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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 16, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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about the dead suspect from the shooting at the uc-berkeley campus. >>pam: this dramatic scene as protesters took over the bank of america >> branch on davis. dozens of protesters sat inside the bank part of a protest march that started early. police arrived. confrontation's became heated. charles clifford is alive. >>charles: charles right now, we are in the financial district. let me show you inside of this lobby. inside, they have literally set up a tent. and on the far side you can see the san
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francisco police department is slowly going through. they are slowly gently taking these protesters out one by one. a rusting these people one by one. there are probably 50 protesters it-are arresting them one by one. this has been going on for one hour. once the rest has been made the take them out side wants the are rest has been made. this wants debate take the suspect outside the bank, they take them
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over to davis street and load them on the spobus. perhaps 100 protesters have been watching but inside the arrests have been peaceful. there has been a bit of a scuffle outside of blocking the entrance. however, the bulk of the protest has moved towards california. for now, that is the latest from downtown san francisco. live, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> menifcalifornia st. and this the bank of america. that intersection is closed. however, these protesters impacting other areas for wrongfulbatter fast ad
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with battery street and drum streets blocked. >>pam: tuition hikes are also being addressed by the protesters. reggie? >> most of these protesters are uc-berkeley students. they are talking about how the financial impact of the tuition impact. most are chanting that you see has to go. this is what one protester said to the governor. this is the message she had. >> if we are california students we must tell the state
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of california to tell the legislator to tell the governor that we will not take further cuts. >>reporter: there is a heavy police presence. police are and motorcycles. we heard that these protesters could be leaving at 5:30 back to the uc-berkeley campus but some of them are also from uc-davis live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>pam: a lot of developments from the san francisco police officers moving in on the occupy protesters this morning. this is video. they dismantled a small encampment near the main s f camp along the market/embarcadero area. mayor ed lee says that people must meet their demands or the will be changes.
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>> if i have expressed very strongly that i need dramatic changes in the occupy presence. and in addition they're rolling this to cooperate with the conditions that we have set out. to give them the opportunity we will see how that happens. >> how long? >> immediate compliance, today. >>pam: j.r. stone is alivlive -- j.r.? >>reporter: yes. the mayor was very bold today in his and demands they are basic. look behind me. the grassy area crowded by tens is what he would like removed. those tensts --he
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has requested those be removed. this is video only 30 minutes. from the department of public works and the health department talking with the folks out here. speaking to the protesters of what has to have been keeping this camp opened. there are a number of different agenda and motives. this is what some of the people have had to say. >> here, we have a congregation of people in a very confined space. >> there have been act of of violence and i think there is only growing. >>reporter: in the distance, beyond that tow truck that is the area where they took those temperatures-structure--down ann more tent for in front of the
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reserve building. and another request from the mayor is for those tents to also be dismantled. protesters continued to speak out i will have those reactions in my next report. >>pam: also when san francisco richie kumar mention that the san francisco protesters could be going back to uc-berkeley. and occupy kelli is entrenched as police and protesters square off as occupy cal. >> they are constantly monitoring sproul hall advising them that the camps are not allowed on campus. we are educating them on the policies governing those violations.
