >>justine: almost 2000 afghan leaders are meeting to announce the withdrawal of troops and if grades should continue.--raids should continue. the gradual handover is supposed to be complete by the end of 2014. will take a break on the kron4 morning news and the backwoods tech talk right after this.--be back with tech talk right after this.
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gap but this tablet is set to shake up the market it only cost $200. that is $300 less than the apple ipad 2. here's a look at the two holiday tablets compared to each other. >>gabe: i have to point this
4:47 am
out, running applications is a factor. apple's online application store has more than 100,000 applications tailored specifically for the ipad. moving on, let us talk about the camera. >>gabe: for some consumers this will be enough, but if you have a lot of video and music and other content you will want to seriously think about choosing the ipad to. wrapping this up, the ipad 2 has more features, access to more applications, a camera and it offers a better
4:48 am
screen to watch videos on. but the price of the fire for what you get is fair, it is a great tablets for $200. if you just want something to get into the tabloid world, it is not a bad choice. if you want to tell the with all the bells and whistles and you do not mind shelling out $500, go with the ipad to. it has proven to millions of users to not disappoint. >>justine: time to find out about the rain moving into the bay area erica is here with the details. good morning. >>erica: good morning to you justine. we have a potential for wet weather. as i show you what is on tap for the next 24 hours, right now we have cold temperatures sitting in the '40's as we had to the afternoon we will see all that sunshine with temperatures hitting in the mid-60s. we will continue to see partly cloudy conditions with a calm winds with speeds averaging about 8 mi. per hour. let me show you the average right outside
4:49 am
the door for the most part this is a mild start, let us again san francisco. as we take these numbers into the afternoon, we will warm up pretty nicely. take a look at oaks and it is 62 degrees, the same goes for hayward, a little bit cooler along the coastline. we will see mid-60's into the south bay and other to the north bay they are contending with a little patchy fog out there but as they head into the afternoon you'll see low 60s. 63 is the common number for fairfield, napa and a bottle.--and navato. not only will we see cooler temperatures but there will be wet weather as well. you can see the light green on your screen on thursday indicates the potential for wet weather. as we advance the o'clock we will see spotty showers for the most part into the evening and overnight hours. it is not until about 7:00 a.m. on
4:50 am
friday that we see the rain built in intensity only affecting portions of the north bay but over the heart of the bay area as well and we will continue to see the showers built in intensity lasting into the weekend. you'll see that on your 70 around the forecast, the showers are prevalent only on thursday and friday this saturday and sunday as well. take a look your temperatures compared to today we dropped to about 10 degrees in the inland those are staying in the 30's. no hot spots to tell you about this has been a pretty quiet morning as we take an approach to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is building in the westbound direction out toward san francisco traffic is moving well up the incline and across the upper deck. we are currently problem free at the san mateo bridge in both directions. the drive time is between 12 to 13 minutes from end to end. a live look at the golden gate bridge south bound 101 shows a lot of space in between headlights with no major
4:51 am
delays or accidents to reports from marin county. a quick check of conditions on the peninsula, 101 looks good in both directions. >>erica: justine. >>justine: we have new details on that 49er stadium, the city agreed to use $10 million to repair-- to prepare the site. >>reporter: before any work is done, infrastructure like water mains must be removed to get the site ready for construction. >> we must prepare the site so that we can be ready for
4:52 am
the 2013 groundbreaking. >>reporter: the work will start in january and the city would have to borrow at least $6 million from the team sent to this i have a tax funds. the 49ers davis this rendering of the stadium. >> the fact that dollars are being committed to begin the construction and be in the prep work to prepare the site for the official groundbreaking and construction of the stadium is obviously a very good sign. >>reporter: a spokesperson for the 49er says that if everything goes as planned a stadium would be open in 2015. >> next we must finalizing the financing component. we will then present that to the city of santa clara. >>justine: we have to take a quick break on the kron4
4:53 am
morning news when we come back we will see who is behaving exactly with kron4 stanley roberts.
