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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 13, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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cuts are more than drastic. in hall support services. >>alejandra: that number is so large it will be tough to manage. they will try to appeal the cuts to keep clients independent. >> client cannot purchase food, they cannot clean and homes for themselves. in short order, and they become so unkempt and troubled and could be very hungry that they wind up in a nursing home and that is the last a sea of their apartment or
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independent living. cerball, kron4 news. >>catherine: kron4's bowed to students about proposed cuts to education. here is what they had his a. >> what we do? a famine in order to have a successful future, there should be importance put on education. >> school was only 4000 a year. now it is going up to $8,000. i do not have enough money to live. >> it is definitely not a good idea to raise fees for tuition. education is the most important thing. >>catherine: budget cuts are also hitting the department of justice. in coming months the of this will be forced to lay off 102 agents. it will also and its involvement in two-thirds of the state's drug and gang fighting task force. it is unclear how many programs
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will actually survive. the >>grant: a new poll released suggests that 60 percent of likely voters are on board with governor brown and his plan. he does have some backers overall however 36 percent oppose it. it would raise sales and income taxes on higher earners. 78 percent of democrats support the plan and 16 percent oppose it. republicans, 39 support and 54 percent oppose it. a small percentage says they are still undecided. >>jaqueline: 49 currently in
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san jose. we are seeing al little bit of cloud cover. as a 4 hour weather headlines, we have clouds but mostly cold and frost overnight. he may have woken up to eyes on your windshield, expect that again tomorrow morning. into the afternoon dry and mild with clouds increasing later in the evening as a storm approaches for thursday. >>catherine: the impact of yesterday at the port of oakland continues. the line of trucks trying to drop off cargo is a long birdie unusual because of the backlog created by the protest. maureen kelly has the latest numbers into the economic impact of the protests. >>maureen: the actual dollar amount for monday's protests
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is still totaling. the port of oakland makes 8.5 million a day in revenue, taxes and wages. hundreds of truck drivers have been affected in the they have a pretty good idea of what it cost them. >> $400-$500. >> it hurts me a lot. have a lot of bills. christmas is coming. the. maureen kelly- jens >>maureen: of some longshoremen were turned away or not hired or sis or cancelled. >> it is a bad time of year for the 99% to be suffering. >> delays caused by the demonstrations heard the companies that depend on these courts. not all of them are big corporations. >> there are thousands of businesses that shipped in
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and out of this port. >> it hurt us yesterday but hopefully there is a cause. hopefully it works out. >>catherine: oakland officials are still adding up the cost of police from last year. 1.5 million has already been spent in dealing with the occupy movement. >>catherine: said there is an upcoming hearing in sacramento for the use of force at the universities. the officials will be testifying, this was sparked by instances of pepper spring. the police, advisers and students will also be there. >> the kron4 news at 8:00 a.m. is just getting started. pg&e is taking a stand on his financially responsible for last year's
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five line explosion. that is coming up. >>charles: in the east bay, a chp said they support a call for a ban on testing and talking on itself phones while driving. we will have details coming up. >>catherine: been a major vote on the plan for the 49ers. jeff >> a new policy going into effect that will give drivers a break at a public parking meters. >>catherine: a major investigation leads to the creation of a specialized state crime unit and how the new division can connect you-just can't protect you from on-line crime.
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>>catherine: pg&e will take full financial responsibility for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. they said it will
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compensate victims of filed civil suits. that announcement comes as the company is getting ready for more hearings in more than 90 civil lawsuits filed against the utility. pg&e is hoping to settle the case is without going to trial. eight people were killed in the september 9th blast. today, kron4 spoke with the mayor about the announcement. >> i would like to commend them for saying that they are financially responsible for the incident. they're taking care of the people into the city. some people are speculating a legal ploy, i do not know anything about that. i just know that if there is a way we can make these people whole again sooner, that will help them. >>catherine: a trial date has been set for july.
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>>jaqueline: here is a look at our temperatures from today. a mild afternoon the changes in store. we have rain an hour forecast, the details are coming up.
