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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 21, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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starting your day of a kron4 francisco.--at san francisco. >>james: the us to cubic at the weather would erica, the morning. >>erica: good morning to you james. as we take a look at invincibility chart, you will see that patchy fog is definitely a factor for some of the east bay valley especially along the delta, temperatures are mixing in the '30's and 40's right now. as we head into the
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afternoon very similar to what we saw yesterday. it looked like south bay will reach the '60s. as we head into the overnight hours, patchy fog is certainly a possibility. here is in the year temperatures right outside the door, take a look at places like fairfield to be in the upper 20s. you will see everywhere north of the golden gate bridge dealing with some very frigid temperatures. you will definitely want to bundle up we're running a mile side for places like downtown san francisco and in true redwood city. as we take a look that fog tracker and divisibility chart, you'll see the red on your screen up through central to the that indicates visibility less than a quarter of a mile. we saw freezing fog in the past couple of minutes, that the drive with extra caution you may have to scrape off your windshield.
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>>erica: here is a look at your temperatures into the afternoon very similar to what we saw yesterday. not many locations reaching the 60 degree mark. >>erica: oakland could get up to about 62 degrees, very similar conditions in the south bay, 57 for those in antioch and as we fly to the north bay, we anticipate 63 degrees for santa rosa, 61 for navato, and 61 for downtown san francisco. we have a lot of sunshine of the board especially as we head into the weekend. your temperatures are very similar upper 50s and low sixties with no change there. you have to contend with some frigid morning. as
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we moving closer to the start of the next work week, we have a slight chance of rain fall on tuesday. we will find to the forecast as we move closer. as for traffic, the chp traffic law is pretty quiet out there. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza shows a few cars making their way out of oakland toward san francisco. the are no metering lights to deal with. a check on conditions at the san mateo bridge shows a nice and light traffic with no accidents to tell you about. these tell lights out towards foster city, the bright lights coming toward you can east bound into hayward. the southbound 101 golden gate bridge shows clear conditions like i mentioned, portions of highway 101 are encountering did fog this morning.--dense fog this
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morning. north bound 101 is a smooth ride, but interstate 2 in zero we see some patches of yellow on your screen. right around cupertino, that indicates speed around 25 mi. per hour. >>james: of any major vote was postponed regarding the occupy a live but less than one month it will be back up for discussion. the oakland city council rejected a proposal that would allow city administrators to prevent future shut down occupy protesters of the port. the port brings in millions of dollars and reggie kumar showed us the people that spoke at the council and the heated exchange of words between the council president and the occupy protesters. >>reporter: while the port of oakland executive director was speaking before city council about the port shutdown on this to the 12th, occupy protesters started clapping and that is
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when the council president demanded that the crowd be respectful. >> for people that educate the right to free speech you are trimming by giving this man the right of free speech. i was not want to support this resolution, but you guys have just told me where i need to be at. >> by doing this in my opinion you are just waving a red flag in front of them i did not know why you are doing that it does not make any practical sense. secondly, are we going to throw the oakland police department under the bus again? >>reporter: the council member introduced this session that the city cannot afford another shut down the ceo of logistics' agrees and says that oakland is losing a lot of business. >> this has got to get done because again be working people and the thousand dollars that this is costing the city.
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>> we are concerned about the future of this port as i talk with some of the largest retailers did tell me why should we come to the port of oakland? they're not seen this type of action in low beach or seattle-tacoma, those ports want business it is evident from what i am hearing that the council chambers that these people do not want business in oakland. >>reporter: mayor jean quan says the she was glad the council was considering the resolution but she said if the vote had passed she did not know if will be enforceable as she said she did all to second-guess the police chiefs tactics during future demonstrations. the resolution is to be back on the table january 17th of next year. the hardwood will be challenged in the courtroom the golden state warriors player in been accused of sexual harassment lawsuit is expected to be filed at 9:30 a.m. and alley a courtroom. it includes 14 allegations of sexual harassment by a former employee of the war
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years. the alleged victim's attorney will also hold a news conference. warriors officials say they have not seen the lawsuit and that from now they're not commenting. >>james: new details at the monday night football blackout. city officials are now taking action after the lights went out twice. san francisco mary m. li was there and he is the talking about the steps that he is taking to help the investigation along. >> obviously we all experience, giving national embarrassment for this to have happen. we were on the phones as early as last evening during the game and after the game at all this morning to make sure that this does not happen again. we expect in a playoff game in early january but we will go to some immediate
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protocol with them with oversight from the utilities commission and our staff. >>james: because of the public outcry pg&e is back in the spotlight. this video helped to destroy how many crews were on scene. there was a 12 v line that is replacing the one that failed during the 49ers game. and while pg&e knows what caused the first outage, they still do not know what caused the second one. take a listen. >> the second one is what we are still investigating. there does not appear to be any fault that we have found in either of the circuits but that is something we will continue to look at. >>james: coming up at 4:30 a.m. we will hear from
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cold harbaugh to see how this may or may not have affected the team. >>justine: we will take a break the first will look at are mount tancam showing us the scene. it is pretty cool, we will take a look at the temperatures will come right back.