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>>reporter: is there a time line? >> currently we are currently actively working with administrative officials to move forward with the university. >>pam: if they clear out those students, protesters deputies are on hand. it does not matter what the police have planned they are out here to make a statement. >>reporter: you can see behind me at uc-berkeley there are at least one dozen tents in front of fax sproul hall even carpeting. take a look most in that this group are students. as they sit here in protest they're also doing homework. i spoke with protesters about their
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cause, demands and how far they are willing to take this. >> we are talking about the budget cuts that are impacting uc-berkeley. also, we're talking about austerity as a larger programming impacting people all over the country. >> i think it is important because it is a space for people to come to create more political awareness. it is necessary for the administrative forced to know that we are concerned. >>reporter: digest said that you cannot camp out. >> of what do you say? >> it i think that they will probably say that in another hour and a book just stay. >>reporter: terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >>pam: we will continue to cover all of this this just in
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to the kron 4 news room uc- berkeley police said the man that they shot and killed on tuesday was pointing a loaded firearm at the officers. this yellow caution tape is still up across the computer lab at the school of business. that is where the shooting was on tuesday. the shooter has been identified the chief of police to explain what led topoint. he was pointing this loaded gun at one of our officers. he did not follow officer's request to drop the weapon. the officers fired to protect the officers themselves and his fellow officers. >>pam: the suspect died at highland hospital. a surveillance camera inside the computer lab confirms that story. >>pam: this facebook photograph
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shows christopher travis. they say that he was an undergrad student at this business school that just transferred to the university. the 32 year-old had recently gotten and associates and linked and. he recently became a light coach and motivational speaker. " my passion is to help you achieve your goals ". he's a reformed computer nerd who dropped out of college but had a revelation to turn his life around and in roll again. today, police have no motive as to what led him to allegedly bringing a loaded gun. however they noticed a change in his behavior from the family. >> i cannot give you any type of information but he had been acting differently over the past couple of weeks. off
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>>reporter: there is also no apparent connection between the occupy movement and travis. there was a rally in time of the conferenconfrontation. maureen y comic con 4. >>pam: coming up we have joined the fbi efforts and buy gasoline prices could be going up even higher. and what is the worst trailer parked in san jose. we hear from newt gingrich. about his close ties to freddie mac, fannie mae. >> i was speaker to the house and a strategic adviser. >>pam: 18 got stuck in this jimmy >> jayson: jaclyn big changes, e going to need your umbrella coming up.
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>> that dense state child abuse continues to grow penn state- victims are continuing to come forward. other alleged victims are also ready to come forward. in the meantime a judge has come to handle sandusky's preliminary hearing. >> a missouri woman is behind
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bars after the one-year-old was found dead. this child was reported missing yesterday. the mother told police that she overslept and the boy was missing. the boy was found dead near a cemetery it is not clear how he died. the mother is being held as the investigation continues she has not been charged. >> if your corn to plan a road trip get ready to dig deep. gasoline prices if you are ready to plant a road trip? they're likely to increase. but nearly $5 per gallon experts. >> pain at the pump. this year california gas prices got all the way up to $4.26. the today's price is $3.84 it is about the
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tense and tired and it has ever been. the oral informations services says that next spring could be the all-time high. oil prices -- informations services and a bit next spring the all- time high with a spike since early spring it was due to the unrest in the arab world. now, there are two different troublespots, nigeria. with sabotage, piracy and the iran nuclear problems has increased military problems from israel. americans are on the track to spend billions of dollars at the gas pump each year. that is $100 billion more last year and 40 billion the been the record of 2008.. >> it was another beautiful day today. low 60s in san jose and
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68 in mountain view. closer to the coast temperatures for cooler as we saw block. thank those increased sea breezes we saw that---fog. tomorrow, we have the chance for showers. the rain is really going to be starting on friday let us take a look at tomorrow's temperatures it is definitely going to be cooler. 59 degrees and he word. upper 50s in hayward the the seven degrees in richmond. take a look at futurecast 57 degrees in richmond. this is very similar to what we saw last week. this is also going to be
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live shower activity going into the north bay area continuing through the golden gate. by 3:00 p.m., rainfall and the south bay. we could see more widespread rainfall activity at best as we go towards friday. here is a locate or expand in forecast. here's a look at the extended forecast was in the 50s today, saturday, and saturday night/sunday will be a bit of a stronger system >>kimberlee: during a george w. speech this week the first of several disruptions began. check it out. (yelling) is the architect of
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occupy iraq. >> you can have the courage to ask a question. >> chanting: we are the 99%. >>kimberlee: they continued to chant we are the 99% a reporter for the john hopkins newsletters say that one of them challenged to protester in a fight. it was not just for the speaker, it was also off attracting people from outside at least 60 people
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the >>pam: in a noose around the bay
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san francisco police are investigating a broad daylight robbery on the van ness. the victims were getting into a car when a group approached, smashed the car windows, stole jewelry, cash. the victims were not hurt. no arrests. >> a chp officer is been recovered after being hit with a man without a driver's license. the officer responding on how we 101 in santa rosa. during the officer the vehicle appeared and the officer was ejected from his motorcycle with minor injuries. the driver without the drivers' license has two prior convictions.
