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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a police officer's family, department, and community all in mourning. >> when you see something like this happen, it's very tragic. james capoot was shot and killed in pursuit while at a bank robbery. a small memorial is growing outside the police station. one person is in custody while officers continue to search for a possible second suspect. and it is still developing tonight. tragedy vallejo after a member of the police force was shot and killed today.
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james capoot had been fighting crime for nearly 20 years when his life and career came to an untimely end today. >> reporter: pam , right now, one suspect is behind bars. we don't know much about who that suspect is. i can tell you that in the last five-minute, police have cleared this area directly behind me, taken down the yellow tape, and area where this officer was killed. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team members with guns drawn as they searched this vallejo neighborhood for the second suspect in the shooting of an officer who was gunned down chasing a man. in route, officers spotted the suspect's suv that you see here. after a 3 to 4-mile high speed chase, the suv was bumped by police,
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spun out, and there was a foot chase with the suspect, shots were fired, and an officer went down, eventually dying from his wounds. police said the officer did not fire any shots and was wearing body armor. officers arrested a suspect shortly thereafter and closed off roads in the area and went door to door for several hours. they searched for a second possible suspect but did not find anyone. several hours later, they opened the neighborhood to those trying to get home. >> reporter: you're looking in the distance on janice road in vallejo, an area that was surrounded by yellow tape within the last five minutes. it was taken down. but again, a lot of unanswered questions here. who is this suspect? is it a juvenile? is he over age? is he the shooter in this case? and those are all questions police are not answering this evening. this evening , officer james
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capoot's flag-draped casket was taken by van away from the hospital. you see the video on your screen. we are learning more about the man who had been with the police department since 1992. reggie, a small memorial is now forming there tonight; correct >> duane: that's correct, pam; and the small memorial continues to grow here as people drop off flowers and lit candles to honor the officer. >> reporter: jim capoot was a vallejo police officer, father of three, and basketball coach. his father worked as a police officer for 20 years. he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the marine corps in 1985. he received an honorable discharge in 1989 and became a california highway patrol officer in 1990. two years later herebying joined
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the --, he joined the police department. capoot was a highly decorated officer who received two medals of courage and was named vallejo police officer of the year. >> i worked with him for all my team years that he was with us. he's a guy that's loved by everybody. he's a guy that was a trainer in almost all aspects of police work, driving, shooting, communications, arrest and control. he was a motor officer with us, a s.w.a.t. member. we're a small police department now, and we're a tight family. >> reporter: capoot is also being restroomed by the coaching staff -- remembered by the coaching staff thea vallejo high school. >> he was one of those guys who put all his effort into whatever he did.
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you can tell by the way he coaches kaebl, that's the character -- basketball, that's the the character that you judge a man. >> reporter: capoot leaves behind a wife and three daughters. >> stay with for the latest on the investigation into the officer who was killed, and the suspect. and you can go to our facebook fan page to post your comments and to see more photographs. well , we are keeping a close eye on bay area weather. here's a live look now. we're going to take our roof camera outside. you can barely see anything. still dry in this hour. rain is moving in, though. an hour or so away from us? >> a few hours. we're beginning to see the cloudy conditions and light drizzle. but the main activity is go to the north and going to move in in the next few hours. look off shore. see the coverage how it's broken right here and that's going to mean scattered showers. you can see it moving into the northern california coastline. and it is broken there. of that's where we're
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going to be seeing tomorrow morning. temperatures aren't going to cool from much more than where they are now. we're in the 50s. we'll see it in the low 50s and upper 40s through most of the bay area. mostly cloudy, a few showers into the overnight hours. scattered showers through most of the day tomorrow. this weekend, we're looking at dry conditions on saturday, but rain again on sunday. the overall occupy movement is moving into its third month. occupy uc berkeley protestors holding a meeting tonight at the steps of sproul hall to discuss what their next step is going to be. the big question is whether they should set up another encampment tonight or some time in the following weeks. this comes only 15 hours after uc police tore down their encampment of about 21 tents on campus which has been set up on tuesday. so far, there was no clear indication of what the students plan to do. occupy protestors in
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oakland still maintaining their presence in the city as they now camp out in snow park. as numbers there continue to grow, protestors are planning to relocate on saturday to the henry j. kaiser memorial park. however, a section of that park is used by students from the oakland school for the art, and the school is having some concerns now on how to keep the students separate from the protestors when school is back in session monday. new at 11:00, we'll tell you what brought gop candidate herman cain to tears today, and more on his new security detail. also new tonight, the u.s. government could have shut down tomorrow night but congress is giving itself another extension. find out how long lawmakers now have to pass a budget deal. later in this broadcast, we'll talk about a young man from panol who hit it big, and we'll look and see how tiger woods is doing.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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new details tonight. it looks like our federal government will have enough money to avoid a shutdown through mid-december now. both the u.s. senate and the house passed another temporary spending bill which will last until december the 16th. the last stopgap spending bill they passed was set to run out mid-night, friday. lawmakers keep having to pass these temporary stopgaps because the senate has not passed a full federal budget plan since april of 2009. in california news, the supreme court in this state unanimously ruled today that the sponsors of proposition eight do have the right to appeal the decision which struck down the voter approved same-sex marriage ban. the case now goes back to the ninth circuit court of appeals where a future ruling will be made on whether prop eight violets the u.s. constitution. in a story that rocked hollywood nearly 30 years ago,
