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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 5, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>dan: we have a hot spot on a date were hit, and this is a look at the bay bridge camera, we can see the after effects of an earlier accident from the incline that involved an ac transit bus that was blocking the two left lanes. it took almost an hour to clear. we can see the damage on the bay bridge toll plaza. this is starting to affect westbound 80 out of richmond, a very long delay in getting into san francisco this morning. the metering lights are on the salicylate. allow yourself extra time to get into the city. on the san mateo bridge a completely different story. the golden gate bridge is in good shape. we talked about
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westbound 80, we are slowing in stretches out of richmond. that will continue towards the bay bridge toll plaza for the south bay right. on northbound 101, we are seeing slowing out of morgan hill. the 280 extension should loosen up. a little bit of slowing near nevada, near highway 37. really is not that that this morning. once you pass that interchange, you will be good to hear it aircraft tenders are slowly but surely climbing. all are 44 places like in a bottle in through concord. take a look at los gatos, currently at 37, a touch cooler than that through downtown san jose. as we have to the afternoon, plenty of bumper '50s and low 60s. in the
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south bay we will be seeing lowe's '60s, 57 for those of you in antioch. a couple of degrees cooler through half moon bay and into the north bay, plenty of sunshine on tap. >>erica: a frost advisory is in effect. you can expect a lot of locations in the '20s and '30s throughout most of the morning. you'll definitely want to bring any
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plants in door. sunshine on tap stretching into the weekend. tomorrow could be the coldest day of the week. we will stay in below 36 and more cloud cover as we head into the weekend. >>darya: how close is it out there for a slot yoli eceves is in san francisco along the embarcadero on market street. >>yoli: it is very cold out there today. he wanted definitely put on a scarf and a half, a hat especially, it is a very chilly. for a while, we had a little bit of a breeze coming through the embarcadero but that has kind of calmed down. that helps out because the breeze only made things feel colder. nonetheless, the year is definitely cold. make sure to wear 880.
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justine is that he has told us they have restored to power some homes and businesses. current it all
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year after taking in deposits in everything right
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and for the violence in europe and into the of the dollar and a leading action all last week. but weak in all three her nurse. part of the dirt in my back under. we are in december. top what
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about feelings on what is happening in our country, and we have various reports coming out but could be good, would you think about manufacturing? off >>darya: off we just need to stay on this bandwagon where
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we see things looking up in europe? that is driving stocks of this morning? boff the dow is up 133 right now. >>justine: we will take a quick break. here is a live look outside from the roof camera showing as a very pretty shot of the bay bridge. we are tracking a hot spot on the bay bridge. we will let you know how long your commute is. seven 07 a.m. on this cholon i'm keith double baba baba baba baba baba as it is an arrest
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warrant as racist. >>jackie: know what is here
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they say that demand is down but the supply is up. we see prices continued to drop. there was a two week drop over the last month. california has seen prices dropped, the california average is now at $3.64. let's take a look around the area, what you would pay for a gallon of gas. $3.72 is a little higher than the average. oil is still sitting at $100 a barrel. most analysts predict that gas prices will go back up. it is good to see prices go down a little bit. thief do not get too excited, we are still paying almost 405 more a gallon this year than we did last year. >>justine: if you have to fill up no matter what. >>darya: in world news, a multimillion-dollar car pileup in japan. there were
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flurries, lamborghini in the mercedes. these cars or in japan for an auto enthusiasts rally. the cars were driving in a convoy it when the driver of the ferrari tried to change lanes at a really high speed. he hit the median and spun into the freeway collided with other cars. bad as 10 people suffered minor injuries. >>justine: we are taking a quick break on this chilly monday morning. here is a pretty shot of the bay bridge. a major slowdown of traffic, we will talk about that when we come back.
