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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  December 4, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PST

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forced out of the president's alexi.-- presidential election. report from oakland hills and the wind damage. in germany, half of a small town has been evacuated due to bombs from world war two, a 65 year old bombs are causing a problem there. >>henry: is your behavior x was of a round of the holiday season?--is your behavior explosive around the holiday season? your body language could be sending signals to fellow workers or members of your family. we have a body language expert standing by.
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>>ysabel: let's take a live look in san francisco. very beautiful. these do not seem to have any of the wind affects like we had yesterday. >>marty: we are dealing with chilly temperatures. >>janu: is this is a live look for mt. tam. it is pretty clear this morning and not as windy. temperatures are pretty chilly. it is slightly breezy. we will take a look at satellite and radar. the west coast is clear and trend will. we will continue to see this conditions into next week death. cool temperatures and sunny days as head of us. in comparison to yesterday, the winds were in the '20s. the wind is not in issue this morning. fluff cough--the afternoon
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highs will be bringing of the mild temperatures. it will be warm, but a lot of sun signs. 57 and half moon bay. in the north bay, slightly chilly air temperatures. fourth 64 expected in nevada. there is a win devices for the north bay mountains tonight. it will be in effect from 1:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.. down trees and power lines could be an issue. here is what the 7 day forecast looks like. a lot of sunshine in store. >>ysabel: he talked about the downed trees and power outages, take a look at this very tranquil picture. the winds did damage. a clean of its continuing in parts of the bay area after the winds brought down trees and hit
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power lines and. craig skalar is joining us live from the oakland hills with the latest of the bases there. fizz it was sleazy? sunrise has been hammered over the last few days. this neighborhood is difficult to try out for that sort of thing. here are pictures from >> we are lucky that these tree limbs did not hit any wires.
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>>craig: any given trade among these houses, you'll never know if they have been weakened or if there is writing at their roots. i have seen that happen, a tree looks fife and then it starts to mold and rot inside furious fifth-- >>craig: this is an area that has high winds more frequently. >>ysabel: it is interesting. i imagine many people who have experienced the oakland hills fires are remembering that time. >>marty: at at&t car, there was a bed collapsed during a
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football game last night. that did cause injuries. part of a bench gave way around 9:00 p.m. and unfortunately, that's- fortunately there were no major injuries. >>marty: in east bay, a petition to recall mayor jean quan has been released. she has been criticized about her decision to take action against occupy protesters. the drive is being organized by a long time oakland resident. a citicorp is expected to sign off on that later this week. some oakland residents had mixed reactions to that petition. >> we cannot say this she is doing the best job for oakland. >> if has become such a volatile issue. just pull her out of the office, but who would be put in there? i feel really apprehensive
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about switching for a new mayor at this point. >>marty: once this city clerk approves the petition, it would need 20,000 ballots to qualify for next year's ballot. >>ysabel: we're getting mixed conditions about the conditions of a one-year-old boy fair shot last week. the boy is now off in a, at oakland children's hospital. the hospital has not confirm that. the oval says there is no dispute about care. >> we are still fighting. she is still in a,. >> we want to put out there, no violence or retaliation. we just want the baby to be fine. it is an issue with the hospital in the family. there is no easy. office
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with when hayek how >>ysabel: the crowd gathered in the west oakland parking lot for a rapper's promotional video when witnesses said at least two people started shooting. five people are in custody as persons of interest but have not discharged. investigators are still encouraging people with information in the case to come forward. >>marty: still ahead, tens of thousands of people evacuated from a small town in germany after two world war two era bombs were found. one of them could detonate any moment. details coming up >>ysabel: is oklahoma, call it a false celebration turned violent leaving fans injured. we have the video. a live look outside and walnut creek. we are following up with craig skalar. looks calm.
