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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 17, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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from the robbery shot eighth police officer who is now confirmed dead. j.r stone is light and has been gathering information sent all of this unfolded. >>j.r.: at this point at least one suspect has been captured. a second suspect is still on loose. you can see some of those chp officers have roped off this area. many people who live on this street are unable to go home. this is where gunshots rang out earlier this afternoon. here is video that i shot within the last couple of hours. swat team members went door-to- door searching for the second suspect. as they did, they were armed with handguns and assault rifles, looking for the man in this neighborhood. five-six roads were closed. we are told that the big robbery happened around 1:30 p.m. at the bank of america on
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springs road. there was a high-speed pursuit that ended in this area and lead to a foot chase. during that such a shots rang out and an officer was sirens and then we heard a car flyby. >> we heard gunshots. >> where you thinking? >> another murder. >> i heard the shots and i ran outside. >> i picked up my grandson and then i could not get back to the house. >>j.r.: in the distance, you can see the california highway patrol in the vallejo police. we are told that a press conference is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.. we will be there to take that live. as for the officer who was shot and killed, we are
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working to confirm his name. i have spoken with neighbors or close to the police department and did they tell me that this man was a veteran with the delay a police department. >>grant: let me show you exactly where all of this went down. here is the bank of america where the suspect initially robbed the bank and then ditched their car not too far from there. this is what they call springs town center. a big shopping center, there is the bank of america. that the whites building along springs street. from there, suspect led them on a high-speed chase that ended about 5 mi. away, northwest of where the bank was, across 80, along the 100 block of janice street. look at the houses, their closely packed together. from the video, you can see police and swat members going door-to-door. the houses are right next to
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each other, they're trying to find that second suspect. >>pam: a chaotic scene at uc-berkeley earlier this morning. police along with sheriffs' cleared out occupies at berkeley at about 3:00 a.m. after taking down about one dozen tents, the steps of a scroll hall or power washed. this comes after the group promised to stay no matter what. terisa estacio is live at uc-berkeley with the latest. >>terisa: pam, take a look at what is going on assets sprowell plaze. they are here to take part in a general assembly. that is where they will collectively make a decision as far as bringing back the encampment, where they will or will not. that will be decided during this general assembly. overnight, at 3:00 a.m. when we saw the videos
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of police clearing the plaza, i want to show you a compare and contrast about what it was like over the last 24 hours. >>terisa: this was the scene on thursday and this was wednesday. as you can clearly see, much has changed. gone are the dozen or so tense. look over here. a protester is sitting in camped out at the entrance to sprawl all. a day later, it has all been cleared away. i found pieces of carpet to make sitting on the cement steps more comfortable. that is gone also. over here on wednesday, a protest with occupy cal said doing his homework. one day later, on thursday, after the early morning raid, he is gone as well. >>terisa: again, you're looking at a live picture of a couple dozen people out here gathered 40 6:00 p.m. general
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>> there is no logic or encampment allowed on campus. we have certainly had our hands full, a couple of days ago with the other incident, the shooting that occurred on campus. once we got caught up with that, we saw that the encampment had grown to around 20 tents. in concert with the administration, we made a determination and recommendation that last night was the appropriate time to actually clean up and remove the encampment that had grown on to
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sprowell plaza. >>grant: protesters plan to relocate across from the oakland school of the arts. that grassy area is fenced off and has been for some time. there is a section of the parts used by students on a daily basis. the school's executive director talks about his concerns with the protest moving to the park. >> clearly, we have students as young as 11. we serve grades 6-12. students from 11-18. we have some young kids. we do not know exactly what will happen or what it will look like. i do not want to be premature, but safety is our number one priority. we have to keep the kids state and giving them a fantastic education that we do not want to see interrupted. we have had to close schools for a couple of days in early release
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because of the turbulence in oakland. we do not want to see their education interrupted. at lunch time, it is an open campus for our high school students. at one point, we used to do physical activity here. calisthenics or kickball. this is a good place for the kids together. there are tables over there, they can sit and eat lunch. it is the one open space that we have. >>pam: >>catherine: the occupy movement began september 17th with a few hundred demonstrators on wall street. today, the beginning of its third month brought new confrontations and arrests not only in new york but across the country. the demonstrators failed to shut down the country's financial corp., but they gave traders plenty to look at as they made their way to the exchange floor. police were seen
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driving a woman by the hair as she tried to block in intersection. the protesters called today a massive day of action. at least 175 people were arrested. some were injured. at least five officers retreated after they were slashed with an unidentified chemical. >>officer: there was a burning sensation and redness on their faces. whenever the liquid was, we fleshed it out. [chanting]
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>>catherine: on your was one of several cities where occupy protesters faced off with police. 21 people were arrested for blocking a steel bridge in portland, oregon. occupy d.c. protesters targeted the bridge across the potomac. in dallas, 18 people were arrested for failing to vacate their campsite. in los angeles, the crowds headed for the financial district, setting up tents outside of the date of americas. one of the first people to be arrested was an 83 year-old union member. police described the incident as orchestrated meaning most of the people taken into custody planned to be arrested. stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the occupy protests around the bay area. we have the latest video on our web sites,
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>>jaqueline: here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge. we are seeing a cloudy conditions throughout the bay area with current temperatures dropping in the north bay. low-mid-60's this afternoon. 56 in san francisco, 57 in redwood city. temperatures are down a few degrees. this system i mentioned is still to our north. storm tracker 4 radar shows light showers to the north of us. it looks like things will stay dry overnight into tomorrow. here is a look at your weather headlines. we will not see much grain, mainly in the north bay. into tomorrow, scattered showers throughout the day. this weekend, dry conditions.
