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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>darya: a developing story out of san francisco, the fate of barry bonds. at 11:00 a.m., and barry bonds will be sentenced after being convicted of obstruction of justice. that sentencing comes more than eight years after barry bonds testified before a grand jury that questioned his ties to the drug left.
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he was indicted on surgery and obstruction charges. earlier this year, the jury was deadlocked on the perjury charges but did find ferry bonds guilty of obstruction of justice. that is a condition that he and his attorneys say is a plan to fight. what they'd planned to do has no impact on the sentencing phase of the case which is today. will durant is live at the federal courthouse with more on how much time barry bonds concedes in jail if any at all. >>will: the judge who is handling the case has sentenced others convicted of similar charges to house arrest. if she follows her track record, that is probably would barry bonds would get. however, every time you get sentenced, it is a case by case situation.
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she may want to send a message to other people out there that if you do this, this is what you will get in and you will get present time. prosecutors have asked for 15 months in prison. that probably one of the case, but if he does have this time, there are other cases similar to this like marion jones, she was sentenced to six months in prison. granted, that was a different state in a different judge, but this judge can look at that case and say, six months is it reasonable. will does have to wait and see. for barry bonds, this could be the end of his court journey. his attorneys have said they will fight the obstruction of justice charges but if all this that they change their minds, this could be over because they have of the sentencing, but if he does not want anything on his criminal record, it will bring the fight to the prosecutors and then, we
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start all over with the obstruction of justice charges. there are a lot of moving parts, but this could be over today. >>darya: barry bonds must personally appear today? >>will: yes. he is always on time. he usually arrives 20 minutes before his court appearance. he does not doubt the media. but consistently, he never says a word. >>darya: lou will stay tuned and continue our live coverage. >>mark: a cold start to the weather, james fletcher has
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more on the forecast. >> it is free to leave the and the now furious here is a live at you from the bay bridge approach. here's an idea of what we can expect weather wise. clear and cold this morning. sunny and mild this afternoon. it will be breezy at times. it will be cold overnight with the possibility of the valley fall. serve in santa rosa right now, at 28 degrees. 37 and concord in and in fremont. san jose is warmer,
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but not by much. it makes a '40's and '30's. the fog is improving slightly. right now, the fog is improving slightly. if fact it is a fluid picture. for highs this afternoon are not bad. 60 in the south bay for los gatos, said jose and morgan hill. here is a quick look at your 7 day around the bay. a very cold start to tomorrow morning with temperatures in the upper 20s. the rest of the week and looks great, especially in the afternoon. a dry and
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mild weather pattern for at least the week ahead. >>george: we do not have any hot spots or problems around the bay area. that has diverted news. at last check the bay bridge is looking pretty good. the san mateo bridge the westbound looks pretty good. on the golden gate, a pretty smooth trip with no delays northbound or southbound. we are already starting to see what is typical for friday, more traffic northbound. looking at your ride on the east day, here is a quick check for the traffic maps. the commute looks good for the east bay freeways with no problems on 680 southbound
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into the san ramon valley. one more check in the south bay, lee will see it for the smooth ride on 101 in the northbound direction continuing out of the coyote valley and towards santa clara. highway 85 is delay free into cupertino and continuing north into mountain view. >>mark: some newly minted millionaires are expected in san francisco today as the on-line game company using the will start trading on the nasdaq. their initial public offering is trading under the ticker symbol-- trading under the nba. they
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are selling 100 million shares to raise a $1 billion. this is expected to be the biggest ipos since global. >>darya: a suspect died from gunshot wounds after police say they were acting in self-defense. >>craig: police say there was an officer involved shooting saturday night. they said the man displayed threatening behavior and one officer fired in his defense. he was pronounced dead just after midnight. the police homicide unit is investigating, but no new information has been released.
