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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 16, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>pam: and tonight at 8:00 p.m., the turmoil and a san francisco financial district. kron4 is there as occupy protesters moved into bank of america. >>reporter: protesters have literally set up a tent. >>pam: we cover the arrests and daniel salzburg on the demonstration at berkeley. announcer: live, this is the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: we begin in san francisco. more than 50 people were arrested more than a few hours ago after storming a bank of america branch in the financial district. charles clifford was there as it happens.
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>>charles: right now we're live in front of bank of america in the financial district at the corner of california at davis. today's protests started at justin herman plaza. about 1000 people marched peacefully and then turned south and came back to downtown. up to that point standings are peaceful, but things to a better return. >>charles: hundreds of protesters stormed into the lobby of the bank of america building--bankamerica. thought the crowd took over a large section of the lobby. about a half an hour later, two police officers inside the bank wanted demonstrators that there would be arrested if they did not leave. it was apparent that many inside did not have any intention of going anywhere. people
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began entering the building and the authorities and to the building by force in full wire---full riot gear. officers and deputies began arresting protesters slowly, one at a time. they faced little resistance and were able to clear the bank by 6:00 p.m.. >>charles: if you are wondering why the protesters targeted bank of america, many of those out today were thick students. one of the board of regents is from bankamerica.
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>>pam: protesters then marched to the state building where they held another rally. reggie kumar shows us what happened there. >>reggie: about 200 occupy ss students held signs that say banks must pay. they also chanted uc regents have to go. they rallied in front of the state building to send the governor a message. occupiers explain how tuition increases have impacted their lives. >> no more tuition hikes! we are not going to accept further increases and layoffs. >> i still have to war years left. >>reporter: you may not be able to go to uc santa cruz? >> i might be in great
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depth. >>pam: the mayor says there are major health and safety problems after an early morning raid. >> we are not going anywhere. we are not thinking of the short term, day-by-day. we are trying to save the entire world. >>pam: j.r stone has been following this story all day. he is joining us live from justin herman plaza. >>j.r.: the mayor says that he wants a change now. one of the deputy fire chiefs
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just left. there has been heavy police presence all day. in the distance, you can see some of the tents along the embarcadero in the grass area. the mayor wants the tense down. it does not look like they will come down anytime soon. some of the protesters have set up atp across the street even closer to the very building. some of the protesters are heating what the mayor said some people were cleaning the area because the health department was saying that those are the types of things that need to be done. i attended the press conference this afternoon and here is what the mayor said. >> i have expressed very strongly that i need dramatic changes in the occupy presence and we are
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giving them an immediate opportunity to demonstrate that. i need to see demonstration today. right now we want to see if they can follow our immediate requests and then we will see what happens. >>j.r.: the area was taken down and rated earlier this morning but there is another section of market street that has a lot of tense up. the mayor says that section also has to come down and at this hour there are still dozens, if not hundreds of tents still there. >>pam: occupy cal is entrenched as occupiers and police are at a standoff.
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>>maureen: there are one doesn't tents set up. as i walked around i found a large pieces of carpet laid out to make this tent city more comfortable. most in this group are students. as a protest, they are also doing homework. i spoke with several protesters about their cause, their demands and how far they're willing to take this. >> we're talking about budget cuts and we are talking about austerity and how it is affecting people all over the country. >> is a forum for the
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administration of the people are concerned. >> the police made an announcement saying the cannot camped out here. i expect to hear that announcement again in an hour. i would just sit in silence like i did last time. >>pam: stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the occupy protests around the bay area. we have the latest video information on our web site, >>pam: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. >>grant: this is now one of the most wanted terrorists. i am grant lodes and i will tell you where the fbi thinks he is hiding out. >>pam: new details about the man killed by police a uc- berkeley. >>reporter: students are 1 to have to dig deeper and pay more next fall at uc-
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berkeley. we will tell you more. >>pam: what our experts predicting for the upcoming spring? >>gabe: google music. i am gabe slate and we will show you the unique things that google music offers. >>jaqueline: we have the changes in the forecast on the way. details coming up.
