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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the '9ers continue to drive toward santa clar aalthough there are opponents trying to keep them from a new proposed stadium. we hear from the people concerned about having to shoulder the financial burden. >> we didn't sign up for 8 $800 million worth of debt. and san francisco's mayor tells us why he's optimistic about the future role with the '9ers. >> i don't think it's over. final approval on the $1 billion plan not expected until next spring. tonight, city leaders are taking questions and comments from the community. >> reporter: well, the 49ers say they have three major banks on board to help them fund this
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new stadium. an 8 hundred$850 million loan so they say it's full steam ahead. but first, they have to get it passed with santa clara city council. with the banks on board, top leaders of the 49ers confident that they will be breaking ground on a new stadium in santa clara. >> it is a done deal? >> it's a significant mile stone. and i think it's safe to say it's no longer about if the the stadium is going to be built. it's about when. >> reporter: the team says that's just more evidence of mounting support for the stadium. and they shoot down fears that santa clar is going to get saddled with millions in debt. >> none of this will be general fund. >> reporter: with rising costs and complicated contract, some residents say this isn't what they signed up for. >> it's a bait-and-switch. this is not what the people voted on. >> the san francisco 49ers only
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want to pay for pieces of the stadium. they want to turn right around and take millions about millions dollars out of the stadium every year, and let's completely unfair to us. the 49ers should be paying for their stadium themselves. >> reporter: this is just the beginning of the money talk. tonight was the first meeting. there'll be another meeting on thursday. and then a final meeting next tuesday before they okay this funding plan. reporting live in santa clar akate thompson, kron4 news. san francisco's newly reelected mayor trying to remain optimistic. he says the city will talk with the '9ers' owner and the nfl and. >> i don't think it's i don't ever, but i do think that the clock is ticking. one thought occurred me. the thought about them not playing in candle stick
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doesn't mean they're not -- that they're leaving the state. they're still here. they just may not be playing in candlestick. >> they're not going to be in san francisco. >> but they'll have a presence. >> the nfl has said it's interested in the '9ers and raiders sharing a stadium. mayor lee said he hopes that's true, and it happens in san francisco. the show myth busters calls northern california home. tonight, a taping of that show got a little too close for some people's comfort. cannonballs just like these were launched from the alameda county firing range all the way through a dublin home. that wasn't supposed to happen. kron4's reggie kumar tell us more. >> reporter: alameda county sheriffs investigators say the homemade cannon myth busters used to conduct an experiment misfired and sent a cannonball flying through the air. it travelled 700 yards before hitting the driveway of this dublin home smashing through the
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front door and slammed through this wall near the stairway. it went through the master bedroom wall where a woman and child were asleep at the time. the cannonball then exited through the back of the house and travelled across the road, continuing on a path of destruction. it hit the roof of this home on bellevue circle before stopping after crashing through the window of this van. sergeant j. d. nelson says he's glad no one was hurt. >> they had some safety measures in place. there were barrels of water that this ball was supposed to pas through to slow its trajectory. the cannon failed to hit that mark. it had a misfire. this is a homemade cannon that a television show has made. they've used it on many episodes. it fired and fired correctly on numerous occasions. >> reporter: nelson says the sheriff closed the bomb range where the cannon was fired until the safety measures that are in place can be reviewed.
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it's not known if myth busters will be allowed to perform future experiments there. in dublin, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> we talked with one neighbor whose home was damaged by that cannonball. >> my mom saw some roof tops that fell down. but it was not clear from down here how much damage was up on the roop. there's a nice -- on the roof. it ricochetted and fell onto the neighbors'. >> homeowners met with their insurance carriers and says the myth busters is insured for these incidents a strong chemical odor in south san francisco sent one person to the hospital. it forced the evacuation of 25 homes. a building inspector got sick at this site about 3:00 pm. half an hour later, the area was evacuated. responders suspected that the odor was coming from garbage bins on second lane.