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both did
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>>darya: republican rivals are fighting for herman cain supporters. the gop candidate if system and is run for president. the remaining candidates are now looking to take off his following theory inf here is how some of the other captives have responded this morning. but >> one thing we have seen, herman cain supporters have been calling our office ed coming over to our side. a
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part of that is because people see that i am the tea party candidate candidates the herman cain as an outsider. they see that my voice is the one most reflective of his. >>justine: police are still searching for suspects and a pair of grab and go robberies'. police are looking for a woman who along with another man was trying to steal high and clothing from the nordstrom's and walnut creek. customers were able to detain bryan black. he is from oakland. he did try to pepper spray people who tried to take him down. be
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>>darya: is the big story today is the weather. it is cold you cannot complain, yoli eceves is live embarcadero taking a look at the bay bridge. bad most people that i see walking by, unless they are
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exercising, they seem to be comfortable. that is probably something you will take off in the afternoon, but if you're taking public transportation you definitely want to have a hat on this morning. >>darya: it was freezing out. this faugh
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>>erica: @ temperatures will drop into the 40's. the purple and pink indicates temperatures getting down to
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the upper 20s. but for the most part temperatures will be in the low 60s. take a look at some of the inland lowe's getting into the '30's. time for a check on traffic. >>dan: we had a hot spot on the bay bridge that has cold off-year if we still have a very long delay on the bay bridge. the backup is
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extending through the foot of the maze. looking at the san mateo bridge camera, we have an entirely different story. the taillights are moving towards because the city was founded in eastbound we are looking equally good for. the golden gate bridge, i love this shot. really clear skies. we are starting to slow a little bit southbound approaching the golden gate bridge. now for the east bay ride on 580, that is looking tough over the altamont pass. 680, we have a very long delays but still allow extra time for yourselves expect some extra delays in making your way toward a mountain view. we mentioned at the golden gate bridge being slow, it is also slow
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out of the novato. for >>darya: will durant is driving along westbound 80 in albany chilling as the backups. it looks like he is putting on the brakes. the >>will: look at this, it is basically a bumper to bumper traffic. i am going a brisk 10 mi. per hour. give yourself plenty of time if you are headed to san francisco. make sure that you bring a cup of coffee--a cup of coffee, you could be stuck in traffic as you try to get past this area.
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>>darya: let's take a peek at what stocks are doing. back to work on wall street after last week's fabulous roller-coaster ride. stocks are still soaring well into positive territory, up 159 points. if the dow is trading at 12,179. the cause for this rise is a if restore in long-term confidence in the european markets. the united states is looking at what is going on in europe, the ties between the 17 nations that use the euro are looking like they're going to forge an agreement. a positive
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reaction this morning. >>darya: new details in the penn state scandal. jerry sandusky is accused of sexually san--is accused of sexually abusing a series of voice. in an interview with the new york times, he tries to explain some of the comments that he has made about whether he is attracted the young boys. >> to say that i am not attracted to boys is not the truth because i am attracted to young people, boys, girls, i am trying to say, i enjoy spending time with the of people. i enjoy spending time with people. my two favorite groups are the elderly and the the young. >>darya: said as he is
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accused of raping young boys. there are 40 counts against him in these cases. he faces a preliminary hearing in a couple of weeks. at least one of the accusers is expected to be a witness. >>justine: the son is starting to come out as we take a live look outside. a beautiful day, make sure that you wear your hats, gloves and scarves. but the
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>>darya: we are watching the prices at the pump. gas prices have dropped 95 over the past two weeks. the average across the nation is $3.29 celsius for jackie sissel is monitoring the
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situation in emeryville. >>jackie: if the prices here in the bay area were $3.29, that would be the big story, we always pay more here in the bay area. here in the state of california we are at $3.64. that sounds like a lot but it is down 205 over the last month which is really good news. let's take a look at the prices according to aaa, for a gallon of regular gas in the bay area, $3.72. oakland and san jose are hovering around baths. fifth take a look at the gas station out here. it is empty. there are only a few people of careful enough. people are using less gas. they have more fuel-efficient cars various when supply is up, that
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means the crisis goes down. most analysts believe that we will see these prices go up. fit is a little bit of good is the end of bad news. third we are still paying 405 more a gallon and we did this time last year. funds >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside, this is a beautiful shot of a sunshine, yoli aceves is warning, it looks gorgeous thing is chilly out there. we will be right back. of sphere been bought
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but that home but for a >>darya: of the 49ers are nfc west champions. we have not been able to say that
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since 2002. we also want to talk about their raiders. they lost to the dolphins. that was a disappointment. their raiders got killed as badly as the 49ers be feared team. stanford will be going to the fiesta bowl. gary? >> someone left the computer on, you get that squeaking noise, that squeal. >>darya: i have probably
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done all of this towards myself. the board igniters made of layoffs, this is exciting. here is my question. the 49ers have to play the packers? >>gary: it looks like they would play their first game, granted it is delaying of the gate--it is still a month away, but it looks like in new orleans would be their first of all net.
