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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 15, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> we do have leads we are working them up as fast as we can we realize this makes the community very anxious to have such a person at large. we are sparing no resources to try and get
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this guy into custody as quickly as we can. >>reporter: police are handed out this crime but with a new composite sketch of the suspect in hopes of a tree during someone to marine. a $25,000 reward has been offered by the mayor's office to add extra incentive. there are both uniformed and undercover officers along the corridor. the first assault was here at 21st street at 3:00 a.m., the morning of november 18th. your memos refit was committed here one week ago. it happened at 6:00 a.m.. investigators described the victims target by the suspect as petite women, one asian, and other white. in both cases, he grabbed the woman from behind began to beat, choke, sexually assaulted and then robbed them. this has made the case personal for the officers involved. >> i think what attract a lot of the police officers
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is the senselessness of it. certainly when any other crimes go on a special crimes against children are those less able to protect themselves, we react. >>catherine: police say they're seeing a lot more traffic on the twitter and facebook pages with more people commenting in asking questions about the case. the search continues for a convicted rapist police said that he is armed and dangerous. stephen clark, that is his photograph he is one for allegedly raping a woman at his home during the weekend share of the peace say he had been on the run ever since. hazzig manyud says the surge has reached southern california. >>reporter: caused the manhunt continues for the late suspect steven clark. he is wanted in this live oakland officials and, the kosciusko--officials at the, the costa county sheriff's
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department city recently spotted him however the alleged rape suspect managed to escape. the spokesperson jimmy lee. >> he was spotted somewhere in california along highway 5, there was a large police response and a search that went on for him into the evening. they try to locate him but he got away. >>reporter: there also questioned about his history. >> on route and he is ever the sex offender that comes to the sheriff's office once a year to register. crumb will we understand he has also been convicted of a break. >>reporter: should oakland residents have been warned that a registered sex offender was living there? >> some people are on the data base and some are not required to be on that and he was one of those. that may be something we have to look at a later date as far by no, he met the conditions of his registration.
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>>catherine: david was taken into custody yesterday that was during his shift at the county jail in dublin. he is accused of raping a woman while off duty several months ago. investigators say that the cousin of the victim and he is now out on $125,000 bail. hayward police are looking for an armed robber that targeted a man selling gold today. or they see it happen in a storefront area. police said the robber along with some accomplices' approached the victim with a gun, two of the alleged accomplices have been detained. the robber is still on the loose tonight and no one was injured. new details on yesterday's officer involved shooting in san francisco. police have identified the woman that was in the car and command even to the shot by the
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police. police had pulled over a car near bush yesterday. that is when they sit driver ran off and officers chased him. they say they returned fire when he first shot at them. that man was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. during all the commotion the woman who had been in the car drove off. police say they know who she is the they are not actively looking for her. prosecutors made their case against a couple accused of running over a san francisco firefighter red then trying to cover it up. police say that this man got into a fight at eight jack in the box on geary boulevard on thanksgiving day. those are photographs taken at the scene. this i rock war veteran and firefighter was run down a short time later. you are seeing him in a hospital here as life- threatening injuries. his girlfriend that is best of our--that is the suspects
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girlfriend is also wanted. her green and brown not anthony encounter police yesterday, he ran into a friend's home nearby and there was a six hour standoff. he eventually did surrender and was arrested. san jose police said they have won a major battle in the war on graffiti. crews have been taking over some of the hundreds of tax plaguing the city while police were announcing dozens of arrests. one group thought to be responsible for thousands of tax and others across san jose and. the cleanup like what you are looking at has cost the property owners and the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will hear from the police and show you where the graffiti is worse. [music] >>jacqueline: a live look outside from our mount tancam. the storm that was affecting us this morning has passed through to the south. we have rain all down
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by loss angeles, we got about a 10th of an inch of rain throughout the locations but the rain is no longer a threat. we have seen cold temperatures this afternoon. it is quite brisk out there, the wind is starting to pick up a little bit it is only making it feel cooler. right now and the low fifties for most of the bay area but in the '50s for fairfield and also in los gatos. we are in for a chilly night tonight we will see breezy conditions in the hills. those locations will stay a little bit more mild overnight. we have cooled tips widespread in the '30's. after the chivvy start tomorrow we will see warmer conditions into the afternoon in nice weather all the way through the weekend. we will take a licking your extended forecast coming up. >>catherine: this is a momentous day, the war in why iraq officially over as of today. this means that nearly all u.s. troops will be home before december 31st. there are in a little