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>>justine: good morning, as we get closer to the holiday several bay area cities are making sure that you are safe while you shop for your presence. >>reporter: in san francisco market street and union square are packed with shoppers, their hands are filled with purchases. to deter the thieves san francisco police have a large presence in the area with a local--mobile command unit and officers walking the street. >> there are many of them and i felt very comfortable walking around. >>reporter: while these
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officers are in uniform others are under cover. this is another form of protection for thousands of shoppers in a--the city. bart police have also stepped up their patrolling. a holiday headache is always finding parking in feeding the meter that has been erased by city of sausalito. it is offering three hours of free parking in its downtown shopping area. this family visiting from utah is taking full advantage. >> we are loving it. >>reporter: this saturday no parking tickets for shoppers in oakland. shoppers will be able to park for free for up to two hours at a meter. >>justine: some of whom may be trying to avoid the holiday rush by ordering your gift online, but adjutancy not all things go so well once you send them. coming up about 10 minutes
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we will show you some deliveries gone wild. >>james: wow now, here is a look at the traffic. >>james: it is cold, we will get a complete check that your forecast coming up.
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>>erica: welcome back to the kron4 morning news we are taking a live look at downtown. we have several locations hovering below the freezing mark. we will continue to see that as the moving closer to the sunrise. as for what is 11 the day, we have clear skies for the most part. we have areas of patchy dense fog for the inland valleys especially along the delta. as we head into the afternoon was the motion sunny conditions around the bay area. temperatures are
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similar to what we saw yesterday. as we turn our attention to the we can we will remain dry and mild. i do want to get to the numbers, take a look in this fresh update for you. santa rosa is at 30 degrees, 30 for those in fairfield. this is especially true of the to the north bay but everywhere south of the golden gate bridge we are running on the mild side. ec planning a 40 out there, 40 is a common member for hayward and improve our view.--and in through mountain view. this area of red on your screen indicates poor visibility down to a quarter mile or less. this could prove to be hazardous driving conditions for stretches of highway 101. we will mantra that route the morning. we are dealing with poor visibility through stretches of interstate 80 especially going up to the sacramento area where a dense fog
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advisory has just been issued. we will continue to hold on to the low 30's especially in the north bay. by 8:00 a.m. it looks like we see more widespread temperatures around the bay area. i will break down the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. it looks like we will keep it in the low 60s and the south bay. now i quickly want to give you a look at your christmas forecast. like i mentioned in his mostly sunny with mao conditions for christmas eve and christmas day with temperatures actually getting into the mid '60s. i will show that in your extended forecast coming up my next report. as we take a look at traffic around the bay area there are very few
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cars out there, traffic is moving well. the san mateo bridge is problem free in both directions, no accidents to report. as we take over to the golden gate bridge south bound 101 this ride is just 25 minutes coming out of navato towards san francisco. we have some patches of slowing in south bound 680 through the san ramon valley. if you know of someone coming towards the bay area we do have a major accident has been on the roadway said about 3:40 a.m.. it is an injury accident, parts of the role we have been shut down in the past hour. it looks like to lanes are block right now because traffic is so light there is not much of a slowdown. but certainly be
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aware that because the chp has no estimated time of when this will end. >>james: that tragic accident at lee,--at lake tahoe, a seven year-old boy has died of his injuries after falling from the scheme that. the sugar bowl issued a statement expressing their condolences than the resort is cooperating with investigators of the resort will not be released the boy's name. in san francisco, the city's greenest block was dedicated in a special ceremony on tuesday. mayor ed lee was on hand and he stopped by newcomb avenue that is where a new project transform the neighborhood and make it the most equal friendly and the city. >> this project built this
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block as a very tight neighborhood now, we not only walk and pick litter up together, but we going to each other homes, we eat dinner, we drink and we have a great time. we have now become a family. thank you again for those that were able to see this to be able to come through. >>james: the $1.6 million project was paid for with federal and local money. >>justine: lorain county is to enact a strict enforcement of smoking. it will limit how many apartments in a building can allow smoking it will allow a ban on flavored cigarette such as menthol and require vendors to get a special county license and pay a fee. not all marin county residents are too happy about this. >> i feel that this is discrimination. what if
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there is a live view from my living room but i cannot have that apartment because i smoke. it feels like a separate camp and i am not even welcome there. >>justine: the new ordinance will be voted on in a public hearing on january 10th. >>james: yesterday was a busy day people were standing in line all day long to get their christmas mail out in time. yesterday was the last day to ensure that packages would get to their destination using standard shipping. >> this is going to florida, and this is going to michigan to some friends of my wife. the line is going pretty fast. it was not too long. >>james: if you have not see your packages out yet,
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federal express says that you can still be your guess where there are going on time. the deadline for on- time delivery is friday, of course you have to pay a little extra for that service the thick and still get there in time. >>justine: speaking of a onetime deliveries, you know that your gift is on the way but we get there in one piece? up next, we show you how some packages are being delivered. stay with us, we will take a break and be right back.