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>>darya: are you fearful and groaning about the raiders? our their raiders going to get killed? be honest. >>gary: i am sure that it will put their best foot forward, but it looks like green bay will be heavily favored. if tivo wins against chicago at home, the raiders will be back by two games. for him to play, all of that stuff must've been made up >>darya: you think?
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>>gary: you would not play if that was true otherwise that would lower the standards of their raiders. supposedly the code to talk to him and he said none of that happened. >>darya: from the picture taken after, >>darya: it like this is the game to watch. >>gary: it is a lot at the holidays. traveling to miami, but i think people can go to arizona to represent, it is easier than miami. >>darya: that it will not be hard for stanford grads.
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they're normally doing pretty well. >>darya: just imagine that everyone expected, calif. a will be in the holiday bowl. >>darya: what happened at this game, >>gary: we stayed there for about three-quarters. we left after three quarters. >>darya: this happened around nightfall a.m..
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>>darya: that is not good. there were minor injuries. >>gary: weaver there. they were going to play in does that the cup. that is where it was scheduled. that, they found out that to xenophon's is good teams reached the finals so they were able to use that stadium. ba >>darya: tiger woods. when will we decide? i think the other players in need to fear tiger woods, it is not
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that point at all. >>gary: that is the first time i have slipped over to see who is leading in golf since football started. >>darya: now no one tents in any more. death death >>gary: no matter how you cut it, golf is not the same without tiger woods. when he is a plane, three times as many people are interested. >>darya: hats off to a tiger.
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>>gary: how many miles to to read yesterday's losses are stories of the 6 mi. serious its fact >>darya: gary, we will see later.
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>>justine: the one hand only madonna has been selected to perform during halftime at
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the super bowl. this'll be the first time that madonna will perform at the super bowl halftime show. >>darya: 7:57 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. it is chilly out there this morning and it very clear. we will be right back. bob burner of the man
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>>justine: of the was the postal service has announced changes, among the top of the west are cuts to first- class mail. right now customers receive a first- class mail in one-three days. with the cuts customers would get letters in two-five days. the cuts would close nearly 250 milk processing centers. that is about half of them. it would slow down everything from check payments to netflix and add costs to mail-order prescription drugs. >>darya: let's take a peek
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at wall street. stocks have been all morning with positive news from europe. the dow is up 143 points and trading at 12,162. eight 06 a.m.. here is a live look outside of san francisco, a lot of sunshine but brisk in the chilly, we will be right back.
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>>darya: despite the setback, their raiders are now tied in the afc west after tim tebow led the broncos to another if it went. the raiders will now take on the undefeated green bay packers. >>justine: we will take a quick break at the kron4 morning news, is a 10:00 a.m., here is a live look outside of the james lick freeway, actually this is on top of our roof. hopefully the sun will warm you what. it is a rather cold, we will attract those temperatures when we come back.