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4:55 am
>>stanley: where are you from? >> oakland now. >>stanley: and before that? >> san francisco for two days, and east palo alto for three days. >>stanley: you may not know this before out of five people camping at this occupy oakland event are not even from oakland and many of them are not from the san francisco bay. i like to call them stand in protesters. >> i did not want to be on tv because my family does not really want me to protest. >>stanley: of many people are from far far away. i met one person who was camera
4:56 am
shy the one claims that he was all the way from berlin. not new jersey, berlin germany. and this guy could not be any more vague with his comments. >> i am from earth. >>stanley: this protesters claim that he gone home to shower and then came back to camp out that must be nice. the best thing about living in a tent at a public park, there are no rules. for instance, you can bring your dog even though there are signs that say no dogs. and you could pretty much tosser empty beer containers on the ground and pretty much leave anything anywhere. while many people support the occupy movement there are few that have a different opinion. >> they need to go back to where they came from and leave us alone. >>stanley: he claims the protesters are using the resources of the homeless and for the record he claims
4:57 am
they he is not homeless. in oakland i am stanley roberts kron4 news. >>justine: if you know of anyone who is behaving badly you can e-mail stanley at people behaving badly at much more ahead on morning news will take a live look outside at market street by the embarcadero where a small occupy sf to encampment was taken over by the police. the main encampment at justin herman plaza still stands but there are rumors going around that it could be coming down will have the latest report coming up at 5:00 a.m.. [ woman ] day party idea
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>> darya: this is video of the police moving in early this morning on the encampment at occupy sf. this is our big story this morning as protesters away the future of their encampments and what happens today. >> mark: let us start in san francisco the police dismantled a small encampment that was right next to the main occupy sf on market street. will tran is live this morning with the latest details. >>reporter: good morning mark, protesters say that they were setting up a bridge, or one had been here for a couple days it runs from justin herman plaza all the way to davis the original in camden. you can see the barricades here, most of them were in place of the one of the bank of america atm, that is the place where the protesters sleeping about 18 to 20 of them. at about 1:30 a.m. and
5:01 am
2:00 a.m. this morning this is video of the police officers moving in. they made about eight arrests, apparently no injuries and the protesters gave themselves up. they are angry because they said they have been here for days and it worked out an agreement with the city to allow them to be here as long as they're not in front of the atm directly or in front of the path for pedestrians. one protester told me that he had been up for about two to three days just to keep an eye on the streets but then all of a sudden he says about 200 to 300 police officers in riot gear showed up and quickly swooped in and took out the bridge. that is why it is no longer here to what is here are police officers just standing in from the restaurant, just in front of marketplace. and at justin herman plaza you get the feeling that it is festive
5:02 am
and still a party and they say even though it is disappointeing that the bridege came down, they are not going anywhere. >> darya: this was the scene yesterday at occupy cal protesters were joined with occupy open protesters. nearly 4000 people came together in this rally. occupy protesters later that evening voted and set up tents at sproul plaza, but the uc-berkeley chancellor says he will not allow an encampment on campus. >> this is like a symbol showing our support of the principles of the occupy wall street movement.