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the death investigation into the drowning of natalie wood will be reopened. he died after a night of partying on a yacht with her husband, robert wagner, and christopher walkin. originally ruled an accident. police now say they just got new information related to the case. a news conference will be held tomorrow. and we will keep you updated. we're also gonna keep you updated on the rain as it moves in am it's not far off. we'll have details on when you'll need the umbrella. right after the forecast, we'll tell you why you might want to seriously consider a hybrid as your next car. it may do more than just save the environment. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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candidate herman cain, is going to get secret service protection. he is the first candidate to be placed under protection in this election cycle. usually the secret service begins protecting major candidates about four months before the general election. the cain campaign apparently requesteded the protection, but the secret service would not say why. while in new hampshire today, cain said his quest for the presidency would come to an end if things get too ugly for his family. this comes as allegations of sexual assault continue to swirl around the candidate. cain got emotional just talking about the prospect of being elected. >> my grand kids love it! [ laughter ] >> we don't ever run out of new hampshire maple syrup. >> reporter: cain was lighthearted during a taping of an upcoming special for a new hampshire television station, but showed a different side of him when he started talking about his face, his wife, and what her role would be during his inaugusteration -- inaugusturation. of
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>> holding the bible when i'm sworn in. >> reporter: it was a rare moment of vulnerability from cain who later explained the rigors and scrutiny of the campaign, which has included allegations of sexual harassment, has been tough on those around him >> if i ever reach the point where this campaign became damaging to my wife and my family, i'm not a quitter, but i'm -- there is a point at which you will not go. >> oh, i feel pretty good today! >> reporter: by the time of a thursday afternoon rally, cain was back on message, and against criticism of a lack of foreign policy experience, he was back on the offense instief who knows every -- >> who knows every detail of every century of every situation on the planet? nobody. a leader is supposed to make sure we work on the right problems. surround yourself with good
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people. put together plans and lead! >> reporter: >> we do have rain moving in over night. the core of the storm is up to the north. notice the broken cloud pattern over the water. that indicates we're going to see scattered showers, and we'll have areas of instability and see moderate rain into tomorrow. 6:00, not much going on. a couple showers in the north bay. some drizzle besides what's being shown here in the early morning hours. you'll start to see showers pick up into the 9:00-hour. as we head into the afternoon, we're going to see more showers, especially for the north bay. then they're going to start spreading south. this is what i was talking about over the last couple day, and i didn't think future cast covered widely enough what we're going to see in rain. you can see the yellow there, and the coverage is more widespread. into 3:00, areas of
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heavier rain over oakland, the santa cruz mountain, and the diablo range. then things will taper off from there. we'll see more activity down through the south from the 8:00-hour, then dryer conditions. rainfall totals, not very impressive. with the pockets of warm water, it's hard to pinpoint. but we're not going to see over a quarter inch of rain. not showing much at all. the 9:00 hour -hour, a tenth of an inch of rain in livermore. in zars could -- areas could get more than that. a winter advisory in effect from tomorrow morning to saturday morning. snow in the higher elevations, and a couple inches at the lower elevations. if you're planning on heading up this weekend, bring the chains. tomorrow, quite cool. temperatures only in the 50s. 56 in redwood
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city. 52 in santa rosa, and 54 in san francisco. your extended forecast, showery and cool out there tomorrow. dry for saturday, but another system set to push through on sunday morning. that is going to be stronger with more wide-spread rain, especially for the coastline. a couple dry days to start the work week, but then rain returns through the thanksgiving holiday. there's a new reason you might want to consider a hybrid as your next car. an insurance industry report released today shows hybrids may be saver than traditional cars. the highway loss data institute says the weight of the hybrid car's battery may explain why it performed better in crashes. the average hybrid is 10% heavier than a traditional car. the report says that occupants in a hybrid car were 25% less likely to get hurt. the sharks take on the red wings. gary has highlights on that. and tivo does it again.
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[ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ the sharks against detroit, they're handling them pretty good. todd mclellan's troops are going against the biggest name in american hockey. the red wings' joe pavelski at the close of the opening period, tied at one, sharkies break it up second period. thornton on the two is one, marc-edouard, does the wrap around thing. and then torrey mitchell, sharks now 10, 5, and 1. they beat detroit at home tonight. final of 5-2. tim tebow is terrific. not normally for the first 3 quarter, but when the game counts this guy who is -- no joke about it, he's the worst passer in the nfl.
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yet at the finish of the game, he does 95-yard, elway applauding tebow. he scores with 58 seconds left, caps the 95-yard drive with a 20-yard touchdown. 17-13, broncos beat the new york jets. tebow 4 and 1 as a starter. threw for only 104 yards tonight. once the game started, are andrew luck -- before the game, go ahead and push somebody and throw a punch, all that juvenile stuff. luck saved it for the field, and his forearm let everybody know he's the the boss. stanford won 48-14. harbaugh is of course winning the ax now he's with the 49ers. marvin jones talking about saturday's game. >> we know stanford is a great team, and it's a great tradition
11:26 pm
and rivalry. and we just want to go out there and do our best. and come out with the win. >> i kept hearing the band saying three more day, and we keep the act. >> no pressure. it's just phenomenal to play these guys. and we got a really good program. so can't wait to play. >> the kickoff is 7:15. one of their own, dale sweum is the new manager of the cubs. reportedly had an offer from the red sox, but he decided to go with the cubs, he was the hitting coach of the milwaukee brewers. showed a second ago that he knows how to swear. for this guy, can be put on center stage in chicago.
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dale sweum, all-america quarterback back in the day. dale sweum of pinole! the dodgers didn't make the playoffs, but -- the ki young award -- cy young young award winner led them in wins, strikeouts. tim lincecum plays 6th. matt cain played 80. woods ' troubles continue indeed australia. he's the only american in this president's cup without a point. after two days -- yesterdays are, he lost by seven strokes. teaming up today with young fella named johnson. and he came close a couple of times. usa still leads 7-5 in the overall scoring but woods
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has not helped the crew. and everybody is still waiting for him to get going again. >> have a good night, everybody. >> see you tomorrow. ♪
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