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>>dan: on the san mateo bridge, there are no delays. the san mateo bridge
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is a good ride this morning. we're looking good in both directions across the stand. on westbound 80, you can see all the red come again slot ethanol into the macarthur maze. will tran was stuck in it and says stay away from it. westbound 80 is absolute misery. in the south bay, we have a long commute from 101. it starts down in a morgan hill and continues through mountain view. it will be off and on and starches. in the north bay, southbound 101, in nevada, slow traffic. that will continue and let up in san are felt around the 580 and to change. >>justine: the average price
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for a gallon of gas has dropped 95 over the past two weeks. the average price is now $3.29 and of course much higher in the bay area. jackie sissel is live in emeryville. here is a look at the current prices. $3.60 for regular. people at the compound zahara anything anything about prices? >> most people are used to the fact that they will go up really fast ended down really slow. they are coming down a little bit leery of free lot of people do not even notice it. over the last month in california prices have dropped 205 on average in the past in 30 days. we are still at $3.60 allahu oakland and san jose
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are right at the average at $3.64 and three-time
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justine the shooting happened just before 8:00 a.m. on middlefield road. officers found two female victims suffering from multiple gunshot inside of a burger king. witnesses say the shooting happened in the parking lot and that the suspects fled on foot to a white buick with tinted windows. but a discarded cigarette is believed to be the cause of an apartment fire that happened in san francisco on sunday. here, you can see the fire trucks . officials say that a cigarette was thrown down the light well as six story building were ignited pieces of trash. at least 65 people were left homeless because of this fire.
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>> we have about 20 displaced residents. we had to tear the walls open in their apartments to get access to the wall behind the light well. the water had to be shut off. for currently, no residents are justine >> the red cross has set with smoke inhalation. firefighter also went to >>darya: we are back with more to get going on this monday morning. it is chilly as the first to get out of bed but we will see some nice sunshine warming things up to about 60 degrees inland. for now, it is in need be and traffic looks good here in san jose on 101. we are looking at some heavier traffic, the irvine . fluff
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>>justine: did monday morning on this december 5th theory inf if it is almost 60 decrease. off--it is almost 60 degrees. our advice today is a bundle of the and a dress in layers. once the sun starts shining, things will warm up nicely. even cooler temperatures for wednesday. if we are trying to get things above 60 degrees, the good news is, if you are a fan of the son, if you like the rain, you will have to write a little bit longer.--if you like the sunshine, it is sticking around. if you like the rain, you'll have to wait a little bit longer. if >>darya: herman cain decided to suspend his presidential campaign. now, the remaining
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candidates are looking to fix up on herman cain is benefited the most. many aides and advisers to herman cain are going to a gingrich for jobs. gingrich and his rivals are looking to set a one-to-one meetings with herman cain. >> so far in this campaign, i think of myself as a flavor of the decades. psst xi sphere tsongas offs tsk tsk >>darya: most gop candidates are looking towards heavy campaigning in iowa. the
8:28 am
iowa caucus is in one month, five months off before the new hampshire of primary. >>justine: years of live look outside from on top of our roof on van ness ave. the sun is shining, it is a little the chilly, more on the temperatures when we come back. fifth thought
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ever read ou
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>>dan: at golden gate bridge is it shape. there are no delays whatsoever. no problems at all this morning. things are moving very well northbound and southbound. on the south bay, northbound 101, saudi slowing in morgan hill. that should let up around highway 87. a quick look on southbound 101, slow traffic starting at the bottom. >>justine: we are continuing coverage on weather and traffic. will tran is driving along 80 westbound in emeryville to talk about the current conditions. are you friday with the heat on? how are the roads this morning? if full of them at the heat is definitely blasting. i can tell you clear the runways are slightly better than what they were off maybe 30 minutes ago. it took me 35 minutes ago from solano