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>>catherine: it is already against the law in california to use your cellphone without a handsfree device. the national transportation safety board wants to ban all cell phone is behind the wheel nationwide yibin to
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handsfree devices although it does allow devices that are already built into cars. officials say is sulfonium cars have always been a dangerous mix. >> this is becoming the new deal live. fit is becoming an epidemic. if we do not act now, how many lives will we lose a the next 30 years? i do not think that we can afford to wait thick soft >> congress would have to approve this band. charles crawford are reaction today from the chp. >>charles: back in 2008 california band talking in detecting while driving. at first, drivers seemed to get the message but several years later, complacency set in. >> highway patrol has issued
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over 150,000 citations. there is definitely a need for constant enforcement. there is a high level of complacency and people disregarding. some of them are just rolling the dice. >> it would definitely help with the general public. if you come on a collision scene and see the tragedy and carnage because someone simply was not paying attention, i think more people would understand why it is so dangerous. >>catherine: there is a new parking policy in oakland against drivers a break at the meter. just push explains how it works. jeff >> parking in some parts of
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oakland can be challenging. >> i came out, my ticket had expired and within 30 seconds, the woman wrote me up. jeff >> that is the same story told over and over. the committee passed a new policy to cut drivers some slight. >> if you get your car within five minutes of the time being up, you will not be given a ticket. >> that is great news for shoppers and merchants. >> giving them more time to shop around on the streets without worrying about getting in and out and worrying about tickets. >> it will hurt our bank account a little, but we can
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handle it. >> the program will be tested for six months. in oakland, jeff bush, kron4 news. >>grant: young professionals are flocking to the bay area. housing trends overall are changing according to a new report released on tuesday at the urban institute in san francisco. san francisco ranked third out of 51 cities as a place to invest in the developed properties. the silicon valley says those areas are not too far behind, even in those places, many people are still hesitant to purchase however leasing or renting commercial and residential property is gaining popularity. people point to the sand francisco's south of market area. the report stresses that housing preferences are changing. young professionals want to live
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near where they work. they want a 24 hour livable city model public transit. we have barged into muni along market street. the report says that generation y., young professionals these days are driving up the demand for apartments and driving up the transfer which makes investing in apartments a safe bet. thank >>jaqueline: here is a look at storm tracker 4 raider. it's a few clouds tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30's. here is a live
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look from the mt. tam cam shot from earlier this seconded. tenders this afternoon will be in the call to mild side. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, the warriors have a seven footer. the oakland a's have decided to stay put. all of that and more coming up later in the broadcast. the and then
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>>kimberlee: enhance your professional presence on line. you may want to rethink the word you are using to describe yourself. linkedin released a list of most overused words on the rise in may and some tips on what to do instead. they analyzed the profiles of its 135 million members. here is a list of the top five most frequently used buzzwords. creative, organizational, affective,
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extensive experience and the phrase track record. these additives have used so much that they have lost their meaning. there are a few recommendations from linkedin. instead of using those words or phrases, whenever possible give concrete examples of results you have achieved and reference attributes that are specific yourself. instead of describing yourself as creative or innovative, describe a situation when he did something differently and why that approach was successful. that will help you gain an edge in your job search. >>catherine: the countdown to the kron4 new year's live party is under way. it is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. i will be hosting along with gary radnich. we will have a spectacular fireworks and take you to the biggest and best party. it starts in new year's eve at 11:30 p.m..
