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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 29, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>mark: bay area weather, one of the big stories we are following, a very dense fog. >>james: this is a picture of walnut creek. the fog is not so bad that it is hazy. of in the distance, our camera position is in walnut creek looking southward san ramon. it is not as bad but it is hazy with mild fall been reported along 680.
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there is no surprise that we are seeing a ton of false. the dense fog of pfizer is in effect with visibility under a half mile, even 1/8 of a mile visibility reported in some spots. hazardous driving conditions. the same as yesterday, traffic will be slow this morning. 49 in san francisco currently. this afternoon, los '60s, it generally. for the most part, 61-63, right around there is pretty much the
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trend. we want to show you the wide view as we look towards wednesday and thursday. that is the next weather story. a lot of wind coming in for both of those days. dangerous winds in some spots. high pressure to the north and a blow to the south. that will conspired to bring strong northerly winds double blow to the bay area for all of wednesday and into thursday. in my next day i will break down how strong the winds are expected to be an expense tsk >>darya:
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>>jackie: you can see the cars is a hell stories that he did stand. there are pockets of her very fastball all over the north bay ahead if the saliva test at 100 yds is a generous to say that is how far you can see. obviously be aware that there are patches oven and >>jackie: the fog slowdown traffic it like yesterday. how is the commute? >>erica: we are tracking a couple of hot spot we have reports of a multi vehicle accident blocking up to three lanes. i will be making a call into the chp to see if i can gather any details. in the meantime, a
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dense fog advisory for the bay bridge this morning, traffic is backing up past the 80 over crossing. the metering lights were turned on about 10 minutes earlier and traffic is very sluggish of the incline and across the upper deck. compromise visibility at the san mateo bridge in both directions. the fog advisory on southbound 101, you can barely make out the headlights. did it is is if there are no accidents associated with the dense fog in marin county. the drive of the senate. >>darya: we want to get to developing story of the police become a manhunt is underway after a huge shooting. 3 and then opened fire, look at this guy, and has not even stopped shooting, we will still used
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again, earflaps tax hike. a group of people were shooting the rapids in. this happened around below and seventh for talks and was caught on videotape. surveillance he is firing shots back, police say more than quick shots were fired. >>mark: will tran and is live at children's hospital with more on the condition of >>will: fall of the victims are still alive including a one year-old boy who was thrust into surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. we spoke with the oakland police department has said there were about eight investigators who talked to the family members. about 68 and 8 lead as the boy was still in critical condition but he was at least still alive. there is the from the scene.
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dozens of shots fired and captured by surveillance video from the liquor store. here are bullet casings on the ground. if there were seven of those that were shot. fortunately they some solace to hospital. fokker they have not life threatening injuries. we do not know the seriousness of so publicly affected if they cannot have in left at this time and there have been no arrests meal. fly oakland police department is planning to holding and crime have called this leave. the chief of police will be talking about the case if they plan to do is moving forward. >>mark: we will be right back at kron4 news continues. coming up, america's third largest airline filed for
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bankruptcy. details ahead. we are tracking all, vague. fifth of finance will factors. plot with with
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behemoths hobbled by but at
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at this scene month we are learning it will take more of our american airlines as they are preparing to file for bankruptcy. the parent company of american and american eagle will be filing for chapter 11
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bankruptcy protection. thick nation's third largest carrier is expected to lose 11 billion this year. to everyone's lives american airlines, their proxy filing should have little to no impact on you. american says that they will operate normally and operate flights, honor tickets and frequent-flier program will also be unaffected. >> and mark opened today at $1.62 and now trading at 255 a share, losing 85 percent of their stock value. the dow jones is on the rise as greece gets more bailout funds for the european union. the dow is up 65 right now. >>mark: shoppers seem to be enthusiastic about shopping on their computers and smart phone, online sales for
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cyber monday were up 18%, meanwhile sales for mobile devices were up 7.4%. cyber monday started in 2005 by a retail trade group if to encourage americans to shop online the monday after thanksgiving. >>darya: 7:11 a.m.. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. check out the fog at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back.
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>>mark: lets talk weather. we have fog outside are now, a dense fog advisory in effect. fourth we will have cost a lot more sunshine will we will get into the low 60s. tomorrow we have major wind in store for wednesday and thursday. from right now it is rather dance. in this orange
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correlates to less than 1 mi. visibility. >> the wide use shows us what we are expecting for wednesday and thursday. lot of wind coming our way. high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south. that will set up a dream of air that will flow from the north bergen as gusty conditions, wednesday and thursday. a high wind warning in effect for both of those days. sustained winds in the range of 20-40 mi. per hour. winds could gust up to 55 mi. per hour periods up to 75 m.p.h. in elevations above 1,000 ft..