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avenue to university at if of which is probably only 4 mi. apart. on any other day, five-tenths. third here, i am driving down the tall street headed towards the macarthur maze. i am going a brisk 40 mi. per hour. i'm not complaining. 45 minutes ago i was only going 5 mi. for hour. the fact that i am living is a beautiful sight. >>justine: you are definitely picking up some speed. be careful up there. >>darya: 8:35 a.m., we want to check the markets. things happen looking good so far this morning. stocks are rising broadly with hopes for a plan to restore long- term confidence in the euro. if the dow is off 139
8:36 am
points. steve asoka with wedbush equity management is on the phone with us now. give us more on the confidence that is coming for people believing that things are looking up in your of air and why is that? >> that have been several rumors from european newspapers talking about a fairly dramatic action on the part of the combined effort of the european government. of there is talk of the european central bank before instituting a one trillion-of euro buyback program for sovereign debt. there is talk of an agreement between germany and france to rewrite the treaty such tax member countries will longer be able to get into the same level of debt. it is also
8:37 am
rumored innuendo at this point coming from notably reliable sources that at this point fair are no reliable sources. the >>darya: this is a problem with the whole idea in the first place. united we stand with the euro eddie united we fall. steve >> on like america where we have a currency across many states, it looked at your the same way, we have a federal tax system so states and california and new york essentially transfer money to states like mississippi and alabama. vaughn that does not exist in europe. you have a currency that is
8:38 am
thought she in some countries get to a lot of others. foggy do not have that transfer of money see it end up with roughly zero countries cynically in debt in unable to get back in what we need is some kind of rule making that will stop the problem. it is the rumor that those rules are coming talks causing this rally. >>darya: and you cannot just have that bill, and in something behind that. that is what they're working on? dow not correct. >>darya: steve, they give the explanation. and her dow is looking good, up 142 points. 8:30 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. few here is a live look at the james lick freeway. traffic is a little bit sluggish on the lower deck. plenty of sunshine. we
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are waiting for things to warm up some may be the '60s, we will be right back. third thing thief's
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south its core for the
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button >>justine: talk about an expense of a pile up, does that act the at out millions of dollars worth of damage. altogether the cars are worth around $3 million. 10
8:43 am
people ended up getting hurt because of this. there's no word on if they will replace their cars just yet. >>darya: here is a shot from san francisco's embarcadero. sunny skies but it is cool out there this morning. we will have a more on the forecast in a couple of minutes. it's an
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>>dan: welcome back. we have a couple of hot spots, one of them at the bay bridge. there was an earlier accident on the incline. this is now extending to the macarthur maze on to westbound 80. the slow traffic will continue all across the incline and back into san francisco. the ride on westbound 80, we spoke with will tran and who said it was absolutely misery to. slow traffic starting in a
8:47 am
mall on westbound 80. there is about an hour long delayed just to reach the bay bridge toll plaza this morning., san mateo bridge, slowing on westbound 92 because of an earlier accident fear hillsdale periods traffic is already a fact that across this land and through the tolls. you may want to take the sum for an average. in the meantime the golden gate is moving very well in both directions. northbound 101, we are still seeing some delays throughout san jose. it is starting to get worse around 01 01 and 92
8:48 am
interchange. >>erica: there is some relief on the golden gate bridge. darnell clouds to speak of but temperatures are still running on a cool site. we did have a breezy start to the morning. gusty winds but it looks like those have calmed down. overnight is where the big weather story kicks in. we have a frost and freeze advisory, towards the end of the work week, mild and sunday temperatures. see temperatures outside the door, 40's and '50's. turning our attention to the
8:49 am
afternoon, felt we will not make much progress. 51 is a common member for oakland and a redwood city. in the north bay, a lot of sunshine into the afternoon as. by 8:00 p.m., the navy on the screen indicates temperatures in the 40's. purple and pink in the case temperatures in the upper 20s and 30s. your 7 day on the day forecast highlights a string of sunshine for the next several days. >>justine: thousands of people in los angeles are still without power after hurricane force winds hit the area last week. power
8:50 am