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in an this is live >>pam: the occupy arrests have
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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news.. >>pam: at 5:30 this is our developing story out of san francisco. charles clifford is outside of a bank of america branch. protesters have taken over. charles? >>charles: this is a live picture on california at the financial district. right now the california police apartment is slowly arresting the protesters want a bible on. at the moment there are at least 20 taking them out -- one by one that the department of police
5:32 pm
is carefully arresting these protesters. they are getting one person up and escorting them on the back. this has been:a dog gently, smoothly. this has been going on one at a time and die cdone gently. we will keep you updated on this charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> the fbi is increasing its efforts to find this man. grant lotus. >>jeff: they have been looking for this man for at least one the decade. san diego diego is an animal rights extremist. he
5:33 pm
can be destructive and violent. they think they know where he is hiding in asking the public to bring down one of the most wanted terrorists. big money being offered up by the fbi. $ 250, 0004 mr. san diego. $250,000. he has been eluding efforts from uamerica's most wanted he was recently just recognized. >> he has very multi-levels of skills to dodge authorities. >>reporter: he has bombed
5:34 pm
emeryville, and then another in pleasanton. no injuries in either but they think that he bit targeted those businesses because of a company that does laboratory tested on animals. he is an animal rights extremists! to was born and raised in marin county he lived in this house. the fbi thinks that he is currently in western massachusetts. they also hope that the tattoos on his chest and back will help notice. he is saying extreme begin with computer skills. they also think that he is armed, dangerous and a vegetarian. >>pam: of the worst trailer park in the san jose. is on monterey road. they looked at these deplorable conditions with the
5:35 pm
tightly packed park with 150 people and 90 trailers is plagued with sewage and ongoing problems that are large being ignored. >> how can you enjoy your holiday? with raw sewage? we deserve better. we deserve that the owners have money and they do not want to spend money. >> per residents are threatening legal action unless management addresses the complaints. rob fladeboe shows us some of these problems. >>reporter: these resident is showing that when the rain is overwhelmed, the raw sewage will back up into her trailer. this is an example of junk is piling up between these park trailers.
5:36 pm
there are no room for dumpsters and crashes also piling up in. this is bringing in rodents. there are also a large number of cats. a sanitation/odor problem. they think that some are in neat and clean but others are in need of maintenance. a child escaped serious injury when he was hit by a car on a narrow street. there are no areas for children to play and not nearly enough parking. this woman believes the management is not responding to a fire. she thinks that it is faulty wiring and no security. their rent is not being paid for anything. >> the owner is ensuring that
5:37 pm
everything is in compliance. just a handful is to blame if they had ignored repeated warnings. >> if we do not respond to their complaints with that is not true. we are always on top of things. what ever needs to be done, we do it. we have had a recent inspection from the state. we did have a couple of violations and we corrected the violations so we are one of the present right now. the only issue is where we have tenants that have not wanted to be compliant with the state. now, we are pressing termination and waiting on the state for confirmation. if the need to clean up around the space or whatever it is. >>pam: officer which was reclathe sewage was blamed on
5:38 pm
vandalism and does not expect that problem to repeat. fed >> ofyour full forecast comingp
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>> executives from freddie mac and fannie mae came under fire. newt gingrich is being asked about huge payments that he received from the freddie mac over the last decade. when president barack obama was running newt suggested that he would have to returned contributions but not the republican candidate is on the defensive. a former official from the freddie mac saying that newt gingrich's received $1.5 million for consulting. when
5:42 pm
questioned by reporters newt gingrich thought that he was a strategic adviser and then a and adviser. >> the news gingrich group was in advising firm. >> $1.6 million? >> that is a lot more than just being? >> i was speaker of the house and a strategic advisor. >>reporter: also they had questions for the executives the tax peeler bailout for the mortgage finance companies amounted to $124 billion. files show that 95 madyun dollars went to pay packages for the executives. michael williams was questioned about his salary. >> did you ever have an expectation that you were going
5:43 pm
to make not just seven figures but you would make eight or 9 million every couple of years? >> congressman i think that we all aspire our careers and compensation. >> you make $9.3 million in two years and the president made $800,000. do you think that is okay? >>reporter: these lawmakers making this infuriating the nanasdaq is also just down a bit and rob black is here. oil? >>rob: yes we're continuing to micromanage europe. is it is as if it iconfidence spending is ud consumer production pricing
5:44 pm
goods durable-goods? >> this was like a bit of a boat this operation but it has been 15 millio15 years in the c however, this has been a civil war. i been out of bit but any time a company gets into a lawsuit it can really drag on.