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really dangerous conditions for those to be driving in high-profile vehicles you will want to be careful as you drive around wednesday and thursday. friday into saturday and sunday we're looking pretty good. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures through the weekend. >>erica: a multi vehicle crash blocking up to three lanes. it looks like the
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chp got on the scene. a backup is certainly forming with speeds dropping down to just 6 mi. per hour. allow yourself extra time if you're coming down southbound 101. >>darya: we have a new details in the occupy movement. occupy oakland protesters are planning to revoke reoccupy frank ogawa plaza in the move back in
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scholiasts cleaned out the flaws of november 14th see the occupy and will give grants to reoccupy the plaza before but the city says camping will not be tolerated. the border uc regents met yesterday from a at yesterday's meeting, protesters briefly interrupted the teleconference fiorini dozens of students and employees spoke out against tuition hikes and against recent actions by university police. on november 18th, the police used pepper spray on a protesters at uc- davis campus. protesters were just sitting
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peacefully into protesting. the worst rate at close range clock. >>mark: jury deliberations in former bart for officer: johannes mehserle and three other officers are expected to begin tomorrow. " kenneth carruthers, the man who claimed he was kicked and punched by bart officers testified yesterday, telling a jury that he was no angel that he did not deserve to be beaten up at the bart station in 2008. defense testimony starts today with closing arguments expected tomorrow. >>mark: gilroy police are investigating a murder/suicide that involved a san jose police sergeant and his wife. half there were found dead in their home in gilroy. tharp officers were dispatched after friends were unable to contact 50 soph he was a 16 year veteran of the san jose
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flea for the theory if >>darya: a man charged with killing his ex-wife and seven others in a shooting rampage in southern california will be arraigned today. dekraai is due back in court in orange county on eight counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. here he is being arrested shortly after the shooting. he was wearing a bulletproof vest when police say he went into a seal beach beauty salon opening fire killing his ex-wife and seven others. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. he and his ex-wife were in a custody dispute over their eight year-old son. >>mark: and the mother of michael jackson is hoping that dr. conrad murray will be sentenced to the harshest sentence possible which could be four years in prison. sentencing is expected today. prosecutors
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say that murray administered a lethal dose of propofol that led to michael jackson's death in 2009. some >>justine: needed a reason about the penn state sex abuse case, jerry sandusky is now working with a private investigator in an attempt to prove his innocence. he is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15 year. of time carried he denies all 40 charges against him. we are learning that as recounted by sandusky called the second mile is asking donors to contribute to an organization that helps sexual assault victims. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. our big story in the weather is how foggy it is. myths this is the san jose camera. >> you can hardly see anything. we will be right
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>>darya: herman cain is denying the latest accusations against him saying it is none of your business. he is now the target of another aggie still coming from a georgia, who says that she and cain had a 13 year affair. is ginger white says the alexis--toward the whites of the religious right before announce his candidacy. how year is what white had to stay. >> this was not something that i wanted to hurt anyone by saying. it is not a fun thing. there were leagues, school there were people coming out with their version and i thought it was important to tell my side. i
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wanted to come out with my side of the story. >>darya: yesterday, herman cain was asked about the allegations. he said that date were baseless and probably falls. he is concerned about what it will do to his personal life create >> i am more worried that this will hurt my wife and my family because it is going to be proven that it was probably something that is baseless. the court of public opinion does not consider that when they pass judgment. i can take the lumps. i expected this kind of stuff when i decided to run for president but what i am worried about is the impact that it will have on my wife and family. they should not be subjected to false accusations that cannot be proven. will want
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half law long hot here
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>>mark: a manhunt is underway for at least three gunmen who shot eight people including a one-year-old child. if the child remains in critical condition at oakland children's hospital. if american airlines filed for bankruptcy, the nation's third largest carrier is expected to lose all of this billion dollars this year. the airline to its bankruptcy filing should have little noticeable impact. a fog advisory around the bay area this morning until 9:00 a.m.. visibility even lower than yesterday. >>darya: let's get a check on the weather with james fletcher. there is a sick bank of fog at the golden
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gate bridge. thaw the bob is the big story with the weather >>james: this is 101 through san us this. we are barely able to see traffic and this is all we are seeing visibility is a quarter of a mile or less. at sfo, 18 of a mile. one hour 10 minute arrival delays. collier carrier if you are going to the airport. flights will be impacted. let's take a quick look at what we see on the maps. here is that dense fog of 53. visibility is at a half mile or less cooking aho have och
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>>james: this afternoon, once the fog clears we will see temperatures like this. as i promise you, we would get some breaks in the afternoon and we did. temperatures got into the mid '60s. in the north bay, low 60s. 61 in vallejo and concord. i want to show you the white you on the satellite. we're watching and waiting for when to, wednesday and thursday. the winds are funneling in from the north and will be pretty dusty. primarily wednesday into thursday, a lot of wind to talk about. beyond thursday, we are looking good. friday-sunday will be
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mild. we will have a nice weekend. let's find out about traffic with erica. >>erica: we are tracking a slowdown, a hot spot of 101 out of san francisco. a multi car crashed locking up to three lanes. the chp has the traffic lanes for cleared, all of that yellow is beginning to build. a new accident south of cesar chavez. traffic is still moving pretty well, if this is your commute direction, allow yourself a couple of extra minutes. we are tracking fog of the traffic center. a dense fog advisory for the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are stacking up past the 880 over crossing. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the changeable message sign has been activated. dance of across the span itself. the 15 minute drive from one end