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early on the deadline. italy has more from washington >>reporter: this war began with shock in 2003 and ended with quiet ceremony on thursday. troops lower the flag that had flown over baghdad for nearly nine years marking the end of the u.s. mission there. the defense secretary leon panetta food to iraq to mark this moment. saddam hussein was driven from power although the u.s. did not find weapons of mass destruction. american troops, more than 1 million in all focused on containing sectarian and violence and it carried a price. >>reporter: conservative estimates put the number of
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i rocky civilians killed and 120,000. now they will be left to govern themselves and many are wondering what will happen after the americans leave. the homecomings have happened at an increasingly growing rate. as of tuesday there were about 5500 troops remain in iraq. the defense attorney said today is not just about america but a time for iraq her to look forward and for the first time in years it will do so without the united states by its side. her >>catherine: iraqis are very happy that the war in their country is over. this was the scene left of baghdad. thousands of people were out celebrating in the streets. the official end of the war does not mean the end of u.s. involvement in iraq our presence will be felt there for quite some time reason
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is the embassy in baghdad. it is the biggest and most expensive it took years to complete an end up costing three quarters of a billion dollars to build. it will house about 17,000 members of the u.s. military also private security contractors. they will stay to guard diplomatic personnel and training iraqi forces among other things. the united states department has requested nearly $4 billion believe it or not for embassy operations in 2012 alone. >>catherine: coming up, get ready for a bay bridge shut down when it might happen and how soon they could fit your commute opinion and a shocking case of alleged abuse in southern california is a disturbing scene discovered by police in a home full little children and taxes.--and cats. >>stanley: coming up there are only two things that fall from your vehicle if it is not one of those items,
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you could wind up with a fat did it. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. ♪
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>>catherine: it big rig accident had north bound 680 closed down. it happened this morning and no other cars were involved. the chp says that speed might have been a factor. no one was hurt. a possible shutdown of the bay bridge could be coming your way early next year. craig shows us why caltrain is planning on closing off traffic in why the weather could change those plans. >>reporter: and caltrans is planning to restructure the westbound lanes on the east side of the bay bridge that you see here. they want to keep from disrupting rush- hour traffic of these lanes will be brief figured as caltrans work over here on the left forcing changes in traffic flow. caltrain only
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plans on doing this if the weather is not like you see here, rainey. >>catherine: day three of the grieving in front of a house panel that is for the former ceo of the now bankrupt mf global, more than $1 billion seems to be missing in customer money. he denies aquino's what happened to the money. room he said he did not tell anyone to lend money to the brokerages or its affiliates. >> my pain and embarrassment do not like to the fact that they bear the brunt of the impact of the firm's bankruptcy. roku >>catherine: brokers as a rule are supposed to keep investors' money separate from companies money.
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president obama is now working on a plan to financially differentiate home health-care workers from teenage babysitters. under current law and clinton could not have to paint home health care workers than wage or overtime but today, he is hoping to help her do it a president says this is about a chain. court >> we are a caring teen home care worker's minimum wage and overtime protection and that it takes to my secretary of labor, we will make sure that over 1 million men and women in one of the fastest-growing professions and the country do not slip in through cracks. orrisroot we will make sure that companies do right by their workers are not undercut by companies who don't. we will do what is fair and was right. your one >>catherine: it will apply to skilled in home care workers are disabled or elderly people. that law could change next year. and police say they found children living inside of this home. and you could see
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from the photograph is just a week. her and children were along with more than 100 cats, cats and their waste every revival adults living in the home had been charged with child endangerment. neighbors called the police because of the odors that came from the home. but to little girls that were living there are now safe with a relative treated [music] >>jacqueline: we did see rain out there this one. let us take a lick it storm tracker 4. the system is pushing down to the south. we will see some gusty winds overnight. right now you can see it is not a big deal, the wind is calm. while temperatures will stay a
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little warmer and besides that it be recalled. temperatures will be in their thirties, and 36 in redwood city, 39 napa, and 38 in san jose we have 37 in livermore and we may have to adjust a temperatures down of a bit more. i will bring you the full report coming up. into the afternoon, pictures will warm up from what we saw today. we are in the low fifties for the most part. we have 60 degrees in san jose, 62 and out of you, upper 50s for the inland valleys and in the north bay, 58 in napa, 59 san raphael and 58 in san francisco. not a lot to talk about as the rain has pushed through. temperatures has pushed through and it will cool down by mid next week.