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>>james: if you have ever wondered what happened to those packages that you send once they leave your sight, you better hope that what you are about to see does not happen. we found some bad deliveries caught on camera. ginnie mostly reports on some flying packages. >>reporter: 2 is the season for packages and the next time you open one intact, be grateful that this did not happen to it. this was a computer monitor tossed over a gate in california by effect delivery man. then the surveillance camera video was delivered to youtube and made the news. now fedex is saying that we have seen the video and frankly we were all shocked. that is not the only drop off on youtube. >> handle with care, just like a ground service, you get it ground, you throw it
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on the ground. >>reporter: it is not just sex, brunt can toss your package under hand, they can toss your package over hand and they can toss it like a horseshoe over fences and gates but the delivery men and nemesis from a delivery point of view, then it's hostile don't like it, get rid of the gate. the guy videotaping this ups and deliverymen and compared it to a floating garbage. of course it could be worse. at least they're not ace ventura. >>reporter: of all the special delivery cresol, none was more special than this by fedex. there were sparks coming off the block
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. >> this guy has no idea that he was pushing in an oven. >>reporter: you're probably wondering does this guy still have a job? fedex and says they have i d d employee involved in he is being handled according to the internal disciplinary policy. >>reporter: now that everyone has the camera, it does not pay for the delivery else to get sloppy. >>justine: we have to take a quick break on the kron4 morning news. we are getting
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a live look in san francisco mayor daly city where the power is out in hundreds of pg&e customers are in the dark. crews are working to fix this as we speak we will live there in two minutes, stay with us.
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>>james: one of our developing stories this morning involves a power outage is affecting 600 people. there without power in san francisco daily city. pg&e says the car went down earlier this morning. we have a solo reporter on the scene, now this was a much larger outage not too long ago. >>reporter: that is right it may have affected about 1500 customers on the first start of this which was around 1:00 a.m.. now it is down to about 600, that is half of that. it is still quite dark out here. we're actually lucky that this happened during the middle of the night and not during a peak
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hour when everyone is on their computer and their tv. this time it may be only affected late night gamers and the late night television viewers. al here, you can see the pg&e truck ride off to the side. right now pg&e is taking a break diligently trying to repair this. basically they said that one of the connectors burnt out. they are trying to connect that so that they can bring up power and hopefully they will be able to get power back up into the neighborhood by 8:00 a.m.. it is pretty dark out here, let me to show you how dark these couple of streets are. i do not know, it is kind of hard to say how far along the stretch it is. maybe a two to three block radius around here, but you can see down the street. you
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can see the light post on. and this image across that one street you are in complete darkness. like i mentioned, there are hoping to restore power by 8:00 p.m..--by eight a m. >>james: which tree is that the power line is down on? >>reporter: acton that crosses right into mission. >>justine: pigs that you call this wednesday we will talk with erica about the weather forecast and what we can expect. >>erica: we will have a dry christmas and a dry next couple of days. we are talking 10 to 20 percent and as i walk you through what is going on in the next 24 hours we see some patchy fog forming in the east bay valleys. as we turn our
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attention to the afternoon, temperatures for the most part will be in the upper 50s and patchy frost is certainly a possibility for the overnight hours. you will see more of that in your extended forecast. here is in the that the temperature is right outside the door. it is a very chilly start to the morning you will certainly want to bundle up. we are at freezing for those in a bottle, there are very cool conditions and we will see those temperatures drop as we approach the sunrise. everywhere around the bay area we see a mixture of up to 30 even some 40 for places like downtown san francisco. we will keep our eyes on the temperatures for the next couple of hours. as he take a look at what's on tap for the afternoon we are indicating some 60 to run the bay area but 59 is definitely a common number for hayward, livermore, and fremont.