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to the other. on southbound 101, cars are slowing down at the approach to the toll plaza. we do not have any accidents and we're tracking your usual drive time. >>darya: out of the east bay, a manhunt is underway after a shooting that happens. there are three gunmen with hoods on that approached and opened fire, shooting eight people including a one-year-old child. this half in west oakland. they never backed off somewhat in even as they backed away. this happened at willow and seventh street. there was a music video being taped at the time and all of the cameras were rolling. there is more surveillance video that shows victims scattering, you can see everyone scatter
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when the shots rang out. one guy is on the floor, you can see the flash of light from his gun as he was laying on the ground. police say that more than 50 shots were fired. >>mark: will tran is live an oakland hospital with more on the conditions of the victims. >>will: all of the victims are alive including a one- year-old boy was rushed here by his father. we spoke with investigators, they will not go into details as >>will: our governance of shots were fired. at this point, investigators say this is of no motive for the shooting or any iraq carried as far as the seven other
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will lives, they are all a dollhouse talk ... and this little, there are not life- threatening injuries. at this point, we do not know if the victim knew who the shooters were. hopefully we will get more information when the oakland police department. the chief of police is planning to hold a news conference. we do not know when, but we were told by investigators that the chief of police will talk about a case comes hunting. >>darya: a federal appeals court will hear a lawsuit over in hornets and alan the county that bans guns and ammunition on public property. yesterday the court of appeals issued an order calling for an election judge panel to hear the case. a three judge panel of >>caller: avenue. elected in 1999 and shut down the
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gun shows at county fairgrounds. that is what prompted the lawsuit harry >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we are watching foggy conditions around the bay on this tuesday. but
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>>mark: the fog in even bigger this morning and yesterday. jackie sissel is watching the fog along interstate 80. >>jackie: and good morning. we are at the of the curve, that is 80 on the right-hand side. the cars are emerging from the 580 merged. you cannot even see any vehicles in the distance. the fog is extremely heavy in a lot of places. i came from the rich and san rafael threads of 580-80 merged. visibility is down to about one-quarter of a mile. richmond/san rafael
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bridge has very dense fog. if you are driving in the area this morning, the aware of that. >>mark: a lot more people on the roadways this morning, headed back to work. >>darya: new developments in the black friday robbery that ended in a shooting. san leandro police say they will unveil a major development this afternoon at a news conference. here is video from the scene of the shooting in the wal-mart parking lot for a group of men tried to rob a family. when one of the victims reviews, one of the man was shot. one suspect is already behind bars but police are searching for more. police are investigating a rash of robberies. one woman says she was robbed at gunpoint on black friday. neighborhood watch officials say they she is the latest victim, that there has been an increase in robberies since september. they are expecting the holiday
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season is the reason. they say the occupy oakland movement has taken up a lot of resources. we're back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside out the fog. you cannot see too much from the roof on van ness ave. we will talk about the latest sports in carries world in a couple minutes.
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>>darya: we have the first nfl coach fired this season. >>gary: del rio went to usc. he was a great player. he has not had a winning record in four years. >>darya: you always wonder
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who is going to be next. >>darya: how about the game last night, the saints and the giants. everyone always talks about erin rogers but drew a freeze is also amazing, so is tom brady. they are all going for that dan marino record. >>gary: they are right there. the 49ers the vineyard giants in three weeks ago and they have been on a downward slope. drew
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breeze is not that tall. by all accounts, he has the leadership skills. those are pretty good guys to emulate. >>darya: it makes for a monster season for these guys. three quarterbacks is showing incredible stuff serious >>gary: as far as pure excitement, you are talking about the three best quarterbacks, rogers, brady and dry breeze. >>darya: if it is not fun to watch like the indiana--like the colts. should you not
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show that in the market where they are considered the home team? in fort wayne, they have the choice. they were supposed to show the game. they were supposed to show the game of the television station decided, there is more fun and more, watching the bears. they did not show you the colts because they were losing and they lost again. >>gary: the colts have not won a game. that is the only thing i can say.
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>>gary: that is like selling the los angeles team instead of the 49ers. >>gary: their raiders were blacked out and sold this year. i did not hear that. that is really damning. in your home state would rather show another team? >>darya: yes. and it was horrible.
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>>gary: they will have a first take. by all accounts hopefully they will take andrew lack. that is interesting. pain manning is going to want to come back, what do you do with a demanding when you have luck?
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>>darya: my sources tell me that many will be traded to the redskins. did you like that? >> they need a quarterback and miami needs a quarterback also. >>darya: i cannot stop looking at this. here he is slamming his head and kicking him in he said he was just regaining is a
7:51 am
balance. what about alleged motion? now he is saying sorry, he visited the commissioner about a month and a half ago when detroit had a bye week. theft his question was i am not sure about the rules, what can you do or what can you not do? >>darya: he is an endorsement because of what he does on the field, they
7:52 am
are saying by all accounts he is a solid citizen of the field. >>gary: he was tased as the dirtiest player in the league purify for >>darya: have you seen the money he is making? so far he has been signed a $42,000 for taking of three quarterbacks. >>gary: this is certainly no excuse, but the nature of the game is so violent. every game you are physically beating on someone and they are beating on you. if you are mad, i guess there would be a certain tendency.