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>>justine: mike mccurry is expected to testify today at a preliminary hearing for two of his former bosses at penn state. both men are charged with perjury in failing to look for child abuse. allegedly, mccrery told both of them that he saw sandusky with an underage boys. all three of the men are in a harrisburg pennsylvanian courtroom right now. mccrery entered without talking to reporters. a judge will now decide if there is enough evidence to warrant putting both shultz and for early on trial. we will let you know happens the will be right back. soft
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>>darya: congressional leaders have reached a federal shutdown. the republicans agreed to drop language that would have blocked the president's allies roles on people sending money to relatives in cuba. the gop provision will stay against energy efficiency standards. critics say would make it harder for people to purchase an expensive incandescent light bulbs. 613 am. we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: people are lined up around the block in san francisco for a food
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giveaway. glide memorial is giving away more than 5000 bags filled with groceries. jackie sissel is out there taking a look at the lines. it looks like there is certainly a lot of need. will there be enough food? >>jackie: they have 5500 bags of groceries to give away. right now there are probably close to 1000 people in line. and they started lining up yesterday for this giveaway. i was just inside of glide memorial, you can see all of the food that they are preparing to give away. they have over 5000 bags of groceries. potato, corn, chilly and of course christmas turkeys. this is one of their biggest giveaways. have been doing it for over 20 years. people started lining of yesterday. right now, hundreds of people are in line. the line
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stretches across the street. they will start wrapping up the bags of the next 15-20 minutes. the giveaway does not begin until 7:30 a.m.. we still have a while to go. they will give out bags until there are no more. the hope is that there will be enough bags to go around but they say that contributions are still welcome. >>darya: i know a lot of people at home are good hearted, they are at home and saying, can i still run down there with that full of stuff? >>jackie: right now i think they're looking for more cash donations so that they can purchase more goods.
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everything is packed into these huge boxes. if people start bringing down groceries, i am sure they would accept it, but it may be little difficult. glide feed hundreds of people daily. nothing will be turned away but for this particular giveaway, i think cash will probably be the best course of action. they have said they have enough volunteers, they are starting to get ready and get the bags set up. this is a huge day here at glide. >>darya: maybe you cannot get their to volunteer now, but it is something the you can think of for the future. they do this year round. feel free to give at all times, not just in the holidays. >> here is the view from mt. tam. we have a north wind
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that will keep things blustery. we're watching and waiting for the light winds. cold and clear this morning. there is some fall to watch out for. it will be clear and cold tonight. for right now things are awfully chilly. we are at freezing in novato. 37 in fairfield and concord. it is frigid cold once again around the bay area and it will continue to be this way for a little while longer. here is the fog across the north bay. right now we have a visibility underneath a mile off. we have a general uneasiness in the napa
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valley. this afternoon, we will all enjoy temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. we're looking for 60s down near san jose and los gatos. san francisco is in the same boat. 59 is the expected high this afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the weekend looks so far so good. 29 is the possible low for tomorrow morning. >>george: it is a pretty
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good ride around the bay area. there are no hot spots or delays. we are already passed the time when the metering lights would have been activated. we are continuing our bridge check headed to 92 f and the san mateo bridge. it is an easy ride in both directions with no backups on the approach to the stand. the golden gate bridge ride has been pretty easy. northbound and southbound, light traffic. because it is friday we will see a few more cars than usual in the northbound direction. interstate 80, there are no delays to speak of from hercules to berkeley. from concord into walnut creek it looks good. there are no delays as you head south towards the dublin interchange.
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. the countdown.
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>>mark: pieces of debris from the tsunami have been found over washington state. items that washup could include portions of homes, ships, furniture and possibly bodies. the russian
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failed mars probe could crash down to earth next month. it could come down between january 6th in january 19th. the toxic fuel is expected to burn on reentry. the agency will not know where the debris falls until a few days before it hits the earth. >>darya: here is a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge. we will be right back.