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>>erica: it looks like we will see 61 for navato, san raphael and 60 for san francisco. we are clear and dry around the bay area that is because we have high pressure over us. we have is not a cloud coverage and that will certainly break down we have the potential for wet weather as we take a look at your seven day around the bay forecast. the first chance for rain is actually on tuesday. in the meantime we are looking at upper 50s and 60s with plenty of sunshine and some pretty frigid morning. in the traffic department, east bound 80 has an accident we are not producing any slowdown to lay its have been blocked there is no estimate of time when the lanes will be open. here in the bay area the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is looking good. your drive
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time is at 9 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street this morning.% until bridge ride is looking good in both directions the problem into the bridge along the nimitz freeway. you will see great conditions and traffic is certainly moving at the limit. here is a peek at the golden gate bridge no problem for your ride coming out of the gate toward san francisco. you will see west bound 580 coming out of the altamont pass. a pretty smooth ride with no accidents to tell you about there. we do not have a single accident report along the freeway. all the green on your screen indicates beach running over 50 mi. per hour. >>justine: new this morning the city of oakland will announce an independent investigation and response to the handling of the protesters. mayor jean quan wants to know if the use of
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force during the occupy oaken related protest was correct. officers were out in riot gear and fired tear gas during demonstrations back in october. oakland police chief howard jordan will be in attendance as well. we will let you know what happens with that announcement. in a major vote was rejected involving the occupy movement. in less than one month it will be up for discussion again. the oakland city council rejected a proposal that will allow us to the administrators to enforce all lost--laws in order to prevent future shut down by port protesters. the port brings in millions of dollars for oakland. dozens of people spoke in a heated exchange of words began to take place between the city council president and occupy protesters. mayor jean quan says that she is glad the council was considering a resolution but if the vote had actually passed she said that she did not know if it
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would be enforceable. she also said she did not want to second-guess the police chiefs tactics during future demonstrations. the resolution is to be back on the table of january 17th of next year. and protests nationwide may continue in oakland, check out what happened in denver yesterday. police moved in of the occupy protesters there. someone set some items on fire and you could see the bulldozers coming in to clean it all up. monday, debra's police--monday denver's police chief warrant them for the second time to clear out of the park. >>james: head coach of the 49ers jim harbaugh is not talking about the power outage at last sunday's football game.--last monday football game. >> what was it like in the locker room? >> it was dark. [laughter]
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>> no, everyone just kind of rolled with it. i was also impressed with the fence in the stadium.--the fans in the stadium, the lights went out and i thought the kept their composure. and it worked out like it worked out. >>james: if you were watching the power outage drama from the comfort of your couch, this is what it looked like and felt like. fans immediately grab their cell phones and started shooting video. it actually provided in the bill of light. all that sparkling in the fan--in the stands are cellphone years ago that would of been lighters. three fans did run out of the field during the second outage, they were arrested
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otherwise this with more of an embarrassment than anything. >>justine: will take a break on the kron4 morning news, definitely stay with us as we take a live look at san francisco. more on the temperatures were we come right back.
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>>james: we are back and we wanted to give you a quick look at the seven day around the bay. today will be nice, temperatures in the low to mid 50's in some spots. winter actually begins today will tonight really. tomorrow will be the first full day of winter. it looks like will be mild for the rest of the week. saturday and sunday are looking good for your christmas holiday. our next chance of rain will be on tuesday we will explain more about that throughout the morning. one to world news, an intelligent says that south korea--north korea has tightened their security.
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they say north korea is now focused on consolidating the power of kim's son. this country has about 1,200,000 troops. they have ballistic missiles and advanced nuclear weapons development program. south korea has put its military on high alert as well. >>justine: the death toll in the philippines is now over 1000 people. this announcement comes the day after the philippine president declared a national state of calamity. tens of thousands of people are homeless and the red cross says that how the people still remain unaccounted for. some are entire villages. we will take a quick break and be right back. here is a live
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look at the san mateo bridge, if you are heading in either direction, your commute will be just fine. more weather and traffic right after this.