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>>darya: gary, we will see you later. if
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>>justine: is this has just
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across the wires, we're hearing the vice-president joe biden just arrived in baghdad for a surprise visit ahead of the u.s. troops' departure. he is there for two days and is expected to hold meetings with iraqi officials over what the future of the left and iraq relationship will be like. about 14,000 u.s. troops are still in the country and all of them will be out of iraq by january. >>mark: we are keeping our eyes on the snow in memphis tennessee. residents are being warned of a freezing rain and snow. the national weather service is expected up to 3 in. of snow. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: a developing story out of the east bay. a
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dramatic video showing eight people shot including a one- year-old child. there is in manhunt underway screen gunman. the suspects are seen wearing hedy's in firing shots as they ran away on foot near will and the seven screens. here is another bdo to show you, this is video of people scattering as shots were fired. if you can see everyone drop into the ground. there is a one person firing shots as he was wounded and down on the ground. we are following the latest on this developing story. a lot of surveillance video coming in, eight people shot including a one- year-old. >>darya: will tran is live
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at children's hospital in oakland and has a look at the status of the victims. the other big story we are dealing with is in the weather. another fog advisory in effect for the entire bay area this morning. it is even thicker than an was for yesterday. jackie sissel is live in albany. >>jackie: the cars are headed towards the maze. from that sign down there is about a quarter of a mile away. over to the right is a golden gate fields. you cannot even see the grandstands. if you cannot see the other side of the tracks. visibility is about a quarter of a mile in be getting thicker. >>darya: let's get more oval look at that weather.
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>>james: we're looking at have the fog, a dense fog advisor in effect until 9:00 a.m.. it is fairly widespread. the areas in yellow are where we will experience dance of meaningful a half mile visibility and a good number of spots. hazardous driving conditions. expecting to take longer getting around the bay area. as look at this visibility chart, you can see the orange indicating visibility under a mile. off in livermore, the conditions are relatively clear. everyone else in dealing with intense fall. once the fog burns off we will enjoy temperatures in the low 60s for most of the bay area. mid-60's near the south bay. a few degrees cooler than yesterday but pleasant, a lot of sunshine. at this point it will be another hour before the fog retrieved. it will
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take until 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. for the fog to burn off. as live look beyond today into tomorrow and thursday we're talking about a lot of wins coming our way. fifth we have high pressure that will eventually settle in the north and the low pressure that will settle in the south. that will drive the winds from a northerly direction. we have the potential for to see really does the dishes. winds gusting up to 55 mi. per hour. it is going to be a blustery today's. expect things to be a little hairy, be careful about that and be ready for the possibility of power outages in and around the bay area because
8:04 am
branches and trees will come down when the wind gets strong enough. past that, we're looking great as we head into the weekend with sunny skies and mild temperatures. a 3:00 a.m., let's find out about traffic. >>erica: we do not have any hot spots, some slowly and build traffic. the dense fog advisory is still in effect. you can see cars stacking up past the 880 over crossing. the metering lights are still cycled on and traffic is sluggish on the incline and across the upper deck. on the san mateo bridge we have a strong wind advisories that carries over to the golden gate bridge out of marin county. highway 4, slow in go conditions coming out of into of towards its frontier if these are down to just 13 mi. an hour. call all and
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the chp has just issued a death of their lives every right at highway 4. certainly be aware of that. the visibility is less than 2 and the theme this morning. >>darya: let's get back to our big story where the shooting happened and of death, indeed people were shot including a one-year- old child. will tran is at children's hospital in oakland with a look at the latest conditions. >>will: is good morning. at last check, we heard from oakland police department at 6:00 a.m. flight investigators stanford imagine our you're talking to the family tree if fay told us that the boy is still in critical condition but he is at least still alive. he was rushed here by his father who was also shot. the two of them came here and the boy was rushed into surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. here is video from the scene, dozens of shots were fired. at this point we do not even know if the victims in new
8:06 am
the shooters. there were three victims altogether. faugh according to investigators, they are being very tight-lipped. they want to withhold possible information on the case including any suspect descriptions. the chief of police will reportedly told a news conference sometime this morning. >>darya: we do know if that
8:07 am
one of the man who was shot had that and was firing back. mahwah will >> we do not know if the suspects were hit with return fire. investigators came to the hospital trying to track down suspects. there were here for at least in alf talking to the family. they came down and were very reserved and professional. for they did tell me that the boy was still alive.
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. coming up after the break the latest on the baker visit filing by american airlines.
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>>justine: then ceo for american airlines is holding a press conference. he is talking about what the bankruptcy means for customers. a.m. are, the parent company of american airlines is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. this is the nation's third largest carrier. they are expected to lose 11 million this year alone. they say that it will operate totally as normal and all of the flights will be the same. if you are a frequent flyer, that program will not be affected. we will keep our eyes and ears on the press conference. >>mark: if you are a shareholder in american airlines' stock, stocks are down 80% from $1.62 to 325 a
8:12 am
share. on the feed board, the dow jones had a rise today. the dow is now up 51. we will be right back.
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>>mark: a lot of fog out there. the roof camera shows exactly what people around the bay area archean peter thorne is obscured by fog.