5:45 pm
also their costs are higher on their commodities and competition. i understand why they are raising prices welcome a copy is also increasing. however, coffee is continuing to increase. >> absolutely. is an addiction. the loser is the rare and spider-man comics was stolen. >> in 1962 it was only 12¢. and that he purchased it at $15,000. it is worth about 15,000 but he paid $1 million. if you are a fan of spider-man? it is amazing. i brought this up because there are stocks, bonds and real estate and you accumulate. and once you are
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well for you start purchasing odd things, baseball cards,, pokes. art, cold. sometimes, 12¢ can become 15,000. but if you can get trophy any way you can. >>reporter: do not pay $1 million >>rob: thank you. ♪ >> jaclyn:10 served as slowly dropping. if you have dinner plans outside? crackerjack itgrr jacket. or a coat. there will be a scattered afternoon shower chances. thursday a bit of a break but friday we can also see
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light showers. just one-quarter of 1 in. expected. temperatures are going to be chilly. 42 in livermore. 45 in san a say. temperatures are in the 60s 45 and the san jose -- 59 in hayward 64 in livermore. and 56 in richmond. the satellite and radar showing that there is a storm coming into alaska. those clouds are already creating rainfall. it is see breeze for porsche wind porporschpush.. hor at the same time that last week the future cast as calculated the rainfall the same could be
5:48 pm
tomorrow. with just light showers possible in the north bay. and also and light showers through the central day. by 3:00 p.m. we could see more coverage of what future cast is showing. but it is going to be light. a look at your 7 day around the bay much cooler into friday but temperatures in the 50s and you will stay in the 50s friday, saturday but a different system saturday night and sunday with stronger conditions. however, not a big rainmaker keeping your umbrella candy between tomorrow, friday, and the weekend. keeping your umbrella-candy. >>kimberlee: take a look at this a teenager tried to make this breaking and entering inside this jimjifireplace jimm.
5:49 pm
no charges expected. >> this ". 51 " is speculating in the china. maybe aliens. were these speculations with the increase in china's space exploration program. >> and this is a shark encounter off of the coast of mexico. some of these diverse state safe but one of these divers stayed say in these cages. however, one grease freely >> macy's day parade has five new parade items. it is the 85th
5:50 pm
annual parade. these all that to be taken apart to get through the lincoln tunnel when they're taken to the parade route in new york city. >>pam: her our developing story is the bank of america at california. they have been taken over the branch have been methodically been taken into custody with the san francisco police department. update on that, coming up.
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>> and world news the asia- pacific region was just one of the stops for press and barack obama president announced the increase military presence in australia. china is feeling
5:54 pm
threatened by this. >> italy is filled his government with government financial experts. >> also a new greek parliament pushing to a debt deal. >> thousands of students and iran formed a human chain in support of a nuclear power plant. they have been accused of conducting secret experiments to to develop nuclear weapons. if the government is insisting that it is peaceful and aimed at energy needs. stay with us. affable
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in san francisco. this is a
5:58 pm
live picture of occupy protesters. this is going on right now. we will update you with the impact on traffic and public transportation with a complete report coming up at 6:00 p.m..