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residents got to return to their homes about 10:00 tonight. a san jose high school cheer leading coach has been arrested. anthony loza accused of molesting a child, coaching at andrew hill high school, also at energy athletics in san jose. they are asking any other victims to contact please. a new bank scam in san francisco is targeting elderly women. in the past three-month, at least three people have lost up to $11,000. they have a sketch of the suspect. police say this man calls victims, poses as a bank manager, and tells them that he's investigating employee theft and convinces them to withdraw money and give it to him outside the bank. the suspect is described as white, between 55 and 65 years old. he was last seen wearing a black fleece jacket and black baseball cap. in
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the 30s in a number of places. freezing in novato right now. 35 in fairfield. down in los gat os, and warmer for fran. we have a freeze warning in effect for the delta and the fairfield area. those areas expected to be in the upper 20s and low 30s for much of the night. let's take a look at that area right now. you can see the central valley and that area that i just mentioned, the delta and fairfield, under that freeze warning. let's take a look at what it entails. upper 30s and low -- upper 20s and low 30s is in effect now. bring your pets inside. i updated our morning lows. it's going to get cold are than i forecasted earlier this evening.
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you won't want to miss those temperatures in a bit. coming up, we show you the new estimates of a high-speed rail project in california and find out what voters think of the new cost. why head stones are being rearranged in the presidio. and a giants trade for a center fielder. we'll find out who he is.
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tracking neighborhood crime and watch out on this one. i launched some video of the issue. we're talking about cellphone robberies. four separate cellphone robberies on monday night in san francisco all while people were riding muni and had their phones out just like this. i'll show you where they happened. the first 1 happened at about 6:50 pm 3 and king street, outside at&t park. the suspect demanded the victim phone, then punched the 27-year-old several times in the
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face before grabbing his phone. 9:35 pm again, on the muni bus of the 1,500-block of baker. a 40-year-old woman, two teenaged boys behind her grabbed the phone and ran off the bus. then around 11:00 monday on the 23 monterey line, two suspects with knives took a phone with force from a 26-year-old guy. none of these victims fortunately in these three incidents were hurt: >> cold temperatures are expected overnight. we have to talk about freezing fog in half moon bay, and freezing temperatures for the rest of the bay areas. details coming up. ♪ it's easy to see what subaru owners care about.
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crews are going to be re-- realigning them >> reporter: the san francisco national cemetery was founded in the 1850s, and some of the headstones are many years old. many of them have started to sink or fall out of alignment. this week, crews started digging up more than 3,000 near the southeastern corner, set them aside, and reinforce the ground. finally they reinsert and realign the headstones. one of the most important things is to make sure that each stone gets returned to the correct site. the cemetery has maps of where every headstone should be, but they took it a bit further. teams created gps maps of where each grave was, and who was buried there. they marked each stone with a coded number that matches is its proper location location on the maps. workers plan to rebuild the landscaping
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around the graves. the work behind me is just the first step in a multiyear plan to go through and realign the more than 26,000 graves that are here in the san francisco national cemetery. in san francisco, charles clifford, kron4 news. a high-speed rail project planned to connect the entire state of california is losing popularity with voter, apparently. it is designed to link san francisco with sacramento, los angeles, and san diego. voters approved this project in 2008, but the price tag was estimated to be $43 billion. it was supposed to be completed in 2020. now the project might not be done until 2033, and could cost 98 billion. a new poll says 39% of voefrts would re-- voters would reject the plan. and 37% of those who approved it in 2008 would change their votes if it appeared on a ballot today.