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sof >>pam: the man accused of firing shots at the white house is accused of assassinating the president. devastating storms hit the southeast killing several people. dramatic images of unseasonable weather is bringing destruction to communities. >> they knowingly entered into the contract. >>pam: state legislators take to the streets to protest tuition hikes and paid decreases.
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>>pam: earlier today, kron4 spoke of a legal expert who explained the proposition a decision. >> this was a matter of fairness to make sure a lot was fully defended before it is invalidated as unconstitutional. >>pam: the case now goes back to the ninth circuit court of appeals where a future ruling will be made on whether proposition a and violates the federal constitution. >>pam: the idaho man accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house is charged with attempting to assassinate president obama or a staff member. the man was arrested yesterday in pennsylvania. oscar or take a hernandez.--os thoughtscar ortega hernandez. if convicted he paces-desk faces a possible life
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sentence. a missouri judge has entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of this woman, a young mother accused of killing her 13 month old son because he would not stop crying. she made a brief court appearance this morning. this comes one day after she reported her son was missing from his crib. his body was found in a field a few hours later. prosecutors say that she confessed to hitting the child out of frustration. >>catherine: and next employee stormed into fedex opening fire. witnesses say that the man shouted his wife's name before the shooting. people ran for cover and hid where they could. the gunmen then killed himself and no one else was hurt. >>catherine: a string of tornadoes has killed six people in the southeast. survivors are trying to solve its belongings in this course homes and businesses that have been damaged. the storms hit in the darkness and were devastating. rescue
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crews did not know where to start. this was the scene in south carolina last night. there were flat and hoes, downed trees and debris scattered everywhere. emergency crews began pulling people out of damaged buildings. the same story in north carolina. flipped cars and dungeondozens f injuries. this is an industrial area in north carolina. there were more damage and its latin buildings. one man who lives in the area says its of to the hospital might have been a blessing in disguise. he cut his hand in the restaurant and went to get stitches. >> i went to the hospital to get stitches. i came home to nothing. everything is
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>>jaqueline: our system to the north, you can see scattered clouds off shore. this indicates to different things. scattered showers and it is unstable. we could see. a more moderate rainfall but those will be brief and to move on quickly. we will see mostly drive through tonight into tomorrow morning. we will
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start to see scattered showers growing in. by 2:00 p.m. the activity offshore, as we had to the morning commute, a few light showers over the north bay. we will see more coverage than what future cast 4 is showing. we will see more scattered showers than what they are showing. as we have to the morning and into the afternoon, continuing into the north bay, scattered showers in the north bay. by 4:00 p.m., scattered showers to the north bay. those will continue into the 6:00 p.m. hour and 8:00 p.m. hour. we will see showers through most of the day. the
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>>jaqueline: here is a look in your extended forecast. cooler weather on tap for tomorrow. foggy saturday morning. the rain will ride the coastline. monday and tuesday are dry morning as another system wednesday and thursday with lighter rainfall totals. >>pam: the james lick in san francisco is very slow everywhere. the peninsula is also moving slowly. we will be right back. cysts
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>>kimberlee: yesterday occupy protesters occupied a
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bank of america for a few hours. it is described as an open-air bungled. alow.
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>>grant: a police officer shot and killed by a suspected bank robber. one person is in custody in vallejo and a manhunt continues for the second suspect plus, tuition hikes are on the way for
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students. we will breakdown how much education will cost. plus, big changes coming for bay area transit. we will show you what bart riders can expect starting in the spring. it is all coming up next.