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>>grant: daniel san diego has evaded authorities for almost a decade. born and raised in the bay area, he is an animal rights extremists who can be violent. authorities believe he may know--authorities believe they may know where he might be hiding out. he is one of the most wanted terrorists with the fbi. >> 82 under $50,000 reward
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for information leading to the arrest of mr. san diego. >>grant: he has been eluding authorities since 2003. the fbi is refocusing its efforts after receiving-- after receiving a tip from of yours. >> individuals running from a lot use many skills to evade detection. we have been looking for him. we have been looking diligently for him since charges were filed. >>grant: he is accused of making and setting off three bombs in 2003. the first or at chiron corp. in emeryville and the next month another corporation in pleasanton. no one was hurt in either bombing. they believe those businesses were targeted because they do laboratory testing on
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animals. the fbi believes he is currently living in western massachusetts. the fbi also holds that tattoos on his chest and back will help people notice him. he is thought to be a vegan with advanced computer skills. the fbi does consider him armed and dangerous. stay with us, we will be back after this.
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>>pam: the alameda county district attorney will not file charges against an occupy oakland protester facing deportation. he was arrested on monday morning during a raid at frank ogawa plaza. >>alejandra: over 30 protesters made a circle and meditated outside of an alameda county coroner's on behalf of one protester. he is being held on an immigration hold. >> the shares of alameda county has stated they do not have any authority to disregard an ice detention hold. we are asking the chair to have the matter hold. >>alejandra: this video was taken early monday morning. ramos is sitting in silence with his legs crossed. he
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signals to the officer that he wants to write something down. >> we got there around 3:30 p.m.. >>alejandra: he was a student at uc-berkeley. his attorney told supporters that he is doing find and understands the predicament he is in. in oakland, alejandra cerball, kron4 news. >>jaqueline: a nice day today, changes in store. '60s and '70s in a number of places. closer to the coastline is a lot cooler. upper 60s and low 70's for the inland valley. foggy
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close to the clothesline. scattered showers possible, especially in the north bay. we will see total rainfall under a quarter of an inch. number eight, a list of most congested is the bay bridge. >>grant: as we head east, no. 9 for most congested, highway 24. interstate 80,
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that one was ranked 13th worst morning commute. if you watch our morning news, you know that gerge rask often refers to these, these highways and interstates as hot spots. announcer: time for the kron4 teck corp. for with gabe slate. >>gabe: today we are here to talk about music. >> at google, a digital music has become a fundamental. >>gabe: google takes the stage at a press event in l.a. to unveil google music. they are set to take on itunes and amazon. >> it is about discovering, purchasing, sharing it enjoying digital music in new, innovative and personalized ways. it is about the cloud, web and
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mobile. >>grant: >>gabe: it lets you download in-store music to your computer and android devices. it is laid out like itunes. easy-to-use interface. download the music player and that will live on your computer like itunes. you can add existing phones to your global music manager and then to visit the google music store to buy new songs or out loans. most songs are around 995. buying an entire column reduces the purse on costs. on computers, android phones or tablets, you can access your music in and listen to it. apple and amazon are
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charging yearly fees but google is free. for a limited time, google is offering some pretty good music for free. get in there and get that free music while you can't. >>gary: coming up, it is big game time.