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6:00 pm
as the big stories break. a swarm of demonstrators inside a bank of america in san francisco. our cameras are there as tension grows. >>pam: our crews are there as the san francisco mayor meets with occupy san francisco demonstrators hours after a raid. >>pam: the kron4 crews are also at occupy cal. we uncover how students feel about the upcoming protests. new details about the suspect that was shot and killed by police. announcer: this is the kron4
6:01 pm
news at 6:00 p.m. with a developing story. >>pam: we are starting tonight with protesters descending on bank of america in san francisco. from this video, demonstrators took over the lobby and began chanting. one person set up a tent inside his children. this happened at the bank of america at california ended davis street. charles crawford is live with the latest. >>charles: right now is a live picture between california and sacramento. this is where officers have been going into the bank of america. moments ago, in line of police officers were making arrests. there is a line of police officers in riot gear that moved in seconds ago and created a barrier that pushed people back away from the window as they finish arresting the last dozen people inside. over the last two hours, the san francisco police department has been slowly
6:02 pm
and methodically arresting people inside, one by one. it has been peaceful. some people had to be carried out. they have a bus parked over there on david siri if 5 here is video from earlier. this happened in the lobby of bank of america. >>charles: this is now in front of the lobby where they are finishing of all of the arrests. before the last couple of hours we have been able to watch through the window. at one point there were considering closing the
6:03 pm
curtains but they eventually left the windows open. we will have more coming up at 6:00 p.m.. >>grant: here is the area, abc section. there is the bank of america where charles clifford was, the intersection of davis and california streets. california street is closed all the way down to battery davis. it is impacting public transit. muni is rerouting one, 31 and 30 express' winds. shuttles are being provided for the california and powell street cable car
6:04 pm
more. >>reggie: some protesters just left including a group that was standing at the entrance. most of the protesters were from college campuses. go ahead and take a look at this piece of video. he said if they were planning to march again and to let the officers now. earlier this afternoon occupiers held signs that said make the banks tape. they said that they marched to the state building to said the governor a message. softs fife >> we will not accept
6:05 pm
further increases! >>reggie: i did hear a small group of protesters that just left to say that they were going to the jail to await for fellow protesters who were arrested at bankamerica earlier today if. off live in san francisco, reggie kumar. >>pam: san francisco mayor, ed lee, is demands that occupy san francisco movement for change things at their camp. if the mayor says the camp has grown thoughts and there are now safety concerns. protesters say that they are going to work with the mayor. >> i am going to mobilize the camp and get everyone to clean it up. i want to live in a clean space. >>pam: j.r. stone is joining us live from occupy san francisco. >>j.r.: officials are with the health department. the
6:06 pm
mayor was a bold and it did not talk for very long. you can see different protesters out there. some protesters out here are working with the mayor's office. the mayor was very bold in his
6:07 pm
demands. this is what he had to say. >> i have expressed very strongly that i need dramatic changes. we are giving them an immediate opportunity to demonstrate that. i want immediate compliance and i need to see that by today. right now, we want to see if they will comply with our conditions and then we will see what happens. >>j.r.: that is the area where they had taken down tents overnight. there are still tense on market street in the distance, in front of the reserve building. that is something that the mayor also wants taken down. reporting live in san francisco, j.r stone, kron4 news. >>pam: a small but committed tense city remains on the uc-berkeley
6:08 pm
campus. there are about one dozen tents in front of sprawl all right now.-- sprowell hall. terisa estacio has more. >>terisa: set up in connection with occupy cal. it's take a look over here. most of the people out here are students going to and from class is. some students pause and take in at the scene like this person. >> i have a bid semite active in occupy cal and occupy oakland. >> if we have free time, we will be here. if not we will
6:09 pm
go to class., i am headed international grads didn't. -- >>kate: i am an international grads didn't. i am less in touch with the fact that something is going on. terisa estacio, kron4 news. >>pam: uc-berkeley police are working on a plan to deal with protesters. >> we are actively monitoring the occupy cal demonstration. the encampments are not allowed on campus. we're educating them on for policies. >>reporter: is there a time line to allow them to stay out there?
6:10 pm
>>pam: for demonstrators want to ensure a peaceful end. police say that the armed man that was shot and killed was a student. here is a photograph of the 33 year-old christopher travis. officials say that he was an undergraduate transfer students attending business school. police say that they have video surveillance showing its the suspect pointing a loaded gun at officers. >>reporter: there is a yellow crime scene tape still across the a computer lab where a student was armed and shot by police theory if
6:11 pm
>> we heard shots. it was unclear if it was gun shots. it almost sounded like a sledgehammer hitting concrete. very loud. then we heard a rush of people moving out. i have been here almost 16 years. this is a pretty close-knit community. it is a sad situation to lose someone. the fact that no one else was hurt or there was not a hostage situation is good. >>reporter: counselors have been on staff at the business school all day. maureen kelly, kron4 news. >>jaqueline: and temperatures are dropping off pretty quickly. if you have dinner plans, bring a
6:12 pm
jacket. the changes in store as we head into tomorrows syrian .
