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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 23, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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is a larger volume of passenger traffic. passengers are checking in
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bags and that there will be lines. we expect that lights will run smoothly wednesday night in the thanksgiving day. >>haaziq: guess what is on the menu? free parking. >> if you are traveling out of oakland on thanksgiving day, we are offering free parking. free parking for up to three days in our daily lot. that is for a midweek flights departing beginning on thanksgiving day. all of that information is available on our web site. that is our gift to travelers to say thank you for choosing of with the airport. >>pam: traveling through san jose international has been a breeze. it is the least busy airport in the country. jeff bush's joining us live with the latest editions. >> you would not know about
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at least busiest statistic, but take a look, the sidewalks are packed with people who are just getting into town and people getting ready to go out of town or into the airport. i have seen a lot of smiling faces and families that have been reunited. fear getting ready for the holidays and excited about the festivities and all of that stuff. people were taking the escalator up and down, there were trying to get in and out of their flight status. a couple of flights were delayed but for the most part of a thing has been on time. >>pam: it is a getaway day on the road, some much needed road improvements are helping travelers between the south bay and central valley. the area of the new road improvements, a 15 mi. stretch of road is the chigoe past. it connects 101 and gilroy with i phi pham
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felt. the road has had its share of problems over the years. as rob fladeboe shows us, the recently completed improvements are having the desired effect. >>rob: i am just east of what has had a huge impact on traffic. is that is is back there, it is the interchange at 156 and 22 just north of hollister. this was the scene, legendary traffic jams as cars headed for hollister could be backed up for hours trying to make a left-hand turn against eastbound traffic out of gilroy. now, the eastbound traffic has a flyover ramp which means it simply keeps on going, allowing people turning south on to 156 smooth sailing. the new interchange also a eliminated the goods the mayor to the phenomenon .
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>> in addition there is a new link for trucks keeping traffic moving and allowing more room to pass. there are new, higher concrete barriers which has cut down on deadly head-on crashes. the bottom line, and fatalities in the injury accidents are down sharply. >>pam: the kron4 is is just getting started. we will take you to the south bay where a young marine the wounded while serving in afghanistan makes it home for the holidays. >>j.r.: it is when the outside. travel conditions
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coming up. >>terisa: after months of construction, crews are just about done, i will have an update on the progress. >>gabe: black friday is almost here, more coming up in my tech report.
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>>pam: it is a possibility that you or someone you know is headed to tahoe. j.r stone has been up and down the mountain and has more on conditions. >>j.r.: dry conditions and not much traffic. at a little over 4,000 ft., snow for the first time, the good news is it is on the side of the road. it is not affecting traffic. between
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5000-6,000 ft. in elevation, the conditions look similar but keep in mind the concern is that bridge or small bridges like that. as the temperature drops into the wind picks up, it could be slut of the roadways. >>j.r.: we are here at north
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star, no one is skiing, but there are some people ice skating. more on the forecast when we come back. >>jaqueline: there is not a lot of snow in the sierra, we will talk about the weather, not in a bit. for
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>>pam: cruise around union
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square were busy today. that mandatory holiday break was planned and now shoppers will not have to deal with the noise or construction until january 3rd. alejandra cerball is live in union square tonight were the crews are pretty much done. >> that is right. the construction, noise and workers are all gone. as >> workers added take off the streets of marked crosswalk. it is a part of the cleanup in union square. cost >> they have been out here since january. i am looking for a few weeks of relative quiet. >> this was the scene on tuesday. these oranges
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barricades have been here for months. on wednesday, they were busy repaving streets and putting everything back in place. >> the noise hampers things. that does is flying, no one likes it. other than that, we do know there is a purpose for it. >>alejandra: we did get a chance to speak with an employee who told me her business had been down. when i spoke with her today felt she said that business is up. in san francisco, alejandra cerball, kron4 is. >>gabe: black friday is almost here. let me tell you about some of the tech deals that i found. apple is having a sale this friday.
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discounts on laptops, ipad and ipod. barnes and all will is he up the e-reader wars offering of the nook the reader for $79., office depot will have the blackberry play but tablet for 2 $1. dame stock has some of the best deals on video game systems. they also have a police station three bundle. best buy has a wi-fi ready toshiba blu- ray player for $39. target is offering a 10 in. a certain macbook for what had a $57. 40 megabuck so kodak
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cameras are selling for $50. the x box 360 comes with the connect for $200. those are great deals with this black friday, amazon has blown everyone out the water offered the most popular smart phone of the market for one penny with a two-year contract. that means they you could get the samsung galaxy or motorola raiser for 15. these are brand new and hot android phones. hall >>jaqueline: we will see rain shortly in the bay area. here's a look at future cass. periods of
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moderate-heavy rain stretching south of the golden gate. heavy rain over san rafael at this hour. there rain will start to weaken a little bit, that is because heart of the storm will go to the north and the part of the storm will go to the south. rain over the north bay and the south of the golden gate but not as intense as it was a couple of hours ago. as for rainfall totals, we will see the most amount of rain over the north bay. as we head into tomorrow morning, that is what most of the rain will pass through. the snow
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will move in early tomorrow morning but only in the higher elevations. this will continue to the early afternoon. more on the weekend forecasts coming up in just a bit. this is >>gary: coming up later we will talk about the big gains of our night in baltimore, one of the greatest 49ers defense of allman--defensive linemen.
