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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a memorial in honor of two toddlers killed by gunfire in oakland. we hear from those who are calling for an end to violence. only on kron4 news, an anonymous santa claus getting into the spirit of giving, making lavish layaway payments for dozens in the bay area. and are the wives of two republican presidential candidates both helping and hurting their chances? live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. an east bay family's holiday season has been marred by violence. today, they said a final farewell to the little boy shot and killed during the filming of a rap video. a horse-drawn carriage carried the casket of the boy. he was taken off life support last friday. he had been in his father's
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arms when he was shot. six other people were injured in that shooting. we were in west oakland tonight at a memorial for miram and another victim, carlos nava. >> reporter: holding candles, a small crowd gathered in the liquor store parking lot where 1-year-old hiram lawrence was shot. several of the women have also lost their sons, like ora noel. two of her sons were killed in oakland, one in 1996, the other in 2002. she created this quilt as a memorial to the victims of gun violence. >> i hope that our young people who are doing these unthinkable murders will cease fire. >> reporter: the main message, eliminating the stigma on snitching, activists urging people to come forward with information. no one ever came forward for
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knowell. >> nobody has come forward. and it is so hard to walk the street every day and not know who murdered your child. >> reporter: the murder of two babies in oakland this year, hiram lawrence and 3-year-old carlos nava has reignited the call to stop the violence. >> we need awareness about the pain that the community is suffering, besides the family members, the friends of these babies that are being killed. there's a community out there, strangers, that are really feeling the pain. >> many community groups will begathering here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., speaking out against the shooting of hiram lawrence. kron4 news. women along the 24th street corridor in san francisco are on edge following a series of rapes in that part of town. in at least one store in the mission district, there's now a big demand for pepper spray. today, kron4 visited that store and talked to a self-defense
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expert. she says pepper spray is an excellent weapon but women need to understand how to use it properly. >> pepper spray, a lot of times it's not within range to be used. women don't practice with it, it ends up being in the bottom of the purse. if it's there, maybe the pressure has leaked out and it may not be working any more. >> and you're looking at a sketch of the suspect in the two rapes. no arrests have been made. barry bonds will not see any jail time. he was sentenced today, two years of probation, 30 days of house arrest, 250 hours of community service, and a $4,000 fine. also, the judge allowed a stay of the punishment. today, kron4 talked to lance williams, the co-author of a book that explored the use of steroids in baseball. he says the conviction might have an impact on bonds' hall
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of fame chances. >> i talked to former baseball commissioner vincent about this last night and he thinks that the electors will punish bonds for the steroid use and they won't let him in right away. it will depend on the game decides to regard his steroid era, when half the players were using banned drugs. do you want to pretend that didn't happen? >> again, bonds is going to be appealing and he has long denied that he knowingly used steroids. in weather, jacqueline's talking about a cold night and we even mentioned freezing fog. that sounds a little intimidating but i can see it's getting chilly all right. >> tomorrow's a saturday and people won't be heading out as early in the morning. in the north bay, it looks like we are going to see it, especially in santa rosa, where temperatures are already 37 degrees. it's also 37 in fairfield, 39 in novato, 37 in half moon bay,
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temperatures are going to continue to slide overnight. here's a look from earlier this afternoon of our cameras, sunny skies and we're going to keep the clear skies going all through the night. no wind and the clear skies leading to really cool temperatures. from 29, our coldest spots, to 45 in our warmest locations. again, areas of freezing fog in the north bay likely in santa rosa and maybe even napa, just briefly overnight. into tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s and low 60s expected. we're going to keep this very same pattern going. i'll have details in your extended forecast, coming up. layway angels are popping up this holiday season. they are paying off the accounts of unsuspecting people. we're told that it started here in michigan, but as you can see, look at this, it is spreading all over the country. k-marts and walmart stores, coast to coast, it's beginning to happen. and in the bay area, it's happening. one of the latest stores to be hit by the generosity is right in heyward and it's happening here.
