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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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going to bed tonight to chilly temperatures, waking up to freezing conditions, where a freeze warning is in effect. coming up. vote on a sports complex in one community, we are live with the heated debate and a look at where the field could be transformed. and investigators have flew cruz in a serial murder case. 10 bodies found. police believe they know more about the killer. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. it looks and feels more like winter tonight. the cold temperatures are setting in. you see people with coats and mittens and warm drinks are becoming a must. chilly weather.
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it's not just feeling cold, maybe frost. >> frost and freeze in the north bay. very cold tonight. let's look at the current conditions. temperatures in the 30s already in the north bay. 36 in fairfield. 36 novato. 39 along the coast in half moon bay. 39 in lose caughtoes. 40 in livermore. 50 in oakland. the cold temperatures bepend on the calm winds. last week we had the same conditions but we had gusty winds. right now calm conditions. it will stay this way overnight so we will see temperatures in the 20s and 30s. freeze warning for the north bay, delta, fairfield, central valley. frost advisory for the east bay hills and inland valleys. we will talk more in a bit. new at 11:00, the city decide whether to approve the construction of a new sports
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complex. kron 4's reggie kumar is live at city hall where people are at a city counsel meeting. >> reporter: i can tell you the new sports complex a hot topic here tonight. people are still speaking to the counsel and those that already spoke are standing outside. >> reporter: before walking in, residents woo opposed the sports fields project stood near the entrance holding this banner. their biggest concerns are the environmental impact on the land and the extra traffic. >> adequate space for a field that is football sized field. football sized field is 100 by 300 yards. and that would require a huge cut into the hillside. high walls. and it's an inappropriate project and that space. >> teraerizing what will happen
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with the increase in traffic. people fly. >> reporter: people sat out in the hallway and watched the meetingoon television screen. this is what the complex will look like, baseball and soccer fields a dog part and a garden. the project is being funded through private donors. supporters say the facility is needed. >> we will lose our rights to use alameda point where 330 kids in our program practice. so when that dates rolls around, they need to field for their own kids. >> we looked at the traffic issues, the traffic increase is 1% over what it is already. we think it will -- there isn't a traffic issue. >> reporter: the donors still trying to raise money for this project. the city is not paying for any
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of this project. if the counsel approves this, construction could begin in six months. live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. i will show you the area in question. the land is is a busy windy portion. 5 acres of land. i will zoom you in. people against this idea are concerned about clearing out all these trees which seem dark here, i circled them and traffic concerns. the complex would bring crowds to the area and there are safety issues being raised because kids will be crossing this street, it winds to get from field to field. one field there. one here. supporters say it's a $6 million project, privately funded and more and more kids are out there playing and the fields and the parks are needed. they need more of them for the
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kids. i have video just in to the news room of the area in cession. you can see it's dark but the cars going by, that traffic along the street, one of the main reasons some people are against this project. >> thank you. new details on the shooting in west oakland that injured eight people, including a one- year-old boy. as kron 4's kate thompson reports, police have been getting tips and information from the public. 07 friday they went door to door encouraging people to come forward with information about the shooting captured here on this surveillance video when eight people were shot during the filming of a music video monday. reaching out to the community was successful on getting information on the shooting of carlos nava but police say more information is needed in this
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case. >> the investigation is still continuing. we are requesting additional information. >> reporter: one-year-old hiram lawrence remains in critical condition at the hospital since he was shot in the head a week ago. his mother and family wouldn't discuss how he was doing monday night but days ago they spoke out about being unable to come to an agreement with the hospital on continuing care. crime stoppers is offering a $35,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> we have an update on the amber alert issued out of oakland. the three children taken from their mother, that you have been found safe. they were taken by their father. that was saturday about 6:00 p.m. they are a two-year-old girl, 7-
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year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. bay area news tonight, january 1 the minimum wage in san francisco going up to $10.24. that's a 32 kent increase from what it is now. the change makes san francisco the city with the highest minimum wage in the nation. the police department is getting man power. they held its first class of trainees since laying off 80 officers a year ago. 10 cadets are expected to be officers by spring. the city got $10 million in a federal grant to hire 25 new police officers. >> recruiting new trainees the san jose fire department. 10 recruits are in a training program. the department layed off dozens last year but thanks to a grant they were able to make new
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hires. after graduation they will go into the field next week. new at 11:00, police are learning more about a serial killer that is behind the murders of 10 women. we have details on how the suspect is taunting the families. >> and a restaurant became a drive through by accident, what the driv says happened. andrew luck is headed to new york, is he still the heisman favorite and hue jackson has skeptics right now. the stories coming up later in this broadcast. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions! with jcpcash, get 10, 15 or $20 off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save.
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no exclusions! with jcpcash, get 10, 15 or $20 off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. news tonight from across the state. surveillance video out of the san diego area, look at that. that car plowing through the door of a restaurant. people trying to get out of the way. there is another view. crashing through.