5:03 am
>> in his double important that our democracy gives people the opportunity to speak up about what must be done. enable our democracy to function as it should, not with money, not simply with privilege. but with the ability of people to join together. >> darya: the protests were disrupted earlier in the day by a campus of shooting inside of the school of business officer shot a man that they say was holding a gun in a computer lab, pacing the incident was not connected to the occupy sf protest. police responded about 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. they ask the man to drop the gun and when he did not comply they shot him several times. he went to the hospital and university officials are being criticized for not setting out who campus wide alert until 45 minutes after the shooting occurred. >>erica: we are taking a
5:04 am
live look at our roof camera overlooking downtown san francisco. we do have some dense patchy fog into the north bay valleys and as i walked to, this is a cold start to the morning but we will see sunshine with temperatures in the '60s. as we head toward the latter part of the week we do have the potential for some shower activity. now let us take it over to the maps to show exactly where the temperatures are sitting. for the most part we're in the '40's and 50's right now we're not dealing with any 30 out there. downtown san francisco is a warmer spot currently in the '50s, the same goes for antioch. as we take a look at where the temperatures will go to the afternoon we will see plenty of 60 out there working with a tight range of numbers. 62 seems be the no. 4 oakland and hayward. up to the north
5:05 am
bay once they rid themselves of the patchy fog, they will reveal lot of sixties here as well. future forecasts are set for about 3:00 p.m. on thursday this the first chance for some shower activity. the green indicates wet weather infiltrating the north bay. by 6:00 p.m. it looks like it could shift southward down to places like oakland and through hayward. this will not be a big washout by any stretch of the imagination. by 7:00 a.m. on friday looks like the rain intensity will increase not only to the north bay but through the heart of the bay area as well and we will continue to see light showers for the most part but we will continue to see is stretching into the weekend as well. you'll see that on your seven day around the bay forecast. we have showers only thursday and friday but stretching into the weekend as well. the rain chances increase in taking a mature temperatures. we struggle to get out of the low 50s. as for traffic there are no
5:06 am
high spots to speak of, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is a nice and easy ride in all directions. traffic is moving up the incline and across the upper deck. your san mateo bridge ride is building but still running at about 13 to 14 minutes and no problem getting to the bridge in either direction. currently we have no problems with visibility. i have been checking the chp logs, no accidents to report and this drive is under 24 minutes coming out of bottle approaching san francisco. as for public transit it looks like we're off to a great start. >> darya: the time now is five 06 a.m. and will be back with more let us take you live to san francisco
5:07 am
and that is where we are watching as the police dismantled a small encampment near the main occupy sf camp on market street around 1:30 a.m.. we are keeping aisle the various locations and will have more on the live reports when we continue.
5:08 am
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>>mark: in an e-mail, mccurry writes that he stopped a sexual assault at fans stayed. >>mark: the president of the
5:11 am
citadel phosphor received a complaint back in 2002. the former counselor is at the center of the charges. the man is accused of molesting five boys and was arrested last month. he has admitted guilt in at least three of the cases. >>darya: the secret service says that a bullet hit the window of the white house but was stopped because of bulletproof glass. witnesses heard shots and then sought to vehicle speeding away. the secret service has not connected friday's incident with the bullets that were found on the ground through there was also an ak-47 found nearby. 5:11 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the james lick freeway in san francisco.
5:12 am
fog the
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5:15 am
>>darya: and dozens of demonstrators are expected to rally outside of the university of california board of trustees meeting in long beach to produce fast- to protest a 9 percent hike in tuition. that means the students would pay an extra nearly $500 annually. cal state says the increase would only be implemented if sufficient funding was not approved. >>mark: the controversial parcel tax in oakland was before residents. the tax overwhelmingly was turned down by more than two- thirds. the failure of the
5:16 am
tax is seen as a referendum against new taxes but also as a vote of no-confidence in mayor quan. >>darya: plans to build a new stadium for the 49ers are moving forward. the $1 billion stadium will open up in 2015. >>mark: all eyes are on italy. yes to date stocks ended with modest gains. we
5:17 am
just had mortgage numbers come out, there was a big drop in the number of mortgage applications. >>darya: we want to get a look at the weather. we're looking at a big drop in temperatures. >>erica: we will seat pleasant conditions. it will be the warmest day of the week. here's a look from the mt. tam cam. bright lights. for the most part it is a clear start to the morning. trenchard--current temperatures in the '40's and '50's. we will see a lot of sunshine and most area locations. hot off your is a
5:18 am
look at your current temperatures. icehouse
5:19 am
5:20 am
>>george: a wet deck on the 101 ride. in the east bay, traffic is still light enough that there are no delays on 84 on 680 southbound into walnut creek or the san ramon valley. your ride in the south bay looks good. 101 northbound is completely clear of the coyote valley of mountain view. the time is 5:20 a.m., we will take a break into the kron4 news will be right back 53 .
