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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  December 11, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PST

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in of the federal reserve as well. fifth campers come back, they will be moved out. if they have the right to do a standard protest outside, but the moment police see sleeping bags or anything like that they will be moved out. offs things ending after a couple of months of occupy cambers at the federal reserve building. >>marty: have you seen any sign of occupy protesters coming back to check out the area? >>craig: not at all. police tell me if someone came back to take up positions, but as you can see, the sidewalk
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is empty. offs nothing but joggers and passerby's. >>marty: occupy protesters gathered at union square on saturday with several minority groups joining forces to call attention to human rights violations around the world. they say that thousands go without food and shelter every day. >>ysabel: across the bay in oakland, occupy protesters are gearing up for a planned port shut down tomorrow off the face opposition from some of their own supporters. fifth
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>>ysabel: here is a rundown of activities, at 5:30 a.m., protesters will march from the west oakland bart station to the port of oakland. at 3:00 p.m., a rally at frank ogawa plaza. then, there is a last march to the port at 5:00 p.m.. we have a video from last month when protesters first disrupted operations at the port. the action is needed to show solidarity with an ongoing labor dispute, but they keep the port open campaign has also developed. long gone to for continuing coverage. you can also
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leave your comments on facebook for twitter. >>marty: another beautiful start today in the bay area. some white clouds, nothing serious, but that may change. >>ysabel: it looks cold and crisp, the skies are blue. >>janu: it may not stay that way for long. the clouds are rolling in. cloud cover has trapped in some heat from yesterday but we could see half of sprinkles. future cast 4 is showing that the rain for the most part will stay offshore. we could get some pop up sprinkles carry for the most part it should stay offshore. temperatures right now are in the low 40's. the highs today will be really chilly. the cloud
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cover will not let the sun warms up today. janu >> in your 7 day around the bay shows a chance of landing cycles and a dry start on tuesday. lots of clouds wednesday in light rain thursday, mostly sunny as we head into the weekend. >>marty: investigators in san francisco are looking into the cause of a fire at a public housing building that sent seven people to the hospital. the building houses seniors and those with disabilities in was limited to just one unit on the fifth floor but smoke- filled hallways which prevented residents from getting out safely. from there were two men and seriously burned. five some
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residents claim that smoke alarms were not working even though the first group of firefighters said they did hear alarms. >> we did not hear any alarms. >> that is the second fire we have had since january. the other fire was on the 11th floor. >>ysabel: we will show you what happened after an elderly man took his foot off the break. also, we are going to take a live look
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from walnut creek for. we will have a story on the protests going on and russia and the latest on the weather forecast and
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>>ysabel: we are back with this information, at least three people are dead following a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit southern mexico. the shaking began around 7:30 p.m. last night. it could be felt from mexico city to of acapulco. there are no reports of major of widespread damage but several roads were blocked in multiple areas. >>marty: their russian president is now responding to the claims of a vote
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fraud. he says he has launched a formal investigation into those allegations. eight many residents believe there was a vote fraud in favor of the party for vladimir putin. no telling if there were have a revolt. xi yesterday morning, a truck slammed through a store. no one was injured. >> it was a little scary. i have been doing this for 35 years and i have not seen anyone do that before. happened so quickly. thank goodness there was no one in the front lobby. we were very lucky that no one was hurt. if it was another time of day, it would have been a different story. >>marty: the truck travel
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the length of the store before coming for a stop near the starbucks counter. the driver was 80 years old, his foot slipped off of the break and hit the accelerator. >>marty: republicans are going head-to-head in iowa just one month before the state's caucus. >>marty: here is a live look outside. we're back with weather and much more news.