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announcer: this is the kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. with a developing story. >>pam: here is a live picture of the scene as we update our developing story out of vallejo. a police officer shot and killed, this followed a bank robbery in the chase with suspects. j.r stone is joining us live in vallejo with the latest information. >>j.r.: here we are going on five hours that i would patrol has been involved with this case and a number of other agencies including the vallejo police department. at this point, we know that one suspect has been arrested. when i last
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spoke with officers, the second suspect was still on the list. as i continue to talk about this, i will step out place of you can see the ability. this street is still roped off in vallejo. the officer died in this the area, he was shot earlier this afternoon. you can see what it was like in the neighborhood this afternoon as officers were searching for the second suspect. the bank robbery happened around 1:30 p.m.. there was a high- speed chase after that. at one point it led into this neighborhood. that is where a foot chase pursued and that is where the officer was hit. you can see some of the officers in the distance, they have been assisting the vallejo police department. we do know that there is a press conference in 30 minutes at city hall. we will be there and bring you any new updates. >>pam: a new round of tuition hikes faces students
5:32 pm
in the california state university system. the board voted on a 9 percent tuition hike yesterday. the changes will take effect in the fall semester of 2012. that hikes averages out to $500 per student in increase its meaning that the average sat the schools will be just under $6,000 a year. the tuition hike will raise 130 billion for the school system. >>pam: anger and frustration over the latest tuition hikes across the 23 campus cal state university system. many students feel it is unfair and amounts to tax on higher education. we spoke with some students at san jose state university in and how students worry about making ends meet and second- guessing if it is worth going to college at all. >> i do not think is right. it is hard enough. if you want to boost the economy, you will limit who gets in to college when you raise
5:33 pm
tuition. >> i am glad students are taking a stand. we have a problem with this. we will not blindly just keep paying. >> we have to pay off these loans when we graduate and then, the increase tuition fees, making as hard-just making it hard for us to get an education. >> it is way too much! you're spending money on books, food, car, gas, it all adds up. >>pam: meanwhile, hundreds of the east bay faculty members staged a strike at two different campuses
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protesting the administrator's decision not to honor negotiated pay raises. >> for them to say that they are surprised at this point and went back to the table, just like the contract said they would if they did not get state funding is a disingenuous. they knowingly entered into the contract. >> we understand, as public employees, the economics and politics of any budget. we have a $4.5 billion budget. we're asking for a small amount to 64 of that exist. >>grant: the mother of one
5:35 pm
of the alleged victims in the penn state sex scandal is not holding back, taking aim at a man she believes abused her son for years. the mother of alleged victim no. 1 in the grand jury report against a former assistant and state football coach spoke on the phone to cnn's anderson cooper. she said that this whole question the boy after she complained about sandusky taking him out of class without her permission. >> he said there was a problem with sirjerry. he did not admit anything, he said he thought he needed to tell someone or it would get worse. the principal said, jerry has a heart of gold. i yelled at him to call the police but he said, you have to think about the
5:36 pm
ramifications of what would happen. >> what do you think they meant by that? >> i do not know. i am assuming we are going through now. >>grant: the attorney for sandusky clarified the statement that sandusky made about showering with boys. >> he was not within inches of the young boys, it was a large of locker room shower. pennsylvania's attorney general at the time when the case was headed to the state two years ago spoke out. >> if you think i delayed for any reasons, you are wrong. >>grant: the school district where a victim no. 1 was enrolled said they cannot comment. >>pam: new details into the investigation of a failed solar panel maker solyndra. lawmakers held a hearing on capitol hill to discuss if
5:37 pm
the five of $35 million loan guarantee paid to the now- defunct company. under intense grilling, energy secretary testified insisting and that alone was not politically motivated. he also called the deal unfortunate and regrettable. republicans have accused the obama it ministration of awarding a guarantee because a main solyndra investor was a campaign contributor. >>pam: some exciting news for bart riders, new seats are on the way. starting in the spring bart is adding a cushion the vinyl seats like this one. the transit agency is abandoning its iconic will seeds which some say have become a sponge for spills and germs and smells. the new material will be installed in 100 cars and its customers like it, the rest will be installed. the cause is about $1.9 million. >>pam: drinking the water in san jose may soon be beneficial for your teeth. sixth the city is adding fluoride to the water
5:38 pm
supply. supporters say it reduces tooth decay and helps low income children without access to dental care. it could cost $9.5 million. jacqueline bennett temperatures are cooler today. a couple of locations in the upper 60s. 59 in san jose, 59 in san francisco, 60 in napa and 61 in redwood city. temperatures are down seven degrees from yesterday. we have a storm approaching. some cool air moving in and of the system. seven degrees cooler in napa, nine degrees cooler in livermore, eight degrees cooler in san jose over our high temperatures yesterday. a look at storm tracker 4 radar, we can still see some cloud cover, broken cloud cover moving up to northern california. the main core of the storm is well to the north. this is moving almost directly due east. it is possible that we