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>>kimberlee: this is the aftermath of a small crane--plain trash--crash in arizona it was at half mile from an airport runway when it did crash. they are investigating. now check this out a robbery caught on camera, you can see the man wielding a tire iron. watch as the worker grab the heavy pot of coffee and threw it in his face. when the men kept coming she grabbed a pitcher full of steaming hot milk and hit him with that and later he ran away. later the man was arrested. and ticket did this, a prank at a high school pep rally that has gone viral. the school sports team captain was blindfolded in mind if they thought they would be kissed by fellow students but the joke was the mystery kisser
5:20 pm
was that person's mom and dad and they're not in this it takes on the lips, some were long passionate kisses. the school has reportedly apologize for this frank. we'll be back after this break.
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>>catherine: there have been three related deaths in the county and for in the past three years. there is a report saying that it is safest to put a bid to sleep on its back or in a crypt in a bassinet. >> one year ago i went to sleep with my three month old son next to me and i woke up he did not wake up with me. i wanted to share with everyone my story because i feel that my son's
5:24 pm
death could of been prevented. >> i hope other women will create a safety checklist for themselves before they put their babies sleep at night. >>catherine: health officials say it is very important to be aware of the dangers of sharing a bed with a baby and make sure that the sleeping space is clear of things like to waste, blankets and pillows. stay with us, more news is coming up.
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>>catherine: barry bonds will be back in court tomorrow. and decision 2012 for a preview of tonight's gop debate in iowa and where the candidates stand. and big changes on facebook today, the big deal behind the time line ahead.
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>>catherine: the fate of home run king barry bonds will be decided in less than 24 hours. he was found guilty in april for obstruction of justice for misleading a grand jury. that investigation began nearly a decade ago. the founder eventually pleaded guilty to distribute steroids. dan kerman talk with him about barry bonds and his role in the over all federal probe into steroids. >> i cannot believe that their bonds to get jail time. >>reporter: bellcoe founder victor is still a big fan of barry bonds. he says they
5:31 pm
he believes barry bonds was singled out among all the athletes brought before the grand jury. he believes too much money spent by the fed on the investigation but he admits that this has had a positive outcome. >> there has been an increase in awareness there has been a positive change there is testing in places where there was not before. >>reporter: still he believes that there are many baseball players that continued to use the illegal drug and he claims major league baseball for that. >> i do not mean that they're taking it as seriously as they could if they were, they would test windy athletes are using-- when the athletes are using this and that is in the off- season. i did not understand how others who did not cheat and use drugs like the family members of the athlete, the tremendous pain and suffering that cause them and if i had to do all over again i would not make that decision.