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>>marty: here is a live look outside from mt. tam. you can see the taller sasser in the distance. cloudy skies as well. >>ysabel: i am just glad that we can see. we are not
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covered and overcast clouds. janu ross as a full check of other. janu >> here is a live look from golden gate bridge. those guys in hardcover. fairly cloudy conditions and patchy fog. we could see some of up spring of. mild temperatures on top of the opponent. rain offshore with pops wrinkles --sprinkles. janu >> we have had a warm start to the morning will recall. 34 in nevada. 49 in mountain
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view. the cloud cover will hinder the warm. pretty mild temperatures only getting to 54. mid-50s for oakland. 53 expected in santa rosa. fifth financial on your extended forecast esurance bundles today if and into tomorrow and dry by tuesday. a leather round of light rain by thursday fat even
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leave the top non that there a woman ever ready use ithome you'll even dados many of whenas if not all known ghosted yacht had cereal and oranges talal and
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i naivety those idle on the day those novels set baba >>da: baba get than normal
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again laguarta road. then
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you for joining for starters, what does the title of your book mean? volvo of law is a miscommunication. since it halted san this seeing that would have been of otterbein but this to read to gutting in a bar in san antonio, texas. the court's stinging them of a were drawn on the napkins. first
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they said, what would happen if we made an airline that can make it the three major cities. southwest airlines is the most profitable airline in his to v and started on the back of a napkin. >>henry: the three components of block block block are what? the way to communicate. >> here is what i recommend
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we do. we talk about the fact that awards are not helping. we want to talk less and draw more. vivid stands for a visual, from verbal, and independent thinking seriously talk and draw at the same time. so we can make any idea >>henry: i cannot draw. chef >> can you draw a circle or square question marks if you can, you can draw anything you need to. if we're not talk about drawing polite leonardo zif. >>henry: his latest book is called blah blah blah, the predecessor of is called the
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battle last year. these are i opening, in the literal sense. we are going to take a break, it is going to be very interesting. off 1/5
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>>ysabel: early this morning, police are at the encampment outside of the federal reserve building, that is why we off--that is where we find craig skalar. >>craig: there are more policemen and anything else. you can see the sidewalk in front of the reserve is open for the first time in months
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as they cleared everyone out fat for a.m.. 55 arrests. the arrests went quietly. here are pictures from early this morning. phillies say there were not any incident or problems. police say that if people want to camp here again, that is not likely to happen. if they see so much as a tent or sleeping bag, they will be moved out. no one is allowed to camped here. off >> the police department will maintain a presence all day and all life at justin herman father. it is indefinite fury f we will see what happens then. things went smoothly. there were a number of arrests. there were certain additional charges, some officers were arrested on. with the appropriate action. >> right there you can see if you protesters have come back. they are here to
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protest during the day. they have not tried to set of kampf. there they are, just a handful. the police safe it is certainly a first amendment right to come out here and do this if they want to, but they cannot camped out. the police say they will be here through the day and night. the federal reserve is an encampment no more. it does not look like it will be any time soon. >>ysabel: 55 people were arrested and one woman off leaving the police station said that she would be back. i do not know that they have quite given up yet. >> these folks are back already in the morning hours. we will find out whether or not they will have more people out here and hopefully we will hear from some of them at 9:00 a.m. siri if >>marty: in oakland, protesters are gearing up for a planned shutdown, they
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were handing out fliers and trying to drum up support. no word on what the city sees trying to do. let's take a look at the run downfall scheduled for occupy oakland tomorrow. at 5:30 a.m., demonstrators will start of the west oakland bart station and marched to the for oakland. at 3:00 a.m., there is a rally. janu >> we are expecting to see some pop up sprinkled today. this is the view from the mt. tam cam here did we have
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cloud cover and it is a breezy. it is a much warmer start than yesterday's. 41 in santa rosa, 36 in nevada which is the coldest spot on the maps. 47 in san jose, 42 in oakland and 40 and concord. the afternoon highs will be pretty mild only getting to about 54. 52 expected in half moon bay. 54 in los gatos as well as the morgan hill. in the north bay, mid-50s for novato. the satellite and radar is showing an increase in cloud cover that could bring pop of sprinkles. for the most part it should stay of store. ec grain offshore indicating light rain but we are going to see some light sprinkled throughout the day and into the afternoon in the east bay and south bay and into the evening. this