crews hope to have the electricity restored soon. people are now facing a new threat. there is a fire alert in southern california. officials said that powerful win could also ignites and fast-moving blaze is. >>darya: new details of the penn state scandal. jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing a series of voice is trying to defend themselves. in an interview with the new york times he tries to explain some comments he made when asked whether or not he was attracted to boys. >> to say i'm not attracted to boys is not the truth because of i am attracted to young people. police, girls, size i enjoy spending time with young people. i enjoy spending time with people. for my two favorite
8:51 am
groups are the elderly and the of. >>darya: sandusky is charged with 40 counts of molesting young boys and faces a preliminary hearing in a couple weeks. one of the accusers is expected to be a witness. >>justine: the cardinals will take on oklahoma state in the fiesta bowl. stanford ended the season in fourth place. oklahoma finished third behind alabama. california will playtex is for the holiday bowl. they are making their third visit to the holiday bowl. the longhorns will be playing for the fifth time. it is the first time the two schools have met on the field since 1970. >>darya: the 49ers have
8:52 am
announced that they clinched the funding the need for an $850 million loan for a new stadium. third of the nfl, a local hotel tax and redevelopment funds are expected to make up the difference. kron4 spoke with fans about the teens-chested team's potential relocation. >> it is an insult to the city. >> the new york giants play in new jersey. >> i am all for it. silicon valley is where all the money is it. it is for the better of the franchise. >> i think they should refer baristas 1. it is historical. >>darya: the move to santa clara that could be made as early as 2015. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of
8:53 am
minutes. here is a live look at the gridlock on the san mateo bridge. this is a hot spot we're tracking life. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. duff sphere
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>>dan: we are following a couple of hot spots. on the bay bridge we have a huge back out westbound, mostly because of an early morning accident. the backup is extending through the macarthur maze all the way out to put all. a very long ride through the east bay getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge, westbound 92, we have a huge back up. that accident has cleared.
8:57 am
>>darya: we are taking a look at the numbers on wall street. the rise of the dow is up 141 points it trading at 12,160. >>justine: republicans and democrats did not agree on everything but they are teaming up for one measure that does not involve tax policies or budget showdowns. it has to do with christmas presents. it is the first time ever that the senate is doing a secret santa gift exchange.
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>> there is a santa claus rally: on right now, as we move higher, people will chase. >>darya: sometimes around this time of year i think maybe it's what is happening
9:07 am
with jobs and sales, is that driving anything? >> holiday sales are a little bit better than expected. we do not expect that to hold up next year but 2011 had a lot of crazy stories. slow economic growth, political gridlock, europe intensified their problems. global disaster in japan, those are headlines. the reality is the earnings have been great, the headlines have been a miserable. wall street is up 2% this year. the headlines are very disturbing but we are starting to get past them.
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>>darya: at 9:11 a.m., the big story in sports is the san francisco forty-niners, the nfc west champions and
9:12 am
headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. the 49ers beat the st. louis rams 260. jim harbaugh is the third rookie coach to win the division. next for the 49ers, the cardinals in arizona. they're all right @ @ @ @ @ @ @ net the for their raiders but, the neon be a defeated green bay packers. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. but
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>>darya: hurricane hours winds hit the area last week. trees and how lions went down. crews are still trying to restore electricity. now, they are facing a threat. they are concerned about the fire danger in southern california ... powerful winds that ignite fast- moving blaze is. we know that our wind has died down a lot. the story is more about the big chill. >>erica: we saw the constant winds earlier this morning but they have certainly died. the big story now is the temperatures. sunny and mild conditions for the afternoon. we will struggle to get out of the upper 50s. some locations will get into the low 60s that is it. we will continue to see that weather pattern into the weekend. the big story is in the overnight hours. five frost and freeze advisory is in effect for the north and
9:17 am
east the valleys. temperatures will drop into the 20s and 30s. right outside the door we're pretty mild to. some locations are holding on to forties. 48 for those of you in mountain view. santa rosa is one of the warmest spots at 56. a touch for than that in downtown san francisco. as we turn our attention to the afternoon aloft by tv and the '50s and '60s fill the bay area. we will see those same numbers carry over into santa rosa. 60s, no. 4 nevada. a degree cooler than that in downtown san francisco. future cast 4 is set for half we will see temperatures dropped into the forties. take a look at 2:00 a.m., the purple and