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>>mark: the online gaming
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companies in this is going public. it is expected to be the largest ipo cents a google back in 2004. there is a maker of those popular on-line games. they are selling 100 million shares and expected to raise a $1 billion serious flickr watching those shares this morning. we will keep our eyes on the stock this morning starting off at $10 a share with 100 million shares available. >>darya: another big story is the fate of the barry bonds. at 11:00 a.m. in san francisco, barry bonds is going to be sentenced for the conviction on a obstruction of justice charges. the sentencing comes more than eight years after barry bonds to testify before a grand jury questioning his ties to steroids in baseball. based
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on his testimony, he was indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice charges. earlier this year the jury was deadlocked on perjury charges but did find him guilty of obstruction. and that is a conviction that bonds and his attorneys plan to fight but it will not impact or stop the sentencing phase which is today. will tran is outside of the federal courthouse building waiting for bonds to arrive and talking about the time he defaced or the penalties. >>will: it probably will not be harsh. according to most experts say could be sentenced to house arrest, fed may be up to one year. his house is in beverly hills. the reason why they believe that is because there were two other athletes sentenced to a similar charge and they also suffered house arrest. by the way, those to athletes
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were sentenced by the same judge. based on her track record, he will probably get the same thing. even experts admit, every time you go for sentencing it is a case by case situation. she could throw everyone for a loop and to decide to throw him in prison. but prosecutors are asking for 15 months in prison. regardless of what happens, this may or may not be the end of the court journey for barry bonds. if he gets a lenient sentence he might decide, i have spent so much money on lawyers, i do not want to be
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under house arrest, but if he wants to fight and pay more money, he will have to go back to court and try to light his criminal record clean. experts say he might do that because he wants a clean record said that he can see if he can get into the baseball hall of fame. everyone knows very bonds and nose that is foreign to him. >>darya: if he does end up fighting this, is that probation put on suspension pending more appeals? >>will: that is the question i have as well. if he is sentenced to house arrest, if he goes to court in the year to get the conviction overturned, we will just have to wait and see. this has nothing to do with that. maybe it will save time served. there are so many things to be worked out but you are right, if he begins serving his sentence for present time for example and then a year later he wins
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his conviction, what happens to the time served? maybe it will factor all of that in. there are a lot of things to work out this morning. a great question. >>erica: i have been asking viewers it's very bonds should served jail time as most people are saying that he should not. take a look at some of the responses. there are a lot of heated comments coming in. if you would like to leave your own, check out our facebook fan page. >>mark: a developing story in the south bay, police shot and killed a man after they say he was acting in a threatening manner.
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>>craig: in east san jose, police say there was an officer involved shooting at 11:30 p.m.. police say the man displayed threatening behavior with at least one office and firing in self- defense. the man was taken to regional medical center and pronounced dead just after midnight. >>darya: let's get a look at whether. i have never heard so many people wonder about the sunshine. >>james: there are dying to go skiing. there is no fog to the gulf. let's walk you through what we are expecting weather wise for today and into the weekend. clear skies and freezing temperatures in the north bay. this afternoon, warmer conditions with highs around 60 degrees. as we head into
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the weekend, but things will be dry and sunny. it looks like all next week will be away. the fog is a light in confined to the north of santa rosa. the rest of the bay area is looking pretty good in terms of the fog. it is cold. 28 in santa rosa, 32 in nevada, 42 in napa, 37 and fairfield, 37 in fremont. it is chilly in all of those applications. forties and thirties as we would cut this morning. qr this afternoon will be right around 60. in the south bay, 60 degrees will be what we are expecting. faugh but it
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will also be breezy. we have high pressure setting in. today, especially if you are higher in the hills, you could be dealing with substantial wind gusts. otherwise at sea level he will be breezy now and again. saturday and sunday is looking good with a lot of sunshine. every day, dry and mild. let's find out about traffic with georgia. >>george: it is an easy ride around the area. we are not tracking any hot spot. at the bay bridge and, we do not have any backups westbound. it is a pretty
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good trip get into the upper deck of the favorites. on the san mateo bridge, you can see that there are no delays eastbound or westbound. westbound is on the right side of your screen. golden gate bridge traffic is also doing pretty well. there are no delays in either the northbound or southbound direction. in the east bay, things look good for 680 heading into walnut creek. yourself a commute has been pretty good. there are no problems here, a little bit of slowing on 87 as he heads out from highway 280. no problems on 280 to the west valley. and easy ride through marin county for one a one southbound. >>justine: we have the latest in a fenced a
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scandal. the assistant football coaches on the stand right now testifying against two former university officials accused of lying about child sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. on the stand mccrery says he saw sandusky in a sexual position with a boy and he truly believes what he saw in that sense it locker room in 2002 was intercourse. right now, mccrery is to testify against very shultz can to mccrery. they're both charged with lying to a grand jury in failing to score for liver for what mccrery allegedly told them. their lawyers say that those men are in a sense and contesting the statements. the judge will decide if state prosecutors have enough evidence against the fear to send them to trial. we will continue to follow what is happening and i will keep you posted right here on the kron4 news. stay with us.