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>>ysabel: the wins were short of hurricane force winds. >>marty: here is a live look outside from the mt. tam. we were talking yesterday to pg&e about the power outages in northern california. no where near as bad as with the people down south are dealing with. yes >>ysabel: these winds are my knee, syria >>janu: qr we are taking a live look outside as the golden gate bridge. clear blue skies and a lot of
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sunshine. from santa clause " is at 48. it is for the chilly, 55 by noon. it's cooling back down to 50 degrees by face him. temperatures outside our chilly. a lot of thirties in the north bay. 33 in santa rosa and fairfield. 44 in nevada. we are barely making it out of freezing temperatures. 36 in the most of those queried by noon, we will see more of the fifties often enough. by 2:00 p.m. we will see the '60s popping up in a kidder by the green. it will be cooling down of the '40's and 30's by 8:00 p.m.. this is what you're highs are going to look like you're if upper 50s in place like half moon bay. 61 expected in redwood city heading into the north bay. 62 in santa rosa. 59 in
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san rafael and 57 expected in standards ago. another wind advisory has an issue for the north bay mountains. it is testing in after midnight. when gusts could get up to 60 mi. per hour. down trees and power lines are a possibility of all our outages. this is where your extended forecast looks like it. the time is 8:17 a.m., let's get back to marty. >>marty: in world news, the tirana military should stay on an unmanned spy planes. the drone reportedly violated its airspace along the eastern border. airline officials have warned that there will be a strong and crushing will want to any violations of the country's ears fees. chiron has been in dispute with its allies are wrong nuclear power is off since. how >>marty: this is both fascinating and frightening, in western germany, 45,000 people have been evacuated
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as exports of this prepared to diffuse to mass of world war two bombs. they are at least 65 years old and a part of the allied arsenal. these were found recently in the river once the river started to receive. one of the bonds least 1.8 t. the other is a 2 and 75 town u.s. arm. both could cause massive widespread damage if they explode. och >>marty: this year is a closer look at herman cain suspending its campaign. >> as of today, with a lot of prayer and soul-
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searching, i am suspending my presidential campaign. >>reporter: that announcement comes after herman cain for personal contact for allegations. ginger weiss says she had a 13 year affair with herman cain but he says he only gave her money to help with skills and expenses. he says he was only helping a friend in need. >> was this an affair? >> this was not. >>reporter: at least four other women have accused herman cain of sexually harassing them in the '90s. he was head of the national restaurant association. this was the first woman to come public. >> he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my seventh list. >>reporter: herman cain has denied all accusations, calling and character assassinations. >> i am at least with my god. i am at peace with my
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wife. she is at peace with me. >>reporter: now it is on the plan be. although his suspending his campaign, he still wants to be a voice for the people. >>ysabel: here is video out of oklahoma where celebrations got out of hand after a college football game. >>henry: it is this season for office get together is in family heads to get theirs. is your hosteler during these things like this or like this? we have a body language expert who will give you some free device on how to survive the holidays coming up on the kron4 news weekend. he
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>> if you hold your body in what they call a power pose, so that your hands are out in your feet are out, you are standing in a very powerful, >>henry: you sound like you're going to break into song. >> if you all that goes into two minutes, you treat your brain, your distress hormones go down of your office of drug goes up and you enter that party like superman. you will treat your braided it feeling more confident and comfortable. >>henry: is there a way to smile, smiley is great, but
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to make a smile look real? there are so many people out there who are trying to smile, but you can see through it. >> the smile is in the eyes. if you are really smiling, york wrinkling your eyes. " talks will get in the way of that. >>henry: in the course of a party, there are people you may not really want to be with. how'd you get away from people who do not want to talk to? >> that is my husband's problem. my husband can never extricate himself from a conversation. he has no exit line. you need to practice an exit line like, it has been really nice talking to you, i am going to go over to get another drink. >>henry: carol, it has been nice talking to you. we have
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to go, we will take a break coming up, the chinese culture, thousands of years old. we will tell you about except.