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>>reporter: he says on the advice of his attorney, he and barry bonds have not spoken in years. barry bonds is scheduled to be in court 11:00 a.m. on friday. prosecutors want a 15 month term, the defense wants probation and house arrest. >>catherine: in los angeles and other court they sit for these two men accused of attacking bryan stow earlier this year. they are accused of attacking him after the giants' opening day game in los angeles. this is bryan stow and his children. the suspect pleaded not guilty earlier this year and another hearing is set for january 17th. bryan stow is in rehab recovering from traumatic brain injury. >>reporter: congressional negotiators have just agreed on a one trillion dollars plan to avoid a government shutdown. you have heard that before, there is a nobleman and lawmakers are
5:33 pm
still trying to reach a deal on expiring payroll tax cuts and jobless and if it's. the measure reached today to keep the government going of republicans and democrats try to iron out their issue is just so that everything can stay in place, the wheels are still in motion. meanwhile, the candid it in oakland, the gop candidates are preparing for a debate that starts in less than a half-hour from now. new gingrich is holding onto his lead in the polls, the former house >> it's getting bashed by the national review is a conservative journal it said the speaker's history of marital infidelity makes him a dangerous canada that would jeopardize the republicans' chances of being president obama. meanwhile, john hudson is not participating in the iowa caucuses in early january but he is all and for next month's new hampshire primary. something that he has a shot to win it. this is the former utah governor could get the independent vote. that is a state where independents
5:34 pm
actually outnumber republicans three to two. and remember herman cain the former presidential candidate he is that in the news after been named one of barbara walters' 10 assassination of the colombian. kahn, when asked what have
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and wall post. the mayor took office less than one year ago she is currently the target of to recall campaigns. come to an end, the system is pushing down to northern california but it has left us with some colder air. the temperatures will start slipping back into the 30's pretty quickly. taking it the upper '40's and low 50s. also, we keep our eye
5:38 pm
on the wind because it has been a little breezy this afternoon. we did expect to pick up especially in the hills. down in the valley it does not look to breezy out there right now with the wind could pick up into the overnight hours. as a matter of fact the computer model initialing that. take a look at 9 million this evening, 31 up or i'll wind gusts in fairfield and rousseau--and we show some gusty conditions in the blue part of your screen. by 2:00 p.m. we continue to breezy conditions. the wind gusts will be in the 20 mouth are to carry out our range. temperatures will not get very cold but we will get cold and the wind will stay mostly colder.
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>> the only problem and the--in little be copied out is not ronald. will tran >>catherine: our task peers for children. her through >> that is is a haven, it could be a lot higher., britain and trigger. and anytime you change your regina, i know i will get the e-mails with this. i know i'll get a phone call for what it takes 10 to 20 or 30 years to find out if it actually works. your winner are >>catherine: here is a winner, resellers are sounding more optimism about the politics of this is a
5:44 pm
has been kind of up and down about this. your point her and >> howe and his blue your output and employment in these rumors when injected college record written rodney dangerfield as that is--the portion which should be and then are your winner howard---hacked to rent in midwinter, how will return to is joining an era but it has a talent. susan host dam on look yes canal this is an investment in the ec and comcast. now they're paying $20 million in over four
5:45 pm
months' duty i do not get it. >>catherine: have you ever watched american got talent? >> i have i am excited, i will tune in. >>jacqueline: and desalt the most grain in mill valley. --we saw the most grain through that area. it isn't down to the south right now. we do see clear skies and colder temperatures. it is a little more to overnight. it ended the mount tancam is already clear and chilly this afternoon completed--and
5:46 pm
walk chilly this afternoon,. but randall, when it a lot of attention will be in the hostilities.--the risk but 30 to here -- >>jacqueline: built to international not did that and hold it in a fairfield went into the afternoon the temperatures are the more than today. we have 62 in santa rosa, and 59 drop in other places. here is a
5:47 pm
live get your extended forecast. cream to respond later in the week there is a possibility of grain. what
5:48 pm
read this sign. director hmm and marker this drug driving on 101 carrying dirt is not cover. a altamont start to heat a car, you know what could have been here in the driver is if you was in a rush, the driver was given a warning and the tackle to left on the
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>>catherine: there were no banners announcing mission accomplished, no ministry crude. today marked the official end of the military mission in a rock. >>reporter: american troops leave their cattle hides behind the heavy walls. i rocky celebrated in a formal battleground of solution. america's second longest war began with the rain of bombs on a baguette.--on baghdad. that was the year's year, eight months and 25 days ago. five months longer than the vietnam war. defense secretary to thank the troops for their battle time.
6:01 pm
>> you have done everything the mission action to and more. >>reporter: about 4500 americans gave their lives. the erie event in june loss found herself battling posttraumatic stress disorder. >> it reminded me of when you're in the marketplace and not know of someone without it kills us. >>reporter: this week president obama went to fort bragg in north carolina to mark to the north end. and outside the base thereto murder-suicide by the are rocky veterans. former sergeant is the same is in our regional director of to the veterans of america. >> 18 veterans, six committing suicide for day in 13 attempts to commit suicide today and these are insane specifics.
