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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the one-year-old victim caught in a gun battle taken off of life support. new, we head back to the neighborhood where 7 people were shot to find out if more police officers are on patrol. a bay area teacher arrested, accused of having sex with a student. and check out a rare sight in the sky over the bay area. and special access inside an army camp in iraq as troops begin returning home from war. we are showingout is left behind and how the troops once
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called this place home. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. the one-year-old toddler who was shot in the head last week has died. you are looking at a picture of hiram lawrence. he was shot on november 28 while he was in his father's arms. happened after the film of a video. there was a dispute between hiram lawrence's family and the hospital regarding his care. he suffered brain damage and today had life support removed. kron 4's da lin went back to the neighborhood to find out if police stepped up patrols there. >> reporter: police worry the death of hiram lawrence could set off shootings in the neighborhood. there have been talks of street justice. >> i don't want nobody else to go through what i am going through. this stating, it -- this
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shooting needs to end. >> reporter: despite her plead for peace, oakland police aren't taking any chances. they are stepping up patrols in parts of west oakland. >> officer every three blocked looking. and i mean, continuously. considering how many they have out on a regular basis, it's a lot more. >> police are focusing in this area. investigators say that's because the november 28 shooting stems from a long running dispute between members of two gangs, living in two public housing. >> officers were active friday night. they detained one person. not far away police stopped someone else. police were on the move in the
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short time i was here. they say they hoped the police presence will prevent more tragic shootings like that of hiram lawrence. da lin, kron 4 news. the investigation into the shooting that killed hiram lawrence and left sex others injured continues. lease are using this surveillance video to help them. five people have been detained so far as possible suspects and they are held on unrelated charges tonight. so far no arrests have been made. in response to the violence in oakland, leaders staged a peace walk. 100 people walked, as you see here. they were joined by the police chief and other police officers. they all stressed community involvement and working with police as a positive step towards stopping the violence. another big story we are
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following tonight. a clayton middle school teacher confessed to having a sexual relationship with a student. as kron 4's kate thompson reports, he was arrested today. teacher at diablo view middle school, andrew bruce cottrell was taken away from school in handcuffs and confessed to the charges. six counts of intercourse with a minor. two counts of a lewd act. when she received the message from the school alerting her, she felt ill. >> it's -- i feel nauseous after hearing the news. but it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: the relationship was going on for a year. police searched his classroom and home and believed the student is his only victim. >> reporter: his bail was set at $1 million.
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reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. we are happily heading into the weekend and we will have a cold start tomorrow. [ talking at the same time ] >> another one. been very cold. you noticed it. we had freezing fog last night as we told you about in santa rosa and possible we will see it again. already seeing reduced visibilities. we could see more areas of fog. the only place we could have freezing fog is santa rosa or napa. current conditions right now, cold, temperatures in the 30s. 39 novato. 36 fairfield. 39 livermore. it will get colder overnight. clear skies tomorrow. high clouds but mostly sunny. cold in the morning. in the 30s. we will see a couple 20s out there near fairfield. areas of fog, possible freezing
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fog in those two areas. in the afternoon cooler than today, upper 50s. we have big changes sunday, rain possibly on the way. i will have details coming up. details about that black friday shooting at walmart. police have now arrested a third suspect. officers say this man was the driver during the attempted robbery and shooting at that walmart. his mother turned him in. two other men are already in custody. they are accused of trying trying to rob a man and shooting him in the neck. in san francisco frustration is going with the lucky supermarket chain as new cases of identity theft continue to come in. thieves scammed numbers and banking information from store
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credit card stanners. it was uncovered during a cleaning of one of those machines. dozens of stores had readers that was tampered with. many customers say lucky isn't doing enough to help them or fix the problem. new, rare access, we are taking you inside an army camp in iraq. now a ghost town as troops return home. and tomorrow morning, what time you will be able to see a full lunar eclipse in the bay area. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, save big on holiday gifts this friday and saturday! get in at 6am saturday for giftbusters
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that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. attention early risers and people willing to set an alarm on saturday. we will have great views of a total lunar eclipse. according to nasa the red shadow you see here will creep
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on to the moon around 4:45 a.m. it will be a total lunar eclipse by 6:05 and lasts till 7:00 a.m. this is the second one this year. the moon is in the earth's darkest shadow and it appears red. the further west you are the better you will see it and the skies should be pretty clear and there won't be another lunar eclipse for three years so check it out. if i want a great view, head over to oakland -- if you want a great view head over to oakland. grant lodes, kron 4 news. a sea of red suits makes its way through san francisco tomorrow. it started in 1994. they kickoff at 12:30 and then it spreads across the city from
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at the peak of the iraq war the united states had more than 500 bases there. now there are fewer than a handful. as the draw down of forces continues, this once sprawling city lie empty. martin savage has a look inside the camp on one military base that is fading fast. >> reporter: these days it looks like a truck stop. where convoys carry away the war. >> bringing cargo due to the draw down. >> its days are numbered. and it shows. a ghost camp. check points sit abandon. sand bags slowly return to the desert. the housing trailer sits silent. something still does sit there,
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a rabbit. someone's pet. nobody gets left behind but bunnies do. 14,000 troops once lived here. the last hot meal served before thanksgiving. laundry service ends today. >> so this is interesting. a substantial battle first aid kit. you got your air way trauma kit here. tourniquet. splints. it's abandon here. you can take whatever you need. by the emergency sign. >> this closed down a month ago. over here, used to be the barbershop. >> reporter: there is less and less to do. satellite tv and internet are all gone.