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>>catherine: the state revenues have fallen more than $2 billion short of what was expected. pg&e is taking responsibility for last year's a pipeline explosion. eight people died and 38 homes were
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destroyed. the utility says that it will compensate people who have filed lawsuits. the announcement comes ahead of friday's court hearing. >>catherine: the national transportation safety board wants a nationwide ban on using your cell phone while driving except in our agencies. it would apply to handsfree devices as well as hand-held devices. it would not go against devices that are built into cars. a major role regarding plans for the 49ers and a stadium in santa clara is happening tonight. kay thompson is joining us live from the city council meeting. >>reporter: the meeting is going on right now. we are in the public comment period of time. if they have reviewed everything about the lawn into the contract. now the people who have packed the meeting are getting their chance to speak. we will show you some renderings of the new 49ers
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stadium. most people at the meeting tonight are in favor of the stadium. this building will bring a lot of money and a lot of jobs. what has been and continues to be a big point of contention is, if the 49ers are paying their fair share. bill lawn is $850 million. because of the stadium has ballooned to nearly $1 billion. >> it is a grossly one-sided deal designed to benefit the team and not the people. >>reporter: what the city council is doing tonight is approving this or not approving this to go to the stadium authority that will really be taking out this long and writing this stadium. from there, there are some more hurdles which could be the approval of the least, the approval of the
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final budget ended agreement on the public safety. >>catherine: new details tonight in the lucky identity theft crime. it is affecting shoppers across restores throughout the bay area. officials say there are now at least 1000 victims. the redwood credit union has reissued 4000 new debit cards. and he state organization called the identity theft council has received dozens of calls from potential victims. terisa estacio report saying experts are really just beginning to unravel this complicated crime. >> there are a couple of hundred victims and possibly tens of thousands of victims. >>reporter: he is a cyber crime expert with more than 30 years of experience and executive director of the identity theft council. a nonprofit support network
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for individuals whose personal information has been stolen as other recent cases affecting 24 lucky grocery stores throughout the bay area. >> this was well organized and well planned. this was not a street level plan. >>reporter: finding the individual cannot be easy. >> most of these crooks know the weaknesses of the cyber crime, they are good at hiding the data. many of these these are caught because someone on a lower- level slips. maybe the insider is exposed and hands over a contact, but if it is a tightly knit gang who are disciplined and have done this before, it is going to be very hard. they will now
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lead to many grants. >> there was no local jurisdiction that would investigate. >>catherine: the attorney general has announced the creation of a new electronic crime bureau. this is a table at the county crime lab that is piled high with counterfeit jewelry. this was a part of the $1.5 million worth of fake jewelry recently sold to buyers on ebay. >> noble called jurisdiction would investigate it because it was unclear who had jurisdiction. the call came into our office and through very diligent work in all the search warrants and interviews, we discovered 300 boxes of counterfeit jewelry that had been shipped into the united states from china. we know that this is one type of copyright theft. a result of
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this type of activity is that last year alone, a $50 billion was lost in the economy due to piracy. we will be using this case as an example of what will happen when you inappropriately used these into and sales devices. >> the attorney general says that cases involving multiple jurisdictions like this one are better suited for prosecution on a statewide level. >>grant: concord has seen several copper wire thefts from city parks. the thieves hid up six parks stealing 25,000 ft. of copper wire. tonight the concord city council is voted on how to replace the wiring. it would take $425,000 to replace the copper and install what
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they say are vandal resisted boxes to prevent future thefts. >>jaqueline: here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. cool conditions overnight. here's a look at current conditions. temperatures in a widespread 40's. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, very cold, mostly. we did see freezing fog briefly in those locations. into the afternoon,
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temperatures will warm up to the mild side. fifties in the north bay but cooler. >>catherine: the house of representatives has passed a republican plan to extend the payroll tax cut that expires in just two and a half weeks. the big three is expected to be short-lived. the bill is based on approval of a controversial pipeline. emily schmidt has more of a showdown. >>reporter: the nation's capital has the appearances of goodwill the politics have been caught up in the picture. >> of senator reed wants to hold up the jobs bill, he will go on santa's not a list. >>reporter: there are not
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nice statements between the two parties. >> there are playing with the millions that need a payroll tax cut and throwing of a trash heap of life, 6 million that have lost their jobs and indeed an employe of insurance. >>reporter: workers earning $50,000 a year will take, $1,000 if you work if the deal is not passed. >> the american people are asking, where are the jobs? the house is listening. we have passed a large bill that contains many of the priorities of our caucus and the white house. >> the bill extends the tax cut was short and unemployment benefits and speeds the government approval process of an oil pipeline from canada to texas. the white house says the president will veto that bill. he wants the recess but off until there is a deal. >> the president will insist that they stay here until they get the deal done.
