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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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st $9.99. sizzler. facebook announces a big expansion in men row parks. jots -- menloe park. kron four has the plans facebook says should ease residents' fears. the victim in the black friday walmart shooting is speaking out for the first time. >> and new details at this hour as we learn more about the deadly shooting that rattled the virginia tech campus today. new tonight at 11:00, a big announcement. facebook laid out its expansion plans to the community in menloe park. and that plan is causing some mixed feelings. this is a video of the area we're talking about.
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more jobs, a good thing. but more traffic, not so good. and the social media company has already started moving into its new east campus facilities. >> our goal for the project is to allow for 9,400 employees to be at both campuses. and we think that's an excellent opportunity for economic growth and job creation in the area, local businesses and services are going to see benefits for having a good neighborhood in facebook right here in menloe park. >> the controversy that's brewing comes from an environmental impact report just released. it shows the planned expansion will cause major traffic problems. kron 4's reggie kumar is live tonight with more on what the city plans to do to ease the congestion. >> reporter: men row park -- menloe park plans to make signal changes, add light, and remove an island. there were 50 people
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in attendance, all of them in favor of the expansion plan. those who did not attend the meeting and read that environmental impact report may not like the extra traffic on the road. >> menloe park's environmental impact report says there will be significant traffic delays if improvements are not made immediately, especially when facebook's west campus opens in three hours. rach #5e8 gross-- rachel grossman says they found impacts in palo alto. >> we cannot call them less than significant, because we're unsure if the mitigation measure will be implemented. but the applicant hez implemented many measures to reduce the impact. and as far as the east campus proposal, there's a vehicular trip cap proposed that will limit daily trips to 15,000, and there's a peak hour limitation of 2,600 for the evening and the
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morning peak. >> reporter: east campus on willow road already opened, and owl employees will be moved in by december 19th. residents who attended the meeting say they have not noticeded an increase in -- noticed an increase in traffic yet. >> i believe they do everything they can to cut down on the traffic so it doesn't impact the community that much. >> reporter: you were in support of the project? >> i'm in supporter of the project. >> reporter: the public will be able to speak about this expansion january 9th during a planning commission meeting. but the city council won't take up a vote until some time in june. live in menloe park, remy kumar -- reggie kumar, kron four news. a second suspect wanted at the black friday shooting in san leandro is in custody tonight after a six-hour standoff with police. authorities say watson allegedly shot and wound aid man
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during the course of -- wounded a man during the course of an attempted robbery in the early morning hours of black friday. shot in the neck and rushed into surgery, that victim of that black friday shooting is breaking his silence tonight. kron4's kate thompson has that story. >> reporter: the star on christopher's neck is raw and fresh. he was shot in the neck, the bullet exiting out his shoulder. >> i'm doing good. i feel -- i'm glad and happy to be here. >> reporter: the shooting has left him with nerve damage, lack of feeling in his hand, damage to his vocal cords, and he has to use a cane. >> i used to be a mechanic, and i can't do that for right now because i have no strength in my right arm. >> reporter: his two cousins were with him the night of the shooting, and tackled one of the attackers. >> it all happened within seconds. split decision of basically fighting for our live it is.
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you don't wanten -- lives. you don't know if they're going to take us out there and then. >> reporter: his mother saw the emergency lights and commotion and had no idea it had been her son. >> i had my christmas gift. i have my xrift christmas for the rest of my life, my family, my son. >> reporter: the family is also looking for someone who they're calling their angel. a woman who came to christopher's side after he was shot and applied pressure to his wound and stayed there until help arrived. they want to meet her and thank her personally and hope she comes forward. a toddler hit by gunfire during the filming of a rap video in oakland will likely be removed from life support time. the lawyer for the family says the decision was made after doctors confirmed there is no brain activity. there is one more test tomorrow morning for the 1-year-old child.