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>>ysabel: 8:29 a.m., we are continuing to what the wind and weather. here is a live look at mt. tam. cause it looked extraterrestrial, of a call. that is what we have a large security yesterday. for the bay bridge approach at the upper right, and san francisco, is all looking so much difference to yesterday. >>janu: here is a lot of sunshine, the cool temperatures. the wind is not such a factor, we are starting out the morning cool, clear skies, a breezy and mild conditions into the afternoon. we will feel the wind starts a bit of the
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north bay this evening. we are taking a live at the satellite and radar, the west coast is clear and dry with no clouds. that is the situation we will see into the next weekend. this is what the wind speeds look like. a lot of zeros out there, the cool temperatures are the big story. 33 in santa rosa, 36 in nevada. the afternoon is going to be bringing us into the upper 50s and low '60s. mild acted and will a lot of sunshine. upper 50s from fatter felt half moon bay. 614 redwood city. 58 expected in antioch. there is a win the advisory being issued for the north bay mountains. it will last from 1:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m.. 49ers verses the
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rams at 1:15 p.m.. sunny and cool. 55 at 1:00 p.m., a 57 by 3:00 p.m.. your 7 day around the bay is chilly as sunshine into next weekend. fade 30 1:00 a.m., let's head over to marty is. >>marty: we're going to continue to talk about the weather, not so much the wind. if we are talking about fire danger, especially the oakland hills. that is where craig skalar is reporting live from. it is interesting to be talking about possible fire danger in december. >>craig: you might remember, the oakland hills fire was lee into this season. the threat from eucalyptus trees or other trees that are very flammable in neighborhoods like this one are always a threat when a downed power line might start a fire. here are some pictures, the winds are calm. it has it would be the last few days.
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the winds are blowing, power lines are being knocked down and power lines being slashed--smashed by trees. if people are worried about power lines dropping down on to trees. that is not something they want to see. you never know what tree is a problem. there are houses mixed among the trees. it is like russian roulette. a tree might look strong at, but you never learned what a customer. people who live in these serious, that comes with the risk. you never know when that might happen again. be more
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remember hearing it the novato and a a a a the clinton has been written yet, but with the san see an end to the top and and what >> we're lucky did not come down here and hit the wires. these trees are ready to come down any time. david take families hires--they take on these wires and we did have another oakland hills fire. >> there were power outages theft that affected another 1000 people tune in >>ysabel: in oakland, a drive to recall mayor jean quan could kick off this week. if she has managed to disappoint in even enraged supporters. some residents
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are saying not so fast. da lin before the conflict. >> is a case of jean hazard fight against jean quan. he is one step closer in his recall efforts. >> i am very optimistic about the success of the effort. the city clerk is expected to sign off on the recall petition this week. that means oakland voters who wish to could sign a petition very soon. >> for planning and mismanagement. the handling of the occupy protesters have gotten the mayor in trouble. the mayor's spokesperson says that jean quan is focused on topics in oakland and one month and to much time talking about the recall until the petition becomes official. while some oakland voters are itching to sign the petition, others oppose the recall because they cannot think of a
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better replacement. >> i cannot say that she is doing the best job for oakland but i would need another is a solid backup plan and i have not heard that. >> it becomes a volatile issue to just pull her out of the office. who would be for it in her place? i feel really apprehensive about switching up for a new leader at this point. >>ysabel: in a man killed in berlin game after writing its bicycle northbound on highway 101, all northbound lanes were closed until almost 1:00 a.m.. chp officers are investigating. the victim was pronounced dead on the scene. >>marty: people in oklahoma,
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13 of them were injured after this, two of them were critically injured, thousands of football fans rushed the field to celebrate of all the state's victory over the university of oklahoma, fans were getting trampled in the rest. there, he concede the goalposts going death if one person fell about 15 ft. from the concrete from the stands. helicopters were used to evacuate fans. the university had no immediate comment on the incident. by the way, the cowboys won 44- 10. >>marty: >>ysabel: a win it with fire spreads in santa rosa. >>marty: in the meantime, a live look outside, no clouds in the sky or fog. plenty of sunshine and cool temperatures. we will be right back.