6:02 pm
>>reporter: this afternoon charles clifford set down in a group of blue star moms and leave it to get their reaction to the war officially ending. >>reporter: this chapter of the blue star moms was formed after september 11th. they are relieved that the war and i iraq is finally over and thousands are coming home. >> i know that my son and thousands of others are still serving in very dangerous places. >> i am happy that my sons will have to go over there again. >> i am pleased that is coming to an end and i'm hopeful that the i rock people can finally govern as a democracy that is my hope. >>reporter: of the in the world brings a sense of relief, these malmsey it as
6:03 pm
one step in the right direction. the blue star moms say their mission will go on. >> that is supporting the veterans, the wounded and the ghosts are families, care packages, writing cards to the troops and we will continue to do that especially is a long as we have troops in harm's way. >>reporter: a long crack down on graffiti in san jose has resulted in 60 arrest. police say that curfew taggard with fanned out across. police say that many of those arrested or gain members and they were in it for the fame. >> they like the thrill of rushing out in the middle and getting up on signs and in their names out there but ultimately into fame. they
6:04 pm
want people to note that there crew is out there in their tagging everywhere. >>reporter: among those arrested for alleged gang members, you are looking at their photographs. they are facing gang enhancement charges and will and other charges he and rob fladeboe showed us examples of some of the graffiti. >>reporter: freeway walls like this one along highway 87 are the most popular for attackers.--taggers you can hardly see the concrete beneath. some are scrolled with cryptic tags and our work, some like this one can be seen again and again in various forms all over town. there are countless examples of how the tags
6:05 pm
read here within one day or two days. i saw tanks on other public infrastructures like this. nothing is a new and it seems. here is a tad beneath my feet. one tang is seeking for more. the only solution is to hang over them and try to catch those responsible. >>catherine: prosecutors make their case accused of a couple running over a san francisco firefighter. they say this guy got in an argument at a jack in a box. he the firefighter and was run down a short time after the confrontation, you are looking at the suspect. the victim was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. the suspect's
6:06 pm
girlfriend is also under arrest and hide and repair the car that was involved. in a little less than two years, america's cup is expected to come to san francisco a disorganized it want to make sure they stay on schedule they have to win a big vote tonight from city leaders. we are live in san francisco with that story. >>reporter: there is quite a crowd up there in the chambers the party had to open up the overflow room. so many people have showed up. this will be the final chance for the planning committee to take a look at that environmental impact report. what is in that report is how the san francisco waterfront will be affected when they start doing all of the construction and buildings and the anticipation of the america's cup. one of the biggest projects that will be going in is the new cruise terminal if this gets approved. environmentalists say that this is all being rushed through a little too quickly and the wartime and a more thorough study done of how the and farm it will
6:07 pm
be impacted with a lot of the san francisco waterfront changing for the america's cup. now, if the planning commission approves this environmental report is not over yet. this was also have to be approved by the city council. >>catherine: , a congressional hearing had lawmakers doubt teen the oversight today. there also questions about delays. this project is expected to wrap up in 2033 which is 13 years longer than originally projected. san francisco of community investment program got a donation of new technology today. at&t give 25 electronic tablet to help the group in this violence prevention efforts. the group is known for their bright yellow jackets, they were then are controlling
6:08 pm
the central market corridor areas in the help and with a lot of things including safety tips and language assistance. >> they do we finding for visitors, the reported incident where there are criminal activity or just regular issues or public safety issues. this will allow them to access the inflation much quicker. >>catherine: the ambassadors will rely on hot spots to connect in tablets to the and it. the city will try to raise the money to get them on 3d service. bart police and volunteers are stepping up security for the holiday season. they will offer writers and escort to their car. next wednesday, writers at the big fear station will have escorted walks to their cars. there's a ready for emigration rights in san francisco today this is the
6:09 pm
scene, occupy protesters were joined by union members. they marched into the financial building here. the group block the entrance for about 30 minutes. there were no injuries or arrests. >>jacqueline: a live look outside at our mount tancam. we can see the camera bouncing around here. we have preconditions in the hills and the higher elevations overnight. as for the rest of the bay area will get quite chilly, ticket at the height to the judge were to make it really did not get that high at all. >>jacqueline: it is going to
6:10 pm
be chilly down the valley floors with the possibility of fog in some spots and to the rain that was all there today. for tomorrow morning, a lot of the trip to be in the 30's. into the afternoon, we have quick warming expected with the number conditions through the later afternoon hours. we will take a look neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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>>catherine: and other possible government shutdown is looming. lawmakers cannot agree on how to keep the government fund after friday. if the payroll tax cut extension is not passed it could cost each american making $50,000 a year an extra one the the dollars in taxes. >>jacqueline: take a look at our current conditions we are already in the '40's in a number of places. we will see a number of things overnight, first to seek the and reconditions and down in
6:16 pm
the valley is the conceit, the wind is not breezy. the breezy conditions in the hills will lead to warmer conditions. >>jacqueline: for the valley the wind is not really stopping all that much. keith location will give very chilly overnight. could even see fog for rick --see fog forming. >>kimberlee: -- >>jacqueline: take a lick of the charges neighborhood by neighborhood.