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the little boy was shot in the head on november the 28th. six others were also hurt. this is video, surveillance video of the shooting that happened. police have detained several persons of interest, but they have not filed any charges in the case. a cold friday ahead. jacqueline is here tonight and she's been telling me about freezing fog! that sounds scary saying it! >> it's not fun. we saw it this morning in the north bay. it was very brief. but it could last longer in places like santa rosa overnight tonight. look at the current temperatures. already into the 30s in a number of spots. 36 in half moon bay, 36 in santa rosa and novato. 34 in fairfield, 38 in concord. it's cold out there, and it's going to get even colder. i see no justification for the models showing temperatures staying in the 40s.
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it's not going to. up in santa rosa , we're seeing mist. typically we see mist before fog. temperatures are close to the dewpoint. and they're going to continue to slide overnight. if it gets down to 32, 31, 30 like it did overnight last night, we're going to be seeing freezing fog. instead of the clouds, you see ice crystals clinging to your windshield and even the ground. definitely be aware of that tomorrow in santa rosa and napa too. possible freezing fog. and conditions still cold out there tomorrow morning. the afternoon will be nice. upper 50s and 60s. then the weekend, we'll see some changes. it has been a difficult 11 months in office for oakland's mayor, gene quan. and now a second group is trying to cut her four-year term short. they're collecting signatures needed for a recall election. backer it is of this recall say that quan ignored the city's
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most pressing public issue: public safety. they have until may the 14th to collect roughly 20,000 signatures. quan says she plans to fight for her position. bart police arresting a man they say stole copper cables from bart tracks. this is the second time dennis mcgeary has been arrested for stealing copper wire. the theft happened in the early morning hours. the wire was cut directly from the tracks. mcgeary was arrested in august, stealing copper wire from an underground electrical vault. the latest store affected is in san leandro. overall, more than 500 customers have seen their accounts compromised am thieves are tampering with the self-checkout, debit and credit card machines stealing pin numbers. the impacted machines are now up to 24.
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a warning from police to be on alert at one east bay hiking trail. we'll tell you what happened and who police are looking for. and new at 11:00, you can get behind the wheel of a military tank and take it for a drive! we'll tell you about this one of a kind adventure that's growing in popularity, even with women. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions! with jcpcash, get 10, 15 or $20 off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. there are new details tonight about the deadly shooting at virginia tech today. we're learning more about the officer who was gunned down by an armed man who police say walked up and opened fire. the officer who was killed has been identified as a 39-year-old army veteran, and a father of five. derrick krauss joined the campus police there in 2007 about six months after 33 people were killed at that school in a mass shooting. it is believed today's gunman took his own life. an east bay sexual assault in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of a neighborhood.
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and right now, east bay regional park police are looking for leads. they say it happened right by bay point in the west pittsburgh area along the delta deanza regional trail. the assault which they say was not a rape happened between clearland drive and bailey road on this little paved portion of the trail. they say the woman was walking home, densely populated area, and according to the cops a man sexually assaulted this woman on november 26th around 2:30 in the afternoon. they're looking for a hispanic or black male with hair that comes down to his eye brows, a gray hooded sweatshirt with work out pants that have stripes going down the side. things quieted down since then along this trail. ♪
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there's a growing one of a kind extreme adventure that has people raving. it's called drive a tank. and that's exactly what you need to go. customers can not only drive a military tank but also crush a car and even fire off some military grade weapons. >> reporter: meet larry. a 120,000-pound battle tank. here you can drive it and crush almost anything you want. >> it's a drive a tank world headquarters in minnesota. >> don't ya know!
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>> reporter: they own seven tanks, and for $500 a pop, people get the ride of their life. >> we imported them in pairs. two, and then 2 two more. we had an investment banker from saudi arabia stop by of one from india, china. >> reporter: these are all 60 to $80,000 a pop. you can't buy american tanks >> you gotta be a thinker. it's not like anybody can go out and buy them and make them run. >> reporter: and you've got to take a safety class before getting behind the wheel. >> you're here to drive tavengs and -- tanks and shoot some guns. any questions? >> drive a tank army! we can get it together ! >> reporter: meet rick, driving instructor. of sorts. >> oh, yeah! >> it felt like a real life-sized gi joe. >> reporter: what do you get for the man who has everything?