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despite that change in attitude, the transportation secretary says it's what the state and the nation needs to compete in the 21st century. >> we are being outcompeted right now today all over the world, but in particular in asia, on countries that are building roads, building airport, building bridge, and building high-speed rail. we used to be the leader! we don't catch up pretty quick, we're going to be in second place. the high-speed rail authority estimates this project will create more than 100,000 jobs. let's take a look the our current temperatures again. they're worth noting. already in the 30s in a number of places. freezing in novato. 39 in los gat os, and half moon bay, 37 degrees. we do have a dewpoint at 32-degree, which means if the temperature gets down to that level or below that level, i think we could have the
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possibility of freezing fog tomorrow morning in half moon bay. we'll get to that here in just a moment. the freeze warning just for the delta and fairfield area as well as the central valley. there's going to be -- it's going to be in effect shortlily at mid-night and persist for several hours. you don't want to leave your pets outside. definitely want to bundle up overnight and as you head out the door tomorrow. a lot of cold conditions am it is going to be warmer in san francisco and oakland, but i have adjusted some of the temperatures downward as our dewpoint temperatures are continuing to slide this evening. it's 39 degrees in hayward, 31 in napa -- or excuse me, not right now. this is what we're going to see out there tomorrow morning. 33 santa rosa, 29 in fairfield, 30 in livermore. and i think it'll be 33 in half moon bay, but it gets down to 32 and 31-degree, we could be seeing ice crystals forming on contact
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with your windshield or with the ground. again, i don't think it's very likely. it's kind of a longshot. temperatures have to drop below freezing for that to happen in half moon bay. 35 in san jose, 33 in morgan hill. warming up to levels we were at today. 60 degrees in san jose. 56 in half moon bay. 57 in oakland. upper 50s for the inland valleys. 58 in santa rosa. 55 in san francisco. a look at your extended forecast. not a whole lot of change over the next several days. we'll see a little cloud cover on thursday. otherwise chilly morning, mild afternoon. the weekend much of the same. monday, definitely going to see some cloud cover, possibly some rain. the giants trade for a speedy outfielder. gary's got details on who they got and who they gave up. and jeff garcia is back in the nfl. gary tells us what
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ingredients for life. good evening, everybody. sharks scored 1 minute one minute into the game then shut down versus minnesota. as we said, san jose not wasting any time. joey pavelski, the rebound goal. san jose off and running. back comes minnesota. former shark, danny heatly, to make it 1-1. involved via the assist, and then at the finish, it's san jose not being able to stop minnesota. san jose's fourth loss in their last five games. matt hackett, 34 saves in an nhl debut. giants made a minor move at the winter meetings. they picked up somebody named angel pagan.
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no relation to former giant short stop, jose pagan. 262 last year, 32 steals. of and the giants felt he's better than andres torres. torres part of the deal that goes to the new york mets. torres, oh, couple years ago when they won the world series was outstanding. last near, not so hot. he goes to the mets along with relief pitcher, ramon ramirez. he's really the star of the deal from the new york mets standpoint. ramirez e.r.a. under 3,ing 66 strikeouts in 69 innings. they had to throw in ramon ramirez to get pagan. ange #e8 pagan -- angel pagan, now outfielder with the giants. albert pujols, are the story that they are talking seriously with miami. pujols has spent all ten of his big legal season with the st. louis
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cardinals. he's seriously considering the miami marlins, a ten-year deal on the table for over $200 million. supposedly, the afrmgels of anaheim went on this deal. the cardinals -- angels of an mile went on this deal. jeff garcia doesn't want to quit. the son of a gun is back in the nfl as the third string quarterback for the houston texans. he'll play behind tj -- and jake daloam. the texans have last matt -- and liner to injury. his most recent stop was the omaha night hawks of ufl. but hey, jeff doesn't want to quit, and he's back in action at the very at least shooting up
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in houston. every day it seems andrew lucks loses a little ground on the heisman trophy. the latest deal tonight, and we -- have you ever heard anybody that quotes stiff arm more than we do? this is it. anyway, right now , robert griffin the third from baylor is apparently the run-away choice. this website, they polled people who have already voted. the votes were due in on sunday. griffin had 86 first place votes to andrew luck's 24. on saturday they will make it official. and you tell me college sports isn't all about money. is this my favorite boise state along with san diego state are now members of the big east conference. we don't need to hear anybody moan about this. we can moan here in san francisco. but san diego
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state and boise state will now play football with teams on the east coast. >> doesn't like any sense. >> it does if you pay them a lot of money. keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute.
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