6:17 pm
>>jacqueline: here is a look at your extended forecast. we will not feel any rain any time soon.
6:18 pm
>>catherine: donations of warm clothes and toys room brought here today. there were gifts from the city's latino police officers association. >> today we are donating a supply of warm coats and tories so that the church can supply them to the needy families in the community. this is something we have been doing for a couple of years. i know that they're very grateful especially on a chilly day like this one. >>catherine: people at the church are grateful and say that the gifts will help to make up the fact that there have been fewer donations. >>kimberlee: on the highly anticipated samsung galaxy nexus is now on the stands.
6:19 pm
this is the first device to ship with google the latest version of its android operating system called ice cream sandwich. meanwhile the company is expanding to 11 markets across the country and it will provide more coverage to seven existing markets including san francisco. the network allows customers to share music, photographs, search the web and download files up to 10 times faster than the 3d network. a new study has found that teenagers are using more mobile data than ever. teens used to hundred 56% more data than in the same period last year. their figures were just flying. teen-agers send an average of what he called out to about 3417 text messages per month. stay with us, will be
6:20 pm
back after this quick break.
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6:23 pm
>>stanley: how can you tell if a couch tossed in your neighborhood has been their allowed long? when it has graffiti on it. city crews are constantly on the streets picking up trash that people leave behind. it looks like that some of the workers will need a bigger break. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will take a look at the mission district in san francisco and what some people are leaving around in the next edition of people behaving badly.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>>catherine: coming up we have a preview of what barry bonds could face a court- martial. and facebook has a
6:27 pm
new look. and how a new restaurant is standing out by staying local. they're ready to dig in as we serve up the first dish of a new statement. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney...
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>>catherine: at the peak of u.s. involvement there will 170,000 troops in the u.s. and then 170,000 in the rack. by the end of the month it will be no more than 150. nearly 4500 americans were killed in the war. >>reporter: here in danville i spoke with a group of blue star mums to get their thoughts of the end of the war in the ride. they all said that thousands of servicemen and women are coming home and there's a sense of relief. they also say this is just one step in the right direction, there
6:30 pm
are many troops better still deployed overseas far out of harm's way. >>reporter: officials at the sheriff's department say that the manhunt continues for rape suspect steven clark who is wanted in connection to a recent sexual assault in the city of oakland. officials say that clark was recently spotted by law enforcement officers in southern california however he managed to escape. >> we have already low notified local law enforcement, and he is considered armed and dangerous. >>reporter: in san francisco police say they're getting tips and pursuing leads in a search for a sexual assault suspect. they released this new composite sketch that you see here as well as surveillance video as a
6:31 pm
personal interest wanted in connection with to violent attacks on women. the mayor has offered a $25,000 award and the police are continuing to patrol the areas with uniformed and undercover officers. >>reporter: here at the federal courthouse in san francisco all eyes will be on barry bonds. he intentionally miss luke miss led a grand jury. the prosecution is seeking a 15 month prison term. the defense wants house arrest and probation. in san francisco, then determine with kron4 news. >>reporter: here in san jose police have announced a major breakthrough in the war on graffiti. 4 people are now in custody. though for some thought to be
6:32 pm