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>>darya: and idaho man accused of shooting at the white house will stand trial after being declared mentally competent. the officials say that he fired shots into the white house on november 11th with an assault rifle. he was captured in pennsylvania five days later and has been in jail ever since. he is charged with attempted assassination of president obama even though he was not in the white house at the time of the shooting. it's >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. do not go away. soft thefts
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on >>darya: we are about 45 minutes away from food being handed out in san francisco at glide memorial. you can see all of the people in need. jackie sissel is live outside of glide. is there anything that people need to know? will the have to prove
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they are a resident of san francisco? >>jackie: they do not turn anyone away. just to get in line. people started lining up to yesterday for this. there are hundreds if not thousands of people in line right now. there are hundreds of people on jones street. this is what they are lining up for. they have been doing this for over 20 years. they're hoping to give away almost 5500 boxes of food. they do believe
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they may have to turn some people away. they're hoping they do not have to because so many people are in need this year, but the demanded a outreach to the supply. there are hundreds of volunteers show enough, the giveaway actually starts at 7:30 a.m.. people have been in line for the last 24 hours. for >>jackie: you can see the bags right there. you can see the food items, there are cans of vegetables, bread, potatoes, some fresh vegetables, things like that. veils of the turkey. presumably these people will
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be using that for christmas. for many of these people are in need every day. they made just needed for a good healthy meal for their family. >>darya: we will check back in with jackie raider. >>mark: a beautiful looking morning, but a cold morning. james fletcher has the latest. >>james: we are watching the view from the top of mt. tam. it is to windy. we have some northerly breezes that will make it blustery for those in the hills. it is sunny with light winds this afternoon. highs near 60 degrees. this evening temperatures will drop back down again with the possibility of valley frost. right now, it is cold. freezing temperatures in nevada. we have a mix of 40's and 30's throughout the
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bay area right now. the wind chill is changing the numbers. pay attention to fairfield and antioch. the wind chill makes it feel like it is freezing in fairfield and antioch. both of those locations feel like 32 degrees. if you are in nevada this morning, it is a chilly start as it is everywhere around the bay. we have pockets of dense fog near petaluma. half mile visibility or less. the east bay, south bay and the peninsula are doing ok. here is what the highs will look like. 61 is the expected
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high in oakland. in san jose, 60 degrees. in the east, upper 50s. we have high pressure over head. it is going to be a little dusty this afternoon in the hell's. that is a part of the mix for today. as for the weekend we're looking all right. sunshine with mild temperatures and dry. we could use the rain. it does not look like we will get any rain or snow any time soon. >>george: traffic is great. it is a nice friday ride. we are not tracking and hot
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spots or looking at any major delays or problems. our bridge check starts at the bay bridge. traffic here is moving well. it is only slow from the middle of the east parking lot to the westbound rights. the san mateo bridge commute is good with no delays eastbound or westbound. a smith commute both ways. the golden gate bridge southbound from marin county and northbound is looking good. a little more traffic northbound than on other days of the week. in the east bay, here is a look at the traffic maps. slow through concord approaching walnut creek of pleasant hill but still a good ride. 80 is still a great drive from hercules to berkeley. the south bay freeways at last check had no delays to. we're starting to pick up some slowing for 85 in a 101 northbound. north bay traffic, 101 southbound is
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still an easy ride is to come south through marin county with no delays from the county line down to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: a hearing is going to happen for the plaintiffs suing pg&e in connection with the september san bruno gasoline explosion. this comes 3d-just three days after pg&e says they will take financial responsibility and compensate victims that have filed civil suits. the hearing is set for 9:30 a.m., that is in just a couple of hours from now. says they will handle 90 civil suits against pg&e. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. why
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>>mark: the dow jones is still below 12,000. right now it is at 11,940.
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everyone is talking about the maker of the popular on- line games farm bill and a mafia wars, as a that is going public today at $10 a share. erica but fast- >>erica: anonymous donors all over the country are fleeing secret santa and paying off lay waybills at kmart stores. the benefactors have paid off bills including toys for small children. the good deeds have spread to omaha, chicago and joplin as well as other cities around the u.s.. i have posted the link to this story of my facebook fan page. >>mark: a big win for the sharks last night. they are back in the winning column. san as they overcame a 2 loss deficit to beat the avalanche 5-4. this was their third win in the last 10 games in the are still only two points out of first
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place. >>darya: we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside on this friday morning in what you have in store if you're headed over the golden gate bridge.
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