8:15 am
we have a dense fog advisory in effect for this morning. this afternoon, sunny with highs around the '60s. strong winds in store for tomorrow. we have under 1 mi. visibility through a good bit of the bay area. look at livermore, they are in the clear right now. as look at the numbers in terms of miles of visibility, livermore is the only place with 7 mi. or better of the visibility. 2/10 mile of visibility is sfo. 1/10 in oakland and san jose at the airport. it is a pretty thick bank of fog bay area wide. if we do not expect is all wait for until at least another hour. once we get some warming, temperatures
8:16 am
this afternoon will be in the '60s. 39 in livermore. 48 in san francisco, 50 in oakland. this afternoon, los '60s. here is where we see the weather boy and over the next 48 hours. wednesday and thursday will have a system to the north and south that will be fairly strong as and moving our way to the next 48 hours. so wednesday and thursday, a highly advisory in effect. 20-30 m.p.h. sustained winds. siri is live this thing to seven the above 1,000 ft.. this dangerous driving conditions inspected. but the wind is especially strong as you cross those east-west bridges. expect branches to come down with these gusty conditions. they could translate into power
8:17 am
outages. be ready for that. after thursday, things shape up nicely. friday-sunday, it bought a sunshine and mild weather as we head into the weekend. >>erica: i do not have any hot spots to tell you about. here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza we are still dealing with dense fog advisory from oakland out of san francisco. traffic is really stacked up past the 880 over crossing hand on 880 itself. the metering lights are cycled on. the drive is running at about 20 minutes from the foot of the mes towards fremont street. on the san mateo bridge, a dense fog advisory there as well. on the golden gate bridge, you can see the headlights if headed toward san francisco's. slow in go conditions out of no bottle pass halleck's 37th. this
8:18 am
this >>erica: house the entire stretch of rest easy on the screen shows scenes in the 7--in the single digits, 7-8 mi. an hour. some >>darya: as new details this morning on the occupy a living. occupy oakland protestors from planning to reoccupy frank ogawa plaza. this comes after they were packed up by police of november 14th curious now, protesters say that they're coming back in it plans to set up camps around noon. the city of oakland says the plaza will remain open but encampment will not be tolerated. occupy protesters in protesters in general
8:19 am
disrupted the uc board of regents meeting, the teleconference was yesterday. they are upset about tuition hikes into the actions taken by campus police, police are using pepper spray on occupy protesters that were just sitting there. they were peaceful and not moving as there were sprayed at close range. a new survey shows that people in california are split over the occupy movement even though a majority agree with their reasons for the protests, they are split on the issue of the protesting. californians are sharply divided along party lines.
8:20 am
this >>mark: jury deliberations in the civil rights trial of johannes mehserle are selected to start tomorrow. kenneth carothers is the man who claims he was kicked and punched by bart police officers. he told a federal jury yesterday that he is no results but that he did not deserve to get be not at the bart stations in 2008. the defenses along is set to start to hit of the argument expected tomorrow. i >>mark: the gilroy police are investigating a murder/suicide of of a san jose police sergeant and his wife. the couple was found dead in their gilroy home. officers were dispatched to the residents after france were unable to contact them. according to police he and his wife for the only people in the home. police
8:21 am
continue to investigate this as a murder/suicide. >>darya: the latest controversy in decision 2012 is centered around herman cain, he is facing more allegations now that a georgia woman said has come forward saying that she and herman cain had a 13 year affair. she says the relations ended right before he announced his candidacy and explains why she is coming forward. >> how this is not something that i wanted to hurt anyone with. this is not a fun thing. there were leaks. there were people threatening to come out with their version, not that any version is pretty, but i thought that it was important to at least come out with my side of the story. >>darya: here is what herman cain had to say. >> someone was supposed to
8:22 am
be a friend but obviously she did not see it as a friendship. >> was this an affair? >> it was not. >> there is no sex? >> there was not. nine. >>darya: herman cain is balancing to perot's candidacy. cough >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look at the james lick freeway in san francisco. very thick fog and slow traffic as you make your way over towards the bay bridge into san francisco.
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>>mark: we're watching another rise on wall street. the dow jones is up 60 points or now. we are watching the s&p 500 up 7.5 points. jets hitting the 1200 mark.
8:26 am
>>mark: shoppers seem to be as enthusiastic about shopping on computers and smart phone as they were about finding deals of the weekend. online sales were up 18% from a week ago. sales for mobile devices were also up 7 1/4%. cyber monday started in 2005 by a retail trade group to encourage americans to shop online at the monday after face giving. >>darya: european finance ministers are meeting in brussels today. experts say that if the euro feels, bank lending could freeze, stock market crash and the european economy could crater. the united states and asia would see their exports collapsed. fixing
8:27 am
this problem is a big deal! we're back with more in a couple of minutes. the big deal in weather is the fog. a lot of traffic on 680, we will be right back.
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>>mark: the big stories we are following, in manhunt is underway for three gunman who shot eight people including the one-year-old in west oakland last night. the child remains in contention. half of >>mark: american airlines has a promising area today are expected salicylate and billion this year. for the airline's bankruptcy filings and have little noticeable impact. a fogged advisory still in effect for the bay area. very thick fog.
8:30 am
>>darya: @ jackie sissel is covering the fall live in albany stiff here is a look at the traffic. slow- moving. >>jackie: he conceded traffic emerges from the fog bank on edie, we are at the 5 80/80 marriage. the fog has been heavy all of the date area, especially in the north bay where i came from earlier this morning. i was traveling about 40 mi. per hour in visibility was 100-2 1 ft.! i am looking back to the east and visibility is about at a quarter mile. >>darya: it is almost as hard to travel to no one in the road. when we come to the roof in the darkness of the discount as eating!