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>>president obama: that in turn will allow us to work
5:25 am
with nations to respond even faster to a wide range of challenges including humanitarian crisis and disaster relief as well as for voting security for felicia across the region. >>darya: this is president obama first visit to australia. >>darya: we are back in a couple of minutes to get you going on this wednesday morning. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it will be easier to get out of bed today freed enjoy the clear skies that we have a clear enough. we will be right back. offs for fun
5:26 am
faugh ... backed ac beenand ran
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5:28 am
>>darya: 5:28 a.m.. it is pretty clear, traffic is nice and polite. things will change drastically in the next day or so. >>erica: right now we are seeing clear skies over the james lick. we are contending with patchy fog in the north bay valleys that that will clear as we get closer to sunrise. as we head into the weekend thursday and friday we will deal with wet weather. he will see that on your
5:29 am
extended forecast. as we take a look at where temperatures are ride out the door, '40's and 50's. often a better start than where we were over the past couple of days. by 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 40's still but for the most part we will see fifties around the bay. closer to launch the green will fill in on the screen indicating temperatures in the low 60s. by 2:00 p.m. we could squeeze out mid-60s >>erica: right now we are dry and mild. the storm system is pushing its way through. cool temperatures
5:30 am
and wet weather as early as tomorrow. the green indicates the wet weather infiltrating parts of the north bay. we could see lights from close over oakland in and enter hayward. we will continue to see spotty showers throughout the overnight and evening hours. the showers built in intensity as we have throughout the day. a look at your 7 day around the forecast in my next report. right now, a check on traffic with george. >>george: we are continuing to monitor a--we are continuing to monitor a like commute around the bay area. very light traffic heading in from all of the
5:31 am
approaches to the bay bridge. that is an easy trip. so is your ride on the san mateo bridge. 92 is lighter than usual. the drive times are still only 13 minutes eastbound or westbound. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy trip across the span. the crews are still on the deck with a realignment of the lanes. they are now close to the north tower. you have plenty of room for the ride on 680. there are no delays coming down from the benicia bridge for walnut creek. yourself a freeway, to 80 to the west valley, 85 the west valley freeway, 17 and 880 are all showing green which means speeds in excess of 50 mi. per hour.
5:32 am
>>mark: more on the occupy protests and developments overnight as police moved in in the early morning hours to dismantle a small camped near market street. they moved in at just before 2:00 a.m. in a surprise police raid. will tran is live with the latest on the arrest. >>will: 3.5 hours after the raid took place, protesters are back. the tents are no longer here. about 18-20 of them were here before the raid took place. you concede police officers in front of the bank of america atm. this is what happened. this is basically a bridge. for
5:33 am
what ever reason over the past two or three days protesters had a hunch that things would go down. here is video of police officers moving in. about 200-300 officers came in. they thought that it was excessive as far as the numbers but there were no injuries. approximately eight people were arrested. they are not deterred. here is what one witness had to say. >> i looked up and i saw eight paddy wagons. by the time i stood up, there were right cops coming from market street. there was a line going all the way to a height. we have a meeting
5:34 am
tomorrow with the mayor of. there is going to be a lot of unhappy occupiers. >>will: you can see them there. they are not deterred. for they believe it is their right to be on the ground. at they're going to ask if they could move the occupy movement to the civic center. so far that has not happened. they think that this area is a good compromise. some of the protesters buthought that things would go down. one protester told me he had been up at 48 hours. we have more reaction coming up at 6:00 a.m.. >>darya: our coverage
5:35 am
continues and berkeley were occupy cal protesters are joined by hundreds of occupy oakland protesters. craig skalar is joining us from cal berkeley with the latest. >>craig: i just overheard police on the plaza steps telling people that they need to disperse. fo the police
5:36 am
are standing on the plaza and the students are on the steps. campus police and the alameda county sheriff's department have plenty of law enforcement. they are over here waiting and standing, watching the situation as it unfolds. right now there's no movement by the police. >>darya: what is going on with the fights? >>craig: i just noticed that. the police seem to be based nearby.
5:37 am
>>darya: about 4000 people came to rally against cuts to education. the occupy protesters later that evening voted and that set up tents at sprawl plaza where craig skalar is live this morning. that is against what the uc-berkeley chancellor said. he said that tents would not be allowed and that no encampment would be allowed on campus. we're watching the situation closely. >>mark: here was the scene from seattle. police were forced to release a pepper spray on occupy protesters there. they arrested a woman who's won a stick at them.--they arrested a woman who swung a stick at them.