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>>pam: occupy protesters stormed a bank of america branch. they even put up eight tent inside the bay. protesters refused to leave . as they were loaded onto a bus, the crowd cheered. mayor ed lee met with occupy protesters. >>pam: tents have returned to the uc-berkeley campus. police officers have been telling occupiers that they are not allowed to set up campsites the protesters say
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they do not plan on leaving any time soon. amidst the complaints about rising fees comes another fee increase in and another clash between protesters and police. the student protest broke out during a testy meeting in long beach. here is a video of the developments. four protesters were arrested in the three police officers or injured. it happened as trusties okayed a 9 percent tuition hike for next fall. dan kerman has a connection between the state budget cuts and tuition increases. >>dan: of the governor signed a budget with 650 million for the university of california and the california state university system. they have increased tuition for the fall. the state could cut another 100 million from each of the two
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systems next month. the good news is, both systems indicate it will raise tuition in the middle of the school year. what happens in the fall of 2012? both plan to ask the state for a huge increase in funding but there is no indication that the state will have money then. the board of trustees is voting to increase tuition for next year by 9 percent. what does that mean for students? it means each undergrad will pay about $500 more for the year. off so for the uc board of regents has yet to discuss tuition for next year but it could still happen. >>craig: if revenues continue running behind projections, these automatic trigger cuts would happen if revenue is short by more
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than 2 billion which unfortunately looks likely right now. the biggest cut, and 1.5 billion for k-12 education. that could reduce the school year by seven days. also cutting to the 40 million by eliminating school transportation. 100 million from and home care. the state department of finance is expected to know exactly what cuss date will have to make by mid september. >>pam: police say that the man that was shot and killed on campus pointed a firearm at officers. here is the yellow police tape that is still thinks overseas the computer lab in the school
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of business. third officer: of a backpack and pointed it at one of our officers. officers were giving him commands to drop the weapon. he did not do so. our officer fired shots to protect other officers as well as individuals in the room. he was hit with multiple gunshot wounds. >>pam: the suspect is identified as christopher travis. he died later at highland hospital. this surveillance camera backs up what happened. maureen kelly has new information about the man that was killed. third >>maureen: uc officials say that travis was an undergrad student here at the business school and had just transferred to the university this semester. he had recently gone is a a. according to his linkedin
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side, after working with a biotech firm, he recently became a motivational speaker and life coach. here is the group that he founded. he said that he is 8 performed computer nerd. today, police say they do not have a motive as to what led travis to bring a loaded weapon to school with his family have recently noticed a change in his behavior. >> he had been acting differently over the past couple of weeks. south >>maureen: police say there is no connection between travis and protesters are holding a rally during the time of the confrontation. >>pam: a union city gang member has been convicted in the attempted murder of a police officer. he fired 10
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shots at a fremont police officer, nearly killing him. the jury delivered the verdict today after four days of deliberation. this was the scene in oakland last year shortly after the crime. officer don was serving a search warrant when he was shocked. the suspect was arrested in san diego near the mexican border. he now faces 50 years-white.--50 years-like. >>pam: the city of millbrae is the third city to disband the police department and have the esurance takeover their duties. >> the san mateo county sheriff's department will be taking over policing duties. san carlos and half moon bay have done the same thing. millbrae made the decision based on reports. >> the response time by the
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sheriffs have been excellent. the crime rate is down. >>reporter: millbrae officers will be offered jobs with the sheriffs. the citizens of millbrae will not have the same voice when the sheriff's department takes over. >> it is not the same as having your own local department that is held accountable to you.
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>>pam: the california supreme court is set to rule on whether or not state law allows sponsors to appeal the decision of proposition 8 that struck down the same- sex marriage ban. supporters of the band will be able to challenge the ruling which found of the law unconstitutional. a decision is expected tomorrow.
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>>jaqueline: tomorrow evening, a chance for light showers. a little bit of break overnight before the rain will second. there rain will be late friday morning but more widespread. by 1:00 p.m., rain over the central bay. by 3:00 p.m. the rain is pushing out. we have a more rain coming up this weekend. >>stanley: coming up i close the book on a foreclosed
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property in antioch and show you which changes have been made. parent
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>>kimberlee: some stores are now excepting google wallet. let's check out the video. when you are out shopping, instead of reaching for your wallet to make a payment, you only need your phone. to sweeten the deal, and that is saying that if you use this new technology, the company will offer you 15% off of your purchases through february. shoppers can also redeem promotions while in the store. google introduced google wallet in september. top experts believe that this technology is probably a few years away from becoming completely mainstream. google has enlisted a number of major retailers as partners. this
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is not the first time that the gap has allied itself with the latest technology. last year the company offered a few promotions with that in mind. >>pam: coming up next, gary with the annual guardsman's luncheon and tiger woods in his former caddy on the golf course for the first time.