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is your extended forecast showing as sprinkles today into tomorrow but it should be clear on tuesday. another round of light rain on thursday carried a 30 4:00 a.m., let's head over to isabelle. >>ysabel: questions surrounding a fire at a public housing building for seniors and people with disabilities. seven people were injured and more than 100 displaced by the fire. da lin reports that some tenants say they did not hear the smoke alarms. >>da: a nerve wracking evacuation force elderly tenants to escape thick smoke and flames using long latter's return to the fifth floor. the fire broke out around 5:20 p.m. curious the tenants are seniors and people with disabilities. firefighters said the fire was lit will fill one hit,
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fifth floor free aha >> i am left to be here right now. very glad all. >> says she is an inferior to the hon. a battalion chief tells me it the fire appears accidental. >> something told me to look out of the window. it was a big fire crew of went to the back and flames coming out of the window cows and authority official critics have said >>da: some of them all loyal people in the community are now homeless. about one of the people live in as the building, many of them have returned home. some will not
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be allowed to go back because their homes sustained heavy smoke and water damage. after >>ysabel: office there is no word on any injuries. >>marty: a drive-by shooting in oakland killed a father of three while it was living in his bed. now, police are saying it was not a random shooting. nine shots rang out at 3:30 a.m. on 28th street. if the victim was a cambodian immigrant who survived genocide in his own country before moving to america. police did not give details on who was targeted or why. there have been no arrests just yet. this is the city's 99th homicide.
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>>ysabel: still to come, second place for a second year in wrote for andrew lot from stanford. here is a live look outside from san francisco. a very pretty picture. most of the skies. >>marty: the countdown to to of of of an kron4 new year's live is under way. this is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. the only local countdown show hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. a spectacular fireworks show and takes you to the best and biggest parties around. happens new year's eve beginning at 11:30 p.m.. the
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game once call penalties and suspensions are why >>marty: robert griffin the third from baylor is the new heisman trophy award winner. andrew lloyd finish and of voting for a seven year in a row. he led the way go texas school to the best record in 25 years. last night, he praised his coach and teammates. >> our code says great things only come with great effort. we have certainly worked for this. for my teammates, thank you. as we say, the hotter the he, a hot of the steel. no pressure, no dominance. if one we compete, we win. we are baylor.
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>> he is the first winner ever from baylor. >>marty: >>ysabel: still to come, more on the republican debate. it was gingrich verses from the. x >> overcast skies and rain on the way. we will have your forecast coming up.
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>>marty: let's take a live look outside. this time in the sierra. a live look from heavenly ski resort. >>ysabel: it looks cool. let's check in with the janu arasu. >>janu: satellite and radar is showing increasing cloud cover headed our way. we could if actually see some light sprinkles. for the most part it should remain offshore. throughout the day we could see some light pop
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up sprinkles. temperatures are going to be pretty mild. low 50s in the south bay as well as the through fremont, antioch and livermore. 52 expected in half moon bay. but we had to the north bay, similar to a number of air. coughlin 54 expected in fairfield. let's take a look at the extended forecast. whenever sprinkles the ec could last through tomorrow. we should be drive by tuesday furious cloudy wednesday and another round of light rain expected for thursday and then mainly sunny as we head into the next weekend. a 40 7:00 a.m. if. the >>ysabel: in decision 2012 we are taking a look at the gop presidents as they take to the state's denial of year is less than one month until the caucuses in that state. the candidates confirmed their commitment
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to lowering taxes and creating jobs although fewer business regulations. newt gingrich and mitt romney came out swinging at each other trying to make their opponent in one of the washington insiders. >> let's be candid, the only reason he did not become a career politician is because he lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. fog >> i am a citizen, i have served the country in many ways as you have. you would have been a 17 career it's- just 17 year career politician if you had one. >>ysabel: the candidates were split on social security payroll tax cuts.
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michelle bachman, rick. and rick santorum opposed the measure. everyone else favored it. >>marty: for bicycles are at the top of a christmas list for many kids but many times a bike is too expensive. as craig skalar shows us, a group of volunteers are making sure that christmas wishes come true. the >> they come in as the boxes and go out as bikes. 2400 of them assembled at the center is a convention center by volunteers. different sizes for all ages. >> at a moderately xi the device is he in all of those hon >> i appreciate the opportunity to help out the community. you cannot get a more awesome charity giving blacks the kids.