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the layaway angel from heyward didn't want to be identified but he did share his story only with kron4's reggie kumar. >> reporter: this san jose man spent nearly $10,000 of his own money to make sure 84 needy families who could not afford to pay off the remaining balance on their k-mart layaway accounts have a merry christmas this year but the angel wants to remain anonymous. he says he got the idea after reading a news article. >> i decided to go to hayward. i think the community is in need. i spent $9,860 on toys and other times. i intended on spending $10,000 and we couldn't find as many people as we needed to help so i spent the rest on a bell ringer. i read an article online about some folks in the midwest that were doing this at k-mart stores. i could see what they were buying, i could see the different items that they were purchasing and some people put in layaway $20 items and we're
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in a different position. it feels great to be able to see, you know, actually the families you're helping and the items that they're giving to their children for christmas. you feel a part of that and you feel like you're vicariously giving to those kids, too. >> reggie kumar, kron4 news. i you caught up with some of the surprised people who benefited from this act of kindness. >> i walked up to the cashier, and she asked me for a penny and said that somebody had come in and gave $10,000 to pay for the layaways. i'm floored. there's the roof right there. i've been wanting to cry. >> it's unbelievable. hard to believe it. >> the bay area's layaway angel says he's going to do something lice every year. he says it doesn't need to be thousands of dollars, that even
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$20 can help somebody. new at 11:00, a look at how the rise of two republican presidential candidates might be helping and hurting their chances. and good news if you're looking for a job. we break down the latest unemployment numbers and tell you where prospects look promising.
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new details on california's unemployment problem and the news is good for now. we learned friday that the state unemployment rate for november was down to 11.3%. that's down from 11.7% in october. and if we focus in here on the bay area, unemployment rates here locally, down about half a percentage point across the board. contra costa, alameda and santa clara counties all down 0.4%.
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the lowest marin at 6.9%. most of the new jobs came in trade, transportation, and utilities. but get this, 2 million people in california still without work and once that holiday hiring season dies down, we'll see if these encouraging numbers have some staying power. i'm grant lotus, kron4 news. several san francisco groups are appealing a final environmental impact report for the america's cup sailing race. this comes after the city's planning commission unanimously approved the review, that was last night. environmental and community groups, though, want an expanded report, including the impact on neighborhoods near the water. plans for the america's cup include the construction of a new cruise ship terminal at pier 27 and venues for entertainment, spectator areas. the america's cup races are scheduled to start in august of next year. stay with us. more news after the break. ñx
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new tonight at 11:00, in the republican presidential race, the frontrunners' wives are taking stage. that's driving home the contrast between mitt romney and newt gingrich. joe johnson explains. >> reporter: what usually doesn't work very well in a presidential campaign is for some guy to interrupt an event and start shotting embarrassing questions about a candidate's personal life. >> it seems like -- >> how would you know? how would -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> other than personal hostility -- >> reporter: but it's the velvet glove approach that's harder to deal with, for example, the wife of mitt romney. >> i look back and i think of how my husband has been the kind of guy you can count on and that's the personal side of him that people don't know about. >> reporter: how long has mitt romney been married to the same
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woman? you might eventually have it memorized. >> i've been married to the same woman for 25 -- i get in trouble. for 42 years. >> reporter: presidential candidates love to think of their spouses as secret weapons. anne romney is on the trail to humanize her husband to try to make him seem more appealing but her appearances are bids for value voters, like women voters. >> and that he has strong family values and that's where his world is. >> reporter: contrasting romney with gingrich, who's had a much more complicated personal life. >> the romney campaign is highlighting the couple's 42- year marriage and her children and romney as a family man as opposed to newt gingrich, who is right now on his third marriage. >> reporter: not only married three times but gingrich as admitted adultery, asked god for forgiveness and converted to catholicism. his wife is seen on the