5:39 pm
could see a few showers later tonight, overnight, but it looks more likely for friday into the afternoon. dry conditions on saturday. i will have details coming up in a little bit. >>catherine: president obama is now on the resort island of bali. he is trying to deepen ties with asia. the president will make an appeal to various nations for help if with america's security agenda. he is hoping to build some regional political balance to the rising strength of china. he will also attend a summit with leaders in southeast asian countries. >>catherine: hillary clinton is headed to the philippines and not exactly welcomed by everyone. here are photos of what angry protesters did to one of the cars in her motorcade through manila. it was pelted with eggs and red paint. no one was hurt. clinton is there to mark the
5:40 pm
60th anniversary of the u.s. and philippine mutual defense treaty. >>catherine: japan has banned shipments of rice grown near the fukushima nuclear power plant. this is the first time dangerous levels of radiation have been detected after the earthquake in sat on it. officials of tested hundreds of the area. last month, it was declared that ricin the area was safe. stay with us, mornings after the break. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, you don't have to wait for black friday... ...start your holiday shopping this saturday! find 50% off all her favorite worthington styles... th jcpcash get 10, 15 or $20 off! exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. go to to see everything on sale. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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>> a lot of economic data in the united states is better than expected, but it is a risky out there. there are fears with italy and greece. >>catherine: there is legitimate concern. >> a little bit. it is not like in 2008 when we had a real problem. >>catherine: amazon is getting ready to unveil a new smart phone. >> we know that the amazon has the tablet, the campbell
5:45 pm
fire, they will sell a lot of music, television shows and movies. it is $199. they're going to unveil a phone call late next year. it is going to be a cool concept. they are not trying to be apple. >>catherine: another winner is angie's list. this is where you can read services. >> i am speaking a little bit out of the side of my mouth. they have 1 million paying subscribers. it is a little bit better than crags list and a little bit worse than groupon. there have been a lot of ipos recently. groupon just became public. many insiders are getting out. and his
5:46 pm
list will have more money, more markets and more >> 42 million americans are expected to travel 50 mi. or more. many are going maybe 120 mi. from home, not that far. >>jaqueline: rainy and cold
5:47 pm
today. cloudy skies. mostly cloudy skies through the day. it will stay away overnight. tomorrow morning, if you showers possible. by noon, scattered showers will overtake the bay area. that will continue into the 3:00 p.m. hour. a look at satellite and radar, the system is sitting to the north. broken cloud cover wrapping around. this is into seattle, oregon and moving into northern california. this indicates spotty showers. into tonight, we are not expecting much. it is possible, but not probable that we will see sprinkles in the north bay. by 5:00 p.m., a few spots of rain over the north bay. we will see more than just this one area of rain. in the afternoon, you'll see more rain. this will continue
5:48 pm
into the 4:00 p.m. hour. by 60 and it will be moving down south. here is a look at your extended forecast. saturday and sunday and other system will roll land. we will bring you updates coming up. >>kimberlee: here is today's edition of take a look at this, newly released surveillance video in albuquerque, new mexico. a man is tackled to the ground by police officers after allegedly stealing a car. another officer runs up and starts kicking him in the head repeatedly. this went on for quite some time. eventually, officers handcuffed the man. as they walk away, they seem to bump
5:49 pm
chests, to celebrate what happened. special prosecutor is reviewing the incident. a school bus driver was caught looking at herself phone while driving a bus full of kids. she fumbles to get the phone open and then glances down several times. she is moving at a pretty good pace. a second video clip shows are doing the same thing. she told her supervisor she was watching a game. >>kimberlee: a drug smuggling tunnel at the u.s. and mexican border. it rings a warehouse in tijuana with one in san diego. basie's several tons of marijuana earlier this week. officers in arizona are in hot pursuit of a dog. the animal was in the backseat of a car involved in a rollover accident. officers or
5:50 pm
eventually cornered by the dogs and took it back to its owner. there's some wings
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>>grant: take a look at this is video, a water main break in the san francisco financial district. it is shooting into the air from high above. it your sense this video into a serious the break occurred less than one hour ago at the intersection of theory and stockton. if the cause is unknown periods we will be right back. ♪
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>>pam: we will show you what is going on in the bay area and what protesters are doing across the country. proposition 8 supporters are given the green light to support the voters approved van on same-sex marriage in california. we will outline what is next in the case. re
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
officer killed in action right in the middle of a residential area. we have team coverage on what happened and reaction from neighbors in the area. a news conference is expected in just minutes, we will bring that to you live. occupy cal cleared out again occupy oakland is looking to set up a new site. half protesters took to the streets nationwide we show you what is going on in today's mass at day of action. the california supreme court decides in favor of those that support proposition 8, the voter approved ban on same-sex
6:00 pm