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>>pam: many thanks given travelers are already arriving at their thanksgiving fare destinations. this year, that meal will cost much more than ever before. here is a look at how much more. a 16 lb. turkey on average is $21.57, nearly $4 more than last year. milk is more than 425 a gallon. the only thing that has dropped in price, the vegetable tray that often goes untouched. this evening, 600 volunteers in san francisco made final preparations to feed more than 5000 people a thanksgiving meal. the kitchen was packed with volunteers.
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>> we have people that stand waiting even after the food has run out. we have had to do that on several occasions, go to the store, bring in more food, cook it and make sure that everyone is served. it is critical. we need volunteers, not right now but year round. >>pam: thanksgiving dinner is served from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m..
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>> coming up the story of an injured marine who made it home in time for thanksgiving. oafs the
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>>pam: one family in san jose is especially thankful. a young marine who was almost killed in afghanistan made it home after a long recovery and not so serious jeff >> and daniel frank is a
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marine who lost his leg in afghanistan. >> it could have been worse. not all of the explosives went off. i could have been dead. >>reporter: he has been recovering for the last seven weeks. now, he is coming home. he is happy to see his family, but his thoughts are with fellow marines who are in worse shape than him. >> there are a lot of guys that are worse off. this reporter corps in 2007. his military career is over but says he is focused on a new career in law enforcement.
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>> i am going to start working my resonates to see what i can do. >>reporter: his mother has been with him since she got back from afghanistan. >> it is nice to be here for thanksgiving. i am overwhelmed. >>reporter: daniels family says this is the best thanksgiving ever. >>jaqueline: the rain keeps getting closer, it is approaching the north bay. we are going to zoom in and see the drive to the mountains is not too bad.
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here is a look at what we are expecting tomorrow. widespread rain ended moving to the south by noon. more on those temperatures and more on the rain coming up. >>pam: 90 percent of americans will travel and be on the road. that means the chp will be out in control-- out on patrol. it is the annual enhanced enforcement program. officer's target drivers who are drunk, text or do not wearing seat belts. kron4 rode along with a veteran officer in santa clara county. >>officer: a lot of people did not know when to say
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when. they get in their vehicles and drive away. we try to get those people off of the runway before they hurt themselves or someone else. i watch traffic behind me and in front of me. >>pam: the san francisco
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mayor says the city is talking with occupy protestors about moving their two month old encampment out of justin herman plaza. >> there is some dialogue. >>charles: mayor ed lee says the city has been talking to the leaders of occupy san francisco about the future of the encampment at justin herman plaza. >> they asked if the city could help them relocate. >>charles: they are looking to move the encampment of this abandoned school. >> the capacity at justin herman plaza is limited and not sustainable.
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>> will are happy here at justin herman plaza, people know we're here. on the other hand we have to consider all options. >>charles: the mayor is just glad the two sides are talking. >>kimberlee: today we learned how much the first two months of nationwide protests are costing taxpayers. up to 13 million in police overtime and municipal services like clean up. let's check out a
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few comments. here is what elizabeth says. >>kimberlee: we would like to know all you think. visit the kron4 facebook fan page. >>pam: of former bart police officer: johannes mehserle took the stand in federal court today. he, along with
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four other officers are on trial in san francisco. the plaintiff claims that officers used excessive force, beating him during an incident three years ago. terisa estacio was in court today and has more. >>terisa: of former bart police officer of johannes mehserle seeing here in the dark suit testified on the stand that he stepped in and grab to the plaintiffs because he believed that carruthers was going to attack another officer. following his testimony, carothers spoke about seeing mehserle in the the other officers accused of beating him. >> there is still fear. but i am glad the truth is coming out. this is a place where they're not allowed to anyone or beat anyone up. >>terisa: his attorneys lashed out at officers. >> this is about can brothers. he spoke his mind but never touched the
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officers. they did not like what he said so they slammed him to the ground, tied him up and laughed at him. >>pam: mehserle had some additional choice words. >> he is a convicted felon, he will say whatever he wants to say to get him off. offs >>terisa: mehserle was convicted of shooting of scratch. passengers captured the incident on video. as far as the officers, the airtran believes that the truth will exonerate his client. >> of the challenged officers to fight. for >> the jury will have to make their decision based on what they heard from officer: mehserle. i trust the jury and the jury system. it will be decided by the jury, not by anyone else.