responsible for thousands of tax in san jose, fremont and san leandro and other east bay locations, many of those tagged red h y s u four have you seen as in similar messages. >>reporter: in san francisco there is a new way to pay for parking in the city. you will now be able to pay the meter with your phone. you can call the number on the side of the parking meter or did the smart phone. a credit card or debit card is needed to make the transaction there is a 45 minute fee that goes to pay for the service. in san francisco i am jeff bush with kron4 news. >>reporter: in walnut creek like to this jewish community center may be on now but the center said they will close their doors for the final time on friday because of financial
6:33 pm
reasons leaving 80 preschool children without a school. >> this will be our last day of school. >> if that does not break your heart i did not know what does. >>reporter: a number of parents are optimistic and hopeful that they can raise the money to keep this place open. i talk with a number of teachers that believe the debt could be well over a half-million dollars. >>reporter: in san mateo police are reminding residents that if you're going out of town, someone is available to check on your home. here is a form that you need, you need to write down information like your home address commerce cellphone, how long you will be gone and if you have any alarms. police cadets will come to your home at least once per week. they will check to see if you have any windows or doors open or to see if anything unusual is going on while you are born. you can find a link on
6:34 pm
my facebook page. >>reporter: here in san francisco, groceries are piled away as the church gets ready for their annual grocery giveaway. >>reporter: they say this year they see a lot more people needing help. people already lined up outside for the bags that will be given out on friday morning. they're hoping the public will come forward with more door nations on this holiday season and become--more donations this season and the coming year. the >>gabe: timeline is now active on facebook timeline will transform your existing profile into a digital scrapbook of your life. timeline is the story of your life, setting it up if the process there are settings, preferences,
6:35 pm
tools, it looks a lot different. this is the biggest change to facebook be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. and my tech report and i would tell you what you need to do and what you need to know. [music] >>jacqueline: we have dry and cool conditions for tomorrow at least in the morning. the rain is pushing through to southern california at this hour and with the clear skies and colder temperatures. we have a lot of places in the 40's, 46 in redwood city, 45 at half moon bay and 46 at livermore. we have cool air thanks to the storm that pushed through. it looks like most places will get creaturely overnight. this fairfield temperature of 39 it needs to be bumped up based on how much the wind will pick up over night. it looks like the wind will be a little dusty in fairfield and in the east bay hills. into the afternoon, we have warmer conditions as well
6:36 pm
upper fifties and low 60s and compare that to the charges that we saw today. >>reporter: here is a look your extended forecast, we have chilly mornings and afternoons. as we head into next week it looks like we will pick clip with a storm. we should not see any rain out there but we will definitely have colder temperatures. >>reporter: the iowa caucus is less than three weeks away and the gop presidents a race is really heating up. the republican presidential hopeful is debating as we speak. the latest poll out of iowa indicates that new gingrich, mit romney and ron paul are at the top of the list. but rick perry, the texas governor has fallen off he just compared yourself to tempt people. this is the hot nfl rookie quarterback was made a habit of late game come back.
6:37 pm
>> you won two national championships in that looks pretty good, with a national champions in job creation back in texas. i hope that i am the 10th tee bo the iowa caucus. >>reporter: the polls indicate that governor carey will not make a tebow comeback. we have all the highlights coming up on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. for now we will take a short break and be right back. ♪
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, >> this is approachable fine dining. it is very high in food it will not break the bank, come as you are. we want people to experience it. >>reporter: chef mark lee offers up a sample. now check out this beautiful seasonal vegetable plate.