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>>kimberlee: the irs may be looking for you, the government agency is trying to get out more than $150 million and undelivered tax refund checks. the irs says the money could not be delivered because of incorrect billing addresses. there are nearly 100,000 people still missing there refund. here is a look at the irs web site, you'll find information on the homepage. in order to get your refund status you will need your social security number you'll need your filing status and the amount that you are do. it is not an estimate, it is an exact
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dollar amount that is shown on your tax return. according to the irs, the checks average more than $1,500. to find out where your refund is visit the kron4 facebook fan page >>gabe: this box works with the the televisions in your home. is one of my favorite gadgets that not a lot of people about. it has not had a lot of exposure and it makes for a great holiday tech idea. coming up in my tech report i will tell you all about it. in
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>>gabe: i want to tell you about my favorite affordable holiday tech gift. >>catherine: we will try to get that back. we had a technical problem. 50
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children from the east oakland development center got to go shopping with their raiders. this is a program called shop with the jocks. the children got to pick out whatever they wanted for christmas. the children went home with gifts data only dreamed about. >> this is such a phenomenal opportunity. these young people are getting to walk side by side with their role models, people that the chair for on the field. it is of course a christmas opportunity that they would not otherwise have. >>catherine: wal-mart gave each child a $100 gift certificate to spend. gary has the details of the new clear to the warriors. gary has details on all the sports next.
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>>jaqueline: the rain system has now pushed down to the southwest. it will the moisture offshore. the next system is turning offshore to the north. that will affect us for thursday. we have some light
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showers through the north bay. by 8:00, we could see a few wayward showers. we will definitely be getting under one-tenth of an inch of rain. let's take a look at what we're going to be seen tomorrow. chilly conditions to start with temperatures widespread in the '30's. we will see a couple of places of the low 40's. san francisco will be the warmest location of 45. temperatures will be cooled- mild. mid-50s for the most part. rain on thursday and then dry weather set back up again. temperatures will
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stay nice and mild. >>gary: good evening. the sharks are going into overtime tonight. we are going inside the pepsi center in colorado. dan boyle is the guest here. each team had a penalty. it books like colorado is going to beat the sharks. with only a few seconds left their eight days. right now it is 3-3. when you are in
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prime time, there is a responsibility. do we have the final score? the avalanche has won a 4-3. >> the warriors got big today. he will probably be a backup center for golden
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state. the kid out of stockton has a one-year deal. on the flip side, jostling and is leading the oakland a's. he signed a multi-year contract with the minnesota twins. >>gary: this guy has been suspended five times
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throughout the years for illegal hits. now, they're going to take away some money. he is suspended without pay. >>gary: jim was an assistant with the 49ers and was a head coach in seattle. he is going to college, he is the new boss of the ucla bruins. the new trend is, with your fire, go on television for a while. when you are on television, you never lose. good for him. he is going back to ucla. player of the year is all looks donald. tiger woods has won this award nine times. fact when
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we return, the tim tebow phenomenon from a local perspective. that is coming of next. when
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>>gary: tim tebow is certainly one of the stories of the nfl season. we asked a sports illustrated writer about what she thought was behind tim tebow is success. >> someone today was comparing it to michael vick last year. everyone says he
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cannot do it. all of the analysts are saying, he cannot do it again but he does. >>gary: a lot of people say he wears his religion on his sleeve. >> he does, but that is who he is. it does not feel faults. >>gary: @ tim tebow breaks
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the mold. this guy runs all over the place, this business about his religion, we talked about this earlier, yesterday, what bothers me is when people say, i do not need to hear about his religion. then turn off the television. to watch a guy play and to see someone who obviously loves what he does, you never hear him bragging. he always says i have a good coach, i have good receivers.
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>>gary: there is an announcer says he stopped reading the internet because he was having its feelings hurt. >>gary: we are always looking for a hero, that old expression, someone that the kids can look up to. there is a lot of negative out there. >> there is no one like him. i am rooting for him.
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