marriage. kron4 have expert analysis on today's decision and we explain what this means in the battle over same-sex marriage. >>jacqueline: rain is on the way, i will tell you when to expect to use your umbrella coming up. [music] >>pam: we start with a developing story out of a label this afternoon. a police officer was shot and killed by a suspected bank robber. that shooter is still on the run this evening. another suspect is in custody at this hour and a news conference is expected any minute now. we have every angle covered on this story want to show the live picture from the label city hall.--the vallejo city hall. we're waiting for officials to come to the microphone and address the public on what happened. any time a police officer is killed, it shakes a
6:01 pm
department's morale, and it upsets all of the officers with in that department and the community is affected. the people are getting the microphones ready while we wait for the news conference let us check in with the details on what happened with j.r. stone. >>reporter: i am out here and vallejo, and he conceded this is still an active crime scene. this is the area where the officer was shot. this officer later died. in the video you can see some of the swat team members going house-to-house searching for the second suspect. when we last talked with the police the second suspect was still on the loose. they went door to door armed with guns in this area we talked with a woman that new the officer that died in this is what she had to say. >> i am angry because they killed a policeman that my husband worked with he had two children but i do not
6:02 pm
think it is fair for them to come and tear up my house. >> they tore my house, they tore up a mattress off the bench, they dumped out the droors if you are looking for a suspect, ain't no suspect in no droor. >>pam: this is a live picture, we are waiting for the city council members there, we are waiting for them to come and speaking of the the public on what is going on in reference to the investigation surrounding the officer. we know that one suspect is in custody, we do not know if that is their identity or that is the shooter. we are waiting
6:03 pm
for the news conference to begin. let us show the video, is this the hospital? ok, this is video of the police officers at kaiser vallejo with the slain officer was taken. you can see the people who showed up they are just shocked and saddened by what happened as we reported the officer did not survive the police are still searching for one of two suspects responsible for the bank robbery and officer's death. while we wait for the news conference to begin, let us go over to grant lodes he has more on how this unfolded. >>reporter: we have the bank of america right here in this is where the suspects ditched their cars. this is along spring street in the intersection of old wood ave. that white building is the bank of america, there
6:04 pm
is a big shopping center right here. from there, this is where the alleged robbery happened. now we are at the scene, this is a heavy crime scene this is where the chase with the police ended. it is also where the officer was killed. this is the 100 block of janet street. if you look at this neighborhood, you can see how densely packed in is with houses. you can see why this is such a challenge for the police. they are going door-to-door trying to find a second suspect in the shooting. the first one they apprehended the second one they are still searching for. you can see the task in front of the police and that is why they are devoting so much attention to it. they are doing everything they can to find a second suspect. >>pam: we are awaiting a live news conference from the police chief and other officials in vallejo. we will bring that to you live once it begins. now are
6:05 pm
other developing story occupy cal has been cleared out again. you can see the crew is working to tear down the encampment. police officers moved in between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. this morning and arrested a couple people. this is video of posters and other objects been carried away by the cruise.--crews. protesters say this will not deter them and another rally is being planned for tonight. we have teresa estacio standing by with more coverage. >>pam: we have a problem with the audio right now, we will try to get back to her to get a live update on what is happening on the uc- berkeley campus where we understand that they are planning a another rally tonight and we are also
6:06 pm
waiting for the police news conference that is set to begin. is running late right now. again, one officer has been killed. teresa can hear us now, let us go back on the campus of uc-berkeley. >>reporter: we just had a technical difficulty but we are out here live, this is a large crowd and about 100 people have gathered within the last hour. they are all waiting to take part in a general assembly. what they're going to do, occupy cal will decide whether they will bring that tents pitched to the plaza. early this morning at 3 a.m. the police came out here as well as the alameda county in shares deputies and they cleared out all of the tents. earlier this afternoon i spoke with the campus police about what their plan is is the group decides to camp out again. >> on our historical
6:07 pm
experience is that if we do not do something about encampments, they will grow and they become not only a health and safety risk but a public safety risk as well. that is the whole reason that the policy of no camping and note encampments on the campus in the place. the campus is very clear about its position on it, if they come back, we will deal with those a properly at those times. >>reporter: i want to draw your attention to the floating balloon thing is says our space. they have been chanting on and off in the past hour saying that they have the right to be out here to protest and more specifically to camp out. i just talk with an organizer a couple of minutes ago before we went live as she said that they're kind of running late they will make a decision sometime this evening to make a decision about when to come back out
6:08 pm
here and bring more tents. >>reporter: they said they're going to be out here and they're going to take a stand. now back to you pam. >>pam: now there are more than 40 tents set up at occupy oakland snow park encampment that 19, it has twice as many camps at the did prior to monday the invention had been encampment of frank ogawa plaza. one protesters says he feels that the oakland police will come and raid snow parkl any day now--snow park any day now. >> i think a big part is being flooded moving with the game there try to play and not so much trying to dig roots and say this is our part and we are trying