9:18 am
pink in the case temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. a frost and freeze advisory is going into effect. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows cool mornings on tap for the next several days. as we turn our attention to the afternoon, sending in the mild days this of this in the upper 50s and low 60s. it looks like tomorrow in the the coldest day of the week getting down to about 20. the time right now is 9:17 a.m.. >>dan: the bay bridge is jammed of because of an early morning accident. it is clear that the damage is dense. we are back out onto westbound 80 through the funnel all believe down to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is about a 45 minute ride. a very long canyon on
9:19 am
westbound 80 reaching the bay bridge toll plaza of. a lot of people are taking the san mateo bridge in said. westbound 92 is simply the jammed through the tolls and across the stand. all lanes are slow on westbound 92. if it makes sense for you i would definitely recommend the dumbarton bridge. i want to take a look at the peninsula, because of that earlier accident, it was right about here, look at 101 northbound of getting to the highway 92 interchange, it is roughly the jams. of the northbound 101 ride out of san jose has cleared up quite nicely. of the golden gate bridge is a picture of duty right now. of the right
9:20 am
coming out of nevada of, we do still have slowed traffic until you get to about san rafael. >>darya: filling up your car will deal less painful this morning if afc averaged prices dropped 95. $3.29 the average across the nation. jackie sissel is taking a look and prices this morning. of >>jackie: i am here in emeryville. if gas here were $3.29, that would be of the real story. in the day we are at $3.64. that is down 205 over the last month. it has to do with supply and demand. drivers are using less gas right now in part because of the economic turndown and also
9:21 am
we are driving more fuel- efficient cars. the supply remains up in the demand is down so the prices fall. jeff: may not last the we should enjoy it while we can. here's a look around the bay area what you'd pay for a gallon of gas according to aaa viavoice we are paying 405 more a gallon this year than we did last year. >>darya: in other news, police are still searching for suspects in a pair of rabin go robberies'. in the first case off police are looking for a woman who along with a knee and five was stealing from nordstrom's in walnut creek, taking high end of
9:22 am
merchandise. customers tackled and detained the man the ec, but he did it have for spray cans, he got away and was tackled again outside the store as he was running towards a getaway vehicle. the woman did get away. the car was a base for fees and create >> he went over to tackle the suspect, at the same time, the theme of kept running and got into vienna leading vehicle. they fled the scene as the house of buy and the male suspects were fighting. this is the first time that a citizen tried to get involved and apprehend someone and was pepper spray. of >>darya: there are four other people in custody, this was at the age and design and of vast store of, police believe they were trying to steal clothing,
9:23 am
the fed suspect remains on the list. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness avenue of. clear skies. we're starting to warm up slightly. of her every day this morning, cold and clear. we do have hot spots when it comes to the commute. we're back with an update in a couple of minutes viavoice of dvina defense of lassie pit stop
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what data 8 selling at a result and then he ok does
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smith a debt of five fiat
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>>erica: as we turned our attention to the current temperatures, 49 currently in los gatos. take a look at downtown san francisco. currently 54. a touch warmer through santa rosa and novato. let's shift focus to see were temperatures will go this afternoon if. los 60s in the south bay. 64 on tap for santa rosa. 59 for
9:33 am
downtown san fran's is the. as we head into the overnight hours, that is where everything will shift gears. we have a freeze and false advisory in effect. what we can expect is temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30's for everywhere highlighted in the blue and pink. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows cool mornings on tap for the next several days. los 60s stretching into the weekend with a little bit of cloud cover. tomorrow could actually be the coldest day contact your if the time right now is a 533 pm 5-- 5:33 a.m.. >> the 880 overpass is
9:34 am
backed up. we have a lot of earlier problems with regard to an earlier accident on the incline.
9:35 am
>>dan: northbound 101 is looking pretty good. continuing through mountain view we're looking pretty good. southbound 101 in the north face still trying to listen up. >>darya: will tran is driving along northbound 880 in oakland taking a look at conditions out there. >>will: i am only going 40 mi. per hour. the speed limit is 65 mi. per hour. there is no accident, it has just been slow and go. from marina boulevard to this location, it took me probably 25 minutes or so.