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>>pam: here is stanley roberts. >>stanley: back in september, this is how this of foreclosed property looked in antioch. this is how it looks today. tons upon tons of trash dumped in this location is now a thing of the past. the area in the back of the garage that was used as a public toilet has now been cleaned in the sanitized. the 55 gal. drums of unknown to liquids have been identified and all the way. the contents were petroleum based. somewhere between $30,000-$40,000, this location is now clean and fence off. >> it is really nice. i want to thank the city of antioch for cleaning it up. i
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greatly appreciated and so will the town. >>stanley: nancy is referring to the deputy director of development in the city of antioch. since he was laid off, they had to fill those shoes. >> this was a mess from one and to the other. now, it is as clean as it is going to get. it looks really good. >> i must thank you. >>stanley: although this segment is called m i think it is safe to say this is a bright spot for the city of antioch. >> they worked their butts off and did a beautiful job. >>stanley: soon, and stock will be hiring a new code enforcement officer. maybe what happened here will be a thing of the past. to any city city about cutting code of course the positions, what happened here should
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help change your mind. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: , e-mail us. >>jaqueline: in nice weather over the past several days but big changes coming up. false tomorrow morning and it will be cloudy through the afternoon. we will see spotty showers into the 4:00 p.m. hour. temperatures in the low 60s for the most part. as we head into the north bay, temperatures in the upper 50s. here is a look at your extended forecast. spotty showers for tomorrow afternoon and evening. into friday, light rain and showers pushing through. cooler conditions
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on tap for friday. we will stay in the '50s through the weekend. there rain looks like it will return for wednesday. >>gary: it is a big game week. stanford vs. cal. >>gary: of the fairmont hotel, at this is the 114th big game, the 62nd big game luncheon.
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>> sense of the last time we saw each other at these festivities one year ago, the world has become a safer place. we got rid of osama bin-laden, muammar gaddafi and singletary said defensive game plan. this has been quite a year for stanford considering half of last year's squad as carpal tunnel from shaking hands with jim harbaugh. there is an underrated passing game featuring two players raised by this same data, the most feared sibling attacks and the menendez brothers. [laughter] it's >> now we are sensitive? great! >>gary: saw a lot did a fabulous job.--sarlott did a
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fabulous job. there is an article on how the 49ers are back. at 8-1 they most certainly are. when you beat a new york team that gets everyone's antenna up. the media is now singing san francisco's grace is. the beginning of the year, as some are all was tight- lipped. now that the 49ers are excelling on the field, he is opening up. though >> they are the kind of guys that shower you with virtues. humility, a character, hard work and discipline. >>gary: one of those guys he is talking about, alex smith. good news for giants
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fans, buster posey has been working out in arizona and the word is he could be back in time for spring training. he said the last five months working hard to recover from a fractured left ankle after a collision at home plate. he will be back making a full recovery. >>gary: the miami marlins, these to be the florida marlins, they are now the miami marlins. supposedly, a nine year contract offer made for robert coles.
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>>gary: here we go, our e- mail's. >> gary, do you feel like you jackson is slipping? will the leaders laid out? >>gary: they will not let me
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down, nothing is slipping, but when davis passed away, he took on too many roles. when davis was there, if you had to okayed everything. he slipped a little bit. there are 5-4 and in first place. >> gary, who is going to the super bowl this year? >>gary: will the 49ers make visible? they cannot get by green bay. >>gary: who will the giants
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re-signed customer >>gary: lincecum and cain and then there will be no money left.
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