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>>marty: here is a double live look outside. on the left, walnut creek. on the right, a beautiful view from mt. tam. fifth >>ysabel: everything is called, but chilly. janu >> blue skies and a lot of sunshine. in napa it is currently 41 getting to 55 by noon with an afternoon high of 58 and cooling down to the chilly 39 degrees by 8:00 p.m.. temperatures elsewhere are pretty cool. in the north bay, santa rosa is at 33, the same for fairfield. 47 in san francisco. 43 in mountain view. upper 30s in the south
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bay. future cast 4 is set for this. we will see more fifties popping up indicated by the light blue color. by 2:00 p.m. we will see some '60s. the green indicates '60s. a lot of light purple indicating '30's. the afternoon highs will look like this. in the south bay, low 60s, east bay stores, upper 50s. santa rosa is getting to about 62. 59 expected for several felt. 60 degrees expected for fairfield. the land is not really out of the pictures. there is a wind advisory kicking in for the north bay mountains lasting from 1:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.. wind gusts could be getting up to 50 mi. per hour. down trees and power lines are certainly a possibility. power outages will be a possibility. the
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extended forecast looks like this, sunny and mild with cool evenings ahead. >>ysabel: now to the latest on the unemployment front. time is running out for millions of long-term unemployed americans whose federal benefits drive next year. it depends on whether or not congress extends the benefits into january and beyond. >> i never thought i would be in this situation. >>reporter: if congress does not act, millions of people (...) >>ysabel: we had some problems with that story, all legal will bring that you later. >>reporter: >>marty: possible changes to mail delivery, the u.s. postal service is expected to propose changing the delivery timeframe for first-class mail. currently, most customers get first- class mail in one-three days. with the changes in
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the 60-5/8. it is all a part of cost-cutting measures. there is no word on if or when this is the plan would take effect if hist- >>reporter: in interviews with the the new york times, a sandusky not only repeated denials of wrongdoing, he tells the paper, youngsters in his second mile program might say i was a father figure. a father figure who stands accused of 40 counts of raping and molesting young boys. in an intriguing exchange sandusky tries to explain how the answer of costas when asked if he sexually was attracted to young boys. >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually? i am not. i enjoy young
8:49 am
people. >>reporter: he tells the new york times at first he wondered what to make of the question. off-camera, he would hear the voice of his lawyer, prompting his client. >> if i say i am not attracted to boys, that is not the truth because i am attracted young people still, boys, girls. i enjoy spending time with young people. i enjoy spending time with people. my teeth favored groups are the elderly and the youngs. thought >>reporter: and attorney that represents victim number six, the boy's mother came forth in '90s thing that sandusky showered with her son and hugged him a naked from behind says the accused coaches latest explanations are hard to watch. >> his efforts to speak are backfiring. i welcome them. the more he is willing to come out and talk, let's
8:50 am
have it. we will take all he has to say. cause >> and the argument that these men are making any of this of are we. if that is all that he has in terms of his defense, he will have really rustling in the courts. some >>marty: siri it is facing a deadline set and political violence in the country. the regime has killed more than 4000 protesters during a eight month long uprising. this new plans at fourth by the arab league and syrian officials have been warned that if they failed to reach an agreement on the situation, the u.n. may automatically extend in an effort to do away with ongoing violence. >>ysabel: ask the winds could be dying down in the bay area but the cleanup continues. >>marty: before that, it is henry time.