5:38 am
for least six demonstrators were arrested. in new york city, occupy wall street protesters are back. they cannot camped in the park overnight. a supreme court judge decided that the group could gather, but no more overnight stays. police cleared of demonstrators and their tense yesterday morning. the movement has spawned several protests around the nation and around the bay area. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness avenue in san francisco. it is dark, clear and a little chilly but nothing compared to the big changes that are in store with colder temperatures and flame on the way. we will tell you when and a couple of minutes. just seen gamow
5:39 am
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5:42 am
some new information on the solyndra fallout. cnn is now reporting, according to republican congressional investigators the energy department's fan urged the panel makers to delay announcement about layoffs until after the november 2010 elections. the company received 535 million in federal loan guarantees in 2009. solyndra declared bankruptcy on november 3rd, the day after the midterm elections leaving taxpayers on the hook. we will be right back.
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>>darya: here is a double live look outside your window this morning. the approach to the bay bridge looks good. visibility is pretty good. it is clear over at the golden gate bridge. it is dry for at
5:46 am
least the day. >>erica: i cannot make any promises for tomorrow. for the most part we are running on the mild side. here's a look in your current temperatures >>erica: we will see sunshine and mild temperatures. we are working with a tight range of temperatures. no one will get out of the '60s. into
5:47 am
the afternoon we will see sunshine. a storm system is pushing its way in and bringing with it cooler temperatures. by friday it looks like everyone is waking up to what weatherfish. widespread frame for saturday and sunday. >>george: we are still looking at a great commute for. there have been no hot spots this morning. there was an accident on the
5:48 am
peninsula, 101 southbound. let's start our bridge check on the bay bridge toll plaza. 101 southbound. excuse me, 80 westbound is still an easy ride. your san mateo bridge ride is problem free eastbound and westbound 53 f the golden gate bridge from the of looks great. we did see a wet deck earlier but no problems with the traffic flow southbound. fan fair green on the sensors means speeds of 50 mi. per hour or better. the
5:49 am
south bay freeway still looks great. through the north bay we have not picked up any slowing for the ride southbound. toch >>mark: the city of oakland is now figuring out the cost for dealing with protesters, at least $2.5 million. hope
5:50 am
5:51 am
>>mark: now that the encampment has relocated to snow park in oakland, stanley roberts has showed that some of the protesters are not from the bay area in this edition of people behaving badly. >>stanley: where are you from? >> oakland, now. >>stanley: before that? >> san francisco for two days. >>stanley: before that? >> east palo alto for three days. >>stanley: 3 out of five people camping and many of these occupy oakland events are not even from oakland. many are not from the san francisco-based. if i call them stand in protesters. >> i do not want to be on television. my family does not want me to be protesting. >>stanley: for people calling snow park home, many are from far away. one group was camera shy, but one claims he was all the way from berlin. berlin,
5:52 am
germany! this guy could not be any more debate with his comments. >>stanley: where are you from? >> earth. >>stanley: before you got to earth, where were you from? >> the spirit world. >>stanley: one protester claimed he went home to shower and then returned to camp. that must be nice. if the best thing about protesting while living in a tent in a public park, there are no rules. for instance, you can bring your dog even if there are signs that say no dogs. you then also pretty much a toss empty beer containers on the ground and leave anything, anywhere. while many people support the occupy movement, there are a few who have a rather different opinion. >> they need to go back to where they came from and leave us alone. >>stanley: he claims protesters are using the resources of the homeless. for the record, he claims that he is not hopeless. in
5:53 am
oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>mark: if you have a comment or story idea, e- mail us at m are calm.--at >>mark: we are taking a break, here is a live look outside on this wednesday morning. sachs costs .
5:54 am
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5:57 am
>>mark: nba players are seeking triple the amount of money they would have made this season claiming that the league is causing damage. >>darya: we have team coverage of the occupy movement. we are in oakland and berkeley. here at cal, protesters have set up encampment even though there are told not to. what will happen today? it is a police presence. we will have more on that when we come back.
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