6:09 pm
to stay year. we can continue to be nomadic, we can allow for one ground to another the occupation is a movement. i think it is becoming hostile because the people choose to resist and the police choose to resist. it is a back-and- forth, this is a war. if we want to compare this jokingly to star wars, we have blown up the death star and now the empire is striking back. >>pam: oakley said although officers are is no park encouraging the campers to leave as soon as possible, no orders have been given for them to vacate the area. [music] >>jacqueline: we have a live look outside, you can see broken cloud coverage offshore moving into the coastline. we will see scattered showers a part of that system and broken cloud coverage indicates that the showers will be quite spotty. take a look at the
6:10 pm
snow, we will see snow into tomorrow morning and it will rain locally and by 7:00 a.m. we start to see the blue becoming more widespread in the later morning hours that is snow. this continues by 3:00 p.m.. and notice, the yellow indicates heavier periods of rain. you'll also see heavier periods of snow through the afternoon in the sierra. there is a winter with three advisory in effect. the snow level is down to 3,000 ft.. we will see nearly a foot of snow and the higher elevations. we will talk more about the snow and especially the rain coming up in a little bit. >>pam: we are waiting for a news conference in vallejo regarding a bank robbery and killing of a police officer there. as soon as that begins we will bring the information to you live. we will take a quick break and
6:11 pm
come right back. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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it >>pam: a police officer has been killed in vallejo during a bank robbery rat after the robbery there was a chase, one suspect was caught, the still is under --it on the loose. in the meantime a major ruling today related to the same- sex marriage to battle. a lot of people have been waiting for this ruling. we will start with the decision itself. >>reporter: the california supreme court ruled that the sponsors of proposition 8 have the right to appeal a federal judge ruling in favor of same-sex marriage that is what you're talking about today. it is not technically about proposition 8 specifically, proposition 8 is the voter
6:15 pm
approved 2000 unissued it that ban same-sex marriage in this state. today was significant in terms of the rights of a regular group of people. >> it was about the importance of safeguarding california's ballot initiative process. in order to have fairness and to safeguard our ballot initiative, we have to make sure that every initiative is fully and robustly defended through out in litigation. >>pam: what happens with the actual same-sex marriage issue? >>reporter: that is a good question it goes back to the court of appeal that was looking for state guidance and that is why went to the state supreme court. now that that has happened, a future decision will be made on whether proposition 8 violates the federal
6:16 pm
constitution. >>pam: many people anticipate this could wind up at the u.s. supreme court. >>catherine: and national news, lawmakers held a hearing today. solyndra file for bankruptcy last summer, and remember it was a see my based company that just cannot compete with the chinese solar panels. this happened when the fbi was raiding the plant at the beginning of the investigation. >> as the secretary of energy the final decisions on solyndra were mind, i made with the best interests of the taxpayers in mind. i want to be clear, over the course of this loan guarantee i did not make any decisions based on political considerations. my decision was based on the analysis of experienced professionals and on the strength of the
6:17 pm
information that they had available to them at the time. >>catherine: republicans have been arguing that the obama legislation ordered it be guaranteed because solyndra was a big fund- raiser for president obama campaigns. this is video of him visiting solyndra back in may. in august solyndra went bankrupt and fired its 1100 employees. and these are court sketches of the man accused of firing at the white house. he is going to be excused for trying to assassinate president obama or a member of his staff. the 21 year-old idaho man will be brought back to washington d.c. to face federal charges. if convicted he faces a possible life sentence. >>jacqueline: rain is on the way, it looked as satellite picture. this is a broken cloud pattern that you see indicates that we will see
6:18 pm
spotty showers and i see periods of unstable rain in that area. we will see areas of more moderate rainfall as the system pushes through which i can show you. for tonight, we will stay mostly dry into tomorrow morning. the showers will continue until about 10:00 a.m.. by noon, we will start to pick up coverage and it also there are areas of more moderate rainfall. that is what that broken cloud pattern shows. by 2:00 p.m., there will be scattered showers to the north bay and the rest of the bay area with a few areas of more moderate rainfall. that will continue by 4:00 p.m. and then up by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. the rainfall totals will not be very impressive. notice the overnight hours. and
6:19 pm
then as we head through friday, rainfall totals are as follows. this indicates that we will not see very much with the system, we could see a little more than a couple of spots but not much. winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra. this will be tomorrow morning through saturday. we have nearly a foot of snow up to 7,000 ft. a couple of inches down to the snow level. we will see areas of moderate snow and wind as well. now let us take a look at our extended forecast we have showers in cool weather on tap. sunday there is a another system that will be moving in. it will mainly ride the coastline but we will see more rain on sunday.
6:20 pm
>>pam: a reward has been offered for the person that abandoned the six puppies. they were hungry, dehydrated and sick. spca says it appears someone through the dogs over a fence at a recycling plant. the four male and two female puppies are now recovering. here is a live picture from the vallejo city council chambers. we are awaiting the news conference about today's shooting of a police officer and vallejo following a bank robbery there, we will be back.