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two people suffered minor injuries. the driver just hit the gas pedal instead of the breaks. woman is under arrest after she tried to cut off her husband's. she used a pair of scissors, that's the mugshot. she is charged with suspicion of mayhem, assault, spousal abuse. her husband is expected to recover. >> pg&e cruise are working around the clock. they are still trying to restore power to thousands in southern california. after last week's wind storms. thousands of trees and power lines came down wednesday. some of those lines and trees still blocking roads. the storm is being called the worst in decades. the wind is gone, that leads to cold conditions overnight. we have a freeze warning in effect. we will look that temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood in
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new at 11:00, police believe they have new clues in a serial murder mystery. investigators believe the 10 bodies found are the work of a single killer who has been taunting the victim's families. kron 4's grant lodes has more. [ music playing ] >> reporter: she sings as she watched photos in tribute to her sister. a mother of two. she is one of 10 victims of a serial killer who remained uncaptured after 15 years. >> someone that disregards human life, to keep on doing it over and over again. horrible. >> reporter: she left her home in connecticut in 2007.
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she told her sister she had a job in new york city and then vanished. three years later in -- of 2010 police found her sister's body wrapped in burlap. her sister was told she was strangled. three other women were also found murdered. police say the killer chose his targets carefully. all in the sex trade. >> i can't describe to myself how bad it feels to be, you know, a family member of one of these girls that was found. the family in new york is also grieving and is not surprised a single killer is suspected. the killer used her own cell phone 7 times to taunt her little sister after she vanished. in one call the killer
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confessed. >> he is cold, he is very precise, he is very disciplined. and he is a monster. the families worry the killer may not be done. >> he is getting better and better at it. very comfortable doing what he is doing. the families stay in touch daily getting strength from each other. last summer they met on the beach near the crime scenes. >> we form bonds no one can take from us. may not be a bond from blotched it's tragedy. -- bond from blood, it's tragy. >> we want to bring this to a successful conclusion. we want to catch the killer. >> reporter: families won't
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give up either. >> i know she will be proud and all that. don't stop. don't give up on me. >> reporter: grant lodes, kron 4 news. very cold conditions on tap for tomorrow morning as we have clear skies and calm winds over night. 32 concord. 27 napa. 37 mountain view. as soon as the sun comes up we will feel better. noon 50s and 60s. same for the 3:00 hour. let's look that freeze warning for the north bay, delta, fairfield, frost advisory for the inland valleys. temperatures in the 20s in the north bay, delta, 30s elsewhere. hours of cold temperatures over night. don't leave your pets outside, bring them inside. look at the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow morning. 27 in santa rosa.
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27 napa. 28 fairfield. 20s in all the surrounding areas. sonoma, novato. 35 in san rafael. 36 along the coast line, half moon bay. 30 livermore. 32 concord. 36 san jose. 30 in morgan hill. temperatures rebounding into the afternoon. still on the cooler side but we will take it. 50s and 60s for december. 61 in redwood city. 60 in san jose. 58 oakland. same in livermore. 59 in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco. 56 in vallejo. he will keep this going for the rest of the week as the jet stream is well to the north,aire of high pressure blocking anything from getting through. instead of cool winds, we will see warm winds from the inland valleys. breezy conditions through the afternoon as well, especially
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in the hills. extended forecast, cool mornings, mild afternoons. we will warm up through the weekend. couple of degrees. and then there is the possibility that we will see a break on monday a chance of showers. we will keep you posted. stay with us. sports is coming up, gary radnich right after this break. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours.
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really? [ male announcer ] kate uses her citibank debit card because kate knows there are some things you shouldn't be charged for. refill? i'm ok. [ male announcer ] so does that guy. the citibank debit card with no monthly fee. easier banking. standard at citibank. all right. good evening, everybody. the 49ers and their fans spent the day talking about the team's first playoff birth since 2002. >> great thing. you know, winning the division. you know, much like diploma or certificate in school where, you know, has your name on it. what you did and put that in a frame, put it up on the wall, feel good about that accomplishment and move forward to the next goal.
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>> thanks, feel better about that cub scout thing i got. really, when it came from you -- >> frame it. >> thank you very much. two yard run made frank gore the all time 49er rusher yesterday. went on to have a 42-yard lead on the former record holder joe perry. here is frank gore on what he accomplished yesterday. >> it's a blessing, you know. you know, to do something, especially with this organization, lots of great players that have been here. my name among those guys. like i said, it's a blessing. >> nothing new to report on the assault in alabama. mcclain on the field, despite, you know, the charges filed against him. made 5 tackles in the raiders
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loss without going over and over again the exact -- what is being alleged. the deal is, he fired a gun past a man's ear and made him beg for his life. hue jackson has a different story. >> i malled that over and talked to several people, including teammates, my counsel, people i trust and at the end of the day the league is still, you know, has to investigate this thing, see it threw. i know what i know. i am comfortable that the charges that people are saying and the things they said he did, i don't think he did that. >> for his sake hopefully he is create. arrangement is in midogen. the news tonight not so hot on the andrew luck heisman bid. the early favorite, all of the off season was all andrew luck.
11:27 pm
and then robert griffon from baylor has been electrifying. tonight say they 65 votes are for griffon, 13 for luck. here is luck earlier today. >> honored. excited. it's a great trip to new york. last year, what an experience it was. to be able to go and relive that again, i am excited. excited to meet the other guys and excite to represent the university. >> everybody wants to win. yeah. it would be great for the school. >> nice to see, again, you will see luck last college game versus acrobatic -- oklahoma state. these are heisman voters -- he is not -- pretty close.
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>> you are upset. >> he will have the last laugh in the nfl when he is winning. >> exactly. good night everybody. this holiday season
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