8:31 am
>>jackie: i was driving to work than free and there was no one in front of me. fifth there was a stalled car in the lane i will have no time to react. >>darya: it is something that will be with us for a while. >>mark: >>james: absolutely, the dense fog advisory is not expected to expire until 9:00 a.m.. yesterday was extended from 9:00 a.m.-11 and. this is a look at the san tail bridge, highway 92 connecting hayward to foster city. the cars cannot get too far on the roadway before they seem to vanish. jackie sissel was right there. interstate 8580. in
8:32 am
livermore they have relatively clear skies are now. nevada and vallejo coming in at 61. the wide you on the satellite, the wet weather headed our way.
8:33 am
blu-ray for release all win this is if if if if if if if if am a did a 20-city m.p.h. with this the in house of course if of cost depending on how high you were in the hills. this is going to be a list of 90 days. pretty good as we head into the weekend with a mild weather as far as the concede. her and >>erica: we picked up a hot spot coming in through redwood city. reports of a multi vehicle accident blocking the two left hand lanes. he conceded patches of red and yellow on the screen. the backup associated with this accident, expect backups endlessly esol a and a a a
8:34 am
a its three still in effect i had a 10 minute delays. that changeable message sign is still active. dense fog is certainly a factor on the stand. the ride is 17 minutes from end to end. watch your speed along the golden gate. a lot of space between cars. the chp is asking that you watch your speed and be mindful of the cars in front of you. >>darya: we want to focus on a developing story, a dramatic video of a shooting in west oakland. here is a look at their surveillance video. this is a real. three
8:35 am
men opened fire last night. they approached and they drew guns. they fired multiple rounds into a crowd and shot eight people. no one was killed. they shot eight people including a one-year-old child. you can see the crowd scattered. there is one guy on the ground firing back. >>mark: will tran and is licensed to the hospital with more on the conditions. >>will: i just got off of the phone with the public
8:36 am
information officer who says at this point everyone is still alive including the one-year-old who was a rushed to children's hospital. the hospital is not talking to us anymore but according to the public information officer, that child is in critical condition. we do not know the severity of the injuries that at the very least he is a live this morning. according to the public information officer, they do not know if the victims in new the shooters. the public information officer says she knows there were so many people out there, there were filming a rock video, the chief understands the culture in the community of not talking, not snitching or maybe fearing for their lives but he is asking, especially with the severity
8:37 am
of the one-year-old child, he wants the community to step forward and talk. she told me that some people were cooperative, others were a little bit standoffish. they definitely need a community to step forward and talk. the news conference is set for it later this morning. all of the gunshot victims are expected to survive. much more on this later on. >>justine: live pictures of the sentencing for dr. conrad murray. these are live pictures of los angeles. >>darya: there is a question as to whether or not cameras
8:38 am
will be allowed in the courtroom. his lawyers are arguing that this could violate privacy because some emotional things could come out during the impact statements although the judge is arguing that dr. conrad murray has persisted in documentaries and interviews since the trial started. there will be impact statements are red, jackson's family members do have an opportunity to speak before sentencing but it remains unclear if any of them planned to make a statement. it is also unclear whether or not murray will also make a statement. he is being charged right now, excuse me, he has been found guilty in the death of michael jackson. that trial went on for six weeks and could be sentenced to the full four years of this in a state prison. jackson's mother holds that he does get that full time. there is a possibility that because of overcrowding in the jail system that his sentence
8:39 am
could be cut short. we are keeping our eyes and ears on this developing story and we will provide you with updates right here on the kron4 morning news. cost rabat
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>mark: a quick check on wall street, the dow jones is on the rise for a second day in a row. up 91 points, fuelled by a jump in u.s. consumer confidence in european leaders approaching morph aggressive chores for the debt crisis. the dow is at 11,613th year e.f. we will be right facts as the kron4 morning news continues.
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>>darya: there were two drugs involved in a crash, this one was calling crude oil. no one was hurt. >>mark: residence inn memphis tennessee were warned of rain overnight and light snow. death they are expecting about 3 in. of snow in the memphis area. we are dealing with release thick fog around the bay area. we are talking about the dangers of winds coming our way as well. >>james: i recorded this to minutes ago. there is a lot of fog and cloud cover over this city just like yesterday, just like we have seen all morning long. so a dense fog advisory was set to expire at 9:00 a.m.. we are not seeing much in the way of relief. sunny and mild this afternoon.
8:47 am
temperatures in the low 60s. tomorrow we anticipate quite a bit of wind to start rolling through. we will talk about that in a moment. the orange on the map indicates where we see visibility under a mile. in miles, this is how far out we can see. livermore is the only bright spot. sfo only one-fifth of a mile. that is pretty dominant old are most of the north bay. oakland and san jose, one-tenth of a mile visibility with dense fog. cetus death we are anticipating flight delays. call ahead and check with your carrier. temperatures right now are not that bad. we are still a lot of her thirties for antioch. we have seen some of the heaviest of this morning,
8:48 am
its deficits of 40, oakland at 50. here is a while alcohol combat will talk more about the forecast. strong winds for wednesday and thursday. for now let's check with the newsroom. >>justine: in the family friend of the jackson family is now giving an impact statement. >> i do want to point out that we know from the evidence that deep trouble for all shipments began in april of 2009 ended this behavior, this careless and reckless behavior on the part of dr. conrad murray was continuing for least two months before michael jackson died at the hands of dr. murray. on june 25, 2009, we know that dr. conrad murray administered
8:49 am
propofol once again if as he had done in the prior two months. we know that michael jackson was heavily sedated under propofol and benzodiazepine. he was left alone and abandoned by the person he trusted his life to. we know that michael jackson, as a direct result of the actions of dr. murray died on june 25, 2009 leaving his three children without their father. we also know about his closest--is closed crime behavior, cleaning up the crime scene, lying to paramedics, being deceptive with lapd during their interview and later explaining that deception in his documentary, as it was referenced by saying, they never asked about the phone calls, so i never told them.