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>> it is the number one most requested a gift that we get. it is freedom, wind in your hair and self- reliance. fleabite makes a difference to a kid. >> they have been doing this for seven years now paid for by donations from corporate sponsors. >> i am glad we were able to do that. >> it is a perfect match. a bike and a kid. a kid and a bike. >> she forgot to mention it is also great exercise. >>marty: we talked about all of the high-tech toys, but a bike is a great gift. >>ysabel: to not forget the moment. >>henry: the brand new show- just the brand new sherlock holmes still with robert downey is opening. we're going to reflect on sherlock holmes with an expert who
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helped write several books about him. we will tell you about a coming up.
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>>henry: lee have miss sherlock holmes but he has been around for quite a bit. robert downey jr. made a film in 2009 called sherlock holmes. now, this week a new film featuring robert downey jr. sits is coming out. how does this sherlock holmes stack up with a real sherlock holmes? this is one of the experts on if sherlock holmes. she wrote an entire series of books about sherlock holmes and his companion mary russell. thank you for joining us. >> how are you going to object to the idea on if
8:55 am
there is a sherlock holmes. that amount obviously there is. carbamide le a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a uh uh uh uh a unassigned hall health >>stanley: blah or sell a genial, and this is interesting, this of this is a martial arts. we always think sherlock holmes is those a little, but it is actually more than that. >> it is interesting to come to the stories themselves and look at them and say, who is this your third? the studies and a red suit. >> it is an obscure martial
8:56 am
arts. he also studies is singlestick and boxing. you think of him as being physically and he certainly was. >>henry: in some ways the movie could be closer to true sherlock holmes. >> the version that they are showing on the bbc is interesting. i think it is a good part trail. very modern. the movie is coming
8:57 am
out next week. the book is called a steady hand sherlock. would they have done is, they have gone on data for lot of letters to the short story is a talk show of home. this is going to be an outstanding volume. by the way, this is a lot homes. >>henry: when we come back, one of some marvelous musical hopes an ounce, and various
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>>marty: russia is having protest, we will tell you what happened with that. we will also have the latest on the earthquake in mexico. >>henry: >>ysabel: let's go outside to see what the weather is shaping up to be. in san francisco, the clouds are clearing. >>marty: that is an interesting view. we are expecting a change in the weather. james--janu is here to tell us about it. janu
9:01 am
>> here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. there is cloud cover. the camera is shaking as well. the cloud cover did help to keep things warmer. nobody in this advertisement san jose at 47. oakland is up 42. the afternoon highs today will be mild. 52 in half moon bay, 54 in redwood city. 56 around you, 652 in antaeus. 60s in oakland as well as in nevada. 53 in santa rosa, 52 for san rafael. 53 expected in concord. satellites and radar is showing an increase in cloud cover flying in towards the bay area and we could see some white sprinkles today. for the most part it should stay off shore. we could see some
9:02 am
light source close today, nothing too much to worry about. the extended forecast is showing light sprinkle today into tomorrow. it looks like we'll have a dry start to tuesday evening with clouds on wednesday and another round of a light rain on thursday. >>marty: craig skalar is joining us live with what things look like now. we're starting to see a police presence and more occupy protests this year if fred >> the of waffling here is is empty. this is where tents were for the last of all of months. fleet concede the police on the left, they will be here all day and all nine to keep occupiers like these people from setting up camp. they are not permitted to. here are
9:03 am
pictures from earlier this morning. about 55 people arrested. there were some tense moments that there was no violence. the people here who are the occupy protesters say just because they have been moved out does not mean they will not come back again carry a >> we are still falling to camp! we should not have to ask permission to sleep in a public space-bar if the last time i checked, a public space was for anyone to use 50th i will sleep wherever i choose to. damn the police. we're going to stay as peaceful as we always have a theory half >> one person said there will be meeting around noon to decide what they are going to really do. it is
9:04 am
unclear whether or not that young man speaks for everyone for whether or not it will actually do something different. for now, you concede the sidewalk in front of the reserve is cleary as the felice all of this list if protesters from maine at this point fury if fast-a handful of protesters remained right now. off >>marty: for any of the people that are there now arrested this morning? when >>craig: when the people i spoke to said they were rounded up and that their possessions were taken but they have not gotten them back. no violence or rough stuff. they said they just were not pleased at the fact that it happened although they are not surprised. >> several minority groups
9:05 am
joined with occupy protesters falling before- just calling attention to human rights violations. they say thousands of people without shelter and food every day. police also kept an eye on demonstrators as occupy members to return to bare just days after authorities cleared the encampment in to clean up the area >>ysabel: here are protesters at frank ogawa plaza holding out fliers to drum up support for monday's demonstration and a part of an effort to close down all westport--west coast ports. some demonstrators think that targeting the port is the wrong target. they argue that protesters are hurting of working people. one union leader suggested the occupy a country club instead. here is a rundown of activities.