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>>reporter: the republican presidential candidates are zeroing in. i will let and the hampshire--iowa and new hampshire are the big states. new gingrich hasn't had the best time on the trail his poll numbers are dropping and yesterday he was insulted by a voter. he
4:46 am
also sought a key endorsement from and i will rep--an iowa rep. he said he was concerned that conservatives might split their vote. >> this will be a lot easier if one can it work to canada to join another candid it. >>reporter: ron paul numbers are on the rise despite the idea that he is an--but electable.--unelectable. >> if someone does
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surprisingly well, it could launched their campaign it has happened before. >>james: the iowa caucuses just 13 days away and hampshire primary will be held on a january 10th. >>justine: tonight is the official start of winter and has already arrived in kansas. it swept through parts of the plains states and has not taper off. you can see just how much snow was dumped on the region. the blizzard stretch far south east and far into northern texas. trouble was treacherous in many areas. the national weather service issued a winter weather warning for parts of montana, wyoming, colorado and parts of new mexico. >>justine: the eighth
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asperity your day has been issued for today. the bay area quality management district says that more could be issued later this week where the conditions are expected to create an unhealthy air. so what about the cold temperatures? erica is here with the details. >>erica: good morning justine today is the first day of winter and we're definitely feeling that. take a look at these temperatures are lot of places are below the freezing mark. some place to start at the freezing mark like navato. these temperatures will continue to drop it will not be a shocker. it looks far we are
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running on the outside with a lot of forties in places like hayward, into about you, downtown san francisco and some 30's at half moon bay. we will monitor the temperatures drop the next couple of hours. but as he take a look we are dealing with some compromise bill that doesn't see--we are dealing with some compromise visibility. stretches of highway 101 we could see some pretty treacherous driving conditions that seems to be the case developing along the delta as well. certainly drive with extra caution because the fog will certainly be a factor. by 8 a.m. you'll see all the purple on your screen indicating that we will continue to seek 34 a lot of the north bay location everyone else is missing out in the 40's and 50's and then that will become more widespread as we head into the 11:00 hour. by 2:00 p.m., we finally see some green on our screen
4:50 am
indicating low 60s were portions of the north bay and down in the south bay as well. i will break down the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. the conditions are slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday. it looks like we have a mixture of sun and cloud on tap. a lot of locations are hanging out in the upper 50s. in the south bay, it will be right on par with where we were yesterday. as the slide are matched to the north bay, it could be a pretty decent day in santa rosa. here is a quick look at your christmas forecast. this is saturday and sunday we have mostly mild conditions with plenty of sunshine and temperatures that could actually get into the mid '60s. we will be following that for the next couple of days. your extended forecast shows a lot of sunshine in the next several days. like i mentioned, are the '50s--
4:51 am
like i mentioned, upper fifties and low 60s. on to traffic, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza has a great ride with no major delays. we are seeing more cars on the road compared to our last report. fortunately we have no metering lights to deal with and traffic is moving smoothly up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge ride is good to go on both erections just 14 minutes from end to end. as a ticket to the golden gate bridge south bound wonder what we are problem free for your ride coming out of the north bay. west bound 580 is still pretty problem free. in dublin, the speech drop down to 40 miles per hour. the nimitz freeway is accident free the chp has no problems to report their with speeds over 50 mi. per hour. and as for public transit it looked like you were good to go. >>james: thank you erica, now some headlines around
4:52 am
the police are searching for a man accused of to carjackings. the suspect is identified as the jerry brown.--jarred brown. he led officers to a neighborhood where he crashed his car. he then ran into a neighborhood and the police continued to search for him. while the police were searching for him he stole a car from the crotch of a home and drove off striking a police motorcycle on his way out. luckily no one was injured in that. >>justine: a factory blast overseas injured dozens of people and it may make for a shortage of apple ipad. the explosion happened in shanghai they make the ipad. 60 workers were injured, authorities believe that the blast was caused by lim dust. a full investigation is underway. apple has yet to, but this could very well
4:53 am
mean... >>justine: more special gifts are given to customers at kmart stores across the country. that is including right here in the bay area they're being called the layaway angels. people are paying off the balance is on some of the oldest account at kmart. they are from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. many people say they have been struggling to pay their bills. the layaway angels have help customers in cities like san mateo, san leandro and hayward just to name a few. we will take a quick break to show you what is happening on the james lick freeway traffic is light in the temperatures are cool, we'll be right back.