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campaign trail but not heard nearly as much. >> newt and i are determined to run a positive, issue-oriented, and solutions-based campaign. >> reporter: republican political veteran mary madeleine says some values voters might want to know more about the gingrich personal story, but for many, it's news that's a decade old. >> people have discounted, they already knew about newt's marriage history and they'vdiscarded that as a concern about him. >> reporter: cnn washington. chilly conditions are on tap for tomorrow morning but it will be nice in the afternoon. we are going to be seeing very similar patterns through the weekend and well into next week. a look at our weekend at a glance, again cold in the morning with a possibility of freezing fog in the north bay. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s for the afternoon, though. same thing into sunday, we'll see sunny skies through the weekend and into next week. a look at our low temperatures tomorrow morning, might be a good day to sleep in. it's going to be widespread in
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the 30s, napa 30 degrees there, 31 in santa rosa, 29 in fairfield, 33 in livermore, 37 in san jose. 35 in redwood city. temperatures in the afternoon, pretty nice. not as warm as today but can't complain about 60s. 60 in san jose, 59 in oakland, 59 also in livermore, antioch. 60 in santa rosa, 58 also in san francisco. high pressure set up back offshore and this is going to create our blocking pattern again, not allowing any storms to get through, could get a fewwrap-around clouds out of this. a look at your extended forecast and that's exactly what it shows: dry conditions through the extended period. chilly mornings, mild afternoons. into late next week, though, going to be seeing some cooler conditions and a little bit of cloud cover as we get one of those storms over-running the
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top of that storm tracker, it will ride over seattle, back down the back side of the bay area. so we're going to get cool conditions and cloudy conditions but no rain. in sports, the 49ers get some good news while the raiders must play again without one of their big stars. and the bells of bellerman prep trying to hold on for their first football state championship. we have the highlights next. and don't forget the countdown to the new year's live. it's underway. the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year, i'll be hosting the party along with gary radnich. we'll bring you the spectacular fireworks show over the bay. we'll go to the best and biggest parties around and it all starts new year's eve, 11:30. ♪ [ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings,
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all right. wow. a division i high school football state championship, what a back and forth slugfest,
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santa marguerita, 79 points scored in the game. watch this catch by joe, the ball never hits the ground, he hangs on. a score from 1 yard out, extra point good, they're up one with a minute 46 left. next possession, johnny staten, we call that a big haul. up the middle to the bellerman 10-yard line, sets up stanton over the top for the game- winning touchdown. stanton accounts for 318 yards and four touchdowns and the bells down 42-37. bellerman trying to win a state championship. they came close in '09 but no, no, no, they lose tonight in a
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shootout. nfl, the raiders, 747 in home sellouts. they have a must-win with the lions, no jacoby ford, he is out. but first, let's go to the 49ers when who have an even bet against the steelers. roethlisberger reportedly was on the field at practice. he has a high ankle sprain. james harrison lost his one game appeal to wipe away his suspension. so he will be out of uniform as the steelers again go against the 49ers on monday night. >> we'll move forward. james will move forward. and it's an appropriate time to do so if you look at what we're facing this week. >> all the linebackers are really talented. the next guy in is a good
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player, as well. you know, we're getting ready for what we have to do. all right. back to the raiders, guess who's out for this game with the lions again? for the seventh game, yes it's running-back daren mcfadden. some people are wonder figure he's going to play again. he's got thatnagging foot injury, folks have asked the coach about this man and when he can get back in uniform. >> we don't have an idea about these injuries. what do you do with a foot? after you x-ray it and they tell you you don't need surgery and it's time that you need, you just don't know. you don't know how fast guys heal. the raiders, they've got to win out if they're going to make the playoffs. on the eve of the biggest fight of andre ward's career, oakland's own gold med last champion in atlantic city, this is the weigh-in, ward will
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fight the wbo championship carl frosh, that's tomorrow night on showtime. ward is 24-0, 13 knockouts, needs this one to beat him, unify the belt and win the super six tournament bout. >> i never really got caught up in the war of words. i just stay summer and i won't be walked over and, you know, i'm here to make a statement and i'm here to win the hardware saturday night. nba the warriors have their preseason opener tomorrow night against the kings. laker guard kobe bryant and his wife are divorcing. she filed today citing irreconcilable differences. there is no prenuptial agreement. it is reported that kobe bryant is worth, get this, pregnant pause, $360 million. so it's california, catherine. >> i know what that means.
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