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: don't even think of trying to shoot it. these guns won't fire. >> disneyland for an army retiree. >> women love to be in charge, have power. a tank is about as cool as it gets. >> we had one gal that came in a camel skirt and flip flops. >> reporter: and at the end of the day, you get to do this. [ gunfire ] [ gunfire ] [ cheering and applause ] it's going to continue to get colder for the overnight hours. temperatures in the 30s in a number of places 6734 in fairfield -- 36 in novato. 36 in half moon. 39 in napa, and 36 in santa rosa. we're seeing reduced visibilities in santa rosa. fog expected overnight in the forth bay.
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and it looks like it's going to be freezing fog. you need to be careful on the north sea and napa tomorrow. that means instead of seeing that cloud of fog, you're going to have ice crystals forming on contact with your windshield. 29 in napa, 32 in santa rosa overnight, 30 in fairfield. these temperatures will be the air temperatures. the ground temperature can vary from that. so if if we see temperatures get down overnight a couple diagnose below 32, that's when freezing fog becomes more likely. 38 in san jose, 36 in los gasos. it'll rebound nicely into the afternoon. 61 in oakland, 62 in san jose. 63 in morgan hill. 62 in liver more more
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>> a quick hook at our satellite and radar picture. an air of high pressure well to the north. it's been like this over the past several days. but a breakthrough looking likely with the blocking pattern. we're going to see similar conditions over the next couple days with the blocking pattern still in place. then a breakthrough sunday into monday. going to see definitely chowd cover and cooler temperatures, possibly light rain, and also another chance of rain into wednesday. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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winchester makes it 4-2, san jose. and finally, tory mitchell turns on the red light. score three times in the period. 5-2. albert pujols, 11-year run in st. louis. officially over. pujols signs with the la angels, a ten-year deal, the third richest contract in major league history. he's rumored to be headed to the marlins earlier in the week. but the angels stepped in at the 11th hour to get this incredible offer. he will be 41 when the deal expires. another man headed to the angels is cj wilson, returning home so to speak. the angels paid him $77.5 million to play there. he had a 16 and 7 record
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with a 2.94 era. arty moreno paid 100 and 8 million for the entire franchise some years ago. the hornets -- a group of owners protested the deal, and had commissioner stern step in and veto it. of the warriors not getting their man. they were hot for tyson chandler. willing to give him some $60 million over the next four years, but chandler has o instead for new york city, and a chance to team up with carmelo anthony. daren mcfaden's food injury that has sidelined him for two months will likely keep him out again in sunday in green bay. than how they're going to stop aaron rogers. he is on pace for
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50 touchdowns this year, 5,000 passing yard, completed 70% of his passes. the packers are 12 and 0. they're 11 point favorites over the raiders. >> he's a tremendous football player. it's a good team we're playing. again, that's the national football league. they're playing with a lot of confidence. i think they play together. i think there's a tremendous trust. offensively, defensively, and special teams. a little thursday night football action. ben roethlisberger and the steelers hosting the browns. check owz his -- check out his left achgel. he said -- ankle. he said he thought it was broken. but he returns and ices the game on the 79-yard tchtd. look at -- touchdown. look at this move hear. [ laughter ] >> heads outside, and scores the touchdown. steelers win 14-3. and how the half game lead over the ravens. one little note, andrew luck has won the walter camp award which is
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given to the nation's best college football player. saturday is the heisman, and that's the one he wanted. >> i know, i know. and he should get it. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, save big on holiday gifts this friday and saturday! get in at 6am saturday for giftbusters like 60% off the warmest family coats. 70% off stunning gold jewelry. 60% off the coolest hoodies. and 19.99 boots for juniors. plus with jcpcash get 10, 15 or $20 off storewide. no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! go to to see everything on sale. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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