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>>henry: the chinese government has some differences with the country, yes? families said is true, it is really sad. we are trying to make people seek being slothful, compassionate, tolerance and respect. these are universal principle that we all cherish. >>henry: it is happening january 3rd-january 8th of 2012. the show is at 2:00 p.m. at 7:30 p.m.. for, you
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can call 888-633-6999. it
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>>ysabel: herman cain of the
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ended his presidential campaign trail >>mark: in the bay area, the winds are dying down. some residents are remembering the east bay fire, we will have a live report coming up. whether written or >>ysabel: let's take a quick look outside. we have been keeping an eye on the weather and the winds. so far it is mostly calm. janu >> here is a live look outside at the mt. tam cam. yesterday things were really bouncing around. cool temperatures this morning that is really the big story. clear skies, it will start to the morning. freezing and my mouth your
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kid another raft, in an opening here if the winds are not really in is you this morning. often the coolest air are an issue this morning on. mid-40s through redwood city. 62 degrees expected in santa rosa today. upper 50s on the coast. will could how
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>> they could take down these wires and we would have another oakland fire. >> you can see, when the winds, and concerns happen, there are memories of 20 years ago with the oakland hills fire. for many of these trees are highly flammable. fortunately, nothing like that has happened at this time. being here, the santa cruz mountains or anywhere else in a high exposure area, there is always a threat. that is the price you pay
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for living in a beautiful area like the hills above oakland. if you're the >>da: the memories will always stay with a lot of people. >>marty: advanced collapse at at&t card during a ballgame cost some injuries. fans were out to watch sacred heart cathedral and that is when the bench gave way. fortunately, there were no major injuries to report. turning our attention to the east bay, in a petition to recall mayor jean kahn is said to be released as early as next
9:05 am
week. she has been criticized for her decision to take action against occupy protesters. that resulted in a violent clash between police and occupiers. the petition is being organized by a long time oakland resident. the city clerk is expected to certify later this week when they're infants have mixed reactions. if >> we cannot say she is doing the best job for oakland. it becomes such a volatile issue will
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>>ysabel: a one-year-old was shot in a parking lot in oakland at iraq for its promotional video. people started shooting. the one- year-old was caught in the crossfire along with six other adults. there are five people in custody as persons of interest. they have not been charged. >>marty: still ahead, tens of thousands of people in germany have been evacuated from their small town after world war two bombs were found. one of them could detonate at any moment. we will have detailed at any moment. and in oklahoma, thousands of dollars if a football man in south
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>>mark: here is a live look from mt. tam. you can see some of the wind speeds. look at mount diablo, 67 mi.
9:11 am
per hour wind gusts. ranging into the forties, all the way down to the city oakland with 37 mi. per hour peak wednesday. much calmer today. >>ysabel: san francisco occupy movement focused its concerns on city housing. protesters marched in neighborhoods feel they consider hard hit by on fair housing practices which include the high cost of and access said housing. dozens of demonstrators walked through the different districts. the group says banks and landlords have created barriers that threaten the 99% stability to live, where and raise families. >>marty: we started off talking about wednesday. let's take a look at some of the damage caused by the winds in southern california. >>ysabel: here is another live look from the oakland hills. cox much more how cost hell hole if
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this act will all are in i
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police any the audit had been all bob it
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>>reporter: herman cain has denied all accusations calling them character assassinations. >> i am at peace with my god. if i am at peace with my wife. my wife is at peace
9:20 am
with me. >>reporter: even though he is suspending its campaign, herman cain still wants to the voice of the people. >>ysabel: still to come, a bicycle is killed on a bay area highway overnight has been killed. >>henry: i am sitting here with three people who are conducting a criminal enterprise. these three people are deeply involved in some of the most crowded, horrifying crimes. we are going to grow them coming up.
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>>henry: murder, of use, this is not our regular
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newscast for is he's hot south of half >> we developed this idea about six years ago. about six months ago, we were featured on groupon and sold 8000 tickets. we realize it is that we needed some of our game stiff
9:25 am
>> we have a 90 minute walking tour. we need at the fair building every saturday and this is how then, we come back down market. san francisco was founded by criminals. and that explains why we act as the san franciscans. when the mob, all of a sudden a beautiful woman shoots the
9:26 am
man in the heart., that woman was laura fair. >>henry: there is a history here? >> yes. >>henry: who is your favorite? >> around world war two, at ding-dongs daddy, he was 5 ft. 2 in., 190 lbs., he had a fascination for women. he kept romancing them and he would marry them and then, he would leave them and then marry and then leave them. he neglected to get divorces. after five years, there were 16 marriages but no divorces.