9:06 am
>>ysabel: here is a video from last month. occupy organizers say that the action is needed to show solidarity with an ongoing labor dispute. a key support open campaign has also developed. the >>ysabel: made sure to stay tuned for kron4 for the latest information. you can also leader, on facebook in it twitter. >>marty: a building in the city's tenderloin district houses seniors and those with disabilities qr. there was a fire last night
9:07 am
limited to one unit on the fifth floor, but smoke- filled the roadways that prevented residents from getting out safely live there or to amend is seriously burned in the fire. there are five tenants treated for minor injuries. the smoke alarms were not working according to some of the tenants although firefighters said they did hear the alarms. >> something told me to look out the window and there was a big fire. i looked out the back and there were flames. the >> that is the second fire we have had since january. the other fighter was on the 11th floor. >> just after 9:03 p.m. fire crews or sent to israel on fire in san francisco at 24 and utah. officials say that three buildings were burned. firefighters were performing hudson letter this use. >>ysabel: still to come, a
9:08 am
powerful earthquake hit mexico causing deaths. >>marty: here is a live look outside. hazy skies. we will be right back. how
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>> coming in from mexico, a thick hide how how how how and mexico. hah it could be felt from mexico city to all local. one person was killed when rock fell under a vehicle. there are no records of any widespread >>marty: here is a is look at yesterday's rally with thousands and even or out demonstrators are demanding
9:12 am
a change in politics. if fan the door, more details coming up. >>marty: being fattened osama bin-laden
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>>marty: increasing clouds. janu >> , a little bit of morning haze from our camera and a walnut creek. partly cloudy, patty and foggy conditions. we are expecting pop up sprinkel said. cool
9:16 am
temperatures expected into the afternoon. the satellite and radar will show us the increase in cloud cover. you can also see some sprinkles but it looks like most of the shower activity should remain offshore today. throughout the day we will see offshore activity and some, a white screen goes into the afternoon and evening. we are also expecting mild temperatures. 54 in redwood city. low 50s finn the south bay. 52 expected in antioch. >>janu: here is a look at your extended forecast. she might shine falsehood in the south face. it will be dry by tuesday. partly cloudy conditions of for all half
9:17 am
>>ysabel: it is going to be and especially difficult and cold when our solo the summer residence. congress is considering slicing more than 1 billion from the low income home energy assistance program. in response, several northeast states are reducing benefits to families. many poor and elderly on fixed incomes struggle with heating bills that could run into thousands of dollars forcing them to cut back on other necessities for flight food. >>marty: terrifying new video of that shooting spree in hollywood. a bystander shot this video as a gunman opened fire on friday. the suspect was later shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. the man who taped the shooting fifth was talking to the gunman, trying to distract him. fifth gop presidential hopefuls to to the stage
9:18 am
last night in iowa. it is now less than one month to the caucuses in that state. all six candidates confirmed their commitment to lowering taxes and creating jobs but with your business regulations. michelle bachman came out swinging, distancing herself from new gingrich and mitt romney. >> if you look at newt romney, they were for the illegal immigration problem. they were for the $700 billion $qr gulf in favor of the payroll extensions. michelle bachman is to prevent conservative. >> mitt romney has stayed at or near the top of the gop polls for several months and has more money or often as it appeared did gingrich. it's not planned through a
9:19 am
vallejo safeway store on robust way. saudi of us were destroyed. the driver apparently. >> it was a little scary. i have been doing this for 35 years and i have never seen anyone do that before. at that moment there was no one in the front lobby., at another time of day, it could've been a different story. >>marty: distorts the dow shelves before coming to a stop near the starbucks. the driver was 80 years old. his foot slipped off a break in to the exiled writer. he was not hurt. police have not said if he would be cited.