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>>stanley: check out this suv park on chestnut street in the marina district of san francisco. he does has on--he does have on his i am park illegally light. this is a driver waiting for a sandwich at the sandwich shop. he comes out only to check that his car did not get told. notice that this was has to wait while he is blocking traffic. and this guy fast asleep with his smart phone on his belly. and this guy with his bag just sitting there. take a look at this, she wants to park but her pesky phone is in the way finally she goes handsfree only to realize handsfree or not, she just cannot parallel park. this lady is my favorite not only do i catcher on herself
4:57 am
on, she returns to give me the once over. >> i was on my cell phone and i had to go around the block to say you are not the police right? >>stanley: when i told her i was from kron4 i was looking for people behaving badly. >> that is not nice, that is not nice to put people behaving badly is the holiday spirit. >>stanley: i am just glad she was not wearing an elmore shirt. in this suv was parked in mind that the back window rolled down with his briefcase just sitting there. every driver should have one of these, a do not toll sign in the window. i am suggesting and name change for chestnut street, i think it should be named do what you want street. >>justine: live pictures into the kron4 newsroom of a rocket blast that is set to
4:58 am
go off our plan is to bring it to you live right here on kron4 news at 5:00 a.m., stay with us.
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[music] >> darya: the morning we start this wednesday morning out at 5:00 a.m., if you look at the bay bridge toll plaza the approaches on the left, and the golden gate the approach to the toll plazas on the right. we have a spare the your day, the conditions are really cold. >>james: absolutely will take a look at the full shot of the golden gate bridge pointed to the north as expected we see some of our cold temperatures this morning at this hour we are not in the upper 20s like we were yesterday. although we could get there before the morning is done. in any event, we have some valley fog forming here and there. we have sunny and warm
5:01 am
conditions this afternoon. it will be a nice and pleasant afternoon with again. and just like we saw this morning will head to the near freezing level and expect more frost and all that tomorrow morning. let us get to the maps, this morning we see about 30 degrees in santa rosa, 32 and a bottle and napa and 30 in fairfield. we are still at or below freezing in the north bay. expect santa rosa to drop down to that level before the morning is done. san jose is coming in at 39 degrees, so we have a chilly start and like i said we have some patchy valley fog. visibility is down to under a mouth. you can see that in the yellow. now let us want you to the temperatures today will begin the future forecast for 8:08 p.m., we see a mixture of 30's and 40's with some 50 showing up on
5:02 am
the map. by 11:00 a.m. we should see most the 40's and '50's and the temperatures will continue to push up. so we are looking for another mile day and fairly stable weather. here is in the could the satellite you may see some cloud coverage out near eureka. but we are looking high and dry and it will stay that way through your holiday weekend. let us take a look at your seven day around the bay. we have mild weather right through the weekend and it looks like our first chance or last chance for a brain drop will be on tuesday again,-- our last chance for a rain drop will be on tuesday. an lsd you updated on traffic. >> george: good morning it looks like to have a light day around the bay area if what is happening at the bay bridge is any indication. look at how light the traffic is this morning.
5:03 am
there are no delays on the approach is an easy drive across the span. your ride to the san mateo bridge is a nice and easy one. >> george: a fourth lane has been added in the southbound direction and a look at your ride in the east bay, we pick up our traffic maps and you can see from the road, it looks good here on interstate 680 in the southbound direction. there are no delays. we will slide the map over just a little bit and be sure freeway into view, this is an easy trip from hercules down to berkeley. your ride on the south bay is a light, no problems or delays for highway 85. your north bay commute looks good as you head from the bottle to the
5:04 am
golden gate bridge. your drive time there is just about 25 minutes. >> mark: alright george, we have been following this story about 30 minutes ago we got a report of a power outage in daly city. it stemmed from a wire that was down in the area here, but now we are getting word that power has been restored. let us turn to our solo reporter live on the scene. >>reporter: the morning, about 15 minutes ago the street was in complete darkness and now you can see the street lights are on. and yes it was around this area may be about a four to five block radius that was in complete pitch darkness. pg&e has been able to restore some of that electricity in fact, according to the guys on the scene they said that all the
5:05 am
electricity has been restored to all the customers at one point in about 1500 customers without any light and then about 3:00 a.m. is when they had only 600 and out all the light has been restored. they said it was a connector that burned out, so they have since been repaired. they are still here still kind of wrapping up the job. you can see the pg&e worker tightening up or whatever they do. but they have been able to restore all power in this area. >> darya: new this morning, the you were your start ellis is being accused of sexual harassment a lawsuit is expected to be filed at 930 a m in alameda county court room. these allegations include 14 charges of sexual harassment
5:06 am
by a former employee of the warriors. the alleged victim's attorney will also hold a news conference today and plans to show a graphic picture that they say was sent by ellis to the woman with filing a lawsuit. the warriors officials say they have not seen the lawsuit so they have no comment at this time. >> mark: today the city of oakland will announce an independent investigation into the handling of the oakland protesters. one is excessive use of force and this response back in october if it was correct. the oakland police chief will be in attendance as well for this announcement. >> 4 people educate the right to set free speech-- for people who advocate the right for free speech your front not given this man the right of free speech.