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6:15 pm
>>catherine: a man is arrested and in custody, suspected of firing a gun at the white house. the investigation continues. as the dow jones has more on the young idaho man under arrest. >>reporter: the man was arrested outside of pittsburgh on a wednesday. he is suspected at firing into the white house around 9:00 p.m. friday night while the president was traveling. the secret service says that two bullets were found on the south side of the white house. the investigation continued on wednesday. one
6:16 pm
round penetrated a historic window but was stopped by a second layer of bulletproof glass. police believe he fired shots with a semiautomatic rifle and then fled in his vehicle which he later abandoned. >>officer: his vehicle was found on constitution avenue west of 23rd street. after the vehicle was discovered, detectives and crime scene investigators recovered evidence that led to the suspect. >>reporter: police found the rifle and shell casings inside the car. authorities have made a preliminary conclusion, that the rounds at the white house came from that rifle. they are awaiting ballistics to confirm. after talking with family and friends, they believe the suspect has a direction of interest in the white house or president. >>officer: he is a high- visibility target, the
6:17 pm
president or his guests. >>reporter: if ortega hernandez has it's a criminal histories. police in arlington, va. stopped the suspect on foot earlier on friday, just before the shooting. he was acting as assist stats-he was acting suspiciously. >>catherine: fist fight of his many suspects, he has not been tied to any radical organizations. this is not the first time there has been a shooting around the white house. their residents in 1994 and 2001. >>catherine: the u.s. energy secretary is ready to testify before a house committee tomorrow, this is more fallout behind bankrupt solyndra. the energy
6:18 pm
secretary argues that along came under heavy scrutiny for being approved. the fremont based company closed its doors august 31st and laid off its 1100 workers. >>pam: the santa clara city council unanimously approved a 10 million in funding to for fear the site next to the great america theme park for the construction of a new 49ers stadium. if the entire project will cost $987 million. it is part of the 10 million that voters approved. 6 million will be loaned to the city by the 49ers. construction of the 68,500 seat stadium is expected to begin in early 2013 and to be completed in time for the 2015 football season. >>jaqueline: the changes to the forecast. for tomorrow morning, we have areas of
6:19 pm
fog started the day. cool temperatures through the afternoon. strong showers possible in the north bay and then spreading south. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. here is a look at your expected temperatures tomorrow. >>jaqueline: a storm is pushing and from the gulf of alaska. future cast 4 is not doing a great job of painting the picture out there. tomorrow evening, very light showers. as we head into friday, mostly clear conditions. a few spots of rain over the north bay, by 1:00 p.m. rain over the central valley. by 3:00
6:20 pm
p.m. in the south bay. the rain will continue until the afternoon. for a look at the rainfall totals. it will not be very impressive. under 1/10 of an inch of rain. by the evening, the same thing. i think it weakens the isolated pockets of heavier rain, it will not be widespread. >>jaqueline: another system will push in on friday. stay with us, we will be right back after this.
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>>kimberlee: if you tried to
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put a fight with divergent america, they started a planned switch to a new reservation system. this which has not come without problems. this is the first screen that greets you on the verge of america web when you click on the learn more button, it takes you to this page. the airline apologizes for the inconvenience. the company is waiting all flight change and cancellation fees. visit the kron4 facebook fan page and click like to find information on the reservation system. we will
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be back after this quick break.
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>>pam: the city of millbrae outsourcing its police. and the controversial case involving the poll which has a big retailer under fire.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>>reporter: between 50 and 70 protesters and to a bank of america lobby at california at davis in downtown san francisco and refused to leave. the san francisco police department and a sheriff's department arrested protesters one at a time. about 20 minutes ago they removed the final protester. charles clough
6:31 pm
for, kron4 news. a >>reporter: mayor ed lee says that he has met with occupy san francisco members but now, he wants is demands met. >> i want immediate compliance. again, right now we want to see if they can demonstrate compliance with our conditions. >>reporter: in the distance, one of the mayor's demands, he wants tents on the embarcadero to come down along with the ones on market street. when you look across the street, there is actually another tent going up. j.r stone, kron4 is. >>reporter: students attending a california state university campus will have to pay more next fall. trustees increased tuition for the fall of 2012 by 9
6:32 pm