9:20 am
>>marty: nurses say they are unhappy with pitching concerns and health care, of courage. it about as thousands are expected to strike. etc spokesperson says the hospital chain is already getting in contact with replacement nurses. tests >>ysabel: coming up, gabe slate has the story on a high-tech feet added bay area grocers store. >>henry: coming up, the sounds of the season.
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>>henry: if you look of the word sublime and the dictionary, you will find a
9:24 am
picture of these guys. they are a local music group, an ensemble of 12-13. they thing entirely of a cappella. there are no instruments. they have created a truly unique sound. there's probably no other ensemble in the u.s. that quite covers of this range that is all male, a cappella and the type of lipitor that they have. they are doing a holiday concert, it started last night. with us, we have of the music director to talk a little bit about them. how is a former singer and now in the interim director.
9:25 am
>> we are 12 men voice parts from base through soprano. we have adult males singing cantor tenor with either also or soprano. it is a rather unique in the united states. these guys sitting in falsetto and do it with quite a bit of success. >>henry: the the sound of a countertenor is striking. it is not like a boy's or woman's. it is a unique sound and you have some fabulous soloist. let's listen for a moment. >>henry: that is what i was waiting for. what a sound. >> how long has the group been in operation?
9:26 am
>> the group was founded in 1978 by with a native san francisco cop but did. >>henry: during the renaissance, commanded most of the singing including what we now think of as the male parts dissolved., some of the early albums are just amazingly recreating some of the truce sounds of that era. >> it is still a part of our mission, to recreate the music as a composer imagined it, with a small ensemble of mixed serious >> halachah car is added in the '80s with the is baba
9:27 am
minetta data set at out that >>marty: is still ahead, a very close call for a driver and his passenger balling a high-speed chase in the state. it >>ysabel: find out what happened after they crashed into a powerful. if half that
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>> not taking a look at a different era the federal reserve where they just moved out a lot of the occupy protesters for they are saying they are not down and out. they took a hit this morning that they have a valid to stay the course. or a.m., police moved in on the encampment, that is where we find craig skalar live off telling us the latest. >>craig: this stretch of sidewalk had been killed filled with campers from the occupy movement now cleared out as of 4:00 a.m.. the police are making sure they do not come back. earlier this morning, 55 people were arrested. it was a fairly calm situation. people are not have peace. they were
9:31 am
taken away and had wagons and arrested before being released. phillies safe that is the elite is. fish are following orders and the kings will stay the way they are. >> things went smoothly. there were a number of arrests. there are certain additional of charges. some officers were spat upon. fleets of the of reaction. >> we are still going to care of. we should not have to ask for permission to sleep in a public place. since the last time i checked, a public space was for anyone to use. >>craig: some of the members have returned. some of them are saying they might camped out, here they are right now with the police just across the way, making sure that no one says that. the police say they will be here indefinitely to make sure it does not happen. it will be
9:32 am
interesting to see if there is a confrontation. police say that they will move out any tents or sleeping bags. it looks like the days of the encampment in front of the federal reserve are over. >>ysabel: the people in oakland that were arrested, is people helping in paper costs of their citations, how are these people going to pay to those citations comedy know what the cost is? >> i am not clear on that. there are very determined to continue doing what they're doing. the person i spoke with, the young and i saw describes how the police came with flashlights and took his possessions, he never got them back again but they were not roughed up as far as he were concerned. there were treated differently but he is bound and determined to come back again.