5:07 am
>> mark: this was one of many exchanges between the oakland city council president and the occupy protesters and the city would to make a resolution to prevent future shutdowns of the port by the occupy protesters. the result, a late vote. the port brings in millions of dollars for the city of oakland and the two most recent shutdowns the first--latest been on december 12th scene here, the council will take a vote again next month. >> darya: police are searching for a man suspected in to carjackings . the suspect is identified as jarek brown. he was chased through san jose by the police after a carjacking of a bmw in milpitas. he ended up
5:08 am
crashing the car and then ran into a nearby neighborhood and police were searching for him in many places and then they say while they were searching for him he stole another car from the garage of a home and truck a police motorcycle but the police was not on it. >> mark: the huge gains on wall street from yesterday will continue today. we will take a look coming up. and a live look at san francisco on this dark and cold morning.
5:09 am
5:10 am
[ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $4.99 a pound. pair it with a nicely priced cabernet. we have thousands of wines. and we'll help you find the right one. safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> mark: the dow features is just turning negative maybe a little bit of a hangover from yesterday. it was up 337 points yesterday those were encouraging signs out of europe. u.s. housing
5:12 am
gave its best day. s&p was up 36 and the nasdaq is up 80. one place i am keeping my eye on is oracle. in overnight trading bit oracle stock was down 10%. to washington where president obama and the republicans are stuck in a stalemate and payroll taxes could be rising for all working americans who are getting a paycheck 160 million of us. house republicans are demanding that the senate tried to produce an agreement in the temporary tax cut. that goes away on january 1st. senate democrats say no talk will take place until the house if it approves the two month measure the senate has already approved the two
5:13 am
month venture but the house says no deal, they want a year venture. 2% will come out of your paycheck that is about $20 per week for someone that pay--that makes $50,000 per year. to be in dollars could close--2 million americans could lose their unemployment benefits. >> darya: the faa is set to release new rules governing pilot work schedules today. that effort in the late 1990's to develop these rules stalled when pilots and the faa cannot find common ground but it was revised after this crash in buffalo york where 50 people were killed and searchers say fatigue can impair a pilot's performance by slowing reflexes and
5:14 am
eroding judgment much the same way alcohol would affect your body. is the same kind of thing if you are dangerously tired. 514 a m is the time and will be back with more in a couple of minutes. ó??g÷p÷÷÷ >>8ç after the
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
into the kron4 newsroom as a russian, european and american are headed to space on a two day trip to the international space station. these are live pictures into the newsroom showing us the dramatic action. >>darya: the aftermath of a small tornado. you can see the twisted metal. cars in the parking lot was also tossed around. it brought
5:18 am
down trees, power lines and cause damage in those homes. blizzard conditions are making a mess of the roads in the oklahoma panhandle. snow is coming down today as guelph in yesterday as well. about a foot of snow fell in the panhandle. this storm forced officials to shut down many roads. >>mark: today is the first day of winter. it has come with a vengeance in kansas. blizzard like conditions have left five-foot snowdrifts across kansas. over 100 people had to be rescued from their cars on the texas panhandle. the national weather service has issued a winter weather and
5:19 am
morning. hear, nothing but sunshine. >>james: here is a look, that storm system has cleared oklahoma and pushing its way on to the eastern coastline. the only airport showing any problems is philadelphia international. 15-30 minute arrival delays. here locally, this is the view of the bay bridge. so far, so good. some patchy fog in the valleys and the delta but otherwise it is not too terrible just yet. this afternoon we will have a mix of sunshine and clouds with temperatures in the upper 50s and apache frost as we head into the overnight hours. right now we're at freezing in nevada and back up. below freezing in santa rosa and fairfield. concord
5:20 am
and antioch at 33. 30 degree weather as you head out the door this morning. this afternoon we are expecting a much better to enter. >>mark: we have mild weather thursday and friday. it looks like we could be in store for maybe a chance of
5:21 am