9:36 am
since on any other day he would maybe take 10 minutes tops. it is slow and go. you have to tap on the brakes every now and then. the sun is out into the sky is blue. i am of bundled up even in my car. >>darya: thank you. let's take a look at the big board. the dow has been up all morning long on positive news coming out of europe- thinking that they can solve their debt problem and get everyone on board with a plan to avoid it the country's from collapsing. this does we are looking at trading at 12,167.
9:37 am
>> lee have some positive indications that italy will be taking some significant steps from an austerity standpoint. people feel better with italy seven up as quickly as they are with their new government. they have verbally indicated that they will take more significant members. there has been talk about injections into the financial system buying bonds up to one trillion euros. that is just chatter for right now everything is driven by what is going on in europe. >>darya: he also says the positive start to the markets is helping the euro which is in turn leading some selling in the u.s. dollar. >>darya: knew this morning the u.s. postal service is announcing a series of changes to save the agency about 3 billion. fans at the
9:38 am
top of the list, it cuts to first-class mail. right now, you're probably getting first-class letters a one- three days after the are mailed to. with these cuts, it is really going to be snail mail, and you'll get a letter to-five days after it is mailed. the cuts would close roughly 250 of the nearly 500 mail processing centers. that is about half. the cuts could slow everything from check payments to your neck of the dvd is or anything else that you get in the mail, prescription drugs, that is another think you'll have to wait longer for. soft does
9:39 am
9:40 am
with move assess if of us
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9:42 am
>>darya: new-line details in the penn state is scandal, a sandusky is now trying to defend himself in an interview with the new york times. he tries to explain some comments he made when asked if he was attracted to young boys. >> i am attracted to young people, of boys, girls for four, i am trying to say, i enjoy spending time with young people. i enjoy spending time with people. >> sandusky's being charged with 40 counts of molesting boys and faces a preliminary hearing in a couple weeks. one of the alleged accusers is expected to be a witness. 9:42 a.m., we're
9:43 am
back with more in a couple of minutes. of
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9:47 am
>>erica: as we advance the clock closer to the overnight hours, the purple and pink indicates temperatures in the twenties and thirties. we do have a frost and freeze advisory for the north and east a valleys. you will definitely want to bring your pets and plants indoors. plenty of
9:48 am
sunshine as we head into the weekend. cloud cover thursday and friday. for the most part, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. >>dan: it was a pretty tumultuous morning commute but no major hot spots. on the bay bridge we definitely still have a bit of a back up. a slight delay getting into san francisco. on the san mateo bridge the backup is almost cleared up.
9:49 am
eastbound 92, no problem. the golden gate bridge has been good all morning. for the rest of the ride around the bay, westbound 80, a lot of delays. but the accord
9:50 am
>>darya: the national average for gas has dropped to $3 $3.29. jackie sissel is live with more. >>jackie: at about 305 to that and that is what you would take. demand for gas is down. in san francisco it
9:51 am
is up of the california average. oakland and san jose is hovering right there at the average of. as i said, it is 100 or so dollars per barrel of oil. there is a little bit of bad news. 405 more a gallon this year >>darya: it is intolerable. >>darya: in world news, foreign embassies in brain are all the ratings under extra security after a bomb exploded. it was slanted underneath the tire of this minibus. no one was injured. pfft
9:52 am
>>darya: this could be the world's most expensive car crash ever. this traffic accident happened in japan because of a pricey cars, a convoy on the same street, they're heading to a convention of sorts, but this was a parade of state
9:53 am
for rory's, in lamborghini he and two fourth ladies face a the driver of one of the tories tried to change lanes at a higher rate of speed, hit the median and spun across the freeway, collided with other cars and the cost was $3 million in damage. 9:52 a.m.,.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
>>darya: stanford is going to the fiesta bowl. it is one to be pretty gate real team to watch. >>darya: cal will be pleased taxes and the holiday bowl. for
9:58 am
>>darya: we will see you back here starting at 4:00 a.m.. have a great day.
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