9:33 am
>>marty: in oakland, protesters are gearing up for a planned port shutdown tomorrow. you can see them in this is video at frank ogawa plaza. they're handing out fliers and trying to drum up support. there is no were just get on with the city plans to reduce in response. leaders have been pleading with protestors to reconsider. here is a rundown on what is scheduled for occupy oakland tomorrow. several rallies and marches are planned. at 3:00 a.m. there will be a rally at frank ogawa plaza. if protesters will head back to the port at 4:00 p.m.. the last march is set to take place at 5:00 p.m.. >>ysabel: here is a live look outside this morning. a panoramic look at san
9:34 am
francisco. there is some cloud cover out there. >>janu: the answer is the clouds are coming in. the increase in cloud cover you can see here in mt. tam. the cloud cover is helping to keep things warmer this morning compared to yesterday's freezing temperatures. janu >> satellite and radar is showing increasing cloud cover headed our with. if we could see some pop up sprinkles but for the most part itches of the of forklift the afternoon highs will be mild. mid-50s in oakland for the 52 expected in half moon bay as low as anti off. 53 in livermore. the '50s for nevada. 53 in santa rosa and 54 in of
9:35 am
richmond. let's take a look at the extended forecast showing us a chance of a pop up sprinkle serious for each of the drive by tuesday with a partly cloudy and mild week in store. 9:34 a.m. of. this >>ysabel: 7 people were sent to the hospital after a fire broke out in a public housing for building. some residents claim that smoke alarms or not working even though the first group of firefighters said they did hear alarms. >> we did not hear any alarms. i looked out the window and there was a big fire. i looked out the back end of their more flames.
9:36 am
>> that is the second fire we have had since january. the other fire was on the 11th floor. softs >>mark: a drive-by shooting in oakland killed the father of three as he slept in his bed. police are saying it was not a random shooting. if nine shots rang out yesterday at 3:30 a.m. in the 1100 block of 28th street. if the victim was a cambodian immigrant who survived genocide before coming to america and grief police did not give further details about who was targeted in a life. there have been no arrests just yet. fill this marks the city's 99th homicide. suspect
9:37 am
>>ysabel: ct was chasing the driver of this and bmw to. they crashed into a power pole, knocking out power for thousands of residents. there were four suspects who fled the vehicle. at least one of them has been arrested. all of the residents now have power back on. >>marty: there is a new heisman trophy winner this morning. we will tell you who. cut >>marty: we will be right back. hawks earthquake co-
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>marty: roared a grip and the third is the 2011 heisman trophy winner. he beat out and drew blood from stanford who finished second in the voting for the second
9:41 am
year. fet led the way go texas school to the best record in 25 years. he is the first heisman winner ever from baylor. >>ysabel: an all out of basketball for all in ohio, a cincinnati and the xavier, if they got into a huge fight at the end of yesterday's game. faced started flying off into the game was called with nine seconds remaining. at least one as a player had a bloody i. the fight happened after some trash talks. penalties and suspensions are pending. >>marty: president obama added some presidential pressure for players in the annual army navy game. he took part in the coin toss. also attending the game of vice president week--bolt tightened along with his wife along with leon panetta. army beat navy 27- 21.
9:42 am
>>henry: sometimes it pays to be a tourist in your own backyard. we have some fabulous holiday celebration ideas from all over the bay area. you will enjoy these. they're coming up. qr >>marty: the countdown to 2012 is underweight. the kron4 new year's live, the only local countdown show, it is hosted by catherine heenan in gary radnich. it brings home spectacular fireworks and it takes you to the best and biggest parties around. if it all happens in new year's eve beginning at 11:30 p.m..
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9:45 am
>>marty: here is a live look outside on the sanity of course. hazy sky.