a drop or two. a light chance on tuesday. latino its that develops into anything bigger. >>george: the volume has picked up a bit in the last 20 minutes. it is still a light and easy ride. no delays through any of the approaches. we are looking westward at traffic towards the high rise. no problems coming towards us or headed away. the the volume is up the bits are yesterday in the southbound direction. we are without delay. east bay traffic looks pretty good. with our problem free on east bay freeways. your ride in the south bay, 101, to 80 and 17, all are doing pretty
5:22 am
well. an easy trip as he heads toward central center fell. we are going to take a quick break and the kron4 news will be right back. cochran and
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>darya: several look for wreckage that killed five people in northern new jersey in 8 plane crash. if the single engine plane was carrying to investment bankers and three others from new jersey to georgia when it crashed in audio recording of air traffic control revealed that the pilots were warned about icy conditions. witnesses say the plane looked as though it was performing aerobatics. a year and a half after allegedly orchestrating the biggest security leak in
5:26 am
united states history, lawyers for bradley manning are presenting evidence in his defense. they have revealed little about their strategy since he was arrested. government witnesses say that he was a troubled young man that should not have had access to government material. they want him court-martialed. the closing arguments could come as early as today. >>mark: the slugfest between mitt romney and newt gingrich is escalating. in iowa, gingrich labeled romney's tactics disgusting. both candidates are trying to stay focused. >> if i am president, i will wake up every day and remind
5:27 am
americans that we have to do better and that we can do better because i believe in america. president obama boasts that he will transform america. i want to restore america. >> i will not ask any of you to be for me. the problems here are too stiff. i will ask you to be with me for the next eight years. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. it
5:28 am
looks sparkling clear. it is a cold morning carry traffic is nice and polite. we will be right back.
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>mark: a live look from the golden gate bridge. the arrival of winter later on tonight. let's get more on the forecasted james fletcher. >>mark: this is the bay bridge recorded about five minutes ago. here, we see clear visibility but we are not seeing that everywhere. >>james: just north of santa rosily of light fog with visibility under a mile. we have freezing
5:31 am
temperatures across the north bay with close to freezing and concord and antioch. could but the mild afternoon the temperatures in the low 50s or upper 60s. as we slide the maps of the more north, low sixties once again. augusttuesday, a
5:32 am
chance of rain. > > we are having another day of holiday light traffic. no hotspots. at the san mateo bridge, volume up a bit westbound. the golden gate looks good. as we track
5:33 am
the eastbay, conditions look good. problem free on 680 south. the northbay, a delay southbound at the 580 interchange. it is really just slow traffic. > >montay ellis is accused of sexual harrassment in an alameda county courtroom. 14 allegations by a former employee of the warriors.
5:34 am
they wil be showing graphic sexual pictures. > >for people who advocate the right to free speech, youa re not givng it to this man.
5:35 am
> >mark: the city council is considering a resolution to avoid another shut down of the port. the port brings in millions to oakland. > >500 replacement nurses have arrived in preparation
5:36 am
of the nursing stike that will take place. > >mark: a 7 year old fell 60 ft. at a ski resort and died. the resort is
5:37 am
cooperating with investigaors. > >pamela harris is suing fannie mae and freddie mac. harris wants to know the role in selling and marketing mortgage backed securities.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
> >mark: more than 50 bodies found after a ship sank. the vessel was carrying
5:42 am
twice its normal capacity. the ship was trying to reach australia. effective last overseas injured dozens of workers made for a shortage of apple ipad. the explosion happened in a factory at, a full investigation is now underway. this could mean there could be a shortage of ipad to. >>darya: here is a live look from our roof on van ness ave. check out the clouds and fog over san francisco. we will be right back. the
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>> that is not nice to put people behaving badly. it is the holiday spirit. >>stanley: i do not know what i was thinking. i am just like she was not wearing an old shirt. this as cv was parked with the back window down and a briefcase just sitting there. every driver should have one of these, eight do
5:58 am
not toe sign in the window. i am suggesting a name change from chestnut street to do what you want street. >>darya: 5:58 a.m., here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. people are up and added this morning already. traffic is nice and polite. the visibility is pretty good. it has been a cold morning.
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