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>>mark: the dow is up over 200 points from yesterday to 11,590. the s&p 500 is flirting with its wall hundred mark. the hits will hundred briefly. >>darya: let's take a look
8:57 am
at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we have a lot of fog out there. a cold morning that will give way to a nice sign but not until the afternoon and then, the wind will kick in. the next couple days after today could be destructive. you'll see the highs into the low sixties with no precipitation. that means no rain for us and no snow from tahoe. >>mark: tomorrow will be nasty. we have more on the forecast coming up as the kron4 news continues. >>darya: inside of court and lost angeles, dr. conrad murray is moments away from being sentenced in the involuntary manslaughter conviction of the death of michael jackson. we will be right back. bahau
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>>mark: the dow jones is at 11,170. european leaders are meeting once again to hash out the financial crisis in europe. the s&p is above 1200. >>darya: the card company of american airlines is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. if the company ceo who was against this will be stepping down. the nation's third largest carrier is expected to lose $11 billion this year. they were the
9:12 am
only major airline that did not file for bankruptcy protection after the 911 terror attacks. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. thick fog around the bay area with a live look from san jose.
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>>darya: third this is a shot from the roof on van ness ave. the fog is a brighter in this shot.
9:16 am
widespread heavy fall with or visibility pretty much everywhere around the bay.
9:17 am
>>james: starting tomorrow we will be experiencing intense wind gusts. higher elevations above 1,000 ft. it very well see very strong winds.
9:18 am
>>erica: i am still tracking a slowdown hot spot. a multi vehicle car crash has been cleared from the traffic lanes. all lanes are open. take a look at the red and yellow building on the screen. the backup is now stretching passed the 101 interchange. we are seeing delays in the northbound direction. use interstate 280 as an alternate route. the backup stretches haskell of the maze. 10-15 minute delays for your ride out of oakland to san francisco. a dense fog advisory for the
9:19 am
sale of a bridge. as we wrap up with a live look at the golden gate bridge, a traffic is moving slowly. delays are reported through marin county. cadet the good news is, if you are taking public transit, there are no delays whatsoever. >>mark: a sentencing date for dr. conrad murray. he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and is facing up to four years in prison. he administered a lethal dose of gulf oil which led to michael jackson's death in 2009. fidelity has is legal analyst michael korda said. >> good morning. >>mark: in the past he had the impression that dr. murray would not get the full four years sentences periods >> i believe he is going to get the full four years. all indications, the biggest was when the judge cut him in
9:20 am
custody after being convicted. i spoke to the defense group candidates are to fully expected the judge to give him four years. >> we are watching the proceedings that have taken place, does anything in the courtroom with heavily on the judge's decision or has he made of his mind? >> i think he has already made up his mind. this judge sat through the trial and listened to all of the witnesses. today they will have a victim impact statements. i expect that michael's mother will speak and maybe one of his siblings and then perhaps a letter from one of the children or all of the children. the judge will kindly was a but i do not think it will affect his thinking. i know that the defense has submitted a sentencing referendum along with approximately 50
9:21 am
letters of recommendation touting the doctor. the judge also heard from four of the doctor's patients. i believe he has made up his mind. none of this will have much effect. >>mark: does the judge have any week on whether dr. richter practice medicine again? >> he does not. it is up to the medical board. of >> dr. murray is not going to make a statement to the court. he has said all along the he does not feel he killed the jackson. the
9:22 am
defense is thinking, we cannot put him up in front of the judge to say anything because the judge would fully expect murray to accept responsibility ...
9:23 am
>>mark: lou will be right back as the kron4 news continues. the
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>>darya: sandusky is accused of sexually assaulted a young voice only 15 year. of time, he denies all charges against him. the charity that he founded, the second mile, has asked donors to contribute to an organization that helps sexual assault victims. >>mark: for prosecutors are saying that on this rate in norway was found to be insane during the july 26th shooting attacks that killed seven is the vehicle in all ways. if society will help determine whether he is sentenced to prison or psychiatric care. prosecutors say it shows that he was psychotic during the attack. if that assessment is of help he cannot be sentenced to prison. we will be right back as the kron4 news
9:28 am
continues. here is a live look outside for its sunshine in sentences of a very slow traffic from the james lick headed force of a bridge.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: the big stories were following, a manhunt underway for at least three gunmen who opened fire shooting eight people including a one-year-old child in west oakland. the child remains in critical condition at children's hospital. american airlines is filing for bankruptcy. the nation's third largest your carrier is expected to lose 11 billion this year. they say that will not affect the two ordered 40,000 passengers to use american daily. the fog advisory in the bay area, a big weather story, we are stopped in as we have been all morning long.
