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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 30, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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some for jews. but a new study finds that 10 percent of the jesus had levels of arsenic that deleted--that exceeded the allowable bolt germans for drinking water. mostly inorganic arsenic was found. it is linked to cancer. the fda says most are thick in juices is organic and harmless. so far there are no standards for arsenic or leg injuries. down a firefighter on things giving.
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still looking for a crucial piece of evidence. >> we are still looking to find the suv.
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>>pam: following the announcement of the arrest, bartol's mother released a statement taking the police. thousands showed up in vallejo to pay their respects to a fallen officer, officer: and a former marine jim capoot. he was gunned down two weeks ago during an attempted bank robbery. law enforcement as well as friends and family attended the services. he was remembered and honored as a dedicated officer and family man. >>maureen: family members and friends spoke from the heart about james capoot and what he meant to them as well as the many others.
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>> he was about yes sir, no sir, no excuses kind of guy. he was trustworthy. he made me a better sergeant by having him under my wing. >>maureen: he coached the girls' basketball team and vallejo high school. >> it coach makes their mark in the legacy and bay leaf. behind me is his legacy. >> thank you coach, for being a friend and being here for us. >>maureen: his three daughters spoke about his fall. >> my father was a marine, police officer, but differ from the rest. he was special. i never met anyone like him and hopefully i will live a life that he can be proud of. i could go on forever about him, how much he meant to me and taught me. >>maureen: scott the nearly
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two-hour funeral ended with a flag being given to the family as well as a flight over. >>pam: in danville, the body of lance corporal joshed morale took place at the state fellowship church. joshua was known as the tajik to his friends, he was 19 years old and killed in combat in afghanistan on november 18th. >>pam: a set of the guardsmen who died in afghanistan was brought home this afternoon. jeff bush was there and spoke with the young man's mother and said his goal in life was to help people in need. jeff >> it was acquired in a dignified arrival. full military honors were
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rendered. in a national guard specialists, john walsh, died in afghanistan. he was killed by incoming fire. his tour in afghanistan was almost over. he was part of the military police and his mother said he loved being in the army. >> he had a passion for the military. he went into the military police because he knew he could get the training. he could not be a cop at 18 years old, but he could in the military police. the was terrified. we thought about it. when he turned 18, he signed up on his own. another he was proud to serve the country he loved so much. jeff
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>> his funeral will be held on saturday. >>janu: a high wind advisory until 6:00 p.m.. wind speeds are ranging from 20-40 mi. per hour with wind gusts up to 70 mi. per hour. the strongest winds are at elevations over 1,000 ft.. future cast 4 is set for 11:00 p.m.. wind gusts up to 44 mi. per hour, 34 redwood city. mid-30s in san jose. a
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full weather forecast coming up. >>pam: the windy weather means the potential for downed power lines. as a result jim crawford said extra crews with equipment are on alert. >> this is a pretty significant forecast weather and. this is one of the stronger offshore events that we have had in quite a few years. i do not know if we are necessarily concerned about fire danger or power lines coming down
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>>pam: crawford said that his crews could be called on duty in southern california where the fire danger is even greater as a result of those santa ana winds. in the east bay, caltrans crews have made a major breakthrough in digging thing and the caldecott tunnel. the >>charles: after two years of digging, miners have finally succeeded. the tunnels are now connected at a point about to modern readers away from the western entrance. the breakthrough has thrilled engineers. they say it will make future work easier. >> now that we have completely broken through, as we continue with the rest of the excavation, it will
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be easy for us to excavate. >> when completed, the tunnel will relieve traffic congestion along highway 24 between iran and oakland. the $390 million tunnel is
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>>kimberlee: federal regulators are blasting the $39 billion merger between at&t and 80 mobile. it would lead to huge job losses and less competition. the
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carriers were accused of making misleading statements about the benefits of the merger. the fcc opposition comes on top of a lawsuit from the department of justice to block the merger. the trial is expected to begin in february. netflix has had a difficult year. in a note to investors, netflix is " broken " in order to make up for the revenue shortfall, netflix will need to attract 15 million streaming only subscribers would. netflix has not yet commented. 93 percent of retailers are offering free shipping which is about 8% from last year. unlike
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before when many offer free shipping, this year there is a catch. experts say the best defense for shoppers is to look at overall deal, not just shipping. >>pam: for raider passes away at the age of 42. coming up next, gary rhenish with sports. if a salary
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>>pam: here is stanley roberts who vowed to some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this is a church. >> they cannibalize all of these. >>stanley: this is father robert reid from the st. ignatius antioch church located in antioch. his church has been hit numerous times by thieves. if the >> starting the first week in august all of our security cameras were stolen. >>stanley: that cost the church $25,000 to replace. >> all of our air conditioning units were dismembered to steal the
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copper. >>stanley: this leaves still $39 worth of copper from each air-conditioner. to replace them in costs if $35,000, not to mention the cost of security. >> in the third week of august we had 500 yds of copper electrical wire reduced. >>jan: >> i stayed up last night, i have not slept for 24 hours. >> church members have a 24 hour vigil.
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>>craig: we have a kron4 crime trucker alert to tell you about in san rafael. among the stolen islands-- items, electronics inventory. one burglary suspect is in custody. the
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chaplain >> wind speeds are at about 25 mi. an hour, 18 mi. per hour in napa. winds gusts up to 37 m.p.h. in fairfield, mid-30s for san francisco. we will be picking up to gusty conditions as well.
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the extended forecast is showing as winds tomorrow and a lot of sunshine in store. we have a sunny, breezy, mild weekend in- store. >>gary: chester mall often was an outstanding defensive linemen. he went to the pro bowl four times. he had a 12 year career. he played with the cheats, broncos and the jets. he suffered a massive heart attack. >> chester worked with the defensive line this past
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training camp. >> he was big, athletic and strong. >> he was always thinking about life after football. >>vern: he matted with the stanford cardinals in 2010 after the nfl, he worked under a jim harbaugh and david shaw. he brought his competitive nature with him. >> he was coming into his own as a coach. that is an understatement. >> he had so much to give a
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40 younger players. >> he had a positive, a huge presence. >>gary: their raiders cannot get darren mcfadden back on the field. he most likely will miss another game against the miami dolphins. he has a foot injury that will not heal. he has not played for the past four games. the injured his foot on october 23rd. he is more than likely there top offensive weapon. the last time the 49ers once the playoffs was 2002. >> the packers are home. their playoff winning streak remains intact.
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>> when you have losing seasons, those are dog years. in that age is you fast. fortunately, we were able to get back on the winning track in to give credit to the people who hired coach harbaugh. >>
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>>gary: fines are being tossed all over the place in the nfl. stevie johnson did an imitation of calexico shooting himself in the leg. >>gary: and goodbye to another oakland athletics. the chicago cubs gave him a deal. two years, $10 million.
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>>gary: this was a professional athlete. he plays professionally and allport's are that he was in great shape. >> a 4 time pro bowler.
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>>gary: the warriors officially open their doors
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