9:27 am
>>henry: let me tell you about the crooks tour. saturdays, 130-3:00 p.m.. >> we are doing tours with schools, stores for seniors, we are doing a business for this week. >>henry: you can visit them online for more information. cindy very much.--thank you very much. janu
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>> lets talk in little bit more about the wind advisory going in effect at 1:00 a.m. lasting until 8:00 a.m.. thus the strongest winds will be at elevations above 1,000 ft.. downed trees and power lines are a possibility. if you drive a high-profile vehicle, driving could be hazardous. 49ers and the rams today. your 7 day around the bay is showing a lot of sunshine in store. los 60s for the highs, a for forties for the lows.
9:32 am
>>marty: the strong winds have died down. craig skalar is joining us live from the oakland hills with more. >>craig: good morning. the winds have led up to date. it has been a rough couple of days here and in other parts of the bay area. this is a classic example of a danger zone. it's above oakland, you can see the skyline in the background. the bad news is you have trees and power lines. we have had lines go down, trees into houses. the real concern could be the threat of a fire. a lot of trees went up in flames. it is very peaceful now but when
9:33 am
the winds picked up, all it takes is a power line hitting some greenery, if it is dry enough, very is a real danger is. pg&e is working on trying to fix power, they are also worried about reenforcing things to make sure they do not fall over. hi there is definitely concerned every time the wind kicks up. there is fear that flames could start from power lines curious >>marty: wind gusts as high as 40 mi. per hour. here is video of the cleanup efforts to move trees and debris
9:34 am
that fell onto homes and roadways. one resident says he is still concerned about the wind. for >> when they come down, they could take down these waters. >> there were new power outages last night in san francisco that affected about 1000 edt customers. 1900 customers in the santa cruz mountains are still without power. >>ysabel: a drive to recall the mayor x >>da: it a case of jean baristas gene. cell jean
9:35 am
quan near jean quan out of the mayor's office. i'm very optimistic about the success of the effort. >>da: he is expected to sign off on the petition this week. that made oakland voters could start signing the petition very soon. >> for planning and the mismanagement. >>da: some oakland voters are itching to sign the petition. others oppose the recall because they cannot think of a better replacement. >> i cannot say she is doing the best job, but who will take her place? it becomes such a volatile issue. who
9:36 am
would we could in there if we pull her out of the office. i feel very apprehensive about switching out for a new mayor. baba baba baba baba that
9:37 am
>>marty: new internet node to meet with unwanted aladdin lotus. at a >>ysabel: mode details on the smoke rising from our group camera in different ago. officials tell us there was a one alarm fire in an apartment building. it is under control, no one was injured. ahead
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>>marty: taxes are expected to make the difference to get the stadium there. they hope to have the stadium ready for 49 games in the south of a hurry. >>ysabel: i would be there for the opening of the stadium even know i'm not a big football fans. i think it would be cool. cost how
9:42 am
>>henry: and november 18th, the jonestown massacre. it was a massacre/suicide. more on that when we come back. copy of janu
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>> it is sunny but cold. currently it is only 50 degrees in san francisco the
9:46 am
55 white man. an afternoon high of 57. by 8:00 p.m. this evening temperatures outside the will be cool. we will see where fifties out there but clinging to the low 40's. mid-40s through nevada. 54 in half moon bay. mid-40s in the south bay as well. by noon we will see more fifties. the afternoon will be bringing us upper 50s and low 60s. 60 degrees expected in the livermore. we are not quite in the clear, there is a wind
9:47 am
advisory issued from 1:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. indicated by the blue on the screen. the winds could range from 20-30 mi. per hour, getting up to 50 mi. per hour. downed trees and power lines are a factor. this is what your extended factor looks like. next week into the weekend. >>henry: 913 people died in jonestown in 1978. it remains one of the most puzzling, most problematic events. jim jones remains one of the most terrifying creatures. thousands of
9:48 am