9:31 am
>>justine: flaws have the right now, the judge in the dr. conrad reassessing phil is about to read this sentence. listen in. fifth thistly sensitive areas. the judge said that some consider marine angel and others consider murray in angel.--some consider murray in angel and some consider him a double. >> criminal negligence caused the death of michael jackson. criminal negligence is defined as follows, criminal negligence involved more than ordinary carelessness and attention
9:32 am
for a mistake in judgment. a person acts or fails to perform a legal duty with criminal negligence when one, he or she acts or fails to perform a legal duty in a reckless way that creates a higher risk of death or great bodily injury and number two, a reasonable person would have known that acting or failing to perform a legal duty in that way would create such a risk. >> a person acts with criminal negligence if one the way he or she act is so different from the way in ordinarily careful person would act in the same stipulation, that his or her
9:33 am
act amounts to disregard for human life or indifference to the consequences of that act. it is important to remember and focus on those terms and not to treat them cavalierly as some might by saying, oh well, it just happened and if it were not for dr. murray, someone else may have been involved fifth. i categorically disassociate myself from those statements. this is not a question about what might have happened or what if someone else had been involved, that is can insult to the medical
9:34 am
profession. the fact is, michael jackson died because of the actions of and the failure to perform-just to perform legal duties on the part of dr. murray. not some other medical doctor and not exclusively because of michael jackson. if i accept the invitation to read the entire book and i have. i have been impressed by the submissions from a family, friends and associates of dr. murray. it is a book of dr. murray's wife but i have also read the book of michael jackson's life and i have quiet consultant after, but oblivious or her
9:35 am
heart is concerned, the most significant chapter as it relates to this case is the chapter involving the treatment or lack of treatment of much of jackson. michael jackson died not because of an isolated occurrence or incident, he died because of the totality of circumstances directly attributed to dr. murray. it was not some mistake or accident in the early morning hours of june 25th of 2009. it was because of a series of decisions that dr. murray made that jeopardized his patient. that violated his obligations to his patient in the essence--
9:36 am
ended the essence of his hypocritical. those violations over, the other aspects of dr. murray is treatment of other patients and the goodies that he may have done before that time. dr. murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. the practice of propofol violated his sworn obligation for money, fame, prestige and what ever else may have occurred if. if i do not look to one isolated incident in terms of the
9:37 am
misdeeds of dr. murray were the deeds of doctoring. insofar as this case is concerned, doctoring engaged in a recurring, continuous if pattern of deceit, lies and regrettably, that pattern was to assist dr. marie. it is almost inconceivable that dr. murray would have persisted in this pattern over such an extensive period of time, the lies, deceit, they began in and continued as we heard for six weeks' worth of testimony, to build up and absolutely astounding set of
9:38 am
circumstances. the allies from the inception of this medical relationship in terms of ordering propofol in staggering quantities, unprecedented quantities, allies to the pharmacy and to the pharmacist, the sophisticated, intentional deception in that regard, the lies and repeated deception to those associated with mr. jack said whether it was members of the staffs and members of the production cream-- production team as well as personal and professional associates of my projects are. for fear of--the ntc
9:39 am
trees of lies, to health- care providers. lifesavers, paramedics and medical personnel at ucla were not designed to help his patient. it was quite the contrary. there were does life to deceive and give dr. marie a way out. the efforts on the part of a ferrari to destroy evidence and subsequent efforts to cover up by distortions and lies for law-enforcement 44, if one looks to the front for of involuntary manslaughter,
9:40 am
one can say, it may be something that went terribly wrong and it is tragic, but it is critically important not to have a superficial cut reaction to what happened in this case, but to look at the totality of circumstances in kron4 of a longstanding of character on the part of dr. recovery to serve his patient. when one does that, " one cannot help but to be offended popping by the circumstances in this case. of everything i have heard and seen during the course of the trial, one aspect of the evidence stands out the most, that is the recording
9:41 am
of a michael jackson by his trusted dr.. i have repeatedly asked myself, why did this happen in for what reason? i can speculate and surmise behalf that there might have been some justifiable reason, some benefit to michael jackson, that tape recording was dr. marie's insurance policy. it was designed to record his patient surreptitiously at that patients most vulnerable point.
9:42 am
>>justine: we will be right back with more.
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>>darya: denied is the lighting of a holiday treat. that all begins at 4:15 a.m.. it is free. your best known from american idol. everyone including the judges thought that he should have won. he placed ninth but seriously, the judges were upset they were voted off. >> i had that feeling that i was going to go. everything happens for a reason. happened to the way that it should for me. i still ended up getting a deal with interscope. >>darya: we get to hear you
9:49 am
sing tonight. are you saying holiday songs? >> a little bit of both. alice in my single and a christmas song that i recorded. >> do you have people write for you? >> psycho right. sphere >>darya: your dad was a writer? >> my dad was the best! he is a children singer.
9:50 am
>>darya: you guys are going to be gliding the tree? you are a california native? >> guest. >>darya: are you guys spending the holiday with your families? >> i am spending holidays with my family. christmas each-to-christmas eve is huge and my family.
9:51 am
>>darya: kron4 will be there tonight at the tree lighting. is going to be forces to fight. i will be singing as well. the will be right back. tough fight
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>>justine: we have been given or that dr. conrad murray has been sentenced to the maximum four year sentence. because of deals over crowding he could only serve to of those years. we will continue to have reactions to that sentencing on our web site, as well as these but it twitter. >>mark: consumer confidence is at the highest levels since july. for a second day in a row the dow is at-just the dow is up. >>darya: we will join new tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m., we are hoping in the meantime we get a little bit of sunshine. >>mark: dr. phil is coming up next.
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