6:21 pm
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>>kimberlee: i am kimberlee sakamoto here with your tech talk headline. yelp has been preparing for inside ipo for quite awhile. this could value the company north of
6:24 pm
$2 billion. today, it announced that it is adding free video chat. since an july facebook have allowed users with weld camp computers to make skype video calls on the site. amazon has been very busy working on conquering the e- reader and tablet market and now reportedly it is building its own phone. according to one of the city group analyst, the alleged amazon phone will cost between 150 to $170 and is due for a late 2012 release. we have more news straight ahead.
6:25 pm
[ female announcer ] at jcpenney, you don't have to wait for black friday... ...start your holiday shopping this saturday! find 50% off all her favorite worthington styles... ...60% off j. ferrar looks he'll love... ...50 to 65% off sleepwear... ... and an extra 15% off gold jewelry, already 70% off!
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plus, with jcpcash get 10, 15 or $20 off! no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. go to to see everything on sale. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >>pam: as we were telling you a police officer was killed and vallejo after a bank robbery. we were waiting for an announcement from the police chief let us listen in. >> the vehicle pursuit terminated in the 100 block of janice avenue. the
6:27 pm
officer employed a pitt maneuver that spun the vehicle out and then he pursued the suspect on foot into a residential neighborhood. shortly after exiting his vehicle and chasing the suspect officers who were arriving moments later heard several shots fired. they discovered officer down in the back yard and he was wounded. he was transported at that time to a local hospital and emergency medical doctors and technicians and nurses worked on him for about one hour. they did emergency medical procedures which ultimately failed. the officers next of kin has been notified. he is identified zagreb--as
6:28 pm
officer james kapu. right now we have numerous investigators at the police department that have just finished a briefing. we are in the process of continuing our investigation. we have one suspect in custody and another on the loose. we are trying to determine exactly what happened in today's events. that is all the information i have it this time. >> we have not eliminated that as a possibility at this point.
6:29 pm
>> his name is officer capoot. he was the one closest to the suspects' vehicle there were other officers attempting to catch up during that time. >> that is correct. >> he is a highly decorated officer he has received two medals of courage since the time he has been with us that is any handout that i gave you. he is a high school women's basketball coach he coaches basketball and he is very involved in the community here and also in the others as well. he is married with three daughters. >> i don't believe that happened but he was friends
6:30 pm
with a couple that was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident i believe last year. they left behind two children, they're very close friends with the couple and for a short period of time the children were living with him. he had done some additions to his house to accommodate them. i do not know what the status is with that right now i believe the children are living with their grandparents. >>pam: , we will not comment on that at this time. >> want--i believe there were six patrol officers on they watch. swing shift was coming on with an additional six, or eight officers. we did receive numerous officers in surrounding aids that runs--surrounding
6:31 pm
agencies that surrounded us with support. caruso will >> i am just not going to make a comment about that at this time. >> we are not going to comment at this time. >> all i can tell you is that two or three shots were heard by the officers and the officer did not discharge his weapon. >> that is a possibility we have not ruled that out. >> not at this time. this is an ongoing investigation we have just gone to the point where we have made assignments of the investigating teams from so there are a lot of
6:32 pm
interviews to be conducted at did not want to jeopardize that. >> there were no offers is that actually witnessed it, they were a short distance away they sought officer capoot giving chase to the suspect as he fled on foot but they did not see him getting shot by the suspect. >> the officer was wearing body armor. >> we have scaled back the search we have not ruled out that there may be another suspect involved. >> i believe janice st. is still closed. the area where the shooting happened is also close. it room
6:33 pm
>> i will not comment on that right now. room -- >> we have information coming in from various sources. we do have a suspect in custody but at this point when i say that we're not looking for someone else. >> i think that the recommendation is the same as always. just keep your doors locked if you hear anything. >> that part of the incense search has concluded at this point. >> there were at least two other officers that showed up just moments after the collision and the foot pursuit. they were there in
6:34 pm
less than one minute. they were there in seconds. >> his name is capoot the "t" is silent. >> we do have a suspect in custody but we will not comment on it at this time. >> we are a small police department i have worked for him for all 19 years that he was with us. he is a guy that was loved by everybody. he was a trainer in almost all aspects of police work driving, shooting, tactical communications. he was a motor officer and a swat member. we are a small police department and we are
6:35 pm
a tight family there is no one at the police department that is not deeply affected by this. >> just the fact that we were notified of it, we went through our standard procedures in confirming whether not the alarm was genuine or not. officers were given updated information as they responded to the bank robbery. >> i am not prepared to comment on that. >> i believe our current staffing level is 93 i believe. >> of the officers did not pick up the suspect vehicle until the was a short distance away. >> i believe it is a silver suv it was on the scene, i believe you all have pictures of it. yes, i believe it is a silver suv, a tall, or suburban, or something like that.