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>>pam: a suspicious fire ripped through a liquor store just after 3:00 a.m.. firefighters reported smelling gasoline when they arrived. the fire comes less than three weeks after another fire at a barbershop in the civil defense. the investigation has been handed over to the sheriff's office. today's blaze was put out in about 15 minutes. >>stanley: coming up, parking tickets issued on
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>>pam: here is stanley roberts with people behaving badly. >>stanley: this man is discussing a parking ticket he received while shopping and san francisco. >> how do i fight this?
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>>stanley: he left the property and went to the post office across the street and was issued this ticket. it is not your average parking ticket, is a private property to a parking ticket. i bet you did not know those existed. a $40 ticket. but if you wait too long to pay, it will jump to $63. this is number six. that is the name he gave me, he patrols this lot looking for parking violators like these two vehicles parked in a taxi zone. one is the san francisco parking enforcement officer vehicle to. instead of a ticket, he gives a warning and then, the officer appears. this car parked between the lines, the driver will get a warning. this part in job will more than likely result in a parking ticket which by the way may not affect your driving record, but it will affect your credit rating if you ignore them. one more
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thing the no. 6 in forces, apparently some drivers get a parking permits. here are to faked permits. the things some people do to get away with parking. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea, e-mail us. coming up in sports, an nba player challenges michael jordan to a game of one-on- one. we will see what happens with that. third harbaugh against harbaugh is almost a year. sit from
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where the >>jaqueline: heavy rain began to snow over northern california. it is getting closer to the bay area. in the north, a pretty treacherous drive. in the south, cloudy and cool. in the sierra we are not expecting much in the way of a rain but tomorrow is a different story. overnight we will see rain in the north bay. moderate-heavy rain through 11th a.m.. by 1:00 a.m. heavy rain
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pushing to stand francisco and continuing with heavy rain in the north bay. by 3:00 p.m. the storm will start to weaken. part of it will go to the north, part of it will go to the south. the rain will start to taper off through a day and. we will see snow in the sierra. the storm will break apart and we will not see as much rain down south. rainfall totals, up to an inch in the north bay. the rainfall totals, over a quarter of an inch in the south bay. ziff as for temperatures tomorrow afternoon, mainly in the
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'50s. rain tomorrow morning scanned into the afternoon. mostly clear skies and mild temperatures. >>gary: good evening everyone, most forty-niner fans all be eating earlier tomorrow. the game starts around 5:00 p.m.. harbaugh against harbaugh. last time the 49ers got off to this good of a start this, and dana stubblefield was the star of the defense. he joined as earlier tonight in and wanted to talk about the post-game handshake and one brother meets brother in
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>> my thing is, is he giving his brother a handshake for a shoulder? >> that would be funny if they set things up beforehand and ignored each other and just walked off. >>gary: tomorrow and i should be something special. >> car which team makes less mistakes. >>gary: if you played this team, what would happen? >> if i played this team with some of the guys i played with,, it would lead this team, we would go after alex smith. we would rattle its chain. his chain has not been rattled. the offensive line has been doing such a
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great job. we would keep blitzing. >>gary: translated, you guys would be the hell out of him? >> yes! >>gary: is that it? are they letting him go at a slow pace? is it working? >> our god knows his limitations. he is not over doing it with the west coast offense. he is making sure that he understands and it's getting more comfortable with more plays. >>gary: would you have given up the draft choices for carson,? >> i would not. i do not think out davis would have even.
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>>gary: he was one of the best defensive players in the league. >>gary: when we come back, a stanford football. they have new uniforms. stanford
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basketball has a good team again.
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>>gary: noted they will face
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a new uniforms and palo alto. nike has a 90 pro combat uniforms. i hate to be cynical but i could not imagine being able to buy one at the sporting goods store next week. >>gary: demand call for a
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one-on-one with michael durant and said and lockout scary and players and owners will take tomorrow off and then meet again privately. if indeed they can get some sort of a verbal agreement this weekend, they could resume by christmas which is when people start jouncing for basketball. it is time to undulate turkey eating contest. the winner of the turkey eating contest, sonya, the black widow. sheet 5.25 lbs. of turkey in 10 minutes, she ate more than the demand.
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>>pam: we will see you at 11:00 p.m.. goodnight. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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