percent. this follows a 22% increase this year. trusties' blamed the state legislature for cutting funding. dan kerman, kron4 news. >>reporter: occupy cal is still an active group. protesters have set up a one dozen tents in front of sprawl all. protesters say that they have a long list of demands including freezing tuition hikes. the police come by opted to tell protesters they cannot camped overnight but protesters are telling kron4 news that they have no plans to leave any time soon. terisa estacio, kron4 news. >>reporter: uc-berkeley police say the man that was shots and killed in the business school was a student, identified as christopher travis. school officials said that travis was an undergraduate student that transferred to the university this semester. police say that they have no
6:33 pm
motive that said that travis'family recently noticed a change in his behavior. maureen kelly, kron4 news. >>reporter: enacted this facing deportation has protesters surrounded the court. he was arrested during the police raid at frank ogawa plaza. fends-- friends say that he was from mexico city and a student at uc-berkeley. ronald charges filed on wednesday but he is being held on an immigration hold. alajandra cerball, kron4 is. >>reporter: the millbrae's city council has voted to disband the police department and have the sheriff's department takeover policing the city. this is the third city in san mateo county to get rid of its police department. community organizers are unhappy and say that millbrae will be left
6:34 pm
without enough police protection. the sheriff's department is 18 mi. away. the cities as the low will pay tax payer dollars and people will not notice the difference. jeff bush, kron4 news. >>gabe: google takes the stage at a press event in l.a. to unveil global music, a new music store said to take on itunes and amazon. it is live in free for anyone to use. >>gabe: in other news, i am giving away a brand new laptop valued at over $1,000. you can find discounts on computers into pcs from the valley mall in santa clara. to enter to win
6:35 pm
this laptop for free, log onto and look for my tech page. >>pam: chase bank is doing away with three fees. among the charges are a $10.15 dollar monthly checking account fees and a $3 fee to use your debit card. >>jaqueline: big changes in the forecast. a storm is moving into the gulf of alaska. it will affect us into tomorrow night and friday morning as it drops down the coastline. tomorrow evening, light showers through the bay area. by midnight, mostly clear. into friday morning, we will see
6:36 pm
flight rain. by 1:00 p.m. rain through the valley. it is the first of two different systems that we will see through the weekend. spotty showers into the afternoon tomorrow.
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> >kimberlee: a controversial ad campaign from beneton. the ad features the pope kissing an iman shiek. this was taken down after the vatican denounced it. there were many other photos. barama,
6:42 pm
abbas, sarkozy. the cmpany said these are stmbolic images of reconciliation.
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
> > if gone away this was the 114th big game luncheon. >> since we saw each other when year ago the world has become a safer place. this has been quite a year for stanford considering half of last year's squad has carpal tunnel syndrome from shaking hands with harbaugh. there is a great defense and underrated pass game, at two
6:47 pm
players that are the most feared sibling attack since the mendez brothers. [laughter] >> now we are sensitive? [laughter] >>gary: you cannot talk about about the 49ers these days. they are on a roll with eight straight wins. arizona comes in on sunday. sports illustrated this week has a nice feature about the team after their win over the value of giants. arakis brazing. >> these are the kinds of guys that shower you with your ability get character. they are hardworking. they
6:48 pm
are disciplined. >>gary: alex smith >>gary: that is a good idea. hearthstone is tremendous. da lin, he brings dignity and bay area connections. jacqueline bennett, wrote weather is terrific. i do not know where they got the people on the morning show. >>pam: but what would we be without you? >>gary: not much. i am just teasing. >>pam: you are the sports director! some
6:49 pm
>>gary: the your fantasy squads ready, houston is coming to the american league west in 2013. for good news on buster cozposey. the word is he has spent five months recovering from a fractured left ankle and he is now in arizona and has been able to participate >>gary: onorth doormat.
6:50 pm
pretty good. he is the american league matter-desk manager of the year. >>gary: the marlins have offered of artful holds a nine year deal between 200 million-2 to 25 million. ic
6:51 pm
>> i know that the cardinals will make an attempt. we'll have to let the cards played out. >>gary: before marlins are now called the miami marlins. >>gary: when we return, tiger woods and his old katy, they're going head-to- head at the president's helpcup. if that had coughed
6:52 pm
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6:56 pm
> >america's cup coming here in 2013.
6:57 pm
> >pam: we will see you at 8pm.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
is jerry sandusky on suicide watch? as another alleged victim comes forward in the penn state case. and bieber's paternity suit dropped? did our interview convince the baby mama to withdraw her case? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. i told him to wear a condom. he said no. >> could any of those other girls substantiate the story? >> tearful breakdowns, walkouts. did bieber's baby accuser wind up destroying her own case? >> i can do this right now. then -- >> hang him from the highest tree, i'll bring the rope. >> a child being in shower. >> mounting outrage over jerry sandusky's penn ste sex abuse denial. >> i'm fearful for this guy's well-being right now. >> new suicide concerns as the alleged eyewitness is confronted.


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