6:36 pm
>> no he did not, he was a soul officer. >> during heightened periods of criminal activity would take a lot of calls and at night time to the to have to officers in the car at all times. during the day typically but there are no hard and fast rules. >> i believe he was in the backyard of a residence at 100 in janice. >> i cannot comment on that. >> we are in possession of it but i do not have that information at this point. >> i cannot comment on that. there still may be other suspects involved in the original robbery or
6:37 pm
chase that we are just not aware of at this point. the investigation is ongoing. we may determine that there is another suspect and someone that we are looking for but until then we will not bring that name forward. >> i do not have the answer to that. >> we will not release the suspects named yet. >> has he been charged? he was arrested. he was arrested near, or at the scene of the crime. i should say not a scene of the bank robbery, but the scene on janice. >> i do not have that right now. >> it has been robbed several times. i do not know the time frame or the. but it has been robbed several times. >> jeff bass fits, i am the
6:38 pm
information officer for the police department. i am the sgt yes. >> we want to take a brief moment to thank the numerous amount... >>pam: you have been listening to a live conference with the vallejo police information officer updating us on the killing of a police officer in vallejo following a bank robbery. that officer has been identified as officer james capoot a 19 year veteran with the police department he leaves behind a wife and three daughters. there is a possible second suspect with the search for that person has scaled back as the police continue their investigation. we will have a complete update coming up on kron4 news tonight at 8:00 p.m.. jacqueline joins us now with details on our
6:39 pm
weather. >>jacqueline: rain isn't moving in through portions of northern california. this storm will drop down the coastline as we head into tomorrow we will see spotty showers. for tonight we will stay mostly dry it is tomorrow morning the rain will move an especially into the afternoon. we will see spotty showers with periods of moderate rainfall. at 6:00 a.m. you see some of the rain fall pushing in. in to the afternoons i showers continue but areas of more moderate rainfall will continue at this point. >>jacqueline: here is a look your extended forecast, scattered showers for tomorrow and cooler temperatures of will. we will start the day with fog and another system moves in
6:40 pm
on friday morning that is where we will see the most rain. stay with us, we will be back after this. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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talk. gary has an answer to all your sports up next.
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everybody, and clayton kirch shot is the cy young award winner. crocker art rental
6:50 pm
>>gary: hour in northern california,--northern california, how about this guy, dale swain is a new manager of the chicago cubs. in the last word we heard that the red sox wanted to talk to him, but they'll from north carolina--dale from north carolina is the new coach. and last time calumet stanford there was a signature moment there with all of this juvenile stuff before the game, but andrew look took offic--took off. a lot of people said not only this guy can pass, but he is tough.
6:51 pm
>> we know that stanford is a great team and it is a great tradition and rivalry. we just want to go out there and do our best and then come out with the wind. >> i am here with the band and they said just three more days and keep the act. no pressure, but it is phenomenal to play these guys. we have a great program i just cannot wait to play. >>gary: when we return is coach of the week time. this coach not only build a winning program but he holds a distinction of coaching jerry rice son.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>gary: and the association with the 49ers we do the high school coach of the
6:55 pm
weak market newton of menlo high school is in his eighth season as head coach they will play a real good carmel team tomorrow night. as the playoffs begin he did say $1,000 donation and they're going to donated to charity. not being funny but most of the school say we have a library to fix up or something like that but you guys favor the charities? >>pam: we do.-- >> we do. all of our donations from one bancgo to the bridge program to help underprivileged kids go to high school. >>gary: you look kind of good there. do you have to deal with parents much? you get any of that my son should be playing more?
6:56 pm
>> i think all parents care a great deal about their kids but we try to communicate what we want for the boys. all of my assistant coaches and communicate the same things for the parents are great. >>gary: you coach jerry rice son egad a chance at ucla and and got to play a little bit you think he has a chance? >> i do. i think he can play definitely. >>gary: what makes you good? >> a lot of heart, a lot of character, we have some great senior leadership and some tough juniors and sophomores that are contributing the time. >> he is a great coach, he knows the game better than anyone i've ever met. he is really patient and he knows when he needs to be serious and when he can get mad you and he would tell you what you are doing right. >> he is pretty animated at times but it helps us to focus and get ready for the
6:57 pm
next game. >>gary: animated means that you yell a little bit. [laughter] >>gary: congratulations, we will see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the insider is on. demi moore announces plans to file for divorce from ashton. what she's saying today about values and vows she holds sacred as she ends her six year marriage. was kutcher caught by surprise? his latest tweet. and jerry sandusky outrage. >> if i saw a child being raped in a shower, i would punch his teeth out. >> should try to approach it as parents. we are all parents and know our kids are watching. >> the mother of an adopted son comes forward. >> where was jerry sandusky tonight, what was delivered to


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