documents came out attributed to this book. for starters, what did you learn? there has been so much written. >> what i learned was that, as you said, it was not mass suicide, it was a mass murder. among the thick the thousand pages, there were dozens of their residents, asking jones to let them go home. there were miserable. >>henry: he had contemplated this for years? the idea of mass murder? >> that is the most astonishing thing that i found out. even before they moved to jonestown, in the early '70s, he was talking with his inner circle about letting his congregants onto buses and driving them off of the golden gate bridge or loading them onto an airplane and crashed in the airplane. >>henry: you say that had you lived here in the bay area and were of the aid in
9:49 am
the '70s, you would have been attracted to his church because he really was doing good things? >> a was an integrated church. it was at a time when race issues were tough. i grew up with an adopted black brother. had bypassed his church and seen what it looked like, i would've been attracted. >> >>henry: he did do good deeds? did he go crazy or do you think this was a ploy? >> i think that is the question that we will research forever, whether he actually had a sense of altruism that was perverted by his power that he later accrued. >>henry: you focus on five individuals, any big surprises? >> they were normal, everyday people. one of the people that i follow, her name is edith, a middle-aged
9:50 am
woman who had a master's in creative writing. she wanted to do something for social justice. she thought that his church was a good place to do it. >> they got to jonestown thinking if they did not like it, they could leave at any time. he confiscated their passports and money. >>henry: she will be appearing at books met in san francisco. the book is called 1000 lives. they give. >>ysabel: for those of us who covered the story over those years, it is a difficult story to forget. now to the latest on unemployment, time is running out for millions of long-term unemployed americans.
9:51 am
>>reporter: if congress does not act, millions of people who are out of work could lose federal unemployment benefits next year. >> if i lose much benefits, it is going to be rough. i have three children. i have five kids total. three of them are here. if i do not find work soon, i have no idea what i will do. >>reporter: he lost his job at a hospital last year. his life has been on a fork from more than two years. he found work as a landscaper over the summer that the project lasted only two months. state unemployment benefits will run out in february. the federal government says the 26 weeks of benefits provided by most states allow people up to 99 weeks as long as they are looking for work. the average weekly benefit is about $300. under current law people must file for extended benefits by the end of the year. the president
9:52 am
wants to push back the deadline for another year. >>president obama: congress needs to renew and employment benefits for americans still looking for work. extension an estimated 1.8 million people will lose benefits in january of months. more than 5 million will lose benefits over the course of 2012. that could be able to the american economy. >> unemployment benefits are one of the most stimulating because people said it right away because it is the only money they have. fifth >> of the highest unemployment has been was back in 1985. fred porter bell of one issue congress must tackle is how to pay the cost of the extension. >> it is like a slow death.
9:53 am
it is hard waking up. >>reporter: the struggle has clearly taken an emotional full.--toll. >>marty: an unexpected visitor rides for the holidays for one north carolina family.
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>>marty: plenty of sunshine through the rest of the week. >>ysabel: some possible changes to mail delivery. u.s. postal service proposed changes and delivery time frames for first-class mail. currently most customers get first-class mail in one- three changes. with the new changes it would take two- five days. it is a part of cost-cutting measures. >>marty: a family in north
9:57 am
carolina got quite a surprise in their christmas tree, a snake. there, you can see it. the daughter was turning off the christmas tree lights when she spotted something moving, it was not an ornament. the kids wanted to keep the corn snake. before tossing it outside in the victim's fault. no word on how the snake made its way onto the tree. >>ysabel: in north carolina, they have a lot of trees in woods near the house is. i was thinking, why is the house so close to the woods? >>marty: i think they went and cut their own tree. >>henry: the rest of our program will be devoted to speculation on how the snake got in the tree. this almost sounds very biblical. >>marty: we have to go exquisitely biggie for being with us.--thank you for
9:58 am
being with us. we will see next weekend.
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