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fast food just an afterthought. what is left will be handed over to the iraqis or the dumpster. if you need a fridge, office chairs. satellite dish. it's like they should have had a good garage sale. we found the doctor still in. >> emergency room back home. someone gets injured or sick, they come here. >> reporter: they will stay till the very end. but other are leaving every day. as more and more the war is becoming just a memory. cnn, iraq. temperatures continue to fall tonight. look at fairfield 39. 39 santa rosa. it will get colder from here. let's look at the morning temperatures tomorrow. 32 freezing in livermore.
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35 concord. 27 fairfield. below freezing in napa and freezing in santa rosa. we could see brief periods of freezing fog in these two locations like we have. cold long the coast. 36 redwood city. 39 san jose. temperatures rebounding into the afternoon, 50s and 60s. cooler than today, a fewer 60s. redwood city, mountain view 60s. otherwise 50s for the east bay shore, inland valley. 56 san francisco. 58 richmond. we have been seeing high pressure dominate our forecast. sending the storm track to the north. you can see tonight it's starting to break down. we have a storm on the way for sunday. look on future cast here. updated version of the rain. bringing rain in by 7:00 to the coast line.
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10:00, light showers through most of the bay area. continuing through the noon hour, 1:00, rain in the north bay and spotty showers as it rotates down to the south. extended forecast, tomorrow much of the same. sunday change is coming. cooler temperatures and that chance of rain. monday and tuesday dry. rain wednesday. we will keep you mosted. mario lopez getting into the undergarment business. his new line is called raided "m." it claims he transformed classic men's underwear style of briefs. you can check them out if you like. it's available at >> next, warriors' stephen curry talks about the first practice of the year and the
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welcome back. nba up top. warriors first pract of the season a note worthy lead. been a while since we saw players on the court. stephen curry happing the ball. makes the layup. first time they only have 16 days together before they play their first game of the season on christmas night in oakland against the clippers. here is curry on coach jackson's first practice. >> flowed very nicely. drill to drill. and he even did a possession, sliding helping, talking. he didn't move as fast as he used to. he is just passionate about
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what he is doing. >> not at practice was charlie bell. instead he was in court in michigan. his home town. a day after showing up to his dui hearing drunk. bell was drunk for his dui hearing. he will join the warriors tomorrow for practice. jeremy lin, fan favorite waved today. he was the local boy made good. he led the high school to the state title. waved today by the warriors. didn't get much playing time but made a splash in the nba's developmental league. he is a long shot to latch on with another team. the a's traded one of their best players today. trevor cahill. he just signed a $30 million deal in april. but too much money for the a's
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who make a habit of finding home grown talent but then trading it away when they start to become really good and expensive. the giants, no doubt, not happy that cahill headed to the division. darren mcfadden's foot isn't healed, he is out sunday in green bay. and this man, richard seymour fined $30,000 for this blow, number 92, pushes him in the head. didn't look like much but the commissioner, roger goodel head up with him, fine up to $60,000 this year. colt mccoy is going to get hit here as willis first is out this week. look at mccoy getting hit by the steelers. he has a concussion and didn't know it.
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the coaches let him back in. but he couldn't remember anything. including throwing this crucial interception late in the game. his father is upset they put him back in. mccoy doesn't remember anything. andrew luck is expected to go number one in the draft next week. fun to see andrew luck in a colt's jersey. that is johnny united. he won the johnny unitas award for the top senior and that's what he would look like should he be drafted by the colts. in the heisman trophy proejected tomorrow, griffon will probably win it. they polled voters and he has the most voters. andrew luck likely to come in second for the second year a row. pga shot of the day. in florida. nike price's shot on 16 from
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