6:42 pm
>> this is a hanger steak with octel bread pudding--ox tail bread pudding. >>reporter: this is how i like to eat, other people's food. [laughter] >>reporter: it is flavorful and tender and i know that i should not talk with my mouth full. >>reporter: the average price for a trade is $24. >>catherine: the 49ers face the steelers and gary has the update straight ahead. hear from the quarterback carson palmer gary has all of that in sports coming up.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: once again been locked her--once again been brought to this burger did not practice. >>gary: i would rather have them on the field, but the 49ers will take it any way that they can get it. pittsburg is awful good. for a pall mall you he is a dominant defender. alex smith and harbaugh looking ahead to the steelers' defense. >> they are a veteran group across the board. they know what they're doing. they are very skilled at reading the quarterback. >> they're very good technically in all phases of the defense and there are very few times that someone blows a coverage or it's out
6:47 pm
of position. it is just impressive. >>gary: the patrick willis update, he did not participate in practice today and it does not look like to play against the pittsburgh steelers. he has a hamstring injury and did not play against arizona. he probably is the best player if you go on offense or defense. without the 49ers, he may be at a disadvantage. and the raiders will be on television sunday when they host the detroit lions. the raiders say that it is a sellout. dear and mcfadden is not going to play, but this guy, he is going to be there. he gained national attention for doing a little foot stomp, he says he's misunderstood and he is bipolar when he is on the field. >> the position he plays allows for some double teams because he is kind of in the middle of not necessarily on
6:48 pm
the edge. he pushes double teams out of the way he is a guy that we are very focused on and we will understand where he is at all times and we have to. >>gary: here is mcfadden, he is a foot injury and he will probably not play again. i will give this to the raiders they had all this early season momentum going and then he got injured they did not want to just shut everything down, forget that we have lost our best offensive player this guy has not played in nearly two months, forget about it. daren't mcfadden season has a foot injury that can not go away. can i say something about the raiders selling out? they have done a little something this year that i like. even if not all the tickets are purchased, they say that they are. the last nine years have been pretty lousy but there were always on television because they would either give the tickets away to charity or they would say hey you want
6:49 pm
to buy a ticket for a dollar? they would make sure that it was a sellout. i wear this out of that is a three hour commercial and you are not televised in your city or your home market that you miss by having the game blacked out. so get rid of the tickets and they have to change the rule. i will sit on kron tonight, forget the christmas season but the bad teams are the ones that do not sell out, so their games are not shown in their area. >>gary: of people who may be interested in the team do not to see the team, and merry christmas to everybody. and happy new year. i will be doing in new year's show. >>jacqueline: if i am here i
6:50 pm
will stay in town. i do not go out on new year's i like staying in. >>gary: so they will be interviewing inebriated san francisco. now trouble again for n.f.l. players. this time is sam heard. he played for the chicago bears he is locked up in federal custody after being charged with trying to set up a drug dealer network. he told the undercover agent that he wanted to purchase five to 10 kilos of cocaine and thousands of pounds of marijuana.
6:51 pm
>>reporter: the los angeles clippers signed chris paul. he leaves to orleans. the thing about him, he is a six-foot player he is a real leader. he has charisma and by all accounts, i did not know him personally athirst --the first 30 seconds of his press conference to talk about how he could not wait to get to work in the community. normally they are saying, oh man, i have for eldorado and i cannot wait. i have to take care of them. but this guy's really good.
6:52 pm
>>catherine: you are tough on me if i'm not give you my full attention. >>gary: i am. [laughter] >>jacqueline: she is doing work. >>gary: alright, we will talk with the audience up next.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
>> gary can the 49ers beat the steelers on monday? >>reporter: creek it's been rough this burger does not play, it will be your of the quarterback. >> do you think that the raiders have a chance of being as good as they used to be and as tough as they used to be in the days of old? >>gary: of kenya make the question any longer? i am just telling you i think they need a general manager they will have to work the team over a little bit. they need a new face over there and i think i do not know, give me one more quick. >> and gary i just wanted
6:57 pm
to find out it's looking for this coming season and was the possibility of the warrior is getting to the playoffs? >>gary: but there look fantastic and i played a game yet but i think they might make the playoffs. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot
6:58 pm
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[ monica ] i may not be home for a while. [ male announcer ] the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. why trump just trashed rosie o'donnell again? our new "insider" interview with the donald. i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. >> she's got no ratings. she's got no talent. she's got nothing going. >> not afraid, look! >> trump versus o'donnell. why oprah is caught in the middle of their latest smackdown. >> i hit her. rosy is a loser. her show is a loser. >> let's just ignore that he exists. then -- >> congratulations. >> howard stern's primetime tv takeover. >> what's the payday, is it really 20 million? >> my sources tell me that was a deal breaker for howard. >> his new "america's got talent" hosting demand. >> my interview with howard today. >> how are you going to make it more interesting than it is already?


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