9:46 am
>>janu: cloud cover from the roof camera. we are starting morning with partly cloudy conditions and temperatures are warmer than yesterday. santa rosa is 10 degrees warmer than about 24 hours ago. 46 in san francisco 347 and los gatos and 48 in hayward. let's take a lap at satellite and radar. the increase in cloud cover is headed towards the bay area. we could see some light pop up sprinkles into the afternoon and evening. for the most part it should stay offshore. white sprinkles maybe even lasting into tomorrow. afternoon highs will be for the mildest get in the south bay, the low 50s. 52 expected in half moon bay. in the north bay, mid-50s for nevada. 53 expected for
9:47 am
santa rosa. let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay showing a chance of a pop-up sprinkles. things should be dried by we will have a partly cloudy weekend light rain on thursday. let's head over to henry. janu >> what are you doing for the holiday season. how about enjoying the bay area and some fabulous opportunities? we have a few ideas that may not sinful top of the line. joining us to cockatrices is cold basement your excuse heckscher of the concierge of lions of napa valley and sonoma. how it is lifted in a bunch of people who know this going on in the bay area. some
9:48 am
>> de los is a wonderful winery's. they are bios dynamic which is an unusual way to form. very slowly, more and more people are doing that. at christmas time they pull out a wonderful carriage to give you a carriage ride through the vineyards while you're sipping wine and learning about the wineries. >> you can search them online for more details on that. for the national palace museum >> it is an unknown, hidden secret credit wonderful treasure. they are on the veterans home property. they do wonderful season of things. they have a collection right now of
9:49 am
dreams of toyland serious it is absolutely extraordinary. they are vignettes set up with dolls, toys and paintings. for it is really extraordinary and well worth the time. >>henry: you have to go see the christmas display. >> every single building is covered with lights in their right now. >>henry: the blind boys of alabama are doing a show. this is my pick. finally coughlin
9:50 am
>> finally, the holiday bowl parade that takes place in the city, tell us about that serious >> it is a wonderful combination with the embarcadero furious flow of those are all decorated. it is a magnificent going along the water's hereafter f what just occurred to me, also in callus still tough we have a tractor for laid off. if you have never seen anything for you have seen a factor for rate e.f. >>henry: the web site for people to check out this information >> go to the concierge of all lands and on the web site there is phone information, e-mail information, feel free to call us. we would love to point the raiders since. >>ysabel: here is al gabe slate with more on westfield
9:51 am
center and of their high- tech don't. >>gabe: i am at the westfield shopping center. now through the end of the monday contest the greatest high tech college a light show for free. this year, the dome has been transformed into a winter wonderland visual spectacular but the music for the if fan adults love it and kids love it. it is amazing is and is free. the 3d light show is called eliminated under the dome. a magical animated story set in a toy maker's workshop. there is a cast of holiday characters. the characters are brought to life under the dome. for a local tech company is behind the state of the art surrounding
9:52 am
theater production system. xi have math out every inch of the inside of this don't to customize this 3 d animation production. this high-tech visual you will not see in any other public place in the company--in the country. this is really special. >> -eliminate under the dome runs from 6-8:30 p.m. nightly on the half-hour. >> in other news, giving away new-line streaming the media xbox is furious fifth of next year television into a frenzy the best entertainment. of over 300 channels featuring television shows, movies, music and more. it is hands down the best way to view
9:53 am
netflix and video on demand. it features games like angry birds a can play on your big screen. to enter to win, go to my facebook page and like me. scotts aha >> the only reason you did not become a career politician is because he lost to teddy kennedy in 1994 various >> you'll get another response.
9:54 am
>>caller: i looked and i thought, for i am a citizen. i have served the country in many ways, so have you come of it is a bit much. you would have been a 70 career politician by now if you had one. >>ysabel: he also said he wanted to be full of a player. he also headed out that new keyboard continues to work as a highly paid consultant. canada or split down the middle on legislation to extend a payroll tax to. romney, degree can run all favored it blah michelle bachman and rick santorum oppose the measure. >>marty: still ahead, one of the largest gingerbread houses on display, some signs of this season coming up. >>ysabel: here is a live look outside of san francisco. a little cloudy but clear, we will be back.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
>>marty: thousands of santa's helpers' took over the streets in san francisco grinning holiday cheer and color. yesterday was the annual santa of ants. families also have a chance to celebrate in this city. >>ysabel: one of the largest gingerbread houses ever created, it even had a room where children could write a letter to santa claus. >>marty: that is going to wrap things up for us. >>ysabel: we will see you back your 7:00 a.m. next
9:58 am
saturday. have a good day. >>henry: what do you guys do hon
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